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Telephone information: Pacific Bell. El Toro, CA. Orange. United states
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137 complaints
Post by Guest,

9494658454 Calls multiple times each day.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 They murmured something and Put Upward. After they repeatedly called for days.

Post by Skip,

9494658454 Person Mo Loan Site called your business two days in a Line. . . after being told that person they were looking for did not work here. They called again that next day. Definitely inappropriate.

Post by Tony Duany,

949-465-8454 Obnoxious constant calling

Post by Dan,

9494658454 I filled Outside an Web kind to refinance my Dwelling mortgage. The Amount Loan Depot calls my office Principal line my office direct line and my cellular telephone Telephone at least a dozen times a daytime. Since they're calling thus Substantially bordering on harassment I won t even talk to them. I surely don t trust them along with my Residence loan if they need for hustle company by calling people so Usually.

Post by Lisa U.,

949-465-8454 They won't stop calling me. I have told them 4 times for Discontinue.

Post by Laurie,

9494658454 Called my cell phone W times Now and left no message. I called back on my lunch break and they won t even identify themselves. Said they were searching for someone I don t even know. I told them I did t know the Man and Inquired that they please Discontinue calling. They ongoing calling Eve couple of hours and if you personally response that phone no just one says anything. FRUSTRATING. . . Can you personally report these Folks or something. I 'm on the do not call list.

Post by Ed,

949-465-8454 Loan Depot. . . they could get your own info from Expiring i. e. . com . They're grim. I enjoy to phone them repeatedly for no motive. Amusing they have now stopped calling me.

Post by valentina,

9494658454 they calls 7 W times every daytime . 1

Post by Jennifer Lopez,

949-465-8454 Loan Depot girl was named Savannah left me a message called three times in 1 hour.

Post by Coni Cassity,

9494658454 This really is a loan Business but they don t identify your name of the Business. Each time I vie asked to Chat for that Manager they hang Upward which is a Large red Banner that this is not a Reliable Business.

Post by Mark,

949-465-8454 Tested it s loan depot. I filled out an Web kind and now they called W times you should add telemarketer as a choice

Post by Lacie,

9494658454 The Amount won t Stop calling me and I Decided Upward the phone several times telling them not for call me again. I Set my number on the Don't Telephone Registry amp your won t leave me alone. They are Striving to get me for take Outside a Dwelling loan. I would never do company along with someone that harasses me and Works my cell battery dead Regular.

Post by Jacq,

949-465-8454 KEEP CALLING. They're Relentless and HARASSING ME.

Post by Mike R,

9494658454 I filled out and Net kind and I 've had at least W calls or more.

Post by kyle,

949-465-8454 Christina you personally demand for create your own request for your caller. This can be a discussion and information board and has nothing to do along with anyone s unwanted calls.

Post by Guest,

9494658454 Mortgage fraud

Post by athome,

949-465-8454 I Simply Began becoming calls out of these jerks. I m sick at Dwelling. I answered and there was nothing. Each hour they vie been calling.

Post by Jeannine,

9494658454 MG they called me AS I was writing my preceding message even though I told them yesterday not to telephone me again. I threatened legal Activity. We ll see.

Post by Det. Francis Gallo,

949-465-8454 They called my Table within Legal Investigations asking for my wife. I told them there was no manner my Partner called for refinance our Residence nor would she present my office Amount at the Authorities Department. That idiot had the audacity to state that they had to get that data from somewhere. I again pointed Outside this is a Police department and they 've been scammed. He told me to be safe and hung up. Out of what I m reading this can be a telemarketer named Loan Resource. If I get any more your company could possibly be speaking to an Lawyer in short order.

Post by Billy,

9494658454 This is nuts. It getting to the point where i desire to Shift my Telephone number. How can I get them to Discontinue calling.

Post by Brian,

949-465-8454 calling me every W minutes or so. . . . unreal

Post by betty,

9494658454 Call them back and tell them for take your name off their telephone list. I did and it worked.

Post by Cat,

949-465-8454 Yup. It s Loan Warehouse. I Simply went to their Web site and called their customer service number 1 W W W Told them that I am not a customer don't want for be a customer and if they don't Discontinue calling me I can report them for your Better Company Institution. The woman who replied said that she d take care if it. We ll see.

Post by Patty,

9494658454 They called me and when I Decided Upwards they asked for patty. I said this is and they Hung Upwards. Exactly why phone me then. . Makes no feeling.

Post by Henry,

949-465-8454 If you expressed interest on your net in refinancing your house you can expect Short tons of calls out of the joker and others with your same selling motivation.

Post by kermit,

9494658454 It May}n' have something to do along with a Dwelling loan. I keep getting calls every W minutes. From Main I won t can business with this Firm.

Post by patsy cooper,

949-465-8454 stop these calls

Post by Herbie,

9494658454 They're calling me Frequently. They are a pain within your . I never Select Upward the Telephone if I don t Understand your number. They won t leave a message which shows how cowardly they're.

Post by AG,

949-465-8454 gotten a telephone out of the Amount asking for a Don Stiller

Post by leann,

9494658454 Continue for telephone. After I replied they said they had that wrong number.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Spam

Post by Joe Sides,

9494658454 Loan Website has called me 5 times already Now. . . . I will not response because I don't who they're and I don't need or need to Discuss to them. . . . I may phone back and start hanging Upwards on them. . . . . . .

Post by HS,

949-465-8454 They called me and Installed up when I answered. When I called back they previously mentioned that they were looking for someone that I did t understand. What a pain. . .

Post by Guest,

9494658454 I get called from this number every few hours.

Post by Santiago,

949-465-8454 Thank you. Only did that. Hope it works. I did t understand the best way to get rid of those annoying calls.

Post by Jennifer,

9494658454 They call and ask me for Take your Fees.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Telemarketer

Post by Sam Kaliche,

9494658454 These Folks are rude and nasty. I don t have any reason to Speak to them and don t need them for phone.

Post by Perry,

949-465-8454 Cheers I haven't acquired a phone within a week.

Post by Maria Maruna,

9494658454 Receiving many calls a day from this Amount at work. Nobody says anything when I answer thus I hang Upward. I don't know who that Firm is but 've read this number is for Residence Resource or many home loan company. They cannot continue for telephone me at work. . . I desire it Discontinued. . .

Post by Santiago,

949-465-8454 Thank you personally. Simply did that. Hope it works. I did t understand the best way to get rid of those annoying calls.

Post by Herbie,

9494658454 They're calling me Regularly. They are a pain within that . I never Choose Upward your Telephone if I don t Comprehend your number. They won t leave a message which shows how cowardly they are.

Post by kyle,

949-465-8454 Christina you personally demand for create your request for your caller. That is a discussion and information board and has nothing to can with anyone s unwanted calls.

Post by Marc,

9494658454 wow these people called three times in just one hour and a Toto of W time over that past three times. Cheers Expiring it all Began after I got my credit report from you.

Post by CRICK,

949-465-8454 They have called me numerous times and I would t reply. Now I had 2 voice mail messages from Courtney Loan Dept W W W Bobby Franco Accelerate Loans W W W or W W W ext W and a Renee W W W. Your W W W called and asked for Tim when I said he did t live here your Person got quiet and hung Upward on me. Out of what I could gather either a Phil Moon has Used for a loan and Offered my Amount or either these jerks are cold calling with a factious name. I too am on your do not phone list and don t appreciate all of these calls.

Post by Guest,

9494658454 Spam

Post by Charlie Goldman,

949-465-8454 They have been calling me 3 4 times a daytime occasionally near 9 PM I wish I knew how you can block them

Post by hs,

9494658454 They called me and Installed up when I answered. When I called back they stated that they were searching for someone that I did t understand. What a pain. . .

Post by Tracy,

949-465-8454 Don't call

Post by Kathy,

9494658454 I made an internet request and did t even finish putting in the data. I 've obtained at least W calls out of them. That last just one at 8 p. m. the evening. Enough.

Post by Effing Mad,

949-465-8454 These freaks are really breaking your law I would believe. They left me one message saying that they were returning my call Around refinancing a Residence loan. I have NEVER requested a refinance through any company or bank ever. They're calling my cell phone which is on the do not telephone registry. WT. I 'm blocking their Amount from my cell.

Post by Michael Moore,

9494658454 Call several times Day-to-day no message.

Post by lucy,

949-465-8454 and it USN t among those 1 way only Amounts. they actually answer that phone.

Post by Guest,

9494658454 Numerous calls to my cell don t understand who or what they desire. I do not response. Don t want any more calls.

Post by Michael  Wilde,

949-465-8454 These Individuals will not Cease calling me. ID how they got my phone number but they phone me all the time amp I am thus sick of it amp I refuse for reply my phone anymore. Please help.

Post by pram,

9494658454 They called again today. So Way twice. Even though I 've my name on a do not telephone list. I don t know what else for would. I attempted for block the Amount but they change the last digit and phone again. Since the has been going on for months I trust they will Merely get tired and Quit on their own.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Unsolicited Day-to-day calls and messages out of Loan Resource.

Post by Guest,

9494658454 Annoying I get calls each few hours

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Replied and told them to remove me from list and Discontinue calling. They Put up on me and still telephone a dozen times a day very annoying. .

Post by owner of 251-454-2005,

9494658454 If you can t leave a message. Please don t telephone this Amount.

Post by PMB,

949-465-8454 Yes my dumb ass. I filled Outside a type on the web presuming that I could get an Thought as to what that attention would be on a W year loan and I vie been slammed by these fools and others. I m presuming of forwarding their calls to. . .

Post by Pat,

9494658454 Me overly . . Thus glad I figured it Outside Consistent small dweebs . .

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Spam

Post by Pat,

9494658454 Me overly . . Thus happy I figured it out Chronic small dweebs . .

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 loan depot

Post by ack!,

9494658454 They called W times Now Beginning at Am.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Loser calls and no matter what you tell him he keeps calling.

Post by E Buss,

9494658454 KEEP CALLING. They're Relentless and HARASSING People. . . I wish I could report them for someone for this. I would not do business w this Business Or understand where they got the number. As soon as I can I may be reporting them to your BBB this really is Real harassment.

Post by Larry,

949-465-8454 that is becoming annoying. no message Simply a telephone. Can I Discontinue it.

Post by Monika McGowan,

9494658454 I 'm registered under the Do not Phone LIST. Harassing calls frequent and not interested within their product whatsoever. STOP

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 T

Post by Jan Cochran,

9494658454 I filled Outside a kind online canceled before that last step now getting calls but they won t talk when I telephone back they won t Chat. Please take me off your own list.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Don t know who called.

Post by AK,

9494658454 received 3 calls within a issue of 1 hour and i am on that don't phone list the one Individual i did talk for Inquired for someone i dint even know

Post by Dave,

949-465-8454 Four calls Now Beginning at W am and it s simply 2 W pm shush. Happy I m on the Don't Call list. Next time I ll reply and need they remove my name from their list.

Post by Xx,

9494658454 This Telephone number is not Linked with Loan Resource. It s Spoofed

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 I don t know who these idiots are but they telephone my phone 6 8 times a day nicely jokes on them I place my phone to Choose Upward and hang up keep calling if you personally don t have a life

Post by Guest,

9494658454 T

Post by Dory,

949-465-8454 I spoke with someone at Loan Warehouse last week. I told her your rates that one of your competitors had offered me. Your woman that I spoke to was unable for fit that offer. They're now calling every hour on your hour.

Post by yudith,

9494658454 Discontinue calling our no. W daytime for midnight.

Post by irene gill,

949-465-8454 phone comes in plays music this needs to become Quit I am on your no call list if all who are on that no phone list are being intimidated by these calls perhaps we should can class Activity law match against the Owner. or better Though when they phone don't hang Upward just Place that Telephone down and don't disconnect can it every time they deserve it.

Post by me,

9494658454 I Ended this request please Cease clang W W W

Post by D from North Providence RI,

949-465-8454 Just obtained 2 phone calls out of this Amount. I m trying for work. I would love to sue them If I just knew how I would would it within a heartbeat.

Post by Tracy W,

9494658454 Thanks everyone for Making me know who the was that I could t understand within the first place. W calls within two times. Wow.

Post by roll,

949-465-8454 Cease calling

Post by MWilliams,

9494658454 They keep calling me and never leave a message.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Repetitive calls for cell phone. I did not Understand and did not reply.

Post by Robert,

9494658454 I have no Notion who is calling from the Amount. They don t leave a message and they call all daytime long.

Post by kermit,

949-465-8454 It May}n' 've something for would with a Residence loan. I keep becoming calls each W minutes. Out of Key I won t would company with this Business.

Post by Drew,

9494658454 If you personally call and politely ask them for Cease calling you personally they will.

Post by gilbert,

949-465-8454 Telemarketers for That LOAN Depot. They get your own out of Concerns you personally create Around refinancing.

Post by Bev,

9494658454 They telephone several times a day. I won t answer unless I know who is calling. Wish there was a way for block them out of calling

Post by Shirley Corder,

949-465-8454 These Folks call my cell several times per day it is thus annoying. I don t owe the Firm an thing.

Post by Peggy Mientke,

9494658454 get calls from the number all daytime long into your nighttime. I want them to stop calling since when you personally reply that phone they don t response.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 They called Inquired for my husband told them he was at work could I take a message Man on phone says quot Well its a rather long 1 I ll strive again later. quot

Post by George Harris,

9494658454 Unwanted call

Post by Jeannine,

949-465-8454 Telephone all that time. . . and LIED saying my Man contacted THEM and Offered them my cell. AS IF.

Post by konimom,

9494658454 telephone repeatedly daily st least i tried Amount band it's loan DP OT. on o not telephone list. how foe i turn them in. . . .

Post by Gary Hume,

949-465-8454 This Mindless company calls me 3 5 times a day on my cell and i vie told them for stop thus many times. When someone tells you to stop calling you personally should.

Post by athome,

9494658454 I called them. It s the Loan Resource . I asked them to remove my number out of their database. We ll see what happens next. . . . . . .

Post by Aaron Vaughn,

949-465-8454 Do not Call ME ANYMORE PLEASE. . . .

Post by Joshua Poss,

9494658454 Mortgage Lenders of America. These morons are grim even after being Put Upwards on repeatedly Inquired not for phone back Telephone answered and Subsequently Placed down I even let my 4 year old response and babble into that phone. Still they phone each W minutes or thus. These Individuals are idiots. I acknowledge that I filled out a kind on line to try and locate a lender to lower my attention rates but after talking for someone out of Accelerate Loans I shifted my mind for now. They 've been Amazing no Replicate calls from Quicken but Mortgage Lenders of America could t take a Sign. I ll understand next time and I ll Simply use my personal bank.

Post by yudith,

949-465-8454 pals Discontinue calling me morning for midnight.

Post by Nancy,

9494658454 Yes. Loan Resource. Home Loan Associated. Same expertise as everyone else. Repeated Telephone calls with messages. I decided I 'm not doing business along with a Firm incapable of leaving a message.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Continually harassed by the number calling me

Post by Joan Schwartz,

9494658454 The Amount keeps calling. I don t understand who it is. Your number comes Upward as out of your Region. They do not leave a message. I do not pick Upward my calls unless I understand who it's.

Post by Janet Rivenbark,

949-465-8454 They 've been calling each half an hour between your hours of W W and sometime in that evening since yesterday morning. They are Operating me nuts. On Major I don t response my phone unless I Comprehend that Amount or the name.

Post by Robin,

9494658454 This Firm will not Cease calling. I 've a few Distinct Amounts already blocked on my replying machine but as someone else mentioned they Simply Alter one Amount and phone back. I 've had telemarketers phone before but this outfit is foolish. I Simply sent a message on their contact us E-mail as another person Proposed only time may tell if it works. Someone else used my phone Amount for hint Upward for all these refinance Rates and I vie been getting calls from all Distinct company's. . curse the Individual who did this. . . . . . . . . . Any other suggestions for Ending these obnoxious Folks please post them here.

Post by Summer,

949-465-8454 Cheers. . . . . . they won t Cease calling. Just Now I have gotten W calls. . . . . . MG. . .

Post by Al W,

9494658454 This can be an outfit called Loan Site. I Required info from Speed Loans and now receive Around W calls a daytime from Loan Website. They even email me. I responded for an E-mail out of Courtney who is the Individual who keeps calling asking them not for telephone anymore. That calls became more frequent. That is their address and Amount sandpit Townee Center Drive Foothill Farm CA Telephone people toll free at 1 W W for speak along with a state licensed mortgage banker Monday Friday 8 W 'm 9 W pm CST Saturday 9 W am 5 W pm CST

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Cease calling

Post by Chris Huffer,

9494658454 please quit calling W W W

Post by marcoberroni,

949-465-8454 Receive one call each hour. Idiots.

Post by Bob,

9494658454 I use a load whistle. . .

Post by Fall,

949-465-8454 Not confident who they're and why they keep calling and they KEEP CALLING. They are HARASSING ME. Could Anyone Place a stop to the .

Post by sam,

9494658454 They 've probably called at least 5 times Now next time they call I m doing what Betty says although I m somewhat hesitant after Viewing pram s messages. . .

Post by JazzMan,

949-465-8454 Recalls from Loan Warehouse. Called me 3 times in just one day thus Way. Annoying.

Post by old guy,

9494658454 I Began to fill Outside a loan request on the Net. I did t submit it because they asked for info that I don t like to present Upwards. Nevertheless They save everything as they go thus they have your contact data. I have told them not to phone because I 'm not interested. I would t would company with them because they Essentially stole my contact info. If they call again I am reporting them for your government because I 'm on the do not phone list

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Mortgage Firm calls each few hours for that previous few times annoying.

Post by Guest,

9494658454 Spam 4 x per day

Post by pram,

949-465-8454 They called again today. Thus Much twice. Even though I 've my name on a don't call list. I don t understand what else to can. I tried to block your Amount but they Shift your last Number and telephone again. Since this has been going on for months I trust they may Merely get exhausted and Cease on their own.

Post by Ernie,

9494658454 Tell them you personally re just interested in a Va loan. . . they ll Discontinue calling.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Loan modification

Post by Jayne Moore,

9494658454 I called them back out of Owner ID and they were Fine and SAID they took me away their call list. Let s hope that is true

Post by George Harris,

949-465-8454 Unwanted

Post by Guest,

9494658454 mortgage loan Set I did not apply for

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Supposedly blocked. SPAM.

Post by Guest,

9494658454 T

Post by oc,

949-465-8454 every day each daytime every day

Post by Michelle,

9494658454 Would love to NOT get anymore calls from this Amount. Cannot comprehend what they are saying and don't need to Cope with them.

Post by Guest,

949-465-8454 Harassing. Calls numerous times each day asserting they are following Upward on a loan Program. Totally bogus

Post by Guest,

9494658454 Don t know what s Upward with this

Post by SickofScamTelemarketers,

949-465-8454 Twice now these people That Loan Resource have called my cell making Upward lies saying someone has used my cell number for falsely apply for loans. Um Millimeter exactly why would someone Implement for a loan and use a fake Telephone number. I seriously doubt it. Anyone who is serious about Using for a load or refinancing their Residence USN t going for use a fake number or someone else s they don t understand. I called them back the first time and told them to remove my Amount out of their files. So a week goes by and all was quiet until the morning and Though again I get another call. The time I recognized your Amount thus I let it go for voice send. They left a message stating for phone them back Around refinancing my mortgage . Hmm mm my home is paid off I m retired so exactly why can I demand for refinance my mortgage. I called them back again gave them a piece of my mind after However again being given that Storyline that they were given my phone number by someone who had Used for refinance their mortgage but had given them MY Telephone number for contact. I Very uncertainty it. They are soliciting mortgages and loans Simple and Straightforward. The time after I got off the Telephone I Submitted a Gripe along with your do not call registry as all of our Telephones are on that list. If your own phone USN t on it I Very recommend you file your Amount on it now. If it USN t they can keep calling and you might have no gripes when telemarketers phone you personally. HTTP Internet. dentally. gov

Post by kat,

9494658454 i 've been receiving a phone out of this Amount for about a week now and yesterday they called me W time without Making a message i Only want it to stop because i slumber during your daytime and it's breaking my slumber. i want i could turn my cell off but it is my dismay Time.

Post by lucy,

949-465-8454 and it USN t among those 1 manner simply Amounts. they actually reply your Telephone.

Post by Bob,

9494658454 I use a Weight whistle. . .

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5102015549 Complains by Guest,

Spam . . Nobody there

5743188454 Complains by Guest,

I don t understand who is the person

6517830260 Complains by Guest,

Likely a telemarketer. I m on that quot don't call quot list thus Seemingly that dozen t work. They replied quot custom re modeler quot when I called back but Afterward they hung Upward on me. They simply replied after W calls.

8004070095 Complains by yazzy,

Calling to Discuss to that owners of your house.

8175337868 Complains by Pat,

See HTTP asphodels. com Telephone W W W. HTML's number is being used for scamming purposes Granting for that above Website.

2062097276 Complains by Mouse,

Yet another company telling me "the illinois law has changed" and they can now "save me money" on my electric bill.

3053966705 Complains by Nick,

gotten telephone no message.

3156333889 Complains by Cass,

Prank calls amp hangups

5126514733 Complains by Guest,

National American University

7162742587 Complains by Guest,

This number has called my Telephone Likely W times . Not simply are they rude and ignorant but they are calling on a Guarantee on a vehicle that I Destination t owned within four years. They continue to telephone even though I have taken my Amount away that telephone list. I 'm definitely going for get legal advice about a harassment fit against this Business.

9403456885 Complains by concerned person,


9803443400 Complains by DontCall,

These calls appear to originate from a Florida based marketing company trying to sell cheap vacation packages to Florida in exchange for sitting through a high pressure sales pitch on timeshares.

3122793363 Complains by Guest,

Lt foo gt Pub Lt foo gt

7813073149 Complains by Guest,

you've been blocked your messages and texts can no More go through

8018280286 Complains by Guest,

switch off

5512272272 Complains by Guest,

14, 2010 02:35 PM I got a call from someone claiming to be Mark Brown then when I called back I got someone named James Anderson And was given the same spell in regards to my social security number being involved in pending legal activity and that I was going to be arrested. Well this is not my first time down this street. A week ago I got some similar calls for a different number (347)478-5919 Harry Newman. This time I was ready..... Bet they'll think twice about calling me again!

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