9184420865 / 918-442-0865

Telephone information: Fulltel. Tulsa, OK. Tulsa. United states
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114 complaints
Post by D,

9184420865 I 'm on do not call list. . . don't need this kind of phone call

Post by Mark Jespersen,

918-442-0865 Odd and I am a ROB client

Post by Glenda,

9184420865 Ditto on that ROB and no message left. . .

Post by Betty,

918-442-0865 Got a telephone from this Amount several months ago and again Now. When I attempt to phone back I get a message saying your call could not be completed as dialed. I too have a property listed on ROB.

Post by Leslie F,

9184420865 I obtained a phone out of this number on my cell Telephone asking while you are able to Hera others talking enjoy within a telemarketing boiler room set up Could I Chat for the owner of your vacation property Rent. for which I replied No and don t ever telephone this number again. I advertise on ROB for people searching to rent the property not solicitors for telephone me about and it plainly says so on my listing. In Improvement the number is listed on dentally. gov. How do I report the Misdemeanor.

Post by Char,

918-442-0865 I called it back and a recorded message states you might have accomplished a non working number . Goofy darn people need for get a Actual life and leave us alone.

Post by Rose Stamper Schisler,

9184420865 I continue to receive calls out of W W W. Never a message and when I call back it is an unlisted Amount. I am on your National No Call registry and would love to hint these calls. There are many others who have received these calls. What can we do. My cell Telephone is unlisted Though I continue for get these calls. Climbed Schiller

Post by Fredrick Voss,

918-442-0865 I also have an Advertisement on Rob and get numerous calls out of telemarketers soliciting for Promote my Leasing with their Business. When you get a phone out of W W W all they desire to do is for check and see your phone Amount is in service. Your Phone Amount which you 've Recorded within your Rob ad is After used by the telemarketers who can then phone out of a different number and inquire as to why you have not responded to their E-mails. A call would sound like the My mother needs to Book your place and has Delivered you an E-mail four times but she is still waiting for hear out of you personally. Could you give me your correct E-mail address. You May}n' Additionally receive an inquiry without any specifics such as Times or telephone Amounts for that inquirer on Rob with a phony name like Benjamin Dover who Requires I demand for know within what complex of that resort your own property is located within. Or I 'm interested in renting your own Set how can I pay. Please become conscious of these Folks.

Post by sandra,

9184420865 I m on Rob as nicely. Just got a telephone but did t reply.

Post by Not posting,

918-442-0865 Merely closed your Home manner account. ROB is owned by Residence away. Acquired a call from this and shows Upwards on Owner ID as Do not Reply . LOLA. I did t replied but looked it up here for see what was going on.

Post by GD,

9184420865 Received a phone out of W W W answered your call a Registered voice announced that the Owner would become connected no 1 was there.

Post by Gil,

918-442-0865 I m on Rob overly thus there you go. Maybe it s one of those stupid Begin Upwards Web Businesses that s trying for garner Houses to list on their Holiday rental property. Is everyone else in FLORIDA also.

Post by Guest,

9184420865 Spam not a Us call.

Post by Joseph Sulham,

918-442-0865 Got a call on my cell phone. No message left. My cell Telephone number is on your don't phone list.

Post by Lou,

9184420865 I have a ROB listing in CA and got that phone today at 2 W PM. After I said Hi there was a noticeable Wait which is common for recalls thus I Installed up before anything or anyone May}n' try and sell me something. My Amount is on your National Do not Phone Reg. I ll file a Gripe now. . .

Post by Unimpressed,

918-442-0865 I have multiple properties on ROB. Received a telephone at 5 W 'm Mountain Time. . . . . . Even if I was in that Western Time Region it would 've simply become 7 W am. Totally unacceptable. I hope someone could body out who this number belongs for.

Post by SULLY,

9184420865 Quit HARASSING ME

Post by TOYZ,

918-442-0865 got a phone. no message left. I rent on Change key and vacation House rentals. sounds like it s from one of those

Post by e,

9184420865 I just got another call out of the number. No answer. Added their Amount for name within my phone novel called Trash which is place it to send calls directly to voice mail. Not a perfect Alternative but I don t get bothered by them.

Post by KA,

918-442-0865 People Please Begin replying these calls and try to look for Outside who is Really doing the calling. Without that Information there is no way to Close them down. A call back to this number W W W indicates it is not within service. I m Additionally on your Do not Telephone Registry and I vie already filed a Gripe with that FCC and FTC but without Understanding who is Truly doing your calling it s challenging for get anyone to can anything about it. I vie tried replying these calls at least four time now and never once has there been anyone on the other Finish. If I would eventually get someone on the other end I will become fully receptive to whatever they're Marketing or calling Around. Only thus that I can eventually get many info on who they are not who they're calling on Part of . These callers certainly demand for become stopped and there are laws in Set to protect us and to have them shut down but we can just would when we've all of their Information. So please Begin replying these calls and get as Considerably Information as you are able to. That company they work for. The address and a working phone Amount you can phone them back at. What that are calling Around. Etc. Subsequently rapidly come back here and add that Information for this site. Thank you.

Post by uylenspiegel,

9184420865 Got the phone. They Put Upwards. Called back. No Result.

Post by heron,

918-442-0865 I received a phone Additionally Thai s morning. I have acquired other calls from Distinct numbers from Rob. They 've been trying for sell a listing within another of their companies. i told them I was completely not interested and they last. I have had really good results with my listing but may Shift Businesses if their calling persists.

Post by Cherril Sparks,

9184420865 Obtained 2 calls back for back. Additionally on ROB. Are they Marketing their clients phone numbers. This needs to stop. I 'm also on that do not call list.

Post by Victoria Navarro,

918-442-0865 please add for don't telephone list

Post by Razor,

9184420865 I 've a ROB listing

Post by GP,

918-442-0865 Someone or something called my cell which is not Recorded. I got to it too late. When I attempted to call back I achieved a recording saying that the number is not assigned for anyone.

Post by Craig,

9184420865 I got this call but 'm not on ROB or any property Lease. The caller ID said Do not Answer thus I did t. No message left. I am also on your NO Phone list.

Post by D,

918-442-0865 ID who this really is but they were already on my telephone blocker so they 've bothered me several times before.

Post by The Catbird,

9184420865 I have a ROB property They called no message

Post by aje10,

918-442-0865 Got a telephone from the Amount. Bizarre thing is the Caller ID said Don't Reply Thus I did t.

Post by Guest,

9184420865 Drug seller

Post by pec,

918-442-0865 i got a telephone from the Amount but they left no message.

Post by bueller,

9184420865 same phone here I 'm on great rentals

Post by kel,

918-442-0865 I acquired a telephone overly My Owner ID said Do not Response with the Amount displayed. It scared me a so i notion i would appearance here for any info. I also 've a ROB listing thus Perhaps that does 've something for would with the phone. . Cheers for everyone Lists.

Post by Azbill,

9184420865 Unable for reach Telephone for take telephone. Immediately called back number but got an intercept that it is not a working Amount. No message left. NP

Post by razorrob,

918-442-0865 ROB also did not answer

Post by Rose Schisler,

9184420865 Gotten a call from the number. No message. Should not 've my cell Amount. Needs to be reported.

Post by Audrey,

918-442-0865 same here. . . 've Holiday Lease they called no message and I m on the NO Call list as nicely.

Post by The Catbird,

9184420865 I have a ROB property They called no message

Post by Lou,

918-442-0865 I 've a ROB listing within CA and got the phone today at 2 W PM. After I said Hi there was a noticeable Wait which is common for recalls thus I hung Upward before anything or anyone might attempt to sell me something. My number is on that National Do not Call Reg. I ll file a Gripe now. . .

Post by Cindy Watty,

9184420865 Obtained a telephone but no Result Or message.

Post by rh,

918-442-0865 I have had 6 calls around last 4 times out of W W W. It is out of full tel cellular telephone services I get dead atmosphere phone back it says Amount cannot become Finished as dialed. I m on ROB also really annoying what can be done to Discontinue this.

Post by Guest,

9184420865 Attempts to sell Promotion services for Holiday rentals

Post by Bob,

918-442-0865 Did t reply. Attempted to call em back and the Amount would not Link. Can file Grievance.

Post by Jesus,

9184420865 They are calling out of Gold Resorts Vs. Houses. They need for add you personally to their directory. Says it s free and at no charge but kept referring to your company she works for as a third Bash which means that she was just a telemarketer and can truthfully state what she provides is free sending an E-mail even though that Golden Resorts Firm may charge. When Inquired how they gotten my Amount she said her Firm purchases lists for marketplace to. I mentioned that my Amount is simply on ROB and for ROB for sell my name and number would be a Misdemeanor of their Seclusion policy even though I m unsure if that s Accurate and for remove my number from their list because I m on your Do not Call Registry. . . . .

Post by Guest,

918-442-0865 got a telephone on my cell no one there the cell number is on the no call list

Post by Mike from WV,

9184420865 I got called 4 times Now alone out of this number. Out of reading that places here almost everyone says they are listed on ROB as I 'm. Sounds like we should all whine for ROB about this. Someone is either going on all the listings and becoming the Telephone numbers of your owners or ROB is Marketing your list. Either way it's a nuisance. We are seldom at your Amount listed on ROB and Count on E-mails etc. We have had pretty great Fortune using ROB but this really is definitely an intrusion within your privacy. I overly could Notice your boiler room Sound in your History on the recordings. Has to be a telemarketer.

Post by AJS,

918-442-0865 Ditto I 've a ROB listing.

Post by Texasgal,

9184420865 These losers Only called my cell. I am a former ROB client. We have not had the property Recorded on ROB for around a year now because we Offered it. Therefore these idiots are either using previous info to make their calls or ROB is sharing your Information. Either way it s a NUISANCE for receive these Kinds of calls even though I don t answer them . I followed someone else s suggestion and set up a contact on my iPhone titled SPAM CALLS . I also located Outside online the best way to download a hushed ring tone and assigned it for the Spam Calls contact. Now whenever I get calls like this on my cell I Only add them to your Spam Calls contact and my phone dozen t even ring when they telephone me. Actually a lifesaver and eliminates your stress and frustration caused by these types of Rob calls. Good Fortune People. .

Post by mtnxcape,

918-442-0865 Same telephone and Additionally have listing on ROB.

Post by Ray,

9184420865 Advertising rentals

Post by jj,

918-442-0865 phone from the no said do not response did not also on Rob

Post by sherri,

9184420865 I got a phone and I was on hold while the call completed took several seconds for someone for response my Hi. Girls was obscure and refused for response direct questions. Eventually she said she represented some Business Linked for time shares and Clearly wanted to sell something. Merely be Upward front and get the discussion over with.

Post by anabanana,

918-442-0865 They called my cell Telephone last nighttime. Left no message. I have a ROB listing and Residence Away too.

Post by Guest,

9184420865 Did not get wads chines

Post by Tam,

918-442-0865 I keep getting calls from W W W but I do not answer. I reported it to that National Don't Call Registry Now. I keep finding matters on your Net Around others who have complained about becoming calls from this Amount. Seemingly the has been going on for over a year and no just one has Discontinued them. I have a property listed on ROB as well. . . fascinating as I don't have my phone number on my Rob Website.

Post by Kelly,

9184420865 I 've gotten this phone several times. I Additionally 'm on Rob. . .

Post by Guest,

918-442-0865 Mm

Post by Emerald Skye,

9184420865 Please hold while we Link you personally to this caller . HUH.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0865 Spam not a Usa phone.

Post by sla,

9184420865 Got a telephone I did not reply. No message left.

Post by MB,

918-442-0865 I Merely acquired a telephone from Don't Response W W W. I did not reply. . . for Evident reasons. Anyway I m Additionally a ROB owner and find it fascinating which our Amount is becoming Decided Upwards by these telemarketers scampers etc. Although we would 've our numbers on our sites that is People Information. These Amounts demand to be added for the Do not Phone list. Anyone have an Thought of who to contact Moreover the site to get rid of these leeches.

Post by MikeL,

9184420865 Same Narrative here. No message left. We have a property listed on ROB

Post by sandra,

918-442-0865 I m on Rob as nicely. Merely got a call but did t answer.

Post by gincar,

9184420865 Merely received phone as well and I list on ROB. Quite frustrating as this is your busy season and I need to know if renters 've any dilemmas. I did not response.

Post by CC,

918-442-0865 W W W. . . Owner called tried to return telephone and would not go through. . . I 'm on a line that shouldn't allow any calls to come in which are deemed sales. .

Post by Mike L. (another one),

9184420865 I 've had ROB listing. Had ten calls asking if I need for update. Sold the house six months ago and informed ROB 7 times.

Post by Ray,

918-442-0865 Same here. I m on ROB. That s Likely what it is.

Post by K. Cuthrell,

9184420865 Obtained 3 calls in past W hours. Additionally on Rob.

Post by TA44,

918-442-0865 Same as many above I have a ROB listing which I canceled

Post by irked,

9184420865 Only got a call out of W W W. As soon as I Decided Upward the Telephone I could tell it was a telemarketer. They asked for your owner manager of the vacation Rent property. I told them they had your erroneous Amount and Installed up. I have 3 listings on Rob and I m on that don't phone list.

Post by Alexis in TX,

918-442-0865 I am a night Transfer physician. Was awakened during my post shift sleep by these jack . Yes I overly Promote on ROB which was lousy so Much. Cash badly Used. When I called back your number Number cannot be completed as dialed

Post by Mary,

9184420865 I 've gotten several calls out of the Amount. On Owner ID it actually state Don't Reply . Someone Recommended it s Connected along with ROB. I am a member of ROB. So Perhaps that s your Link.

Post by horseradish,

918-442-0865 you got it correct. I m a vacation Lease owner Additionally and they're attempt to get a listing on some hotel Advertising group

Post by VRBO User,

9184420865 I got a telephone out of this Amount W W W. Caller ID said Do not Reply as the name but I had already Decided up while I was looking thus I Installed Upward correct away. Got another phone less than a Second later out of Name Unavailable W W W likely from your same place. Ugh. We re on that No Telephone List as nicely.

Post by CFR,

918-442-0865 Got a telephone out of W W W. After no just one spoke the first second or two I hang Upwards. Likely a program Call er amp had I continuing for wait I ll Likely get a live Individual pitching whatever phone solicitation they might 've.

Post by pec,

9184420865 got another telephone from the Amount along with no message.

Post by Not_Peter,

918-442-0865 Merely got that call. Additionally on ROB. Others Thank you personally for Publishing Information. I will tell them I don t understand what they're talking about.

Post by PEC,

9184420865 got another call from this Amount but no message

Post by virgil29,

918-442-0865 Very rude. . . . can we Discontinue these scums. Any Recommendations.

Post by nhgirl,

9184420865 I Additionally have a ROB listing and 've gotten several calls from this number. I 've never answered any since I don t recognize the Amount and there has never been a message left

Post by NWMEDIA,

918-442-0865 Additionally got a call today. . . no message

Post by horseradish,

9184420865 you personally got it appropriate. I m a vacation Lease owner Additionally and they are attempt to get a listing on some hotel Promotion group

Post by BB,

918-442-0865 Bad connection caller offered to phone back mentioned my name and Rob. . . When I called back Owner message not a working number.

Post by Grannymle,

9184420865 Same call here and I m Additionally on ROB.

Post by mommalois,

918-442-0865 Forgot for mention that we are also on ROB. Must become a few Link.

Post by Regina,

9184420865 I got 2 calls from them today on that golf course not less. And I Additionally 've a listing on ROB. So you believe ROB is Marketing them lists.

Post by JD,

918-442-0865 I m also on ROB probably a marketer like another People said.

Post by Sherry Coffey,

9184420865 Do not Phone MR AGAIN _ I Am ON The Do not Telephone REGISTER

Post by Lou,

918-442-0865 No name ID. . . Merely that number. I did t reply amp no message. I m on ROB. . . Appears we re still a target.

Post by bluebellfaye,

9184420865 I 've a contact on my cell phone entitled Bug don't reply. Now when they phone my cell phone I Simply let it ring. 've about W Amounts on that contact list and growing.

Post by Lou,

918-442-0865 I 've a ROB listing within CA and got the phone today at 2 W PM. After I said Hi there was a noticeable delay that is common for recalls thus I Put up before anything or anyone might try to sell me something. My Amount is on that National Do not Call Reg. I ll file a Grievance now. . .

Post by Rachael,

9184420865 Got a telephone for the owner of the Holiday Leasing I'm certain my Amount was picked Upwards out of a Holiday Rent Website like ROB. Told them I didn't own a vacation Leasing and they hung up.

Post by Michael,

918-442-0865 I have a Rent property listed online as well

Post by MJD,

9184420865 'm Additionally a ROB member. Got a phone from the number. Did t answer.

Post by gincar,

918-442-0865 Just gotten telephone as nicely and I list on ROB. Very frustrating as this can be your occupied season and I demand to know if renters have any dilemmas. I did not response.

Post by bigApple,

9184420865 Got a phone out of the number. Decided it up machine express said please wait a minute while i connect you personally. . . live person Arrived on as i was hanging Upwards. cant become called back Amount not within service. I'm on home away. . .

Post by DG,

918-442-0865 Affirming calls made to ROB customers by a competitor Only Blow off your calls.

Post by Mike L. (another one),

9184420865 I have had ROB listing. Had ten calls asking if I need for Upgrade. Offered the house six months ago and informed ROB 7 times.

Post by D,

918-442-0865 Owner ID says Private Owner. They 've apparently called me several times before because I already had them on my Telephone s Blocked list that phone rings once and disconnects them. That's set up within my hardware Verizon s Owner block system is cumbersome. You've to phone Verizon and wait for talk to some rep and then only that first 5 Amounts are free. We should all simply 've 5 nuisance callers. I too 've a listing on ROB.

Post by Cid,

9184420865 I am on ROB overly. Only got another phone out of the number. . .

Post by George,

918-442-0865 Got a phone on cell did t answer no message.

Post by Guest,

9184420865 Everything they said was within french

Post by kb,

918-442-0865 I have gotten 2 calls this Am and there's no message left . . . . I 'm on House away same as ROB so perhaps it is a marketer.

Post by Becky,

9184420865 I 've a ROB listing as well and this Amount keeps calling me. I don t answer. . .

Post by KDR,

918-442-0865 Got a phone from the Amount. The Telephone screen said Don't Answer thus I did t. They did not leave a message. We Additionally are on ROB as well as unlisted Amount.

Post by Bridgewater Bob,

9184420865 Merely got a telephone out of same ID and Telephone I m also on ROB. If it's an Vehicle telephone program grabbing phone numbers off of ROB listings I m glad I still have a acreage line Telephone for list. I d become seriously annoyed if this was coming for my cell Telephone.

Post by mommalois,

918-442-0865 Forgot to mention that we are also on ROB. Must become some connection.

Post by toyz,

9184420865 got a call did t response. no message left.

Post by jean pynn,

918-442-0865 telephone on my cell it's a no call number

Post by Suzie,

9184420865 Four calls out of this Amount in your last hrs. No message left and when I did pick it up there was apparently no just one on another end. Whoever that is needs for be Discontinued that is such a time waster and they are Seemingly doing it to some entire bunch of Individuals. Could it become an Vehicle Face er out of Dwelling Away. com calling . . . . I have two vacation Leasing properties listed along with them each of that is Upward for renewal Now. I discover a lot of other People receiving calls like the are saying they 've a vacation House Recorded on ROB Web site we do overly which is owned by your Dwelling Away group.

Post by Breck,

918-442-0865 Received 2 calls the Am Telephone said do not answer thus did t reply. I Additionally have a rental property amp am on numerous rentals Websites including both ROB amp Home Away

Post by sandra,

9184420865 I m on Rob as nicely. Just got a telephone but did t reply.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0865 A Business Looking me for Purchase space on their Site.

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8042921311 Complains by Guest,

Called my phone hung Upward and Delivered me an unsolicited photo of man genitalia.

8642477283 Complains by Mike,

No public records on the number. . .

5623871004 Complains by Guest,


8174493121 Complains by Tom,

This is an extended service contract brokerage company.They have been ordered to cease operations in many states.They claim to be a broker for many companies and they are not.DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!If you are buying an extended warranty - get one from your local dealer whom you trust.

2057229233 Complains by Guest,

cash scam

3527982121 Complains by Guest,


6085484893 Complains by Guest,

Tries for take personal information

7813080386 Complains by Guest,

Hello nee

8002443247 Complains by sqam,

4 calls within just one day each hour

8002300086 Complains by Lea,

I m so glad I found the site. She Linda Only called me and attempted that same matter. I told her I needed proof in Composing. I felt like she was playing along with my mind with how she went on about what I supposedly said last year. I told her she could send what she Needed but I had for Confirm along with my CPA. I can take the directly for my Attorney for handle these Men. Cheers again Guy company owners. .

8002441111 Complains by Kelly,

No we dint want your own Tv service. I 'm not confident how Nam times you personally demand for hear NO.

8002167336 Complains by Tiffany,

I got calls by this foreign guy also. Said he was from Microsoft and wanted me to get on my computer to help me with errors from my computer. He asked if I was near my computer, I said no, and he said that he would call back. Now I know not to answer them. Just today, 7-12-12, I received 3 calls from 11 am to  pm, once every hour until I answered.

8002452270 Complains by Dan,

Owner left MSG that W. W was going for become auto deducted out of my bank account . . . . . Attempted calling back. Automobile Result said it was a unassigned Ma W . . .

8002235986 Complains by Emily,

Stephanie Asserted for be out of Pier One Fraud department calling Around a brand new account Inquired for the telephone for be returned and for me to have my Account Prepared. I do not have a Pier 1 Account but I had Only opened a Low es account. When I called I accomplished a recording asking for my account I do not have a Pier 1 Account so I try ed pressing zero and the recording said it did not Comprehend my response and Inquired for my Account again I Installed Upwards and requested my credit report through . com everything looks to be in purchase.

8002190993 Complains by DAVE,

I got this same Facsimile along with a different phone number but Exactly that same Advertisement. . . they State to become At THO MES AVE Suite W CHEYENNE WY. If you personally investigation on that address you will locate many Firms there but none at Collection W highest Package NR I found was W s. . . . so perhaps W is that Increase room. I ll file along with your FCC again. . . anyone phone them and jerk them around after they understand your own voice they block your Amount you get a active Sign

8002462160 Complains by JENNIFER,

The So CALLED Company OR Little Business IS HARASSING Folks BY Always Delivering UNSOLICITED FAXES THROUGH Individuals S Products AND Thereby CAUSING Folks Spending Money ON Tattoo TONER. AS You personally ALL Understand NO Fax MACHINE Will PRINT Outside THOSE Facsimile WITHOUT Your Ink Within Your MACHINE AND Along with The Poor Market WE Do not Need To SPEND Cash UNNECESSARILY For Exchange INKS TONER Merely Because of The UNSOLICITED Huge Dreary AND Fearless People THESE Folks 've Sending THROUGH The Fax MACHINE ASKING People For Phone THEIR W W W FOR Little Company Funding. WHEN I CALLED The Amount Yesterday BEGGING THEM NOT For WASTE MY Ink TONER ANY MORE BECAUSE I 'm NOT INTERESTED In This Kind OF Fax THEY 've BEEN Delivering Then Your Guy WHO TOOK MY Telephone GOT Crazy AND CALLED ME CRAB Afterward Hung Upwards ON ME. I CALLED BACK For LET HIM Understand I Have BEEN OPTING Out In the Amount The OFFER HERE BUT THEY STILL KEEP ON FAXING Your SAME Huge Bold Ads WHICH HAS NOTHING To Can With ME. Then HE Installed Up AGAIN ON ME. AND NOW I Hope WHOEVER IS In CHARGE OF This REPORT May Would SOMETHING Around IT AND Phone Your W W W For Quit OR CUT DOWN ON FAXING ALL THESE JUNKS To Individuals Enjoy ME EVEN WHEN I Opt Out BUT THEY STILL Can IT Over AND Over AGAIN. OTHERWISE Afterward WHAT WOULD Be That Demand FOR ASKING People To REPORT About This BECAUSE I 'm Exhausted Of all OF People KEEP TALKING WITHOUT Activities Taken.

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