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Telephone information: Mci Worldcom Communications, Ca. Irvine, CA. Orange. United states
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9499302279 long space tel co Bust scam

Post by Company,

949-930-2279 AGOG. Called me again Now. I Only picked Upwards and Installed up.

Post by Todd,

9499302279 Miserable component about all this really is AT amp T can t become bothered for set up their system to Take Web. Nairobi. com and Extra people all at least a few of the Stress and wasted time. Thus every time they phone me I now phone AT amp T.

Post by Trina,

949-930-2279 He s going for save me cash on my long space. Yep correct. SCUMMIER. We've a Telephone Congressman who handles the account.

Post by Tina,

9499302279 The phone Amount has been calling my company line daytime and nighttime without leaving a express mail message so when i picked Upwards the Telephone it was a Man who said he would like to discuss a billing Problem so i told him confident i 'm Tina how can i help you personally along with your own billing issue since i am not aware of any he appeared really nervous and he hanged Upwards the phone when i called that Telephone number back it was a non working phone Amount.

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949-930-2279 Silence . . . .

Post by ryno,

9499302279 Just got telephone out of California number W W W. Girl said she was out of Art and Needed to Talk to Individual in charge of Telephone bills. I said that's me and I understand for a fact that the Statement is paid. She Inquired for my name. I said mam i m not Attempting for be rude but i don't have any manner of Understanding if your Actually along with Artwork. So I will hangup with you personally and telephone Artwork rt now. She got PISSED amp SAID OH I M Actual and Put Upward on me.

Post by Joe,

949-930-2279 If we all take the time and phone AT amp T. It took me Around 3 Min's of my time. 've them file a complaint at there Degree. If that is done by several Individuals they can be able to get a few where with this at your Top Level. . AT amp T was Competent to look for your telephone Company of the Amount but as we've all found Outside they have blocked that Businesses name and contact number. This is the only way for get the Business for Discontinue. If they're calling your Buss. Telephone 1 W W W.

Post by Cindy,

9499302279 I Only called AT amp T. They arena t searching for people for ANY reason. The Owner was a SCUMMIER.

Post by Company,

949-930-2279 Watch Outside for this particular Owner. The first words from their mouth were Hi I m xx xx calling on Part of AT amp T . I vie had the discussion many times with AT amp T and NO Business is allowed for tell you that they re along with AT amp T unless they are AT amp T. Just Place If your caller ID dozen t State AT amp T it s not them. Don t fall for it. On our Owner ID it revealed Upwards as CALIFORNIA .

Post by Southern Illinois,

9499302279 A Girl named Capri called out of a Fairly loud telephone Facility within that background stating that there was an Problem with the Art account and Desired to Talk along with your Man within charge of your billing. When I asked what Firm she worked for that line went not alive. Lola. dummy s. Caller ID said CALIFORNIA

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949-930-2279 After a very long pause said there were calling out of AT amp T wireless and Desired for talk for that person within charge of your cellphone account we re a business Around some Prices got for the account last month. When I told them that person was out of that office and I could leave a message they Only Installed Upward. Sounds like a scam to me.

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9499302279 They are NOT Art But I consider they're Pedophiles looking for youthful children at Dwelling alone The W Made up amount is automatic response out of what appears to become a Predator. You can not call them back as they don t Look to want to Speak for Grownups or Law Enforcement. A legitimate company would Need you for telephone them back.

Post by Dale,

949-930-2279 If You'll Assess with AT amp T you may find it is not them calling.

Post by Roger Matlik,

9499302279 They called again i keep telling them we have been a Home and not a company . . . . .

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949-930-2279 Another telephone Bug. . .

Post by rock,

9499302279 scampers phishers spammers Phone re sellers Attempting to take your own business from the Large phone Businesses. they don't honor the do not phone list. ask for be removed from their call list. don't present Outside any info. you are able to telephone them back at W. W. W thank you poster Liz .

Post by Johnny Johnson,

949-930-2279 The guy was rude and really did t want any just one to request him question. He was controlling and off within his self name Alford Hall. He need to learn a little bit more before he calls any one else.

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9499302279 Keeps calling and calling I don't answer. But called last nighttime at 1 'm. . .

Post by Liz,

949-930-2279 The Business is prefer Edward long space Inc out of CA. They're trying to Secret people into switching long distance Providers they have been calling me non Cease for about a month. Now when i answered my business Telephone that guy on your line was breathing hard and said you can t help me I am Around for kill myself Favorite Long Space Inc. W Venture Blvd. Suite Incing CA W Call people at W W W

Post by Jackie,

9499302279 Said they were out of AT amp T and that there was an issue along with the account As many of the callers above previously mentioned they were calling for lower my rate blah blah he Subsequently Inquired for my account number I Afterward let him know that I would be calling my AT amp T Congressman to Assess on this phone and Subsequently said thank you personally and Hung up.

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949-930-2279 Telephone your Amount back and it dozen t even dial. Recording starts saying for change that this Amount doesn't work. When you Discuss to someone on the other they State they ate calling to follow Upward with health insurance Advantages that my Man Lately inquired Around. Also I caller ID shows California but they say they're within Nevada. I think Complete scam. . . . .

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9499302279 A woman just called my workplace from this number and Inquired for the owner of that business. When I told her she wan t here she asked when she may become. I defined that she rarely comes within but telephone twice a day for messages. I told her if she would supply me a comprehensive message I would offer your message to the business owner when she calls in or comes. She said she was along with AT amp T long space Service and her name is Miss Newman but when I questioned her to Calif that nature of that phone she Installed Upwards.

Post by Cindy,

949-930-2279 Your business also gotten a phone from the maintaining to become with AT amp T Seeking to speak for someone about an Dilemma w the AT amp T account. We have no dilemmas with the account and when I asked what company she was with she Put Upwards. When we can get calls in the Actual AT amp T it shows Upwards on Owner ID as AT amp T not from Place.

Post by Rick,

9499302279 Claimed for be preferred department of Art. Somehow I don t think that's true.

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949-930-2279 Scam company States for become Art but knows nothing Around your account

Post by TeeJay,

9499302279 Received a phone from them maintaining they were AT amp T. Tried for save me money Lola. I hung Upward on them. DON T offer them any info if they phone.

Post by Nannette Rowan,

949-930-2279 Please block this number

Post by locktight07,

9499302279 At amp t can put a Road Celebration blocker on your own Amount thus nobody can add anything for your Invoice. call customer service and they will help you. The was Actual big W years ago they phone it slamming your phone.

Post by Dalia,

949-930-2279 I gotten two calls out of this Amount. The first time I put them on hold and they Installed Upwards. That second time Driver calling said they represented Artwork and that my business was eligible for a speed reduction. She sounded really inexperienced and unsure and Inquired all Forms of questions about our lines and rates. I asked her why she did t 've this info on hand if she worked for Artwork. She Installed Upwards after that. I called Art and Inquired about it and they Supported this Amount is not Related along with them. Not certain what they re Attempting to would but they definitely Stadium t honest.

Post by Anon,

9499302279 They re back at it again beware I your scam that says they wanna lower your bill

Post by charlotte,

949-930-2279 Just got a telephone out of W W W Caller Id said California. It was a girls calling out of AT amp T . She starts out by telling me she was from AT amp T along with her Owner ID and that the phone was being recorded. She Wanted to Talk to that person who handles your billing instantly. When I told her that Individual was unavailable she rudely said she would phone back amp hung Upward.

Post by GA Business owner,

9499302279 Called to say I had a problem along with my bill. Your phone eventually wound up along with the operator asking for confirm your Amount of telephone lines I had. They wanted to lower my Invoice. That lady became mad when I told her AT amp T said I should not Speak for her. She said she had bought my phone number from AT amp T Yet she had a W year old contact along with my organization. Eventually she gave me a fake website Www. preferred. com which dozen t exist.

Post by kastyer,

949-930-2279 Called asserting for become AT amp T for discuss business rate reductions. History noise definitely indicated that Owner was within a phone Facility. When I Inquired which set of lines he Needed for discuss he became broken and started ranting Around sharing the lower rates Walmart and other Enormous Companies get along with smaller business. When I said I had Simply gone through all my services with AT amp T he said he had lower rates available. I then asked your name of your company he really worked for and he said Advanced Communications and that they were that biggest user and Company of AT amp T services. When I said that did not create feeling and I did not comprehend how he could impact my Arrangement with AT amp T he said Only a second and put me on hold. I Put up a Second or 2 later. I can become reporting this for AT amp T and filing a Gripe along with your FCC.

Post by Donnie,

9499302279 This is your exact same thing they said for me. Told them I did t understand what they were talking about and Installed Upwards.

Post by Betty,

949-930-2279 called the house presuming it was company. Offered W savings if we added 5 lines for the service. Told her why would i add 5 extra lines for a house Telephone.

Post by Pizza Biz,

9499302279 We vie gotten these calls in tides Appears enjoy each day for a week or two Attempting all of the pitches Recorded below save people money we re late on payment etc. etc. Tell them for put you personally on their Don't Phone LIST. If you personally continue to receive calls from them file a Criticism with the FTC at HTTP Web. dentally. gov

Post by Kat,

949-930-2279 Got a telephone on our company line maintaining for become an AT amp T Congressman. She was really unprofessional and uneducated. She stated there was a Charging Problem . And then asked me how many lines we'd. I asked her repeatedly if she was really out of AT amp T. She said yes. I told her I had my doubts as I could Notice W other people reading their scripts in that background. She Set me on hold and a Man came on the line. I again Inquired if he was from AT amp T and he would t reply. I Simply hung Upward. Definitely all scampers. . How can they represent themselves as AT amp T or Verizon or whatever . AT amp T should sue their butts.

Post by JESSICA,

9499302279 Got two calls just one on May W and one on Could possibly W. Your same matter hap pend a phone from W W W. Your customer service representative Maintained to be a preferred customer service rep from AT amp T. I had my uncertainties. I Inquired your again and again if in fact they were out of AT amp T and they reconfirmed again and again that they were. They wanted to switch me from my current unlimited long space plan to your per Second Strategy. I had my suspicion and told your Man that I was going to telephone AT amp T and Confirm his story. I contacted AT amp T instantly and they confirmed my feeling that within fact this was a scam. . . and not AT amp T. . . Do not Accept OR Make ANY CHANGES To your AT amp T ACCOUNT Out of This Number. . . . HANG Up AND Call AT amp T AND Make The Change DIRECTLY. AT amp T TOLD ME THAT THEY ADD Prices For your Bill Instead of SAVE You Cash.

Post by Heatherb&kauto,

949-930-2279 I have had your same Problem with Pol pissing as AT amp T reps when I called AT amp T all they told me was to block your number and that automated system for can stated that the Amount was not recognized so it did NOT block it. GREER. . If AT amp T knows this can be going on why dint they Simply resoluteness the issue for everyone and get it over along with.

Post by Guest,

9499302279 Spam man from AT amp T

Post by DBA,

949-930-2279 I received a phone from these those who identified themselves as employees of AT amp T and Maintained that next month You'll start receiving a Reduction on my bill and I thanked her for that. Nevertheless she Afterward Inquired me how many lines does your company have . I told her if she works for AT amp T she should know that. She said she was just within customer service and that the next Man to telephone me would finalize Issues . I Simply hung Upwards it s obviously Fake.


9499302279 They phone all that time. They say they are along with AT amp T and Subsequently they say they are Preferred Network. Quit calling people all you personally losers. Who Really falls for your own crap. . . .

Post by larry,

949-930-2279 i have received a telephone out of these guys W times within the previous month. including 2 within 1 day and 4 sequential days. they claim for be Art. they are not. i asked why they cant take a no they said we 're persistent.

Post by Nondeplume,

9499302279 Consider maybe getting a phone blocking device or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. HTTP Www. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism check. asp. Cell HTTP Web. Buyer finance. gov Grievance HTTP Www. Cease fraud. gov report. HTML

Post by Post,

949-930-2279 Atlanta called and when she had time to reply my Custom she was talking to other people she Desired for Talk along with that Man who Addresses your AT amp T account. I asked who she was with she previously mentioned Preferred. I Subsequently told her it was nothing we would be interested in at the time. She Afterward got rude and said how did I know she Hans t even told me anything yet. Seriously does she 've for. . . . While she was still berating me I Put Upwards that Telephone on her.

Post by rock,

9499302279 sort of a scam kind of not. if you talk for them for some time you personally get for the truth a third Celebration who needs your telephone company. they go about it in a Fake manner but your person I spoke for was Really Individual enough to Notice me Outside and said he would abide by my request to become removed from further solicitations. bottom line though they are NOT your own Present Phone Supplier.

Post by Trina,

949-930-2279 SCAMPERS. We don t even have AT amp T. . .

Post by Holly T,

9499302279 Same as preceding comment. Woman on line saying she s Owner such and such and there s a Difficulty along with our AT amp T Invoice.

Post by Guest,

949-930-2279 Keep calling and calling. No response. Drained of the. Turning them in for the National Commerce Commission.

Post by Guest,

9499302279 Scummier. Yes Marcella supervisor out of Cox she Promised wanted for Supply me with service. When I Inquired for phone back Amount she Maintained she had none because her dept was Distinct. I told her Cox would not hire a supervisor so unprofessional as her and would have a phone back Amount. She stumbled around her words and used Bad English. I Inquired if I could sign Upwards on the net she said no. She said she could help me she Merely Wanted my Societal and credit card to sign me up along with service so I could save on my Invoice along with Century Link. . Wow avert whatsoever costs.

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949-930-2279 No message

Post by Virginia,

9499302279 A Girl called out of this number asserting to be calling from Verizon to save me money on long distance. She sounded uneducated and I suspected it was a scam. I called back to your Amount and got a recording the phone could not become completed as dialed.

Post by Frustrated,

949-930-2279 Obtained a telephone stating he was calling from AT amp T and needed Records payable as my account was past due. I told him he was calling that erroneous Amount as my bill along with AT amp T is current. I then called AT amp T who Affirmed if they were calling my Owner ID would 've read AT amp T not California as it did. Do we create these calls Cease.

Post by Jesse Mendoza,

9499302279 this Individual said that we'd a billing Dilemma for At amp t and did t even know how many phone lines we'd. I Installed Upwards and told them for remove me from their list.

Post by Guest,

949-930-2279 Call California Id this caller or Firm has called our office Looking for sell reduce cost phone service I told Owner to Discontinue calling but continues to call every other daytime I asked nicely for Discontinue calling but is quite persistent

Post by Kim Powell,

9499302279 I do not want to get any more calls out of W W W. We are a company and don't 've time for answer Joke sales calls out of the number each daytime.

Post by me,

949-930-2279 I gotten your calls from same Amount. I did t answer as I already knew it was one of THOSE calls THANK You Caller I. D. Anyway reading all other responses on this Website it's really simple for see That SCUMMIER calling occasionally it says AT amp T calling and sometimes other Businesses from your same number. WHAT That HELL THEY GOTTA Be Better THAN THAT. Seriously lacking in I. Q. these scampers.

Post by Company,

9499302279 AGOG. Called me again Now. I Merely picked Upward and Put up.

Post by Betty S of,

949-930-2279 I 've gotten numerous calls out of this Amount even though I am on your national do not call list. They claim they're selling something called terrestrials. I 've yelled at them and Inquired them not to telephone.

Post by Raymond Riddles,

9499302279 Got a phone out of W W W and Man wanted for discuss a payment coming up on your Th. I Inquired for his name and he said Dillon. I Subsequently asked him who your payment was for. He Hun Upwards. Return phone said it was not a working number

Post by DG,

949-930-2279 Scummier posing as an Driver out of AT amp T regarding Charging issues. Fake Telemarketer

Post by sherry taylor,

9499302279 the Brianna could not Chat and her supervisor stated it is a Program they by law 've to repeat when Inquired his he would not offer it to me and Installed Upward. . i 'm reporting this for the right authorities fro fraud. . . . .

Post by Guest,

949-930-2279 Called your company line 8 times within the past month. Mostly silence after we pick up. Twice they gave us the Art line Around reducing our rates. Inquired how many lines we've. Once I started asking for more data and that they should know how many lines we have that caller got quite rude and Began talking over me.

Post by Dale,

9499302279 If you may Assess along with AT amp T you may find it's not them calling.

Post by Salon 11*11,

949-930-2279 Got a call about changing our AT amp T Business Line long distance account rates. . . started Calling off that wall Strategies that I don t 've. When I told him the he Installed up.

Post by BD,

9499302279 Your guy said he was from AT amp T . . . I hung Upwards on him. AT amp T s caller ID will come Upwards if it's really them calling

Post by Rick,

949-930-2279 Got a phone from this today with a W prefix. Your Female was asking for a family member of mine. She said that she worked for Monotonic . I explained to her that I wan t this Individual. she then Needed to know if I owned my house. I described to her that I wan t interested so she Began asking if your family member she had originally asked for owned a house. At that point I Inquired for her telephone back Information thus I could pass it along for my family member. Her answer look it s a simple yes or no question just reply yes or no . Lola she sounded enjoy one of those W s ladies blabbing on your Telephone complete along with cigarette in hand and infant crying within your background. I thanked her and Put up on her at that point she was still babbling while I Put Upwards .

Post by gvm,

9499302279 Girl called and pretended for be an AT amp T operator said there is an error on our account and Desired me for direct her to that Man who handles the Telephone account. What a fraud AT amp T should sue this company for misrepresentation.

Post by Guest,

949-930-2279 That called my business line and mentioned that my AT amp T company line bill was being Priced W. W for unlimited long space service and that they were calling to create that adjustment thus that I d become charged quot simply W. W. quot Before making any other Opinion I request your Man if he was Applied by AT amp T. He hesitated a minute and then mentioned that he d put his quot billing manager quot on that line. She Arrived on insisting that her Man had not stated which he was an AT amp T employee. I agreed. He Haydn t identified himself as being along with ANY company so since he was inquiring Around my AT amp T bill I felt it just Proper for locate out what Business he DID work for. ergo quot was he employed by AT amp T quot question. quot Thus quot I asked quot who does he. . . and you personally. . . work for. quot She Installed Upwards. Your W. W which he talked of has never been Priced on my AT amp T Statement . . . . . . after around 5 years along with my present quot bundle quot .

Post by Jon,

9499302279 Called said they were out of AT amp T amp asked for the Individual in charge of Charging Only as all these other reports say . After I said I had power i m your manager ND in charge my Father s family Cafe that we opened in W they tried to get me for concur for sign up through them. After I said I would t switch any Charging details w o that owners knowledge amp consent he started getting furious me. I told him for lose your Perspective amp not Speak to me that way amp he go worse. So I told him for f himself amp Put Upwards.

Post by Susan,

949-930-2279 I got a telephone out of the Amount saying they Needed to talk Around Charging for your AT amp T account. I told her I was with accounts payable and asked what that Dilemma was. . . she said she could only Speak for that owner and would telephone back.

Post by meaghan,

9499302279 Simply had a similar Example occur. . . . she wassailing Around a credit adjustment for misfiling with at amp t. . . . i fell with this scam when i first Began working and was told then that at t would never phone us to offer people lower rates. . . . thus i asked her Level Outside are you an employee if at amp t. she said yes. i asked if her paychecks came out of at amp t she said yes. i told her i was having a difficult time Taking this and Subsequently told her what at amp t had told me years ago about not calling. . . . she said she needed for know how many lines i had. . . reddish Banner. . . . i Inquired her why she could t see that herself if she was calling within reference to my Invoice. . . that Information is on my Statement. she said it was not available to her at this time. . . what. . . . . . i told her i needed Evidence that she was within fact an employee of at amp t and she Put Upwards on me. i Only got away the phone along with at amp t and now 've their annoyance hot line number where you can phone for report scams and what not. . . . it s enjoy your maltreatment Section for email's W W

Post by Mary,

949-930-2279 Really rude told me I had an Problem along with my Invoice I Desired for resolution by that Th of your month. I told him my line was an atmosphere line phone forwarding Amount just he Subsequently ranted on about a fax number. I asked him what he was Attempting to sell and he Installed up. The should become against the law to phone out of a number that you are unable for return a phone to. We pay for the phone service bills each month. Don t we've ANY rights for Business s enjoy this one. This could really Press one around the border. . . . These people are not just cow rd s they're Additionally a Group of bullies.

Post by Kim,

9499302279 An extremely loud phone Facility talking as soon as I Decided up saying he was Driver number blah blah along with AT amp T and there's a Charging Dilemma along with our bill and could he Talk for the person that handles your AT amp T account. I said they're unavailable and he hung Upward. Only another scummier.

Post by Lk,

949-930-2279 Caller Desired so Chat within Wishes for at ant t Invoice. Subsequently Started into a Frequency about lowering my rates then Needed for get Information about my lines and company she said she would lower my rates at end of telephone. I told her I would telephone at and t for become confident she was on your up and up. I called a t and t and they said it was bogus. Exactly why can these telemarketers waste everyone s time

Post by d,

9499302279 got a phone hung Upward when i replied.

Post by James Hillier,

949-930-2279 The Amount calling for my Dad Robert. Was saying my Dad owed her Child W. W. Said the same matter for my Dad. What a fresh low for scamming.

Post by Franklin Self Storage,

9499302279 receiving numerous calls out of the Business . . . 1. claiming for become AT amp T . . . equilibrium due on account . . . hung Upward 2. maintaining for become AT amp T . . . wanting for understand how many lines we've . . . Installed up. maintaining to become AT amp T . . . Looking Information . . . for save on your Telephone calls . . . Installed Upward. claiming for become AT amp T . . . reducing your rates . . . Needed info . . . Installed up

Post by Robert,

949-930-2279 Owner id CALIFORNIA W W W. Driver W calling for discuss a billing Problem . I said we've no Charging Issues and she hung Upward on me. when I tried for telephone back recording said that is not a valid . I am complaining for the FTC.

Post by Not buying it,

9499302279 Phone from this number asserting for be an AT amp T User and calling Around our acct said that we 're not going to Improve your rates but Needed for understand how many lines. told him he should know that when he is Actually along with at amp t and for send me anything seeing changes in writing he hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

949-930-2279 Only got a call out of the number at a business within Iowa. The person claimed for become calling about your AT amp T billing asking for the Individual within charge of it. We told them quot That person who Addresses the billing isn't here. Please give me your own name and phone so they could telephone you personally back. quot They refused for supply any data which made it pretty obvious this was not AT amp T. Called the number back on a different line. Got your same quot That is not a recognized number quot message as other Individuals reported. Report already filed along with FCC. Phone already placed for AT amp T to report that impersonation.

Post by momma t,

9499302279 they phone every daytime and state they re with AT amp T and it s seeing my bill. I tell them that when AT amp T calls I d become happy for Talk to them Afterward. They hang Upward real swift. Another one that gets to them is when you personally ask them which account they're calling about.

Post by Rick,

949-930-2279 The Amount calls people everywhere from 1 for 6 times a daytime. We don t answer the calls and they never leave a v m. Would adore to send them a fax or E-mail saying please Quit calling. I vie Additionally gotten that AT amp T calling about your account. I need a return telephone Now. Now actually if I got that message and then located out it was Only a scam to change my service why would I can it. Let s see Lie to me and I ll give you my company Hmm. Looks Table intuitive.

Post by Betty S of,

9499302279 I 've gotten numerous calls out of this Amount even though I 'm on that national do not call list. They State they are selling something called terrestrials. I 've yelled at them and asked them not to call.

Post by Southern Illinois,

949-930-2279 I replied that Telephone. After waiting a few seconds with nothing on the other line a Girl on the other end eventually clicked on to that conversation and said Hi. as if she could t hear me. I repeated my Businesses name again saying That is XXX. . . Subsequently she Installed Upward. We vie had NUMEROUS calls from this Amount as we've multiple business lines plus lines from our W other offices when they're closed. Very annoying.

Post by CBD,

9499302279 this number called up saying AT amp T had entered into a contract and such and Desired for speak along with whoever paid the Invoice I told them they were scampers

Post by Sawgrass Self storage,

949-930-2279 Quite rude Individuals keep calling here for solicitation. When I tell them they already 've my data they state something rude or hang up.

Post by Debby,

9499302279 Calling my business twice a daytime for one month Typically Blow off call out of W W W not alive air at Afterward started out by telling me he was calling Around my Art Telephone dilemmas. I told this man I have no Telephone problems I vie phone Art to file a Criticism Nevertheless this can be a spoofed number. Google Gripes Favorite long space inc. scampers for confident. I called Art they Recommended I play along and try and find out what Business is calling so I can have info that can become followed up on when I file a Gripe along with the FCC. I used your information for Favor ed Supplied by Liz. I called these folks for tell them to take me off their Rob call list. They agreed to. If they don t I am filling a Grievance along with that FCC. Your FCC could t use a spoofed Amount to follow up on. HTTP Web. FCC. gov complaints Preferred Long Distance Inc. W Venture Blvd. Suite Incing CA Telephone us at W W W

Post by Lisa Pirolo,

949-930-2279 I have obtained numerous phone calls from the Firm. They say they work for Art and I have told them numerous times not to call this number again just for become Installed Upward on. They need for be Quit.

Post by serena,

9499302279 His name was Audrey Driver W. He said he Wanted to discuss an Artwork Charging issue. After I defined that I was that manager and ran your store and the owner dozen t come into the Shop. He Needed that owners Amount. I said I won t supply his Amount to Odd Folks and Bad Audrey got upset and hung up on me. What a scam. . . .

Post by Ron,

949-930-2279 a guy called me from this telling me he was going to save me money as he was out of AT amp T I told him if which was a sells call he said no Subsequently I said I wan t interested he got mad started to cry at me Lola watch out it appears enjoy a scam.

Post by Jill,

9499302279 Horrible B. . . . Bianca Promised for become out of Favorite and that they're an AT amp T wholesaler. Told her she was wasting her time. If I desire ANYTHING from AT amp T I will telephone them directly. Caller ID said California . Overly poor AT amp T does not support nimrods. com

Post by SC,

949-930-2279 Got a call out of W W W. Caller ID Arrived Upward as California. Called your company Amount. When I replied the guy on another Finish said he had a erroneous number.

Post by Linda,

9499302279 Must become SCUMMIER HOUR. I Truly had to Dash one away the Telephone to get your next just one. . . 3 in a row. Could t you Individuals get a Real job. . .

Post by KLW,

949-930-2279 Acquired phone on our organization s Principal number Seeking to speak along with your person who handles the AT amp T account. I happened for become covering the reception Workplace at your time and told Increased I was responsible. She wanted my name thus I Offered her my first name just Kathy. She then previously mentioned that she Signified AT amp T and that we could Begin receiving a Reduction on our bill cause we re paying full Cost for your lines of W or less we recently Changed most of your lines for VIP . Told her we Warren t paying not empty price and she said yes You're and I said no we re not . Subsequently she asked for your former president CEO by name and I told her he was no longer with that Business. She Installed Upward.

Post by staccioli,

9499302279 This could be a Scam Scum that does cramming slamming or other undesirable matters to your own phone service.

Post by Brandy,

949-930-2279 I keep receiving calls from the Amount and they hang Upwards. I can hear phone center noise in that back earth. . . Very annoying.

Post by Guest,

9499302279 refuse to quit calling out of AT amp T

Post by D White,

949-930-2279 Need a solution for unwanted telemarketer calls. Here is a manner to get them to Quit calling your number. Scam that scampers. When I get these calls with a live Man as shortly as I understand it's a scam I interrupt them and polity tell them to phone a government Bureau in my own area. My business is close for Atlanta thus I usually that FBI address and phone number for fake Assess scams. For telemarketing scams I provide out your FTC s number. Do not use emergency Amounts. When you personally offer them the number be sure for present Outside a real contact name to the Bureau of your Selecting. My script goes like this Oh wait you personally need for telephone Rick Johnson at W W W that s Jim Jackson at W W W. I constantly end the talk with Cheers for calling have a Fine daytime. Provide it a strive it s pleasure doing this may put you in a great mode. You've better things for would than report the Owner for your government have that scampers phone the Authorities for you personally. Reproduce and Substance these instructions we need for get as many Individuals on board as potential.

Post by Guest,

9499302279 Said they were along with Art business concerning my Statement.

Post by Paul B.,

949-930-2279 A Man calls maintaining that there's a billing problem along with out AT amp T account. I ask him if he s with AT amp T. He said no thus I hung Upward.

Post by Jax Office Mgr,

9499302279 Got a telephone from a guy saying he was an AT amp T representative. 've been through this before. I grilled him and he then said he was an AT amp T Preferred Representative. Told him we only deal directly with your AT amp T Congressman. He just kept duplicating his Punch. So I finally Put up on him.

Post by Ellen,

949-930-2279 Another telephone out of California Favorite Long Space who was pestering us Regular the month. I filled out an FCC sort though I don t feel it ll can anything to Cease these calls. Come to that conclusion that California is filled up with lots of nuts who need for scam us all.

Post by Guest,

9499302279 I think they re calling out of Wells Fargo Dealer Services on a late Automobile payment

Post by Jim,

949-930-2279 I went to your Change appearance up and would t you know it the service Supplier is MCI Universe com what a Number of crooks. They 've called me twice claiming for provide savings on my AT amp T account. I knew it was fraud correct off your bat. Please someone close MCI down. I Given with them W years ago and they were terrible.

Post by SBT,

9499302279 Girl specifically said she was along with AT amp T even Offered her Driver Amount . I told her I knew she wan t along with AT amp T and she hung Upward.

Post by Bev,

949-930-2279 Just got your same phone. Demand to talk for your Man who Addresses that Charging that s me can I help you. She states there is a serious Charging issue. I said Actually what kind of Dilemma. she quickly Put Upward. If You're on that national don't phone register how do they continue to get away with it. I called the Amount back and was told not a valid Amount hmm mm. What an annoyance. Can we create them Discontinue. .

Post by Krissy,

9499302279 Got a call out of this Amount. Was told it was AT amp T calling along with a billing issue. When I told them your person they need to Chat to isn't here she said she would attempt back and Installed up. When I dialed back that number a record said that's not a recognized Amount .

Post by Guest,

949-930-2279 Another Phone Insect. . .

Post by Mark from Wisconsin,

9499302279 Called inquiring Around AT amp T Charging data. When I told them for send people a notice they said they need to Speak for the Individual dealing along with the AT amp T account to would that. I saw that it was out of from state California and Recognized it was a scam correct away and asked them not for phone back. A few hours After another phone out of them again asserting it was out of AT amp T. Scam or telemarketer. . . Likely a scam.

Post by Jeff in MD,

949-930-2279 Many Guy called searching for speak along with your Individual Managing our telephone account. I asked whats it in reference too and he said it was a courtesy telephone from Verizon to Speak Around your rates and Savings . I Set him on hold and he Installed Upwards within five seconds after being placed there. allegedly

Post by Juan,

9499302279 I received a call from the number CALIFORNIA W W W and they Only stayed silent and your hang Upward.

Post by meaghan,

949-930-2279 Merely had an identical instance happen. . . . she wassailing about a credit alteration for misfiling with at amp t. . . . i fell because of this scam when i first Began working and was told then that at t would never call people for offer us lower rates. . . . so i asked her Level Outside are you an Staff if at amp t. she said yes. i Inquired if her paychecks came from at amp t she said yes. i told her i was having a hard time Taking the and Afterward told her what at amp t had told me years Past about not calling. . . . she said she Wanted for know how many lines i had. . . reddish flag. . . . i Inquired her exactly why she could t see that herself if she was calling in reference for my Invoice. . . that info is on my Invoice. she said it was not Accessible to her at the time. . . what. . . . . . i told her i Wanted verification that she was within fact an Staff of at amp t and she hung up on me. i Simply got away that phone along with at amp t and now have their annoyance Popular line Amount where you are able to call to report scams and what not. . . . it s enjoy that maltreatment Section for email's W W

Post by Annoyed at Work,

9499302279 Would t it be pleasure if we all called Scott Benjamin Harris several times a daytime. W W HTTP Internet. who is. com who is Favorite. com

Post by EPCA,

949-930-2279 Ditto to all that above. . .

Post by ft,

9499302279 call each daytime. have any manner for Cease that call

Post by unwanted,

949-930-2279 Called wanting to reduce your Firm Invoice. Inquired me how many lines. When I told him he would 've to go Thur corporate he hung Upward. . . . GO AWAY.

Post by BJ,

9499302279 Caller ID showed only California and your W W W Amount. Girl Desired for Chat along with the Individual who Managed the Telephone service. When quiz Edward said You were supposed to 've received a discount last month on your own bill. I would like for speak with person who Addresses your phone billing. I Inquired for understand why they Merely did not go forward and provide that Reduction. She replied along with a question How many lines can you have. If she was working on Part of she should have had the business owner s name and account info for handle any Relationship. These kind of game Strategies by telemarketers are a Enormous waste of time and a Important irritant. The Travel by night Firms who Staff that callers would this type of disservice to the Used telemarketers and for that people they're Needed for telephone. The business no More accepts any such calls and when Found fast enough hang Upwards on your callers. It takes an excellent ear for hear between the lines so many times to protect you personally self. Absolute best for all business or anyone to never respond to Cool calls. Instigate a phone you self for can any company simply.

Post by surely a scam,

949-930-2279 Cory Thomas asked for your Man in charge along with that at amp t billing. after i said he had the right Individual he said there was an issue with the bill and Desired to discuss in further detail. When I asked what that Problem was he said his voice seemed nervous during your full dialogue . . Nicely you personally re becoming billed too Considerably based on the phone lines being used. I questioned if he knew how Considerably were paying per month amp he said no amp he proceed for request how many phone lines your Business was using because his Firm was able to lower our phone speed. Strange. He was sneaky since the Start but I did t need for be rude. He kept on talking around me was really defensive contemplating my sweet matured voice. I was not being mean. I told him I was active amp if he could give me his data thus I could phone a few other time. He simply gave me his name amp company Favorite. No phone Amount to Supply. I asked exactly why he could t supply me a number and he said he did t 've it handy as he had just been working there for 3 days. I even offered to hold while he got a phone Amount for me. He refused said he was not allowed to Supply a number and giggled nervously while blaming his lack of skills and his Road work daytime. . . I told him I would t be interested in doing business along with a Business who cant provide Right contact info. he attempted to continue his sales pitch. . . I kindly interrupted amp told him to remove people out of their list. CALIFORNIA W W W

Post by Robert Inezcio,

9499302279 I get these same calls. They lie Around being with AT amp T. Now I 've pleasure along with them. I ll state things like gee cheers but I m not within that disposition for a appropriate now. Or and this Actually gets to them I ll ask them how long they have been giving for their dad. I would this with all of these type of Dust bags. It s quite enjoyment.

Post by ian5576,

949-930-2279 I just got a phone from them saying they would lower my long distance bill but needed for Check my date of Start. Not Understanding who they are I declined to answer. They're no More using that At amp T line for me they said they were out of century link.

Post by princess,

9499302279 calls and does not leave a message. It is coming within as a phone from California. Could we get these unwanted calls Discontinued.

Post by Judy,

949-930-2279 For at least 1 Month now we've acquired calls everyday coming from the number W W W. We check the caller ID now and if it is the Amount we do not reply. They never leave a message. That call ends once the replying machine picks Upwards after a few seconds. Within the Start we would reply and we would tell them for take us away of their phone list I figure that did t happen. This is very frustrating. We run a company and honestly taking time for reply these senseless calls is a Huge waste of time.

Post by Guest,

9499302279 Said she was along with a Business called Favorite that is that largest contract along with AT amp T and that she would reduce my speed. . . I told her I would telephone AT amp T and she said not to because they don t others getting a lower speed.

Post by Annoyed at Work,

949-930-2279 Would t it become fun if we all called Scott Benjamin Harris several times a day. W W HTTP Www. who is. com who is Favorite. com

Post by Guest,

9499302279 Obtained a call out of this number your woman said she was Annette Brown and rattled of an User Amount. Individual previously mentioned she was out of AT amp T about a late payment on my account and also about a rate reduction. I Inquired quot Who are you with please because I have no late Funds on my account. quot She shouted at me quot I Demand You. . For DIRECT ME To The Person In CHARGE OF Telephone SERVICES NOW quot Really nastily. I told her I was that Man I shouted back at her and stated that she was really rude and snaky she Desired for correct her tone and take a customer service class or rage Direction Course. She apologized but I was not going to give her the time of daytime after that I Put up on her. Tried to phone the Amount back to complainer but of path it is not a recognized number. Definitely a scam.

Post by T,

949-930-2279 Bianca called out of the number. Terrible Individual. . . I would not deal along with her even if the was a legit telephone. . . Which it's not. Says after asking 3 times that she works for Favorite and that she is a wholesale Service for AT amp T. We don't Cope along with anyone except our really own AT amp T rep. Discussed that within great detail for her more than once and she was Simply Basic ole pussy. Stop calling me and I can stop wasting all of the time. Owner ID says California .

Post by Company,

9499302279 Owner ID read CALIFORNIA I replied your Telephone along with your Firm Custom omitting my name. There was a pause and then a woman said Hello. I Afterward said Yes's and repeated the Business greeting in a louder and firmer voice. She then hung Upwards on me so Hence I 'm marking the as a prank telephone.

Post by Jax Office Mgr,

949-930-2279 Got a phone from a man saying he was an AT amp T representative. Have been through the before. I grilled him and he Subsequently said he was an AT amp T Favorite rep. Told him we simply deal directly along with our AT amp T Representative. He Simply kept replicating his Exercise. Thus I finally hung up on him.

Post by Guest,

9499302279 Fucking Rudy people

Post by Kim,

949-930-2279 Got a call out of W W W . Quite rude Individuals and they Needed for know my info. SCAMPERS. . Do not Present Your Info For THEM. . .

Post by Georgia Business Owner,

9499302279 I acquired a call from the Amount someone asking to Talk with the person in charge of AT amp T account Funds said I was eligible for a lower speed last month which was not Place into effect and she was calling to authorize your lower rate. I asked where she was calling from and she said Enigma CA. I said no which Firm she was along with and she said AT amp T Subsequently mumbled largest Corporate Customer or something . I asked her to clarify do you work for AT amp T. She said Yes AT amp T largest corporate customer . . . I Put Upward. Called that Amount back and it's not Competent for receive calls.

Post by Angry Customer,

949-930-2279 These Individuals call the company Telephone every single day and never state a word. Allowing for your Opinions this was going on for years. Why are thugs like these allowed for harass American People. We 're on your don't call list but what good is it.

Post by Mike,

9499302279 Call from same Amount claiming for be out of Century Link and Seeking for change my long distance plan. I went ballistic on your Man telling him I am not authorizing any Alter to my Strategy. I pay a set price for long distance and he was saying it was going to some Sum per minute. He Put Upwards after I went off on him. Complete absolute scam they ought to throw these Folks within Penitentiary.

Post by Guest,

949-930-2279 Spam.

Post by Guest,

9499302279 Keep on getting calls stating they're out of Art. Keep telling them we are Underneath contract with your corporate Telephone Firm.

Post by Laura Berman,

949-930-2279 Said they were AT amp T Began asking Around that number of lines and that Telephone Amounts I had. After many discussion I was transferred for someone else who Began for tell me that they could cut my Telephone bill in 1 2. I said good by

Post by Cynthia Miller,

9499302279 I Simply got a phone from the number and the Man did t state anything at first thus I started screwing along with him by imitating that old SN character Lionel Osborne out of Views . So that Man finally Addresses Upwards and mutters something and calls me a . So I continue to can your imitation and he calls me a again. So I still in nature state something Very harsh to him. He responds with you. and hangs up. All that while I was Competent to hear a Tv in your background and Individuals talking laughing.

Post by Michael Caldwell,

949-930-2279 continue for call and doesn't leave a message.

Post by Holly T,

9499302279 These Folks are rude and relentless. Kept calling back demanding to Talk for the owner. I just kept hanging up on her. Scampers and phone slammers who are trying to Alter your phone account.

Post by av - fort worth TX,

949-930-2279 The company still exits and is still saying the same lines. Many preferred Firm by AT amp T. NOT. This really is my third call within 2 weeks. I Only conquer them to that Impact line. Request for Set me on your don't telephone list and they Only hang Upward. They sound young. Must become a fresh crew. Owner ID just says California

Post by scott,

9499302279 Called telling me we had an Dilemma with the AT amp T bill I Inquired if we were behind or late on Funds and they said no. When I Inquired what it was pertaining overly he hung Upwards on me.

Post by Nondeplume,

949-930-2279 Consider maybe getting a telephone blocking device or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. HTTP Www. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. Amenhotep's Criticisms. dentally. gov Grievance complaint Assess. asp. Cell HTTP Web. Client finance. gov Grievance HTTP Www. Cease fraud. gov report. HTML

Post by DALA/Milwaukee,

9499302279 Just got a call out of this Amount at a business in Iowa. That Man Asserted to be calling Around our AT amp T billing asking for your Man within charge of it. We told them The person who Addresses that billing isn't here. Please offer me your name and Telephone so they can telephone you back. They refused to supply any info which made it Very Evident this was not AT amp T. Called the number back on a Distinct line. Got that same Which is not a recognized Amount message as other Individuals reported. Report already Submitted along with FCC. Call already placed to AT amp T for report that impersonation.

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2318849765 Complains by Guest,

Abusive frequency of repeated auto-dialed pre-recorded message that begins something like "Your child brought home a very important survey... Central School District Administration... we need your input for our yearly local control accountability plan..." Something to that affectn and drones on for a minute, maybe two. They call everyday at least once, sometimes more, sometimes Much More in a single day. These harassing calls have been happening about 6 months or so, although I've tried calling and only been able to leave messages informing them that they have a wrong number and to stop harassing me. I don't have, nor have I ever, and after this spam dialing can say with certainty that I never at any point in the future have a child in that School District. Helps that I have lived 60 miles west of Rancho for the past 7 years, and have never even lived anywhere near Rancho Cucamonga or the Central School District boundaries.

2054131466 Complains by Guest,

She plays on your own Telephone.

6159772799 Complains by Guest,


6502003337 Complains by Guest,

'm call

3042503122 Complains by Guest,

desires guarantee of F's before providing references

4242629730 Complains by Guest,

Claims for become a screenwriter within the Cali area. Guy is a joke. Trying for offer women all around that world W per nighttime to quot Move quot him. He s a Complete fake. Don t autumn for it. Don t offer your own E-mail or phone Amount. . It s a scam. He Likely could t create W a year. Douche.

4124899834 Complains by Guest,

sorry the number has been blocked

3239891776 Complains by Guest,

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8001682065 Complains by pencil,

calls on cell only no express send. . .

8002581316 Complains by Guest,


8002778882 Complains by judie,

Called and I let that answering machine Select Upward. Glad I found Outside who they're. I have perfect credit and no unpaid bills and debt. I told your credit union and they're going for telephone them and tell them for you understand what away . Trust it helps.

8002511893 Complains by Guest,

KIA dealer

8002421986 Complains by Guest,

the Amount your Striving to reach is from service.

8002178711 Complains by n,

no message hang up

8001301947 Complains by Guest,

spam caller

8002285622 Complains by TippyToes,

Everyone there must be named Mrs. Cochran.

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