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Telephone information: Cf Communications DBA Telekenex. Antioch, CA. . United states
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Post by ellen hilgers,

9255296604 you Folks had better leave me alone or i will would something very Serious to you people thus you Merely better watch who your your own calling

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 amount ST

Post by Guest,

9255296604 The number calls all hours of your daytime and nighttime. A nuisance Owner. They let the phone ring 3 4 times and hang Upwards. They don t let it go for voice send. They don t leave a message. They just call over and over and around. I don t owe any business money. It s not a Statement collector as all my bills are paid. Callers enjoy the demand for be prosecuted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 sperm

Post by Elliotte,

9255296604 I concur with you. If I don't understand that Amount and they refuse for leave a message Afterward I refuse for acknowledge them.

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 spam calling all day

Post by Amy F,

9255296604 They 've called me 4 times Now no me sage

Post by Monty Montanez,

925-529-6604 Keep becoming phone calls from W W W in the least hrs occasionally 4 or 5 times at nighttime when I m relaxing or Sleep. Would like all People Linked to that Amount for Cease their practice of calling my Amount whatsoever times. I think I would contact your People District Attorney. They never mentioned that Firm s name.

Post by Jay brown,

9255296604 I get Telephone calls out of W W W a few times a day. There's no one on your Only no record and when you personally call back your line Merely beeps

Post by Phoebe Buffay,

925-529-6604 When I answered it was a women from a few Schooling program.

Post by mrs littrell,

9255296604 Got 3 calls out of this number dint telephone again.

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 Quit CALLING.

Post by Guest,

9255296604 surveys

Post by Annoyed,

925-529-6604 Have obtained 3 calls out of the number today. . . Thus Way. Need for figure Outside the way to block it.

Post by Ana,

9255296604 Received a call from the number three times when I answered they asked for me then said something about telephone forwarding for someone they were along with and hung Upward. I called back three times and no just one Solutions. Your phone just Ongoing to ring Subsequently a beep beep sound at that Finish.

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 Calls me several times throughout that daytime only for hang Upwards every single time that Time I pick up.

Post by Heather,

9255296604 The Amount has called me Now 5 times already and it is only midday. I Strategy for reply that next one now that I know they're calling Around education. I am about for graduate college thus I don't demand what they are selling. Actually annoying that they phone Every SINGLE hour and never leave a message. I do not response calls I don't know.

Post by Barba,

925-529-6604 I 've acquired 5 calls from the Amount thus Much today. They never leave a message and if you telephone back that number isn't in service.

Post by Gretchen,

9255296604 Received 2 calls in W minutes while at work. Could t response. They did t leave a message. I tried to phone and got message saying Amount not in working purchase. Scampers leave me alone. . .

Post by deb,

925-529-6604 do not phone me again reporting you personally now

Post by Andie,

9255296604 Received my second telephone out of these people today. They're Thinking if I Needed for continue my education at a school within Washington State. I don t even live in that States.

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 I answered told him your person he asked for wan t Accessible and he Installed up before I could ask who s calling. In W minutes he called back 5 times. I Set the on my Mr. Block Program. He s still calling although he is blocked. I 'm going to report him now.

Post by Darline,

9255296604 Received call on my cell no one there

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 Keeps calling its not in my contacts and don t leave a message.

Post by cmopolis,

9255296604 I Only received a call also out of the number and when I called it back they answered it by saying Fulfillment Facility customer service might I help you personally. I said I don t know you personally called my number and she asked for my name and I said no I won t tell you my name you need to tell me who you need and I can go out of there. She hung Upwards on me LOLA

Post by Taygirl,

925-529-6604 This number has called me 5 times in two hours. Left no message. No message no acknowledgement. Finish of story.

Post by cmopolis,

9255296604 I just received a call Additionally out of this number and when I called it back they answered it by saying Fulfillment Centre customer service may I help you personally. I said I don t know you called my Amount and she Inquired for my name and I said no I won t tell you personally my name you personally need for tell me who you want and I may go from there. She Put up on me LOLA

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 Schooling number

Post by Dina,

9255296604 I keep getting calls out of this number as nicely and when i called it back it says your Customer you have dialed is from service Region. WT

Post by Christine,

925-529-6604 The Amount W W W keeps calling me but when I telephone back it says the Amount is incorrect. Dumb fake calls.

Post by Kim,

9255296604 W W W called 4 times within W minutes of each other won't leave a message Or state what company they are from or what they desire.

Post by Courtney,

925-529-6604 I 've just been called twice by the number but they hang Upward before I can answer the phone. It's becoming pretty annoying.

Post by Guest,

9255296604 Calls every hour. Uses Distinct phone numbers.

Post by bite me,

925-529-6604 Leave me alone don t need what each your selling. don t need unwanted calls.

Post by Lauren,

9255296604 This same number has called me for 5 times direct and 4 times a daytime. . They won't leave a message and you personally cannot call them back at least I could t. It says it wan t in working order. That s bull. . . I am a very active Individual and I confident have no time for idiots like the. .

Post by Mandie,

925-529-6604 Answered this phone Now believing it was someone I worked with as we've a lot of Individuals out of other states moving into your Region. It was a guy out of Education First Attempting for ensure it is look enjoy I had Inquired them to phone me about furthering my education. I told him I was not interested as I had Simply Completed a master s measure. He instantaneously Installed Upward without saying another word.

Post by mary,

9255296604 Called me today and I don t understand anyone out of CA

Post by Elliotte,

925-529-6604 I agree along with you. If I don't understand that Amount and they refuse for leave a message then I refuse to recognize them.

Post by leda,

9255296604 This number has called me 4 times on as many hours. It's calling a prepaid cell number and dozen t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 Douche. Bagging caller

Post by Guest,

9255296604 they keep calling over and over

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 unsolicited quot request for school information quot

Post by Marco,

9255296604 Amount keeps calling. .

Post by Jamie,

925-529-6604 Wow. Okay these Folks called me twice today. Your first time it rang once Subsequently they Put up. I answered the second time. They said they gotten an interest in data request from me Around continuing my Schooling. Sounded legit because I had requested info from several online universities a few months Past. Nonetheless I just went across your State and have a little child and 'm putting away re enrolling for a few more months. She said that which was fine that they were just there to supply me info thus I would become prepared when I was Prepared for start back. I informed her that I had already chosen the university that I was going to be attending that the selection had been made and I was Only waiting on your appropriate time for enroll for Courses. Without another word from her while I m Middle sentence she hung up on me. These Individuals Actually don t like having someone tell them that they know what they desire and that they don t need someone else for sell them a load of BS.

Post by AJ,

9255296604 I got 4 calls from the Amount. All during your path of my school day.

Post by K Macke,

925-529-6604 They vie called twice this morning. I won t reply as we know NOBODY w that number.

Post by Kathy,

9255296604 Acquired a telephone out of W W W. I answered that first time they Put Upward. Second time I missed the telephone. I tried calling and got a message saying the Amount wan t in working purchase.

Post by Billy Aguilar,

925-529-6604 Okay. Last post. That person who called was Jeanette Simpson Bass. I am pretty certain which is Bk s wife. My baby mamma Amanda has definitely become hanging Outside with her there was an Illinois video with her inside posted in her Google . Address is W Del favor drive. Antioch ca W.

Post by Mike,

9255296604 I got called overly. I don t have Verizon.

Post by Ny,

925-529-6604 While soundly sleeping this morning Approximately W am I acquired a phone on my cell phone from this same number. When I tried to answer I heard nothing Subsequently called back instantly and a Verizon message saying that the number is Broken or disconnected. What's the intent of calling if they don't leave a message and I cannot telephone them back and when I can response it s met with Stop. Please do not call my Telephone again. Thank you

Post by Fran,

9255296604 I vie gotten 2 calls Now already an its simply 2 o Time. Destination t answered for locate Outside what its about and they don t leave a message.

Post by Amy,

925-529-6604 Just got a phone from that Amount at 9 W this morning. I did t phone back Viewing how it was a from state phone.

Post by CG,

9255296604 I keep receiving calls from the Amount annoying.

Post by JD,

925-529-6604 no Notion who this is

Post by viridiana,

9255296604 I hit answer but did t say anything they said Hi can I Talk to varied meridian. Hello. Hi. Installed Upward

Post by Andie,

925-529-6604 And yes they called me by my name.

Post by Guest,

9255296604 back for school.

Post by Luz,

925-529-6604 Yes the number called twice already but won t leave a message. Our Amount is on the do not call list. . . There is still a lot of work for become done on the do not telephone list.

Post by Guest,

9255296604 Going back for school. . . No. Matins

Post by Chris,

925-529-6604 I have gotten two calls thus Way Now from this Amount. When I seen it I knew I did not understand any one out of California. Thus I tried to telephone it back but it kept ringing Afterward had a few kind of Peculiar ring at your end then Installed up on me.

Post by Randy,

9255296604 They called and asked for my wife by her name I Requires for take message he said I will phone back

Post by ada,

925-529-6604 could you personally Cease call in

Post by Kelly L,

9255296604 I get three to four Telephone calls a daytime asking me if I 'm interested within attending School. I 've Inquired nicely and rudely for remove my name and they hang up on me. Within a matter of a few short hours they're calling me again. I blocked their number and they began calling me from W W W. Ugh. . . Get a life and Discontinue harassing people.

Post by Elliotte,

925-529-6604 I concur along with you. If I don't know that number and they refuse to leave a message Afterward I refuse for acknowledge them.

Post by Ron,

9255296604 Yes me again. I got a second telephone out of this Amount and answered with What that f k can you personally need. and told them not for telephone me again. I just got Though another phone from obviously the same outfit using a Minnesota number W W W. It s not unusual for these clowns to use Distinct nub er to throw you off. I had 2 earlier within your week using a Mississippi number Subsequently After 1 from Maryland and along with their accent you could re ll they Warren t Local for those states.

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 calls all day long

Post by Guest,

9255296604 SPAM

Post by doesn't matter,

925-529-6604 they called and Inquired about my Leading. . and what was a doing for Training. . I thought it was a option for me but they hung up in your Central of the talk. . I am thus broken.

Post by laura cadregari,

9255296604 Cease calling my Telephone. Dint want anything from you personally or your own fake com pony.

Post by Billy Aguilar,

925-529-6604 Ok. Last post. That Man who called was Jeanette Simpson Bass. I am pretty confident that is Bk s Partner. My baby mamma Amanda has definitely become hanging out with her there was an Il video with her inside it posted within her Google . Address is W Del favor drive. Antioch ca W.

Post by Guest,

9255296604 Did t fuss for response. . .

Post by Sarah,

925-529-6604 they called 5 times out of Am for PM

Post by Guest,

9255296604 Unknown

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 When i called it back to see who it was it previously mentioned that it was a non working number. Go Figure. .

Post by boss,

9255296604 I was called when Inquired the rude Agent for take my Amount off their list . . the operator Subsequently taxed me out of her Amount W W calling me an uneducated lowlife . . this really is the education they understand and Spread. .

Post by Hannah Loping,

925-529-6604 I m happy that someone responding to these places Remarks etc is Truly using their Head somewhat and Posting a Plausible Result. Thank you personally for using your own common sense. Ha ha.

Post by In Austin, Texas,

9255296604 I am Additionally receiving calls out of this Amount. Once last week three times today since the morning. No message was left on my express mail. However if you personally strive calling back the Amount as it appears on the caller ID I used my office Telephone thus that it Won't track my telephone on my personal Telephone I Additionally received an Vehicle response message the phone cannot become Finished as dialed. . . . . I am going to block it from my Telephone. I wonder. . . so Substantially for getting on your National don't Phone list if we still get these kind of calls. LOLA

Post by very upset mama,

925-529-6604 Cease calling me. They phone me early Sunday morning when I answer they hang Upwards and when I attempt to calk the Amount it Bands once and Subsequently its enjoy they ignore my telephone CZ it hang sup.

Post by Angelia Elkins,

9255296604 This Amount called me like 5 times today and I reply and no one Discussions then I phone back and it says number is no More in service. I 'm feed Upwards with them calling me. . .

Post by Liz,

925-529-6604 don t call

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 The Amount keeps calling me and wont leave a message.

Post by Sharon Lopez,

9255296604 I 've gotten that same call 7 times today and when i answer it they hang up

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 either dozen t answer and hangs Upwards. or tells you personally about school.

Post by Chelsea,

9255296604 Next time someone calls me from the number I will be bitching who ever is on another line. Call me asking about furthering my Instruction when I said no and I did t request for help and that got rude and Installed Upwards on me. Want to see how a rude Functions phone me again and you may look for out. . . . . . . . .

Post by Billy Aguilar,

925-529-6604 If this Amount tries to scam Everyone I suggest you personally take your data I out on there and report it. I still have to telephone and get somebody on your Telephone for create confident it's them but I understand that family. .

Post by Tim,

9255296604 Yes same info amp situation for me.

Post by Leslie,

925-529-6604 I 've gotten several calls from this Amount today.

Post by Marc Klein,

9255296604 Since the morning. I Merely ignored it expecting they d live me a VIM but nope they kept calling and calling and calling. I for called back from your office and . . How are they getting the s if we re on the Do not Call List. Is this legal.

Post by Jessie,

925-529-6604 3 phone calls within 3 hours all before noon. No message or express send number can not be called back.

Post by The mechanic,

9255296604 I obtained a phone from them and I did t answer and I go ogled it . . Thankfully I learned NOT to Reply for this number

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 phone not in service.

Post by Melissa,

9255296604 no reply when I answer stop calling me you personally idiots

Post by Ron,

925-529-6604 Their Amount still seams for be working However as I just gotten a phone from them but did not response.

Post by Anonymous,

9255296604 Okay. Gotten a call out of this number W W W. The number has called 3 times per day amp calls each 3 hours. It appears on my cell Telephone East San Francisco Bay on the Owner Id. The caller dozen t leave any voice mails. I have Closed Upward your home as well as 4 cell phones for the Do not Call List. Really Getaway t gotten any telemarketer or unwanted calls each since Subsequently in W days of doing so. This was 7 years ago. Be advised how telemarketers get Approximately this list for call your cell Telephone is by getting your number when your Providers sell the old numbers or would business with some and this adds your own Present number to your list that at the time is Understood as Indoors list that's shared between Events. however USN t apart of Do not call as nicely as vise Line. So this really is how they get around it. Thus to protect yourself make sure to hint up your number every 6 months or year for that Do not call list amp after while not just may your do not call list not contact you but if you should get call from that blue such as the number we have been speaking about above. . . you Subsequently will understand the USN t apart of that Don't call list its apart of the inside shared list that your own Company or email or service you signed Upwards for shared your Amount etc Now I agree W percent that when we hint Upward for Don't Phone List the s b enough but as you personally understand Sadly a few company or corporations when sharing your own info don t say its cell phone number etc amp as you personally understand telemarketer arena t Presume to telephone cell I Additionally don t share my email or numbers along with anyone but family close friends amp Dr office work and kids school. Also just share it with your mortgage Firm insurance and bank 2 credit cards. No one has bothers us. Become proposed as I m simply speaking of my own experience as nicely as my family and 5 Folks that did such amp Getaway t gotten unwanted calls either. But all i can do is share the info and hope it helps someone. Thus common sense tells people something must become correct or we would get these calls. Trust this helps and for all great Fortune. . Now back for W W W its education Program for honor Pupils and they only received my Amount through our students school. . high honour society. THC amp I don t understand these people or work for them within fact I live else where. . . Simply working Course Individual that Needed for share try to help amp Place thoughts at ease that this USN t telemarketer Amount amp if u don t 've child Seeking college or is graduating as honour Pupil Afterward disregard. . last i cant stand anything more Afterward being bothered by unwanted Owner myself so Simply Advertisement dd your number to Do not phone list every 6 mo amp if u get any calls after Subsequently understand its Statement collector or promotion that in fact 1 shared your number. Regrettably no 1 could remove Invoice collector from calling by Setting your own number on do not call list. thanking god we worked hard in life for where We have been Blessed for pay bills on time thus cant say i have gotten a call out of such Individual persons. thus if u register number to do not phone and do not owe any bills Afterward you personally should t get anymore unwanted calls either. . . so good luck for all. trust this helps you amp Additionally Simply People coming Collectively for share a Bizarre call etc Afterward the Information could become combined amp used for help Others. . thus THC u for sharing. Merely glad the Amount was legit because when one gets a call from Outside blue enjoy this amp keeps Upwards with don't phone list as we would amp use your phones for company Subsequently great for understand don't telephone is doing such Excellent Job. trust our expertise can help You personally. Thank you. New York. . .

Post by Sam,

925-529-6604 Called Around every hour until I finally was able to answer. Kindly asked the man for identify himself. Instead he Simply Inquired me about going back for school. So I just hung Upward and added this Amount to my telephone block list.

Post by Kristy,

9255296604 they called my phone that my mother has and they asked for me but when i call back it Bands just one time and Afterward beep beep

Post by Melissa,

925-529-6604 Called from the Amount many times and no message left

Post by Hannah Loping,

9255296604 I m glad that someone replying for these posts Remarks etc is Truly using their brain somewhat and Publishing a Reasonable response. Thank you for using your own common feeling. Ha ha.

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 spam

Post by Lindsay,

9255296604 The number has called me 5 times today and Hans t left just one message on my express send I haven t answered it because it's an unknown Amount for me. If it is so important exactly why dozen t the person using this number leave a message.

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 telemarketing

Post by kyla,

9255296604 Time and time again I vie asked these people for quit calling. They call at least 5 times a daytime. . . and if they answer u whatsoever they Merely keep asking Ur name and if u don t tell em they hang up on u. I vie gotten extremely rude Humor them. . . still becoming your calls. At 8 the morning a man called out of this Amount. . wen I replied he said hello really rudely. Asked who I was thus I Inquired him who the he was. He said say that again. . . thus I said it again. He rudely said say that 1 more time. . . thus I said it again. He Afterward Installed Upwards. . . still not identifying himself. Don t call my Telephone asking who I 'm W times a day and anticipate me to be Pleasant. . . They vie been calling for at least 2 KS now. . . daily basis. . . Leave CALLING MY Telephone. . . . . . . . . . I'm NOT INTERESTED as I vie said time and time again.

Post by ARW,

925-529-6604 Yep these telephone me to let me rambling express mail

Post by Anon,

9255296604 I got Residence tonight and I see that they 've called here 3 times today 'm PM and PM. I attempted for phone back and it rings 5 times and says your own telephone cannot be Finished as called please check the number and call again. Dozen t issue who it's out of they're using fake numbers to dial from which in my own novel means that they're Frauds. W W W is the Amount. Maybe tomorrow I may call and get someone for answer for advise them to take my number off their calling list.

Post by Dana,

925-529-6604 Quit CALLING MY Number. . . If you can t Discuss to me about whatever it is your own calling about Subsequently Do NT Phone ME. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

9255296604 Calls all day and hangs up when you personally response.

Post by Greer,

925-529-6604 They 've called so Way 3 times and have left a express send without saying anything. It Appears like they 've been calling every hour. I called back but no 1 replied.

Post by cmopolis,

9255296604 I Only obtained a call also from this number and when I called it back they replied it by saying Fulfillment Centre customer service may I help you. I said I don t understand you personally called my number and she asked for my name and I said no I won t tell you personally my name you personally need to tell me who you need and I will go out of there. She Put up on me LOLA

Post by Guest,

925-529-6604 Telephone rings amp they hang Upwards. Recently I agreed to can online survey but when try get quot do not qualify quot

Post by Norma,

9255296604 Repeated calls out of the number they hang Upwards after 3 Bands. Returned call says it is a non woe king Amount. How can that become they called my Amount.

Post by Justin,

925-529-6604 Thus drained of. becoming these calls

Post by Guest,

9255296604 Annoying but for school

Post by Margaret,

925-529-6604 Believe these people are frauds. Did not reply. Simply answer numbers I know or if they leave a message. Scams for strive and get your money Likely.

Post by Jacks Wife,

9255296604 Do not telephone the number again W W W. I am on the National No Call List.

Post by Brittani,

925-529-6604 they won t Discontinue calling even after decent hours about for cuss them out

Post by Ashley,

9255296604 I Got A Few Calls From The Amount Today. Replied The Third Time They Called And Politely Asked To Become Taken Off Their Calling List Because I 'm At Work And Cannot Be Bothered Like The. That Man Was Really Rude And Was Enjoy Well If You re At Work Why Are You Replying Your Telephone. Afterward When I Told Him I Work Out of Dwelling In my own Own Office And Have That Benefit But Don t Need Telemarketing Calls Or Whatever For Take Upward My Time And That I Did t Know How They Got My Number. He Proceeded To Read My Email Address And State I Required It. I Guaranteed Him I Never Did This type of Matter And That I Can Phone Back And Request A Supervisor. Simply Matter Is That When I Called Back It Said The Verizon wireless Number Had Been Changed Or Disconnected

Post by S.,

925-529-6604 The Amount has called me each W minutes Beginning at 'm. I don t reply Amounts I don t know and they won t leave a express send either.

Post by Bill,

9255296604 same crap. . . obtained telephone for my cellphone at W 'm on a Saturday morning. . . W W W listed simply as East San Francisco Bay Place. . . . but caller Put Upwards. . .

Post by Sarah,

925-529-6604 they called 5 times out of Am to PM

Post by Abella,

9255296604 this number has call me always for the last 3 times. I attempted calling your number back and it rang Around 6 times before going quiet for a few seconds Afterward it rang again once and Subsequently back for Stop.

Post by Kelly,

925-529-6604 Acquired a phone telephone out of this Amount at 9 W am to my cell Telephone. I replied and they Inquired for me by name. I asked what they Needed and they hung Upwards.

Post by Casey,

9255296604 I recd a call out of this .

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incorrect number

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2243238053 Complains by Guest,

Unsolicited insurance quote

9253831975 Complains by Guest,

Whatchamacallit Productions W Shari Cir. W Concord CA W Bus Monument Blvd Oak Grove Road W W W Info I found on this creep I got the by go ogling his Telephone number. His name is John Walsh Jr and he s about to get searched by that Authorities he messes along with your erroneous girl. I have family within the FBI and CIA and I don t Set up along with junk or Strange characters like the.

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8002910680 Complains by Kathy,

We have been getting several calls a day. We response and nobody is there. This stinks.

8134402910 Complains by Guest,

poo Tel people surprise. . Nahum

2248580747 Complains by Guest,

It says Net Telephone and when I phone the number back it gives no indication of who they are Merely says press 1 if I do not desire to become called by that number anymore

8000510878 Complains by akash,

hi. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

9364443088 Complains by Guest,

Calls from this Amount and another Amount W. Which are very similar for my Amount when i tell one to Cease calling they Changed for another Amount and call me out of that number.

8772418302 Complains by Guest,

Acquired phone late on Saturday around PM and no just one there. I am also on the don't call registry. I will not answer after reading below this is a telemarketer.

9492428224 Complains by Guest,

This number calls at least each hour and doesn't leave a message. I eventually blocked it on my cell phone using your Mr. Number app. Great despair.

8143848061 Complains by Guest,

Won t Discontinue calling me

9519025904 Complains by Guest,

Black pimp

9515527123 Complains by Guest,

Called and Afterward Put up before I could response.

8048297091 Complains by Sherry Carter,

They called me and they said my name even though I did not say Hi. I haven't called them Or 've I 've an account with them. My phone said it was out of Charles City Va. I have no hint as for where that is within Va. My Telephone is Additionally on your don't telephone list.

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