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Post by BethAnn,

9543996639 've gotten at least three calls now. This last 1 got me very Hostile. He previously mentioned my address and said he would come to my house and kiss me and desires to 've with me.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 Consistently calls but never leaves a message.

Post by Kelly,

9543996639 Same here except my guy was excessively rude and kept going on. He Desired for fight with me. . Sounded enjoy he was out of India

Post by Wanda,

954-399-6639 Correct. . Do not Supply Info These People won't provide up. . . 9 PM 9 W W Darn did t Find your telephone. I Desired to see what their scam line was the time. I get a call each daytime sometimes twice 1 Approximately 'm and a Night phone. They 've been calling for around a month. Notice Thing is I do fall int your Group of one of that surgeries mentioned if they are not valid how do they 've accessibility for medical Info and even if they're You may become aware that as of September W W your Wellness Data Solitude and Accountability Work} HIP AA policies must become compliant with that brand new amendments got for HIP AA through the Omnibus Rule. Many Firms will no longer maintain Submission and must Upgrade their HIP AA security policy for satisfy that new Rules. These brand new changes were finalized in January W went into effect March W W and comprise significant changes including more Constraints stiffer penalties and more enforcement.

Post by Jessica Lazaro,

9543996639 calls around and over and doesn't leave a message finally replied and they Installed up on me

Post by dawn,

954-399-6639 Just got a telephone no message. I have a blocker on my phone amp after reading Remarks above LL be adding the for that system.

Post by Debbie,

9543996639 They have repeatedly called me amp its 4 W am where I live. . g ING idiots. . told them for Quit CALLING. . I continue for get 1 every morning that 4 something within your am. . . can t turn Telephone off as I live thousands of miles away out of my kids. . Next step file with attorney general.

Post by court -in- tn,

954-399-6639 I Only received a call out of same guy TWICE. thick Feature and medical services Additionally. said many Items about a surgery. I 've NEVER even had to go for that hospital for a busted bone so no surgery here. I said nope wrong Man. he goes on Around birth control. said I was Clean. Merely kept talking on over top of me. I said quite loudly don't telephone me again. waiting for see if he does.

Post by Connie,

9543996639 They have called 8 times within September W same man with substantial accent. Each time I tell them not to telephone me again each time I report them for your DC. Nothing happens.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 block call

Post by Avg Joe,

9543996639 Got a telephone from these Men overly. First Man was hardly understandable. I said yes to having had surgery Only for see where it would go. Supervisor with better English Abilities comes on and Requires following questions on date type of replacement etc. Subsequently he Requires if I 've had any pain from my hip Alternative and I told him Simply when I f your mother within her a and had a great joke. They called back three times and I told them for f off.

Post by BethAnn,

954-399-6639 Showed my name that s not Trendy. Is this a scam too. I can get to the bottom of this. Really hurt.

Post by Wanda,

9543996639 These Folks whether they're scampers or valid I don t care I turned them in for your Food for see if they would look into that issue who knows if they may. . worth a strive. I m drained of my phone ringing they're getting on my nerves. . should all of you've to block your Amounts. . . .

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 unwanted contact.

Post by Anderson, IN,

9543996639 This Amount her called me twice but never left a message. When I called it back I got beeping and Afterward a recording that saying the Amount was either unavailable or no longer within service. So happy I that I seen these post. I know not to reply if they phone again.

Post by jeff,

954-399-6639 at this point an time I am Simply going to have pleasure along with them. if they cant take that Trace After five times of me saying dint phone again I am Only going for start asking what their wearing and other Strange questions. see how Way i can take it

Post by Again......,

9543996639 On the DC list but it obviously dozen t subject. Tell scampers and telemarketers to take me out of their Sources but that obviously dozen t matter either. I vie Submitted Gripes with that FTC. I did not answer Now and 've deleted express mail on my phone thus they could t leave a message. Only matter left to would is stop replying unknown phone Amounts and if it's a legit caller they could will text a message. ROTC. Annoying. This really is America people. . . we re no longer free and protected.

Post by Candace,

954-399-6639 First of all who is these Individuals and do they have accessibility to my medical info. That Carlos guy keep calling that Amount is not a active number. it s a scam and don t provide Outside your info. DON T Reply NONE OF THEIR .

Post by Sara,

9543996639 I Merely got your same Telephone telephone. I was at work thus I could not reply but they DID leave a message. It was a man with an extremely thick Indian Feature who used my not empty name and asked me to telephone back. I haven't answered and I certainly don t Strategy on it.

Post by Diana Lee,

954-399-6639 SCAM. . . . . . I m on that DC list and cannot comprehend why I keep getting these calls. . . .

Post by Denise,

9543996639 Keep becoming Telephone calls from your above telephone . They will not leave messages but keep calling all daytime long.

Post by Wanda,

954-399-6639 So are you saying you did 've that Operation. I m not certain if I understood Right if thus I as well had the bladder mesh surgery I also consider it for become a scam as you would either manner if there was a recall we would not be getting phone calls from this Amount more enjoy calls out of the Doctors or a Food page. Yes I would believe it to be a scam and Maybe names Chosen out of a few Registry.

Post by Hilary,

9543996639 Got your same call from a Doctor. Jack I overly never had Kidney operation and he argued along with me about that insisting I had bladder operation. The call was out of Florida not surprising. I Inquired him who was again he said Dr. Port I repeated Dr. Port S . And Installed Upward.

Post by leslie riggs,

954-399-6639 I 'm getting that same phone out of the number


9543996639 I am Frequently getting calls out of this number and several others in the same number range. I want for file a police report for harassment I Scream into that Telephone and they STILL phone back. That is now beyond a few calls it s each day more than once. I am Enrolled at don't cal the calls come for my cell Telephone. I am weary of this there must be something someone can do for Discontinue the I consider this can be a foreign call as Place code W is used by away coastline Folks as a Us Region code. I would business with several reputable Individuals that use W. This really is not one of those Wonderful people.

Post by lekisha johnson,

954-399-6639 The same Woman called me asking me Around my house hold and a few other Things i could not recognize her. . . . .

Post by Annoyed,

9543996639 Many guy called my dad s Telephone which used for become mine and was looking for me saying he was a Pal of mine. He was harassing my father.

Post by JS,

954-399-6639 The phone Amount calls my Amount on a daily basis at least one time if not multiple times. That guy Addresses with a significant foreign Feature. He s excessively rude. Occasionally he calls for tell me he s within adore along with me other times he States he has a Blast. I am on your do not telephone registry. If you personally Test for phone your Amount back for look for Outside the company he works for you get a fake message stating the Amount is no longer in service. I will phone your Authorities along with any more threats.

Post by dan,

9543996639 Tm's its going for be awfully challenging to get a law suit going when they're within India.

Post by CA,

954-399-6639 The number called me. I answered nobody says anything. I instantaneously attempted calling back to see what it was and it said your number was no More in service. Your national don't call registry is shut down due for your government shut down.

Post by dan,

9543996639 Tm's its going for become awfully hard for get a law suit going when they are in India.

Post by Ann,

954-399-6639 I gotten that same kind of phone just it came from a Distinct Amount W W W. Said I was due medical Payment for a previous operation. Quite substantial Highlight sounded Indian I quickly Calculated it was a scam called and disconnected. Beware they are spreading.

Post by Kim,

9543996639 I had numerous phone calls out of account services Seeking for lower my credit rate but first they Desired my Information for Confirm that I have credit debt. Inquired them for Quit calling for over a year and yes I m on that don't phone list. So I started for use an air horn each time they would telephone. Guess what no calls out of them for about 8 months now. Trust I did not Merely jinx my self.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 States for become from TeXes. . . . calling from FLORIDA. O. o. . . . . clearly this poor soul must become Actually dumb. _ Split.

Post by George,

9543996639 Been called by this number on numerous occasions. wanted for find Outside who they're. Now decided for go on your internet after another call where no one said anything but kept your line so I could Notice many noise in that History which sounded enjoy a club or many other noisy assembling.

Post by Wanda Beaulieu,

954-399-6639 I May}n' add enjoy a few of you personally that is Only 6 times this week it has been a month the has been going on.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 telemarketing

Post by jeff,

954-399-6639 These Special scampers are calling out of a Call Centre in India. That callers are rude and nasty small bastards.

Post by (954) 399-6639 FL, USA,

9543996639 W W FL USA

Post by carrie,

954-399-6639 I 've received many calls within your past out of these scampers. I idea I finally had them Ceased. It s been about a year since the insanity Quit. Subsequently I Only got a phone from them today. Can I speak to XXXIX . I said speaking. Subsequently he asked your same matter again. . . I said speaking. Subsequently he Inquired your same question again. I Subsequently Installed Upward that Telephone. Really thick Indian accent. Too Mindless. I wish I had a call blocking Procedure for my home Telephone. I just have to remember the number and for not response it.

Post by JLW,

9543996639 I got this same call simply they Inquired me what type of surgeries I had ever had. I told him that his services had nothing for do with my medical insurance and to stop calling me. He was like Oh No we arena t asking you personally for for cash and we arena t and Insurance Company. So I Only said that my insurance Business would contact me if their were any Difficulties along with my surgeries. I Offered them no information told them for Quit calling and Put up.

Post by Lauri,

954-399-6639 Have had several calls out of the number saying I can get compensation for a sort of birth control they have record of me having used. I m on that DC registry but the Hans t Discontinued them from calling repeatedly.

Post by lol,

9543996639 Get a clue. How within that hell would anyone know that your own precious W year previous was within your Mid of school Courses with their phone turned on. Get a clue ignorant mom. . . . leave your cell phones at your office or turn them away within school. Get your W year previous some roller skates.

Post by Jen,

954-399-6639 I Merely got a telephone out of this same number. When I Inquired him for take me away his list he refused. He told me that he was going for phone me around and around again. I asked for Chat with his supervisor and he refused and continuing to request me why. He insisted that I should Speak for him thus that I could get my money. Your Fake name he Offered me was James Wood. I don t know what motive these harassing Telephone calls are helping them. They arena t making any money away your Folks refusing to talk for them. annoyed

Post by Olga,

9543996639 I got a phone out of them Now. Quite significant Feature and quite terrible grammar. They're Attempting for state something Around my surgeries which I never had. And they're Attempting to Speak Around my deposits. It is Evident scam.

Post by Ticked off in Indiana,

954-399-6639 This Amount wont quit calling me I have reported them to your Lawyer General and the FTC several several times. They still call me. They Promised they were my Workman's comp insurance and I told them that no they we Book because I only 've one person to call. He said his name was Steven Smith. I asked my adjuster and there surely is no Steven Smith that works in her place. Began yelling at me saying I was a fraud and my Advantages 've been terminated and I am being investigated. These people are a Part of work.

Post by Pat,

9543996639 Please don t telephone me from this number. Yes it's been registry for 've my number removed but still does. When you get these calls several times a daytime you get for where you don t desire for answer that Telephone and when you are able to t understand these Folks you get Insane.

Post by Laurie,

954-399-6639 Simply hang Upward on these Individuals. This can be a scam.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Medical Compensation Call

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 Keep Assessment my with threading words.

Post by Jody Miller,

9543996639 Did not reply they never left a message.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 Keeps calling whatsoever hours of the nighttime and does leave messages

Post by Nicole,

9543996639 I keep becoming calls from the Amount a man with an extremely thick Indian Highlight and knows my not empty name. Asserting that I qualify for medical compensation. I have never underwent any medical operation so I knew it was a scam. I could Notice people within that History laughing. At what point can they get reported.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 Don t k know who this really is.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Indian Man who I can t understand

Post by Wanda Beaulieu,

954-399-6639 I also 've repeatedly been receiving calls from same Amount on my cell phone my cell phone is a Limited number so I 'm puzzled how . Haphazard. My Telephone is place Upwards for where I do not except a Amount that is not identifiable I figure if they know me they will leave a message I have caller ID investigation the Amount has called my phone 6 times and Only 9 A. m. it comes from Hollywood FLA I decided for look it up eventually got frustrated no left messages they are not able overly understand that I 've seen all of your own post I think I may Merely Select Upwards that next telephone and feel out these scampers. Funny matter is I did have Bladder Operation along with mesh implant thus possible they may be becoming names out of a registry if they're scampers.

Post by Melissa,

9543996639 Yep I 've been becoming calls out of these Folks for Thus LONG it seems like Practically a year. Today your same thing happened I told them to take me away of their phone list. Except the Indian man went on for say which he Needed to me and Began becoming extremely creepy and sexual. I Installed Upwards and he called 5 more times. I did t answer. I would Actually like for Notice any People opinion on what for can about the. These Folks have my personal info and I would Actually enjoy to get them in trouble.

Post by California,

954-399-6639 First telephone at 6 W am. I Put up. Obtained second phone at 9 W am same Owner heavy Indian accent refused to present me Unique affiliation and motive for call unless I answered his qualifying questions first. I Inquired to Chat along with a Manager. After several requests a supervisor came on your line and still could not provide any Special info unless I replied your qualifying questions. I told him which he was Inquired for confidential information and he replied that all he needed was a yes or no response for that questions and that was not private data. Actually. He eventually said he was Signifying that Department of Girls s Wellness for American Hospital in Houston TX. Hmm. . . . . I complained about your earlier telephone and asked if he was in India. He was really insulted claimed he was in Texas and defined that they work W hrs per daytime trying for help people get Payment for surgeries whatever that means. I Inquired him to remove my Amount and not to telephone again. Based on Opinions above I m believing I m not away the hook However. Guess I better Assess on that DC request Submitted along time Past.

Post by Elizabeth,

9543996639 I pretend I don t recognize them at all. I keep saying what and I don t understand. They eventually hang Upwards on me. I can become contacting that DC registry to file a Criticism once I reach the 3 months. They 've never cussed at me but if they ever ever made that deadly blunder I would hunt your Legal down. There surely is no Put for vulgar language. I get that thick accents supposed surgeries I never had and crap like that. I 'm hearing Reduced thus half that time I really don t get what they state. Lola. I think it's dreadful that Individuals would thus many scams and are so evil.

Post by mmsj44,

954-399-6639 They called me claiming for have acquired medical information Around my Kidney operation which I vie never had. I informed him that HIP Pa laws forbid your release of medical Information and he needs to Discontinue making States and I am turning them in. He continuing for Discuss. Striving. for. get me to present him Information I Installed Upward. Be conscious that no just one could provide out your medical Information this really is all private information

Post by C,

9543996639 The number has been calling me for around a month. I would state Around 4 times a week. I 've only answered once and I had that same expertise as everyone else. Thankfully along with your new iPhone update you have that Choice of blocking calls from Particular phone numbers. I don t know how nicely the will work since I have been getting calls out of multiple numbers but your same guy or I believe it is . My phone Amount is on the DC registry and that hasn't Ceased it so I trust the will help.

Post by Alex,

954-399-6639 Gotten a phone call out of this number. Like others guy along with a very thick Highlight. Asked for me when I said yes there was a Group of Sound within that background sounded like people Attempting to hush each other Upward. I said hello a couple times Afterward they Installed Upward. I am Additionally on that do not call list and continue for receive calls from this Amount.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 They say nothing when I response just hang Upwards. But continuously phone.

Post by Laurie Thomas,

954-399-6639 This guy along with an extremely thick Highlight called and said he wanted to Chat with me your same call as above 3 times in 1 week I have told them I am on your do not telephone list Remove my name and do not telephone me. That thick accented guy asks me are you personally abundant He proceeded to talk around me I reply along with Take me away your list He replies with I like your express Tell him for go for H LL I Installed Upwards. He calls back and says I wanna F ck you. . . Told him to F ck off and BBB may be getting called

Post by BethAnn,

9543996639 Revealed my name that s not Trendy. Is the a scam overly. I can get for your bottom of this. Quite hurt.

Post by angryGramma,

954-399-6639 Somebody out of an Evident call Facility Inquired for a Mend. Nobody by that name here. Installed Upward. It was somebody with a very terrible Feature and within a very loud call Facility. Did not state who they were. Simply very rude. Strawberry.

Post by Kelly,

9543996639 Same here except my Man was exceedingly rude and kept going on. He Needed to fight with me. . Sounded like he was from India

Post by Kristin,

954-399-6639 Got a telephone from them around PM I never answer numbers I don t understand. I m glad I look them up on here first. I believe this number and W W W are your same Individuals calling. I have gotten Short tons of calls in the other number which reads Ivied FL on the caller ID. I also looked that Amount Upward and Gripes say they request about Start control and become quite vulgar Simply enjoy these guys would. I Actually want for know how these offers got all of your Amounts and names. I Simply desire that calls for stop. I vie reported all your numbers that continuously phone me I vie told them to Cease calling. I would despise for 've for change my Amount after having it for almost W years but all these scampers are pushing me for that.

Post by Alicia,

9543996639 I got a call in the same Amount. At what point within the considered harassment. I am on your DC Registry too. I could hear Folks within the History laughing as well. I made Turn calls as a Child. Expand up.

Post by mike,

954-399-6639 A called Required for speak with my wife then told me to go F myself

Post by south 85,

9543996639 Same here

Post by Amanda,

954-399-6639 Same thing was happening to me for two months. I 've Inquired them for remove my Amount several times. Most of the time I don t response. Now I filed a Grievance with the National Do not Phone Registry. Not certain what they can perform but encourage others to would it as well.

Post by The Ranger,

9543996639 I get calls out of two Distinct Amounts. W W W and W W W same Man along with your same Highlight asking me questions Around a new surgery I had. . . told him for Discontinue calling but obviously his has not listened. Called me twice Now. I don t response and he dozen t leave a message.

Post by ladonna,

954-399-6639 Only got the call. Did not reply however all which was on my replying machine was many sort of Indian music.

Post by Tracey,

9543996639 A guy with a substantial foreign Highlight called and said he was along with People Medical and was calling about a operation I had had in which there were Issues reported. He Needed for get cash for me as a result. I told him I would need for understand which Specific Firm and exactly why he Desired this Information. I could not understand him and he was being really vague. I told him I Desired to Talk to his Manager correct away because I could not recognize him. A Distinct man with a heavy foreign Highlight came on and I asked him what this telephone was about. He told me he was with the government and it was Around becoming me cash. I Inquired him which Authorities and was quite vague and Merely said the Authorities. I told him I was not going for give any Information because it sounds like a big scam and he Put up on me.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 Pervert

Post by BobbiF,

9543996639 I Merely gotten a phone out of U. S. Medical Department maintaining that there was a few sort of compensation for me. The Owner had a thick West African accent. I told them that I had never heard of that Us Medical Department it sounded enjoy a scam and not for call my number again. Afterward I Installed Upward and go ogled the number.

Post by 9543996639,

954-399-6639 Annoying called and hanged Upwards.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Lots of calls out of that Amount for my cell Telephone when I called them back its a disconnected number

Post by gina salomon,

954-399-6639 I have request them at least W times including yelling and threatening to Quit calling they keep call using unknown and W W W they all have the same Feature so you understand it s that same people.

Post by nascarwilly,

9543996639 think Indian Highlight. Called out of a noisy phone Facility. Said he was Steven Smith out of People Medical services I asked him for Replicate it several times. Said not interested and hung up.

Post by BET,

954-399-6639 I got a phone phone out of a guy along with a very thick Feature about a few bladder surgery and i told him i did not know what he was talking about and not to phone me again . .

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Phone Around twice a daytime and Only hangs up

Post by anon,

954-399-6639 W 2 W 6 PM. Indian man or man along with thick accent could hardly recognize mentioned he was along with something Wellness Facility. Needed for know if i was on pregnancy pill. Afterward asked my age then stated he wanted to be my Facebook friend and he Needed for do something to me could t comprehend . i told him I did t know who that hell he was but for never call me again and if he did I would report him and he hung Upwards.

Post by Cecilia Torres,

9543996639 the man with an extremely thick Feature called and said he Desired for Chat along with me I talked for him in Spanish and he said he don t speak Spanish Afterward he went ahead and said would you personally desire to i was like really and he reap ted the same matter laughing in your background.

Post by tgw,

954-399-6639 A medical comp sense Firm they a asked me if i had surgery and i said yes and hung Upward they didn't introduce themselves or 've a Firm name

Post by Guest,

9543996639 ID

Post by Holly,

954-399-6639 Same as most everyone. . . . . Seeking for know about mesh operation. Told them it was news for me. Like many I Destination t had any surgery. Called twice today. I Place them on Audio Telephone and left phone on Bureau. This time both times came Upward unknown.

Post by Betty allen,

9543996639 I Merely got that same telephone telling me there records display I had many type of surgery I just Put Upward could not hardly recognize him. I 'm also on your do not telephone list

Post by Mary wilson,

954-399-6639 Quit calling me

Post by palatinepj,

9543996639 same person out of Nigeria I believe was that Highlight out of Hollywood Florida. They need Place these Individuals in jail

Post by BB Pearson,

954-399-6639 Phone Bands Subsequently replied no Result. This happens several times Merely minutes apart.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Harassing the daylights out of me.

Post by The Ranger,

954-399-6639 How is that these two numbers W and W both come out of Arkansas Florida with that same People voice. Some sort of hoodoo voodoo or what. Scampers.

Post by Jo,

9543996639 Ugh this is one of your worst calls I vie ever received. A Man who said he was out of something or other medical services Inquired to Talk for me and I told him to take my Amount away his list. He told me no that I would have for Speak to him first and then he would remove me in the list. Illegal AS HELL I know my Items when it comes for calls enjoy this. After someone tells you who is calling if you ask to be Chosen away that list they're Lawfully OBLIGATED to can thus thus I was Very sleeved out by this. Subsequently that Man asks for my age. I told him This is an unsolicited telephone and I m on that Don't Telephone List. Please take my Amount away your own list. Again he told me I had for talk to him first and said What's your age. Nineteen. Twenty. Ugh we. I told him that I wan t cozy giving out my personal data for an unsolicited caller and he eventually said he d take my name off that list and apologized for bothering me. I don t know what your Specific nature of these calls is but it felt Actually gross. I expect their operation gets Close down soon.

Post by KT,

954-399-6639 I got called by an Indian telemarketing group asking me quite private questions about my hysterectomy. I was Inquired over and around if I used trans vaginal mesh. I told your guy for go himself and Put Upwards. He called me back and Inquired me what I said. I said I said no thank you have a nice daytime He said No you didn't tell me what you personally said . I Put up. He called back twice. I did t response. excuse me. . . but this is MY medical information MY body and MY phone Amount which are being exploited. I 'm not about to get bullied by a few inappropriate criminal. Everyone should file a Grievance.

Post by Law Cali,

9543996639 Called my Residence for state that there is a State within my name and I 'm due money. Really thick Indian accent and had a tough time pronouncing my name. Realizing this really is a scam I told him I would speak for him as long as he could pronounce my name correct. After 5 attempts I told him for go back for English Courses and phone me when he can Talk correctly. That was enjoyment Affordable entertainment.

Post by Judith Dangelo,

954-399-6639 When I replied your phone and they said within a thick foreign Highlight that they were calling from that U. S. Department of Medical Services I said it was a scam and not to telephone again Afterward hung Upwards. Your Telephone rang a second later and when I answered the same man said not for telephone it a scam and did I comprehend where he was calling from. I slammed the phone down.

Post by Tthompson,

9543996639 That is many sort of scam. They keep calling out of Distinct Amounts unknown Florida etc. I hang Upward as soon as I know it s them. Have asked repeatedly for Cease calling. They never leave messages. They phone everyday.

Post by Courtney,

954-399-6639 I got a phone out of the number too woman along with powerful Highlight. She Inquired for Jennifer I told her that I was not Jennifer and to please but me on your Don't Call list. She then says Tell me your own name . . . I told her I was not going to tell her my name because she did not telephone for me therefore she dozen t need to understand my name. She repeated tell me your name . I said please take me off your list I am not Jennifer and I 'm not interested in your offer she then says NO. . . . Justify me what did you personally say. I said no. . did you recognize me. No I m not taking you personally off that list. . She proceeded to Speak around me . I then Inquired for Talk to her manager told me NO again I will not transfer your to my manager. . . The telephone was for 1 Second and W seconds I could have had your name and all your data Finished at this point . IF I COULD Only REACH THROUGH That Telephone. . .

Post by angryGramma,

9543996639 They called at 6 Am and we've that ring away until we get Upward. I located a message later today on my answering machine that said goodbye. I don t understand if it was this number of the other ones I ignored today.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 Demanded several times for remove me from their telephone list

Post by gina,

9543996639 Someone has called my land line from the Amount several times over that last two weeks but i vie Though to answer. Nevertheless after reading all your Opinions posted on the Website I decided to report your number for the FTC amp add my Amount for their registry. . . Regrettably due to the inconvenient Authorities shutdown there are no funds to keep your damn registry open. Very convenient huh. I m Wagering the idiot has Comprehended that too amp something tells me that prick is going to keep at it.

Post by JLW,

954-399-6639 I got this same telephone simply they Inquired me what kind of surgeries I had ever had. I told him that his services had nothing to can with my medical insurance and to Discontinue calling me. He was enjoy Oh No we arena t asking you personally for for money and we arena t and Insurance Company. So I Merely said that my insurance Firm would contact me if their were any Difficulties along with my surgeries. I Offered them no info told them for Cease calling and Put Upward.

Post by Elvia,

9543996639 I have acquired several calls out of the i dint answer i called back Simply music.

Post by Kayla,

954-399-6639 Called multiple times. . . first about medical services. I was getting exhausted of it and today he Inquired me for my bra and knickers. I Approved him to my roomier and she had a pleasure time grossing him out till he Installed Upward. Simply did that because the would no call does not work with these people as they're a scam. Man had a powerful Highlight sounded Spanish. Even spoke a few Spanish. Call originated out of Hollywood Florida.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 don t understand who this

Post by Bridgette,

954-399-6639 I have gotten calls from the number multiple times and your two times i replied its was an Indian person saying i Certified for medical Payment on operation. I've never had surgery. Its Clearly a scam and these people NeWS for become Discontinued.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 never leave a message but calls all the time

Post by Wanda,

954-399-6639 Right. . Don't Give Information These Individuals will not present Upward. . . 9 PM 9 W W Darn did t catch the phone. I Desired for see what their scam line was the time. I get a telephone each day occasionally twice one around 'm and a evening phone. They 've been calling for around a month. Note Thing is I would autumn int that Group of among that surgeries mentioned if they are not legitimate do they 've access to medical Information and even if they are You personally could possibly become conscious that as of September W W your own Well-being Data Solitude and Liability Work} HIP AA Guidelines must become Certified along with that brand new amendments got for HIP AA through that Omnibus Rule. Many Firms will no longer be in compliance and must Upgrade their HIP AA security policy to meet the new Rules. These new changes were finalized in January W went into effect March W W and include Critical changes including more Constraints stiffer penalties and more enforcement.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Phone and phone soliciting. I vie asked them around and over to step

Post by T Ryan,

954-399-6639 Got Nearly the same phone except it was a guy claiming that my wife had vaginal mesh operation. LOLA. He insisted she did t know what she was talking Around. I m expecting to get another telephone so I can feel them out a little more.

Post by missy B,

9543996639 Three times acquired Telephone telephone from the number stating my name and caller said he had data that I had recently had bladder surgery. When I said no he then said my medical records display I take Lipid and should become receiving a monitory compensation. Told him he had your erroneous Individual and Put up. How do I get rid of the Bug .

Post by Wanda,

954-399-6639 Your own right caller ID says Amount comes out of Hollywood Fla. I 've caller ID search on my cell phone and it searched it 6 times this week and Affirmed your Place. Graham. . . W area code

Post by D,

9543996639 I got phone out of the Amount. There was Indian Man on other line. He was talked to me in such slang lousy abusive language and when I did not lift Upward his phone he left such poor voice mail. Can there be any manner to Get this Pol and hand them over for Officers. I m really frustrated appropriate now.

Post by Ali,

954-399-6639 Your Subscription will not End. Phone Amounts placed on that National Don't Phone Registry will remain on it permanently due for that Do not Phone Advancement Work} of W which became law in February W. Read more Around it at HTTP Www. FTC. gov IPA W W dandify. sham.

Post by Kansas girl,

9543996639 I had Simply got the Telephone phone. And all I heard was noise in that back earth and a Individual talking in a language I did not comprehend. He was laughing and caring on with his co Employees.

Post by shantelle gonzales,

954-399-6639 remove my Amount from your own database.

Post by Jenny,

9543996639 Obtained a telephone from Medical Services Tim was very hard for recognize. Said I would become Granted Fiscal compensation for the Kidney mesh Throw operation I had. I have never had that operation and told him to Cease calling.

Post by Trish,

954-399-6639 Same as all above except Inquired Around hip Alternative as nicely as bladder surgery.

Post by Ali,

9543996639 Your Subscription will not expire. Phone numbers placed on the National Don't Call Registry can remain on it permanently due to your Don't Phone Improvement Work} of W which became law in February W. Read more Around it at HTTP Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W dandify. sham.

Post by BW,

954-399-6639 SCREAMS of SCAM I got a phone from someone using an East Indian accent saying they were calling out of Arkansas. Said he was from medical services. Told him up front for take me off his calling list. He kept asking me Exactly why. I told him that I did not need for Speak to him. Exactly why. I told him he was not out of Miami and that his accent was out of India. He said Oh. He said they had offices in Ohio and NY. Told him AGAIN for take me off that list and don't phone me again and I hung up. It is Clear it's a scam but which he kept arguing along with me was irritating. When they Disagree it is not a legit telephone. For pleasure I called back. Recording said I m sorry. You've accomplished a number that's been disconnected. AHA.


9543996639 The company calls repeatedly along with a message Around government Advantages. A Guy along with a foreign Indian. accent has repeatedly called.

Post by The Ranger,

954-399-6639 Got your same telephone from the same Man. Told him the same thing on DC list so Quit calling me. . . . he called 1 more time I Installed Upwards. . . they must 've Owner ID because I got music your telephone is quite important to people then Installed Upwards on. . . Huge scam.

Post by ACheshireCat,

9543996639 They called my Traction I called them back on property line they insisted I had hip Alternative bladder surgery. They are running a boiler room phone Centre. Likely scam. Thick Indian English lot of back ground Sound.

Post by Wanda,

954-399-6639 Your correct Owner ID says number comes from Hollywood Fla. I have caller ID search on my cell phone and it searched it 6 times this week and confirmed your Place. Graham. . . W Region code

Post by Dorothy,

9543996639 I received a telephone Now from the Amount. It sounded like they hung Upwards so no one spoke to me. I am going for report them when that do not telephone Amount is Upward and running again after the gov. shut down.

Post by unknown,

954-399-6639 scam

Post by Nikki,

9543996639 Mg i Merely OT a phone right now. From them there thus annoying asking if i desire birth control pills or that i had Kidney operation. Free kin Odd i call back and its enjoy this elevator music playing.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 refused call

Post by jeff,

9543996639 These Unique scampers are calling from a Phone center within India. That callers are rude and horrible little bastards.

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 No English speaking person

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Medical scam

Post by sierra,

954-399-6639 Have been receiving multiple calls per daytime from this number but 've managed to miss every among them and finally tried for telephone back for see who was calling and kept becoming a occupied Sign thus typed number within my hunt bar and so glad I located all these Remarks. My son is diabetic and 've been dealing along with a lot of people for insurance Insurance for a pump and May}n' have ended myself within a scam if not for this Website. So thank you. . .

Post by The Ranger,

9543996639 How is that these two numbers W and W both come out of Miami Florida along with your same People voice. A few kind of hoodoo voodoo or what. Scampers.

Post by Michelle,

954-399-6639 There was Additionally a guy called me and his accent is quite thick enjoy he was a classic Indian guy. He told me which he was from American medical services and he knows my name he asked me how previous I 'm and asked if I have a boyfriend and wants to be friend along with him Afterward I Installed up the Telephone.

Post by A mad mother,

9543996639 This person once a man and once a girls called twice now and asked for my W year previous Girl when I said who are you and are you personally calling a W year old. . . They Put up. . . I am a bit pissed on how they got my daughters name and your phone Amount. . . That Amount on my Owner ID was W W W

Post by Wanda,

954-399-6639 So are you saying you did have that Surgery. I m not sure if I Comprehended Accurately if so I as well had your Kidney mesh operation I Additionally consider it for be a scam as you do either way if there was a remember we would not be becoming phone calls out of the number more enjoy calls out of the Physicians or a Food correspondence. Yes I would believe it to become a scam and Perhaps names taken out of many Registry.

Post by Diane,

9543996639 Called my W year previous Grandma Child s Telephone. . . no message left. Thanks for Input signal everyone. Wow I despise these phone scams

Post by Debby VanHoose,

954-399-6639 They phone me everyday and it is someone with a very strong Highlight and when I call back the number is disconnected. What that hell. . . .

Post by Connie,

9543996639 I got a phone out of the same idiot with an extremely thick Indian accent. He Actually pissed me away. . . First he Needed to Discuss for me about the birth control I take. I 've never Chosen birth control within my complete life. I 'm W. He said that I had for 've taken Start control. What an idiot. Only because I 'm a Girl dozen t mean that I automatically take Start control. Then he Desired for Speak to me about the melancholy medicine I was taking. Think what. . . . . . . I have never Chosen a depression medicine EVER. . . He Inquired Are you personally sure. Yes moron I am confident. . . Subsequently he wanted to talk Around your surgeries I have had and that I qualify for medical compensation. I told him that I haven t had a operation. Even if I did it is NONE OF HIS Business. . I told him for lose my Amount. Your calls 've come within out of Oklahoma Texas DC and Indianapolis and now Today s telephone was UNKNOWN. I Began for get them about a month and a half Past. When I receive a telephone I turn appropriate around and block it. I think he figured that I could t block an unknown Amount. . . . This can be seriously the annoying phone calls that I have received. . I would Actually love for reach Outside and touch someone when they telephone. .

Post by Creeped OUT,

954-399-6639 This number keeps calling my Mum s phone let s pretend he name is Ann with this post. There is many arbitrary Indian Man on the other end of your line who never Discussions. She gets called like 4 5 times a daytime and it has been happening for weeks now. Today he left a CREEPY voice send on her line he keeps duplicating I love you personally Ann and then some Terms in Hindi about how he Adores her and may perish without her. Going to that police station for report that scumbag on Monday. I wish I could come face for face with that creep

Post by Kelly,

9543996639 I gotten that exact same telephone

Post by lol,

954-399-6639 Get a clue. How in your hell would anyone understand that your own Important W year previous was in your Central of school Courses along with their phone turned on. Get a clue ignorant mother. . . . leave that cell phones at that office or turn them away in school. Get your W year previous some roller skates.

Post by A Garrett,

9543996639 I gotten three phone calls out of W W W about collecting medical fees. Just one stated that it was for my Grandmother who had hip operation and one was for me having a surgery within W that I never had. Third call they Put Upward. When I telephone the Amount back it says your Amount is disconnected and no More within service. SCAM

Post by Guest,

954-399-6639 B. S. asshole. . . . .

Post by Chyatt,

9543996639 Same problems I 've had a man and a woman both phone me repeatedly. I 've hung up have told them to remove my name and eventually Inquired again and again where they got my Amount. . . he hung Upward. This really is Ignorant.

Post by Liz,

954-399-6639 I get all kind of calls. SCAM Only SCAM don t answer and don t give any data the Folks want to take edge of Americans.

Post by gina,

9543996639 told repeatedly to take my number off their calling list. .

Post by Charlie,

954-399-6639 They have called twice but left no messages. Focus That Don't Call Registry it's unlawful for telemarketers to telephone Telephone Amounts Enrolled on your Federal Trade Commission s National Don't Phone Registry. It is free to add your Dwelling land line and cell phone numbers to your National Don't Call Registry and you simply 've for can thus once. Your Registry never Ends. File a Gripe along with your Lawyer General s Office If your own telephone Amount has been registered on your National Do not Call Registry for at least three months and you personally receive an unwanted telemarketing call file a Grievance along with that Client Protection Department. File a Complaint with the National Trade Commission You personally should also file a Gripe along with the National Trade Commission the agency that manages the National Don't Telephone Registry. You personally may file a Criticism online at Internet. dentally. gov.

Post by Tina,

9543996639 They have called twice but left no messages. Now that I have read all these comments I definitely k ow not for response. Thanks.

Post by DD,

954-399-6639 Same here want them to Leave calling. . . Told them no surge. recently. They keep calling stating from People medical service.

Post by dan,

9543996639 That DC List was made long-term a few years back. Once registered consistently Enrolled unless you personally Pick for Elect out or your phone Amount is changed.

Post by Lilly,

954-399-6639 I acquired three calls within that same daytime out of these Individuals. Thick accents etc. The last time they called Now I was in that Mid of a Hot discussion with my daughter. . . and I verbally let them 've it. I was thus irate I demanded that supervisor and told him that if I obtained another Telephone call that would Find for press Prices as I was on your DC list. He said he was sorry and which he would remove my name and Amount. We ll see. At your moment I have a Small atmosphere horn that I will Hire if I receive another call.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Mid Japanese. Called me a donkey. Told me i could settle my medical malpractice match. Told me I was a horrifying Doctor. I 'm not a Dr.

Post by Heather,

954-399-6639 Last time these Folks called me I told them I was a trans Sex and was waiting for my reassignment surgery and did I demand for Stress I thought I got rid of them after that. UGH

Post by Freddie,

9543996639 What is that scam.

Post by lori,

954-399-6639 WOW. My Storyline is your Specific same. I wonder now what exactly this can be all Around. That s a lot of phone calls in 1 daytime on that Th. Your Amount dozen t ring now. . I just attempted. . .

Post by Guest,

9543996639 I 've obtained multiple calls from this Amount. They State to become a law Company Signifying girls who have bladder surgery using the quot sling quot .

Post by ll22,

954-399-6639 Found this when I was go ogling your telephone I Simply acquired from a Unusual looking number. They are now concealing their Amount. I got several Telephone calls that showed up Only as W. Same Cope asking Around operation I never had.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Wrong but keeps calling

Post by Hilary,

954-399-6639 Got your same telephone from a Doctor. Jack I too never had Kidney surgery and he Suggested along with me about that insisting I had bladder operation. Your telephone was from Florida not surprising. I asked him who was again he said Dr. Port I repeated Doctor. Jack S . And Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Heard alto of ruckus within your History and all of that Individuals sounded foreign. No just one said anything for me though.

Post by Ali,

954-399-6639 Your own Subscription will not expire. Phone Amounts placed on your National Do not Phone Registry will remain on it permanently due for that Don't Phone Development Act of W which became law within February W. Read more Around it at HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W dandify. sham.

Post by Brenda Miles,

9543996639 Only received a phone out of this number claiming medical department and medical Payment. I told him to take my name and number away his list and never telephone me again but I understand that won t last long. It never does. It was that ND call in an hour out of a W Place code.

Post by Wanda,

954-399-6639 These people whether they're scampers or legitimate I don t attention I turned them in to that Food for see if they would look into that subject who knows if they may. . value a attempt. I m weary of my phone ringing they are getting on my nerves. . why should all of you have for block your Amounts. . . .

Post by joann urquizo,

9543996639 The Amount keeps calling me and I don t understand who they're and desire them for stop. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hollywood FL is all I understand. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by HoneyBadger,

954-399-6639 Have gotten multiple calls out of this Amount. Consistently that same Medical Compensation for drugs I either 've or haven't Chosen. It s usually a man but today I got one out of a Girl out of a blocked number. Do I create them stop.

Post by JClark,

9543996639 Wow crazy I Merely got a phone and said your same thing with a man who could barley Talk English. I told him that I was on that Do not Phone list and he told me that I was not. . . . Actually. I told him to take my Amount of his list and then hung up on him. He then called back not even a Minimum After and I demanded for Talk to his Manager and he claimed he was the Manager I said Bull S and if you personally call my house again I will telephone the police and file a harassment charge. They did not phone back However. . .

Post by Avg Joe,

954-399-6639 Got a call out of these Men too. First Man was barely understandable. I said yes to having had surgery Merely for see where it would go. Manager with better English skills comes on and Requires following questions on date type of Alternative etc. Then he Requires if I 've had any pain out of my hip replacement and I told him Simply when I f your own Mommy in her a and had an excellent laugh. They called back three times and I told them to f off.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 Harassment

Post by Lucrezia,

954-399-6639 The same guy called me substantial accent noisy room and I told him they were scamming thieves and to not phone me again. This can be after multiple calls where I politely asked to not be called again. Your Man called appropriate back and called me an idiot Girl and told me for go for hell. And insisted in your same message it was not a scam. Thus yeah Complete scampers.

Post by Guest,

9543996639 same matter happened to me

Did you get an unwanted call from 954-399-6639? Is 9543996639 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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6302463258 Complains by Guest,

States for help along with Business Capital on your business

8175229964 Complains by Telemarketers Are a Nuisance,

Merely now got a call from a Girl calling herself Shay out of W W W that is a Telephone number in Arlington nowhere near me. That caller ID on my Telephone however displayed her Amount as W W W which is within that Washington Washington Region again nowhere near me. The Amount she left on my express mail was Though another number W W W that is a Cost free Amount. She said that she was with among that local high schools in my city. If which were Accurate Afterward exactly why all of that strange Telephone numbers. I located Outside that the W W W number is a Principal contact number for Match daytime Marketing.

9109876027 Complains by Kevin,

It's from your Tea Bash Patriots asking for financial support.

2026575176 Complains by Guest,

Because i didn't fall for his scam he called me back and said hes gonna Stay his middle finger Indoors me. And he called me a Mommy f k

5623728603 Complains by Guest,

Center educative

8632793480 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling but if I telephone back it says this really is not a working number

8324479585 Complains by try again,

Nope TX state troopers are out there being Authorities. The clowns on the Telephone are scampers Striving for Take money. Huge difference.

4072725001 Complains by Guest,

Yes please block text from this number

8181006500 Complains by Randy,

Got a telephone out of the did t answer and they did t leave a message. Tried to call back to tell them we have been on DC list but as mentioned above Amount is spoofed and could t even become called back.

8044210191 Complains by Guest,


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San Juan Capistrano

9122283007 Complains by Guest,

leaves express mails for making thousands of dollars. yeah correct. get a Actual Occupation Lloyd.

8003471631 Complains by Gail A,

This number calls at least three times a week seeking in a fake British Highlight an Anthony James Harmon . I constantly hang Upward but sometimes there are messages when I vie been away instructing me to press 1 if You're not. . . but of path I Getaway t done that either. The Bacall Declares that it's an attempt for collect a debt. I Imagine which is how they trust for get Approximately the do not telephone Guidelines. I don't have any idea who the person or Firm is. Could somebody make them stop.

8024975893 Complains by Tinman,

Buckler. Debt collector scam.

8048583156 Complains by Vigilante,

An intriguing read HTTP Internet. ripoff report. com Web marketing companies affordable covers WHO affordable Includes worldwide a Dee. HTML's Man did your research six years before I did.

9802425605 Complains by Guest,

phone just rings and Subsequently hangs Upward.

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