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2016-02-16 00:41:33
Hung up when I replied. When I tried to call back I was Additionally told it was a non working Amount.
2016-02-16 00:16:43
Calls Day-to-day but never leaves a message. This number is listed in that Do not telephone registers
2016-02-15 19:16:32
Got a text message out of this number W W W. Had a link for Www. photo profile. com
2016-02-15 19:16:30
Dint see him plays games
2015-12-23 16:48:47
Crooks email Telephone scam
2015-12-21 06:19:09
Installed up
2015-12-20 21:17:14
Auto loan approval text
2015-12-20 18:40:15
I Merely got a call out of W W W and I Set them through the lie as nicely. After I got really far along with my lie i disconnected that telephone on my cell Telephone enjoy the telephone Shed. Then he called me back on my phone along with the Amount W W W. I told him I was onto him and had already reported their Business. He said he did t care. I Inquired him to remove my Amount and he said he would t. His name was Don and he called himself a front er
2015-12-20 11:45:23
2015-12-20 09:01:37
I got called by W W W at W W 'm on Tues W W W . . . then did more research and found the following Opinions at another site WORK From Home MUST 've Expertise Closure MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEMS Call Now. W W W Begin TOMORROW. The telephone Sufferer really wishes there was fresh Legislation in place that would allow call victims enjoy me to Invoice amp invoice these spammers and then get Government support in collecting my monies in the spammers within my case it would come for W just for open Upward a Occupation Admission amp W per hour Routine company hours TIME amp W per hour overtime amp W per hour if on Breaks for can that Following and researching Wanted to get to amp out of these seriously UN wanted callers . .
2015-12-20 00:00:29
several unsolicited calls from them in your last week. Not replied no message left.
2015-12-19 17:00:06
North or South Carolina comes up I forget which just one Very popular for spam calls I could be erroneous but that s life Mr number blocking going to occur maybe they ll text me if its a friend
2015-12-19 16:18:32
Calls about six for eight times a daytime never leaves a message when call back heir mail carton is not empty. . . . . .
2015-12-19 11:58:18
card holder services Rachael.
2015-12-19 11:46:38
I replied and no res ponce then after a pause there was laughing inside their boiler room and your Man Inquired me if I was there. I told him I had already said hello once and he Put up on me.
2015-12-19 02:53:37
Calls back to back several times fills Upwards my express mail. We don t even use these turds.
2015-12-19 01:46:16
Offering a bank loan
2015-12-19 01:09:21
They called I answered it was a Man asking me to verify my address to create sure he was speaking for your correct Individual. I told him it wan t and he Installed Upward.
2015-12-19 01:07:56
Called I did not reply no message left
2015-12-18 23:15:24
This really is a valid phone out of your Representative at P Advertising

Phone list in area 947

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9479375624block this noGuest12015-11-05 08:35:55
9475177052GRISLIEST SCUMMIER. . Guest32015-11-05 16:21:55
9475177061Got a text message out of this number W W W. Had a link to Web. Photograph profile. comAshia32016-02-15 19:16:32
9474364965The Man You're calling is not alive. Guest32015-11-06 01:49:55
9474842565sorry but i 've for block u. Guest12015-11-06 20:09:55
9475189706student loansGuest72015-12-15 23:40:45
9476719456nothing bad to state but god shoeGuest12015-11-07 08:27:55
9477371342fakeGuest42015-11-07 10:10:55
9479514604pigGuest52015-12-20 11:45:23
9476149829who is this from?mark42015-12-08 10:58:29
9475550177Caller said he was from "Windows Technical Support" and asked for my husband by first name. When I told him he wasn't available, he said he was calling regarding a problem with his computer. Knowing this was a scam, I asked which computer. He answered his Windows operating system, I told him we have macs and he hung up. I have received this call several times before. They will try to get you to let them access your computer remotely, freeze your system, then ask for a substantial payment to fix the problem. Scam Scam ScamGuest82015-11-09 15:25:55
9478246734Telemarketing spamGuest52015-12-08 22:42:04
9474973032Your bf likes to hit up strangers for sexGuest72015-12-08 14:26:13
9471519436I received a call from this number asking me to call them back immediately. When I called back they wanted either my loan number or my social security number. My house payment is current so I didn't give them any information.Guest82015-12-18 19:27:38
9478216304SpamGuest72015-12-16 09:03:26
9479463665This is a legitimate call from our rep at YP AdvertisingGuest52015-12-18 23:15:24
9474196412called my cell phone and hung up without leaving a message.stumpy82015-12-17 11:03:47
9477448000Constantly calls no answer please helpGuest12015-11-11 15:56:55
9475177528She works for Arab Access, has a crush on my husband and won't quit calling. She's covered & he said she looked like a poodle and smelled like rotten sardines!Guest22015-11-12 01:58:55
9475177646Fake gift card to Best Buy.Guest12015-11-12 04:11:55
9475177055Dont see him plays gamesGuest42016-02-15 19:16:30
9475177534Seems very strange. Trying to buy welding tanks and never asking anything about them. And cannot get the person to answer phone. When I return the call.Guest12015-11-12 21:33:55
9475177343bullshittGuest12015-11-13 04:34:55
9479618167HiGuest12015-11-13 08:30:55
9474777260Calls about six to eight times a day never leaves a message, when call back heir mail box is full......Guest62015-12-19 16:18:32
9473881144His BGuest12015-11-14 02:58:55
9478999417Got a phone call the same day as the previous person who posted. No message left.Jill62015-12-15 16:43:10
9475178093this cellular has been disconnectedGuest52015-12-08 15:44:38
9478294562Got random call at 4 AM. No message and when I called back it was busy. Very annoying...Guest12015-11-14 17:46:55
9475170000A dating.service I did not contactGuest42015-11-14 18:11:55
9473895302his so stupidGuest12015-11-14 22:40:55
9470420406busyGuest22015-11-15 10:14:55
9476505251Spoofed caller id. Did not answer, no voicemail left.Guest12015-11-16 05:23:55
9475177067Hung up when I answered. When I tried to call back, I was also told it was a non-working number.Guest32016-02-16 00:41:33
9475178193Bill has been paid by medicaid!!!!Guest42015-12-16 07:50:02
9471776203BastosGuest12015-11-17 10:51:55
9478915264car loan approval textGuest42015-12-20 21:17:14
9478601503ComcastGuest62015-12-14 09:06:40
9475177802Talks about a Best Buy gift card for $1000......BSGuest12015-11-18 22:16:55
9475174677It is TransWorld System...Collection AgencyBO52015-12-14 05:26:25
9477623309card holder services rachael.Guest62015-12-19 11:58:18
9478048410Calls daily but never leaves a message. This number is listed in the Do not call registersGuest62016-02-16 00:16:43
9479755488credit cardGuest12015-11-19 07:46:55
9475157511DATEGuest12015-11-19 13:08:55
9475173915Possible sexual predator. He met my daughter online & got her to give him her number. My daughter was 11 years old @ the time.Guest12015-11-20 11:31:55
9479481471Telling me that my name was randomly choosen for a federal grant moneyJerry72015-12-14 20:55:09
9478904714This number called me twice today, so far. Leaves no message. I call back, an operator says call cannot be connected to that number. Getting more and more calls similar to this one. Congress . . . DO SOMETHING!Bill42015-11-21 03:04:28
9477403642terriGuest82015-12-14 08:55:00
9476622176These people are rude and trying to scam you outta your money.Abby62015-12-18 18:22:53
9475178443they sent a email to me saying it was for a mystery shopper for western uniondee42015-11-21 03:18:15

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