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Post by Sam,

9367032623 They left that same message few hours ago. I know I paid each penny I owe to that Government. That is without a uncertainty a scam. That Irs may never request a Individual along with a foreign tongue for call Individuals for tax money.

Post by Guest,

936-703-2623 play on Folks phone get a life . . . .

Post by Guest,

9367032623 They keep calling me and don t state anything amp Hang Upward called me on Could 1 and Subsequently could W. Really getting on my nerves I blocked

Post by Guest,

936-703-2623 Authorities grant

Post by SabbyBear,

9367032623 Another annoying Houston Amount that's very similar to other W W numbers that phone at least once a daytime. They hang Upward if I Choose up. They never leave vim. I think they Simply desire to hear my vim to see if I still 've the number. It s Only annoying.

Post by Guest,

936-703-2623 ho la Rafael

Post by Guest,

9367032623 I have gotten several calls for Charlie at Mark maintaining it s an insurance question. They 've called previous work numbers and each number I 've. I believe this really is a scam.

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5175746917 Complains by Guest,

done talking

7543682709 Complains by Guest,

2563078557 Complains by Guest,

loan max

3035022506 Complains by Guest,

Calls W times a day and never says anything.

9148106073 Complains by Guest,

jerk spamming and added Loss for Prohibit Amounts list

8009342001 Complains by Guest,

My Capital One Card has 2 Amounts on the back of that Card. Just one starts with W the other begins along with W. I accidental dialed W from your ST place of Amounts and the remainder from your ND set of numbers W W W . They said I had won a W Walmart card. They preceded for ask for my card number address and not empty name for Proof Applications. Component of that questions were from a Camera and part out of a live person. That Individual was supposedly describing each question amp said Only to state Okay. I Began for but heard more of that Camera than he meant me for that I would receive many information and become Priced . When I told him and said I Needed for Select out he became upset and said I could not I had already agreed. I told him I wan t aware of an additional charge or reviewing any info. I Installed Upwards and they called back 3 or more times. I talked along with him for say I was not interested and he said I would be charge. When I explained that I was at work and the telephone was being Registered he hung Upwards. Someone called back and my co worker answered and told him I was on your phone with my Lawyer he Put Upward. I contacted Capital One and they're not affiliated along with this Firm Absolute Access. That net list them located within Canada.

8047672721 Complains by Guest,

Community Bible. . . something Around becoming for Paradise. . . .

4196102426 Complains by Guest,

Many sort of scam. .

8002587317 Complains by Em,

I 've experienced your same harassment as reported by that previous Telephone customers. This started with me all at and proliferated The leads me to consider that phone number lists are sold and distributed rapidly. This is the same as phishing on a computer. They find out if a Telephone works and attempt for get information under your Trick of a request. Your phone Businesses are making millions of dollars from their blocked and unblocked toll free numbers and you can t identify the name of the Amount holder as it's kept Discreet by the Firm. Apparently there s too much cash to become lost if your lousy Amounts were turned away. The Telemarketers are using old Telephone lists. They use that name of my deceased dad who was gone for W years they phone and state that the e send out of daddy s name reborn. net appears on their request. Your name on the Telephone account was Ended around W years ago. I Generally 've a very quiet phone with simply a few calls a week. I Began receiving these calls for my deceased daddy on 7 W W and 've obtained many many calls each day ever since. Many Telemarketers called me along with your exact same pretext. We 're returning a request so your Do not phone list dozen t Implement for me. many different numbers phone. Since 8 6 W when I had Owner ID and Solitude manager installed I have gotten the following phone calls along with hang ups or Strange theatrics such as that same person imitating various National accents W W W People Medical Supply along with numerous names given on 7 W amp W W the Began your chain. X W W La sic Eyesight Institute that is was located within Farm Twine ova. X W W W A. I. G American International Long Period Care Insurance Group . 3 X's W W W W W x W W W 6 X's W W W W W x W W W 2 X's W W W W W W W W W I 've Owner ID and Solitude manager on my land line along with Art and am screening calls. I am for now keeping a log of the Amounts. I don t understand why your appropriate Companies with that Administration powers or that phone Businesses don t Reply for that legal Problem and customer tax payer Grievances. The Do not telephone list was an excellent matter but if no Activity is taken against the Your I m returning a request Trick it may just get worse. My simply Ideas are 1 Don t let them get to you. Use caller ID and never reply unknown Cost free numbers. Use telephone screening and if the telephone is Significant they could leave a message. Perhaps we should start requesting the elected officials for Reply for their constituents and enforce your law. We Approved a law against being phone Club med so lets enforce it. All your enforcing agency has to do is go to the Telephone Business Safe owner info subpoenas are easy and take action including fining them and pulling your plug. I don t comprehend exactly why that FCC or your FTC or the Telephone companies that we whine to can t would what we did and look at your number of on line Criticisms against Unique violators. All they 've to do is telephone one of these Amounts and get on the list. I m not sure how many civil servants it would take to would the. It Looks enjoy it might be great to 've a few knocks on Opportunities by law enforcement and or that Telephone Firm and Cease the Trick of I m calling back along with Don't call list fines to pay for your Work. My just Strategies are 1 don t let them get for you. Use caller ID and never response unknown Cost free numbers. Use phone screening and if your telephone is important they could leave a message. I 'm going for keep Publishing this same post with each toll free hang up I get out of Distinct numbers.

8002296505 Complains by TJ,

Gotten a telephone on my house line at 8 W out of P. C. Dept W W W then a telephone on my cell at 9 'm out of W W W urging me to phone them. At W W 'm another phone out of Computer Department but a Distinct number W W W. The just one I replied and it overly said I won a Lincoln Navigator or W W and for phone an W W W x W for details. Exactly why would an Automobile Call er need for telephone 1 Success. I would believe when I won a prize that just one grand prize they would phone in Man.

8002377476 Complains by Bill,

please call

8002412561 Complains by Buzztower,

They called and left no message. I called your number and got a recording for Good Energy Sales I did t hang around for Notice their sales Frequency.

8002429208 Complains by John Lee,

Soliciting for transgender Cosmetic reconstruction. Needed credit card number.

8001762608 Complains by User1000001,

Got this message saying retrieve your W out of AT amp T its a scam AT amp T never Offers money for free. . .

8002301941 Complains by Guest,

Blue cross blue shield anthem Wellness care

8000788829 Complains by PW,

I 'm getting calls out of this and other W W xx xx Amounts.

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