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Post by Guest,

9495368207 I continue for get calls from these individuals asking for the name of an unknown female Mary . When I tell them they have the erroneous Amount they get Crazy and request why I m not trying for let them help me. I vie reported them on the don't call registry a few times now.

Post by emily johnson,

949-536-8207 Many Man called asking Around medical matters Afterward told me I had a cute express and ask to look me up on Facebook.

Post by Vicky,

9495368207 Got a telephone out of the Amount and could barely recognize him. When I said no thanks he screamed f you personally at me several times.

Post by fedup doll,

949-536-8207 Same Amount but it pings the Place as SRO Lank. . . This really is just a few of the many calls that come within from different parts of that Us never leaving messages and not speaking if replied. it s scary to think that they're Really accomplishing something along with these peculiar calls. The Telephones are tied for the daily transactions Places life etc. via computers cloud. . . Can they actually become attempting for a form of window for the Information. Nothing surprises me anymore. I vie Discontinued answering all unknown callers and blocking them is like digging your way out along with a teaspoon they come back with more numbers. Thus fed up wish someone would locate the need to Monitor the somehow has to be more than a Simple Nuisance.

Post by Marie,

9495368207 Got called twice Recently. Ignored it and Subsequently blocked it. Owner ID says SRO Lank. Guess phone scampers are being outsourced. .

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 Spammer

Post by Guest,

9495368207 they won t Quit calling me they keep telling me I won cash and I did t

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 Quite creepy . . . . when I told them for Quit calling he said quot I can call again and again quot . I Put Upwards and he called me back. When they tried again I answered quot police department quot and they hung Upward.

Post by Mrs.N,

9495368207 Really Rude. My elderly W Years. old mother picked Upward your phone and they asked for me she Inquired who was calling and they told her non of her F kin business. Phone comes from Orange County. I have block this number. Very rude and unprofessional.

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 Amounts calls constantly. Hangs Upwards. When Seeking for call back informed number is no longer in service that is impossible when your phone received was minutes before. Blocked Amount.

Post by pt,

9495368207 substantial Feature called 3 4 x within a row. . quite Extreme and rude. grim and definitely not Reliable. warned them to remove my and they continue to telephone back. hardly speak English.

Post by crufflergal,

949-536-8207 Glad I didn't answer my Telephone after reading that Remarks here. I'm turning them around for the don't phone. gov ADD. Its worked nicely for me within the past. Hopefully it will work this time too.

Post by Mary,

9495368207 I Merely received your same telephone. Only he mention bladder operation. I knew it was a scam. I hung Upward and he called back 3 more times. The number is blocked from my cell Telephone. Not even confident how he got my Amount.

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 Put Upwards when replied 've received from the number.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 hear indistinct chatter on my replying machine won t leave message I blocked that number

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 called and held the line and Afterward Installed Upwards. . when i tried to phone it back for locate out who this was it Reductions off

Post by akagretchen,

9495368207 Merely got a phone out of this number on my cell phone out of a Man with a heavy Indian Feature. There was a lot of Sound and talking in your History. He Inquired if I Lately had some medical implant I could t understand him . I asked how he got my number he replied Out of a Us database. He said he could offer Payment if I Simply listen to him and reply his questions. Apparently I Inquired overly many questions because he hung Upward on me.

Post by Di,

949-536-8207 Did not reply phone as did not Comprehend on my caller ID. Subsequently go ogled that Telephone and read that above Remarks. Could t your Telephone companies do something Around all these scampers. Closed up for National Don't Telephone List but Clearly they're becoming Approximately it. Do not have phone blocker on my phone. Needless for say I always review my Owner id before I determine to Choose up your phone or not.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 Oct 7 W pm and W 8 W pm

Post by lt,

949-536-8207 really thick Feature Indian Girl calling Around my medical Payment Yes appropriate. . Blocked

Post by Anonymous,

9495368207 I missed a call out of W W W. I called them back and a man with a Hindi accent said Medical something directory. I could not recognize him thus I asked him what directory. He repeated and then I said I don t recognize why you re calling me because I have not contacted anyone for medical services Or heard of them. He Afterward said F'S you personally. I said Justify me. He again said F'S you personally.

Post by Sam,

949-536-8207 It s a scam. There's nothing in windows that sends error messages about virus infections. That just Malfunction message that ever get Delivered are those you permit and those are Unknown significance Microsoft cannot tell who they came from. He desires remote accessibility for your computer so he could change your Code Subsequently extort money out of you personally to fix it. Even worse he may probably Reproduce all of your info on it for investigation After for online accounts and password Bank data etc. He may Additionally likely Mount Malawi your may log all Crucial presses and send that data to him and allow him Rural accessibility any time you computer is online. Ignore any calls out of him your own computer is Excellent

Post by Guest,

9495368207 don t called this Telephone no more

Post by BEV,

949-536-8207 I HAD TWO Telephone calls From This Amount . A thick accent guy said he was from your Food. Lola Lola Lola Lola how amusing is that. That food and drug Management is go int to reimburse me for a operation I never had. And yes plenty of that Dirt word at me. Police jugs left my house. All we may do is block phone Amounts. I Made A REPORT AND Cop SAID That was Right For Do.

Post by Anonymous,

9495368207 Merely got a phone out of W W W for my cell Telephone. That background was extremely noisy and after I said Hi twice I could t understand a word the Man was saying thus I Put Upward. Appears enjoy that was your right thing to can.

Post by death,

949-536-8207 They called me looking for my ex Partner about medical bills they are out of India along with no order of your English language . I threatened them along with legal Activity and hung Upwards.

Post by bird,

9495368207 Some a hole called my Kids Telephone. I took the cal ll. Your Individual would not Close Upward he was screaming at me I told him for remove that Amount and never telephone again or I would report them. He asked if I knew where he was calling out of I said California. He continuing for yell at me. I finally said go back for India you .

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 I have obtained multiple calls from this number. That caller is very difficult to comprehend due to a substantial accent they keep asking for Debbie or ask me Around medical Payment States due for trans vaginal mesh or hip replacement surgery neither of which I have had. I 've Inquired repeatedly for them for Quit calling me However they still telephone. I normally don't answer calls from numbers I don t Comprehend but when that calls Arrived repeatedly in a brief Interval of time I became concerned.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 This creep called me today asking Around my quot Moreno quot and medical claims mentioning that he was with Family Health Care. When I Inquired to become taken off of your phone list this individual became Hostile and screamed at me telling me he wan t a telemarketer and threatened for telephone me all day Regular until I told him what he Needed to understand. He made threats for me called me names and Put up on me. I called back demanding for Chat to your manager and that I d recorded the discussion and threats. They Began apologizing around and over Fully shifted their Approach and disconnected along with me again. I m hoping this ends all calls.

Post by karen,

949-536-8207 When I called the number back it would not connected. That telephone immediately disconnected before ringing. Anyhow so. e phone you have 've a Distinct Amount display on other people s Owner ID. So not telling what the True number is. I refuse for Talk to anyone that could t Talk clear English. First phone was from People FBI informing me i had a Guarantee for my Charge for unpaid state Fees. Of path I played along. They gave me a name for western union K too. Of path I did t send it but boy o boy I got a return call. So me being fresh from hospital recovering out of surgery I decided for request them to telephone me on my property line. I Offered them that local Cops Telephone number Lola

Post by Guest,

9495368207 I tell mom to Quit calling me CZ they're harassing me


949-536-8207 REC D A Phone From This Amount Decided Upward NO 1 ON OTHER END

Post by Guest,

9495368207 they telephone continuously even after being told to take my Amount off their list they called appropriate freaking back and he sounded enjoy he was from India could barely recognize him in the least. . . 3 calls back to back 5 calls Complete thus far. . . . Can WE Close THEM DOWN. . . .

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 This number keep calling my phone

Post by Robert,

9495368207 Scampers calling again Now.

Post by sick and tired of these jerks,

949-536-8207 These scumbags telephone at least Regular using a different number each time. Your brand new turn today was rather than using my name he called me honey. I asked not for be called honey Afterward he started along with pleasant hart. when Inquired for Chat for his Manager. He Set me on hold Subsequently Arrived back on pretending to become your Manager. When I asked once again for become removed in the telephone list. Described that I was weary of that harassment and now your sexual harassment he busted himself and became down appropriate vulgar. Time for break Outside my whistle.

Post by Ann Ganz,

9495368207 Got a phone from W W W this morning. I did t answer it. When I ran a white pages reverse appearance Upwards located Outside it s an invalid phone Amount. Think what. Scam fraud.

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 I got a telephone from this number but every time I telephone the Amount they hang up

Post by Guest,

9495368207 Thy bug Cease calling

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 I did not answer this Telephone phone but I felt it was a spam phone.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 Request for me by name Subsequently Inquired was I screwing

Post by Annoyed,

949-536-8207 I obtained a phone from W W W three times within a Line maintaining they are out of a Wellness attention facility for money Payment. I Inquired them to Discontinue calling me I 'm not divulging any private information or else I will report you and now here I 'm reporting them to please leave me alone. . . . . . .

Post by The Mrs.,

9495368207 My mother Decided Upwards that Telephone and that Inquired for me and she ask who was calling and they told her non of her company and said your F word for her. She is W yes. previous. Don t understand who they are but caller id says Red County

Post by Bill,

949-536-8207 Obtained a call out of W W W. Owner id said Irvine CA . I never answer calls out of numbers I don t know. They did t leave a message. Likely yet another scam of a few kind.

Post by Amy Gibson,

9495368207 They call me multiple times a day. either they have located Scholarships monies because that's how he said it Sm Summer if i have ever heard it. you dint demand my bank info n social for send me a Assess if the Authorities Desired me to have the money they understand who i 'm and where i live Merely like everyone else in that U. S'S amp W amp W amp W Sm. .

Post by michael,

949-536-8207 Indian Man called five minutes ago there was the standard several seconds of dead silent air that you thus Frequently get on telemarketer calls before they understand you personally vie answered and they start talking. It was noisy within that background Clearly a Group of telemarketers. Me This really is Michael can I help you. Him yes Hi. Me I m sorry who are you and how can I help you personally. Him yes this can be name and I 'm calling from your family Wellbeing attention Section. Nice and obscure eh. Me I m sorry I m not interested have a Fine daytime. Click . . . by that manner I m on that no call lists Getaway t gotten one of these within a little while.

Post by dan,

9495368207 If you answer they know when You're Dwelling and lots more about you personally.

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 i got 1 phone substantial Feature barely could understand. said he was from Verizon medical compensation Section. I hung Upward when I tried to telephone back it Simply disconnects

Post by Esther,

9495368207 Only got a telephone from this number on my cell. Location said SRO Lank. I did t response but I fast looked Upwards that Place. Looks like some telemarketers out of this little Nation by that Indian Sea is using an Red County California area code and number.

Post by David,

949-536-8207 I Decided up that phone and was greeted with that phone static where there are a lot of other voices like lines are crossed along along with the Fixed. Subsequently a somewhat louder in relation to the static express Arrived on and started talking within a foreign for me language. Something enjoy Mural Audi Eminem . Enjoy I said there was a Lot of Fixed on that line. Told them they had the incorrect number and Installed up

Post by artemiz,

9495368207 The no. Called me and ask for someone else I told him he got the incorrect no. But he didn't listen instead he kept talking. . . I totally dint understand him in any respect. . . he has the Indian accent. . . this Man was pissing me away I said F word for him Afterward he said it back for me several times. . . I eventually Installed Upward but he called me back enjoy 5 times. . so annoy

Post by dan,

949-536-8207 If you reply they know when you are Residence and lots more Around you.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 This number has called me many times on different days. I eventually Decided up his phone and he knew me by name and said he was calling Around my medical Payment. He said he had pulled my medical records and knew that I got some surgery when I have NEVER gotten a surgery within my life. I told him for take my Amount away his calling list and this is when he started to get rude. He started raising his express saying quot don t you personally comprehend I 'm not a telemarketer. quot He start for ask me questions Around Particular surgeries and becoming an IUD Introduced and he said quot I m going to figure You'll say yes. quot I corrected him because within fact I 've never had the Method done. I said quot I don t care who You're Discontinue calling me or I can get your Cops included. quot This really is when he finally shut up. I Installed Upwards your Telephone as he Began to say something but I did t Get it.

Post by wanda,

949-536-8207 Just recd a phone out of the number. . I vie been getting telemarketer calls for someone else name and my Amount. . Thus I Discontinued them immediately and said who are you looking for Emma . . they said yes and I told them do not phone my phone number again. . for remove me out of their phone list. . it s your law if I tell them to. . or they may become prosecuted. . the entire time they were Attempting for talk over me until I said your word prosecute and they Put Upward on me.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 hey sounds like you personally Men got it simple. . . that guy i talked for wont Quit calling me around and over told me he wants for f k along with me. Inquired about Delivery control. has told me for shut your f K up. then pushed a Lot of numbers in my ear. then despite a Amount of calls and me eventually calling and talking for 3 Distinct female operators and them reassuring me they would take me away that list that calls keep coming. Subsequently he will i dint know how block my number thus when i phone it Merely hangs Upward on me. Afterward Around 2 hrs later the calls can Begin. . the has been going on away and on for close 2 weeks. i block a Amount Afterward he calls from just one a digit different. he did get really Crazy when i told him his mother was a whore and she needed to Quit f King my dog. . . Nevertheless the stooping for his Degree didn't help. after he Installed up on me he called back and telling me he wanted for f k me and Afterward asked if i wanted to f k his dog. . . . . i dint know what to do. short of changing my Amount. . I'm stuck and i dint desire for change it. . . . and what i 've Set here isn't even near all of it. . . Merely most of the worst Items. . .

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 very rude person along with a heavy Feature that knew me by name calls while I am at work and the goes into talking about f King

Post by Brenda,

9495368207 I get several calls per daytime to my cell. . . . . annoying. Even when I BLOCK. . . . . they show a Distinct Amount.

Post by jeanene,

949-536-8207 This really is many kind of scummier. I 've added them for my block list. I suggest you personally can that same.

Post by Tina,

9495368207 I 've acquired W calls out of the number Simply today and among the first times they called they said that they were with Family Medical Helpline when I told them that I wan t giving them any personal Information they Put Upwards. I Simply got another telephone and they attempted for tell me they were along with Victoria s Secret and they Desired my bra size MG. I am on your national no phone list and my Telephone Firm charges me every number I block. I don t understand how to get rid of these people.

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 This individual calls from various numbers and when they are told they 've that incorrect number they Start to argue and become exceptionally rude.

Post by BEV,

9495368207 I HAD TWO Telephone calls From This Number . A thick accent guy said he was in the Fda. Lola Lola Lola Lola how amusing is that. The food and drug administration is go int for reimburse me for a surgery I never had. And yes plenty of your Dust word at me. Cops jugs left my house. All we can do is block phone Amounts. I Made A REPORT AND Officer SAID Which was Appropriate To Do.

Post by The Mrs.,

949-536-8207 My Mom Decided up that phone and the asked for me and she request who was calling and they told her non of her company and said that F word for her. She is W yes. old. Don t know who they're but caller id says Orange County

Post by SICK AND TIRED!!!!,

9495368207 Folks Phone W W W is now running a Brand new scam telling you that you could get Payment from your use of low Testosterone merchandises. That Owner was your Customary along with the Indian Feature they State for be working along with at least W different Law Companies within association along with getting you personally the compensation . I Inquired that SCUMBAG for Simply a couple of these Law Businesses and ST he did not need for give me ANY names WHICH IF it WERE LEGIT they would be MORE than Happy for would thus also asking Exactly why I desire that names. I said o. k. Merely supply me 1. . . . . your IDIOT said 1 of that Law Firm names was Large tort Law Organization LAO. . . . Knowing that this is A WORD and NOT a LAW Organization name. . . . I Only decided to ANNOY your JERK a BIT More LOLL. . . . I Afterward told him that I was Well Aware that this was some Kind of Brand new scam that little creeps have devised HO HUM. . . . . . . he then did your Normal when you personally phone these CREEPS Out swearing calling names etc etc. . . . you personally know what I m talking Around. HOW Mindless ARE THESE Folks. . . . I MEAN. . . Actually. . . . For ST NEVER response ANY of your questions and Afterward to declare and call you names. . . . . . They are Thus Dumb. . . . After playing Telephone tag out of these MORONS calling back my REPEATEDLY for Around W minutes Right I BLOCKED IT. . . . And for Paradise Welfare S. . . . . . Discover To Talk AND Understand Right ENGLISH You personally BOZOS. . . . . . DUH. . . .

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 Please Cease calling and dint say anything.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 The Amount keeps calling my Telephone. I won t answer. They never leave a message.

Post by busy mom,

949-536-8207 I think the was the second telephone from the Man. That first time they called I could t recognize your thick dialect thus I said I don t understand you and Installed Upward. This time your guy calling Offered my name and said he was calling Around medical Payment seeing a operation I had in that previous. I told him that my understanding is that medical info is private info and it should become illegal for him for know or to ask me about this. Afterward I hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 Someone has scammed my Amount.

Post by Guest,

949-536-8207 I Only don t answer if I don t understand that number.

Post by Mary,

9495368207 I Only obtained that same telephone. Just he mention Kidney operation. I knew it was a scam. I Put Upward and he called back 3 more times. The Amount is blocked out of my cell Telephone. Not even confident how he got my Amount.

Post by Carlos,

949-536-8207 October W W Approximately 2 PM Eastern Time got a call out of W W W. he sounded black or Indian asking for Jennifer Lopez. i told him he had the incorrect Amount and i hung Upwards your phone . i Additionally got enjoy 6 7 more calls out of some Indian i m guessing they're out of India because they 've a Very Substantial Indian Crash i told him to learn English before he request me for private data they attempt Edward for telephone and request for money for medical bills and also 've called back claiming to work for Microsoft and i have a lousy virus on my computer and Inquired me for offer him info Around my computer trying to tell me to go for start menu go for computer correct click my computer and i played along and then i hung Upwards on him do not present them any info people

Post by Guest,

9495368207 When I replied this telephone that Man on that line stated that he was calling Around my claim compensation concerning my breast cancer. I repeatedly stated that I haven't had breast cancer now or in your previous after several minutes of Attempting for get this through his head he stated which he would remove me from your call list. . . Heaven help if an elderly Girl who is suffering out of dementia should get this kind of call it ll frighten that daylights from her. . .

Post by laura,

949-536-8207 Gotten several calls from this Amount. . . . asked if I Desired for wed him. Have sex. What standing. Said he Desired to f me. I Inquired several times company name. Exactly why calling me. His name. Desire to speak along with Manager. No response for my questions just kept cussing and harassing me. Had strong foreign accent. Now another daytime of phone calls. Anything that could become done with these idiots.

Post by Guest,

9495368207 Not what they want tired of there calls. I blocked that Amount and they still phone out of other numbers. Something needs to be done Around them

Post by Sam,

949-536-8207 It s a scam. There is nothing in windows that sends error messages about virus infections. Your only Malfunction message that ever get sent are those you personally permit and those are Unknown significance Microsoft cannot tell who they Arrived out of. He needs remote accessibility to your own computer thus he can Alter your Code then extort cash out of you personally to repair it. Even worse he will probably Reproduce all of that info on it for search After for online Records and password Bank information etc. He can also likely Mount Malawi that can log all key presses and send the data for him and allow him remote access any time you computer is online. Blow off any calls out of him your own computer is Great

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8183779012 Complains by St Helens Business,

9 W W unsolicited caller at W W W

8778888888 Complains by Guest,

Asked for my name Afterward Installed Upwards after saying he could t hear me. Called back and got a busy Sign.

4172567752 Complains by Homer,

Mc DO All Enterprises IncAddress: 16149 Ravenna Trail, Hastings, MN 55033Phone Number: (651) 438-1102Web address: mcdoallent.com

8888873134 Complains by Guest,

Calls each daytime and never leaves message

9372034263 Complains by Guest,

Company Level had this quot Level many times on hang up calls from Dayton OH. Really I cannot consider how many times my Telephone Bands out of scam spam etc. It's a Complete Attack of Seclusion never mind that perturbation of any serenity of head.

5749306016 Complains by Big Daddy,

Received a call from a local number...262-236-7460. The voicemail said they were calling from "Global Solutions' about a returned item from my bank. If they don't hear from me, a decision will be rendered that is not in my favor. I need to call 877-704-9748.Voice was a foreign accent...I don't have any "returned items" from my bank...and I don't use a bank, I use a credit union.Total a-hole scammer.

9494685098 Complains by Guest,

Scampers. . . . Said they're goo ogle Subsequently Adjusted themselves that they work for Google Afterward after I inquired they said they work along with Google and when I pressed further they said they were just certified by them to provide Advertising words. MG. what a cool scam to create people believe them. .

6107033812 Complains by Guest,


9016876405 Complains by Guest,

block to block this number for voice mail

5595158921 Complains by Guest,

Called my cell saying they would Promotion he Needed to charge me with 1 Money a month.

7734579103 Complains by Guest,


5140011000 Complains by Guest,

quot Card holder services quot

3135748134 Complains by Guest,

Awful text messages sent

7314723000 Complains by Guest,

Called many times no just one on other end no 1 answers

7542346656 Complains by Guest,

Lewis Egret bottom horrible rude guy. no

6077371409 Complains by Guest,

Tax Scam. Striving for get personal Information.

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