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Telephone information: Lcw Wireless License. Salem, OR. . United states
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Post by mscott,

9712089947 Just receive the call on my cell Telephone while at work. Not only could it be an unwanted Private telephone but now it's used up what small time I had left on my phone. AND since I did not answer it Additionally went for voice send. This is absurd and cant would anything Around it. Simply now correct. . . . .

Post by LR,

971-208-9947 Ind pendent Survey Group automated telemarketing calls

Post by Jamesb3,

9712089947 Your telemarketers are calling under your guise of conducting a political survey that is exempt in the Don't Phone prohibition. Which is how they're becoming away along with it. Congress needs to close that loophole and Quickly.

Post by K,

971-208-9947 That number Hans t been Enrolled for W times Hence your DC registry won t accept the complaint.

Post by tom harris,

9712089947 callas all the time

Post by DG,

971-208-9947 Telemarketer trying that lure Individuals into High-priced cruise Holidays. They have a Thin questionnaire they Cover behind thus they can Key people into thinking they have won an High-priced vacation for free. SCAM. . .

Post by sk,

9712089947 Called and did not leave a message. I called back and Amount was temporarily from service. BS

Post by Linda,

971-208-9947 I live within Canada Additionally and 've gotten calls out of this Amount as nicely as calls from W W W. This Amount Additionally originates in that Portland Oregon area and my calls Additionally has to do with that upcoming election within that U. S. I don't have any idea where they get the Amounts from. I never have listened for the entire message and press that pound Crucial several times before hanging Upward because I vie been told this may mess Upwards their system. It apparently dozen t work. Really frustrating.

Post by lord h t,

9712089947 got calls out of the Amount few times

Post by Barbara Yates,

971-208-9947 That don t call list is a joke it always has been. I attempted to block Amounts that way and it never worked they consistently got through. Now anything without my area code and not within my contact list is toast. I actually delete that call while it s ringing.

Post by jane,

9712089947 Called three minutes Past. . . . I replied and no just one on another Finish. . . They Only Installed up. . . . 3 times the morning. . . .

Post by Concerned,

971-208-9947 I live within Canada and got a call in the above Amount but I was away when that call Arrived so it went for your reply machine so when I attempted for Access that message it called that number Simply as I pressed the button to listen to your message.

Post by Ram,

9712089947 Additionally acquired a phone out of this number W hours ago missed it and they left no express mail. Becoming manner overly Considerably of the garbage these calls count as minutes on the cell phones even if unanswered.

Post by Jason,

971-208-9947 Just got a telephone out of this number Seeking me to take a survey and get a free Cruise. Yep. . . that sounds legit. Blocked.

Post by Max,

9712089947 Only gotten a phone from these idiots as nicely. My phone Bands 2 5 times a daytime from BS numbers like these. Oh and I 'm on that worthless DC list as nicely.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 HTTP Internet. wiki how. com Quit Collection Calls

Post by Texan1,

9712089947 I obtained a telephone from the Amount.

Post by mscott,

971-208-9947 CID IND Friend GROUPIE did not answer that call. No message was left.

Post by BigJ,

9712089947 Quite Accurate William. This Put also calls out of Region code W . I attempt to answer when they phone Merely to screw with them.

Post by WantingMyFreeCruise,

971-208-9947 I m within Canada. . . the call was from Oregon re guarding that upcoming American election and they promised me a free cruise. . . they did not Provide but after that Provide which I Merely faked my manner though that cost was actually more than if I drove for that Interface and booked your cruise myself. . . what a scam.

Post by art freund,

9712089947 I get calls from the number on my cell phone which I have Enrolled on your do not call list .

Post by fedupinil,

971-208-9947 I have been becoming these survey calls each couple of times for Nearly 3 months now and I m tired of it. I have caller id thus I will never answer your Telephone when they phone. Losers.

Post by Northern Ontario,

9712089947 Looks enjoy these Individuals are a SCAM for sure. . . . 've had several of these calls last couple of times and when I don t answer they hang Upwards on my express send. Really did leave 1 message for me for return phone telephone about an important company matter though. Obviously I did t call them back. I m glad I was able to the Website to confirm that it is a SCAM. . . .

Post by Hell Boy,

971-208-9947 Another freaking spam call. . . Block this if they phone.

Post by Mchenry,

9712089947 Installed Upward no message.

Post by Nana,

971-208-9947 Acquired a call out of this Amount . Indian speaking. Could not comprehend. Needed to know if the computer was on. Partner reamed him out and hung up

Post by justme,

9712089947 Called and no message on property line. Cheers for the reports here it s blocked now.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Political survey

Post by SemperFi66,

9712089947 Nefarious are calling my cell phone now during business hours. I guess all that calls to my House phone were not enough for them. It is a scam People. Do not answer or block your telephone if you can.

Post by Fed up with these phone calls,

971-208-9947 I don t understand who you are but I 'm really really upset. I 'm on a Do not Telephone LIST but of course the does not Use for companies within that Us. How Challenge you personally Demand on my Solitude and on my House life. Who to heck can you believe you are. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I live within Canada that s right Canada I have Individual rights and I believe you should all tease off. OH by that manner I tried to reach you and your line was unavailable nicely Think WHAT I 'm NOW UNAVAILABLE AND I Can Find Out WHO You are AND REPORT You ARE You Ready With this HASHISH

Post by Jamesb3,

9712089947 The telemarketers are calling under the guise of Doing a political survey that is exempt in the Do not Telephone prohibition. Which is how they're getting away with it. Congress needs for close that loophole and fast.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Block

Post by Mike,

9712089947 It s your DC aka that Democrat National Committee they attempt for can a survey and then ask you personally for Give for Obama s Strategy depending on how you reply your questions. No cruises are being given away here. It s your Authorities working at it s finest once again.

Post by Everett,

971-208-9947 Merely got a call overly. No message and cannot telephone back Amount. no answer unavailable

Post by Adopt a shelter pet,

9712089947 Political phone. Unsolicited. Called work Amount.

Post by steve enyart,

971-208-9947 Hi Pete I m Simply getting Prepared for purchase the Travis now you personally vie got me concerned. Have you had any success with your own own ordering attempts. Let me know please Charlie misc. W at gm ail. com

Post by Pat White,

9712089947 This can be another of numerous calls I get on a Day-to-day basis that should become Restricted from calling. They're usu sally from Oregon or Washington state. What is the Lawyer general doing Around this.

Post by Yvonne,

971-208-9947 No reply when I Select up the phone.

Post by Joan,

9712089947 I got a telephone out of this number at 4 W PM on 6 W W. They left no message.

Post by Voodoonana,

971-208-9947 I obtained a missed phone from the Amount and goofy me called back. They said I had won W that was for become used for a trip for Cancun. The recorded message did offer to choose for Prefer my number out which I did. Let s see if it Actually opted me Outside.

Post by 7,

9712089947 FRAUD. . . phone W W W it s that automated system for dentally. gov and say how they claim to become a political survey on their caller id However are Attempting to get your own credit card Amounts correct away as they say you've won a cruise

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Acquired a call from this number yesterday. I did not answer it. Do I Cease these calls and how did these Amounts get my information.

Post by Tammy,

9712089947 i keep receiving calls and no answer

Post by Wheez,

971-208-9947 Just called but left no message.

Post by Guest,

9712089947 Spam.

Post by rthren,

971-208-9947 Got a call from W W W but did not answer this time.

Post by Fighting back,

9712089947 I just got among these too. Answered Rd ring and nothing there. I 've my number place Upwards so as they 've to enter their Amount for ID to even get my Telephone for ring. Now they're on that you won t get it to ring again list. Lola Telephone rejection. . And yes that gov. dentally is this type of joke. . . Cell Telephone private house number and so on. I think the gov just found another way for create cash at your expense. Selling our Amounts. AT amp T has an excellent phone forwarding Attribute. You are able to pick Amounts to forward send telemarketers numbers back for them selves. They Discontinue calling. .

Post by Mike M,

971-208-9947 I uncertainty they got your Amount. I think they just Switch until they get an excellent Amount that someone answers.

Post by Guest,

9712089947 Only called ind Sir group W W W called twice and Put up

Post by danielle,

971-208-9947 i Simply got a call and i did not response your Telephone and then i looked your Amount Upward on Google and it came Upward along with a lot of people saying that they got a phone from this number

Post by JD,

9712089947 The telephone Amount belongs to Pacific Talcum Communications Group. They're a public Energy who s company Includes facilitating illegal telemarketing calls within Infraction of W C. F. R. W. 3 b of your Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule. For more data about your Folks behind the unsolicited telephone go here HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com If you want for Quit these unsolicited telemarketing calls PLEASE send a Grievance for Oregon State regulators about these prohibited calls out of Pacific Talcum s Telephone numbers Oregon People Utilities Commission Online Gripes HTTP apps. Puck. state. or. people Customer Grievance. asp Oregon Lawyer General s Office Online Gripes HTTP Www. DJ. state. or. people Client Gripe. shuttlecocking Governor s Office Online Gripes HTTP governor. Oregon. gov Gov contact. HTML

Post by HWS,

971-208-9947 Same here can within on unlisted fax line. Reported.

Post by Bob,

9712089947 This number calls repeatedly for my Dwelling within Canada. I now have them blocked. No Telephone advertised and no business name shows on ID. Scampers.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Send them for Mr. number

Post by Guest,

9712089947 No message left. I don t know anyone in this area code. It appears for become spam. I vie blocked them from calling my home.

Post by BRAUN,

971-208-9947 The Business which identifies in self as a political survey group calls my phone all that time. I don't want or need them calling. It cost me W cents each time as I purchase my minutes.

Post by Canadian Girl,

9712089947 the Amount keeps calling me using an AMERICAN prerecorded political message. I m Canadian. They keep waking my baby Upwards and I could t even talk to a Actual Individual to tell them for off.

Post by deb,

971-208-9947 got a call Simply minutes Past find this site after Writing your Amount within which was W W W on the date of 6 W W. rang 3 times i went forward and Decided Upwards your Telephone and listen no one on the other Finish. said hello and they hang up.

Post by Guest,

9712089947 Choose Upwards they hang Upwards. One of several W W xx xx numbers. I vie put blocks on a lot of these spam calls through Time Warner. It works but these slobs use a lot of numbers My calls are down from 5 7 per day to 1 or 2 every couple days. If you might have Time Warner phone service contact them about blocking Information it may be worth your call.

Post by Gene,

971-208-9947 Did t reply they did t leave a message. That caller ID was Ind Sir Group.

Post by steve enyart,

9712089947 Hello Pete I m Merely becoming ready for purchase the Travis now you personally vie got me concerned. Have you personally had any success with your own own purchasing efforts. Let me understand please David misc. W at gm ail. com

Post by Mickie,

971-208-9947 Keep becoming ca ls out of this number. I don t answer it on the do not telephone list but keep becoming calls anyway

Post by Guest,

9712089947 Just don t response.

Post by Glenn Ferdaviinski,

971-208-9947 Quit calling

Post by Dan,

9712089947 Phone after 9 W PM got really rude when I asked if sh ye knew your time Afterward told that the NO Telephone list does not Implement for them

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Need you to Purchase something.

Post by do not call,

9712089947 covers LEGIT telemarketers Simply Political calls Charities and Legit Studies are exempt as mentioned on the do not phone website info for Customers no that free cruise is not free and its not a political survey whatsoever. Only scampers using the loophole to rip Individuals off they are NOT legit telemarketers making these calls they are CROOKS out for Take cash ind Thing or worse. breaking don't phone laws is Minor compared to that FELONIES they're committing

Post by Harry,

971-208-9947 We get multiple calls out of this Amount.

Post by Fed Up Fred,

9712089947 If I don t understand your number and it is out of my area code I don t pay attention to whatever it's that caller is squawking about because it may become a moron calling for certain due for for piss poor economy thank you personally cooperate America. In place of the dimwit Authorities wasting money on whatever it's they're wasting cash on at any all times it should hire as many phone interceptors that it takes to at least Test for slow down that phone scampers. I 'm confident there a lot of folks fed Upwards along with scampers on the Internet as nicely as phone services cell as nicely as acreage line and a few folks might become at their breaking point to which may be your motive for some folks going postal whether they're associated along with send service or not. . .

Post by K,

971-208-9947 Your number Hans t been registered for W times Therefore that DC registry won t Take your complaint.

Post by SYL,

9712089947 I Overly 'm Getting CALLS Out of This Number. I CALLED BACK AND IT SAID The Number WAS Briefly From SERVICE.

Post by Bonkers,

971-208-9947 Its Mitt Romney he is already messing that Us Upward. Obama is your King.

Post by John,

9712089947 I got a call out of W W W on my cell phone today 6 W but I missed your call and when I found it I Assessed here before calling as I did not Comprehend that number. I am on that Don't Call list property line amp cell phone. Texas is Very Demanding on these kind of calls but it h l Attempting for locate Outside who is calling.

Post by agingbull,

971-208-9947 Acquired a call at 7 W PM PDT. Did not Comprehend that Amount so I did not answer.

Post by nicole,

9712089947 no Thought who this is

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Political survey

Post by Mike,

9712089947 One other thing get the phone blocker app on your own cell phone. They phone out of a big Telephone bank of numbers once you personally block one they call you out of another. I 've W different Amounts they have called out of. Enough is Enough .

Post by Bob,

971-208-9947 Acquired multiple calls from the number. They Simply don t offer Upward.

Post by Conniehun,

9712089947 They telephone my cell Telephone and it s making me really furious do I block them.

Post by Eve,

971-208-9947 please tell us what is your name of that agency. Desire to locate Outside who is behind all the calls. I got 3 for 4 calls per weeks. same organization along with that same message. Never had any debt or Outstanding bills. I am in GT.

Post by Guest,

9712089947 Independent survey SPAM.

Post by bunster,

971-208-9947 I Additionally live in Canada though I can follow your American News. I do not answer any Callas from numbers I don't Understand . .

Post by Texan1,

9712089947 I acquired a phone out of the Amount.

Post by Marg,

971-208-9947 We get calls from the number frequently bot don't reply them. They're consistently on my cell and really few Folks understand that number.

Post by Bonnie Endicott,

9712089947 I get a call out of the number at least once a week. It is a record about taking a survey. I would like for get it Removed out of my Telephone.

Post by HWS,

971-208-9947 That's not Accurate. For correct data go to dentally. gov

Post by Alicia,

9712089947 Called my cellphone. PM Central Time. This can be your first time they vie called out of the Amount for me I Assume they can now telephone my Dwelling phone company etc unless I block it.

Post by Eve,

971-208-9947 please tell us what's your name of that agency. Desire for locate out who is behind all the calls. I got 3 for 4 calls per weeks. same organization with your same message. Never had any debt or unpaid bills. I am in GT.

Post by Jonathan,

9712089947 This Amount Will not Stop CALLING ME Now. 3 TIMES In That LAST HOUR.

Post by djcurry,

971-208-9947 phoning and bothering do not leave message no just one Understood from Oregon

Post by billg,

9712089947 It begins off on your prim is of a political survey but it's Typically a sales phone. Political surveys are exempt from the no call list. Desire for Quit this intentional Cycle hole look for out all congressman personal cell and or Dwelling phone and publish that Amounts so they get the crap. They will Quit it within no time.

Post by Nancy,

971-208-9947 Got that telephone amp did not answer also. And will not. Cheers for posting the Information for all of people. . .

Post by Guest,

9712089947 A recording for debt relief

Post by Carbetbagger Basher,

971-208-9947 Regrettably there are a number of loopholes in the Do not Call Application. Among them are callers who you've had continue to 've a business relationship with IE your credit card issuer banks retail establishments etc AND their affiliates whoever they might become debt Lovers and oh within our case Political calls. Gee who would 've idea that the politicians would 've excluded themselves from the Don't Phone list. The Comprises their Survey teams as nicely as other commercial Alternative takers. Head you personally they still have for follow National and State Recommendations when placing calls but they can telephone you personally anytime they want without fear of whatever poor kneed penalties they 've provided for that original bill. . . Particular USN t it. . .

Post by Rocky,

9712089947 called but did t state anything. . .

Post by Joe,

971-208-9947 I got that call from the W W W i did not receive the phone Cox i did not recognize your Amount.

Post by Canada One,

9712089947 Simply got this phone for an American W second survey along with a free 2 day cruise tax and fees. I m in Canada duh. No SCAMMING me.

Post by ANON,

971-208-9947 Acquired a call out of these scam artists on my GOOGLE Voice number about W minutes Past amp it was mechanically blocked. Number is one of MANY that Separate Survey Group has used.

Post by Carbetbagger Basher,

9712089947 Regrettably there are a Amount of loopholes within the Do not Telephone Software. Among them are callers who you have had continue to have a company relationship along with IE your own credit card issuer banks retail establishments etc AND their affiliates whoever they may be debt Lovers and oh within the case Political calls. Gee who would 've thought that the politicians would have excluded themselves from your Do not Phone list. This Contains their Survey teams as well as other commercial Alternative takers. Mind you they still 've for follow Federal and State Directions when Setting calls but they could call you anytime they want without anxiety of whatever feeble kneed punishments they 've provided for that First Statement. . . Unique USN t it. . .

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Spam

Post by cummfinemi,

9712089947 says ind Sir group Yep correct. Your Republicans are getting determined. I Wager anything it s them. Exactly why. I m a Registered Republican who votes every year. I get calls mailings everything. Many asking for money. How about giving me a cut of your paycheck Men.

Post by Ann,

971-208-9947 Unknown caller and an unwanted phone to your cell Telephone. Don t understand them did t answer. Think that scum have located a fresh caller ID to use Established upon Amount of calls being reported. I love the Web site. . .

Post by Political Call was unsolicited,

9712089947 Political Telephone was unsolicited.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Its a freak within survey.

Post by suthnbl,

9712089947 Owner ID says IND SUV GP they call almost every day and hang Upward if the replying machine picks up or hangs Upwards if I reply.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Like the hundredth time they called

Post by GFY,

9712089947 Bad Synthesis Centre parasites. Calling from a different Amount USN t going for work. Stop making fools of yourselves it s embarrassing. Please provide that Folks you personally abuse some credit we arena t going to autumn for your pathetic scams.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Did t reply.

Post by JD,

9712089947 This telephone number belongs to Pacific Talcum Communications Group. Send your Grievances and removal requests for F Antone Accord of Pacific Talcum email W protected E-mail W protected Office W W Cell W W Additionally PLEASE file a complaint here Oregon People Resources Commission Online Grievances HTTP Applications. Puck. state. or. us Client Criticism. asp Oregon Attorney General s Office Online Complaints HTTP Internet. DJ. state. or. us Buyer Gripe. shuttlecocking Governor s Office Online Criticisms HTTP governor. Oregon. gov Gov contact. HTML more info about that Folks behind the unsolicited telephone go here HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com

Post by Mike M,

971-208-9947 I uncertainty they got your number. I believe they Merely dial until they get a great number that someone answers.

Post by tootie,

9712089947 Uninvited guest at W W Am Lunch Time. . . No Waste. Consider it an invasion of privacy.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Phoning Ontario Canada out of here. Very Gloomy. Must become millions of others you can harass within your own own State first.

Post by bodiddly,

9712089947 Rd telephone in as many weeks they hang Upward. I presume a Rob call and I don t wait for machine for Begin or Man for get on line die in the hell Allowed for tel marketers and like ilk that Wake up me waste my time and energy

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Oregon spam

Post by Guest,

9712089947 A crusty clam spam call. They're selling meths. I drove Upward there and broke their meths Laboratory.

Post by IgnoringTheseCalls,

971-208-9947 These small certain have a big block of Amounts that they use don t they. I bet that I already 've Around twenty of their Telephone Amounts on my block list. Lola . . . . the 1 may go on my sh t list Additionally.

Post by ANIE,

9712089947 Seriously Robert now he s becoming blame for irritating Telephone calls. Offer me a break. . . . .

Post by confused,

971-208-9947 called but did t say anything. . .

Post by Guest,

9712089947 Same previous same every other day out of a different number. . . PLEASE Create THESE CALLS Stop. . .

Post by HWS,

971-208-9947 That's not Authentic. For right info go to dentally. gov

Post by donald,

9712089947 So do we stop these a holes out of calling people. and who are they.

Post by Atlantic canada,

971-208-9947 I Only got a call as nicely. It rang three times and Afterward disconnected before my replying machine would 've Decided up.

Post by Tim,

9712089947 The list doesn't Employ for political dilemmas so the scampers are asking a political survey before they try to sell you cruises or what not. Scumbags.

Post by jwillis,

971-208-9947 RE Travis VAN you can order out of AF CO Electronics I Merely ordered just one and within procedure of hooking it up. Haven't taken it live However. Internet. electronics. com you personally May}n' 've to request them as it was not on their web Website. Jim

Post by mary mccowan,

9712089947 nuisance call out of this number

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Don t reply it Merely MORE Junk For CLUTTER Your LIFE . . Con artist . .

Post by new orleans,

9712089947 Called along with no vicennial blocking number

Post by gw1,

971-208-9947 cell call out of unrecognized Amount. did t answer. no message.

Post by Bob,

9712089947 Thank goodness for phone display. I did not recognize the Amount so I let my answering machine do your work. Sure enough he she it they left no message so it simply Validated along with another good folks here that it was Only a few b. s. of a few kind or another and would have been a Enormous waste of my time for answer it. What a sad universe when you've to become Frightened for answer your own phone and what a Number of bottom feeding slime.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Same old same each other daytime from a different number. . . PLEASE Create THESE CALLS Quit. . .

Post by Fed Up,

9712089947 Did t response your telephone from this Amount but I confident 'm tired of getting survey calls from those who arena t Marketing anything on my cell phone. It s lousy enough for get them on your acreage line. I don t want these calls to follow me around wherever I go.

Post by texas,

971-208-9947 Mg they telephone me all your time just don t answer

Post by UpNorth!,

9712089947 These B steed started today along with me I went years without these pricks calling. I ported my Residence Telephone to my cell phone and i am bombarded with these bloody telemarketers. I am on that Do NO Call LIST in Canada but this can be Simply for Peculiar Port Home Phone to Cell Baum. all I get is Telemarketers. Cheers Rogers.

Post by ANIE,

971-208-9947 Seriously Robert now he s getting attribute for irritating Telephone calls. Present me a break. . . . .

Post by PJ,

9712089947 Same caller from preceding times but this time changed first name although that idiot kept that same last name and was your same male caller. Owner still stating that i owe cash to a Bank when i again confronted him he hung Upward in my own face and would NT reply when i called back. The Amount they called me out of on 6 W was W W W don t present into these scum of your earth worms. Stupid a. . claims to be a lawyer along with telemarketing sounds within your back ground as an educator they must have never got it Approved ST Standard.

Post by Stephen Harper,

971-208-9947 That works when that Amount on caller id isn't bogus.

Post by Mike,

9712089947 I got a phone out of this Amount at my work when we replied it hangs Upward instantly they called 3 times Now. Revealed IND Friend GROUP within Owner ID.

Post by linda,

971-208-9947 calls and hangs up

Post by Sandy,

9712089947 Regrettably you are able to t even trust unknown numbers within your own area code. I got a call out of a number in my area code that I did t recognize and when I looked Upwards the Amount it was a debt Set Business that s located in Illinois. I m in Texas. I don t owe anyone any cash debt free . It s so annoying that they get a Telephone number Afterward call Often. . . and when it s not you personally they re searching for it s even more annoying. Yes your national do not telephone registry was and is a joke.

Post by Mike M,

971-208-9947 Just got called. Whenever I see that Oregon ID I don t answer. It s always a survey and I don t ever desire them believing that is a great number. I believe that Reviews are generally political within nature.

Post by carlb,

9712089947 The number called my prepaid Canadian cell phone that is on your do not phone list here not that that does any great and it s some obnoxious pare recorded message maintaining for become out of some unintelligible survey group. Apparently a phone from a foreign Nation is a Enormous loophole within do not telephone which needs for be closed. I 've for pay for receive this garbage. . .

Post by Chuck,

971-208-9947 Merely got a call which I did not answer and I never answer calls out of Amounts that I do not recognize. My Amount is Additionally on your Don't Call list but that dozen t seem for help.


9712089947 I use a prepaid cell phone that only motive I have it is because I 'm handicapped and I have ES Road and 'm awaiting a Kidney transplant and I need a manner for my transplant center to reach me I have a rare blood type B and 've been on the list for five years the previous March I would love for answer and cuss them out but great but I can t afford that since I prepay for my minutes and my Telephone is for emergency use and for a transplant. I also get Trash text MSG's which Price me money I Convey along with Buddies and family with email Twitter Facebook and land line I Don't TEXT. Every junk text MSG is a scam and Prices me half a minute which I 've to Exchange Regular or I lose my Telephone service and number would you personally know how many Drys hosp Establishments I d 've for contact along with a new cell Amount. These Individuals are suckers and should get a Actual life and a Actual Occupation.

Post by Sandy,

971-208-9947 Sadly you can t even trust unknown Amounts in your own own Place code. I got a telephone from a Amount in my own Region code that I did t recognize and when I Viewed Upwards your number it was a debt collection Business that s located in Illinois. I m in Texas. I don t owe anyone any money debt free . It s thus annoying that they get a phone number Afterward call relentlessly. . . and when it s not you they re searching for it s even more annoying. Yes your national don't call registry was and is a joke.

Post by Willowblue,

9712089947 Same here. . . wt. . .

Post by BigJ,

971-208-9947 Really true Bob. This Set also calls out of area code W . I try and response when they phone Only to screw along with them.

Post by HWS,

9712089947 That is not true. For right info go to dentally. gov

Post by Michael,

971-208-9947 Second time they vie called me each time they have called I Getaway t said anything and they hang Upward wit hen 4 seconds. Not a Large Cope just a nuance.

Post by BigJ,

9712089947 Very Authentic Joe. The Set also calls from area code W . I try to reply when they phone Merely for screw with them.

Post by Sam,

971-208-9947 Yes. . I got a call from this Amount as nicely. . . . Thanks for you all for your MSG's here I will not reply the telephone if they phone again. Thanks All. . .

Post by ozzy,

9712089947 Go ogled it as that Telephone was ringing and power saw I did t 've to bother answering 0

Post by Cindy,

971-208-9947 I scarcely got these kinds of calls before I Enrolled for the thus called Don't Telephone List . Once I Enrolled I started getting these calls ALL your time. Of path I never reply them. I would NEVER advocate your Don't Telephone List to anyone.

Post by PavementPilot,

9712089947 Substantial breather Subsequently Put up

Post by Linda,

971-208-9947 I live in Canada Additionally and have gotten calls from the Amount as well as calls out of W W W. The Amount also originates in your Portland Oregon Region and my calls also has for do along with that upcoming election in your U. S. I have no idea where they get that Amounts out of. I have not listened for the total message and press your British pound Essential several times before hanging up because I vie been told the may mess Upwards their system. It apparently dozen t work. Very frustrating.

Post by Merrikate,

9712089947 Wow appearance whatsoever your calls so Lately. These Men are on a Enormous push. Cheers for posting here.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Did t answer.

Post by Sharon,

9712089947 No Notion who this is and they left no message

Post by txnana,

971-208-9947 After receiving numerous calls out of the number I eventually pressed 1 so I could speak to some Man and demand they take me off their list. The line instantaneously disconnected. Not sure what your intention is. Only annoying and uses my minutes.

Post by irritated,

9712089947 MULTIPLE calls from this Amount ID also shows Beaver ton Portland OR

Post by Sandy,

971-208-9947 Unfortunately you can t even trust unknown numbers in your own own area code. I got a call from a Amount within my Region code that I did t Comprehend and when I looked up the number it was a debt Set Business that s located within Illinois. I m within Texas. I don t owe anyone any cash debt free . It s so annoying that they get a phone Amount Afterward call Often. . . and when it s not you personally they re looking for it s even more annoying. Yes your national don't phone registry was and is a joke.

Post by Guest,

9712089947 Called work Amount. Political phone with Registered message. . . . . Embrace a shelter Dog. HTTP Www. pet finder. com

Post by digger,

971-208-9947 was a political phone of some sort and i would Triumph a cruise also am on a don t telephone list. is that only for Canada.

Post by shooter,

9712089947 Only received a call out of this number did t reply and they did t leave a message. Over your course of several weeks I have gotten 2 or 3 calls in the same Amount with your same result.

Post by Jack,

971-208-9947 I keep receiving calls out of the number and they never leave a message. Stop the calls you re a nuisance. . . . .

Post by JP,

9712089947 Called me at 2 W PM on 6 W W Recording going Hello that is an independent survey. . . . I went CLICK .

Post by Irritated,

971-208-9947 Simply gotten. Owner ID Only gave Telephone number. This can be ST from this number. I save them within Owner ID and on the third call I block the Amount. For everybody complaining Around being on that DC list you should realize that most of these calls are done via VIP from spoofed numbers and most of them Start offshore thus you can complain until the cows come home but filling out forms USN t going for help. Just don t answer the phone.

Post by susan,

9712089947 Don t know who this really is. Do not answer

Post by Shirley,

971-208-9947 Survey group that has already called me and keeps calling me. Pain in that you personally know what.

Post by Stephen Harper,

9712089947 That works when the number on caller id isn't Fake.


971-208-9947 My number is on a Don't Call list for a motive. . Maybe your list is Only a sham but at any speed these calls demand to Quit NOW. . . . I don't reply unknown numbers or names and these jerks do not leave a message. I won't phone them back now or ever. Interval. Finish OF Section.

Post by Guest,

9712089947 Acquired a phone out of these scam artists on my GOOGLE Express Amount about W minutes ago amp it was mechanically blocked. Number is one of MANY that quot Separate Survey Group quot has used.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Did t answer don t know your Amount. .

Post by Prairie Girl,

9712089947 This Amount called us this morning but Installed up when your answering machine cut within. I was not answering because your area code was foreign to me. Viewed it Upwards. . . . . . originates from Oregon. I 'm blocking the number.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Spam

Post by Rifleman,

9712089947 W W W 5 W PM W W W called out of Salem OR. CID shows IND Sir GROUP which has called me before out of W W W. Same message Hi this is Dorothy amp we are doing a survey that may only take W seconds. That is a scummier. When you personally try to say anything they continue talking because it s a Registered message to start with. Best thing for can is Only don t reply. They re nothing but a scummier Attempting to get personal data from you personally or Attempting for sell you something you don t desire. After Striving to Discuss and realizing it was a Rob telephone I Simply Began hitting that key until they Installed Upwards. I d still enjoy for put a stick of dynamite Upwards the stinking butts and Subsequently light a short fuse. State a W second Blend. Nothing but a Number of a holes for sluggish for work for a dwelling. Woman making record had a substantial accent overly. I see where Individuals within Canada are receiving calls from the number too. I am on the DC lists but they pay no focus on those. Bunch of s heads. .

Post by HWS,

971-208-9947 Same here can within on unlisted Facsimile line. Reported.

Post by margaret moss,

9712089947 unwanted telephone. no message. hung Upward. same as yesterday.

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 A recording for debt relief

Post by do not call,

9712089947 covers LEGIT telemarketers Simply Political calls Charities and Legit Reviews are exempt as previously mentioned on your do not call website info for People no the free cruise isn't free and its not a political survey at all. Only scampers using your loophole for rip people off they are NOT legit telemarketers making these calls they are CROOKS out for steal cash ind entity or worse. breaking don't call Guidelines is Minor compared to the FELONIES they are committing

Post by Dortheda Scoggins,

971-208-9947 I was called out of the number and decided it was a spam call

Post by Everett,

9712089947 Just got a telephone overly. No message and cannot phone back number. no answer unavailable

Did you get an unwanted call from 971-208-9947? Is 9712089947 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

3343296155 Complains by Guest,

2 calls and ask. gift. myself of path. did. not. answer but who is this

8052059541 Complains by RC,

Acquired a telephone from the number today went to express mail caller left no message.

5122629638 Complains by Guest,

This Owner keeps calling and hangs Upwards when my wife answered. When I replied they knew my first name and said they were following Upwards on my request regarding quot man Improvement quot . . . . . I m W years previous and way beyond that. . . I told them not to phone again.

6267889442 Complains by Guest,

my Telephone ring but when I Decided up its disconnected. When I called back your same number it rang but no just one picks Upward and Subsequently it got disconnected.

9166684857 Complains by Guest,

They call all daytime every daytime . . . Its a recording when I answer so I Only hang up. The record states that they have an Significant company subject to discuss.

8152078306 Complains by jimbo,

Me too multiple calls out of W W W. No response on Collection.

8172759369 Complains by Santosh,

I have Very Priced for call.

8554776313 Complains by Guest,

Annoying daily calls

9037972648 Complains by Guest,

It was a stalker Lola

7633080123 Complains by Guest,

Security System sales robot telephone.

7853411205 Complains by Guest,


9545031806 Complains by Guest,

Spam spam spam

2062092352 Complains by Guest,

calls from the Amount 3 4 times a day if you personally response they try and scam you you personally request for become removed they hang up etc these calls need to Cease. . . I 'm on that Do NO Phone LIST it seems to mean nothing. . .

8102933416 Complains by Guest,

sorry I've been deleted n unable to respond to memories. have a great daytime. . .

9045157985 Complains by Aaron,

The person who called me went by "John", and his voice was so soft and muffled that I couldn't understand a sentence he said.  I think he said that he would try to call me back in the morning.  

9045208511 Complains by Guest,

checking account if they obtained school records for my daughter

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