9184420799 / 918-442-0799

Telephone information: Fulltel. Tulsa, OK. Tulsa. United states
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Post by Guest,

9184420799 They said my name is Victoria and I m calling out of survey r c. . . i 've a Significant message for u. . . . pals hold I m transferring u now. . .

Post by Mike W.,

918-442-0799 Merely Closed Upwards for the do not phone list in Mother. It said my new Amount won t be Contained on your list until Jan ST W. I wonder if I ll continue for get these calls after Jan 1. Is anyone else already on a don't call list and still got the phone.

Post by sal,

9184420799 ricking coonskin telemarketers called my pare paid cell phone costing me Cash exactly why dozen t that FCC attention Around this bull crap.

Post by frank,

918-442-0799 the Girl transferred me to an automatic survey along with 2 complimentary cruise tickets from NASA . . . . I Put Upwards .

Post by Guest,

9184420799 This is a cruise advertisement.

Post by pc,

918-442-0799 This is Victoria from Survey RC with the important message for you personally plea hold that line. . . i Put up

Post by ma kettle,

9184420799 Got a call tonight on my cell phone. They did not leave a message.

Post by CC,

918-442-0799 Acquired numerous calls. When you call back it gives you an option to be Chosen away their list and Afterward they Discontinued calling.

Post by Kiril Kolev,

9184420799 It s spam and it calls my cell Telephone number

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 Spam. Wholesome. com

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Dint understand Only want them to Leave calling

Post by Tyler Durden,

918-442-0799 Okay Folks listen Upward. All of these scampers get paid for would the thus to them time is cash. Your Research assignment is for keep them on your line for as long as potential supply them all your Fake info you can request them for repeat questions etc. The more time you waste of theirs your less time they waste on others and it becomes less profitable for them for do business in said style. Its called telemarketer rodeo see how many minutes you can score and keep track its Truly enjoyment. Business Mayhem.

Post by Bob,

9184420799 This telephone Arrived on my company Telephone. I did t Comprehend that area code. When I answered a Girl said hello this is Victoria please standby for an important message I heard that line being transferred and Subsequently a recorded guy s express said Hi that is your own captain. . . I Put Upwards. Your phone rang four more times but I did t answer.

Post by unknown,

918-442-0799 I'm Frightened its Folks after my identity

Post by billegeek,

9184420799 I did t response and they did t leave a message received W W W A and 1 3 2 P on my mobile a number I present out when I buy Items on line.

Post by Kay,

918-442-0799 Sorry Around that the Amount that keeps calling me is W W W.

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Caller ID is CM Rich. Additionally calls from W W W and W W W.

Post by The Dude,

918-442-0799 Did t reply. No message left. Do not reply W W Bonn calls people. If you personally answer they phone again and again and again and again as each new shift comes on and goes through telephone Records.

Post by GADEW,

9184420799 Just got called. Did t answer.

Post by NO Hacking,

918-442-0799 The Amount W called and attempted for Crack our PBX. They vie been added to some blacklist but for those of you wondering whoever is running that show behind this number is not legitimate. Hacking for your motive of Cost fraud is a felony crime and it would appear the number was being used to locate a backdoor in for our Telephone system thus someone could access services they don't have any company Opening on the phone system. No Hacking allowed. W

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Owner ID is CM Rich. It is a land line within Tulsa Okay. It's TM Owner ID LC. W SW Fifth Avenue Portland Oregon W W Phone W W W. Additionally calls out of W W W and W W W. Also Understood as AFT Technologies Small W SW Fifth Path Portland Oregon W W Phone W W W.

Post by Polly Davis,

918-442-0799 get a phone Regular very annoying

Post by Fawn,

9184420799 SCAM. . Just obtained telephone out of this Amount claiming I won cruise tickets I answered that survey but hung up when that Congressman came on trying for solicit me to Purchase something else. . . . Do not Reply. .

Post by StoneRhino,

918-442-0799 Yep Got this one on 1 5 W 2 PM. No message left.

Post by nellaiappan,

9184420799 Junk

Post by Kelly,

918-442-0799 I got a call from your number along with a lady speaking manner for fast calling herself Victoria. Next matter I knew I was being transferred for another line and it was a recorded message. I Put Upwards right away but I suppose it had to do along with a cruise since within that background they had a boat horn going away. On your called Thought it showed Upwards as MIRACH

Post by Johnny Boy,

9184420799 Just got a phone out of what sounded for become automated system w Girl on Telephone something about talking a survey I Put up

Post by Proffesor Not Stupid,

918-442-0799 Phony survey for get your personal information which they can sell.

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Survey

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 Trying for solicit free Holidays.

Post by TC from AZ with CT cell phone#,

9184420799 Rec d vim out of the number on Monday W W W at 4 W pm. Verizon reported that message was 3 Minimum 2 sec but it was mostly totally quiet with Simply tidbits of little Fixed here and there. I did not listen to that whole 3 minutes. My cell Telephone is known just to my family none of whom are within Ok and is on your Do not Call List.

Post by Ratspt,

918-442-0799 its Advertising scam. . . Beware. Dint response call.

Post by bubba,

9184420799 Did not reply. no message left on machine

Post by dO nOT aNSWER,

918-442-0799 i did NOT reply. . .

Post by lilly,

9184420799 didn't response no message

Post by Elilzabeth,

918-442-0799 Called their carrier Not empty Tel Inc. said I was out of an Lawyer s office I am that Secretary for one told them I would Substantially value your info for that number they said that it is a Business called TM Owner ID and there Cost free number for phone them is W W W.

Post by Southlake, TX,

9184420799 Rec d telephone out of W W W 1 4 W. Did t response. Interested I called your number back and a Registered message answered and instantly asked if I would love to become Chosen away your call list. Go ogled your acronyms MIRACH and power saw that I wan t your only Individual receiving calls from the obscure number. Hint Phone and get your Amount off the phone list. Thus Much it s worked for me.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 Out of survey RC. Its a telemarketer calling about a Cruise

Post by pamela,

9184420799 same along with me. . . no just one on line

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 Survey calls

Post by irritated,

9184420799 Repeated calls which I did t answer since other than no ID and no messages. Other places suggest that this should not become replied.

Post by who won,

918-442-0799 I response phone out of what sounded for become automated system w woman on Telephone something Around talking a survey I hung Upwards. . do not answer phone Freon W W W another scummier.

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Prank call

Post by Jack,

918-442-0799 Phone said missed call . . . I Assessed that missed phone and got the number. . . . Did NOT return your call

Post by Meret,

9184420799 Registered survey pitch promising free cruise tickets.

Post by RXH1957,

918-442-0799 Called my work number National Agency no message.

Post by S Wolf,

9184420799 Did not leave message.

Post by Ratspt,

918-442-0799 its Promotion scam. . . Beware. Dint response call.

Post by hahaha,

9184420799 Bahama

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 She. Called. Me. At. Same. Time. Transport. Dailies. Using. Like. Out of. My. Phone. Keyboard

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Hello this can be Victoria and I m calling from Survey R C. . . I have a Significant message for you. . . . please hold I m transferring u now. . . . Also calling from Region code W and bothering people that are trying to work within private company within CT multiple times within Could possibly W.

Post by AMS,

918-442-0799 Called. Did t response. No message

Post by Jesus,

9184420799 No message did not answer

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 Said nothing

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Survey RC spam for a cruise

Post by GP Insurance,

918-442-0799 They left no message at PM My office closes at PM

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Marketing something

Post by phi,

918-442-0799 I did not answer And they did not leave a message.

Post by Elizabeth,

9184420799 Just called their Cost free Amount W W W the guy who answered was really agreeable told him that the W Amount was calling and I would love it removed he said he would do that.

Post by dave,

918-442-0799 none acquired 1 4 W and several times since

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Annoying

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 they had an important message for me

Post by thebite,

9184420799 i was called by them ones on Jan 3 W and when i didn't pick it up no messages i dint recognize why Telemarketers would the or why they even bather dint they not have anything better for can Afterward bather UN list Pol their so darn kayoing even if you cant sleep by them to when can this Cease they need to be Photo or need to be arrested for this stuff

Post by jm,

918-442-0799 Also there surely is a Business they use to manage the sort of matter caller id return numbers etc. Web. tackled. com and follow your DC link.

Post by jm,

9184420799 Additionally there is a Firm they use to Control this form of thing caller id return numbers etc. Www. tackled. com and follow that DC link.

Post by Debby,

918-442-0799 No just one on that line

Post by new jersey,

9184420799 got called from the number. did not pick Upward the phone no message left by them. .

Post by Someone,

918-442-0799 I did t answer and they did t leave a message.

Post by Steve A,

9184420799 Same here. Lady talking fast Subsequently transport. I Put up.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 Don t state anything and phone all the time

Post by Guest,

9184420799 I Commitment W to your Security fund of anyone accused of killing your Man that Works this scam.

Post by LL,

918-442-0799 Same position 2 PM Asian 5 Jan W. Female calls when I replied she transferred me to that survey that begins along with the boat foghorn requesting for Whole that survey. I Put up. This can be my work phone.

Post by kim,

9184420799 missed telephone from W W W. i 've a friend in that general Region. returned your phone got a recording about a Advertising Agency and if i did t want future calls out of them press 1 and it may take W hrs.

Post by Happy Camper,

918-442-0799 Got a telephone out of W W W on my office phone no message was left.

Post by VirGinIA,

9184420799 Husband acquired the call this afternoon says we won a cruise for that Bahamas for answering questions right when they called. . . MFA. . . . okay. Survey State. . . for a security company. . . . from he said Ok but this Change is for AR . . . another scam please we 're not that dumb. . .

Post by Unknown,

918-442-0799 Called my office Amount. They left no message.

Post by jm,

9184420799 Thaw Service is Full Tel Inc. egg. Www. not empty tel. com Contact's. HTML

Post by hahaha,

918-442-0799 Bahama

Post by DAR,

9184420799 You demand for Whole your survey and wait for a representative to come on the line. Afterward ask to become removed in the telephone list.

Post by Donna,

918-442-0799 Acquired a call out of this number but did not Select Upwards Illinois . I never Choose Upward a call if I don t Comprehend that number. Has anyone found Outside who is behind these calls.

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Spam

Post by Peter,

918-442-0799 Got your telephone on my cell phone did t Choose Upwards and they did t leave a message. The area code is out of Oklahoma so that was a pretty big Sign that it was telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Free bonding passes

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 They keep call and when I answer no just one says anything. So I hang up

Post by Sara Holland,

9184420799 Got a phone from this number. Do not need ANT more calls.

Post by Jake,

918-442-0799 Simply acquired a telephone. Nothing on another Finish of the line.

Post by Carolyn M. Rutter,

9184420799 I Only Lately got a cell Telephone out of Safe link I 'm eligible with this Software and Unexpectedly my room ate left from town and I keep getting Unusual calls out of all Distinct Region Requirements I am not saying it is my room ate but just recently my phone went dead I 'm within your process of discontinuing my safe link and re purchasing it properly because my Pals helped me get the phone in your first Put. Only need for 've all these absurdity calls to Quit except the People I know are for certain out of my room ate and not 've my great name smeared. Help. Thank you personally ever thus much for any help you might become Competent to provide.

Post by Zirk,

918-442-0799 Don't Reply. . . Triumph A FREE CRUISE SCAM

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 Telemarketers. . rude and don t listen when you personally ask to be Place on their don't call list. And when I got angry and told them away that guy returned your Approach correct back to me and was swearing at me. . makes their company look Amazing. Not.

Post by 11,

9184420799 I did not reply. No message left.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0799 Record asking me for hold for an Significant message

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Survey calls

Post by Brandy,

918-442-0799 Got a telephone at PM said they were transferring me for an Significant phone to please hold. I hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Did t leave a message.

Post by Kay,

918-442-0799 Sorry Around the Amount that keeps calling me is W W W.

Post by Jay,

9184420799 Caller ID says this caller is from Tulsa Oklahoma. I vie received several calls within the past week. It s becoming once a day it Appears. I don t response.

Post by khl,

918-442-0799 They keep calling but never leave a message.

Post by Parkin,

9184420799 Unsolicited no 1 on line

Post by LL,

918-442-0799 Same position 2 PM Japanese 5 Jan W. Lady calls when I replied she transferred me for that survey that begins with the boat foghorn requesting to complete the survey. I hung Upwards. That is my work Telephone.

Post by Guest,

9184420799 Survey r c. Have gotten repeated calls out of Distinct numbers

Post by hahaha,

918-442-0799 Bahama

Post by Guest,

9184420799 This can be a cruise Ad.

Post by Steve A,

918-442-0799 Same here. Girl talking Rapidly Afterward transport. I hung up.

Post by ProfC,

9184420799 This Amount called my office Telephone. I did t Select Upward and that Owner did t leave a message. I called back and got a occupied Sign.

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8042921311 Complains by Guest,

Called my phone hung Upward and Delivered me an unsolicited photo of man genitalia.

8642477283 Complains by Mike,

No public records on the number. . .

5623871004 Complains by Guest,


8174493121 Complains by Tom,

This is an extended service contract brokerage company.They have been ordered to cease operations in many states.They claim to be a broker for many companies and they are not.DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!If you are buying an extended warranty - get one from your local dealer whom you trust.

2057229233 Complains by Guest,

cash scam

3527982121 Complains by Guest,


6085484893 Complains by Guest,

Tries for take personal information

7813080386 Complains by Guest,

Hello nee

8002410028 Complains by anonymous,

Thus you personally work for Wells Fargo but Viewed your Amount up anyway. Why would you personally can that. Probably within an Test for give Truth for your criminal extortion racket using the Amount. Much like your whole life was a failure you might have neglected once again

8002017004 Complains by pamalama,

They left a message Around my Oxford Wellbeing insurance cove rages and Inquired me to phone back W X for hear an important message out of Oxford. Sadly I called back as I have Only Lately been Included by Oxford and had an expensive medical Method yesterday 3. W. W which I was Fearful they were going to say that they would t cover. All I got was a message about paying 9. W month for Discover where calls are coming from. This I denied. I got dubious then since I remembered that I had requested Oxford for contact me at my work Amount not at Dwelling.

8002281071 Complains by tc,

Only TRANSITIONED To A Fresh Job AND 1 WEEK After Start Getting Telephone CALLS Out of THESE People About AN Late ACCOUNT. NEVER HEARD OF THEM BEFORE Your Thing IS NO Just one HERE AT WORK HAS EVER Dealt Along with THEM AND This Amount Has been Hooked Up Because of this OFFICE FOR That LAST W YEARS.

8002371957 Complains by concerned about scams,

I received a phone from the Amount and that Owner ID said VIP Caller. I have no Thought what this is. I do not response calls I do not understand.

8002147861 Complains by Maryse Joseph,

This lady name Rita Braun sent me a email stating that she was dying of cancer and she wanted me to help her to help others that is suffering with cancer. She stated that her account was frozen and she wanted my bank information so the money from the world bank, can be transfered into my account. The contact person was Doyce Lawrence with the email address [email protected] /* */ She gave me the number that is up top to contact her but never got a respond by phone; but my email. I have been emailing with the both of them since 07/27/2015. Please email me to let me know the results at: [email protected] /* */

8001199267 Complains by Guest,

Ha mp Software. won t Quit calling

8002195404 Complains by Thegweni,

DAT Clearly did nothing. I have Merely had a telephone. I suggest we all boycott DAT. . . .

8002425774 Complains by Jen,

Unless the Errors are company Important meaning you ll lose customers due to that Problems Incorrect address incorrect phone number etc You'll have for pay a Percentage of your bill you are able to t decide not for pay any of it or they may send you personally to your Choices Bureau trust me.

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