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2017-09-29 06:04:59
970-427-3008 I received 2 unsolicited calls trying to get personal info & $$$. Total Scammers.
2017-08-22 21:47:26
Called at least 15 times always busy signal. They left message something about my taxes and if I didn't respond within 24hrs local cops would pick me up??? Seems suspicious to me...
2017-08-15 16:56:53
(970) 372-2735 Scam number... don't call
2017-07-14 00:23:23
I received a "cold call" for internet marketing assistance, the phone call was very upsetting and inappropriate. He was rude and was acting like a bully, the call did not end well.
2017-05-24 23:49:03
very annoying, as other robo calls, dont know their purpose and I have reported this number to the do not call list already.
2017-05-17 03:23:24
Spam location services
2017-05-15 19:38:04
Called repeatedly! I called it back since it was a local number. Before I could say anything, he said he was with something to do with Healthcare, call was being recorded, wanted to ask me questions about my Healthcare and then asked "Can you hear me ok?" This is a scam going around where they record you saying yes then use it as "proof" of you agreeing to whatever they use it for
2017-04-26 16:38:53
They call daily. When I answer they hang up. When I call back they answer then hang up at fifteen seconds. Scam
2017-03-24 18:38:21
The Scam Of "we have a civil warrant to clear up - call me back right away - SCAM!!
2017-03-16 22:49:28
Recorded line informed me that I was receiving a call at no cost to me from "Jessica" at Larimer County Detention Center, before the message was even over, it disconnected. Call received 3-16-17 at 3:45pm
2017-01-11 20:06:19
No message. Caller ID says Vitex. Call back to number and it says cannot answer and to call later!
2017-01-09 17:35:42
The woman on the other side was extremely rude! She asked for me so I asked who was calling "oh Jesus" was her response. That's as far as I got .
2016-12-02 06:09:58
Asked if I was xxxxx, a childhood name I haven't used since then. And that was all.
2016-11-12 04:15:59
6 panel test to test your water for Home Depot's water awareness program, want to recommend you a filter system, no obligation, $20 gift card to Home Depot for participating....
2016-10-10 02:35:01
Total dickbag
2016-08-02 22:37:25
Called and hung up when I didn't answer immediately
2016-07-06 07:31:13
2016-07-06 05:39:27
2016-07-06 03:54:09
No text r call
2016-07-05 19:43:51
are they legitimate. Did you speak along with Alexis or Barbara.

Phone list in area 970

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9703685434Barry K Harrington Debt Collection Law Office. They are rude and grim. Guest42015-11-04 15:44:46
9702860351Has called once each daytime for 3 times never leaves a message. SPAM. Guest12015-11-04 16:20:45
9707397734Keep on getting that calls late at nightGuest12015-11-04 16:26:08
9703153661I 'm on your do not phone list and I Additionally obtained a telephone for a Contribution. B72016-06-05 09:40:59
9703719276Quit calling douche bad's. Guest642015-11-04 17:51:46
9705243512Do not call againGuest952015-11-04 18:43:46
9705143269W vertexes. org. Stated Wells Fargo Urgent Notice. Telephone W W W. That is my work Telephone and is not Related along with my account. Never was used for any personal business. Did not phone back. . . Guest362015-11-04 19:04:37
9702648968Called twice the first time i let it go to express mail. The second called Arrived along with in seconds of the first I answered they just Installed Upwards. I added it for my rejection list. Guest372015-11-04 19:15:45
9704586920It is annoying when it calls me every 5 minutesGuest82015-12-19 17:01:08
9703342251Exhausted of these bothersome calls I 'm on Do not Call list. Guest82015-11-04 20:16:48
9702086767jun strongman nick name is Sharon strongman was wedded along with Rick strongman but sugar mama jun Sharon strongman was fuck with sugar infant Michael cl egg. she got pregnant from Michael for Athena cl egg when she was married along with Sean strongman W W WGuest172015-11-04 15:50:37
9704729187I filed a Grievance along with that do not telephone list. Quite rude Individuals. Guest152015-11-04 15:51:46
9702414880Chinese how jun strongman nick name is Sharon strongman was fuck along with Michael cl egg during marriage along with looser Man Jim strongman. Chinese how got pregnant out of Michael cl egg during married with looser Partner Jim strongman W W W. Chinese how jun strongmanGuest112015-11-04 16:35:45
9705992379annoyingGuest72015-12-09 18:45:47
9703828794acquired a call replied it but no just one replayed. Guest12015-11-04 17:30:08
9702185265Wondering if this can be a scam outfit. Hope they don t call me anymore. Guest82015-12-14 10:39:20
9703055655PayPal scam from KojakTracy renkas72015-12-13 18:58:16
9705158345Text me at W PM saying to phone for activate my chase account. I dint have 1. Its a Washington Amount i live in California. Name said chase customer. netmorales52015-12-14 12:03:30
9708181931BeyerGuest52015-12-16 13:06:24
9706157827i recd a call out of W W W and i dint Understand the Amount. rd82015-12-13 23:11:08
9703466859I 've received two calls from the number today your guy speaks Spanish. Told him for Stop calling and for remove my number. Guest52015-11-04 20:06:48
9703802538AssholeGuest12015-11-04 20:44:08
9706313285previous debtGuest42015-12-16 13:06:35
9703142993this number was calling me all daytime Owner id shows Kristina Which GO AWAY. . . . . . Guest82015-11-04 15:20:48
9702760907TelemarketingGuest62015-11-04 15:33:45
9706739442Perverted messages terrible gesturesGuest112015-11-04 15:36:50
9703291866Rakish Mithra told me he is working as authorized Representative of Plate Network has Priced W. W as part of promotional package. He has not been paid for Recipe account and my Link has been disconnected. He consistently called from W W W. Earlier he used for telephone out of W W W ext W. Both these Telephone Amounts 've been registered with Level 3 COMMUNICATIONS LC CO. Please advise. My contact marginally gm ail. comGuest22015-11-04 16:00:48
9702376404More Information FOP spam. Guest182015-11-04 17:56:48
9702355573DouchesGuest182015-11-04 18:01:48
9702413333telephone 1Guest52015-12-16 06:16:20
9704585477Called him back and it was Steve I don t know a Charlie and he dozen t appear to understand me. Guest12015-11-04 18:24:46
9703944049Hang upGuest92015-12-16 12:02:32
9700325578lockGuest12015-11-04 20:10:07
9703314962block completelyGuest42015-12-17 20:07:46
9705343287collectionsGuest702015-11-04 20:30:46
9703766414repeat calls Subsequently hang upGuest52016-03-21 06:56:25
9707167688I got 2 calls in a Line the morning. They don't leave a message in that voice mail but it Additionally shows that within the caller ID shows UN Know . What type of Individuals do the. . . Sussy52015-12-18 18:22:21
9705159502i cant callGuest12015-11-04 15:02:08
9704844656unlistedtoni42015-12-08 20:59:09
9706706316Called back no answerGuest52015-11-04 15:34:08
9702059361Invoice collectorGuest572015-11-04 15:34:45
9703430103Guest52015-12-16 00:44:10
9706199314Who is thisGuest12015-11-04 15:58:08
9703151240Scotch bank telemarketingGuest62015-12-08 14:13:33
9704446052I have for Pay for text messagesGuest52015-12-16 16:51:18
9706248867Won't stop callingGuest202015-11-04 16:45:46
9703153656SpamGuest292015-11-04 17:07:48
9705552003TelemarketingGuest32015-11-04 17:19:46
9702085959Chinese sugar mama jun strongman nick name Sharon strongman was wedded with looser Man John strongman but Chinese sugar mama jun strongman was fuck along with sugar baby Michael cl egg. W W WGuest282015-11-04 17:29:37
9702309226WGuest12015-11-04 17:35:07

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