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Telephone information: Nextel Communications. Greeley, CO. Weld. United states
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Post by Guest,

9705343287 Didn't answer

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 Searching for a male and I vie told them several times that they 've that erroneous but they CONTINUE to phone looking for this individual

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Searching for someone who is not me. Wont stop calling

Post by athena,

970-534-3287 Called me when I was at a sporting Occasion last night around 8 PM Essential. I don't have any Thought if they attempted for say anything your bunch noise was thus loud I had that Telephone on Shake mode. No message. I vie had this Telephone for nearly 4 years and your preceding owner left many unpaid bills behind judging from the number of calls I get.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Its professional finance. Its a pain in your a Group Bureau that needs for Cease.

Post by annie are you ok,

970-534-3287 Ok so it looks to become a legit company must 've been given my Amount by the I d thieves thanks the page helped me Hit Outside just one more debt that USN t mine. What a Pain. Never supply Outside personal Information over that Telephone. . .

Post by Guest,

9705343287 professional finance company

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 collection agency

Post by shayne,

9705343287 phoned and left no message

Post by Kat,

970-534-3287 Caller ID Greenly CO Express Send The call is for Amanda Hunter if You're not Amanda Hunter hang Upwards now and phone W W W for 've your own Amount removed. If You're Amanda Hunter do not listen for this message where anyone can hear it. This really is Professional Monetary Company calling Around an important debt Group matter please call W W W. Professional Finance Business Inc. Corporate Office Professional Finance Business PFC W W. Th Street Package Greeley CO W Internet. collects. com Sending Address Professional Finance Business PFC PO Carton Greeley CO W Telephone W W Toll Free W W Facsimile W W An A Score with HTTP Internet. BBB. org northern Colorado company . . . Greeley co I am not Amanda Hunter and don't have any Pals or relatives by your name of Amanda Hunter plus I do not 've Long Space to telephone them for have my Amount removed thus may file a Criticism along with your BBB and 've them remove my number that manner.

Post by Kristina,

9705343287 Really no it s not. You are able to use references to attempt and reach that Person. There is NOTHING in that Free Commerce Act regarding references the simply violations would become if that collector creditor divulged private info or details about that motive for their telephone. Additionally there is nothing in credit application or loan Arrangements stating that they won t call Sources. I don t know where you get your untrue data from.

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 debt collector.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Collection agency

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 Reduction knew them

Post by Travis,

9705343287 I got the telephone several months ago and now they called my asking for my Partner. When they called before I called back and Inquired for talk to Corey Griffin and at I was told he wan t Accessible and attempted to pry my Information from me and I asked exactly why that message said it was out of Corey Griffin if that wan t who I was supposed to Discuss to I eventually got it out of them that he was a Fake Individual and I told them that I would t become Performing for messages from them anymore they kept Attempting for get my name through that complete phone but I never gave it for them. The Truly turned Outside for be an excellent way to vent thus I keep that number Approximately for when I want for mess along with someone.

Post by Omly,

970-534-3287 Your Absolute best thing for can if there is a collector calling you these Folks 've been calling me a lot several times within 1 daytime and. . . I m expecting. . . out of several Distinct numbers is for think of any left around bills you personally knew you had for pay but could t pay correct away for me these always seem to be medical bills because they are not in my each month bills that I Constantly know I need for pay and so consistently would pay . For example I owed one medical Firm and had creditors calling me but since I knew I owed that Invoice instead of talking to that Collector I directly called your company I owed and asked them who their Set Bureau was for Proof. The may save you the hassle of dealing along with that creditors who for many motive look for believe they don t demand for Confirm anything and should become Competent for Gather debts just by asking for it. And please everyone save that harping on not paying my bills this is not a constant matter and I don t demand preaching from many haphazard person I don t even know. Thank you.

Post by annie are u ok,

9705343287 I m Thinking because I was Lately a victim of Id Thieving if the group Perhaps part of a ring of Id thefts from Greeley co. boozers watch out folks.

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 collections

Post by conflicted,

9705343287 Uncharacteristically I must play Demon s advocate on This just one number. I answered the phone and they Inquired for info I did t need for present because I get Rankings of Handle calls per week and I have truly posted on the Website numerous times about many of them. Nonetheless the 1 was valid. They Warren t Miss tracing me notion that was prohibited now not sure they called me directly about a debt I never knew I owed I understand I understand Keep along with me . Being paranoid I was defensive and reiterated your fact that I don't have any loans no credit cards owe nobody Yoda Yoda. I had to attempt to get as Substantially info as potential while giving Outside as small as potential. I eventually obtained your name of your people whom I allegedly owed. And. . . I did instantaneously Recall the Supplier and the service I acquired it was Actual Occasion. I was thus certain I paid the as I pay every valid Statement I get. I Viewed through my bank statements and found nothing enjoy the thus no I had NOT paid. I Viewed through my thankfully organized paperwork and Found that I had no record of receiving a Invoice. That got me believe I understand I went for this appointment thus exactly why wan t I billed for that service. Nicely I m not Merely going at hand Outside cash without checking account it Outside first. Thus I went for the source to Confirm. They had a computer glitch that did t list me as your responsible Celebration for billing at my address so the bill from your Initial source never went Outside for me Hence I never knew I owed anything for six months. The described exactly why your collection agency had no billing address for me either. First I Fixed the address Issue at the Initial source medical so I 've for go back thus this Condition did t repeat and they did Check for me that they Directed} the debt to this exact Group agency and once they Published it I had for pay through that Bureau. That is typical as I recall I worked at a Set agency in a secretarial Volume many years back. Lots of matters Assessed Outside amounts attention nominal other small details. Called collection Bureau back and paid my bill it s in W days so it dozen t affect my credit. Hi I owed I paid as soon as I could confirm it all. Actually it was that original Supplier s fault I did t pay because I m not psychic and don t understand for pay anything when medical vendors don t mail me a Statement but I was sorry I Offered Approach for the collectors just doing their Occupations. I relayed my apologies for being a jerk with your Reason behind my Disposition blasted scampers and I will keep closer Tablatures on my medical Company for create certain this dozen t occur again although I shouldn't Have to. So sick of Advanced Independent billing out of 4 6 parties for their Individual Components in a single doctor See. That more complicated your Charging system the more option for Malfunction Individuals. Lesson okay. . . Occasionally. . . it s real. sigh

Post by Jacob,

970-534-3287 Not kosher . Close that hell Upward. It s Brand new Years eve NOT Christmas Eve for Cause.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 false

Post by infomaniac,

970-534-3287 That is a debt collector and here is their info PROFESSIONAL FINANCE CO INC W TH ST GREELEY CO W W W W The Company Services N. E. C. Business is in GREELEY CO. This Business currently has approximately 1 to 5 employees and annual sales of Under W W. Don t reply your Telephone they 've to send you personally a written statement by us send within 5 times stating what it's Around they're calling you. Than request for Agreement of your alleged debt. Great luck.

Post by okc,

9705343287 I get calls out of this number once each other week. Appears to be debt collectors. Problem is they are asking for a Daniel Moore. I am not him don t know him nor 've I ever known anyone by that name. The Night they called me Approximately PM central time. I replied and got an automated message. Within that message it says If You're not Daniel Moore please call. . . then it rambles away a Amount too Quickly to write down and dozen t Replicate it. So I called this Amount back directly and had for leave a message.

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 Spam

Post by peedoffphoneuser,

9705343287 These Folks called my number Now searching for someone I 've completely no Notion who they were. Told them the person is not associated with phone number whatsoever and for not telephone again. Of path your customary click and hang Upward on you thing.

Post by Cindy Vorwald,

970-534-3287 Inquired for someone and was not me and if I wan t that Individual to hang Upward so I did. I will get ah previous of Verizon for block this number. I already had called your Amount for not get solicitors

Post by Jumpkick Jones,

9705343287 Called really early on a Saturday morning. I did t reply and they did t leave a message. Based on the other Remarks here they probably Warren t even calling me but were looking for someone else anyway. I pay my bills.

Post by Jacob,

970-534-3287 Not kosher . Close your hell Upwards. It s Brand new Years eve NOT Christmas Eve for Benefit.

Post by Kat,

9705343287 Creditors don t Only get people s names from Programs they Additionally have ways of pulling Understood acquaintances. I used to be a skip tracer and these names and Amounts Take on some skip tracing Websites.

Post by Fact,

970-534-3287 Professional Finance Business PFC is a debt Group Firm located within Co but Certified in all states. They generally Amass on medical debt for hospitals Physicians and Centers but have other Customers. Their website is Www. . com and they allow you to Discuss an on line payment arrangement. Their toll free number is W W W and they even have a dedicated wrong number line W W W if you personally get a telephone that wan t meant for you personally. They have an A Better Business Institution Status and are certified by HF Ma and AC International. If you get a find or telephone from them on a debt they re valid and may work with you personally if you reach Outside to them.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Spam

Post by C,

970-534-3287 Same thing here. They called I replied and a record left a Extensive message for telephone them back. They were listed on my bankruptcy that was DISCHARGED a week Past. I took your time to call them back again supply the case Amount and tell them I may suggest the court that they defied that order.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Searching for a male told them I never heard if that individual still calls

Post by dee,

970-534-3287 phoned left no message

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Dint understand them

Post by Julez,

970-534-3287 This number belongs for Professional Finance Company. A debt Group agency. If they hang Upward they're Seeking you personally for call back because it's prohibited for telephone someone and harries them over that Telephone. Record your own dialogue and then telephone an at tourney if they do Speak for you.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Set agency

Post by annon,,

970-534-3287 've blocked them before. now they called using a diff. number. called back once and could not get a live Individual. i owe nothing. these type of things are Actually annoying and not Okay.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Recording

Post by Randy,

970-534-3287 Whoever has the number constantly calls for someone who is not at the Amount and I don't have any Notion who they are looking for Though they don t stop.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Not sure who it's

Post by Teri,

970-534-3287 they keep calling my cell Telephone sometimes several times during a day and all during Routine work hours when I dint reply my Telephone because duh. I'm at work. They never leave a mess sage. I decided for phone back to find out who it is get record that says Professional Finance Business and 've for wait on hold forever to get a real live person and they Begin asking who I am whats my address Telephone etc. I told them they called me so since I could not Confirm who they were I didn't feel comfortable giving personal info Around myself I am a little Leary about this since I was scammed on Grisliest for a Occupation I Used for thus didn't understand if it was someone there trying for get info again. Bottom line is if they're going to call they need for leave a message. Particularly if that is a valid Statement Set agency enjoy that above places are asserting they're saying they are. How are they for ever collect that Guessed owed cash if they dint leave Information. Additionally I have never acquired a Statement from anyone saying I had a past due account which was being turned for collections Or 've I acquired billing from a bill collector.

Post by Fred,

9705343287 Yes they are from Greeley Colorado and look for become included with medical Charging scams. where their clients overcharge you by W thus I Just place Upward a hushed ring tone on my iPhone for these Sorts of calls now i never can hear from them again. Google the way to would it along with your iPhone

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 Did t answer

Post by mister annoyed,

9705343287 wont Quit calling looking for rename Kidd who does not exist or 've this Telephone 've Inquired them for stop but they still phone at Bizarre hours

Post by Guest,


Post by Shouldn"t be awake,

9705343287 told them it s a wrong number and not for call back. . . . an hour After called me again looking for someone else. . .

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 automated Statement collector

Post by Guest,

9705343287 .

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 Searching for someone who is not me. Wont Discontinue calling

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Professional Finance Company is that name of that Business. Said I owed them money. . . Never heard of them. .

Post by Kat,

970-534-3287 Creditors don t just get Individuals s names from Programs they also have manners of Taking known acquaintances. I used for become a Miss tracer and these names and numbers pull on some skip tracing Websites.

Post by Melinda,

9705343287 It s a Actual Group Bureau specifically for medical. I Simply got a payment on a hospital bill and that hospital turned it over to them four times later. . . Ugh. I decided for supply them a telephone after reading your above. I Tested many information and Subsequently they informed me that it was really because of this hospital bill that I can owe money to cheers for my crappy health insurance. That agent was enjoyable and made arrangements along with me. He Additionally Approved that it would t report on my credit as long as I paid the payments in W times.

Post by Anon,

970-534-3287 H. . . Everything you Merely posted Employs for Solicitation calls. . Non of those rules or laws Implement for collections. As mentioned above correctly They may call w e number is Supplied once a daytime for Test for Accumulate your debt. Along with that being said. IF your own wise enough to tell them the number does not Fit to your individual they are Striving to get within Contact along with they may simply remove it from their records and go on along with w e other information they 've Accessible for that Individual. For anyone else reading this. . If you personally Stadium t the 1 that owes that Invoice. Merely tell them they have your incorrect person number. Trust me. . They Do not need to phone your erroneous Individuals. Their Occupation is for Gather a debt. They won t do it Calling that erroneous individuals. Stop being Stupid Folks it s Actually not that hard.

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Creditor

Post by Kat,

970-534-3287 Creditors don t Simply get Folks s names out of applications they Additionally 've ways of pulling Understood acquaintances. I used for be a Miss tracer and these names and Amounts Move on some skip tracing Websites.

Post by C,

9705343287 Same thing here. They called I answered and a recording left a Long message to phone them back. They were Recorded on my Insolvency that was DISCHARGED a week ago. I took the time to call them back again supply the case number and tell them I will advise your court that they defied that purchase.

Post by cyber,

970-534-3287 even after i tell them incorrect number they keep calling Striving for Amass a debt from a few who has not had the number for 3 years

Post by annoyed,

9705343287 called and Desired someone I knew. That Individual calling just said his name was Anthony. Subsequently asked me if I knew your Man he was calling. I said NO and he was courteous and said okay thank you

Post by Anon,

970-534-3287 H. . . Everything you personally Merely posted Uses to Solicitation calls. . Non of those rules or laws apply to Choices. As previously mentioned above Accurately They may telephone w e Amount is provided once a day to attempt for Amass your debt. Along with that being said. IF your wise enough to tell them the number doesn't belong to the Person they are Striving to get in touch with they can Only remove it out of their records and go on along with w e other data they 've Accessible for that person. For anyone else reading the. . If you arena t the one that owes the Invoice. Simply tell them they 've your wrong Individual Amount. Trust me. . They Do not want for phone the incorrect Folks. Their Occupation is for collect a debt. They won t can it contacting the incorrect individuals. Cease being dumb Individuals it s really not that hard.

Post by Just Jack,

9705343287 A company continues to telephone me out of the Amount W W W. I 've since found Outside this number belongs to your collection Bureau and they're searching for my Mommy. That motive they're searching is because Direct Tv neglected for pay the Closing Invoice when we switched out of Dish Network. Direct Television tells people that we need that True last bill sent out within purchase to would this we Delivered that Invoice and it was returned to us along with a message that it wan t the correct Statement. So now i am becoming Group calls out of this company

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 Reject

Post by Jacob,

9705343287 Not kosher . Shut your hell up. It s Fresh Years eve NOT Christmas Eve for Benefit.

Post by shouldn't be awake...,

970-534-3287 that s a Infraction of F. D. C. P. A. locate an at tourney and sue there .

Post by Guest,

9705343287 Invoice Amass er searching for someone else

Post by Again,

970-534-3287 phone and left no message

Post by Anyone,

9705343287 Called me did t leave a voice mail. Set it in my ADD novel for go directly to voice send. Here s a trick most places will not leave any voice mail if you are not identified in your express send. Leave that Standard message or don't state you personally name on the greeting place your numbers for go right for express send and you may never again be harassed.

Post by Guest,

970-534-3287 Spam

Post by Anon,

9705343287 Gary. . . Everything you Only posted Uses for Solicitation calls. . Non of those rules or laws Employ to Choices. As mentioned above Right They may telephone w e Amount is provided once a day for attempt for Amass the debt. With that being said. IF your own shrewd enough for tell them the Amount does not belong to the Person they are Attempting for get in Contact along with they will simply remove it out of their records and go on along with w e other information they have available for that Man. For anyone else reading the. . If you Stadium t that one that owes your Statement. Simply tell them they have the incorrect person Amount. Trust me. . They Don't need for phone your wrong people. Their Occupation is for Amass a debt. They won t would it contacting that incorrect individuals. Discontinue being dumb Individuals it s Actually not that difficult.

Post by Kristina,

970-534-3287 Actually no it s not. You can use Recommendations to attempt and reach that debtor. There's NOTHING within that Free Trade Work} viewing Recommendations that just violations would be if the collector Collector divulged private info or details about that motive for their call. Also there is nothing within credit application or loan Arrangements stating that they won t phone Recommendations. I don t know where you get your own untrue info out of.

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8002698112 Complains by Sya,

I don't answer numbers I don't recognize so when I've received two calls from this number in one day I let it go through to voicemail.  Interestingly enough the caller didn't leave a message. This is election time so I'm sure it's an unwanted political call.

8043025761 Complains by susan,

Informative material for Susan and other low information Visitors The DC list isn't effective against criminals spammers and scampers because those Folks do not subscribe to the DC list and don't care if You're on or away that list. Its intent is for Discontinue calls from legitimate telemarketers and it does a Very good Occupation at that. Here is your reading assignment HTTP Internet. FTC. gov news Occasions Press resource . . . strive enforcement

8002283014 Complains by soberdoc,

I received Bacall out of this Amount offering me a few type of Fiscal Merchandise. I am on your do not phone list but the company seems to ignore it. Don't answer

8001102801 Complains by Laura,

Scam message from AT amp T or someone pretending for be AT amp T by having an online offer.

8001513130 Complains by Chris,

Only got two calls out of this number. Just one at 7 W just one at 7 W. No messages left.

8043034623 Complains by Some chick,

Collection Bureau called RAMS. Female calling has a Actually strange Highlight.

8002431266 Complains by Stopscammersnow-08,

Watch out for a known scam artist "Mr. Burns" may be an alias, using this number 876-446-0685 out of Jamaica. He con's our eldery citizens out of thousands using the sweepstakes scam asking for money for fees, taxes etc. Report him to the authorities if he calls.

8003199446 Complains by J,

What happen 2 my gmail with yhe pics at I was trying to get in ...i wanted to see the picsThe above text msg was sent to my phone -another scam to probably call or text them backWasting my text msg limits.  They already wasted one text coming in should sue them for my quarter back and time.

8002641034 Complains by Rock,

got that same text from unknown out of W as your sent Amount.

8002812294 Complains by sdkstl,

Claims for become W out of AT amp T sends user to . com looks enjoy AT amp T site.

8002819642 Complains by Crisial,

This Business has not even been Calling me directly. They 've been calling my Father s cell phone and asking for me or my fiance. . . my dad s cell is unlisted and despite your fact which he informs them that it s the wrong number as well as a private line they Frequently contact him. This Firm is beyond pitiful.

8001521168 Complains by Guest,

the customer has chosen for block u

8002145347 Complains by Sgt. Yourk,

MSG on recorder. . . called back. . . won t tell you who they are. . why they're calling and request for bank account Amounts. . . . . appropriate. . like that ll happen

8002825129 Complains by Christian Cook,

This number has called me 5 times within last Minimum and all it does is make a beeping noise. Owner Notion Only says Cost Free Number. Want it would stop already

8002831703 Complains by melnmeg,

We went for visit Feather Bay in Brown wood Texas. Really Fine and they're eventually Beginning to get it really developed. W House Tennis course now open. No hard sell. Only took that tour told them we Warren t interested right now. Got W Credit debit card and a W gift card program flyer Additionally flyer for 2 tickets for Orlando La's Nevada or Cab. Of course there are restrictions on that tickets. . . No Bike Though.

8002821649 Complains by Sox Fan,

Got a phone out of Teresa Bennett out of W W W x W. Inquired if I obtained their correspondence. No I did t. That s Okay it s not too late she says. She Maintained I was referred for them by Expiring that credit reporting Bureau as a customer who has a history of Appropriate payments. Inquired for the W on your back of my Visa card. I told her if I Offered that she d know what company my card was Released by and I don t even understand who she is. She told me not for Stress your Consumer Fraud Protection Act Closed into law by Ronald Reagan protected me against credit card fraud. I told her I wan t stressed about fraud I was concerned about my Solitude. She Proposed I look at their Site . org and call her back for enrol. Thus I Go ogled your company name and as I was Writing Monetary educ. . . I result popped up in fearless financial Informative services scam. . . which Added me here. Glad I used Google and did t give her any info. Disperse your word about these scampers.

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