9255243154 / 925-524-3154

Telephone information: Pacific Bell. Clayton, CA. Contra Costa. United states
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Post by Guest,

9255243154 Only got that hang up mail. That is same mod people operand of telemarketing groups subcontracted by Harte Hanks . . . They vie been a holes this way for 7 years now but I don t know who is behind the Specific group. Internet. Harte hanks. com 1 W W W I ll be delivering them another Memory to leave me alone. Last one I sent got a telephone back and an apology out of a native English speaker. That was 3 years ago . . . HTTP Web. Harte hanks. com Contact People contacts

Post by Butcher,

925-524-3154 Yep same here. Owner ID reads CALIFORNIA pretend they re making a survey request about Present AV Options and Conclusion dates Afterward offer to sell you personally something.

Post by Shephard,

9255243154 Panda still calling . asking Around cloud anti viral Bit ironic a Firm that Offers a Software to remove virus and unwanted Malawi making unwanted calls but there you personally go.

Post by Clarity,

925-524-3154 Let s be clear per the Don't Telephone Work} businesses aren't allowed to enroll it is a Buyer protection simply. You could enroll cell Telephones though. The DC list does work not W but in my own experience it s been pretty great.

Post by Jason,

9255243154 LOLA you sound enjoy an Ad yourself. Sounds like you personally demand to start selling call blocking Telephones. It s definitely frustrating.

Post by Guest,

925-524-3154 Wanted me for hint Upward for net presentation for server security . Pushy.

Post by Bill Meyers,

9255243154 Got a call out of them Now. They attempted to sell me Cloud Anti Virus. I went through the W Second Trial and they said they would send me a W American Express card for Choosing your Test. I asked them lots of anti virus questions so when an IT person am Sure they're Panda An vi Virus.

Post by MikeF,

925-524-3154 Calls out of this number started on 7 8 W for my company Telephone Amount. Owner ID says CALIFORNIA . I vie never replied. They never leave a message. I vie acquired 8 calls within W days once every business day but not on your weekends .

Post by no name,

9255243154 Called rigorously everyday about 'm CST. . . no message left as if went replied . . . eventually answered yesterday . . . they Inquired for me by first last name. . . I said no such Man. . . they Put Upwards. . . Unknown intention. . . not a Set Bureau either. . .

Post by Jenna,

925-524-3154 Telephone daily and hang up when I response. borderline harassment.

Post by bety,

9255243154 They telephone my company several times a week Largely not there when i reply when someone can there be that language is not understandable. Annoying. Have requested them for remove people from their calling list. But no delight they continue to call.

Post by Jason,

925-524-3154 LOLA you personally sound like an Ad yourself. Sounds enjoy you personally demand to start selling telephone blocking Telephones. It s definitely frustrating.

Post by benwood,

9255243154 did t response no message

Post by Millie,

925-524-3154 Road time received call on my cell. Called it back and it goes direct for voice mail saying leave a message after your tone.

Post by Andrew,

9255243154 Caller had an extremely heavy Feature and really Actually Desired to get my E-mail address. I Merely Put Upward on them.

Post by Chris,

925-524-3154 The Firm has been calling people multiple times per daytime for that past week. First they ask to Chat to that Supervisor Afterward to that IPA department Subsequently for any IPA professional. Usually it comes Upward as California on the caller ID. This last one Arrived up as Unavailable . Thus it appears enjoy they re trying for Strategy us into believing they re someone else.

Post by Brad,

9255243154 even after telling Panda I 'm not interested they still telephone daily and hang Upward on me.

Post by Arthur,

925-524-3154 The Amount keeps calling over and around and over for our business and never leaves a message . Telemarketers no doubt. AND we have been on your Don't Call LIST . . . Sheers. . . .

Post by Margaret,

9255243154 Um you personally could request them to Place you on their Don't Telephone list. They called my company constantly and I asked them last week to Set people on their do not telephone list and they vie actually complied. . . . so Much.

Post by TerryinMN,

925-524-3154 Answered Telephone they Installed Upwards.

Post by Donkee,

9255243154 Replied Telephone and they hung up. Shows as CALIFORNIA

Post by Margaret,

925-524-3154 Um you could request them to Set you personally on their Do not Call list. They called my Business always and I asked them last week to Set us on their don't telephone list and they vie Really complied. . . . thus Way.

Post by Tap,

9255243154 Recd call today to my work line Henry out of Panda Security attempted really difficult to get me for give me a date and time that would work for would a automating and suggest them that Advantages and cons of their product suggested I am not your just one they demand for Discuss for but they did not look for understand and really wanted my E-mail address. Hung up them.

Post by Tim,

925-524-3154 Acquired a phone Now. Panda Security Research. Wanting for schedule a demo for their cloud based anti virus service. Could hardly recognize the Girl s questions. Her English wan t very good. Referred me for Internet. forget security. com.

Post by John,

9255243154 Three times Now no message left on express mail on that second call they tried going through my Business s switchboard to get for me.

Post by Natalie,

925-524-3154 Received call Now at my work phone Amount but did not Choose Upwards as I was on a Summit phone. Did not leave a message.

Post by Margaret,

9255243154 Um you personally could request them to Place you personally on their Do not Phone list. They called my company always and I asked them last week to put us on their do not call list and they vie Really complied. . . . thus far.

Post by Rob,

925-524-3154 The number has called twice both times when I vie said I m not interested they rudely hang up without saying anything but Though they keep calling back. Business is Panda Security. They claim they are doing a survey but then try and sell you personally something. Not quite ethical.

Post by Harte Hanks suqs,

9255243154 Just got that hang Upwards mail. This really is same mod people operand of telemarketing groups subcontracted by Harte Hanks . . . They vie been a holes this way for 7 years now but I don t know who is behind this Specific group. Www. Harte hanks. Com W W I ll become delivering them another Memory for leave me alone. Last 1 I Delivered got a call back and an apology out of a Local English speaker. That was 3 years ago . . . HTTP Internet. Harte hanks. com Contact People contacts

Post by AL,

925-524-3154 Get a phone or two a daytime which I ignore. No message is left.

Post by Jessica,

9255243154 They vie called my office every day this week. A Christina from Panda Security when I let her understand we don t use a Panda Security she hangs Upward. Waste of my time. Scam.

Post by Dan,

925-524-3154 Gotten 5 calls Now they don't leave a message I dint response because I did not Comprehend that number as a company call that I would need to Discuss to.

Post by The Gatekeeper,

9255243154 Not certain about this one I ll keep tabs on it. Looks for be telemarketing spam most likely. I vie Delivered them to voice send and they won t leave a message thus I won t be replying.

Post by Brian,

925-524-3154 Phone from Panda Security. They need you personally for Stay through an online demo of their cloud Established anti virus software. You are able to see what it is all Around at Www. forget security. com.

Post by Lee,

9255243154 Gotten the call on the work Amount at 9 Am EST. Owner ID Arrived Upward as California. I response with my normal Thank you for calling Blah Blah. How could I help you. A woman goes that is Blah Blah. I said Yes it's. How might I help you. She Requires for Talk for the computer department and I retorted that I could strive and help her with that. And she says How many computers do you might have. I said Who ARE you and why are you calling. She said her name is Samantha and she is calling from Panda. I asked what she is calling about and she said Your own network. and I said What network. and she said Your computer network . I Inquired her the name of her Business again and Inquired her for enchantment it so that I could create sure I was Knowledge what she was saying. Subsequently I asked her again why she was calling and she hung up. These calls are this type of waste of time. As with a lot of others we are Additionally on the Do not Call List and we've never done company with these companies but they still call.

Post by Roger,

925-524-3154 Have obtained calls every other day for the past month. I don't reply and they do not leave a message

Post by Jason,

9255243154 've had W calls out of the number all leave me a W second expressionless express mail.

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3128594285 Complains by Guest,

Quit calling

2692180525 Complains by Guest,

Only popped up in my Telephone. Said it was the erroneous Individual. . .

5186276027 Complains by Guest,

This is a phishing scam. Do not give them any info. I received a message from mastercad that my card was locked and needed to call this number to unlock. Funny thing is, I don't have a mastercard.

4802139797 Complains by Guest,

fake Walmart scam spam

9092102555 Complains by Guest,

This Man is cheating with Jeremy SHOEMAKER my husband

5418574166 Complains by Guest,

They talked Arabic. I could t understand them.

3255103129 Complains by Guest,

never leaves a message

4107748271 Complains by Guest,

I did t response but its not a Amount I 've ever used.

8002271047 Complains by CHRIS,

HELLOjust  a  fyi  that    there  is  a  huge and   never  ending  amount  of  fraud  and  scam  calls    from the   "  202 "  area  code"............HERE  IS  SOME  HELPFUL  INFO , SO  WATCH  OUT !!!some  are landlines...many  are  cell phones...some  are  spoofed  and  linked  to  offshore foreign countries !!!!we've  traced  back  most  of  these  numbers  to  offshore  foreign    call centers and  scammers  working  out  of , but  not  limited  to.....  in  INDIA /  THAILAND /  AFRICA /  JAMAICA    ETC....***   THESE    LOW  LIFE  LOSER  SCUMS  ALSO   IMPERSONATE   US  GOV'T  AGENCIES AND   OFFICIALS  (   CIA  /  FBI   )    AMONG  MANY  OTHERS..........they  will  at  times  leave   obviously  fake  messages   that   they  " have  caught  you "  in  some  type  of  mysterious   drug   operation  and    related   fake  stories  / messages"...........(  just  one  of  numerous     fake  stories  )....others  noted  below.............here's a  few  other  numbers  posted  from  the   same  area  code  offering a  wide  variety  of  scams  /  collecting  for  non  existant  "  payday  loans "....free  money / scam  giveaways /  $1,000's  in  free  gov't  money.........  etc  etc.....stories  change  out  all the  time......and  the  usual  nonsense!!!**   mysteriously  call to  claim  they  have  several  thousand  of  dollars  to  send  you....just  provide  you  bank  account and  credit  card   right  away   etc etc.........scam scam several  of  these are  the  usual   long  ongoing  scams   such  as  :  you  have  won a  free  walmart /  bestbuy  gift  card....or  you  have  won a  free  ipad  etc......all  long  ongoing  scams202-621-0436  ( offshore  foreign  call center ? )  poor  english and  violent on the  phone!  claim  to  be  giving  away  $1,000's  in  free cash....just  give  them all your  personal  info  etc....202-407-7213202-657-6252202-559-0667202-558-4605202-684-8305202-785-5534202-827-0661202-621-0667202-534-3926202-599-8726202-286-0705202-559-0687202-779-8686202-234-3930202-683-9875202-405-4852202-599-7894202-895-0900202-779-8686202-738-5647202-417-7606202-403-4812202-379-1926202-644-8750202-595-9420202-870-5859202-380-3449202-674-8706202-730-9951202-684-2191202-674-8789202-615-5910202-417-4483202-664-2228202-506-8939202-640-5461202-559-4645202-674-2106202-239-2860202-470-0037202-239-1271202-470-2655202-379-1935202-470-6720202-618-9351202-664-2763202-609-7609202-316-4793202-558-0345202-461-3479

8002418960 Complains by Had it up to here...,

does anyone Outside there Understand this number. They call and leave no message. I 'm guessing that it's a telemarketer or collector. Please let me know Thanks

8002330297 Complains by Guest,

This moron identified himself as "mr. John Johnson", saying he was with something like finance international corp. he then left a number (561)-292-2288 and asked me to call him back. Sure I will...

8002560114 Complains by srd,

missed telephone no message left

8002022781 Complains by Gia,

threatening calls

8001031570 Complains by amyHO,

You personally could have been subjected to something enjoy scam W as described ATP phone help. Truth. com Details. HTML Website also shows how other notes Guests have reduced the number of telephone scams and telemarketing calls they get. Links to Amazon s Telephone blocker Gadgets and apps as nicely as government reporting Websites are also provided .

8002724500 Complains by Annoyed,

I 'm willing for pay an Added W dollars on top of your own asking Cost. Scummier. . . W W W

8002668699 Complains by Bob,

Jessica McCray from Vanderbilt Mortgage. Requesting that I telephone W W W. HTTP Web. VF. com

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