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Telephone information: Global Crossing Local Services-ca. Irvine, CA. Orange. United states
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Post by Rosa Moore,

9497432444 Left no message and did not state anything.

Post by grumbles,

949-743-2444 i also got a call out of someone Thur your computer out of medical Payment . . he Inquired for me by name. then said it was for recent surgery i had. i laughed told him i ha vent been within a hospital since i was 6 yrs previous for tonsils removed. Afterward told him u got that incorrect Individual erroneous data. i knew it was a Facsimile fishing scam number. . i hope no just one falls for it. i tell everyone never Choose Upwards a phone u dint understand who it's and Assess the Website for Telephone Amounts which are scams . i trust everyone who knows about this Website tells their Buddies family neighbors that same. come for this site and Assess your phone numbers. good Fortune everyone. hopefully just one daytime the junk will Cease. . .

Post by Louise Masson,

9497432444 Acquired numerous calls out of the number but no message was ever left. However I DID get a telephone several weeks Past from a Different Amount which seems to fit all of the other descriptions. Someone using an East Indian Feature claim for become calling from a medical Payment company but they had a very terrible connection and his message kept cutting Outside thus I told him I would demand to phone him back. He did t need for provide me his number and said that he would call again. I never obtained another telephone from that Specific Amount but it Looks this number is another Finish of the same Octopus. We decided it was a telemarketer on a phishing expedition.

Post by Guest,

949-743-2444 Guy who sounds Indian or something called for tell me I m due compensation for my Kidney mesh operation. Destination t had it. Doubt anyone s going to pay me for a operation I haven t had. . . He slurs the name of your Firm he s Correlated with and pretends that he dozen t understand you want that name. I vie had several calls from this Amount.

Post by Eleanor Hamilton,

9497432444 Don t annoyance calling back or answering any future calls out of this number. It is Simply a variant of the Progress Payment scam where they need you personally to pay a processing fee to get compensation for having used a Special drug or for having had a Special surgery. They claim this was ordered by that Fda and they are facilitating your compensation Prize. All Simply a scam.

Post by Steven,

949-743-2444 Indian or Middle east Highlight. Said he was along with a medical Payment company and Inquired if my wife had a Kidney operation. I asked them where be gets his information because medical records are so holy they're protected by law. He said he gets his info from Girls Hellcat Organization. Wrong. I also told him that I dialed that number he was calling out of on another Telephone as we were speaking and it was not a working number. He had no more explanations thus I told him to never phone me or my family again. BTW. . . My wife has had no such surgery. They're fishing for information by asking multiple questions.

Post by Guest,

9497432444 Scampers calling about bladder Throw Payment Indian accent

Post by Mary,

949-743-2444 They phone Nearly everyday with no message. It s should Cease.

Post by Guest,

9497432444 i m guessing this is a scam telephone. i could recognize him as he had a believe Feature like many the other Opinions he sounds Indian unless he was doing a Bad Occupation Striving for fake your Feature. I Installed Upwards on him.

Post by Eleanor Hamilton,

949-743-2444 Don t annoyance calling back or replying any future calls out of this number. It's Simply a variant of the Progress fee scam where they desire you personally to pay a processing fee to get Payment for having used a Special drug or for having had a Specific surgery. They State this was ordered by that Food and they're facilitating your own Payment Prize. All Simply a scam.

Post by Steve,

9497432444 Called here. Did t answer it and they did t leave message. Thanks for heads Upwards. I ll Only block it now.

Post by EMANONY,

949-743-2444 Shows up on my Dwelling phone caller I. D. as Irvine CA. No message but Looks to me that these sort of calls could be Assessed and blocked by someone within authority. Thank you personally for having the website.

Post by Guest,

9497432444 Calls several times per week. Very thick Feature asking me if I had bladder mesh Related with a hysterectomy. Told him that I don t have and he keeps pushing me. Subsequently he puts someone else on Telephone to verify. Quite annoying

Post by ET,

949-743-2444 The Amount called my cell phone twice today. Called back on a ID blocked land line. Mid Japanese person answered. When I Inquired who he was he mentioned medical compensation . Instated never heard of them and he hung Upwards. Put number on my phone block registry on my cell.

Post by Guest,

9497432444 harassing about women s Wellbeing.

Post by Guest,

949-743-2444 Says he from medical compensation calling viewing medical mesh. Previously mentioned that I had an implant of mesh operation Attempting to solicit business for a lawsuit. Would not give me where he got the info that would become hip Pennsylvania protected Information.

Post by Andy Pandy in GA,

9497432444 Had a couple of calls out of the Amount last week. Guy with an Indian emphases along with a lot of background Sound which made it difficult for comprehend him. First time I told him he had that incorrect Amount and Put up. He called back and Began that junk Around Seeking to facilitate my compensation for bladder surgery. I asked him how he obtained my name and number and he refused to reply. I Afterward told him that I had an attorney who was handling my medical claims and I would be glad to present him her name and number and he could offer her that information. He got very frustrated and told me I was wasting his time I reminded him that he had called ME thus he could hang Upward and NEVER phone my number again. He did hang Upwards. Around W minutes Past I got another phone from this Amount same History Sound but different Indian Feature man. The time I Began asking him Did you personally obtain medical data Around me. If so how. I said this around and over for him no subject what he said to me. He eventually said Sorry for affect you I said again Don't EVER telephone me again. The scam needs for become shut down.

Post by Guest,

949-743-2444 Acquired phone out of an Indian guy along with quite significant accent from a women s health company saying that I qualify for a few Payment for a operation I had I Inquired him where he got my name. He said sorry for bother and hung up

Post by DO  Atlanta,

9497432444 Got that phone. Indian sounding guy telling me their records revealed I had Kidney operation within W. I said NO. Then he Inquired what surgeries I have had since W and I said None. I asked him Exactly why he was calling and was told I was entitled for Payment for bladder mesh implant surgery. I told him Don't Telephone ME AGAIN. I thought it was a fishing Vacation for get private info.

Post by Guest,

949-743-2444 Calls several times per week. Quite thick Feature asking me if I had Kidney mesh Connected with a hysterectomy. Told him that I don t 've and he keeps Moving me. Afterward he Places someone else on phone to Check. Very annoying

Post by Bill,

9497432444 Called 3 times within just one day. Talked to some Man by having an Indian Feature. Said is was along with many medical Business. Subsequently went on for say that they had information that I had had a few type of bladder surgery. At that point I told them their data Wa erroneous that they were running a scam and hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

949-743-2444 Called and asked for me. Asked me if I had bladder Throw operation done. He said that my name was within their database as having had the operation. Since it is illegal to supply out medical data without permission I asked where they got my name. He Installed up on me. I called the Amount back. That machine that picked Upward did not offer me a Firm name but said that my telephone was Significant for them and for please hold. When I finally got a Man I asked that name of your Firm and his name. I Inquired how he got my name. He would t tell me. By your way I have not had the operation.

Post by Steven,

9497432444 Decided Upwards Telephone and listened. No sound. When I said hello clicked and beeped. Need for Discontinue answering these Peculiar Amounts.

Post by rj-colorado,

949-743-2444 East Indian sounding man along with a medical compensation company stating they have info that i had Lately had many type of surgery. When I told him his data was wrong he Subsequently said nicely was it mesh implant. was it hip replacement. do you might have diabetes. Fundamentally a fishing Vacation. A big resounding SCAM. At each question my answer was no your own info is incorrect. take me off your list. I had to state it multiple times. Hopefully they may get your message.

Post by Guest,

9497432444 harassing about women s health

Post by Susan,

949-743-2444 Called 2 times on my cell. Left no message. Blocked it.

Post by Guest,

9497432444 something about bladder mesh operation. . States he s representing the Women s Health something. he would stare your name of that company her represents just states he s from your Payment department

Post by Guest,

949-743-2444 Man with Substantial Indian or Pakistani Highlight said he s out of medical State department. Afterward he said something I had him Replicate 3 times because he is so challenging for recognize. Turns Outside he was calling Around quot System you personally had inserted within your own vagina years ago quot . Of path I need to file a claim. I never even knew I HAD a device Introduced into my vagina. I m thus happy Ba bu called.

Post by ET,

9497432444 The Amount called my cell Telephone twice Now. Called back on a ID blocked property line. Mid Western Individual replied. When I asked who he was he previously mentioned medical Payment . Instated never heard of them and he Put Upward. Place number on my phone block registry on my cell.

Post by Guest,

949-743-2444 W W W scam telephone about many type of Kidney operation comp I idea I was Chosen away your don't call list how are these Folks Competent to get this Information.

Post by Angie,

9497432444 Gotten a call from this number nobody was on the other line and your phone disconnected. Unusual.

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4063337812 Complains by Guest,

this within div is calling junior high Pupils and making Illegal Opinions. Unknown who this is. . .

8327839742 Complains by Gladys Rivera,

Getting harassing Telephone calls out of a David Canyon mentioning he can be offering me with papers at my home or work on 8 W W. Please beware I live within Fresh York and phone Amount is Enrolled within Texas. . . . Phone scammed. .

9072355317 Complains by Guest,

No show

9075906451 Complains by Guest,

Calls never says anything

8052066461 Complains by Mike,

need to Assess on Amount for see there surely is business's or Residence Telephone number

8136448825 Complains by Lauren,

I Simply Lately got a fresh Telephone Amount from Verizon and someone from this number is constantly calling searching for someone who no More has my Telephone Amount. I 've discussed the for them many times and they still continue to phone.

9142988916 Complains by Guest,

Joke threatening call

9143561078 Complains by Anonymous,

This Amount keeps calling me.

8002072102 Complains by Guest,

I don't feel special anymore now that I see "julie Smith" also called others. I got 2 automated voice calls today, the 2nd was very garbled. Of course this is a scam, the IRS will NEVER call you like this. I've gotten other calls from scammers but this was too funny. Happy Thanksgiving all!

8001004321 Complains by Guest,

block message

8002373503 Complains by Mohammad Shad,

At your time of the booking I was told I can take my trip any time but was not discussed that I have for phone within W days to register. Now i could not book my trip because I did not enroll on time although that coupon is still valid until June Th W

8001922266 Complains by esther hernandez,

pals block

8002384954 Complains by steve,

this number called my business did not leave a message then I returned call and it rang once then went to nothing

8002517057 Complains by angry,

was ripped away by this Firm. they sell for At and dint cover anything and then when you Criticism you never see your own cash again

8002319244 Complains by a,


8002547748 Complains by Guest,

my issue is just like that below; 5 times a day, no messages and when calling back I get "non-working" number from the operator.

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