9702376404 / 970-237-6404

Telephone information: Qwest Corporation. Ft Collins, CO. . United states
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Post by Guest,

9702376404 Got a call from this Amount on my Dwelling Telephone. Caller ID says quot Fort Collins CO quot that is Approximately a local Region telephone for me. I did t answer. They left no message.

Post by Guest,

970-237-6404 Everlasting order of Authorities.

Post by John,

9702376404 Still getting calls from these alleged FOP fund raisers. I think the Telephone Amount removal option via automated phone menu when you personally call them back is a sham.

Post by John,

970-237-6404 Still getting calls from these alleged FOP fund raisers. I think that Telephone Amount removal Alternative via automated phone menu when you phone them back is a sham.

Post by Homer,

9702376404 not in use is what Owner Id says. Who uses a number that s not within use. Scampers for fop.

Post by Guest,

970-237-6404 More info FOP spam.

Post by Guest,

9702376404 Asking for donations

Post by Guest,

970-237-6404 P hone Lawyer calling on behalf of FOP. Caller ID says NOT In USE. PLEASE this can be a holiday. Cease with the calls every 2 hours.

Post by John,

9702376404 Still getting calls from these alleged FOP fund raisers. I guess that phone Amount removal Alternative via automated Telephone menu when you personally telephone them back is a sham.

Post by Guest,

970-237-6404 I refused for reply when this number called since that Owner ID displayed quot NOT Within USE quot . DUH. Clearly some type of spam solicitation etc. .

Post by Grace,

9702376404 Got this phone did t reply and they did t leave a voice mail. Caller ID NOT Within USE

Post by John,

970-237-6404 FOP or someone asserting to represent them I vie had overly Extreme callers from FOP phone before makes me wonder if they were really Accepted reps

Post by Barn,

9702376404 Losers are still at it.

Post by Tired of Scammers,

970-237-6404 Confident they say they're in the FOP. Others can tell you they are that FOE of firefighters. Anything for scam you personally and get ah previous of your own precious earned dollars none of which they Validity earn . If you need to donate You contact your Wanted organization. Don t provide your Important and challenging earned cash for Telephone or door to door solicitors who have cheaply made bogus business cards or flyers for rob you. I have news for them GO GET A Real Occupation you CREEPS. .

Post by John,

9702376404 FOP or someone asserting to signify them I vie had overly aggressive callers from FOP telephone before makes me wonder if they were Actually Accepted reps

Post by Michelle,

970-237-6404 It s the fraternal purchase of Authorities searching for money contributions .

Post by John,

9702376404 FOP or someone claiming to symbolize them I vie had overly Extreme callers out of FOP phone before makes me wonder if they were really approved reps

Post by Sick of losers calling,

970-237-6404 Called However again. No message. Don t response any calls we don't know. Since these losers look for believe that it's okay for ignore violate the DC list we may exercise the correct to not answer their calls. If they Really Desired for get a hold of people they would 've leave a message.

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8002779914 Complains by Guest,

stop them from Callie nag my Telephone and text

8002394102 Complains by Barb,

Got a card within your mail as above have. States they are holding Lot for me value W. W but have only 8 days to pay Transport amp holding charge F 8. W. Recommendations to phone with credit card info. Needless for say this really is Merely another scam unfortunately people Particularly seniors may Regularly phone and offer their information which is exactly why they never Discontinue their mailings or calls. name of sender United Product Clearinghouse P Lt O Lt Box W West Stream ME W.

8002370786 Complains by Webtiger,

McCarthy You have a business relationship along with Traction this automatically makes any call they create to you exempt in the No Not Call law s unless they perpetrated a offense within obtaining your unlisted Amount . You comprehend the Uncomplicated Math behind recalling correct. Trillions of combinations and these machines phone each last 1. If your own unlisted Amount is called it s not because your CC Offered it Upwards. It was Natural luck. . . BTW this can be W you do understand there surely is no such matter as an unlisted Amount yes.

8002273426 Complains by notgonnatakeit,

The other number associated with them is 706-2478676. My husband started recieving phone calls at his work for me. I did call them back and spoke with a Victoria Harte. She said she was from County Tech Services, but if you listen closely it is County Tech Services. She said they were an arbitration office that had attorneys on staff and were certified to process. She wanted to do a conference call with the company First Financial so that we could all talk and settle the balance owed before they filed with the county clerk. The person was not in so they called me back another day and I said I would return the call. The phone number they call from is a cell number, I asked to speak to Ms. Harte and they transfered me to her and she put me on hold to look up my account. When the person came back she identified herself as Diana Bryant an attorney representing the company and that I owed over $1600. I told her that Ms. Harte said I owed just the $647.25. The attorney said yes if you pay the cash today that they would drop the $1000 attorneys fees. But if not they would be here between 6-8 pm to pick me up and to make sure that I had 2 forms of ID and not narcotics,no children or pets to be around. And that I was being charged with grand larceny. I told her I din't have the money and back then my dad supported me. So she wanted to speak to him!! I told he died 3 yrs ago and I would call her back.(Well I recorded all of this and called my friend who works at the courthouse) There was no civil case against me (of course) so I called back to speak with Ms. Bryant. Asked her for the civil case # to give to my husband so he could pass it to my lawyer after they come pick me up. She said I didn't hear her right that there was no case yet, not until Friday at 9am and that I only owed $347 today and $325 by Friday. I said I recorded our conversation and would she like to hear it. She got mad and said I'm not arguing with you, you pay or we file. I said but you keep telling different stories. Would you like to hear what you said, she again said I'm not arguing with you and hung up. I looked up this ladies name and it came up for someone in Australia.

8002753262 Complains by Maggie,

Just got 3 calls back for back but they never leave a express mail. Who are they and what can they need. . .

8002669989 Complains by Andria,

ALL LIES. . . . . . they still haven t refunded my cash and it s been around your W days they Offered. I contacted that FTC. . BBB and ripoff report. I could even file a class action lawsuit if I can.

8002702528 Complains by Bob,

Called me at work said he was Regroup or similar Looking to come by my house no paperwork required W monthly savings on a Va ref. Excessively pushy can attempt for create you feel stupid for not Taking their W minute presentation at your Residence. Call me Dumb I declined.

8002000000 Complains by Guest,

Left a call at my place of employment and said they were a government agency needing to get the company address so that my county could deliver papers for my arrest and serve legal docs. This information was asked from my employer directly. They violated Se of Texas laws and violated my privacy. I will seek an attorney to file a lawsuit as I'm very angry.

8048591184 Complains by Merlene Fuller,

which is Guessed to be New York Us. sorry.

8063911101 Complains by Frustrated with Do Not Call List,

What s Upward along with your don't phone list. . I keep adding myself for that list an I Merely get more calls. . I get 3 calls a daytime out of this number and if I hang Upwards they call me back from another number W W W and say the same thing. PG amp E rates may be going up within your own Place

8102444253 Complains by Diane,

Please don t tell me that this is that same ROBERT CAIRN DUFF who is the Chief FIREMAN for the CITY of FEN Lot. I trust he is not using his position and resources Accessible for him for Discover people he is collecting from. I believe someone needs for investigate. There has to become something incorrect along with using info Accessible for him as a public official to Revenue out of within his private life. I have to believe he has accessibility to the same system that the Authorities 've to look Upward people. This is how he is locating Individuals.

8102444231 Complains by Laziboi,

The Man called my grand parents house looking for me Good enough I used to live their. He Inquired my terminally Sick Grandma where I was Grandmother said he had a meeting today can I take a message. He said What's his cell. grand pa I don t understand it is programmed into his phone thus he don t demand for remember your Amount. at that point the Man said You personally mean you personally live with third damn guy and you personally act like you dint understand anything about him. Grandpa Put Upwards on him.

8182217312 Complains by TMV,

Owner ID said Call C . Your Telephone number has been on your Do not Call Registry list for well over a year. The call blocker Unit prevented the phone out of ringing Nevertheless while still keeping a record of this illegal telephone so that we could report it later at a time convenient to us. We totally agree along with others about the Worth of using a phone blocking Product.

8172371763 Complains by Jack,

Called me 9 W Wed evening. no message I did not response. From Fort Worth TX.

8181223990 Complains by pco,

Ho Cameron mu tempering AIs Que no contests April 5 W W

8322248192 Complains by Gabby,

I got your same e mail today well it Arrived last nighttime Only sent it for my attorney and your proper Experts then I deleted and blocked. Want there was a manner to locate these scampers and bring them to justice.

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