9252318429 / 925-231-8429

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Martinez, CA. Contra Costa. United states
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Post by Guest,

9252318429 Selling insurance

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 Calls and hangs up. Says Martinez Ca. on caller id

Post by Richard,

9252318429 LONG record about free security system due to all the offense in my own area.

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 I share the sentiments of the other those who 've acquired calls from these idiots. They're annoying and Seemingly there is nothing we can do for Quit them. That Do not Phone list is a joke.

Post by Steve,

9252318429 Pare recorded House security telemarketing sales pitch.

Post by This is a scam,

925-231-8429 A record indicates that the American Start of Agings indicates seniors gt W years old are becoming hurt due for falls and they are offering me a free medical alert system. Anyone over the age of W qualifies. They Merely demand for verify my name and sending address so they can send it correct Outside for me all I Desired to can was press 1 I pressed just one and that gentleman with noise in that background like a telephone Centre thanked me for holding on and asked me whom he was speaking for. I Inquired him what company he was working for and he abruptly Installed up on me. The smells of a SCAM for me. If they were a legitimate com pate they would t hang Upwards on me when I Inquired that question. Additionally there's no one around your age of W in my household so they're Simply randomly calling Individuals. This really is how they get around matters since they claim they're not selling anything.

Post by Guest,

9252318429 calls Frequently but never leaves message.

Post by Larry Poke,

925-231-8429 Your Real shame is that We the Individuals continue for Stay on the hands and do nothing not because we Can T but because we've been brainwashed into presuming we have been powerless. Let me Tell you personally that the Innovative War was WON by individuals who did t believe they had the Electricity to fight your oppressors. Remember WE OUTNUMBER THEM.

Post by Guest,

9252318429 let machine pick Upward they hang Upward.

Post by Larry Poke,

925-231-8429 That Real Waste is that We that Folks continue to sit on the control and can nothing not because we Can T but because we've been brainwashed into thinking we 're powerless. Let me Tell you personally that the Progressive War was WON by people that did t believe they had your Electricity for fight the oppressors. Remember WE OUTNUMBER THEM.

Post by Franc E.,

9252318429 Well it s another scam but notice that if you should fall for it they can request you to verify your Transport address and of path Confirm your name and their Bacall router already has your phone number thus now they 've You name address phone number and that data could become sold to all Types of other scam organizations including those in Malaysia Nigeria India etc. And is that info so Precious for other scampers. Because you personally were a Fool and fell for this particular just one. You should be great for the Issues along with your own computer scam and all another pressing calls.

Post by Oliver,

925-231-8429 Caller ID shows as a phone coming in out of Martinez California. They're Attempting for market a medical alert Unit to senior Residents. Don t reply. . . .

Post by Guest,

9252318429 I missed that phone. When I called back said it wan t a good Amount.

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 MSG says quot Emergency Alert System quot free to seniors already paid for. There has for be a Get Someplace. DC doesn't work on Rob calls. System

Post by Like,

9252318429 Did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 I 've been becoming calls from this number every daytime for the previous 4 times and several times a day.

Post by I hate scum,

9252318429 I received a call out of the Amount and my private philosophy is If I do not know them or they do not identify themselves in that caller ID I refuse for reply it.

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 Spam

Post by Chris,

9252318429 Did not response no message left. Established on the posts here I blocked your number.

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 See other Comments. Not a working number when I attempt to return phone. No one there when I Decided up phone when it first Arrived in.

Post by Guest,

9252318429 Telemarketing for senior People. Don t answer

Post by khc,

925-231-8429 Called your land line. Owner ID says Martinez CA. No message on replying machine.

Post by Porkchop,

9252318429 Woke my Upward out of a sound slumber no MSG left now blocked. W 4 on that Base feeders

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 Recorded as moderate spam action. Hangs Upward when machine comes on.

Post by kaye,

9252318429 Nicely Verizon Really does Supply the. The Find is you can just block five numbers I believe and that block can just last for a little while Afterward you've for either re enter the Amounts or input new ones. I tried that did t slow matters down a bit these clowns change Amounts like they Alter underwear. . .

Post by Edmund Brown,

925-231-8429 Phone kind predatory targeting of aged people.

Post by Bp,

9252318429 Got three calls Now. Left no message. May block.

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 No one Solutions when you personally Choose of your Telephone and never leave a message on express mail.

Post by Noteworthy,

9252318429 Owner ID Unknown Name Left no message W am EST W W Can block this number

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 No 1 answers when that Telephone when you pick Upwards. Thus annoying.

Post by Jack Shitte,

9252318429 Left a message saying were giving away a free timeshare in Libya. I lost Outside by not Choosing your call.

Post by Flyswatter,

925-231-8429 To Williams could you personally read. And look Upward the definition of SPAM at least. That is an effort by Buyers Union and due to their efforts that telephone Businesses are being pressured for Discontinue these Legal scampers out of calling. That Phone companies were given that green light by the FTC for block these calls. There is no begging here. Use your own head. It was something I forwarded out of Consumers Union and other news releases.

Post by Guest,

9252318429 They keep calling my house Telephone and won t leave message. Thus annoying and that s your motive I don t response calls out of s I don t understand.

Post by Mary,

925-231-8429 Unknown Owner did not leave message.

Post by Guest,

9252318429 did not answer

Post by SteveInPA,

925-231-8429 By posting here we help 1 another understand who the scampers are but what we Actually desire is for it for Discontinue. If we desire Shift Subsequently we 're going to 've to call the U. S. Congressperson and U. S. Senator each and every time for complain Around the maltreatment of Telephone lines we pay for and for need they get behind efforts to Cease ALL unwanted calls.

Post by FayeAnne2,

9252318429 Unknown Caller on ID. record Around medial alert system free for senior Residents. I called back for see what would occur recording says I achieved a number that's not within service. Figure I 've nothing else to would Now as I don t Typically reply unknown calls.

Post by Porkchop,

925-231-8429 Woke my Upwards out of a sound slumber no MSG left now blocked. W 4 on the Base feeders

Post by garcia,

9252318429 Annoying calls W please Quit them.

Post by Fritz,

925-231-8429 Another unknown name calling. From your places here I see it s a telemarketer. They did t leave a message so it must not have been Significant.

Post by Like,

9252318429 Got a call but no message was left. I ll be blocking this number on my Sentry Unit.

Post by Tom,

925-231-8429 That MEDIC ALERT FOR SENIORS SCAMPERS may attempt to get the credit card numbers and if they triumph we are S O L .

Post by Larry Poke,

9252318429 I vie been on your DC since the Starting and for all the good it did does I might as nicely 've reported it to your Girl Scouts. Within short that DC list is a joke because they can NOTHING for indict Considerably less convict or even inquire these vultures. If they can find that time to can thus they seldom prosecute. The motive for their laxity is I suspect Only because these violators of the law pay their Telephone bills and your Mum Bell USN t going for cut off an excellent supply of Income. It s all about your cash and suckers like you personally and I put Upward with it because like fighting city hall it s fruitless . . . which is unless enough of people Place their feet for the fire until we become as annoying for them as your telemarketers are for us. One thing is clear we can consistently be treated as sheep as long as we continue to act enjoy Lamb.

Post by Dusty Murphy,

925-231-8429 Began to receive unwanted calls after I started to get Social Security You think they sell your own number to these creeps. .

Post by anonymous,

9252318429 I wan t at home for answer.

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 never left message

Post by ihaterobos,

9252318429 Do not response a call whose Amount you personally do not Comprehend wait for a message to see who is calling first. If you response all you personally would is affirm that yours is an excellent number and Subsequently your own Amount can become Set on a list that's sold to other Rob callers. Be aware that there are Telephone Applications that could create ANY name or Amount appear on your own phone Display. Many Rob callers choose disconnected numbers for display Upwards in your screen thus that if you personally put up a phone block you personally re not blocking the Actual Amount they're calling out of. This is what makes it so hard for that FTC for Get these people.

Post by William,

925-231-8429 Quit spamming that petition begging it USN t going to solve anything.

Post by Guest,

9252318429 called I answered they hung up

Post by Mad as Hell,

925-231-8429 These ignorant keep making Registered calls Around a few type of Medic Alert crap.

Post by Guest,

9252318429 would t not reply when you personally Select up

Post by Larry Poke,

925-231-8429 I vie been on your DC since that Starting and for all that good it did does I might well 've reported it to your Girl Scouts. In short the DC list is a joke because they would NOTHING for indict much less convict or even inquire these vultures. If they do locate the time to can so they scarcely prosecute. That motive for their laxity is I Think Just because these violators of the law pay their Telephone bills and the Mum Bell USN t going to cut off an Outstanding source of Income. It s all Around the money and suckers enjoy you and I Set Upwards with it because enjoy fighting city hall it s fruitless . . . that's unless enough of us Place their feet for the fire until we become as annoying to them as the telemarketers are for people. 1 matter is clear we can always become treated as sheep as long as we continue for Work} like Lamb.

Post by kaye,

9252318429 Nicely Verizon Truly does provide the. That Find is you can simply block five Amounts I think and that block may simply last for a while Subsequently you might have to either re enter that Amounts or input new People. I attempted that did t slow things down a bit these clowns change numbers enjoy they Alter underwear. . .

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 The Amount is within Maple Creek SF Bay Place W W W Simply another SCAM.

Post by ryann,

9252318429 Calls each week or so. I never reply they never leave a message. My number is on the do not phone list.

Post by Guest,

925-231-8429 Caller disconnected when i replied. When I called back I got a recording that said your Amount was no good. I formerly reported the number on 5 W W when they called Striving for marketplace security systems to senior Residents. When I Began asking questions Around why they were calling a Amount which was on the quot Do not Call LIST quot they started acting shady on the Telephone telling me they were allowed for phone me because of the kind of Merchandise they were Attempting to sell. I Inquired them not to call me again but here they are 3 weeks After calling back. BEWARE SENIORS. . .

Post by Tom,

9252318429 Your MEDIC ALERT FOR SENIORS SCAMPERS can attempt to get our credit card Amounts and if they succeed we have been S O L .

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6503947758 Complains by Guest,

Just attempted the scam quot I 'm ready for buy it asap. I expect that I ll 've a Certified Assess Released out to you personally out of my bank. I m in no Hurry along with you till funds are Removed in your own bank which takes simply a day. You don't 've to bother yourself about that Transport. I ll instruct a shipping Agent to come for Select Upwards at your door when you must 've gotten your own cash at hand. Kindly email me back with your own physical address. quot After checking online and seeing the array of complaints I replied and told his End where to go.

2515441557 Complains by Guest,

i keep becoming calls and when i reply they Simply hang up when i phone back it is an automated express send carton for a Patricia Stanley

8323968089 Complains by Jus Wondering,

Don't know the Amount.

8184707793 Complains by Guest,

Saying that they are from air miles and that you will air miles. Automated message asking you to press 1 to accept. I did not press

8637040000 Complains by Guest,

Third time this sneaky creep has called from a land line within telemarketing capital of FL. I now have this Amount on my blocked list. they leave no MSG.

8284764325 Complains by Danielle Williams,

I 've gotten about 5 calls out of the number. I usually don t answer numbers I don t know I Typically Simply let them leave a message but your caller never left a message. I got curious seeing as your number is in my own Place and called that Amount back to find that the number had been disconnected.

8774354009 Complains by Guest,

Spam calls and not even for me. . .

9732785423 Complains by Guest,

I m Outside long island

8002961121 Complains by Mark,

Got a phone out of this number. That Owner did not leave any message.

3852122382 Complains by Guest,

Calls leaves no message

8062200057 Complains by Elfi Flyer,

Received my first call out of W W W. It's a Texas Region code northwest panhandle Place of your state. I called back and got an automated response from your Provider this Amount was not a working number or you had to Switch the Whole seven digit number following your area code. My Telephone screening device will keep Monitor of the Amount. If two more calls are obtained out of this number it can Given to that reject list and become intercepted on your first ring.

3054172557 Complains by Guest,

dumb hoe sis

5708226713 Complains by Guest,

When answered noise at other end no 1 answering

2404106347 Complains by Guest,

Davidson gm ail. com i mistypes the email trust not empty they can be Discontinued they phone me for at W W W

5712185977 Complains by ship,

fake Individual fake Amount. Only Attempting for get your IPA address cell phone ID or any other information that's easily gotten off these Products. If you call do it from a property line or a payphone if you can look for one .

9782442257 Complains by Guest,

I did t Select up

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