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9252712244 ISIS Fundraiser

Post by Irritated in California,

925-271-2244 I obtained a telephone out of them on W W W 1 W pm. Blocked along with W.

Post by Bark,

9252712244 I read your Site. Cheers I had no Notion. Perhaps the technology may become your last straw for becoming something done. Turns Outside the FTC has a W Prize out for anyone who could figure Outside a way. . . . Cease Rachel s recalls and Triumph W HTTP Www. cosines. com W W W . . . and win W It should become a million Subsequently we d see a few real Activity.

Post by Jon,

925-271-2244 Just got the phone overly. What was Peculiar was how they asked for me by name and I barely Offered anyone that Telephone Amount on my name. I live with someone else. Recently I ordered a departure Document out of London and Offered them that Amount. Also I Offered it to Societal services because I m Attempting to look for my Natural relatives. Some time Past I think I did have a credit card tied for that Amount. Anyway does anyone have a place in common they gave their phone Amount overly Lately like that. It could become where these scampers are getting the name and Amounts out of. I asked her how she got my Amount because I don t normally list that as mine. She said they got it from a nationwide Dealer . It would be fascinating to locate out your exact source they're getting your numbers from in this case. I m a bit paranoid so I also notion it might become someone I Simply met Housing me out to see my Fiscal Condition and if I would give to some charity enjoy that.

Post by Joe G,

9252712244 Got a call from this outfit the other nighttime and did not reply. Caller ID mentioned Breast Cancer S . Found Outside that is your Breast Cancer Society. That is a Fundamental scam outfit I found by doing a few research. They're not Connected with your American Cancer Society AC'S they 've refused an Taxation by that Better Company Office and investigations have shown that better than W of that funds they Increase Truly go right back into fund raising. Within other words they're raising money for Improve cash most of it goes into their pockets. I also located that they purchase names and Telephone s from a database so they can ask for Individuals by name. They called again this am. I answered and that Girl Inquired for my wife. When I said she wan t here she said that s Ok she could Discuss to me and you two are harder for get hold of than becoming my kids for Clear their room. Sweet. I Ceased her and Inquired if she could reply a couple of questions before asking for a Gift. She said confident. I Inquired if they were Connected with that AC'S no. Exactly why has your organization refused for be audited by your BBB. I don t understand. Why does your own organization 've record of using more than W of Gifts for go back into fund raising Prices. She said she did not understand but that I could talk to her supervisor because she was simply within training. I told her no Only don t phone here anymore.

Post by Vashti,

925-271-2244 Another telephone from these scampers. It never ends. That Miserable part is that there are a few people that Really autumn for these lies. Exactly why could t someone Close them down.

Post by Natalia,

9252712244 you called a house i no longer live at how did you get my number. id be brokenhearted if this is a scam because no words with this. .

Post by 925-271-2244,

925-271-2244 Blocking the. . . Sad as your play on spirit strings. Anymore I cant stand that Telephone. I answer all calls and anymore W. 9 are bloodsucking parasites along with a credit card machine Degree 2 communications. . . . How did they get our name on a private unlisted line. Hilariously your Owner read on that VIP server reads Discount Center Thus when you personally get your own CC statement you will believe it's Regular charge since bummer has all of us shopping at them. . . .

Post by Tang,

9252712244 You are able to look for Related Community Services and others here HTTP Internet. Tampa. com Issues Packages worst charities. page they shouldn't be allowed for prey on Buyers the elderly or Naive. If they re calling they re scamming and that charities using telemarketers should be avoided.

Post by ednasf,

925-271-2244 clearly if that Authorities can spy on people they can help people prevent scampers.

Post by Phineas T. Bluster,

9252712244 Only called. Caller ID said Breast Cancer S . Did my typical Select Upwards and immediately hang up routine. I ll hold on a bit longer next time. If it s a Rob phone not much I can perform about it. If there s a Individual at the other end that games Start.

Post by annC,

925-271-2244 The boiler room was already blocked thus if it s now your charity it dozen t matter it shows Upwards as Reduction Centre. A boiler room no subject your name used and it s not legit if it ignores that DC list I 'm Enrolled along with.

Post by John from Bellflower,

9252712244 Doing a reply thus it shows on first page. . . That is a Rob caller. Somewhat Superior at that. It Solutions in responds as if it's a Actual Man but when questioned or told that they're not abiding by No Not Call rules you can hear your machine start to hiccup and hesitate. Since they called after 9 PM my time I knew this was a scam. Telemarketers can call between your hours of 8 W Am and 9 W PM plus a live Representative must become on the line in 3 seconds. I worked on a telemarketing Switch er so I had to know these laws. It is best for strive and see you are able to get a live rep to tell you more data and then send the to that FCC to see how Substantially they could investigate. They have taken down Melissa for calling about credit card consolidation or many other Fake matters. Thus it helps if you submit a Grievance for your FCC.

Post by Alyson,

925-271-2244 Merely received a call out of W W W and they said they were calling from your AC'S on behalf of the Breast Cancer Society and would I let them send me a Commitment card. I said no and Afterward I got to believing the may be a scam as they did not clearly state American Cancer Society. Instead they fast said AC'S . I had no Notion what AC'S was. Wow. I can t consider they would victim on Simple people who have a gentle Area inside their spirit for charities.

Post by dennis,

9252712244 Amount W W W reported to FBI scampers don NT answer

Post by pgulrich,

925-271-2244 This really is a sham boiler room operation that goes on a telemarketing rampage each few months. I 've had 5 calls within the last two days. These People take your own money and Place in their pockets. If you personally need to Lead for cancer research present it for your American Cancer Society or better However your own local or regional academic cancer centers enjoy M. D. Anderson Sloan Kettering and many others. Block the Amount these are just telemarketing crooks.

Post by Eileen In Santee,

9252712244 Simply obtained another telephone in the Breast Cancer Society. The outfit is a total scam and ripoff in which a Nickel from every dollar collected actually goes for those in demand. Another W Percentage goes to those running that ripoff and lets them buy fancy imported Automobiles granite counter tops golden jewelry and who knows what else. Avert and block anything out of Breast Cancer Society.

Post by Ruby,

925-271-2244 Got the phone about 7 W p. m. Wed. No message. Whether legit charity or not I d never give over your phone. Anyone can Create as a legit charity or some other business when they are really Identification thieves. They might Simply be Striving for fish for live Amounts or ones that People can answer. Anyway I never pick up anything I don t recognize. Ever since I Closed Upwards for DC I vie been becoming flooded by calls from exempt companies enjoy charities Reviews and political Strategies. And of course there s no message and sometimes it s a recording. American Lung Organization called me out of Dec to Mar 3 4 times a daytime every daytime even Sunday. They called from different Amounts. I never replied and they never left any message. Finally Quit calling.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 I 'm don't telephone list calls each daytime multiple times never leaves a message getting tired of seeing your number each day

Post by Anonymous,

925-271-2244 They call along with a caller ID for your Breast Cancer Society. As soon as someone Solutions your Telephone they make up any name to request for. When you personally tell them they have that erroneous Amount they state maybe you are able to help me. . Afterward they begin your Message to ask for donations and a credit card number. Most of the Individuals that phone you from the scam are rude and obnoxious. Don t give them any info and or any Gifts. I vie Inquired them repeatedly not to call yet they continue for would thus even through they're told that number they're calling is registered along with your national do not telephone registry.

Post by djg,

9252712244 Called at 8 W in that evening. Caller ID said Breast Cancer Society. I did t reply. They left a message on my machine. It was an automated female express. It said Hello is Michel there. and Afterward Put Upwards. There's not now Or has there ever been anyone living here by that name. I suspect a scam. Blocked.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 VIP scam. . . really Extreme Owner purports to become collecting donations for a breast cancer group but won t provide any data Around your group. . . not even an address. Many reports online about this Owner thus they can probably Alter their Telephone .

Post by Annoyed,

9252712244 They keep calling. Eventually replied and state nothing. Only hung Upward.

Post by Jack Shitte,

925-271-2244 W W Sunday morning Sammie calls are Complete bull squat. These diploids have called before. . . . . . . . . . . the time my call blocker did what it was Software Edward for can. . . . . . . . cut through your chase zap um. .

Post by Natalia,

9252712244 Hangup call today at W pm. I would never supply a Nickel to any charity that Cool calls me.


925-271-2244 BREAST CANCER FUNDRAISER Consistently CALLS AT 7 W 8 W PM ON WEEK Days AND SUNDAYS. This really is NOT A Random Phone THEY Ask FOR ME BY NAME AND CALLED ON MY Facsimile LINE. MY Fax LINE IS Just GIVEN To Company This Person HAS OBTAINED MY Number From A Secured LIST.

Post by Mary Kelley,

9252712244 I have asked them for Quit calling and they continue to call something four five times a day

Post by Aquagirl's friend,

925-271-2244 I meant for state Cancer Medical Industrial Complex. That Comic strip has more than enough private corporate and governmental Capital. As well many many groups using BC within their name have such high overhead whether high Wages to non profit executives fundraisers or . . . that your own W will benefit no 1 except execs and fundraisers whereas W to your woman fighting BC w Outside a job accomplishes real charity.

Post by blufox,

9252712244 Great info within your comments on this site. These types of calls just keep coming. Since August of last year I vie gotten over W telemarketer calls from various Telephone Amounts. Several from many claiming to be out of American Cancer Research. Never give out any financial or private data over your phone for telemarketers. I own a Number 1 W Telephone Blocker and it s value it s weight within gold. Blocks Upwards for W Amounts at the Contact of a button. Once a number is blocked that next time that number comes Upward on the caller I. D. your phone makes a quiet beep and hangs up on the caller.

Post by Annoyed,

925-271-2244 Wow these Rob res ponders have gotten Actually aggravating. When I donate to charity I Contribute directly for that cause of my choice. I NEVER Contribute for pushy companies who telephone me Particularly along with these awful robot calls. It s improbable the charity may get anything more than a pittance of your donation.

Post by sam,

9252712244 I 'm Ill of the phone phone even at P. M. . Where do they get your own Telephone .

Post by cara,

925-271-2244 i 'm Soho over Folks calling me when I did not Supply them with my Amount.

Post by judy,

9252712244 I get repeated calls from the Amount after 8 W pm. . . bogus donation requests.

Post by Paula,

925-271-2244 Same matter here waiting for results after a few awful mam mos did NOT appreciate getting scared like the. I too am on that don't telephone registry

Post by Barbara,

9252712244 Yep as others noted Regular spamming a holes. May Juice grant these idiots and their People devastating Fiscal and Wellness ironic problems as a result of their spamming scamming ways.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 Called Today. Called my Partner by name. When I came into your room my Partner turned the call around to me. She talked around your top on him and attempted for thus your same for me and I cut her off and Put Upwards. Turning her into that AG office in CA.

Post by Do Not Call Registry Is Useless,

9252712244 Another illegal Rob Switch er. Dead air no just one on the line. Called twice this week sleazy jerks.

Post by I Hate Telemarketers,

925-271-2244 Acquired a call LAST Nighttime out of this bogus organization. Went online to my off Website Online office and blocked that overall Place code. Good thing I did because they Seemingly used last night s call as a Proof that the Amount is great. They called again this morning that was Anticipated. No Contributions out of me. Within order for Remove these scum of your world you personally need to become Extreme and learn the way to assault your phone and the enemy your first moment a call comes in. Hint Upward along with a Virtual Office of your pick no Recommendations don t want for be blamed for pimping someone else s service or Firm that offers Complete blocking of the phony Place Requirements these jerks use to mask their identities and locations. There are numerous companies out there that do the and their pricing is affordable. You personally indication Upward and Subsequently ALL of your incoming calls go through their system BEFORE they reach you including cellphone calls. Each phone can be Registered if you personally provide an outgoing message warning the caller as such. Afterward when you personally see a suspicious Amount coming in you are able to use that prompt blocking Attribute and Throw them that next time they try and telephone you personally along with a disconnected Amount or even a custom outgoing message that tells them to go for hell. In your case we are fed Upward. We created a custom outgoing message which intentionally keeps them on your Telephone for as long as twenty minutes or more. It s a Constant loop that encourages them for remain on the line Entire with elevator music. That caller has no Notion they're in a Constant loop and it would Surprise you personally for know how many of these jerks remain on hold for the chance at reaching a live Man. We've sued telemarketers Underneath your TC Pennsylvania and we have won. When people started winning little States cases for unsolicited phone calls they got more apt and decided it was time for shield their identities due to Owner ID. They got Better and we got smarter. That Personal Office and any other phone blocking Attributes you personally might 've in your Telephones is the Crucial for becoming them for leave you personally alone. Do not present Outside your own Telephone number to anyone online. IF You MUST present it out Afterward get a secondary line that is just for that motive and Just offer that Amount Outside for online forms online Studies or any other source that needs to have a manner for contact you. If you personally Implement for credit send a certified letter to the Lender DEMANDING removal from their calling lists and keep the USPS Green Card when they sign for it. We have been at war along with telemarketers so you must treat them as your adversary in the first Second they invade your private space. Telling them for Cease calling dozen t work and it can never work. Your own Telephone privacy is your own phone privacy so guard it and protect it. Telemarketers are liars and thieves. Never trust any of them. Donate nothing around that phone. Purchase nothing over that phone. Never believe that by hanging Upwards you might have solved the Issue. Your active number has been shared along with five other telemarketing Businesses because all you did was let that unidentified call go for voice mail or answer the call with a live voice. Either manner they Only acquired a possible contact Amount. That's where the possible needs to become ended not when you personally reply and hang Upwards. By replying and hanging up you personally Only bought yourself five more telemarketing calls. Challenging for consider but it's Authentic. If you have parents who are seniors or if you personally know of someone who is a senior the absolute best all time Christmas Gift would be a telephone blocking Characteristic or Product. They are the most vulnerable Notably if they live alone. They adore to answer your Telephone and they love for Discuss to strangers. Spend a few Dollars on a senior citizen and protect them from a stranger invading their Telephone space. Or worse that they present out private data about themselves to your telemarketer.

Post by Bernie,

9252712244 There s no such thing as a non Revenue group that s the sad component Around your so called Don't phone list which I vie been on since they Began it. That National gov t and their Telephone co. lackeys are the just People who could if they cared Around us that American Individuals Set a Discontinue for it. Believe of what sort of lowlife would Present as a breast cancer fund when these Individuals are the very Classification of cancer.

Post by Me,

925-271-2244 Recd phone today. Did not response and they left no message on machine. Caller ID shows them as Breast Cancer Society.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 The Female called and said she is a professional fundraiser not sure if such thing even exist. she s fund raising for Brest Cancer Society and Inquired that when she send me somewhat Commitment card would I Set quot small something quot on there. She was quite Extreme so I responded saying I Favor to supply directly to that organization instead of through a Third Bash Afterward she eventually Offered Upward. My opinion is not to trust this Owner.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 Professional fundraiser for Breast Cancer Society if you have caller ID Merely Display your own calls or tell that Owner you personally never Give to a charity that employs pro fundraisers.

Post by DN68,

9252712244 Received a few calls out of this thus called charity so I go ogled that number and the page Arrived up. Suspected it was among these rip away outfits that Ton Virtually all the cash Contributed. Now blocking that number.

Post by BLL,

925-271-2244 Bacall along with a live Individual named Dorothy Selecting up a few seconds after I answered. Disturbingly enough she knew my name thus somebody has certainly sold my Amount and said Wow you re a tough person for get a hold of. Owner ID said Reduction Facility and she Maintained for become doing a survey within support of a breast cancer charity. I read her that riot Work} about being on that don't phone list and suddenly her voice became really choppy.

Post by Manijeh Khabar,

9252712244 I got your call fro above Amount and did not reply left no message.

Post by DoNotCallRegistryDoesntWork,

925-271-2244 I m blocking the Amount. I would t give them cash anyway since I 'm not in favor of breast cancer.

Post by SocietyRipoff,

9252712244 if you personally hunt for Breast Cancer Society well enough it shows that it uses many Telephone numbers and hires calling companies for Improve cash that Essentially goes for the huge Wages of that owners and fees of those Firms it uses to get your money. 1 stat said 3 of cash raised goes for Actual cancer needy people.

Post by NONE of YR BIZ!~,

925-271-2244 Comes Upwards as Breast Cancer S. . . . My wife replied I WOULD Never have. . . . Well . the caller asked for her by her first name. . . . . Afterward Installed Upwards. . . . CONSIDERED The Number NOW BLOCKED. . . .

Post by CK,

9252712244 Just received a telephone on my unpublished phone amp it's on that Don't Telephone LIST. what does a Man 've for do to Cease the. . .

Post by Ima Wise,

925-271-2244 Called at 8 W p. m. I vie been getting calls spoofing for close to your year now. Your Owner ID shows calls from all over the State including occasionally calls out of my own Amount. I had difficult times for a couple of years due to illness and was hounded by a collection Bureau PATENTED amp FELIX. I finally got a payment Understanding and I was W d per your Deal for your amount I could not pay. Appropriate after the spoofed calls started. I Claim it is PATENTED amp FELIX. They hounded me Often and a few of their Mental promises were somehow worded differently when I acquired a Composed Reproduce.

Post by Jim,

9252712244 Missed call . . . ID Breast Cancer As I understand from other research frequently these type of calls Develop from services that take a major cut from the Contributions collected.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 Aggressive telemarketer pretending to be from breast cancer group. It s a Rob Owner but dozen t leave a message. Both are illegal if you re on that FCC Don't Phone Registry FCC. gov . I reported them overly but as comm enters notice that number may become temporary. Intriguing for see how many of people get different ploys i. e. girls and breast cancer.

Post by Tippy,

9252712244 Just got another phone out of the highly Think charity. I consider CNN News exposed this outfit as a ripoff operation run by a couple within Florida. They take millions within donations but just a few dollars actually goes for those within need. It was on Anderson Cooper W. Anyway this can be probably it or your same type of dubious operation.

Post by Take a Firrgin Guess,

925-271-2244 BLOCKED BITCHES. . . . . .

Post by Bee,

9252712244 High Pressure donation solicitor

Post by John from Bellflower,

925-271-2244 Doing a reply thus it shows on first page. . . This can be a Rob caller. Somewhat sophisticated at that. It answers within responds as if it's a Actual person but when questioned or told that they are not abiding by No Not Phone rules you are able to Notice that machine Begin for hiccup and hesitate. Since they called after 9 PM my time I knew that this was a scam. Telemarketers could call between your hours of 8 W 'm and 9 W PM plus a live rep must become on that line within 3 seconds. I worked on a telemarketing Call er thus I had to know these laws. It's absolute best for strive and see you are able to get a live Congressman to tell you more data and Afterward send the to your FCC to see how much they could investigate. They have Chosen down Melissa for calling about credit card consolidation or many other bogus matters. So it helps if you submit a complaint to your FCC.

Post by Central Valley, CA,

9252712244 Did not leave message. Will Black list.

Post by Vashti,

925-271-2244 Many months Past I reported these scampers and I did t hear out of them for a while. But now they re BACK. Just added for your list to Discount block and report. They Should to become prosecuted.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 Calls asking for that Woman of the home. Refuses to response questions as for your nature of the telephone amp won't leave a message

Post by Bark,

925-271-2244 I read your Website. Thanks I had no Notion. Perhaps the technology can become the last straw for getting something done. Turns Outside the FTC has a W reward Outside for anyone who could body out a manner. . . . Discontinue Rachel s recalls and win W HTTP Www. cosines. com W W W . . . and win W It should become a million then we d see a few real Activity.

Post by Desmond in Chino Hills,

9252712244 I got your same phone about Breast Cancer Around W minutes Past.

Post by Katie,

925-271-2244 Scam. Got a telephone from W W W. Caller ID said Breast Cancer Society. I never answer marketing calls and Calculated it was a scam phone but Decided up. I 've been battling breast cancer for your last year and a half. I idea if it s legit great but if it s a scam I need for shame them a bit. A perky warm well spoken girls Inquired for me by name. Sounding really favorable she said Oh you personally vie been difficult to reach. . . . Subsequently went on to tell me that they're a non profit providing assist to breast cancer patients . . . and then asked if I d like to make a donation scam alert. . I played along and said Oh I d enjoy for hear more but could you personally Supply a call back Amount. This threw her away. She put me on hold for Around W seconds then came back on the line and told me their Primary Amount was W W W. I said Great thank you. Now please tell me more about that services you Supply. She did her Frequency telling me of all the wonderful work they do giving breast cancer patients Fiscal help Types of support etc. I knew it was all bogus but said Wow sounds enjoy a wonderful charity. I have breast cancer and could Actually use a few help. I Subsequently gave her a few details of kind operation chemo radiation etc. that I vie had and what a struggle it s been. I told her I m within no position to make a Gift but would adore to utilize their services. I Subsequently asked for their Site. . . . . Not alive Silence. Afterward she Installed up on me. Just one daytime she or someone she Adores may have cancer. If when that happens I hope she thinks back to the time when she scammed people in your name of The Breast Cancer Society. What a scumbag.

Post by Jennifer,

9252712244 Calls come within Generally once a day this has been On-going for several weeks. No messages are left. I do not reply Though annoyingly. this is Likely your very best way for get them to Cease. If I don t response then I can t tell them to take me off their Dumb call list but if I Would response I somehow feel enjoy they vie won they vie succeeded in becoming me for response their phone and that s all they demand in purchase for warrant their wretched existence for the non profits they suck money from. While I would love your government for do something Around this i. e. make violators PAY an amount that hurts and do not permit nonprofits for be exempt if they're using a for profit Firm for make these calls for them it may be a very long time before any action is taken. The next absolute best step is to enlighten nonprofits we support that we Firmly thing to this type of fund raising will not support it and may take our charitable dollars to Businesses who do not participate within the type of fund raising.

Post by Central Valley, CA,

925-271-2244 Looking at my Telephone log I see they tried to Telephone Blast me along with several calls in your same minute including 1 anonymous phone to get past Nairobi. It did t work . Some charity. Butt hats.

Post by Valley Girl,

9252712244 Called my acreage line at 8 p. m. PST W 9 W. I tool that it was Breast Cancer S from an area code in No Cal I did t Choose up I did Nonetheless Contribute to American Cancer Society many years ago once and they pursued me relentlessly and finally left me alone so perhaps that is related . What s harrowing is that I almost picked Upward since I Simply had a mammogram Now and Additionally found out a General outside your U. S. is near your end of her life due to terminal breast cancer. Bowel wrenching. . .

Post by Poe,

925-271-2244 they called W W 9 W 'm Therapist. They did not leave a message thus it USN t that important.

Post by Mark,

9252712244 They are still calling Listed as Unknown let it go to vim no message left.

Post by Rhonda,

925-271-2244 The breast cancer SCAMPERS are at it once again taking away Considerably needed funds out of deserving legitimate charities. How disgusting it's that such Animals continue to exist.

Post by WhiteWitch,

9252712244 Called my home at 8 W PST. l did not reply and they left no message. One of the MANY Invasive telemarketer scam calls I receive each day like thus many of you personally. Caller ID states Breast Cancers. Sounds like they re on a Move.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 They called me and would not leave a message

Post by stop calling me in CA,

9252712244 I have had several calls around your past year from the Business most current today at 8 PM last time was 8 PM now its not Rather PM but please. . . I 've Children I have for work tomorrow your disrespect you personally display by calling thus late then being rude by not leaving a message again I have kids its their bath bed time when you personally called. The Merely Actually irritates that heck out of me so Considerably that I desire for let you personally understand you destroy any chance of a Gift out of me by having such awful business Methods. You're now blocked figure Outside a better manner for solicit funds.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 scam. Claim for become from your Breast Cancer Practice. They phone every W Min's for several hours til someone Solutions. A few times I mentioned we have been on that don't telephone list and for remove people out of theirs and they 've been reported. They keep talking. I mentioned they are being Registered and reported Subsequently I hang up. They have balls and keep calling .

Post by Mary,

9252712244 I receive a Telephone telephone that said that collect cash for cancer society. they demand a credit card but i said send that data in that send. It shame that used your Cancer Society Name.

Post by Vashti,

925-271-2244 Scampers attempted again. Nairobi blocked em again. We never heard a matter.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 The quot spoofed quot Amount called my House phone and left no message. Owner ID shows quot BREAST CANCER S quot

Post by George of Diamond Bar, CA,

925-271-2244 Got a phone from them Now. . . this woman knew my first name. . . she asking for Contribution for some type of breast cancer organization. . . . she sounded quite questionable. . . I highly suspect that this might become a scam or a few kind of fraud

Post by dennis,

9252712244 Amount W W W reported for FBI scampers don NT answer

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 Did not answer. quot Unknown Owner. quot Third phone from the in a week. SPAM needs for be reported.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 Breast Cancer fundraiser. unknown Bureau could become bogus.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 Attempting to get donations and not taking no for a response had to hang up on them

Post by Aquagirl's friend,

9252712244 I meant for say Cancer Medical Industrial Complex. Your Comic has more than enough private corporate and governmental Financing. As well many many groups using BC in their own name have such high overhead whether high Wages to non profit executives fundraisers or . . . that your own W can advantage no just one except execs and fundraisers whereas W to your woman fighting BC w out a Occupation accomplishes Actual charity.

Post by angrygramma,

925-271-2244 My husband took the telephone and said NO. We was manner too polite I simply say I Do not Offer For CHARITIES THAT Phone ME. and I hang Upward. I body if they have that to hire a phone Centre that organization has way too much . And never give any to any charity that uses more than W for overhead or Place another way uses less that W for charitable results.

Post by think again,

9252712244 This can be not a non profit organization. It's a for the Revenue of those running it organization. The fact the family that Works the and other similar fraud organizations has been Close down by your FTC kinda backs this up. Thus get on along with your poor ole does not Employ Approach and think again.

Post by Binh Dao,

925-271-2244 Unwanted telephone. Stop calling me.

Post by Dave in LB,


Post by Big news!  Feds shut this operation down,

925-271-2244 HTTP Web. Washington's. com bu sine. . . astray. HTML Cancer charities bilked donors from W million government says A group of four cancer philanthropies bilked donors across your State out of W million your National Trade Commission Priced Tuesday in what your agency called among your largest ever Authorities actions against charity fraud. The charities solicited donations through telemarketing and Net sites telling Contributors that their money would help patients by paying for their pain medications hospice services and other attention. Telemarketers working for the charity told individuals who replied that Telephone and agreed to make a donation God bless your heart and Subsequently Inquired whether they would be paying by check or credit card. But the overwhelming majority of your cash benefited just that charities organizers as nicely as their Buddies and fundraisers Your Fake charities evaded scrutiny for thus long because they were component of a tsunami of brand new charities that have been Created in that previous W years experts said. Thanks to that ubiquity of Engineering a foundation can be created along with a few mouse clicks and it could Subsequently solicit Gifts through telemarketers or other Kinds of professional fundraisers. On the list of most troubling developments over that previous few years experts said is your growth of Extreme telemarketers who solicit donations on Part of charities and Afterward take up for W Percentage of each Money raised. Now i 've for check did they ever telephone me. I don t consider I vie been Recording charity or survey calls. I should Begin. If the Authorities could display that this type of charity USN t then they are wide open to a telemarketing Invoice and fit from me they will have bigger Difficulties than me anyway. Yes. Got a few from Breast Cancer Society. So. . . since they 've officially been exposed as fake charities I figure. . . that exclusion in the do not call list rule doesn't Implement to them and they're fair Match for telemarketing punishments. Here s the FTC press release. HTTP Internet. FTC. gov news Occasions pres. . . s bilking General fifty states are on board. That s Very rare. Here s your Gripe. HTTP Web. FTC. gov system files Document. . . unkempt. potfuls is exactly why it s Significant for log all calls. You could possibly Learn something After or they could become sue Capable After. Afterward you personally just pull Upwards your own electronic log and search for matching names or numbers. . .

Post by Targeted by Ethnic Gypsies,

9252712244 Word on your Internet is that the Federal Do not Phone list Hans t been Financed since Carter was president. . . California voters once Accepted a DC because of this state but when Auto robber arson suspect gun violator current member of congress Issac funded Dee Arnold in a recall election that Governor fobbed away that voter approved list on the Feds. . . At least Cancer Society sic. dozen t say Vie vaunt Bork your house and Take out of you

Post by dennis,

925-271-2244 Amount W W W reported to FBI scampers don NT answer

Post by shay,

9252712244 they keep calling and calling and they even telephone as late as 9 W p. m i am Ill of them and i would t provide anyone money who calls on that phone

Post by Troy,

925-271-2244 Undoubtedly a boiler room because it s that same but different Advertising. Best manner for Manage them is for block them so they just ring once and then your next time they hear from purchase that is if it s a Individual. Regularly it s a recalling computer thus hanging Upward does nothing. Blocking at least allows me peace and quiet no more ringing. If they telephone more then I file a report with FTC. I don t accept unblocked unlisted or empty caller ids Interval. I let my you personally send. com record tell them on the express send thus IF it s Truly a person they will just get that message. If they Actually Needed to talk for me they would unblock and telephone back. W no one does thus I use my service for stop them out of ringing through. I 'm Upwards for W blocked caller id s since I started using you personally mail. com within Feb. Ah the silent.

Post by Targeted by Ethnic Gypsies,

9252712244 Hangup telephone yesterday at W pm.

Post by Tang,

925-271-2244 Breast Cancer Society is Linked Community Services AC'S . If you phone W W W You'll get AC'S. HTTP Www. . com index. Community Service's Telegraph Road Collection Snowfield MI W W W W email W protected From Detroit Free Press Post out of my preceding post As of November AC'S had W Customers six of whom were Established in Michigan. Your W year previous charity telemarketing company retained on Typical W of your cash it solicited W for corporate Costs and 5 profit. Breast Cancer Society HTTP Internet. . org

Post by Guest,

9252712244 Scam

Post by Joan,

925-271-2244 Got a phone did t recognize Amount thus I did t reply. I m Enrolled in your Do not Phone Registry. . . .

Post by BackTracer,

9252712244 Got my first and last phone from them. They are now within that Teleworker.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 A Girl called and Inquired for me I told her I was she she said she may mark it down then hang up

Post by Anonymous,

9252712244 Very pushy within a considerate manner. Two Days within a Line. Told them to Set people on do not call list.

Post by WalterP,

925-271-2244 Gotten Day-to-day phone calls in the creeps who run the horrid scam. There are many great breast cancer charitable organizations for which you can Give but the Breast Cancer Society is not among them. That is an outright ripoff when they donate pennies on that Money Merely to remain legal. NEVER Give VIA That Telephone Just BY Send OR In Person. . . .

Post by Guest,

9252712244 Automated caller with express prompting soft wear Attempting to get credit card Information for your breast cancer society. Unsure if the was a scam.

Post by jake,

925-271-2244 And after W times they could resume calling. . . . . . . until you personally tell them again. .

Post by pgulrich,

9252712244 CID says Breast Cancer . Telemarketers searching for people foolish enough to supply Outside a credit card number over that Telephone for complete strangers under that guise of a charitable cause Enormous blunder . Now they're blocked

Post by David,

925-271-2244 Bogus solicitation for Breast Cancer. We could only expect these sleazebags Truly just one day get breast cancer Really any kind of cancer would be acceptable .

Post by Vashti,

9252712244 Simply got my Routine telephone from these scampers. They never offer up.

Post by Juniper,

925-271-2244 Owner ID showed Breast Cancer S let it go for your answering machine and they Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 this can be a scam

Post by Anonymous,

925-271-2244 Obtained a telephone out of this at 7 W pm. Simply Installed Upwards. Best manner to handle these calls

Post by Annoyed,

9252712244 Called my cell 8 PM I hit ignore as Caller ID did not present name. Left no message. Based on what I vie read here I m blocking them.

Post by why me?,

925-271-2244 Called. I did t response. They did t leave message.

Post by Ghostryder12,

9252712244 I agree. Nevertheless because they use the asking for Contributions to get by that don't call rules.

Post by Brett,

925-271-2244 Called at almost 8 PM Owner ID Breast Cancer. . . After I replied a Live female express asked for me by first name and when I responded she instantaneously Changed me to a Registered message for Contributions. Since it is recorded you cannot demonstration or demand removal. People W of my acreage line calls are now telemarketers. . . Would people all a service and create Grievances to your Local State and National officials seeing that deficiency of Administration within harassing phone calls. I definitely will do thus. . . Additionally make that proper complaints to the Do not Phone list violations AND the FCC website. Squeaky wheel gets your grease.

Post by Liz G.,

9252712244 Merely got ANOTHER call from this number at 8 W P. m. . They have called 4 times today Beginning at 8 W A M . They have been calling throughout every daytime and evening for Around. 2 weeks. Telephone Bands 4 times and no message is left. My phone display shows Breast Cancer research something or other. Have posted on Can NO Call LIST but they AND others Merely continue for ignore Grievances. Sick OF IT.

Post by Drew,

925-271-2244 Breast Cancer Society Rob Switch er

Post by Guest,

9252712244 They call me at 9 pm but leave no message

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 Soliciting donations

Post by SocietyRipoff,

9252712244 if you search for Breast Cancer Society well enough it shows that it uses many Telephone numbers and hires calling Businesses to Improve cash that Fundamentally goes to your Tremendous Earnings of the owners and fees of those Firms it uses for get your cash. 1 stat said 3 of money raised goes to Actual cancer needy people.

Post by Ames,

925-271-2244 Yes i got the same exact telephone myself. Went for their Site Merely for your heck of it and it would t even Weight. . . . . I personally Give for Valid charities such as that American Cancer Society. Don t give these people a Nickel Notably over that phone. Consistently create your Gifts within Individual and make sure you personally get a reception so you can take your Discount on your own Fees. If you personally don t Comprehend a number let the machine get it.

Post by Sara,

9252712244 Stop when I answered Afterward I Put up. Caller ID said Breast Cancer Society

Post by Yolanda,

925-271-2244 Someone Merely called to request for Gifts for breast cancer. I told them for send me the documentation and I can give what I desire. They wanted me to Perpetrate for W. and eventually I agreed for W. That Female transferred me for someone else who immediately request for my credit card. Seriously I hanged Upwards. I don t Generally reply that phone if I don t Understand the number. Don t understand exactly why I did. Interested Around your phone out of Nice on CA Do Anyone falls for that. .

Post by Alert,

9252712244 Telephone telephone out of W W W around 8. PM they ask for Contribution for breast cancer foundation Would they believe people fall easy to the scam I don t understand exactly why they get my Telephone number even I registered within the don't call listing.

Post by jeff,

925-271-2244 Looks for be a valid organization Breast Cancer Society. Nevertheless I don t Give for organizations that annoy me along with unsolicited Telephone calls so no for these People.

Post by Irritated in California,

9252712244 Called me last nighttime at W W pm. Left no message. Filing a Grievance with your FCC.

Post by Tang,

925-271-2244 Breast Cancer Society is Associated Community Services a crooked telemarketing company Richard Cole Pres. amp co owner which was fined W W by that Mi Attorney General and was accused of W violations. In the Detroit Free Press 2 W W South field charity telemarketer for pay W W Great for misleading seniority Web. free. com article W BU SINES . . . Etta settlement

Post by Annoyed,

9252712244 Caller ID said Breast Cancer Research. I did t response and they did t leave a message.

Post by susie,

925-271-2244 request for my Man and when I request who was calling was Put up on. Next time I will call police. Am I registered would no call.

Post by Bark,

9252712244 I read your Website. Thanks I had no Thought. Perhaps this technology will become your last straw to becoming something done. Turns Outside your FTC has a W reward Outside for anyone who can figure Outside a manner. . . . Quit Rachel s recalls and win W HTTP Web. cosines. com W W W . . . and Triumph W It should become a million then we d see many real action.

Post by Yolanda,

925-271-2244 I had a call at 8 W 'm out of Breast Cancer Society thanking me for my Commitment for W and asking if I had acquired that Commitment call. She was hard Marketing me and Afterward guilt ed me Around all that women who were expiring and suffering from breast cancer. I told her I did not support your Breast Cancer Society because I idea they were a scam. Now i found this Website thank you personally. I don t think BC'S is a scam anymore. I know they're.

Post by tom,

9252712244 Breast cancer donation scam. Could t answer my questions they Installed Upward on me

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 Said for be breast cancer society kept asking how Considerably I could Commitment when u agree for an amount it transport you to some Proof department and request how much and a credit card Amount I declined and hanged up.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 Consistent caller. Unsure of her legitimacy. Don't Contribute without getting info about address etc. of the alleged charity.

Post by Eve,

925-271-2244 Man Simply said Kim there.

Post by DoNotCallRegistryDoesntWork,

9252712244 Even if these telemarketers are non profit that dozen t mean anything. They might pay themselves Excessive salaries. An important figure is their efficiency how much of every Money collected actually goes for fund your charitable cause. Your great ones are W even around W Effective. These sleazy ones well sometimes less than W Effective. You are able to t even request these Stats out of a around your Telephone Lawyer. Judging by the Opinions here they d Likely lie anyway.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 contacted Amount and they may have my blocked from them and they told me it belongs to Poetic which is component of Wind stream.

Post by Bleebear,

9252712244 Bacall baby.

Post by grandnana,

925-271-2244 they called a few minutes Past since I was expecting an important call and on the computer at your same time I Rob answered a woman's voice ask for my husband by name he takes all personal calls on his cell Distinct number I ask who was calling her response was that she was Really looking for either of us and stared her spiel I told her great by and Installed up

Post by Guest,

9252712244 5 calls recd since 9 W. PER FCC It seems don't phone registry not valid for charitable or gs. A telephone solicitation is a telephone phone that acts as an Advertising. The duration doesn't Comprise calls or messages placed along with your own state earlier permission by or on Account of a tax exempt non profit organization or out of a person or organization with which you've an established business relationship EBRO .

Post by Melanie Renee,

925-271-2244 Same thing here . . . it Simply says Breast Cancer Society when the telephone comes in. That Girl said if I send you personally a donation Cover would you personally Contribute. I told the lady that my sister and I Merely Provided W W out of Large Green to Cowman and that I am on your Don't Call list and why ARE You CALLING ME. Now that is that kicker. She said beloved it does not issue if You're on that list. Non Revenue organizations and Organizations could phone anytime and the Do not Telephone LIST you are on is exempt out of all of people . WHAT. When I Began to state dint phone me . . . blah blah blah . . . she Installed Upwards Quickly.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 I called the Amount back for see it worked and was legit as a lot of scam Amounts don't go through and you can t call but the 1 has a voice send that identifies them as that Breast Cancer Society and they bring Understanding for Folks. Still legit or not you personally don't always telephone and solicit Folks for cash every 1 2 hour for several hours late in the Night. No means no. If I wanna donate to your real charity i know what to do. I do not need to be hounded.

Post by Why me?,

925-271-2244 Gotten phone today. Did t answer. They did t leave a message. Owner ID says Breast Cancer S

Post by Bark,

9252712244 missed phone no MSG

Post by My3kGT,

925-271-2244 Got a telephone from them this morning asked fr me by name twice Subsequently hung Upward.

Post by Tired of This,

9252712244 Called at 7 W PM not answer they did not leave message. I don't donate for anything over your Telephone. . . .

Post by Kim,

925-271-2244 I missed the telephone but used W for call them back. Voice mail said Breast Cancer Society . That just Breast Cancer Society I could locate on your Net is in Arizona and this phone came from California.

Post by Justina,

9252712244 The girls asked for my Partner and I said who is calling. Subsequently she went on and on and on along with her quite long and pushy Presentation Entire BS and Afterward I proceeded to tell her that cure for cancer was found in W by Doctor Max Ger son person. org and that it was not available in that People but in Europe Japan and Mexico. She Afterward interrupted along with a few rude words and Subsequently Installed up on me before I could request her to take me away their list. I would like for understand how they got my husbands name and number. I can smell a liar a Distance away.

Post by Rhonda,

925-271-2244 The breast cancer SCAMPERS are at it once again Choosing away much Desired funds from deserving valid charities. How disgusting it's that such Animals continue to exist.

Post by Allie,

9252712244 Got a phone appropriate at PM. I was Sleep. I did not response thinking why would the Breast Cancer Society be calling so late. They did not leave a message. My sister within law is Now within remission Year thus I already offer. Waste on these scam callers and I overly 'm on that don't call list but it not create a difference. Terrible people just continue to get away along with matters in the world. Exactly why could t they get cancer for ripping away good Folks.

Post by GeeTee,

925-271-2244 Disconnected as shortly as my machine picked Upward. Now blocked

Post by DoNotCallRegistryDoesntWork,

9252712244 Scummier using breast cancer as a cover to get cash from Individuals.

Post by Tami,

925-271-2244 Got a call out of these parasites last night. I Inquired for be Chosen off their list that Girl laughed and said no. Asked again to become Chosen away once again she laughed and said Mother no. Afterward Inquired if they can count on my support. Yelled in her ear F no b and Installed Upwards.

Post by DN68,

9252712244 This number calls several times a daytime caller ID is Breast Cancer S and there surely is no message left. It s annoying to state your least Particularly since I 'm a 4 time cancer survivor entering treatment for your Th cancer cancer 4 took my Oral chords thus I am now non Mental. I don t reply my phone unless I understand that Owner or I get a message phone someone Generally doctors using the TY phone. How can leeches like this become discouraged out of Repeatedly calling.

Post by Richard M.,

925-271-2244 Did not Collection but ID indicated Breast Cancer. Out of Notes glad I did t response.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 I m on Do not Telephone List. Telemarketer. Really Aggressive.

Post by Guest,

925-271-2244 Girl saying she was collecting for Breast Cancer. They vie called several times. We re on the Don't Telephone list. Do we report these types on calls.

Post by kmcinsd,

9252712244 Simply called they are blocked. . .

Post by Robert Fitch,

925-271-2244 Got a phone at 9 W on Saturday at my Mom s House. I 've been Remaining there Usually. That woman asked for my Mommy by name. My Mom died around a mi nth ago. I Inquired who was calling. When she said Breast Cancer Society I described my Mommy had Approved. She Found into her spiel anyway. I tried Simply saying please take her off your list. The woman was actually shouting around me so she could continue her Program. Really Tacky.

Post by Zak,

9252712244 Caller ID is Breast Cancer Society with a California Amount W W W. Region code W is a California telephone area code which was divide out of area code W on March W W. It Includes your inland Parts of the East Bay counties of Alarmed and Country Cos ta within Northern California. I Merely don t response that Telephone.

Post by steve,

925-271-2244 same Problem as concerned. just. at PM DEC 1. Partner replied Approved Telephone to me and she Installed up. it displayed no name given on my satellite but displayed breast cancer society on my Residence Telephone. i 'm on a don't call list

Post by Joyce,

9252712244 Great post. I have gotten a couple of those Rob responding calls. They were weird. When I figured it out I just hung Upward. I ll Assess Outside your Website.

Post by Dave in LB,


Post by Ghostryder12,

9252712244 I concur. Yet because they use the asking for Gifts for get by your don't phone rules.

Post by think again,

925-271-2244 That is not a non Revenue organization. It's a for the Revenue of those running it organization. Your fact the family that runs the and other similar fraud organizations has been shut down by the FTC kinda backs the up. So get on with your bad ole does not apply Approach and think again.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 Spam

Post by bsw,

925-271-2244 don t understand it s already a blocked number thus it s Bands once and Afterward phone says blocked caller. when I checked Owner ID it said Breast Cancer S. I don t believe that s what it said last time but don t remember for confident. Your DC list is a joke because it's simply that Reliable Businesses that Stick to it.

Post by Mad,

9252712244 Got phone phone never answer. Another scam that wants cash from pocket that I have none for offer and if I did I would provide for people who demand it more.

Post by Natalia,

925-271-2244 They re still Striving for call. Cease it. Darn it I m opposed for breast cancer.

Post by Justina,

9252712244 2 9 W W W am. Hangup phone from BREAST CANCER S . Well no cheers I don t desire any breast cancer.

Post by Jackie,

925-271-2244 I m thus sorry the happened for you. God bless you and I pray your results are Wonderful. I just got a telephone from them overly and I had the same thoughts as you. I spend a lot of time at that doctor s and I could t remember if I recently had a test or not.

Post by Melissa,

9252712244 Only obtained telephone. Answered and heard nothing but Fixed. Hung Upward CID Breast Cancer S

Post by I trust very few,

925-271-2244 Phony breast cancer caller. Request for more info Around their organization and that name of their CEO. They get choked Upwards. Request for their W c 3 non Revenue Amount for your own knowledge if you personally thus want to engage in their antics but become type they 've your own address and Telephone number. Afterward say you would love to believe Around it and tell them for take you Away their list. No more calls. Subsequently Assess Internet. direct star. org for ANY thus called non profit and Assess their Irs Information and how Considerably Really goes to your organization that CEO and the Folks within need. It s an eye opener. Phone your own phone Business and request how you can block these callers. Have your actual numbers within hand. For that time being you are able to Alter the ring of your Telephone to that Real Amount to know it s them on newer handsets Panasonic . For that Technology Savoy use your Applications if they are calling in your mobile phone or Just block them if your own Telephone readily allows. There are pleasure apps such as You mail Call Bliss etc. Unfortunately there are overly many of these idiots that pop up each day for your Don't Call List to keep Upward.

Post by Guest,

9252712244 got telephone Saturday Morning i Select up and they hang Upwards the occur many times already

Post by Da Silver One!,

925-271-2244 Asked for wife by name. . . . Attempting to think us into a LEGIT Business. . . . BULL SHIITE. . . . I told that caller you personally sound like a voice message Bacall. . . . says She sounds that terrible. I SAID LOSE MY F N Amount NOW. . . . Officially BLOCKED. . .

Post by Guest,

9252712244 High Degree scam do not answer

Post by Janeen,

925-271-2244 Well I got a phone tonight in W minutes of having been online making a Gift for my sister s cancer walk. Coincidence. Probably not.

Post by JIM,

9252712244 Gotten a phone today W 2 W from these crooks who say as noted by other Folks in the Breast Cancer Society which is a lie. We have to remember these Folks are crooks and they don't attention if we are on don't phone list . They are no better than a few one that use a firearm for rob you.

Post by Sallie,

925-271-2244 Girl asks for the Female of the house. Would not Reply for being asked your nature of the telephone or to stop calling

Post by MKV,

9252712244 I vie obtained 2 calls out of the Amount at work. My caller ID telephone history shows they vie called my work Amount 2 times within a Line 3 minutes apart after 8 W pm . No messages were ever left but you personally would believe these Stupid SSE's would comprehend it s a business their calling which most Companies are shut at 8 W at night. Exactly why can t they hint the number to whom ever is asserting they are a Non Revenue org. collecting Gifts for Breast Cancer. Looking back over all the Remarks left on the net site the has been going on for several years. Why Hans t your FBI gotten involved.

Post by sargsyan,

925-271-2244 These dumb asses phone me each single day though I vie told them numerous times to stop calling. what Can I can.

Post by SpammerHater,

9252712244 Thanks for all of you . . . I just got a telephone out of the number and they re now added to my Avoid list.

Did you get an unwanted call from 925-271-2244? Is 9252712244 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8019806425 Complains by Guest,

your own blocked oops

8889996247 Complains by Guest,

I keep receiving send from this Guessed number. it says I could be entered for win 1 million 1 hundred thousand dollars. Hit it abundant sweepstakes Closed by E. Wright not a real touch. When asking the quot supervisor quot she previously mentioned they're Better Business Institution accredited and that everything on your Web is a scam. She previously mentioned that 1 person wins each 2 years. According to sources online NO 1 has ever won.

5756169639 Complains by Marv,

Robo call something about treatments for migraine headaches....perhaps if these robo calls would stop, my migraines would go away...

7025202310 Complains by Guest,

Time share

8175243520 Complains by pissed off,

they did me that Actual same way. what's with that place. they mad as hell if they think they're gonna get money. What the F ever. . . . . . . .

3133128002 Complains by Guest,

Joke caller

8002669910 Complains by Lence,

said they are out of Find card.

8002424171 Complains by Megan,

My issue has been Fixed and they continue for call.

8002274657 Complains by Jonathon,

It s Brinks Home Security. We recently bought a Residence and the Dwelling Assessment Business Seemingly has a deal where they provide Brinks with your own phone Amount. They keep trying to offer me a free House security system due a special Associate offer they had with your Evaluation company. I vie told them once before that we re not interested.

8001121494 Complains by annoyed,

annoyed by the caller W W W.

8002219646 Complains by Don,

Amaru Life Direct calling for follow up on a request for medicare supplement plans that my daddy had placed through a net Website that Offered immediate online quotes a few weeks Past. Sadly no Rates were Supplied thus it was misleading as your collected his info and said they would call with your quotes. What type of scam is this when they advertise prompt ONLINE Rates for seniors and Subsequently don t Supply them.

8002530129 Complains by Pablo Cruz,

It s from Natural Cures. com

8002492626 Complains by Guest,

W Caroline Ste NE Atlanta GA W

8002798511 Complains by EL,

yes this is United Cash Loans. They call AFTER hours 7 W PM CT on 6 W W on a Land line. A Black Girl rattled away a spiel Around if we desire another Loan. We got 1 amp now we re done. Exactly why are they allowed for call after company hours. If WE need or need another 1 WE may determine when WE need.

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