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Telephone information: Global Crossing Local Services-ca. Newport Beach, CA. Orange. United states
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17 complaints
Post by Rachel,

9496121062 Called back for request for become put on a do not phone list and your jerk being polite here yelled at me and told for to press 9 next time and hung Upwards on me. Called back and a kinder Man helped me but these guys are yet another scam that I have to block

Post by Estelle,

949-612-1062 Greg to telephone Around a pare approved business loan. Clearly a scam but he sounds courteous and professional and anxiety someone will autumn for it.

Post by MBTECH79,

9496121062 Its a many sort of robotic scummier. I am not gonna trust this crap ever. Expect the helps.

Post by rick,

949-612-1062 Answering machine just got last few seconds of spiel press just one for whatever press 2 to be removed etc. who cares or dumb enough to press any buttons

Post by Guest,

9496121062 Upwards front Cost scam. . .

Post by John,

949-612-1062 That voice mail is quite Tough . He dozen t say my name is that reddish flag . . . GOOF

Post by Guest,

9496121062 Congratulations Obama has released W billion dollars. . . . . . . .

Post by Bob,

949-612-1062 Greg along with People company capital Looking for Discuss about my pare approval for a loan.

Post by IratedPhoneCompanyAbuseRecipient,

9496121062 Same scum different Spoofed Amount W W W Owner ID Unavailable Regular scum Case Individual sewage scam telephone. . . Augmented a big reddish button call blocker with a Sentry Veer 2. 2 Phone Blocker within Mar W the Sentry is your newest form and has better Technology in relation to the old reliable CPR Huge Reddish Button Vera Blocker that s been within service since late June W. The Sentry blocks ALL your incoming trash that s hit it so Much if it maintains your Span of service your CPR has Shown it is the better unit to have. . . Having both does have a few nice effects that CPR keeps a running Complete on what Amount has called how may times Present Success is W calls blocked in the same Amount. The jack turds that do this crap keep transforming the spoofed number and Striving Tough crap in the dialing string for get past your blockers but it dozen t work gt That CRAP Blocker Views non phone Amount strings and Bizarre characters after the call when that last Amount is added for that blocked list The Sentry Blocker Simply Simple dumps their telephone for the crap pile. . . It is Fantastic to have your turds get shunted straight to your SCREW U pail with the Blockers doing their thing gt Could they waste Thousands of s calling even though I m certain it s Simply pennies . Weeks Past your FCC released another fully meaningless Weight of BS Around how they are Taking Actions . . . against your Kinds doing this Items and it may cost them 1 W a telephone . . . I Destination t seen any difference in that telephone Sample of scum bags wasting time on me. . . Good Luck COLLECTING a Dollar off of any of these scumbags or becoming just one less call from them until that punishments are more enjoy a Drone launched Hell Fire Upwards the back Finish of everyone of them doing that calling AND the Direction above that Person drones doing the phone work. . . Tempting as it May}n' be it s absolute best to NEVER response these turd s calls and engage them it just puts your own Amount on that Vehicle dial er s phone more list since it confirms your Vehicle dialed Amount used is a live Amount with a possible Fool on the Finish. . . They could not give a crap less if you personally request for be Taken away that list. . . . A no one there telephone is what I interpret as a probe call Simply to see there surely is a pickup or answering machine worth calling back. It s mostly all automated thus that scum Simply Work} as drones waiting for a pickup and Perhaps a voice I still get lots of the 1 time probe kind calls followed with a few which are Duplicate call numbers for a few weeks Afterward all that Amounts and Cods get changed for Distinct People to try for all new Folks they could try and defraud. Too lousy there is no listing in that Phone Type that Truly matches your real style of that scum making your calls there should become at least Scummier within the list. . . . A few where there may become an actual valid telemarketer making unwanted calls. . . and that s the only case that telemarketer Actually tantrums. . .

Post by Sasha,

949-612-1062 post pending moderator approval

Post by Martin,

9496121062 Voice mail said Greg from People Company Capital Seeking to talk Around a pare Accepted loan. I feel as though they re pretending for be a loan company when in reality they re a collections Business. Don t understand for confident.

Post by Guest,

949-612-1062 Us Capitol Needs to present me a loan

Post by Gil,

9496121062 someone had called and left what sounded enjoy a valid message and I called back at W W W and got a not empty mailbox it wasn't 2 minutes later that W W W called me but left no message being on a no telephone list means nothing to these scum

Post by Sasha,

949-612-1062 post pending moderator approval

Post by Don,

9496121062 That idiot called back but he s blocked this time . It Bands once only. Jerk . . . .

Post by John,

949-612-1062 Want for also add the express send makes it sound enjoy we Used for loan from them . What a fraud . gt gt gt gt gt gt Scam Alert. . . . . . . . .

Post by Gil,

9496121062 Bacall Around business loans. It said press 1 to Chat for an agent something I NEVER EVER do but the time I did because I wanted for get their name . A recorded express said it was Us Company Capital and I was being transferred. I Put Upwards Afterward picked Upward again to block that Amount and a guy was on the line. He said can I help you personally and I said no. He Began joshing along with me sleazy salesman kiss crap and I told him for hang up. I Put Upwards waited a few seconds picked Upwards again and he was still there. I said HANG Upward. He said exactly why would I do that. I said hang Upwards NOW and free my line. He said I m at work. I m not allowed to hang Upward. Thus I disconnected my Telephone and that disconnected him. Wow they Really believe I d ever can business along with them after that BS. Quite Clearly underhanded fraud scampers. Additional number found online within case you re blocking them enjoy I am W W W

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5713615673 Complains by Guest,

they don t state anything

6163258686 Complains by Guest,

This company calls me at work every two to three times.

2055884004 Complains by Guest,

Please Discontinue calling

2106879505 Complains by Guest,

Claims to become Nash Gorier soliciting young girls.

8706981308 Complains by Jeff,

Message claims that the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, is filing law suits against me.  Consider this a final notice.  To discuss this case, call 202-559-4669.The caller ID on my phone shows "Louisville, OH".  

4132193597 Complains by Billy [***],

Got same call F those people and your camel they rode within on.

8004079734 Complains by JJ,

This phone number called would not leave a message or tell me your name of the company they were calling from. Afterward hung Upward. It was my private cell number they called.

8154992966 Complains by Guest,

Calls to much

8002118717 Complains by Guest,

I let it ring three times I don t response numbers that I don t recognize left no message. Blocked it on my cell Telephone upon research Thank you Google and located it was a scummier.

8002329661 Complains by Guest,

Calls and makes death threats

8002145303 Complains by Tigerzfan4life,

I got your same BS telephone out of John Lopez he was talking as if i had a court date and surrendered my rights blah blah blah needless for state the convoy ended along with me telling him for go his mother.

8002089642 Complains by Lori,

Received a telephone from W W W it is a Group agency. They are exceedingly rude when you telephone them back just because curiosity got that very best of me When they reply your phone they very quickly tell you the name of the Firm and I Inquired again and the Man said G. T Services I then responded what does your own Firm do and the Opening at another end said I can t tell you personally until you personally tell me who you are and if you personally arena t going to tell me who you are then you personally could as well hang Upwards I finally told him and he spouted how my Old sprint Statement was going for Set and would show Upward on my husbands credit report let him know and then he Needed me to post date a Assess for your Th of the month for that total bill told him no I may continue for create payments but as Way as we are concerned Dash is a lousy Telephone Provider so when long as I make Funds no more Activity can become Chosen against me he than Installed up the phone.

8002049875 Complains by femfury,

Digital Print Images Layout Centre Workplace Business Confidential Location United States Last Updated W W W Job Description Electronic PRINT Graphics Design Center Owner retiring Capital avail no exp neck not empty training amp support 1 W W W

8001230002 Complains by juan,

me Marian Pro no me Competition nadir

8002516395 Complains by 123,

HTTP Web. hammerers. com

8002428516 Complains by Keith,

Gotten a telephone out of the Amount while was talking on other line.

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