9712131932 / 971-213-1932

Telephone information: Integra Telecom Of Oregon. Beaverton, OR. Washington. United states
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54 complaints
Post by Ian,

9712131932 Quit calling me

Post by patricia cyr,

971-213-1932 do not need calls in the above number.

Post by RW,

9712131932 They keep calling. Amount should be Close down

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 Called to talk Around Irs tax debt

Post by Merrick,

9712131932 spam o Rama. They called me twice. ST telephone was back tax settlement and that ND telephone was to lower my mortgage.

Post by RF,

971-213-1932 Saved the number for my No response list after reading comments above. I 'm grateful for become Capable to identify scampers as shortly as I can get to your computer. Too lousy I can t response my Telephone whenever it Bands but it Appears Around half the calls are out of jerks like this. . . . . . if I don t recognize the Amount I don t response. Seems like the No Call List is a joke.

Post by Guest,

9712131932 Tax related

Post by juana rubio,

971-213-1932 Report a phone call from W W Pals. Quit all call out of this phone number. This caller is calling my son s phone Amount. . . Its Clear that this caller is scam artist. . . or Firm. numerous Criticisms on this Amount.

Post by Guest,

9712131932 Who is this.

Post by retta,

971-213-1932 Please stop

Post by Guest,

9712131932 GO FUCK Your MOUTH

Post by msliss2u,

971-213-1932 wow an 8 year along with a phone.

Post by Guest,

9712131932 They probably would end Upwards asking for R date of Start and Societal overly. . . . Yes rite. . Foch.

Post by Nataly,

971-213-1932 Got some scam call from this Amount. Registered message was telling me about my debt within IR and not unwilling for help me along with the Problem . Create me wonder where can they get the Telephone numbers.

Post by Guest,

9712131932 Poo

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 Spam Millimeter. . . .

Post by Mike J.,

9712131932 Hi. W Place code was assigned to Oregon in W. I had Additionally obtained calls from many other numbers. The Bad matter is these scam artists buy lists of Telephone numbers and harass them along with calls along with their automated systems. Even though the Region code is like W now days they can somehow Move a trick where even though the telephone is from that Place code they are Really located elsewhere. I Registered a Criticism along with the last Place code of another number that appeared for maintain Washington state with the Washington state Attorney General. I obtained a very Educational correspondence in short time. Please file a Grievance with I figure your Oregon Attorney General enjoy I did for Washington. It can become part of the public record and I trust at least just one fragment of Signs if any attempt to Cease such Individuals out of doing the. This was my really informative notification out of Washington state. Please read and I trust file complaints. Your letter Additionally Comprises really moving links. Cheers for reading this. Sincerely Mike Beloved Scott J. Your office has received your own Grievance seeing that Telephone calls you've been receiving. We comprehend how annoying and frustrating it is to receive unwanted Phone calls. Sadly unscrupulous telemarketers use a variety of Procedures to conceal their Accurate Identification and location in order for prevent detection. Occasionally telemarketers Get telephone numbers that are Designated to specific Place Rules and assign those Amounts to Phone Gear which is not located in that area code. Another Approach telemarketers use for prevent detection is Owner I. D. spoofing which means a telemarketer uses a untrue Owner identification number thus the phone number appearing in your Owner I. D. isn't your Real phone Amount of your Phone Gear placing your telephone. We have determined the telephone Amount you personally reported as the source of the calls is owned by Pacific Talcum Communications Group which is located in Laos Angel es California. Pacific Talcum provides Phone numbers many of which have W Region Requirements for subscribers. Yet many of your Members who obtain the W Phone numbers from Pacific Talcum aren't located within Washington state and could become located anywhere. Underneath these conditions there surely is quite little the office can do for Discover the physical Profile of the party who is making the calls. Yet you personally should report these calls for the National Trade Commission by Processing a Grievance online at HTTP Internet. dentally. gov Standard. asp. If you want to discover more about Owner I. D. spoofing you can locate Added information on your Federal Interaction Commission s Site HTTP Web. FCC. gov guides Owner id and spoofing. Thank you personally for Calling your office. Your own Communication will become a component of that public record. Truly

Post by Kay,

971-213-1932 I have unknown callers BLOCKED. . . . exactly why Do THEY Call Afterward. . All voice messages with the telephone back number.

Post by msliss2u,

9712131932 wow an 8 year along with a Telephone.

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 Fake IRS

Post by X,

9712131932 Called and hung up after just one ring did t even get a opportunity to reply.

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 Nothing

Post by Beth,

9712131932 The Amount continues to telephone my work Telephone number. I never reply calls from Amounts not in my contact list. But that repeated calls are becoming annoying.

Post by Attorney General,

971-213-1932 Scam Business. Don t reply it. Simply go into your android phone and blacklist the number. The next time they call it can go directly for voice mail without even ringing.

Post by jen,

9712131932 I 've gotten many calls from this Amount. Becoming Actually annoyed. Luckily I haven t bothered for reply when they call.

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 State I 've back taxes ha ha because I Merely got the Amount its not me. . . . Spam someone else bi shes. . .

Post by Annoyed Woman,

9712131932 Cease CALLING MY Telephone PLEASE. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 Spam. Just ignore

Post by RW,

9712131932 They keep calling. Number should become shut down

Post by Meli,

971-213-1932 This Amount calls and when i reply they don t Chat they listen to me say Hi for a couple minutes Afterward they hang up quite annoying

Post by Guest,

9712131932 Tatty

Post by Melissa McCormick,

971-213-1932 Please remove this number out of my calling list. . . . . its a scam.

Post by Peter,

9712131932 your 8 Year old has a cell phone

Post by Betty bender,

971-213-1932 I am receiving calls from this number saying I owe back Fees. . . which I don't. This is a scam caller.

Post by Guest,

9712131932 Missed their phone earlier and I m glad I missed it.

Post by Nicholas,

971-213-1932 When I called back it gave me a express record saying that there could possibly be records of you owing back Fees to the Government

Post by Guest,

9712131932 I don t owe the IRS

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 Yep dim fake Irs.

Post by Diane,

9712131932 Keep calling my Telephone. . . . never leaves a message.

Post by Carynne,

971-213-1932 Many Dumb telemarketer I use a free Telephone number when I request freebies or any other hint Upward when a Amount is needed. These idiots called this Amount all calls go for my E-mail address so they're not Actually calling my phone thank goodness. Everyone is selling everything today. Get an internet or free phone Amount and present this number out in place of your own Real Amount. It might not stop the calls but it may help a few.

Post by Guest,

9712131932 Simply called me saying i could owe taxes to your Irs. Funny. . . the Government normally calls you or sends someone to your house with handcuffs within these Scenarios. Apparent scam. Only slightly believable because i Dwelt within Oregon for like 6 months. PRESS One IF You OWE Money. LOLA.

Post by Shamane Milan,

971-213-1932 Called my number several times Around back taxes owed for Irs.

Post by KD,

9712131932 Exactly why did you supply a phone for your 8 years old.

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 Fake Government calls

Post by ali90022,

9712131932 Report a phone telephone out of W W Pals. stop all telephone from this Telephone number. The Owner is calling my son s phone number. . . Its obvious that this Owner is scam artist. . . or Business. numerous Grievances on the number.

Post by DW of California,

971-213-1932 Got a call out of them but cheers to my COMA it s blacklisted now.

Post by Worker,

9712131932 The number keeps calling my work Telephone at least once a week about my mortgage. I don t even own a house. Really frustrating.

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 Fake IRS

Post by Jack,

9712131932 Missed call out of this Firm but no message.

Post by Primo,

971-213-1932 W W W Please Quit calling me. Called again out of Sherwood Oregon Owner left no message again. Called them back for hear a recording they are a Whole predatory scam Business back tax amp mortgage scam.

Post by Marjorie,

9712131932 Telephone Registered a phone out of this company but caller no message.

Post by Guest,

971-213-1932 JFK was a call from. Sara about Obama and Government.

Post by Mel F.,

9712131932 This Telephone keeps calling my cell haven't answered any phone no message is left . Please Quit calling

Post by DR, SF,

971-213-1932 I got the telephone from W W W it said that I owe taxes. This really is a scam.

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9519617753 Complains by Ira,

no caller ID

3215759237 Complains by Guest,


4099880800 Complains by Guest,

they're harassing me

5617790872 Complains by Guest,

don t answer

7868717137 Complains by Guest,

Left three threatening messages when your call is not returned or they do not Notice out of an attorney legal action will become Chosen. quot If you personally don t return your telephone all I can state is Good luck. quot

8003409610 Complains by Pissed,

This Firm is Northeastern Manner Home Services. They Completely Discount The Don't Phone LIST and continually Call even when told to Quit. I report Each phone to that Don't Phone Web site and have made a Authorities Report to see if Someone could make them abide by your LAW. Beware they Perhaps Only Striving for get access to your own house for rob you. . .

8327482063 Complains by Terri,

I keep becoming sitcom. internet calling me overly. Afterward a Facsimile number comes on and they do that all that time.

2564292428 Complains by Guest,

This Individual or company is always calling my phone. I 've blocked the calls simply for have my voice send filled. I have tried to contact this company but just get a record stating quot using your telephone keypad enter your id. Dozen t present an option to Chat for someone directly. If this continues I am going to Find legal Activity.

8002473508 Complains by AW,

Called my office Approximately W PM interrupted legit ate calls from True customers asking for speak for person within charge of the credit card processing Gadgets clearly a Individual Marketing something click

8002179246 Complains by FD,

That is your Amount Recorded on the who is page for marinated. com See HTTP Internet. who is. internet worsen. cg. d marinated. com amp told Como located the within response to a spam fax a acquired out of them

8002229999 Complains by Guest,

STING. . . . . Authorities. . . Prevent. .

8001181138 Complains by GLENN,

Called my cell Telephone appears to be spoofed number. No message was left.

8002171985 Complains by Guest,

don t know who that is

8002793480 Complains by adam,

if they are calling you its because you personally ha vent been paying your bills. if you personally morons dint need Folks Striving for collect cash you personally owe them Afterward dint get loans or credit cards. you all have horrible credit Ratings if the Amount is calling you personally it means you owe many Firm cash and you are not paying them which means your credit report is probably . thus Cease complaining Around Individuals calling you cause your a dead beat who won t pay your bills.

8002689956 Complains by Bob Loblaw,

Here is your message left in my voice mail as transcribed by Google Express Contact attempted for verify whether or not you personally vie been changed by the current Catastrophe in your Region. Please contact the executive Services Section at 1 W W W We re Accessible Monday through Friday. 6 'm to 6 PM. Pile Regular Time. Thank you.

8001962617 Complains by Guest,

DAT Security

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