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Telephone information: Broadwing Communications. San Ramon, CA. Contra Costa. United states
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9252362733 Keeps calling wanting to sell credit call service

Post by Jan Zick,

925-236-2733 Annoying hang Upwards no response calls at night

Post by Gordaguy2,

9252362733 Got a voice send from someone searching for rent my villa foreign Feature appears like someone making a Turn call

Post by big mama,

925-236-2733 Calls out of W W W. Call and hang Upward leave no message. Block if you can.

Post by Ed,

9252362733 The people call 3 for 5 times a day they are some kind of property Leases providers or time share. I could not get ready of them I have pats for Book and they got my number out of an add in the paper. I have told them not for phone any more but no lock we demand for report the people they're Exchange a Insect.

Post by annoyed again,

925-236-2733 Merely Needed to add the company name is Always on Vacation. But they are using cell Telephone numbers to actions company. What real legitimate business dozen t 've a traceable Telephone Amount. We don t 've a vacation rental.

Post by annoyed again,

9252362733 Same thing. No just one on that line. Line Attached Upwards until their computer realizes and hangs up. It s a pain. Glad I got the Information as I am assuming they will telephone again.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 I get a telephone out of the Amount Around 3 times every day

Post by jay,

9252362733 one ring than i was going to reply they hang up melee

Post by lgw,

925-236-2733 Only thought I d post. They called AGAIN after I Inquired them for Quit. . Filing Criticism.

Post by Ernesto,

9252362733 I did not get any call out of this number. I called them to the same Amount because I and my family were Casualties of a fraud leaded by . com. Please open your eyes along with these people and try to create no business with them.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 vacation Lease Put they telephone at 5 or 6 Merely when i forwards phones

Post by P,

9252362733 They had been calling me Around 5 times a daytime every day. I finally decided to reply your telephone and I told them I did t know what they were talking about I had no Thought who your people were that they were calling and that they must 've the erroneous . Hopefully this can Discontinue that calls. We ll see.

Post by Vernon Clover,

925-236-2733 I obtained calls today and Recently out of the number. When I response there's no 1 on your line. Every month i get a spate of calls from this Amount. Normally lasts about a week. I am on that Mobile do not telephone list. this is apparently the Consistently on Vacation company.

Post by PMR,

9252362733 Call Generally. Heavy Highlight. Holiday marketing company

Post by Debra,

925-236-2733 These people 've been calling my cell Telephone. I 've a Holiday Lease and they are Choosing that Amount in the site I had it listed on and Attempting for get me to list along with them.


9252362733 . com Many Guy from Australia amp a Man out of India. . . . Very PUSHY. Need to list your Holiday Leases. Consistent.

Post by Bark,

925-236-2733 Called twice Now. Replied your ND 1. I have a Holiday rental and they were saying they had clients for me. I Put Upward on them.

Post by Nicole Robertson,

9252362733 They called my cell Telephone twice now amp Installed up. idiots Says East San Fran Bay Area Pretty terrible advertising for Consistently on Holiday. Presumed to become them FM other posts I ll st ear clear of anything having to would w them

Post by huan,

925-236-2733 I constantly get a phone phone this Amount W W W. I don t know this Amount . don t enjoy why it constantly call me

Post by Mimi L.,

9252362733 These telemarketers phone me fairly Frequently because I own a vacation Rent unit and Promote online spoken for them before and declined their so called services but they persist within Attempting to continue to participate you personally. . . many actually bordering on obnoxious and aggressive when I vie securely said no thanks and then they would hang up on me. Nicely. Thank you for saving me the trouble. . BUT still Soho annoying and wish I could block them and all my Amounts are Enrolled on the Don't Call Registry but it dozen t look to become Powerful. I vie attempted to recognize their Amount in purchase not even answer but they are a local number in my Region and sometimes they ll Find me away guard. They constantly try and establish first that you re the owner of a vacation Lease. But that tone and general line of questioning makes me funny thus once I Identify who I understand they are I request Who are you personally and why are you personally calling me. they ll own up and basically I ll hang Upward on them as nicely as I can without wasting any more of my time on them since I m NOT interested. I vie reported them before on the Website and I m doing this again because they Merely called me Now.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 Scam

Post by irene,

9252362733 Don t telephone me. . . . .

Post by Alan McConnell,

925-236-2733 I 'm on the don't call list. I gotten a phone from the above Amount. On calling them back their voices message said Constantly on Holiday. com

Post by me,

9252362733 Mike nelson good mam

Post by Guiness,

925-236-2733 Pestering us along with calls

Post by wittemuis,

9252362733 . com will not Quit calling no subject which you tell them to quit calling you personally take you personally away their calling list etc. Extremely annoying I don't want to list my property with them for a vacation rental I can simply Picture how annoying they would be to deal with once you Really list with them

Post by Kumar,

925-236-2733 They're fishing for business and using your own phone Amount listed on the home away. com or bro defiantly calling out of India trying to sound American Lola . This company could care less if you personally get Leases they Merely want your money. Only Market on 1. Dwelling away. com number 2. . com 3. BRO 4. Rental

Post by merlin,

9252362733 Simply Found this Web site. I get these calls in Uk overly twice the week and always near lunchtime. Unable for identify your Amount of caller but it s Always on Vacation. I don t need to phone back cos i don t understand where your calls come from.

Post by CreswellOregon,

925-236-2733 I 've been getting calls out of the Amount for Around three weeks now. It is your forth st rang Amount violating my air ways over a three month Span of time. It Appears I 'm constantly dealing with it now. I believe we demand for band Collectively and insist the cell phone Companies provide people an option for block obnoxious callers enjoy the. Phone your Firm as Frequently as you get these Kinds of calls and Perhaps they will do that right matter here.

Post by azelton,

9252362733 Feb W this Amount W W W keeps calling my Partner s cell Afterward hanging Upward without saying a word. we have a vacation House that we Book Outside occasionally from your other Remarks I Think it May}n' become your same gang Choosing s from ads for Leases.

Post by P,

925-236-2733 They had been calling me Around 5 times a daytime every day. I eventually decided for reply your telephone and I told them I did t know what they were talking Around I had no idea who the people were that they were calling and that they must have that wrong . Hopefully this will Discontinue your calls. We ll see.

Post by wen from sf,

9252362733 got a telephone the morning Decided it Upwards and nothing. No 1 was there. I 'm on a do not telephone list Discontinue calling me.

Post by Jane Doe,

925-236-2733 Same Storyline calls. . hangups. . . no messages.

Post by Frank,

9252362733 I called back and Inquired for a supervisor Bruce Watson . He put me on the do not call list after I told him I was a Authorities officer and they were calling my work Telephone. Hopefully it worked. Or you are able to state your own number was a type o on a Holiday rental web Website which is where they're getting your own Amounts out of .

Post by chrissie,

925-236-2733 I have a vacation Dwelling and about each 3 months I get a flooding of calls from Consistently on Vacation. They Inquired me for indication Upward with Afterward but I refused. They then told me I could 've free Requests 4 to see how well their advertising is. Well I did get 4 Concerns all in the same person.

Post by Hana,

9252362733 Yes Only rec d a call out of the number. I said Hello. . . . . . . Stop.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 Indian along with your name honest. . .

Post by Guest,

9252362733 Telemarketers I m on quot Don't Telephone quot list Looks for not make any difference. . . becoming sales calls all that time.

Post by Cookie,

925-236-2733 I 'm on the Do not Phone list as nicely. Does your own caller mumble in Spanish. . I Normally don t response but I did Now. Won't response again.

Post by Mimi,

9252362733 The number keeps calling me Regular within that day while I m at work. Very annoying.

Post by karine tremblay,

925-236-2733 I need those phone stop please. My phone number is W W W.

Post by solicitor,

9252362733 go away

Post by SC,

925-236-2733 had a missed call from the number today when I called back was told this was an Grownup Web site number.

Post by Bruce,

9252362733 Calls but doesn't Talk 9 W W 4 W pm

Post by Lousytrader,

925-236-2733 calls each daytime. . .

Post by leslie,

9252362733 Do I get the number to stop calling me. I 'm on your no call list. I don t own vacation property nor do I desire for Or could I afford to. I cannot Manage to become Priced every time this Amount calls me to Say NOTHING and run Upward my Invoice. I have called to request that stop calling. I still get calls. I want to sue them. I could gather all of the other Criticism ants and file a class action match. But first could you help.

Post by Edry Goot,

925-236-2733 Take me away your own phone for my cell phone.

Post by Scam-Deals,

9252362733 Still becoming calls from these scampers in W . . . PS Please read your Remark on November W W out of Montreal Quebec Canada.


925-236-2733 those dam Google callers are horrifying and at your. incorrect time each time. will report them to the encl in Canada again. each infraction costs Canadian Businesses cash and that will Maybe Quit them. . .

Post by 9252362733,

9252362733 These people are So ANNOYING. I will not list with them and they are just Lousy NEWS. . . BEWARE

Post by cxs,

925-236-2733 Rob calls with no operator


9252362733 An extremely Urgent MESSAGE REPORT This Number For your LOCAL Telephone Firms W SERVICES Every TIME THEY Telephone You personally. . . W W W That is A ROBOT CALLING For See if Your Number EXISTS. . . PLUS IT Can give Your own Personal Amount For ANOTHER Company For Telephone You personally BACK For Try to SELL You SOMETHING AFTER Your FACT. . . Also In CANADA Your USE OF Robots To Call Numbers IS Prohibited AND Your Company THAT OWNS W W W IS BEING INVESTIGATED FOR Promotion FRAUD PLUS Telephone HARASSMENT From your Usa For CANADIAN Amounts AT The TIME . . .

Post by Annette Drey,

925-236-2733 That call is out of a Vacation Leasing company. They don't leave a message. In the Highlight it sounds enjoy a call Facility within India but that Amount is California. A telephone back Simply reaches an answering machine. When I did Choose Upward he was soliciting rentals for this Firm. Your guy said they got my Amount away your ROB Site on that Web. I Inquired for become removed the first time they called me. but I 'm still becoming calls.

Post by lee,

9252362733 Cease calling me Regular.

Post by Tom, The Cop,

925-236-2733 W W W Some bozo from this number is calling me. Creep. . .

Post by Cookie,

9252362733 I 'm on that Do not Call list as nicely. Does your Owner mumble within Spanish. . I usually don t response but I did today. Won't answer again.

Post by Scam-Deals,

925-236-2733 Still getting calls out of these scampers in W . . . PS Please read your Remark on November W W from Montreal Quebec Canada.

Post by Lorraine,

9252362733 The number is on my Owner ID serial times a day. They called last night at W W PM Advertisement I replied a Man on another Finish was a Man with a foreign Highlight and Desired for understand something Around evacuation Leases.

Post by No Longer Handling Rentals,

925-236-2733 Have gotten repeated calls out of these bozos. I never reply calls from Amounts I do not Understand so they keep hanging up. Called your number and got your no 1 is available message. Was not going to remain on hold so left a message telling them for removed meet out of their list. They Clearly don't Upgrade their data Frequently. I used for would your computer work for a Pal and take calls when they were unavailable. I never have done so for almost 2 years and my contact information has not appeared on that ROB listing where they got it in that first place has not had my number for a few time. Told them they Desired to get their Work} together or I would Start filing Official Criticisms along with the Better Company Agency etc. and would start posting negative reviews online each Put I could think of. Trust that does your Key.

Post by Susan Daunt,

9252362733 This company keeps calling me and I vie told them for Cease I am on a do not telephone list but they continue to telephone. I would like to know how to get them to Quit.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 CA Holiday Rentals.

Post by Robert,

9252362733 Jan W W W hrs MST. They Only called a business line. Did not response as funny of area code and not expecting a call out of there. May add to my local phone co blocking list.

Post by The Muffin Man,

925-236-2733 Another phone Offered her a Telephone Amount for my rich uncle 1 W W W. She was very excited about that help I Offered her . . . . .

Post by Annoyed,

9252362733 That is Always ON Holiday a Web site that lists Holiday Leases. We've Inquired to be removed from their calling list at LEAST a dozen times. They always state yes and then they phone again. Don't Can Business With Always ON Vacation. They are disrespectful spammers.

Post by Bearabull,

925-236-2733 I vie told them for take my Amount off Additionally but they still keep pestering me. I made that blunder of doing a free listing along with them. I can never would that again along with the company and will advise people that request for follow match.

Post by ~8~,

9252362733 Call here daily amp hang Upwards when they get my voice send. Their Amount amp Unknown Name display on that caller ID. I 've property listed on ROB too. . . I have lodged a Gripe along with Dentally. gov but judging from your number of Criticisms here that Seemingly dozen t help either. . . They should Shift their name for Constantly A IPA 8

Post by Willtree,

925-236-2733 Been calling me for several times. I am on Rob and I suppose they got my number there. Don t answer.

Post by JCH,

9252362733 Called my Grand Fundamental Nebr twice. . . first was trapped by CG. . . on ND 1 I took telephone and when I said Hi got hang Upward. . . so went searching for your Nebr and found this Website. Thanks much for your info. . .

Post by doug,

925-236-2733 You personally People are scampers and are making a lot of Individuals really mad. In that end You'll Crash. Exactly why do you've for pester people. If someone desires your own service they may contact you personally.

Post by Ilovealwaysonvacation,

9252362733 HTTP signature owners. com pictures stalker. Wave

Post by Tired of calls,

925-236-2733 I pressed W and called your number. I Inquired them for take me away their solicitation list. I called twice for create sure someone took me off. Both people who answered your calls had a substantial Indian Highlight. I told them for take me away that list. If I receive 1 more phone out of them I can be calling your authorities to put them out of business. Forever.

Post by Jo Taylor,

9252362733 They just called me in France maintaining to be out of Ryan Air an Irish Flight .

Post by Julie,

925-236-2733 We are on that do not telephone list and your repeated unsolicited calls are quite affecting. If you personally continue for phone we will charge you W for the time it takes people for response as well as the discouragement. If you personally would like us to contact that District Lawyer for your Place or get included within a class action lawsuit against you personally thus please Fall this number from your own list NOW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . W W W

Post by fredd,

9252362733 it's not a scam OK

Post by Frank,

925-236-2733 Verizon Only offered a fresh FREE Characteristic where they will block your number for you personally. . . . . . . I told your CO. for Cease calling me three times. . . I work Days its no enjoyment.

Post by Scam-Deals,

9252362733 DATE NOVEMBER W W W PM MONTREAL QUEBEC CANADA. Just got a phone call from a Man maintaining to work for a travel agency and requested if I was your owner of that company. He was calling a residential number and 've had my number for around W years. These Men never offer Upward thus I have decided to report every single among them on the Web site from now on. TRAVEL Bureau Along with SCAM Bargains W W From the STATE OF CALIFORNIA In The UNITED STATES . . .

Post by Becky,

925-236-2733 They keep calling me X a day. It's so FREAKING ANNOYING. . . . I won't answer any W calls due to the. I also 've Holiday Rent properties listed on ROB amp other Websites. They are soliciting listings for Constantly on Holiday. Did I mention these calls are annoying. . . . .

Post by Ernesto,

9252362733 No they are not terrorists. They're scam actors. I and my family were victims of a fraud from them

Post by Pat,

925-236-2733 Have been getting calls from this Amount for days Owner ID gives phone number and San Ramon CA. I answered today man Inquired about a vacation property. I told him I did t 've any vacation property I was within Boston and for lose the Amount. I doubt if that will occur but it's so annoying for be active with something and have these idiots distract me. What s wrong along with your Don't Phone list that I vie been on. The system dozen t work.

Post by KarenBA,

9252362733 Calls multiple time per day. No message. Hangs Upwards when I tell them I m on a do not call list but call back again that next daytime.

Post by JR-LA,

925-236-2733 Called my cell Amount no message left on 8 W W W PM. my cell number is only Understood to a few close Buddies. I keep my number quite private

Post by fliff,

9252362733 several calls a daytime. no answers.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 Holiday Lease scam

Post by Elisabeth Tretter,

9252362733 It's really annoying for get a phone that hangs Upward upon replying. pals Stop calling me. . . .

Post by J COLEMON,

925-236-2733 CALLS AND HANGS UP

Post by Just Thinking,

9252362733 I called back and got your Constantly on Holiday phone center in India as well. Told them for place my Amount on your don't phone list.

Post by jss,

925-236-2733 calls no message

Post by Mueller,

9252362733 I got the calls in Germany . First your Amount was W W when I Set into my carton not for Direct these calls they tried without W same number All talked German language and said that call is coming from out of California but seemed to be from India

Post by ~8~,

925-236-2733 They call Day-to-day and Really leave messages on my machine Seeking me for phone them that they are interested in my own Rent property we Additionally list on ROB .

Post by Guest,

9252362733 Elway on vacation crap

Post by Anne,

925-236-2733 They call me sometimes several times a day on my cell phone and are Attempting to sell me advertisement. I tell them I 'm not interested and to Pl stop calling me. They may stop for about a week or 2 Afterward they telephone me X in 1 daytime. HELP.

Post by JARMAN,

9252362733 Need THESE CALLS For Discontinue. . . . HAPPENS SEVERAL TIMES A Day.

Post by solicitor,

925-236-2733 go away

Post by jaybird,

9252362733 Calls and hangs Upwards.

Post by K.R.,

925-236-2733 These people telephone every nighttime at your same time some times more than once within a day. I have caller ID so when I see your Amount I Merely don t annoyance to response and of course when my reply machine comes on they don t leave a message. I went on to the do not phone registry weeks ago amp reported thus hopefully it can Finish shortly.

Post by Jose,

9252362733 I have vacation Leasing they got my Amount out of my home away listing.

Post by fredd,

925-236-2733 it's not a scam OK

Post by Scam-Deals,

9252362733 Still becoming calls out of these scampers within W . . . PS Please read the comment on November W W from Montreal Quebec Canada.

Post by Nai,

925-236-2733 Leave me alone. . . . I keep becoming calls using my Switch up. They pay for the calls because I 've call wave.

Post by SR,

9252362733 Your Firm always receives hang up calls thus I finally decided to do a W and got this Amount. I called back talked to a gentlemen who sounded Central Western he was very polite and said he would add the number to their DC list. Hopefully that will take attention of it. We also have property Recorded on ROB

Post by Tom,

925-236-2733 Three times a day are you serious. They are Operating me crazy. Ah low Mai aye speak two DA Professional per tee owner. Die.

Post by Arno,

9252362733 Aussie re u UN Apple Illinois y a claques minutes. N AI d crotch Mai's personae Au Session P} la liken. . .

Post by desertdoggie,

925-236-2733 Calls trying to solicit very misleading fraudulent. Won't let you personally off phone. Just HANG Up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Olivia    ,

9252362733 Called twice picked up on your ND ring. No response for my hello twice. It sounded enjoy they were recording my express and it was duplicating back for me. Really weird. Never answering one of these calls AGAIN.

Post by Marco R.,

925-236-2733 Their call Center is Established within India. They phone everyone who has Released a phone Amount on a Rent listing site. Also a friend of mine receives their constant calls. If you personally state you personally re not interested they still phone you. Your humorous thing is that they disturb Additionally me who had the awful Notion of subscribing for their service two years ago. I always reply I m already Recorded in your Website but they continue affecting me. Never never never list on . BTW I only had a single true request 3 fakes and never had a booking in two years and half.

Post by dewy-s-haftum,

9252362733 we have a Holiday rental also and told them to leave people alone but they kept calling. finally replied your Telephone stating county sheriff dept. state your own emergency . never have gotten a phone back out of them since.

Post by Bubba,

925-236-2733 When I replied there was no response. I hope they don t phone back.

Post by marie,

9252362733 They called my cell earlier Now but did t leave a message. Now i understand not for response.

Post by Mom,

925-236-2733 Thank you personally for all of that data. I suspected the and am gratified that it not just was Verified by so many People but that the Sites Additionally 've been Disclosed. The Owner identified himself as Andy. He has called twice so Much .

Post by PAR,

9252362733 I Simply gotten a call out of the number on my cell Telephone. They Installed Upward before I could answer.

Post by rox,

925-236-2733 Yesterday I placed an Advertising on Crags list advertising a Holiday Residence. Now I gotten my first phone from a Firm trying to sell me a vacation Leasing net Website. I do not appreciate the. They are calling out of India. Also it was 8 W 'm. Not that it Things to anyone but I am on that don't call list. I may add them for my blocked numbers and have notified Crags list and can tarty to Alert that FTC could not get the page to work last time .

Post by lindylou,

9252362733 8 2 W just acquired phone had Simply Place up Holiday property. Thanks

Post by Marie-Eve Moriconi,

925-236-2733 I get calls out of the number each 2 days They just hang up How do I make them Quit .

Post by liz,

9252362733 same deal calling me all your time.

Post by Patti,

925-236-2733 Calls 7 times a daytime trying to get me to be a member but Functions enjoy they need to rent my House. . . . DUH Not Inters ted . . . . . . . leave me alone if I was searching for a Brand new network I would never use them for the Harassment

Post by Jacquie,

9252362733 Calls and hangs up when my answering machine picks Upwards. This can be about your Th time in a month.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 Vacation rental telemarketer

Post by Daniel Vercetti,

9252362733 A Man wide busted English called Upwards but was great within promoting his site to me. . i was impressed Extensive him amp went Extensive bronze package lets see now. . trust 4 d absolute best. .

Post by Ilovealwaysonvacation,

925-236-2733 HTTP signature owners. com images stalker. Wave

Post by Shannon,

9252362733 Simply called asking for owner that owned Holiday property within ft Myers they call Around twice a week quite annoying I tell them they 've the incorrect number However they still continue to call.

Post by Jello,

925-236-2733 Mg i understand they called in an ax cent like they didn't come out of America. then they Only hang Upwards at first i notion it was a Joke telephone. then i told him it was that incorrect number

Post by Mickey Dee,

9252362733 I have acquired several calls out of the source. A message Looking for know Around my property was left. I don't desire these calls.

Post by  amy,

925-236-2733 tell these Individuals to Quit calling. whatever it's they want they are not going for get it.

Post by So Annoyed,

9252362733 The number calls me several times a day. It's Constantly on Holiday Striving for sell me an ad. I 'm never going for Purchase 1 and they will not Discontinue calling. I have spoken along with them in the past and told them no. The number is programmed into my cell as Annoying Spam Caller so I am confident to never accidentally answer it again. Merely called me for your Rd time Now. Notice that I programmed this number into my cell about a year Past and haven t answered since. . . . and they still haven t given Upwards calling me multiple times per daytime. I 'm starting for wonder if among their reps is Demanded for attempt a particular Amount of calls per day and they are using my Amount for beef Upward their phone reports or something. . .

Post by Nicks99c5,

925-236-2733 Got a phone on my cell Telephone out of the Amount. There was no one at another Finish.

Post by PAER,

9252362733 They called I answered no just one responded. It s harassment.

Post by One who actually works,

925-236-2733 Cease calling my Amount is on State and Federal Do not Call LIST you may become reported. . . After working all daytime who wants for get annoying telemarketer calls. Not me. .

Post by GW,

9252362733 Left 6 hangups on my cell phone that last 2 times. Quite ANNOYING.

Post by Linda Stillman,

925-236-2733 Remove me from your own calling list I have told your own operators I am NOT interested.

Post by Do you know The Muffin Man,

9252362733 Acquired several calls about vacation property told them they had accomplished your New Deli royal lunch investigation Team and Inquired what her name and address was thus I could send that Muffin Guy over to Supply a free investigation fraud salad she clicked away line and that calls Quit. . . .

Post by Rich l,

925-236-2733 This Amount keeps calling me and wont Cease.

Post by gordon,

9252362733 two or three times Day-to-day out of 8 'm to 8 W pm that worst.

Post by Ernesto,

925-236-2733 No they are not terrorists. They are scam actors. I and my family were Sufferers of a fraud out of them

Post by Guest,

9252362733 they Desired for Book a Rob House for W weeks with your exception of Christmas and Christmas. foreign accent that sounded Indian

Post by SCGirl,

925-236-2733 Unwanted Owner W W W


9252362733 REF W W We have been In CANADA We've NO GOOGLE LISTINGS AND This SCAM HAS To Discontinue. . . Everyday OF Your WEEK WE GET CALLS ON The W PRIVATE House Phone Number. . . GOOGLE Can You personally NOT Would MORE COURT Cases To Cease THESE SCAMPERS With NO Occupations. . .

Post by Russell,

925-236-2733 They keep calling them and no 1 is on the other end when I pick up. I have sprint and Simply invoked the block call Alternative. That should Cease the calls . . . jerks. . . Caller ID W W W

Post by doug,

9252362733 someone out of the Amount keeps calling me


925-236-2733 Merely your same kind of callers day after daytime and all for do with a Google listing we do not have at all. So again they will become reported as an abusive robot Owner which is a telemarketer along with a desire to pay your ENCL here in Canada a little fortune each time they abuse your phone calling system up here too.

Post by Guest,

9252362733 Calls several times a day. No sound when I reply.

Post by katnon,

925-236-2733 Simply got another phone from these idiots. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . they won t Leave thus I added their number for my reject list on my Telephone. Now their calls can mechanically go into Avoid so I won t even Notice that call come Thur. It may be quiet and Just show up as a missed phone.

Post by Carolyn,

9252362733 I vie been getting calls on my cell phone for days out of these Individuals. They don t leave messages. I 'm already on the DC registry.

Post by PAUL,

925-236-2733 This customer attention number of . com helps those property owners who aren't getting any company from Enormous branded Businesses. They're quite first page of Google and status within Alex is great so I think someone must list his property on this Site. HTTP Internet. Alex. com data details trifocals . com

Post by Dianne,

9252362733 I Merely obtained a telephone and when I said Hi your man on the other end said ah low and Subsequently I repeated myself and he said beans trades and I Inquired him who he was within Spanish and he hung Upward. I will report that and any more calls to that do not phone website. We also own a property on ROB.

Post by Louise,

925-236-2733 Haphazard calls out of this number. I never response.

Post by Cathy Erickson,

9252362733 keeps calling me hangs up

Post by Just Annoyed,

925-236-2733 W W W. Calls all hours of the daytime different times during your week and on Breaks. Never leaves a message. I don t answer calls I don t Understand.

Post by annoyed again,

9252362733 Only Desired to add your Business name is Consistently on Vacation. But they're using cell phone Amounts for actions business. What Actual legitimate business dozen t have a traceable Telephone number. We don t have a vacation rental.

Post by Suzzette Bradfield,

925-236-2733 The Business keeps calling me and hanging Upwards when I answer.

Post by ian,

9252362733 I acquired a phone from this Amount. . also acquired one out of W W W. . . same delayed Link same Indian Highlight asked for Chat for owner of vacation rental. I Required for become removed out of list. . enjoy certain. . .

Post by g,

925-236-2733 called me and left no message. annoying

Post by Guest,

9252362733 Constant calling for House security

Post by Annette Drey,

925-236-2733 The phone is out of a Vacation rental company. In the Highlight it sounds like a telephone Facility within India but your Amount is California. A phone back just reaches an replying machine. When they did reach me the Man said my number was Chosen off your internet.

Post by Sick n tired,

9252362733 W Calls are coming from Shallot Pakistan. Business Name Always ON Vacation Maple Creek California Have gotten numerous calls out of the number around your previous couple of weeks. When I response they hang Upward. I 'm within France and registered on a No call list . Ill and exhausted of receiving calls from Firms Attempting to sell me something.

Post by Dan Ward,

925-236-2733 Called at W W p. m. Seeking for Speak to me Around my Holiday Leasing I have a bed and breakfast . When I told her it was your Central of your night and I had gone for bed two hours earlier she acted surprised. Clearly offshore. Those jokers have called before and I Inquired them for take us away their list. They don t care.

Post by DC,

9252362733 Called and Installed up

Post by Loulou,

925-236-2733 This Firm should become investigated their website is nothing more than a front for fraud and cash laundering as far as I m concerned. I consider all your callers I vie had on that line are Asian Indian by their Actual emphases but speaking for me in English American English and even French . I 'm English dwelling in France . Surely someone should inquire them and their immoral and fraudulent practises. During a conversation I could hear them having within the background when I Inquired for a postal address for their company for verification it was Apparent your sales caller did not know how to reply this question and it was all handled quite unprofessionally. Rather worryingly I Additionally securely consider the very same Individuals called me twice 2 or 3 weeks earlier to this telling me they were out of a Firm called Worldwide Computers asking me for log on for my computer as I had a Trouble along with it and which they could repair on line . Definitely TWO for be avoided be they Always on Vacation or International Computers .

Post by LMAO,

9252362733 I adore Performing your harassing telemarketer tune. which I cannot post your lyrics here if ya get my drift LAO. .

Post by Paralegal,

925-236-2733 Hey jerk Telemarketer we don t need your own harassing calls. I work at an attorney s office. You telephone all daytime. You are interrupting important calls out of Actual clients. Your company isn't reputable and if you don t stop calling I may file a Gripe.

Post by Bearabull,

9252362733 I vie told them for take my number off Additionally but they still keep pestering me. I made that mistake of doing a free listing along with them. I may never can that again along with the company and may suggest individuals who request for follow suit.

Post by Tabetha Cooke,

925-236-2733 Keeps calling my cell and hanging up.

Post by World's Most Famous,

9252362733 I 'm REPORTING THEM


925-236-2733 REF W W CALLING AT PM EST IS A NON NO In my Books. THEY Desired ME To Hint ON To your Holiday SCAM TAT MEANS GIVING MY OWN Private Info PLUS MY OWN BANK DETAILS. WOW A Actual Course Work} They are AND That's A Huge NO NO In my Private Books AS Well . . . Gave THEM That Talk AS THEY WERE PAYING FOR Your Phone BUT Hi Your IDIOT Might Call ME AGAIN BUT NEXT TIME That PRIVATE Owner MESSAGE Can COME ON EACH TIME NOW. . . Discover 've A SYSTEM THAT Blockers CALLS BY Telephone Number From Everywhere Period.

Post by Mom,

9252362733 Thank you for all of the info. I suspected this and 'm gratified that it not only was Supported by so many People but the websites Additionally 've been Disclosed. The Owner identified himself as Andy. He has called twice thus Way .

Post by katnon,

925-236-2733 Only got another call from these idiots. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . they won t Leave thus I added their number to my reject list on my Telephone. Now their calls will automatically go into Avoid thus I won t even hear your call come Thur. It may become quiet and Just show Upwards as a missed call.

Post by Jello,

9252362733 Mg i understand they called in an ax cent like they didn't come from America. Subsequently they Only hang up at first i thought it was a Joke telephone. Subsequently i told him it was your incorrect number

Post by lgw,

925-236-2733 Just idea I d post. They called AGAIN after I asked them for stop. . Filing complaint.

Post by Paralegal,

9252362733 Hi jerk Telemarketer we don t need your own harassing calls. I work at an Lawyer s office. You personally telephone all day. You are interrupting Significant calls out of Actual clients. Your own Business isn't reputable and if you personally don t Quit calling I may file a Grievance.

Post by cristine,

925-236-2733 you are calling numbers on your not call list enjoy mine Simply become thorough for pick open phone numbers and great Fortune along with your own business

Post by Guest,

9252362733 This Amount calls me three times a day leaves no express send and when I do response they hang Upward.

Post by Cookie,

925-236-2733 Get calls Practically each daytime out of this number. When I answered all I heard was mumbling in Spanish. Very annoying and disturbing.

Post by Sharon,

9252362733 Getting out of 2 for 4 calls per daytime out of these people. After they were told for remove me from their listing they now telephone and hang Upward after every phone. 've reported them to your National Do not Phone Registry. We ll see if that helps.

Post by Emily,

925-236-2733 This number calls any time of day or nighttime. I Ill of them. They never state anything.

Post by AJG,

9252362733 When they call there's a brief pause Generally 3 6 seconds . Same matter they desire to Talk for vacation Leasing owner and State they are not calling to sell anything but for help along with Leases. WHICH Part OF Cease CALLING Would You NOT GET. . . . . . . Thanks for Publishing above I called that President. I think everyone should do that same. Left VIM message asking him for his Residence and cell Telephone Amounts thus every time I get a phone from his Firm I can call him and annoy him.


925-236-2733 Bug. Too Busy To Answer ANNOYING CALLERS WITHOUT EVEN Replying You WHEN You personally Response THEM.

Post by C Hatle,

9252362733 Solicit er that keeps on calling even though I am on that Don't Call list. They 've called me 4 times within 2 days

Post by dan,

925-236-2733 I 'm getting numerous phone calls daily from W W W they do not leave messages on my replying machine. I don't reply the calls why is the happening when we are on that govt. don't phone list.

Post by lindylou,

9252362733 8 2 W just obtained telephone had Simply Place up Holiday property. Thanks

Post by Realtor,

925-236-2733 Spoke along with several Indians that work there. Consistently on Vacation. com . I asked them to remove me from their phone list. I 've received three more calls since then. Good Luck Preventing these Men.

Post by JC,

9252362733 I called them back and they're HTTP Web. . com . HTML requested that they take me off their call list and he Put Upwards on me.

Post by Scammer,

925-236-2733 Trying for sell me Promotion on Ryan air Vacations Assessed Ryan atmosphere no such thing

Post by ar,

9252362733 I got a lot of calls from them and just one day I decided to hint Upward among my property along with . com earlier I was not sure I will get something but after a week or so they Began Making results and now i think maybe their calls could annoy you personally but if many just one can Create results there is no Injury giving them a opportunity. . . . . . . .

Post by Debra,

925-236-2733 I obtained a phone on both my cell phone and work phone. No just one talked so I hung up.

Post by Tim,

9252362733 Fantastic.

Post by annoyed again,

925-236-2733 Called asking for that owner of your vacation home whatever which is. CID San Ramon CA

Post by Joe Schmoe,

9252362733 I was also impressed. I signed up along with your uranium package. It is a Membership and Offers me Savings on property within the Florida Container handle. Only W an acre for water front.

Post by Arno,

925-236-2733 Aussie re u UN Apple Il y a claques minutes. J AI d crotch Mai's personae Au Round P} la liken. . .

Post by Dan,

9252362733 've them Stop calling.

Post by Green goddess,

925-236-2733 These Individuals called me at 2 W 'm. . . . . While I m on vacation in another State. WT.

Post by Debra,

9252362733 These Folks have been calling my cell phone. I have a vacation rental and they are taking the Amount in the Website I had it Recorded on and Attempting to get me for list along with them.

Post by Kara Ilac,

925-236-2733 wont Cease calling no response always hangs Upwards need removed off the phone list

Post by Radha,

9252362733 They telephone me Often twice a day for more than a year 've their name as Do not Answer within my cell. I answered twice takes a little while for get somebody on your Telephone and asked them to take me away their list. No result. I answered twice and shouted insults like Go For HELL. . No results neither. If I do not clear out my missed call list for a week they would use all that space I have for store my missed calls.

Post by sls,

925-236-2733 keep receiving calls out of W W W. They telephone 4 5 times a day and hang Upwards. . .

Post by fredd,

9252362733 it is not a scam OK

Post by Elaine,

925-236-2733 Always on vacation. com took my listing out of another Site and Set it on their Web site. They Afterward Priced my credit card along with out my knowledge. I 'm disputing the charge but Constantly on Holiday is veer slippery and they seem to have done this alto.

Post by Guest,

9252362733 Calls Arrived into my cell Telephone I answered and they hung up several times. Looks like scam for me on my cell Amount and I 'm on a do not telephone list.

Post by Jack Kirby,

925-236-2733 Do not telephone and they telephone again.

Post by Kathryn Little,

9252362733 Please take me off your own calling list. I 'm not interested.

Post by LMAO,

925-236-2733 I love singing the harassing telemarketer tune. which I cannot post that lyrics here if ya get my drift LAO. .

Post by Scott,

9252362733 I 've been on ROB for 2 years. These clowns telephone me Occasionally as they re run through ROB listing since they can t get listing on their own. if you ever do a hunt on their properties they're feeble. I would never can company along with them.

Post by Stacy,

925-236-2733 Getting hang Upwards calls on a daily basis out of this Telephone Amount W W W

Post by Douger,

9252362733 You personally lie. One of your crooks called me Today telling me he had individuals who were interested in renting my House within April and May. Said he found my ad on ROB and it looks enjoy it is available for that time Interval. Bizarre. . . then he tried for sell me a listing in your creepy Website. First of all you personally got my phone Amount out of ROB. It definitely states in the TOES the use of the site is for your subscribers and prospective renters. NOT for Rd Celebration commercial spammers. Thus. . . you are erroneous and Fake.

Post by Ingrid Pagano,

925-236-2733 They telephone my home whatsoever hours of every daytime and hang Upward when they get my replying machine.

Post by annoyed,

9252362733 They called me earlier Now and I did t answer until it went for my voice mail. I heard this person said for me that they are calling out of something services. They said I 've to be there tomorrow and Saturday. I was wt. . Blessed I did t reply and deleted the message.

Post by cpllc,

925-236-2733 company line here and they call several times a daytime really annoying. they never talk Simply hang Upwards.

Post by Jack,

9252362733 The Firm is called Constantly on Holiday. They 've been calling me for weeks. They Move phone numbers away other vacation listing Websites enjoy ROB. HTTP Web. . com These guys are unbelievable

Post by Douger,

925-236-2733 You lie. Among your own crooks called me Today telling me he had individuals who were interested within renting my House within April and Could. Said he located my Advertising on ROB and it looks enjoy it's available for that time Span. Odd. . . Subsequently he attempted for sell me a listing on your creepy site. First of all you got my phone Amount from ROB. It definitely states within your TOES the use of the Website is for that Readers and Potential renters. NOT for Rd Celebration commercial spammers. So. . . you are wrong and Fake.

Post by Elaine AhNee,

9252362733 The Amount keeps calling me. I do not have a Leasing property. I 'm on the No Call list and want to become left alone.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 Block em

Post by Susana Sospedra Orero,

9252362733 Beans Deals Eli pas ado d a W me ll am us ted Poe Phone primer AL m Vila y despair s Le facility mi tel foo Fiji interests Poe mi apartment en PE is cola Es Missouri} a Europa para Aquila Professional intents tabular y Le DI mi corrie Electra NCO Pro era UN poo Debt P} en caring no he rebid Ming n corrie De people ted Expert Si Que vi Que Han a llama do Poe telephone Si es us ted quine me ll am y est interest en Dame la informs n Le demo a continua n mi corrie electronic para Que podiums communicants E-mail W protected Garcia's. Salads Susana Urgently. Fiji W W W W

Post by Kate,

925-236-2733 They phone several times a day every day. They won t leave messages and just hang Upward. Discontinue calling me.

Post by Stephanie Green,

9252362733 This Amount calls my private cell Telephone Day-to-day. There is never a Man on another line.

Post by Lisa McCubbin,

925-236-2733 unsolicited calls

Post by Leah,

9252362733 Yep they 've been calling for sometime. Never leave a message. I finally replied. First of I own a private single family home. I 've 3 little cabins on my private property. I vie simply Recorded them on grisliest. So your Man on another end of your line says I m calling about your Rent property in Concord NH I say it s not within Concord I m located about an hour out of Concord and how did you personally get my data. He stumbled for the response and said we have info about Holiday properties I asked again how did you personally get it and he Simply ignored me and attempted talking again. I cut him away and proceeded to yell take everything you might have on me from your database. Remove completely everything. He Simply says nicely 've a Fine day and I m like you personally did t affirm you d remove everything tell me You're Choosing my information from your own database. he said I promise it will become removed. Subsequently I Put Upwards. Your Nerve.

Post by Guest,

925-236-2733 Continuous calling for Dwelling security

Post by cupidstruck,

9252362733 They were quite annoying till your time i got my thoughts for Discuss to them for once. they 've two setup s. . One in California amp just one within India my property is within Florida amp i don t understand how they Control to become on your first page on Google . I thought listing is just way to get rid away these irritating craps . . But i get inquiries . Its Simply been 4 times . I m within Contact along with that renter . I ll become quite disappointed id this turns for be a scam .

Post by mary,

925-236-2733 this number Priced my credit card without Agreement. I called it and they said it would be Fixed but nothing has happened and it's been 4 months now. They charged hundreds of dollars and don't follow Upward on repeated calls and e mails

Post by (:-),

9252362733 Received Now a phone out of the Amount. I m the owner of a proper try in Umbra Italy that Rent A. D. is on German Net Website and out of the Advertisement they took my private Telephone Amount. That girl told me she was calling out of California but along with an odd East Europe Feature in Oder to offer me a cooperation within Residence Rent.

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Recent comment

8015129744 Complains by Guest,

Won a free present card

8152068884 Complains by Kevin,

Spam telephone. Automated messaged regarding some security system installation. Let it go to vim blocked .

3123801912 Complains by Guest,

This Amount calls me often and I Merely need it for Quit.

4044965152 Complains by Guest,

Called my wife asserting he was out of Microsoft. Demanded details on my Pc including which Variation OS i had what type of computer i had what USP i had etc. Got Extreme when my wife was not forthcoming with said info.

8286341122 Complains by Guest,

Calls and tells me his name is "Juan" but will not tell any more information. Called about five times so far today. Leaves no message if not answered.

8312643805 Complains by Guest,

That is Truly Blue Guard of California. . .

2317965974 Complains by Annie Reyes,

I have a payment on my credit card for 24.98 and i don't know from where it comes from could some one tell me or refund the money back to my account.

8045255218 Complains by Jojo,

It s a real estate appraisers FAX

8002550311 Complains by SD,

Just got a call from 763-493-4331, Said is All Elements Roofing. Don said just wants to talk to someone about our roof. Told him roof is fine. Don said o.k. and ended call. Was very polite about it, unlike many telemarketers.

8001089177 Complains by Guest,


8002646233 Complains by Guest,

random spammer

8001568670 Complains by WiFi,

Called this morning at 7:15. I answered they hung up. Few minutes later they called again. I let the answering machine take the call, but no message was left.

8002687376 Complains by Guest,

They're Following me

8001393327 Complains by Guest,

This Amount harassed me all afternoon

8002772515 Complains by mac tow,

sounds enjoy a scam recorded message saying I won a Vacation to Mexico. . lousy bowel feeling Around everything. . . . . company s name dozen t match address etc. .

8002534116 Complains by C Petran,

We have an unlisted and have received numerous calls from the W W W

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