9254183037 / 925-418-3037

Telephone information: Broadwing Communications. Brentwood, CA. Contra Costa. United states
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78 complaints
Post by ella,

9254183037 Replied once was Around furthering my Instruction told them I wan t interested. They said okay after harassing me about when would become a great time to telephone back. I said not too. Of course they keep calling I Only ignored one of their calls caller id. Ill of running to that phone Simply for see it s them.

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 Calling with Instruction services

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Installed up

Post by jeb,

925-418-3037 this Amount started calling me today after reading the message board i decided for response. like everyone else said they State they're education Evidence. that woman said i had expressed interest in Getting a Faculty amount and Needed for know what i was interested within. i told her i already had a School degree and she ended your conversation abruptly. hopefully i won't Notice out of them again.

Post by Guest,

9254183037 I dint understand they Containers Inquired my name and I hung up

Post by BR,

925-418-3037 Got a telephone did t answer Owner ID was Education Veer

Post by Guest,

9254183037 College

Post by Erin,

925-418-3037 They 've called me 3 days within a Line at your same time Am . i never reply.

Post by Amanda,

9254183037 Yep. They Only called again but I missed that call. Now they re really making me mad. I hope they do telephone again. Eventually I get a Individual and let you personally know what it s Around.

Post by Nina,

925-418-3037 2 calls today furthering my Instruction. Could t wait until I Speak to them. . . I 've a Part of my head to share

Post by Pat,

9254183037 Called each W minutes for an hour. Never left message

Post by AmieJay,

925-418-3037 They Simply called me for the first time and went threw that problem of Making a long message. Except that message was Only dead atmosphere. I am putting them on my block telephone list. So they could kiss my Behind. I Additionally get a telephone everyday out of W W W Around furthering my education. They said I had expressed interest in them and that s exactly why they're calling me but I don t know who they are. I despise these Sorts of calls.

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Survey

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 Rang twice Subsequently Put up

Post by Esme,

9254183037 Just started receiving calls out of the Amount Recently claiming to be Instruction verification . I have answered 3 times telling them for stop calling they did t. I did however body Outside the best way to block that number on my phone. . thus they could have fun Attempting now. . . Merely hope they don t call out of another number. . It s amazing how Considerably time people 've on their hands. . especially when this apparently is someone s Occupation .

Post by dawn sullivan,

925-418-3037 take me off your telephone list

Post by Nancy,

9254183037 No message left. All my Amounts are on your Conically Registry.

Post by Karen,

925-418-3037 Keeps calling my cell phone and not Making messages. . . . . Don t have any Thought. . . . Cease That CALLS

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Unrecognizable

Post by Liz,

925-418-3037 Harassing calls following my indication Upward for two free Southwest Flight tickets on Facebook

Post by Bucket_man,

9254183037 People venting your own spleen HERE USN t going for get them to Cease calling. Telling them HERE which you don t desire them for telephone is not going for Quit them since they don t come here. Let me Recommend which you take it for your source. If you personally cannot get through No answer or occupied Strive again. If they claim it s disconnected take it for the FCC your Do not Phone LIST and the FTC. Take it to that Do not telephone list either manner. I just got a phone out of these dunces. I told them Don't Phone AGAIN. Since I cannot Notice I do not know if it was a record or not. But if they claim I expressed fascination with furthering Instruction I vie got them Not alive To Right. . .

Post by Alissa,

925-418-3037 Would Individuals tell you personally your own an idiot because you are Striving to put food on your family s table. . . . We all can what we have for so we endure don t give the Man a difficult time Only say your not interested and 've them take you personally away your list. People are thus mean and rude. Have Value for Folks that are actually working at least they are not homeless asking for hand outs on your side of that road.

Post by DAWN,

9254183037 Do not Desire THEM For CALL

Post by Cindy,

925-418-3037 It s Unusual the number was calling everyday Simply the week I don t understand who they're or what they want but they need to Cease.

Post by Patricia,

9254183037 I Rev d a phone twice Now from a woman who said that I Finished a form online expressing an curiosity about furthering my education the just matter I could think of where she got my data out of is from a public Web site for job seekers. . . . . I told her I already had a college level if your company calls me Just one more time I may report them to your BBB. She Put Upwards and since Afterward Destination t heard anything back.

Post by Bll,

925-418-3037 Called and Inquired for Anthony. Said he inquired about getting W cash Quickly . Told them wrong number and they apologized and said they d remove me from the list. Really considerate Truly.

Post by Pat,

9254183037 Upwards Only a few a Pornography video sending company.

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 Hung up

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Na

Post by Deidre,

925-418-3037 These Individuals are calling my niece s Telephone and she is in Mid school. What the heck. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

9254183037 When I answered your phone they hung up

Post by kelly,

925-418-3037 That calls started last week just they won t Speak for me they Only stay quiet I quickly hang Upwards presuming in my paranoid head they could can something with my Information around the phone. . . They call Regular for a week direct now.

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Telemarketer. . . Education info.

Post by PRS,

925-418-3037 If you are on that do not phone list report them. . . The board won t help you personally stop that calls. HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism check. asp

Post by jrb,

9254183037 Calls out of W W W went I send them direct to my express mail they telephone correct back

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 A school telephone all day

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Spam

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 College

Post by Mallory,

9254183037 These Folks are obnoxious. I vie Inquired them numerous times to Stop calling me. They vie called me 5 times since PM Now and it s 4 W pm now. Every time they wait for my voice send to beep and they hang Upwards so every time they telephone I 've for clear my mailbox out again. It s absolutely absurd.

Post by amy,

925-418-3037 I called that Amount back and got a record it is a telemarketer Striving to sell you higher Schooling so I pressed a Amount for get on that do not phone list.

Post by Glenda,

9254183037 Cheers for letting us understand who these jerks are. I missed the telephone overly cause they called a magic jack that I don t answer. . . . Burch of bozos. . .

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 ID

Post by Fitzboy,

9254183037 I m not certain how all these responses get cluttered Jointly. . . . Oh nicely. . . maybe Congressman ling somewhere before your last post. . . ID. . . Within any event. . . I vie received several calls from the along with that same gripes as all your previous places. . . . I called your DC database. . . . we ll see how this works. . . . . . . I m not quite optimistic. .

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 I Reduction answer

Post by Guest,

9254183037 When I replied that Telephone they hung up

Post by Stop the SPAM!,

925-418-3037 Called twice I did t answer they did t leave a message.

Post by Stacey,

9254183037 I have gotten this telephone as nicely but from a assortment of other numbers. I 've asked them to take me away that list but obviously my request dropped on deaf ears. Last time they Inquired if I wanted to refinance my house after that furthering education ploy .

Post by Eric Werne,

925-418-3037 I Frequently get calls from this Amount. I have asked to be removed from the list and my phone dozen t permit me for block particular numbers. I really want they would Quit calling. I consider they got my Amount from something I ordered away your Net.

Post by Guest,

9254183037 A school telephone all day

Post by carol,

925-418-3037 Discontinue calling Meier

Post by Guest,

9254183037 many Ignorant Faculty recruiter thing

Post by Go Away,

925-418-3037 Discontinue Calling

Post by Amy,

9254183037 I missed your phone as nicely because they just let it ring 1 1 2 times. Don t know about you but that s not enough Bands for me for Select up my cell and Press response.

Post by Patricia,

925-418-3037 THC I will give it a try.

Post by Nina,

9254183037 2 calls today furthering my Schooling. Can t wait until I Speak for them. . . I have a Item of my mind for share

Post by Linda Bailey,

925-418-3037 I keep becoming calls from this Amount and I 've Inquired them to remove me out of their calling list. I do not want calls out of them. Thanks

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Dint know.

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 Did t answer

Post by amy,

9254183037 I called that Amount back and got a recording it's a telemarketer Striving to sell you higher Instruction so I pressed a Amount for get on your don't telephone list.

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 Did t answer

Post by Dave,

9254183037 I got two calls for them and the Frost just one they Installed Upwards on me and your 2 1 they told me that it was about furthering my Instruction. I told them not not call back.

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 Did t answer

Post by nora54,

9254183037 I acquired telephone but I did not know that number. Not going to answer. Weary of these Folks calling and I am on your Do not Phone List which is a joke as nicely.

Post by Karen,

925-418-3037 Called your Amount back amp recording replied You have reached education Evidence.

Post by Amanda,

9254183037 This number is Displaying as a missed telephone but I don t recall my phone even ringing in at your time that it shows they called. When I dialed that Amount back the recorded message said it was Schooling Verification Or something for that extent.

Post by Patricia,

925-418-3037 THC I gives it a attempt.

Post by Sheri,

9254183037 This can be Schooling Evidence . They're calling about continuing Instruction. Telephone them and choose Alternative 2 to remove your own Amount from their phone list.

Post by Glenda,

925-418-3037 Cheers for Making us know who these jerks are. I missed that telephone too cause they called a magic Port that I don t answer. . . . Burch of bozos. . .

Post by kaitlyn,

9254183037 they called me 5 times today

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 Didn't answer

Post by Guest,

9254183037 A few Schooling thing

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 blah

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Did t answer

Post by omar,

925-418-3037 These idiots phone me about twice a daytime. I don t answer and their voice mail message they leave is always click . The just one time I replied your person asked for me by name. I Accepted and Subsequently lots of static. Subsequently click . LEAVE ME ALONE.

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Spam

Post by Guest,

925-418-3037 Nothing

Post by Guest,

9254183037 Disconcert

Post by ANNI,

925-418-3037 My very best Buddy kept becoming calls from this Amount and she was becoming mad thus wen they called again i told her for present me that Telephone. your Telephone rand i answered it and before they seed hello i seed Can NT amp . amp amp Call amp . . AGAIN amp . . . . . . . . haven't heard out of them since.

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7402364875 Complains by Guest,

Don t Answer

8053798505 Complains by Asturia,

They keep on calling my number harassing that answering machine I m Frightened among this times I m going to look for my answering machine broken. For what concerns for me I don t know you personally and I don t attention for know you not for phone you personally back I should sue you for harassing the erroneous Man.

3144565673 Complains by Guest,

Harassment won't stop

5034685526 Complains by Guest,

Amazing work on locating your Amount 3 Comm. At least if it continues there s someone to become held responsible.

7605612251 Complains by Guest,

nigger is hell honest ugly

8165699473 Complains by Guest,

Rude n hung up no answer

8003696074 Complains by terry,

got message for call Around Learn card needed to phone back to activate. . Don't own Learn card

8325175938 Complains by tay,

got a text message saying chat meet. com is your Site i told you about . . . obviously they're testing from lots of Distinct numbers Marketing the Site.

8002754737 Complains by Scott,

This can be from Wellness Internet.

8002609902 Complains by Deb,

I keep getting these calls. When I reply there is a long pause as in case a recorded message is about for Start but just one never does. After about W seconds there is a click at another Finish and I get a sound as if your phone is off the hook. These calls should be prohibited. And I 'm on a do not telephone list. I get them several times a day.

8002493823 Complains by Guest,

I m in the hospital don t have my phone

8002362442 Complains by Chelsie,

This phone number is a toll free number for Advantage Network. An ATM and debit card network. This can be that Amount you phone if you have a lost or Taken debit card.

8002669806 Complains by rosa,

calling Making a message that says we Required a phone back to 1 W W W I go ogled on Web and it Appears that its a scam Connected to jobs training

8002403134 Complains by Ali,

Same here. . . I have no Thought who this can be. We have never replied it. They phone twice a daytime but never leave a message.

8002705300 Complains by rcohen,

I acquired a prerecorded message out of this phone number Now Sunday stating it was Webster Bank and for telephone them during weekday hours.

8002774288 Complains by Mork from Ork,

This is a call out of APR Well-being care. In my own case it was an automated message informing me on what for do if the Electricity goes Outside due to your acute winter storm in my own Place. I use an oxygen Target for CO PD. It was an Educational message but nothing I did t already know plus I have a Fuel powered generator and family residing nearby. Caller ID Cost Free Callie don't have any Notion exactly why they would t use APR Wellness attention as that Owner ID.

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