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2016-04-24 10:33:14
This was us knucklehead. My mommy Discontinued monitoring me W years Past. MFA. . . . . . . . . . . Luvs u
2016-02-16 09:00:23
quot Pistol the P. Harlem Us. Come buy some Match quot self proclaimed p trying to Generate via text
2016-02-16 08:50:55
not alive atmosphere. . . . no sound or reply
2016-02-16 07:51:11
Answered They hung Upward. . .
2016-02-16 05:12:45
Well respected plumber in that Newport Beach Place.
2016-02-16 05:11:24
My sisters phone has received multiple threats through text out of this Amount. I have the texts and can call that police.
2016-02-16 03:00:36
the caller calls me from a Lot of Amounts. W
2016-02-16 02:44:17
Layered connection. BS
2016-02-16 01:54:16
Left no message
2016-02-16 01:00:06
The Amount calls me every single daytime hangs Upward upon replying.
2016-02-16 00:17:58
No message left
2016-02-16 00:13:46
We did get a phone out of same number where would u live angel
2016-02-15 23:52:21
got a telephone but didn't answer
2016-02-15 23:44:10
2016-02-15 22:58:10
Says that I am being sued and I need to call another number and they will try to get money from you its spam
2016-02-15 22:54:59
Computerized Girl named Lisa calling in Wishes to refinance my credit card. Issue is I Getaway t had a credit card within W years. P
2016-02-15 21:51:09
I acquired an excessively disturbing Telephone call on 9 W W. It was a very upsetting phone telephone I would love for can what ever to Find this Amount.
2016-02-15 21:32:40
2016-02-15 21:21:09
2016-02-15 20:21:57
the Amount called me on your acreage line and Installed up on me.

Phone list in area 939

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9392616429Es ta Personality llama riptides vices pregnant Poe differences hombres P} meres y SE pone con frescoesGuest12015-11-04 17:01:53
9392051008Vent De saguarosGuest482015-11-04 17:21:53
9392498739Likes to make jokes calls. Be careful. Guest102015-11-04 19:18:53
9392071605Don't have any Thought who it's. Sydney62015-12-18 23:32:24
9392715177Sends your same message multiple times on intent. Guest12015-11-04 18:56:53
9393506958I keep getting calls from this Amount no response and no message. Gail92015-12-14 18:33:30
9393068453Time sensitive issue Related for the Societal security number of name . Recorded MSG. CollectionGuest52015-12-14 15:09:21
9392029054Tu cu loGuest12015-11-04 18:49:53
9392166576Called three time today no massage called two times last nightGuest52015-12-14 06:29:08
9392489738ho la jeanGuest12015-11-04 23:40:53
9392540792LieGuest82015-12-18 23:45:12
9392596998CDTGuest12015-11-05 01:13:53
9392688741spamGuest92015-12-16 09:59:13
9397773938No quire Que Tonga contact Congo Guest12015-11-05 04:07:54
9392689010Express mail message to phone back at the Amount above. Guest52015-12-08 13:57:29
9392026960disgusting cancer patient Virginia d. cl egg kick out out of grand junction veterans hospital. we all joyful about that. disgusting cancer Individual Virginia cl egg was fighting along with everybody. disgusting cancer patient Virginia d. cl egg will die in short time. Virginia dahlias cl egg disgusting mentally unstable cancer patientGuest32015-11-05 05:13:53
9394370284Automated system within SpanishGuest92015-11-05 05:37:53
9392023351StalkerGuest12015-11-05 08:01:53
9393329834No DisposableGuest12015-11-05 08:11:53
9392539074dint Choose upGuest12015-11-05 09:07:53
9397230550State collecting cash for disabled vetsGuest62015-12-15 04:00:17
9392539594I Only acquired a phone in the quot Us Treasury Section quot maintaining I was being sued for filing my W and W taxes incorrectly and I would 've warrant for my Charge. I asked for confirmation and more information and they Installed Upwards on me. This is a fake Owner Attempting for scam Individuals from cash. Guest82015-12-16 13:52:20
9399405515This was a missed telephone but I do receive a few calls out of Strange numbersBP72015-12-14 14:19:36
9392500959psychoGuest12015-11-05 12:27:53
9393507894he is an idiot . Guest12015-11-05 12:52:53
9394370154It said that I won a Honda Accord LC and that they're Striving for contact me for the last 2 times. Inquired me to call Sr. GonzalezGuest12015-11-05 12:55:53
9394370204male called several times from Amount W W W saying a family member had been kidnapped and that Owner will kill your Individual unless paid. Guest122015-11-05 13:28:53
9392656546Element son sequestrates P} personas y Te Pi Lair diner a Camera bio d StaelGuest62015-11-05 13:40:53
9395792055Sources tell me not to reply the Amount if it calls your own cell even if u dint Talk it is a way of stealing your own Id Merely NY allowing it. . Guest112015-11-05 14:49:53
9392866826They called saying my brother had an Crash and that they had him kidnapped. They Desired money for let him go. That s from Pr and I live within that Us so they Found me away guard not Understanding where my brother was. W dollars and an hour After I got in touch with my brother. Be careful. Of the Legal. Guest52015-11-05 16:06:53
9392168152Substantially nebulae dull P} q mi Herman stab en problem as y me enunciation. Lame a mi Herman y Nadia habit pas ado. Guest52015-11-05 16:28:53
9393324154Calling several times a daytime. No message left. Brian72015-12-18 21:54:25
9392765442JokerGuest52015-11-05 18:05:53
9392887955HarassmentGuest32016-02-15 23:44:10
9392428164could it be CU Berkeley asking for cash. cal alum52015-12-09 14:21:42
9399400548Mexicali URL HTTP . com URL link HTTP . com link HTTP . com Guest62015-11-05 22:58:53
9392167784Cameron a mi Abel y Tia Abel divined Que UN familiar habit tend UN Crash P} perish Carr's en la Baldric y o WGuest82015-11-05 23:16:53
9392758955Get from the gutter NY not spamming otherwise you personally don t deserve any of your company. spamalot42015-12-08 16:49:13
9392085205possible scamGuest212015-11-06 00:25:53
9392166155Criminals calling saying that my Mommy was kidnapped and requesting money to release her. The happened within Pert Rico yesterday 3 W W at W W 'm. Called that local police Section. After found that my mother was Ok. It was a lie of criminals. Guest32015-11-06 00:37:53
9396455374looserGuest82015-12-14 10:32:47
9394526871huhGuest12015-11-06 01:56:53
9392029996A La's 5 W pm Cameron P} Ester numeric a mi residential y procreation Poe mi papa Le indication Que la lambada Age De Hacienda Pro con quine queering tabular era con mi Herman. Cameron a mi Herman AL cellular a La's 5 W pm y la Identity SE identifier Como Christian Belay Eli quot Fichte quot P} Santa Maria Ester Le educate Que custom envied a 2 Mother tones a bu scar a Miguel Rivera Alias quot Boo quot y Que MI's padres candor Verona es as 2 personas rares Cameron a la Alicia y Que la Alicia Les confiscator Eli vehicular Que Poe Trail razing Ellis Esteban tenoned periods. Indigo Que BIA a Invar a UN's personas a deists la Case y darns Ina peal para matrons. Guest42015-11-06 01:59:53
9392848687Something about mortgages via textGuest52015-12-14 23:40:53
9397777705no text or express mailGuest62015-11-06 02:44:53
9392089214Unwanted callsGuest92015-12-16 13:06:07
9399895117Statement collectorGuest12015-11-06 03:44:54
9392637509Fraud. . . . . . . . i won a W Honda accord from Carib Engine. FraudGuest132015-11-06 04:11:53
9390903131IVsGuest52015-11-06 06:01:53
9396421556didn't leave message. wouldn't supply Place phone was coming fromclarence52015-12-18 23:40:18

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