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2016-06-17 00:48:55
2016-06-16 10:45:06
Walter Campbell
2016-06-15 14:03:01
Got a hang Upward call out of the Amount. I called back immediately and got a recorded message stating that Amount was from service.
2016-04-17 20:14:26
Grisliest spam by text
2016-04-17 04:18:15
5 calls Now. No message nor caller ID.
2016-04-17 02:26:14
Keep Getting Text message for get a free Macy s Gift Card
2016-04-16 11:11:50
record comes on.
2016-04-14 21:13:58
Jerry Bolder or Golda called amp Encourage me to 've a credit card for 6 interest if I was intuit of W or more. I told him I was not amp he Installed up on me .
2016-04-14 19:50:14
Has anyone been getting calls from the number. Fully unknown to me
2016-04-14 10:23:44
Same matter here. . . they phone at least X a daytime annoying.
2016-04-14 09:02:46
calls and never anyone on another end. call back and has an extremely poor computer answering service.
2016-04-14 03:26:26
2016-04-14 01:46:31
Mark Kelly or Reilly Swearing at me and telling me he did t know who he was calling.
2016-04-13 21:30:37
Got a call from this number today from a Man who called me sir I am not a guy. and Inquired if we've dental insurance. Needless for state I told him to stop calling people.
2016-04-13 07:50:30
W W Trans Universe Systems. Set agency
2016-04-13 05:46:56
They told me they can keep calling until I pay for some Publications but I don t read Publications that s what that Web is for I can see everything on Google. com that I could see in a mag
2016-04-11 15:05:56
Haphazard calls no message
2016-04-11 15:05:44
grisliest scummier
2016-04-10 20:26:26
Got a telephone out of the at 3 PM Now and your ID said Macy's. My voice mail has been full for W's now. Used to get a phone out of this almost each daytime. Today was the ST time within a while. I did t response it
2016-04-10 19:30:45
dummy. sound enjoy Authorities or Merely an idiot

Phone list in area 938

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9385643661Government Scam we may sue if you don t telephone another for work it outGuest72015-11-05 02:49:53
9382234720same Firm has been calling for years every couple of days. very rude won t take me off their calling list hangs up on me When I Inquired to Chat to your Manager or ask about the Firm info. Guest602015-11-05 02:51:53
9384902855Windows support. Guest42015-11-05 05:49:53
9384887487Phone several times a daytime. Guest32016-04-06 08:39:44
9385613681This was Officially my final notice the Government Interior Income Service was filing a litigation against me. If I wanted more info I was to telephone W W WGuest52015-11-05 09:27:53
9386586762Dumb campaign telephone. Guest62015-12-14 20:02:27
9382262203Calling asking Around visa master cards. Offering to provide you a lower interest speed. 6 concerned citizen52015-12-15 17:12:20
9385673691Telling me it was Government and I was being sued gave me a code number for use when I phone back. Guest42015-11-05 17:30:53
9381774492fruits imports and exportsGuest12015-11-05 20:45:53
9384887486recording comes on. Guest72016-04-16 11:11:50
9380926763kGuest22015-11-06 01:18:53
9384699886sag hiGuest22015-11-06 01:44:53
9385613614Remove me out of your own call list thank youBruce Kidd32016-04-08 07:30:04
9384887482House. com call. . . salesGuest72016-02-15 19:09:46
9385603651The Sargent Matt gold says I m going to jail for calling the real dew for Confirm. Ginny82015-12-22 10:23:17
9384887484Mark Kelly or Reilly Swearing at me and telling me he didn't know who he was calling.Guest52016-04-14 01:46:31
9384576632ha medGuest12015-11-06 19:01:53
9388959433They keep calling for Christopher. Guest12015-11-06 20:56:53
9388428246SalesmenGuest32015-11-07 01:05:53
9382307620Guest12015-11-07 02:32:53
9381201504Handle phone. Guest62015-12-18 20:21:21
9382787625NothingGuest42015-12-14 04:34:14
9385653651Scam call claiming IRS is filing a lawsuit against youGuest32015-11-07 23:06:53
9385693651The caller did not leave any message.Charles62015-12-19 02:33:22
9385633681It was an automated voice claiming to be from the I.R.S. saying the I.R.S. was filing suit against me.Guest22015-11-08 03:43:53
9380206225I dont get a call I get a TXT acting as if they are my friend. want me to add to my messenger. I dont give any info to ANYONE!balance62015-12-14 02:13:47
9385653661Robo called repeatitalyGuest62015-12-15 13:18:46
9385550176said he was from Microsoft windows and was calling to fix a reported problem. He was foreign sounding. He hung right up when I told him I had NO computer.Guest52015-11-09 01:09:53
9384887489Keep Getting Text message to get a free Macy's Gift CardGuest62016-04-17 02:26:14
9383731585Keeps calling from different # every 2 minutes!Guest62015-11-09 04:45:53
9382134571Correction - *HARVEY'S* (not Harbey's) Comedy Club, PORTLAND, OregonTed Nugent62015-12-09 23:37:58
9385613618Has anyone been getting calls from this number? Totally unknown to meannoyed42016-04-14 19:50:14
9385693671SCAM IRSGuest32015-11-09 20:11:53
9384505862SW CreditGuest82015-12-14 19:45:32
9385663681This caller is very rude. Report him to the proper authorities.Guest72015-12-16 06:13:10
9389585734no call me plzGuest12015-11-10 01:01:53
9385633611Received a call from this number on 11/13/2014 at 12:43 p.m. "Caller" left a voicemail saying it was their final attempt to reach us regarding an IRS law suite. Told us to call back and select "02".Guest22015-11-10 05:49:53
9382137900You are blocked from contacting this person.Guest62015-12-08 21:14:47
9389288875I have blocked this caller and they still call all the time.Guest62015-12-16 14:03:40
9385693685ScamGuest62016-04-07 12:15:21
9385868969Scammer!Guest82015-12-16 14:35:15
9385603611The keep leave text message commentsGuest82015-12-08 23:40:33
9386054893Weirdo txt sex questions to call girlsGuest72015-12-20 10:08:07
9385623704BLOCKEDGuest52016-06-17 00:48:55
9388959434Block plzGuest72016-03-25 04:09:13
9385541279They hungup when I answered tje phone.Guest82015-12-14 00:57:45
9383856822because there are only 2 parties?Whatever62015-12-09 19:36:14
9386377428Number continously keeps calling...just was wondering who it may be because I don't answer numbers I dont know.Rae82015-12-18 19:20:16
9389511185from American K-9 AC whatever that means.Did not answer.matt42015-12-09 22:41:05
9386322964Global CrossingsPat Power52015-12-18 18:25:45

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