9705243512 / 970-524-3512

Telephone information: Centurytel Of Eagle DBA Centruylink. Gypsum, CO. Eagle. United states
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95 complaints
Post by Whowrotewhat.net,

9705243512 If everyone did not response calls whose Amount They do not Comprehend these fools would be from business. If you dint reply they won't leave a message. When I get a phone I Google it for that gratification That another unwanted telephone went unanswered. Strive it. You may feel better.

Post by Kaycee,

970-524-3512 Recd a telephone out of the Amount the morning. I ignored they left no message.

Post by Guest,

9705243512 Enrolled on that don't phone list amp still becoming telemarketer calls

Post by Isa,

970-524-3512 Yep so I called the Amount back and it said I vie achieved a number that is no More in service. I called back literally 2 minutes after that missed phone. WT.

Post by Guest,

9705243512 card services

Post by Randy,

970-524-3512 Called me again same arbitrary Amount as before. Pressed 1 Inquired for become removed and hung up on These are becoming on my last nerve being woken Upward by some scam Test. There has for be a way to stop this.

Post by Lena,

9705243512 Scam. Did not answer. Perhaps if we don t answer they ll get a honest Occupation. . . .

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 Do not telephone. . .

Post by Sam,

9705243512 This Amount Only called my cell Telephone. I 've Pro Call Control installed on my cell Telephone. When they attempted for telephone me Phone Control disconnected them. I did t even hear it ring. Master Telephone Control is value your onetime Payment investment of 7. W.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 Spam for credit card.

Post by Guest,

9705243512 Won't leave message.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 They called my cell number in violation of that do not call list. .

Post by Drew,

9705243512 Hopefully we ll all get Blessed and the that create these calls may Only kill themselves or maybe die within a terrible Auto accident.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 Do not call list not working

Post by Guest,

9705243512 card holder services. automated. spam.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 Cardholder services. . .

Post by Marie,

9705243512 Jan I totally concur. I 've been on that Don't Phone list for years and I don t want for Alter my number because they are harassing me. I can not for your life of me figure Outside how they got my Amount and Odds are if I Shift my Amount they can call that 1 also and I don t feel enjoy playing cat and mouse.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 Card services not yours wants for offer lower attention rates.

Post by Dave,

9705243512 SCAM. Report if you can and prevent in any respect Prices.

Post by Marie,

970-524-3512 YES I Fully AGREE

Post by Guest,

9705243512 Spam

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 credit card services spam

Post by jo,

9705243512 obtained a telephone out of W. no message which Clarifies it all for me. I 'm on your do not call registry. How do they would the.

Post by Eastern Washington,

970-524-3512 Just got a telephone out of the number same as everyone else I called back message re number disconnected. This can be BS.

Post by Guest,

9705243512 SCAM

Post by larry,

970-524-3512 Gotten a call Only now called them back out of land line. Amount has been disconnected

Post by Linda Juergens,

9705243512 When you try to talk for somebody they just hang up. I am on each do not telephone list and yet the Firm calls my Residence and cell phone.

Post by M&M,

970-524-3512 Got a phone out of this number W W W. Registered message told me I could lower my credit card interest rate to 6 percent Which was A SCAM

Post by Guest,

9705243512 Fake credit card service

Post by Christina,

970-524-3512 I 'm on the do not call list.

Post by Marie,

9705243512 YES I Fully AGREE

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 I received 1 phone no one said anything but i would appreciate if i did t receive any calls from them.

Post by M&M,

9705243512 Call came on my cell did t Understand that Amount did t answer it. I see its Only another scam Rob phone.

Post by Phyllis Wolfe,

970-524-3512 The company has called your home several times. My Man works Days so they woke him Upwards amp he Inquired them not for telephone. They then Began calling 4 x day amp waking him Upward. Now they are calling your cell phones amp hang Upwards when you personally say you don t need them for call anymore.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

9705243512 Another one of that spoofed numbers used by that card services scampers in their attempts for rip us away. Google my name to learn the best way to Quit their annoying calls while also having many enjoyment.

Post by Caroline,

970-524-3512 It's a scam. They BS you personally along with the lower interest. . . basically I let him Speak and what they're Attempting for can is get your own credit card numbers. . . . He just Desired for verify my biggest card and wanted for know how Substantially I had left for spend and carried on Around once he verifies just one card he can get your lower speed for that others . He asked me for read my card number. . . I said but you called me and Simply told me you have all my info thus can You tell me your Amount and i ll let you personally know if its correct. He Installed up. Lola SCAMPERS

Post by Tom,

9705243512 Rip away artists they are. Your callers are your drug addicted card services scampers who phone us pretending to be Connected with your credit card Firms in that trust of fooling us into giving them the credit card numbers so they can rip us off. Folks that 've been fooled into giving these lowlifes their credit card number 've endured severe Fiscal losses. Beware of these slimy creatures and warn others before they're cheated.

Post by Portland or,

970-524-3512 If its Significant they may leave a message.

Post by albert,

9705243512 Got a call out of the Amount. . . Decided Upward the Telephone did t state anything and a few seconds After your call was disconnected. Called your Amount back got the Normal That Amount you have dialed. . . . etc. thus I am sure that is probably another Test to Scam and spindle Individuals from their money. Damn Spammers. .

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 don t know

Post by amcald,

9705243512 I got a phone from the number Gypsum CO saying I can lower my interest rate on my credit card for 6. 9 . Frustrated that they called my cell phone I hit 1 for speak to some representative when they Decided Upwards she asked if I was responding for the credit card message and I said yes and I wonder how my cell Telephone Amount got on that list and could you personally please remove it. I was immediately Put Upward on. Sounds like a scam.

Post by KJ,

970-524-3512 I Only obtained your same phone. I pressed 1 for speak with a Man. Your guy Inquired if I Desired for lower my interest speed on my credit card. I asked how he got my name amp I was disconnected. I called the back amp it s a disconnected . Quite Important your Authorities has measures in place for protect people from Fake calls enjoy this just one. You can put your Telephone number on a do not phone list at Www. dentally. gov. Even telemarketers cannot telephone you at the point. You can also file a Criticism with the FCC at Www. FCC. gov Gripes. It s quite Significant to let your FCC understand that this is happening for shield others out of scams. If you re on the don't phone list and telemarketers phone you are able to request who they are with and report them. Yet you are able to still file a complaint with the FCC even if you personally arena t on that list. I just did the myself.

Post by Frank Virgallito,

9705243512 got a call on my cell Telephone out of the number while I was in a Assembly. I had to shut away Telephone. After I tried calling that Amount back and just got a bunch of garbled electronic sounds on the other line. Since that phone I have been having disconnect Difficulties along with my cell phone while talking to Pals. What s up.

Post by Spamcollector,

970-524-3512 Got a telephone from this Amount not on my Understood Owner list I don t answer. No message. Google Amount got here. If I don t known your number I don t answer then Place on my Products block Amount list. won t Notice from them again.

Post by Pain in the [***],

9705243512 Let it go to VIM to see what they Desired. No message.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 SPAM. .

Post by Guest,

9705243512 Scam artist

Post by milton,

970-524-3512 I Merely GOT A Call From The Number. . NOBODY State ANYTHING.

Post by Tom,

9705243512 Split off artists they are. That callers are that drug addicted card services scampers who telephone us pretending for become Correlated along with the credit card Firms in your trust of fooling people into giving them the credit card numbers so they can Split people off. Individuals that have been fooled into giving these lowlifes their credit card Amount 've endured serious Monetary losses. Beware of these slimy Animals and warn others before they're cheated.

Post by lgv,

970-524-3512 That is a Trendy service letting people know Around lousy numbers

Post by bothered,

9705243512 happy to see results for my reverse Telephone hunt thank you personally for this particular free service and to you personally Men that Affirmed it was a SCAM.

Post by Donna P.,

970-524-3512 've caller ID so understand not for response Place codes I m not recognizable along with. I don t know your name of that company but Likely one which is not legit.

Post by Sick of these calls,

9705243512 Same matter said Gypsum Co. No message and I Truly replied the phone but there was no just one there.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 called and did t say a thing

Post by spam phone,

9705243512 Merely got two phone calls out of it. called back and none answered.

Post by Wilson,

970-524-3512 Of coarse it is a SCAM. I m sure your phone Amount is spoofed.

Post by Jaime,

9705243512 I responded along with a yes Nonetheless that person on another line Installed Upwards after I requested more Firm details etc.

Post by GCameron,

970-524-3512 They're Banned but that dozen t Cease them out of calling report them to that FCC HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Criticism Gripe check. asp. panel 2

Post by Ron,

9705243512 I apparently upset them. They got death threats to me. They vie been calling me for around a year. I have them blocked but could see your calls on a log. I decided to answer Now and see they would Quit bugging me. Did t work Outside that way.

Post by Don,

970-524-3512 Got a call this morning. I did t answer it and they did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

9705243512 card holder services spam

Post by sick of the spammy calls,

970-524-3512 calls at least once each week and leaves no message but tries for sell a low interest rate on my credit card which they don t hold.

Post by Caroline,

9705243512 It's a scam. They BS you with your lower attention. . . Essentially I let him Discuss and what they are Striving to can is get your credit card Amounts. . . . He Only Needed for Confirm my biggest card and Desired to know how Substantially I had left to spend and carried on about once he verifies one card he could get the lower rate for your others . He asked me to read my card number. . . I said but you called me and Only told me you've all my data so can You tell me that Amount and i ll let you understand if its right. He hung up. Lola SCAMPERS

Post by Tom,

970-524-3512 Rip off artists they're. The callers are the drug addicted card services scampers who telephone people pretending to become associated with your credit card Businesses in your expect of fooling us into giving them your credit card numbers so they can Grab people off. People that have been fooled into giving these lowlifes their credit card number 've suffered severe financial losses. Beware of these slimy creatures and warn others before they are cheated.

Post by mom,

9705243512 Leave my Kids phone alone. I asked them for Set that Amount on that do not phone list and they Installed Upward on me. Nice.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 Don't phone the number. . . . . .

Post by Marie,

9705243512 Jan I totally agree. I have been on the Don't Call list for years and I don t desire for change my number because they're harassing me. I can not for that life of me body out how they got my Amount and Odds are if I Alter my number they can phone that one also and I don t feel like playing cat and mouse.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 Do not phone again

Post by Tom,

9705243512 Grab off artists they're. Your callers are the drug addicted card services scampers who call people pretending for become associated along with your credit card Firms in your hope of fooling us into giving them our credit card Amounts thus they can Grab us away. Individuals that 've been fooled into giving these lowlifes their credit card number 've suffered acute financial losses. Beware of these slimy Pets and warn others before they are cheated.

Post by Karen,

970-524-3512 Received a call out of this number. If you do not state Hi when you answer your phone they will hang Upwards on you. You simply get the record Around your credit card deal if you personally let them know You're a live person. I would like for understand that goal of your do not call list if they do not prevent these idiots out of contacting me.

Post by CaliValley,

9705243512 Obtained call no message.

Post by mom, again,

970-524-3512 called back and obtained a MSG the number had been disconnected.

Post by Sam,

9705243512 The number called me Merely the morning. I was driving don t 've a Wireless as of Though so I did t get to answer and they did t leave a message.

Post by Rec,

970-524-3512 Card Holder Services wanting for lower my interest rate. I played along along with them and Subsequently they finally got for THEE question What is your W digit account Amount on your own credit card. What a scam. You personally NEVER give your own credit card number Outside to anyone. This can be a scam. The dumb lady insisted that it wan t a scam. What a joke. Told her for get a job that wan t illegal.

Post by Mandy,

9705243512 Got a missed telephone from this number. Considering I m within Texas I notion a arbitrary telephone out of Gypsum CO was not something I wanted for pick Upwards. I ignored.

Post by Alicia,

970-524-3512 Phone at least once a week never leave message

Post by Guest,

9705243512 quot Card Holder Services quot Looking t lower my interest speed. They Truly Inquired for my W digit credit card number. What a scam.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 credit card

Post by Big Money,

9705243512 Missed phone from W W W. Called back no answer. I don't know anyone from Gypsum CO. I assume it is a spammer.

Post by Katie Wilms,

970-524-3512 Don t telephone my Amount again and please take me off your own calling list. Thanks

Post by MATERIALS40,

9705243512 Don't phone my phone again. . Despise calls like this. .

Post by Christina,

970-524-3512 I am on that don't phone list.

Post by Ticked Off,

9705243512 I got a telephone out of the Amount Around W min. Past. I stupidly pressed 1 to tell them that I m on the Don't Phone list. A guy picked Upward and said What the F K would you desire . I trust he Enjoyed the language he got back from me. Afterward Around W seconds After I got a telephone from W W W. I did not answer and no message was left. I Simply Registered a Gripe with that FTC on both Amounts. I suppose the just one great thing about these Recalls is that when you personally Really want for vent . . . Subsequently let your BRAG Travel on these parasites.

Post by lyby,

970-524-3512 Telephone rang once about W minutes ago. No message left. An internet investigation of your Added me here.

Post by Guest,

9705243512 credit card telemarketing

Post by FRANK,

970-524-3512 YES GOT Your SAME Kind OF Call From The Amount. I WAS Stressed THAT IT WAS A SCAM To Steal MY Number For Make LONG Distance CALLS.

Post by Guest,

9705243512 good old Rachel card services scam. . . do not present them any info.

Post by yo,

970-524-3512 scam.

Post by LJ,

9705243512 I just got a Telephone telephone from the number but did t response it. When I tried calling them back I got a recording telling me that this number was no longer in service.

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 credit card phishing

Post by Guest,

9705243512 Telemarketer. .

Post by Guest,

970-524-3512 card holder services

Post by Me Too,

9705243512 Missed Telephone phone on my cell phone with this number. No message was left.

Post by SteveVonGass,

970-524-3512 W W W is a scummier. . . all scampers use the same Process as this just one . . . because it works occasionally and they get your Information they want. . . so just hang Upward if You're fooled by them. . . it is gonna Price you personally a few private safety. . . Stay safe. . . trying for reason with them is fruitless as they Notice Short tons of Bad Comments W 7 and are great at Choosing Outside that easy money Folks quite fast. . . they don t waste Telephone time along with you personally defending their standing. . . they Just hang Upward and go on to your next caller. . . if your are bored and need for waste their valuable time. . . play along. . . but don t present any of them Information they want. . . as you see with other Remarks. . . they can hangup when you resit and yes You'll Likely become getting more scummier calls. Good Fortune Have not.

Post by Guest,

9705243512 credit card scam

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Recent comment

8002904347 Complains by Pudge,

Two calls

8045543651 Complains by Nancy,

Same experience as above gotten two phone calls Now out of this Amount. Substantial accent Official Jason Cooper said I or my Lawyer should call right back time sensitive subject this really is all BS. Don t fall for any of this Only Blow off it. Think if they had achieved me they would 've threatened me with a few BS legal something for extort this really is Merely a scam don t autumn for any of it.

8002502855 Complains by willow,

unwanted calls

8045543036 Complains by Dave - El Paso,

January W W W hrs. Indian Highlight called and left this SPAM message Phone Amount W W We have obtained a few serious problems against your own tax problem. But before we take this subject to court and a warrant is Released under your name would phone people back instantly. That number for reach me again that s W W W. Don t disregard the message and can return your phone. If I don t hear out of you personally or your own attorney either the just matter I may do is wish you great luck as this situation unfolds on you personally. Thank you personally and 've a great day. Goodbye

8044515253 Complains by Barbara Heins,

Same old story. . . scam call. Your Owner identified himself as James Fernando's from your Us Gov t Allow Section and Offered me his Badge ID W 2 . He told me that the Irs Certified me for a tax allow of W and all I Wanted to can was go for Western Union Line W for myself and presto . I would get some control Amount or something from them and they would send me W plus refund my W which dozen t create feeling if I Sent your cash for myself for Start along with. . . The W was supposed to somehow Confirm my identity. He Afterward Set me on that line with his Manager whose name I could t possibly recognize . After a lot of Quickly talking efforts for get me to cough Upward W I finally said that if your government wanted for present me money they would send me a check in the People Treasury and not depend of Western Union to Check my Id. I told him that I did t consider him and that it sounded enjoy a scam. I said he could send me that paperwork if he Desired for but that I d handle the Program or qualification procedure on my own. They never have called back not anyway. . .

8002983600 Complains by Mortimer Cranston Snerd,

Really Pleasant British Feature express and erroneous number looking for a business. recording

8044465657 Complains by John,

This number has called me once a daytime except Sunday for around a week. They 've never left a message though so I have no Thought who they're or what they want.

8000859317 Complains by Jon,

Called today, ID read Univ of Phoenix, no message left.  I have not applied to any schools to warrant a call from one.

8002652015 Complains by Dajarvis Holmes,

a person called me from this number suppose to be for AT&T to set up a payment for services and AT&T dont have my payment and have no idea who this is....so im tryin to see if this a fraud or something because AT&T cant trace the paymnet she took or the person

8002306732 Complains by clarissa,

just called me appropriate now saying if i dint telephone back all he can perform is want me Fortune WOW

8001182196 Complains by Qwerty,


8002939691 Complains by aggrevated,

Call blocker might become your own very best Wager. There s o manner of stopping your calls from being initiated. Also don t Choose upon Amounts you personally don t recognize.

8002522021 Complains by Dara Parsi,

They keep calling but they don t state anything.

8002953175 Complains by grandma55,

These Individuals are Managing my Pupil loans that Sum for less than W. W. Your dialogue was going great until I could not come Upward along with a payment today. If I had the money as I 'm unemployed I would supply it for them Merely for shut them up. They kept telling me they Comprehended correct after they kept asking for cash. LOLA My other Steak along with them is they did not identify themselves on that message left. Do not enjoy that. I enjoy to understand who I am returning the phone to. I located out who they were by using the site. Thank you personally for that. I can owe that cash but want your government would provide you personally a way for handle your own private loans when you are not Used. If I were a bank or a car company I bet I would get help. . Lola They even had that gall to request if I would get within my car and go put cash on my loadable Credit to pay them. Yes within your own dreams.

8002142865 Complains by Tara,

I would like for understand Whom Fit the . Exactly why don t tell who is. .

8002150100 Complains by me,


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