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Telephone information: Telcentris Communications. Irvine, CA. . United states
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9499882502 television advertising

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949-988-2502 Care packages

Post by Guest,

9499882502 Cool Web Advertisement caller

Post by adam,

949-988-2502 This is a scam from PLAYMATE.

Post by Ronin,

9499882502 Same prohibited Bacall as that remainder of you folks. Caller ID shows Playmate. com. These calls are illegal and should become reported to the FCC. HTTP Web. FCC. gov complaints

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949-988-2502 Because we've a company and list your home Telephone these Individuals can a Rob phone regarding Television Promotion. Why don t these people get it Do not Call. . .

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9499882502 Several calls. No just one on other end. All the hallmarks of recalls. Google search turns up it is a telemarketer.

Post by Mark,

949-988-2502 Telemarketer Marketing Television ads for 3. W a day

Post by b.h.,

9499882502 i got a call out of these people 3 time i Hope i don t get another phone from them

Post by Ihaterobocalls,

949-988-2502 Any company that uses an prohibited Bacall does not get my business Simple and Straightforward. Additionally I reported them to your FCC and NYSE AG.

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9499882502 Robotic sales phone trying to sell me Television Marketing. Do not answer. Have a terrific day.

Post by MT,

949-988-2502 Lots of calls. No reply.

Post by K,

9499882502 This can be what happened to me too being a woman. It s BS. . .

Post by Michelle,

949-988-2502 School fiance Support is what they Asserted for me.

Post by Jim,

9499882502 We are a Govt. IT Builder and I got this call at work. Yes we re going to get govt. IT contracts by Marketing on local cable Tv in California. No wonder that state is broke. . .

Post by BostonHolly,

949-988-2502 I m getting these hanger uppers overly.

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9499882502 Promotion Firm W spam

Post by Unlist the business,

949-988-2502 Whether You're a scam or not most business don't want solicitation calls. If we want for can company with you personally we may contact you. Don t contact us and don t call along with a recording because that just makes people report you personally to that Registry and makes you personally a telemarketer as far as we have been concerned. You've no idea what sort of business you are calling and I tell you that School Advertisements is not what most Firms are interested in. Business are tired of becoming these calls as we are these phony investment calls. When you personally telephone and are given the data that we are not interested within your calls and you keep calling don t anticipate the Man answering that telephone for be nice. Most business keep a call log these days and they understand when you've called and how many times you might have called.

Post by MT,

9499882502 Rob telephone for running Advertising on campus for W a month.

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949-988-2502 Yellow Pages Marketing solicitation

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9499882502 what you personally to indication up for local Advertisements on Yvonne

Post by Just stating the facts,

949-988-2502 no name please produce your Composed authorizations out of all of the numbers playmate. com is calling with a buckler and Registered message. I would become shocked if you could even produce one that wan t forged. Recalling without written permission is prohibited. Nicely maybe not in whatever country your own calls are Really Coming out of but in your Us. That fact that your company is doing that alone marks them as a scummier regardless of whatever Advertisements they purport to become Marketing. Now go crawl back under your rock within your own Mommy s cellar troll.

Post by Anonymous,

9499882502 Began prattling on about buying Promotion on local television. If I Needed for use their service was told for Face W W W. That W Amount has its own entry at notes and no valid business entry that I can fast find online. Press 8 for become removed out of their list. We ll see.

Post by alanonthego,

949-988-2502 call out of Playmate. com automated message maintaining that I never have Upgraded my Google free listing. Called at 7 W pm Asian. I Merely Put Upward on them. These Businesses asserting for be or become working for Google need to be Discontinued.

Post by rr,

9499882502 a few 1 is using your own number calling and asking about our business then hanging Upwards when we Ask who they are or where they're.

Post by Just stating the facts,

949-988-2502 no name please Make the written authorizations from all of the numbers playmate. com is calling along with a buckler and Registered message. I would become shocked if you could even produce 1 that wan t forged. Recalling without Composed permission is prohibited. Well maybe not in whatever State your own calls are Truly Coming out of but within the Usa. Your fact that your company is doing that alone marks them as a scummier regardless of whatever advertising they Claim for be Marketing. Now go crawl back under your own stone within your own Mommy s basement troll.

Post by Just stating the facts,

9499882502 no name please Make the Composed authorizations out of all of your numbers playmate. com is calling along with a buckler and Registered message. I would become shocked if you personally could even Create just one that wan t forged. Recalling without written permission is illegal. Nicely maybe not within whatever State your own calls are actually originating out of but within your Usa. The fact that your Firm is doing that alone symbols them as a scummier regardless of whatever advertising they Claim for be Marketing. Now go crawl back under your stone in your own Mommy s basement troll.

Post by tabitha,,

949-988-2502 not just did I get a telephone I called back and got a Susan who told me they can Promote my shop and than Approved your telephone to a Leo who was rude and when I said I know your Supervisor of corona Buffalo crazy wings and said he personally told me this company has no appropriate for Place Advertisements up within any of there constraints he got very Insane than I Inquired for talk to owner witch he said they don t have one thus my Man told me for phone back and Susan picked up Telephone and said the owner is Tim. mamma lie rs

Post by Mike,

9499882502 Get a call from the number several times a week I response and I Notice nothing Afterward it Merely hangs up.

Post by ST,

949-988-2502 I did Enrolled for Don't Phone LIST . But Playmate. com seems to ignore it. Can anybody understand how to Cease them.

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9499882502 spam

Post by A-1 Taxi,

949-988-2502 Their automated system called me and I affirm the voice was an auctioneer. I hit 1 and responded within that same rate with a Message for them for use a Taxi. Your Man did jest and say he would remove the number. I doubt it but at least I feel better.

Post by Brea Lobberecht,

9499882502 Unknown Telephone phone from this Amount. Called back and it didn't ring Or did anyone response.

Post by Ernie tobuedo,

949-988-2502 Called the office. It showed Upward as V. Nobody answered. Unusual.

Post by Moe,

9499882502 Another jerky scummier. How do they get by along with calling our cell phones. This makes me furious. Using up my cell phone minutes overly. Disgusting. I m sick of becoming these scampers on my cell Telephone. It s getting worse all that time and needs for be Discontinued.

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 Unsolicited telephone no message

Post by rr,

9499882502 some one is using your number calling and asking Around the business then hanging Upward when we inquire who they are or where they're.

Post by Paul L,

949-988-2502 Owner ID said Playmate. com . . . . I did t reply call. They left voice mail. . . it was a chopped Upwards Rob call. . . no Notion what they re Marketing. Google says they play Companies Advertisements on Faculty and Tavern Tvs.

Post by D2farmer,

9499882502 Merely obtained a call from the Firm trying to sell Advertising service. We are retired and your Cows can t use your service.

Post by Boomer,

949-988-2502 recorded message offering to sell Tv Marketing.

Post by Paul L,

9499882502 Playmate their Amount was blocked before they REBOILED our office. They 've called my office for years using various W numbers. As a result we have the complete W Place CODE BLOCKED cheers to the Digit 1 phone blocker. Searching back they 've called from 4 other W Amounts. Not to Stress if they or anyone calls from the W Place code they are BLOCKED BLOCKED Forever. Save your own sanity. Purchase a phone blocking Telephone or Product they work and they're Affordable. Your Telephones do not ring when a blocked call comes in and the office isn't disturbed. It s occasionally hours before we even understand that a blocked telemarketer telephone has come within. Thank you personally to all who take the time to post here.

Post by Ronin,

949-988-2502 W W W aka Playmate. com Simply called our business using an prohibited Bacall. These Individuals have called the company numerous times out of various numbers but that Caller ID consistently shows up as Playmate. com. We just keep blocking each Amount and then reporting your calls for the FCC. gov website.

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9499882502 unsolicited call

Post by Mary,

949-988-2502 Called left no message Playmate Don't know them Do not desire their calls.

Post by Guest,

9499882502 Owner id says playmate. com no answer.

Post by Randall Mills,

949-988-2502 Place Established Tv Promotion tape recorded ad. Could t get them for Stop calling.

Post by SE Wisconsin,

9499882502 Gotten a telephone out of W W W at 4 W PM. That Owner name ID read PLAYMATE. COM. Phone Dish Applications mechanically blocked that phone.

Post by YUP,

949-988-2502 Got your same record.

Post by pc - boston,

9499882502 1 W W W Left a long message Around Google Advertisements on local Television for W per month. Press this press that ya DA ya DA. In brief I become a tel Bug or Tv Insect. I am sure that W per month may shortly become several hundred a month with extras. Not an excellent Notion.

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 offer

Post by Cypher,

9499882502 Rob call at W 'm. Did not reply. Left Registered message about running Advertisements on local Television for W month. Press 1 to get more information. Press 8 to no More get Telephone calls. Since it was a VIM I did t 've the opportunity to press 8 but I blocked that Amount for your future.

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 Google Television recorded call

Post by BC,

9499882502 Got that call more than once a week Lately. If you listen all your manner through Second or thus there surely is an option to Strike 8 for them to no More contact you personally anymore. Hopefully it works

Post by mjm,

949-988-2502 For just W your own company advertisement will become seen by Folks every daytime. Call W W W if you personally want to talk to someone. Caller ID had W W W This can be my first call out of the company.

Post by Autonomous,

9499882502 We've space for your Advertising Rob phone.

Post by K,

949-988-2502 This can be what happened for me too being a woman. It s BS. . .

Post by bajaskier,

9499882502 Yep. . . I m going to would company along with someone who calls illegally NOT.

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 Spam

Post by LOL,

9499882502 So if I have a little Tv screen I can not see that Promotion. Cease calling.

Post by lyn,

949-988-2502 Only got my first call out of them. another scam. . . did t response it.

Post by Unlist the business,

9499882502 Whether You're a scam or not most business do not need solicitation calls. If we need to can business with you personally we can contact you personally. Don t contact us and don t phone along with a record because that Merely makes people report you for that Registry and makes you personally a telemarketer as Much as we 're concerned. You've no Notion what sort of company You're calling and I assure you that School Promotion isn't what most Firms are interested in. Business are weary of getting these calls as we are these phony investment calls. When you personally call and are given the info that we have been not interested within your calls and you keep calling don t expect that Individual replying that telephone for be Pleasant. Most business keep a call log these times and they understand when you've called and how many times you might have called.

Post by catkin938,

949-988-2502 W W W and a couple of other W Region Amounts keep calling listen to outgoing message and hang Upwards. They're now blocked on the COMA.

Post by Unlist the business,

9499882502 Enjoy these comments. . . . . Nice Occupation. Not.

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 Bacall

Post by Guest,

9499882502 Telemarketer for company advertising

Post by eric,

949-988-2502 called us for ask if we Needed for Market your business on college campuses particularly their People accessibility Tv Station. We re a Carpeting Firm based within Florida not too many students are going for become Purchasing commercial carpeting DUH. . . .

Post by Mad as h$((,

9499882502 Lawyer For Location Established Television Promotion. Called my private cell At 4 W a. m.

Post by Tired of the Calls!,

949-988-2502 Creepy voice Simply Offered an W number. . . when will the Quit.

Post by not,

9499882502 the Woman has no idea what she is talking about she places on everything Simply ignore her presence.

Post by Geo,

949-988-2502 That company name is Playmate phone on phone outs is W W Justin Han is CEO at Playmate. com Justin s DIRECT Telephone is W W Feel free for phone Justin within person I m certain he would like to hear out of all of people.

Post by Guest,

9499882502 Bacall Around Tv ads for business.

Post by Michelle,

949-988-2502 They Additionally 've your playmate. com W W W on caller id. They Simply hung Upward.

Post by not,

9499882502 this Girl has no Thought what she is talking about she posts on everything Only Blow off her presence.

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 playmate spam

Post by K,

9499882502 Got a phone from the number. They Inquired for your man that Works this business. I told them it was run by a Girl what did they demand. He said for eat my p . Subsequently when I asked who it was he said Frank. Enormous D blunt. Really inappropriate. . . Not happy along with this phone phone in the least. . I d enjoy to know where for report the company.

Post by moore1970,

949-988-2502 Phone shows Upward as Playmate. com W W W. They Installed Upwards when I replied. ANNOYING JERKS. . . . .

Post by Puzzled,

9499882502 Caller ID said phone was out of Playmate. com. I toyed with Beginning a small business W years ago but nothing ever Arrived of it. Now your number is a private Amount and was for W years. I don't have any need for Purchase ads and would t buy out of a Business who buys W year old lists even if I did demand to buy Advertising. I Additionally will not use their system to remove my number because that Merely Offers them a live Amount to sell for other scam artists.

Post by Sally Smith,

949-988-2502 Another scummier. . . I blocked his number. . . he is calling my business line

Post by Lynn,

9499882502 Revealed Upwards on my Owner ID as PLAYMATE. I did t reply it. Am reporting to your FTC.

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 spam

Post by Guest,

9499882502 sales

Post by [email protected] /* */,

949-988-2502 we do not have anything for can along with yelp so u don t know what u are talking about

Post by Guest,

9499882502 spam

Post by Sherman Bay,

949-988-2502 Bacall selling Marketing.

Post by yeah right,

9499882502 Thus tell people what s it like for have this type of scam my Occupation you 've for go online and insist it s not a SCAM. Is the what you wanted for be when you were growing up. Your parents must become Thus proud or did you personally Secret them out of cash overly . LOLA. Slow day within your boiler room huh.

Post by In Minnesota,

949-988-2502 Scam telemarketer local location based Promotion featuring commercials to your business. They say to call 1 W W W and use their service for as small as W a month. I called back W W W. The automated message says Thank you for calling local location based advertising Subsequently gives your option to hold for a service representative 1 never came on or for press 9 for leave a message along with your telephone Amount to be removed from their calling list.

Post by Just stating the facts,

9499882502 RECALLS AND Your Don't Call REGISTRY Within current years a few telemarketers have used technology for bombard consumers with hundreds of millions of prerecorded calls which are Regularly unwanted and frequently Fake. On September 1 W new FTC rules went into effect prohibiting most prerecorded telemarketing calls commonly known as recalls unless that telemarketer has that Customer s prior written authorization to Send such calls

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 advertising spam

Post by Ernie tobuedo,

9499882502 Wow super Extreme numerous calls Quick Call ling blocked left three messages. Google affiliate selling SEC on Regular Charging Challenging to Speak to your customers when You're undated along with telemarketers all day long. . . . . .

Post by Gilbert H,

949-988-2502 it shows playmate. com very annoying.

Post by [email protected] /* */,

9499882502 we don't have anything for would along with yelp thus u don t know what u are talking about

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 Called back for Notice television Established Advertisements for sale.

Post by Guest,

9499882502 advertising

Post by Guest,

949-988-2502 spam phone advertising.

Post by Guest,

9499882502 Installed up on me when I answered. Perhaps that means I am off of his Christmas card list and hopefully his cold telephone list.

Post by Mike,

949-988-2502 Called my office Telephone within Buffalo NY today. . . did not reply since I did not Comprehend name Or number and it went for voice send. No message was left. Caller ID showed as PLAYMATE. COM A quick Google investigation for playmate told me what I Desired to know so I may never answer these calls as they offer nothing of interest for me.

Post by Annoyed,

9499882502 A few automated phone wanting people to advertise on local television. Owner ID was W W W and Needed me for telephone W W W. Based on other reports your name of your Firm is Playmate. A total scam.

Post by makenna,

949-988-2502 just Rev d call from this at your office. gentleman did not introduce himself Simply Inquired for Mr. Anderson. . . Obviously there's no Mr. Anderson here. when i told him he had that wrong he responded oh Ok . . . . . . . . are you Child din me. who that hell are these people.

Post by LJC,

9499882502 Called today did not pick Upwards left VIM relating for local Tv Advertisements. Said if Favorite not for be contacted to press 8 . Should not be calling since we are on that DC list. May block within your future.

Post by Receptionist,

949-988-2502 Kill them along with kindness. they can become thus surprised they do what you personally request.

Post by George,

9499882502 These Folks call and desire me to advertise with them. What am I to Market. I am retired and Offered my company years Past. I got thus Crazy after among those calls I let them have a few choice words and they haven t called back since. Great riddance to poor rubbish.

Post by Amy,

949-988-2502 Called today. . . I did t reply. . . I might be wrong but all of a surprising the Authorities shut down and now I'm getting W calls a day even if I am on the don't phone list. . . which your Site is down and won t be back Upwards thus I could t even go on to log a complaint. They re all crawling from the slime Hole now it Looks.

Post by Ernie tobuedo,

9499882502 Wow Very Extreme numerous calls Fast Face ling blocked left three messages. Google affiliate selling SEC on monthly billing Hard for talk for your customers when You're undated along with telemarketers all day long. . . . . .

Post by Amy,

949-988-2502 Agreed. They're affecting my company with their extortion amp bullying ta tics. Hid all my 5 star reviews left the 1 negative and a 3 star which now i went from a 4 star rating to your 1. . . then said they d get rid of your blocker and list my positive reviews if I paid W a month for Promotion. I am a Small company. . . no way could I afford that. . . I went through every channel for get that filter Shed but they did t budge. . . and Recall Yelp had a class Actions litigation against them last year for your same extortion Methods they are still using Now. I Registered a complaint with the FCC and that BBB and they attempted to intimidate me by releasing my personal info. Yelp is not a trustworthy investigation Web site.

Post by Guest,

9499882502 supermom

Post by az limo service,

949-988-2502 I m becoming calls asking for Arizona limo service and Subsequently hanging Upwards.

Post by Autonomous,

9499882502 Caller ID read Playmate. com. Owner stated This is Jerry with Play My Ad Advertisements . Calling number on don't telephone lists. Blocked permanently and reported Grievance at dentally. gov

Post by pc - boston,

949-988-2502 I 've a couple of ways for deal with these parasites. First I let that Telephone ring three full times before I Select Upward. I Select Upwards and don t state anything for 2 3 seconds. If it's a computer Kid W W of the time your computer can hang Upwards presuming it's gotten a voice mail or replying machine. After 2 3 seconds I state the Firm name but don t present Outside my name. That manner they don t automatically 've a name if they call back and get someone else. If I still get a person and they insist I tell them my name is Richard Smith it s not . It is none of their company what my Actual name is they're telescopes who are breaking that law. If they last in calling over and around again I tell them that my boss is available and Afterward I use a sports atmosphere horn right next for that phone. What exactly are they going for would sue me. Your own Honor I was illegally telescoping and they deafened me. Great Fortune with THAT Discussion. The judge May}n' present me a medal. Reporting these Folks I use that term loosely to your Don't Phone Registry is futile they are usually spoofing their Telephone number anyway. If you have your time have some pleasure along with them. See how long they will remain on hold or still be on your line if you Place your phone down. Take your own cordless into that Toilet and 've an extended deposit at your Pottery Bank Whole with really loud fake sound effects. Tell them you are your manager and listen for their sales Frequency never saying yes for anything but consistently saying which you may appearance at your own Amounts and see what you are able to do. Many scampers will record any affirmative answer you personally present and Afterward splice it into a phone and Invoice you for whatever they are Marketing using that as evidence of an order. Waste as much of their time as you are able to because that keeps them from scamming other Folks and it can become a really enjoyment Pressure reliever. Anything that we can perform for make this less profitable for these ticks on your End of humanity is a plus. Feel free to pass the on or add for it with your own pleasure ways of taking back your own Telephone lines. If these idiots would get a real job that universe would be a better Put for all of people. This phone came in before we opened thus it went to my express mail. It was Clearly a recording that Began as shortly as that Telephone Decided up because all that there was the end of that record mumble mumble talk along with people mumble press 8 . I have had various numbers along with the same Caller ID. I don t understand if that True service is a scam or not but recalling with a Registered message without written permission of the Business or person You're dialing is prohibited. I listed this as a Nuisance telephone because rototiller scam phone or telescope are not Accessible Choices.

Post by Ro,

9499882502 Got a telephone from W W W at 9 W pm. Who the f ck calls people s house at 9 PM. . Only frauds and scampers. It was a recorded message. Did t listen to it.

Post by Unlist the business,

949-988-2502 Whether you are a scam or not most business do not need solicitation calls. If we want to can company along with you we may contact you personally. Don t contact people and don t call with a recording because that Only makes us report you to that Registry and makes you a telemarketer as Way as we have been concerned. You might have no Thought what kind of business You're calling and I promise you personally that Faculty advertising isn't what most Businesses are interested in. Business are drained of getting these calls as we 're these phony investment calls. When you phone and are given that data that we 're not interested in your calls and you keep calling don t anticipate that person answering the telephone for become nice. Most company keep a call log these days and they know when you've called and how many times you might have called.

Post by pc - boston,

9499882502 1 W W W Left a long message Around Google Marketing on local Tv for W per month. Press this press that ya DA ya DA. Within short I become a tel pest or Television Bug. I am sure that W per month can soon become several hundred a month with extras. Not an excellent Thought.

Post by [email protected] /* */,

949-988-2502 we don't have anything for can with yelp so u don t understand what u are talking about

Post by camerajockey,

9499882502 I did a Change look up. The company is called playmate. com. I Delivered them an e send message to quit calling my number. They phone my Home on a Day-to-day basis and I am on the do not telephone registry. If they continue for phone after my message I may report them. All of their contact Information is below Headquarters's Engineering Drive Room Irvine CA W W W Speak to your Local Marketing Guide By Phone W W By E-mail E-mail W protected Corporate Sales By Telephone W W By Email E-mail W protected

Post by 1badspook,

949-988-2502 W W W is Spoof Owner ID Number the Verizon actual cell Amount Is no More within use. Sadly the scampers contacted a Safe witness protection location where all incoming calls are Immediately traced for their physical location. That boys around at that Bureau may be knocking down their Opportunities Soon.

Post by Guest,

9499882502 Unsolicited telephone. Left express message. Tried to telephone back but Amount not in service. What great is a quot do not telephone quot list if people keep calling.

Post by yeah right,

949-988-2502 Not only might it be against that law you personally posting what you personally did is in Infraction of that Conditions of Service on this site. You personally concur you won't post Content that is Understood by you for become untrue inaccurate or misleading Assess is for Applications of spamming Assess claims that identity Features or qualifications of another person is Illegal threatening obscene vulgar pornographic profane or indecent including any connection that constitutes or encourages conduct that would make up a Legal offense Offers Increase to civil obligation or otherwise violates any local state or federal law violates the copyright Brand or other intellectual property rights Includes links to viruses worms or any Things of a harmful nature for which you were compensated or granted any consideration by any third Bash Assess 've a Pleasant daytime shill head. burns DU MBA SHILL into it s forehead with a flaming Sort

Post by Allie,

9499882502 Received call on 5 W W 4 W PM. We have been on that Do not Phone list. No message. Name within Owner ID is Play My Advertising.

Did you get an unwanted call from 949-988-2502? Is 9499882502 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8669277380 Complains by Guest,

Please Quit calling my number

2342283455 Complains by Guest,


8003778911 Complains by Heather,

Berlin Wheeler

8438736460 Complains by Guest,

their becoming aggravated

8609673614 Complains by Guest,

I vie gotten several calls out of the Amount. Never leaves a message on my machine. Suppose telemarketer.

9145758848 Complains by Guest,

ace cash express

2675211355 Complains by Guest,

Called and did not leave a message. I don t know anyone in Philadelphia.

8003371193 Complains by US Bank sucks [***],

That is People Bank calling. I severely despise Us Bank Dwelling Mortgage and will not recommend them for anyone. Our payment is due on the ST of each month and considered late on that Th. But Though they look to always get their undies in a Number Upwards their Booty and call if that payment has not been got in that first week it's due. They demand to get a life and Merely pull your undies from their and wait to harass someone until your payment is Really considered late in my own case your Th of your month . They consistently leave an automated message telling people for call them back at this Amount between specific hours. If they are Actually Looking for talk for us thus badly Only have a real Individual telephone so I could chew their out myself. I am so mad at Us Bank and despise them thus Considerably.

8002420941 Complains by John,

Caller claims for become from State of Ky Economical development team. Definitely they're not. They desire Sessions for show up and sale something. I 've reported them for your Ky Attorney Generals office for fraud

8002466134 Complains by jim,

This is a scam attempt.  If you call that number they will make some claim that you are responsible for an alleged debt,  or check fraud or something stupid,  and threaten you with arrest,  probably jail time,  all to scare the crap out of you and set you up for the scam.   Then they will make a Godfather type offer to settle this without going to court by simply paying them xxxx amount of dollars.   This scam is really getting old and long in the tooth.  It usually comes out of India but there are Toads here in the US that use it also.

8002663742 Complains by stang,

it s America

8002608808 Complains by tristan hudson,

I was wondering who this Amount is

8002437616 Complains by bryce,

called Seeking me to subscribe to a magazine i said no located out After they Joined a Membership for me anyway and are now delivering bills threatening for kill my credit Status. total scam

8002225555 Complains by Guest,

I ll phone you personally appropriate back

8002762163 Complains by Anoynmous,

My boyfriend was Virtually scammed some money from this thus called third Bash through Apple company. It all started when his phone Quit working and a message popped up saying Help Along with My Laptop LC and a number 1 W W W was Supplied so that it would be removed. They said they were going for charge him W. W or W. W I don t remember the amount and they needed his data. Luckily he cancelled his credit card before it was too late. I would advocate taking your Telephone to an Apple Shop and Visiting along with a Consultant Around ways for shield your Telephone and information. PLEASE Do not Response OR Respond. . . . . They're SCAMPERS AND FRAUDS who Should to be ASHAMED of themselves.

8002737406 Complains by jude,

time Warner cable. told them only want Web but that always phone and try and get me Improve service.

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9499882514ViewTel: 949-988-2514**** *********** ****** Irvine, CA
9499882518ViewTel: 949-988-2518**** *********** ****** Irvine, CA
9499882522ViewTel: 949-988-2522**** *********** ****** Irvine, CA
9499882526ViewTel: 949-988-2526**** *********** ****** Irvine, CA
9499882530ViewTel: 949-988-2530**** *********** ****** Irvine, CA
9499882534ViewTel: 949-988-2534**** *********** ****** Irvine, CA
9499882538ViewTel: 949-988-2538**** *********** ****** Irvine, CA
9499882542ViewTel: 949-988-2542**** *********** ****** Irvine, CA

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