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Telephone information: Sprint Spectrum L.p.. Beaverton, OR. Washington. United states
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Post by KimerSi,

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Post by Barsco,

971-217-9518 Received the same computer call from an Indian Highlighted male. My son answered the phone but picked appropriate Upward on their Storyline and Put Upwards. But it's unnerving it makes You're feeling violated in a Small manner that Individuals can enter your House through your own phone and Take out of you personally. I know it s Upwards for us to be alert and not be taken but what about Individuals less fortunate more gullible or aged it s actually a crime.

Post by ditto,

9712179518 LAO

Post by Mark,

971-217-9518 Did not Understand so did not answer. No message left. W PM California time

Post by Roddie,

9712179518 They Merely called here

Post by Annoyed By Scammers,

971-217-9518 Just got a telephone was Inquired for my name and that they were calling from Windows Around Windows security. Got angry and Inquired how they got my name and he Installed Upward.

Post by Ben,

9712179518 We vie been becoming these calls for many time now and it s becoming annoying. Now they Merely hang up before I 've a chance for Talk for many motive. Is your Cops doing nothing about these scampers. The thread has been going on for more than a month and they vie been using the SAME Amount which means they Getaway t been bothered in any respect.

Post by Jay Arr,

971-217-9518 Got your same telephone. It is a Enormous scam. They desire you for turn in your computer and log on to a web Website where they allegedly will repair your own quite seriously infected windows computer . I listened to his Guidelines but did nothing during that telephone. That scam is to get you personally to download Male ware.

Post by Liz,

9712179518 I received a phone from someone along with a foreign accent. He said he was calling out of Windows specialized support and that they Desired for check my computer for malicious Applications. I was immediately dubious. I asked him several questions one of which how did he get my phone number. When I Inquired him which computer was he talking about we have 4 he Put Upward. I Registered a complaint along with your don't telephone registry.

Post by nyob,

971-217-9518 the called Approximately lunch time Now. Individual had a strong east Indian accent. Attempted to tell people something was incorrect with your computer amp for turn it on. Told him on way Outside for go to work thus managed for get rid of him . . Can many scampers like the get away with the . disgraceful . a few unsuspecting person might unknowingly follow through amp become Attached as there personal info of any sort that is on their computer would become available for scummier. Have they no Waste .

Post by Bonnie,

9712179518 Female with heavy East Indian accent called W hrs lots of cross static on Telephone line. She said she was calling as there's a Issue with my computer and Windows is downloading prohibited applications. . . She told me for go to computer turn it on and she would direct me through fixing the Issue. Installed Upward on her tried to go back for slumber.

Post by bert,

971-217-9518 allow Il Ont whole Danes Moon OED Illinois control ail tout ET Il Mon demand er W pour UN protection ET Illinois volt Mon numeric De Carter P} credit ET Jain DOT non Illinois Ont acrider ET Il Ont MIT UN page verge Friend Mon errant Les Salt oi fa ire.

Post by Carrie in Hawaii,

9712179518 I just got a phone in the same Indian sounding Man same Amount W W W his Highlight was thus thick I told him I could not comprehend him. He told me for hold on and he Set his Manage on the Telephone who did speak better English . I scolded that Man for calling me at 9 p. m. just for that enjoyment of it. and of course he apologized and said which he must phone now because this can be Actually important. I Subsequently Inquired him what makes him so sure that I 've a computer. He said his records show him that I have a Windows computer . After messing around with your guy for a bit I told him I dint even have a computer. He got all Crazy and told me that I was wasting his time. and he Installed Upward. Got to body Outside the best way to block that Amount now.

Post by John Nova Scotia,

971-217-9518 Received a phone out of Charlie male voice along with heavy Indian Pakistan Feature. Said he was calling from the anti hacking Section of Windows Service Centre. He was calling because he was going for refund many cash for me. He gave me a phone number W W W for phone for Prepare your refund. Needless to state I did not cal the number provided.

Post by Ed,

9712179518 These People are Natural fraud. I had your same expertise with your delay at that Starting. That's characteristic of a Rob calling computer there surely is some delay before their Individual hears people. But these guys are brazen. I recognized that ploy instantaneously because I read about these scams. Thus foolish me I said I m calling your police . This Man came appropriate back at me and said who you personally gonna telephone. Afterward I said Remain on your line I 'm calling that police and he said I m staying on your line I Understood there surely is nobody that I can telephone. Nobody within our government cares at any Amount and there surely is nothing they can do. So I said You personally re a Criminal a Legal. He said I m nit a crook I think we could have talked for Rather a long time but I ran Outside synonyms for crook so I Installed Upwards and Additionally disconnected my Web for an hour or thus. I do that Regularly these times. Along with your slightest Sign of something happening on my computer that I did t Trigger I 've the Modem plugged in Thur a Regional light Change and I simply reach around and turn it off. I dint think he had any access for my computer but it made me feel good to become confident of that.

Post by Kevin,

971-217-9518 Call from Computer Support in East Indian accent saying their system was becoming alerts of serious Problems and corruption on my computer. Knew the was scam but Needed for get info to report them e. g. location non People service email address domain name to check via who is etc. . . Told for go to Web. Amy. com and launch. I Checked Site in Google ST and lots of links thus looked legit. But I did t trust launch link as status Tavern in browser said URL was for an Executive plus Found that Web site run by Russian Business. Told scummier that Site not Packing correctly or blocked and he Recommended Web. support. me aka legmen. com . Assessed out same manner above. Got support connect code from scummier but DID NOT Join Tried to get location information from Technology. Did t get much info and eventually they suspected and said they could t help. Reported support Link code for Proper Site abuse Section e. g. HTTP Safe. ligaments. com Customer Report Maltreatment. asp Got note of Amount and time date of telephone. Traced Amounts using HTTP Www. freephone tracer. Com W W W 'm Might W W Type Cell Place BEAVER Lot OR Got similar call earlier out of the number from Microsoft Windows Support but I told them I had a Mac and transport ed me to your supervisor but I got disconnected. W W W W 'm Could W W Type Cell Location Seattle Oregon Will attempt and look for that provider of these phone Amounts and report the abuse but did t get enough info to contact Experts FTC Lately scammed the scampers for get info used to attempt and shut them down and prosecute Eventually they identified W Domain name names and W phone Amounts used by the alleged scampers. The six court Instances name a Absolute of W corporate defendants and W individual defendants. HTTP arsenic. com Technology policy W W ho . . . by your feds 2 If you got scammed. . . launched remote control Applications and Given access to your Pc to a scummier and inputted your credit card requisites during that remote desktop connection session please can the following 1 Disconnected out of Net turn away Computer telephone your bank to freeze all your own bank Records and ask advice. 2 Boot your own Computer in your safe mode check it for viruses it s possible scampers ran malicious concealed Applications 3 If your own Anti virus Applications shows no warnings restart the Laptop and create confident remote control service software USN t installed and dozen t run within automatic mode uninstall and restart your own Laptop again.

Post by RQ,

9712179518 1 W W W. . . . Don t take their calls. . . scampers. They won t leave my senior parents alone. Father gave them a Item of his head. . . . expecting for become at your house when they phone again. Adore your Authorities Dept Telemarketing Fraud Dept matter. . . . going to can it just for Notice your stutters.

Post by d m smith,

971-217-9518 scummier phone out of the number

Post by CHicks,

9712179518 Pain in the rear end. . .



Post by b,

9712179518 I told the guy who called that it was hopeless my computer was having Difficulties as I don t have just one. he did not know what to say. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Barb,

971-217-9518 Same matter Indian accent told me he was from windows and would help me mend my computer. I politely said would you personally comprehend you've Only called Technology support for Microsoft. He hung Upwards.

Post by art,

9712179518 state your Amount don t know any one in your Region thus played your creepy sounds from the grudge they always hang up Rapidly. . . . . .

Post by yh,

971-217-9518 we have been getting the same phone for the last 3 times. . .

Post by Kevin from Maryland,

9712179518 Gotten Equivalent telephone. I told your guy he was lying that I was on don't phone list not for call again and that I would be Processing a don't call Grievance which I have.

Post by pissed off,

971-217-9518 Got a call from this number. Indian Feature your guy said we'd Closed up to receive a W Walmart present card and won. All we demand to can was Check the account by providing the remainder of that Numbers of that credit card on file and pay a W. W Transport charge for get it. Complete scam. I Suggested with the Man demanded to talk for someone else ranted Around removing me from their calling list etc. . . they Man Merely kept on talking and telling me how Considerably cash I d be losing if did t verify your account.

Post by jackie,

9712179518 Fantastic. I Merely got a call too. . . . . just i went through with the entire telephone. . . . whats going for happen now. . .

Post by bas,

971-217-9518 Called my House pare 9 am on a Saturday. did no leave a message when the machine Decided Upwards.

Post by Vegasmom13,

9712179518 Thank you. Getting the calls always. I called back to UN subscribe . . . . . we ll see it works.

Post by SS,

971-217-9518 Guy with Indian Pakistani an accent called saying he was from Microsoft saying that my email had Directed} Outside a malicious virus. Wanted me to go to my computer to Check info.

Post by Jane,

9712179518 Acquired a telephone out of this Telephone number a couple of times ago on my work Telephone no VIM was left. Hopefully they don t telephone back.

Post by Cat,

971-217-9518 Same thing happened for me this morning though I was just Around scammed 5 months ago I Quit doing the computer check when they mentioned cash. So the time I was ready. . i told them I was going for call that Police if they called back. . nicely think what just one minute After that Man called back. . i did t answer. same number as the just one before out of Oregon Indian accent. What was Odd is that it was earlier 7 W your next just one at 7 W 'm. Additionally Peculiar is that we've cal show that their Amount Arrived up. Are they seriously Ignorant.

Post by Charles,

9712179518 By your way Area Code W is PORTLAND OREGON and environs.

Post by TARGET,

971-217-9518 Got a call from this guy at 4 W pm Indian Highlight named something Smith said that they had been alerted that there was something erroneous along with my computer and my Windows Running system. Your first guy Needed to see if I knew my way Approximately my computer and I stupidly went to my computer and did what he told me to can. He Inquired me to go to my computer Image and click on it and Subsequently click on the events log Subsequently he Place on this other Man Additionally using an Indian Feature who said which he was going for be my Laptop support person and that his name was Jim Martin. They remitted into my computer through team Audience and changed my events log for appearance enjoy my computer had been attacked along with a virus but that it had corrupted my protection and was Choosing over my computer enjoy they were . I said that I thought this was a scam thus they Offered me this phone Amount for telephone W W W and thus I stupidly called it and then they Directed} me a sort online and I was Assumed for kind within my private info and my credit card information and for W. W they would present me computer support for the life of my computer. The more funny I became your more pressing they became. I said that I wanted for believe about it and they said that my computer would become destroyed. At least I did not supply them my credit card information but who knows what I allowed them for can for my computer. They need to be Stopped. .

Post by Helen Washington,

9712179518 They left me a message that my Pare paid Master Card was frozen due to dubious task. Your message said press 1 for unlock it . I could t comprehend that Firm name Underneath which they identified themselves and they did t leave a phone back Amount. I figured it s a scam.

Post by JAD,

971-217-9518 Same previous scam out of a slightly Distinct Amount. I just want I could get through that line and strangle many of these people. They know nothing Around computers but adore for scare just one thus they can pay money for unlock what they 've screwed Upward. I never bite for these Folks.

Post by cat,

9712179518 Adore it. Thanks with this. I ll do the same next time

Post by Dee,

971-217-9518 've been becoming psycho calls ever since Christmas. . . endless. I Getaway t replied them. I 've played all types of games along with them within your previous put them on hold thus I can go Upwards for my computer pretend to turn it on gee it s taking a long time to novel pretend to open start etc. as he Inquired me for and Subsequently told him he s a f King liar because I m a computer engineer. It's been a lot again since Christmas thus next one I ll reply and Merely tell them Upwards front they are f King liars and I 'm a computer engineer which I am . If I have a few time I could possibly muck Approximately with them again It feel like I m levelling the playing field. . . could readily waste half an hour of their time while I m doing real work on my computer Lola.

Post by The Prof,

9712179518 Simply got the Your own computer is infected. telephone from a India Pakistan voiced man who said he was out of Microsoft. That should become enough to remove your number or trace it back and Charge someone. What happened to the Do not Telephone list.

Post by Ron,

971-217-9518 Received two separate calls from this Amount Owner ID was Beaver Lot . In both Instances an India Pakistani kind accent was calling about my computer. On the second phone I told him I don t own a computer. He said oh okay.

Post by Nat,

9712179518 Additionally got a phone from that Amount. Same Feature. He told me there was a dangerous virus infecting my computer. I asked him to identify himself. He said he was from tech support. I said Great but which Firm . To which he replied Your company that manages all Windows computers . A that point I told him there was no such Business and I Installed Upwards.

Post by Mary George,

971-217-9518 I got that same call at PM last night. Cut him away early.

Post by Tara,

9712179518 Telephone phone from a man with a significant Indian Pakistan Highlight and he too informed me that there was problem with my windows OS. I listen for a minute longer while he told me he needs for scan my computer for a virus which is invading it now. Then I told him your simply Difficulty is with him because I don t use Windows OS I 'm on a MAC. He Installed Upward. Scampers. Don t autumn for it.

Post by cmt,

971-217-9518 Merely received a telephone from the Amount along with that same description as above. Said his name was Charles and was calling on behalf of Microsoft. He said we have been receiving Problems on the computer and was I close it thus he could help me. He woke me Upward thus I was not overly favorable told him I was not close that computer and I would have to phone him back and then I Installed Upward. Wonder what type of scam they're running. . .

Post by Jesse Carr,

9712179518 I Only acquired a call from the Amount W W W and they want me for wait W Minimum and don t touch the computer. They can phone me back and display me how they got rid of all the Traveler ware and this will cost me W. W. . . . . . . Think Ailing Merely tell Subsequently to loose my Amount.

Post by Guest,

971-217-9518 No one there

Post by Mike,

9712179518 Really Bizarre telephone they request you personally for open the run command and kind eventful which in return opens a event Audience Assemble in that windows OS. For the enjoyment of it I played along fearless within doing so as I mange a IT Business along with a complex knowledge of computers. It turns Outside that they Test to Hope on that unknowing and use whatever approach they can for convince your listener you 've a Problem along with your machine. I told the India Highlight Man that I was not interested within his service while he was attempting for say he was not Marketing anything. I write the away as a weird phone and not sure of their motives. Its my belief that they're a stepping stone for many other Business to ascertain what OS you run and your own name.

Post by Dididum,

971-217-9518 Same as all that others. Indian accent. Boiler room packed with these guys could become heard in that background. After each question he Requires Okay. I hung up and used my Number one Call Blocker for send him to nowhere land.

Post by Randall,

9712179518 Man along with south Asian accent saying he was a maintenance technician out of Microsoft calling because my computer was delivering Malfunction messages and Seeking me for access your Managing system s control Section to Shift particular Traits of your computer. I told him he was a fraud and should be arrested as such because he and his cohorts had certainly been Effective with their scam on unsuspecting Fair Folks. I swore at him using extreme language and got it quite clear what he shod would.

Post by MP,

971-217-9518 Acquired a telephone from this Amount about a half hour ago PM EST . Owner I. D. came Upwards as unknown and I let it go for express send since I don t reply unidentified calls. VIM message said there was a Issue with my Charge debit card and Needed me for Drive a number for Join for customer service. No bank was named and no further information was given Afterward that message dropped suddenly. After reading the other comments on this number it is obviously a new facet for that scam game. If criminals would only put as Considerably idea and Energy into Fair work. . . . . . . . .

Post by marcy,

9712179518 Same story guy with Indian kind accent telling me he is from Windows and my computer has a problem etc. I told him I had a Mac to Evaluation him and he actually apologized and hung Upwards. I Arrived here to check as it still sounded just overly Odd. Glad I did.

Post by Melody,

971-217-9518 Hi Robert my name is Fred and I 'm within India investigating all of the fraud company Specifically phone Facility calling Offshore so when I can it here all by myself from Residence calling Folks within America through my Skype and informing them about the Scam Methods and not for fall for that even if it's overly good for be Authentic kind if you've a heart to support me here is my send removed gm ail. com and I can tell you everything Around the why I did this Anti Scam and how I need for do it forward. Please support me so I could really help Individuals before they falling for the Sufferer.

Post by Lillian,

9712179518 not very nice very rude and Volcker man i Installed up fast

Post by Mark,

971-217-9518 I wonder who is paying the call Facility. Their Strategy has been going on for a very long time. They desire for steal your Id and your own Monetary info. They also probably want to use your computer for a BITNET.

Post by Kris,

9712179518 I got a phone out of the number but it was nothing enjoy described in these other posts. They Desired for Recommend me to your Residence Business Tax Pro so that they could would my taxes to shield me out of an Irs audit. Doing your own own Fees in this recalls view leads to serious errors that the Government may locate and get you . I 'm not a Residence based business but ever since I Closed up for Business Class broadband Net along with Com cast I get Dwelling business calls so they obviously sold my name.

Post by Deb,

971-217-9518 I gotten two calls from Top Google pages. W W W. They said they were from Windows my computer may be lost amp needs repaired. On that first telephone I request if he was Competent to access my computer remotely he said he was Jon out of Windows helping windows on my behalf. He Needed to repair my computer. I was not receptive and had his manager get on the Telephone a really rude guy. Lots of call room chatter within your History. He told me for go to Www. Pabst. com and see what I need to can for fix my computer. I Installed Upward. I pulled up your number on Google investigation engine and found this site Afterward they called me back. When I told him for take me off his caller list he says Don t blame us if you lose your own computer. Your own computer may become gone. I hung Upward on them again.

Post by Gar Richman,

9712179518 I got a phone Now from this jerk about my computer is having problems

Post by Pat C.,

971-217-9518 They're still Approximately. . Got a call from them Now saying my they were out of Microsoft. Heavy Feature. Said my computer was sending prohibited files.

Post by wes,

9712179518 Got a call today Aug W W here in St Catherine's Canada. Did not respond. Obviously they are still operating .


971-217-9518 Got a call out of the Amount 5 W am did not recognize and did not reply left no message either.

Post by Prof. D. Peter Dungan,

9712179518 Look the call Facility is within India. Assess Outside the Post. . . HTTP notes. com news multinational crackdown on computer con artists If you consider your own Pc is infected malicious Applications. . . you can get a FREE virus scan from your following sites. . . McGee Stinger HTTP Internet. McGee. com people downloads free tools stinger. asp or Norton Power Eraser HTTP security. semantic. com Bret nape. asp or Microsoft Security Requirements HTTP windows. Microsoft. com en Us windows merchandises security Needs

Post by Rogue,

971-217-9518 Within that Vancouver BC Canada Region Got the phone out of W W W Indian Feature told me there was a Microsoft Difficulty along with my computer I said no there was not because I had an Apple Complete confusion out of him and many mumbling a about a Bad connection and Put up. I could Notice him Excellent I do what ever I can for stall and mistake these individuals keeping them online as long as I can limits your Sum of scam calls they could make and takes your Fine from their day

Post by marc theriault,

9712179518 My 4 year old answered the Telephone. He pressed the Audio button and said Hi. Your guy on the other Finish said Hi. My yo Hello. Guy I love you personally My Hey I love you personally too Guy you want to f k. My yo what. Man Can You personally Need To F K. My Hey what. My Partner herd this and grabbed that Telephone My wife who is this. Man suck my d k b t c. . Man hangs Upward Anyone else experience this.

Post by sanjayverma,

971-217-9518 That Man calls every daytime and Discuss Around Issue in windows I could body as I use Mac. Once Inquired him to remove from callers list he insisted for phone every day. When I asked him to hang on let me hint your call he abused and kept your Telephone. . . . . WHO is the guy. . . . Can we Actually mend these Men. . .

Post by Ontario,

9712179518 Got a telephone from this Amount. Scam about Microsoft computer. I reported it to Anti fraud dept in Canada.

Post by Cookie,

971-217-9518 that is Wonderful. . Lola

Post by Linda,

9712179518 Called at 5 W in your morning. along with an important message for Companies . This has got to stop.

Post by Guest,

971-217-9518 Computer spam

Post by JMM,

9712179518 I got your same telephone and I reversed your Telephone Amount and got a name John B. Berg of Alaska WI

Post by Linda R.,

971-217-9518 I Merely got the call. He Inquired if I was Mrs. R. Told your guy I did t have a computer and he Put up on me. Moron.

Post by A. Nonie Mouse,

9712179518 Tell them you personally don t use Microsoft windows you use that windows which were Actually installed within your high rise Residence within which you personally live and they don t open for cleaning. But if he can come around personally to clean them from your outside on your Th floor you personally re interested. 've fun. Simply don t offer out any private information or Monetary data and don t concur to ANYTHING.

Post by John,

971-217-9518 Got it Merely now followed Ordinary policy of not answering for unknown numbers Arrived here and laughed for an extended time Interval as I 'm a computer tech and loved that Opinions about your windows reactions. Tempted to reply it and respond along with 1 next time Lola.

Post by Mike in MD,

9712179518 Definite SCAM. They're Striving to gain remote access to your computer for Afterward extort money out of you and or install Malawi that may permit them to accessibility your own computer anytime you personally go online so they can steal lo gins and passwords credit card info and banking info. Microsoft has an Post on their Web site warning about this scam. HTTP Web. Microsoft. com en GB security online Seclusion avoid phone scams. aspics allow anyone who cold calls you about Difficulties on your computer for 've Rural access.

Post by ditto,

971-217-9518 Got a phone phone from the place today that had a caller ID of Top Google pages I got a message saying that you are that only one within this conference call and Subsequently nothing . Harassing phone calls associating themselves along with Google. That should be great Publicity for that Firm. LOLA

Post by JM,

9712179518 Got a phone today out of similar sounding man Approximately noon Therapist. He knew my name and Desired to Discuss to me about my windows computer. I told him I dint own 1. He got really mad told me I m telling a lie and Put Upwards.

Post by Charles,

971-217-9518 By that manner Region Code W is PORTLAND OREGON and environs.

Post by sherriem,

9712179518 Just called me but did t Comprehend Amount and don t trust anything that shows on ID as TOP Go ogles I did t response and no message was left although they stayed on that line long enough to register as a message. More and more of these scams are doing that. Where are their brains. 1 matter I have Discovered Nevertheless is the more calls I report the more I get from unknown sources. What s up with that.

Post by Guest,

971-217-9518 Only just one telephone so far. Said I have a few kind of virus on my computer. They Desired me for log onto the Net so they could help me fix your problem. I said quot not likely quot and Installed Upward. Foreign Feature along with lots of History boiler room noises.

Post by anonymous,

9712179518 My Indian Pakistani s name was Jennifer. ND or Rd time I vie obtained the annoying call Looking to repair my computer.

Post by Tom,

971-217-9518 W W W These guys don t Stop. told them many time I don t use windows computers. Recently I asked him if he knew what an IBM W was. Of course he did t I told him it ran on COBOL. are you a company yes. he Put Upward after he said he was sorry. I have for look up the code to block these morons on Com project.

Post by Karen Williams,

9712179518 Did not answer your Telephone and the caller did not leave a message

Post by kris,

971-217-9518 Only got a call from them they mentioned they are in the People dept of Schooling. I Put Upward before she said anymore.

Post by josh g,

9712179518 i not just received your telephone but managed for record it on my iPhone Lola. . . . unlike a lot of people listed above this Man acutely kept going and would not hang Upward. . . . he told me his NAME first and LAST and where he was calling out of Columbus Ohio and his Firm id number its astonishing how Way they can go. I want i could post the call here.

Post by Computer Savvy Son and Parent,

971-217-9518 Nicely written well expressed summary thank you personally. I like your analogy for a stranger at your door .

Post by WhatsAmattaU,

9712179518 I Merely let it ring. If I don t recognize that Amount I don t answer. With numbers enjoy this I Place them within Google and they always take me to the type of page.

Post by John,

971-217-9518 The Amount revealed Upward on that phone this Night. Elected not for response.

Post by Maggie,

9712179518 I vie been becoming calls out of them the last several days every daytime. Each time I block that number but they call from a somewhat different number. I simply replied your first time since Subsequently I Simply let it ring. They don t leave a message. Perhaps if they call Regularly enough I ll become Competent to block all of their numbers. I have a relative that works at Microsoft. They don't call randomly for such a thing as a computer virus. This Owner is certainly a scam.

Post by LL,

971-217-9518 Left obscene message on our answering system

Post by DPayne,

9712179518 I obtained that same call and told that Man I do not 've accessibility but it funny I get the telephone now as my Partner has obtained a virus at work and i m becoming this call.

Post by VRRoom,

971-217-9518 Got a phone from these idiots about an hour Past. Man along with Indian Feature maintaining for become in the U. S. Government Grants Section . I Inquired which Bureau and he could t tell me more. When I told him there was no such department he Began arguing with me asking how can you personally say this. Did t look impressed when I told him I was a government Staff. What a moron. Regrettably there are People who may autumn for the Frequency.

Post by JVM,

9712179518 Same M. O. Claimed to become out of IT support knew my name calling about my computer . Put Upward when I started asking questions mostly because I could t understand the thick foreign Highlight .

Post by Deborah,

971-217-9518 Pakistani Feature named Daniel telling me my computer has a Difficulty and he wants me for Supply personal info

Post by Pebbles,

9712179518 The Amount called me at 6 W a. m. Now . . . at that time you are expecting a close family member or Pal is within problem and needs your own help. . . a guy in really busted English knew my name and said he was from Microsoft . . . I instantaneously Inquired never for phone me that early or never. . I am a W year previous senior and do not demand those annoying calls . . . can never recognize why they cannot become stopped. .

Post by Ken,

971-217-9518 Got a phone at 5 W 'm from a Girl using an Japanese European Highlight said I I. Hadar Trouble along with my computer I told her that time and Subsequently I told her to and Afterward Place your phone down

Post by Wary Consumer,

9712179518 Caller Promised there with Windows on our computer and tried to direct me to open my computer thus he could repair that Trouble. Phone ID revealed that call came out of Beaver ton OR but when asked that Owner Promised he was in New York. Significant Pakistani Highlight. I questioned your validity of that phone and hung up.

Post by SR,

971-217-9518 I 've obtained numerous calls from W W W. They never leave a MSG. Sometimes they telephone early on Sunday mornings. Please Cease these calls to my Amount.

Post by Ken,

9712179518 Indian Highlight Female claimed she was out of Windows Live Support and they were receiving red signals from my computer. When I Inquired which computer she asked You've computer. I said I had several and I Desired for know which just one was giving reddish signals. She said You've computer. I told her I could t comprehend her was there someone who spoke American English. Another guy came on that line with less of an Feature and Began your same spiel when I said I Desired for understand which computer he was talking Around he Installed Upward.

Post by dan,

971-217-9518 pare recorded telephone Wellbeing internet Ruby

Post by jwt873,

9712179518 Simply called me. . Due to your grim spam and come INS I get on that phone I no More reply long distance numbers I don t understand. If it s really important they could leave a message. It s fun checking this Website and finding Outside that I did t miss anything important.

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971-217-9518 A guy by having an Indian Feature called said he was with Windows. I knew it was a scam thus I could t help giggling a little. I Inquired him how his Firm spoofs Owner ID and he Inquired me if I Desired for be a millionaire. . . I argued with him about that scam for Around W minutes he kept trying to compare his Firm for your geek Team . I told him if the geek Team called my house your caller ID would say best Purchase and not Top Google pages . He never would acknowledge that he was running a scam but he did mention how Bad America is and how America scams the whole world. He finally got weary of Striving for convince me he s legit and hung up. Do not let Individuals asserting to be along with Windows 've remote access to your own computer. Microsoft doesn't phone people because they 've viruses.

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9712179518 I got a phone the Man wanted for me to run some thin that create him run my Computer even the mouse. Tell in me i 've for pay for a brand new windows License. . for that 2 year plan W 5 Year plan W W Year Strategy W W Year Strategy W Lifetime Strategy W You can transfer all the Applications into the other computer or Notebook without any charge he said that when i don t pay till could possibly W windows will Discontinue work within. He insisted on your money. . . a lot. I'm Exchange Fearful i got hack . . . . . . . . . .

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971-217-9518 India Pakistani accent said he was Microsoft and Inquired if I was at my computer I told him I was within a run had for go after a bit of a discussion told him I was interested to phone back I Registered called him a scummier he said next time you personally turn on your own computer think of your own naked wife and Installed Upward.

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9712179518 I m from Sweden. First I got a telephone from a similar Amount and then from the. It was silent for a few seconds and then a female computer express said quot goodbye quot . Thus weird. . .

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971-217-9518 Obtained three calls from the number W W W today am really ticked desire them to stop.

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9712179518 W September T Cellular telephone Customer Connections. O. Carton Albuquerque NM W To T Mobile On W September W from W W until W W I gotten at least W Legal unwanted threatening and harassing Phone calls on my T Cellular telephone phone Around your past 6 months I 've obtained roughly W similar calls but never W of them in W minutes. The other W calls have come at all times of that day and nighttime including repeatedly awakening my family in the middle of the night. I now have for keep my phone turned off at nighttime because of these harassing calls. I repeatedly ask these callers for not phone me and tell them that I am on that National Do not telephone list and did so again on at least W of these calls last nighttime. I Think that they come out of spoofed Amounts which are giving untrue Amounts for my Owner ID. That goal of these calls is for trick me into giving the private information by allowing them to access for my computer either for the purpose of them misusing my computer Maybe to Take my financial data to steal from me or Perhaps for get accessibility to sensitive info that I could 've as a worker. I suspect the motive that they kept calling back over and over the time was that I could have upset them by keeping them on hold for a very long time and giving them that initial Impact that I was going for present them accessibility for my computer when I had no Objective of Truly doing so. While they were unsuccessful within harming me or your in this attack they sound enjoy they telephone person after Individual until they're Effective. They would not continue for would this unless many of the Individuals that they call would autumn for their Trick. Stopping them from continuing to would this can prevent Major Thieving or Critical espionage Maybe both. All of these calls are out of males and Women along with what sounds enjoy Indian accents last nighttime was constantly the same male who tell me that they are calling out of Microsoft because there is a Trouble with my computer and they want for help me repair it. They request me to go to my computer. I do not know what they can request next because I never let them get further than that. The time my caller Id said these calls came from W 7 calls W 5 calls W 5 calls W 4 calls W 3 calls . On prior Functions they 've called from W W W W W W W W and others. I previously filed a Criticism for your Honolulu Authorities cannot recall complaint number and did so again on W September along with HOD Grievance report number T Cellular telephone needs to work with Your Honolulu Authorities and any other agency that can investigate this question perhaps FBI national security agencies and or Interpol to punish these criminals and prevent them out of harming and harassing others. While I don't have any way for determine where that calls are actually originating from T Cellular telephone have that technology to do thus. Calling after being not for telephone calling out of spoofed numbers which Offers me no manner to identify them or call them to need that they stop calling and attempting for gain access to my computer and personal info under false pretenses are all prohibited Functions. I have now added the fresh Amounts for my phone blocking list but since they keep calling from different numbers or are spoofing Distinct Owner IDs I expect that these calls can continue.

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971-217-9518 Very insisting that I sit in front of my computer. . . . . . I Inquired her which just one. she asked how many do you might have. I replied 6 Table tops 2 lap tops an IPad and a IPhone. . . . . . She asked can any of them run windows . said no she Installed Upward. . . . . . What a jerked female Variant of a jerk . . . . . . . .

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9712179518 Nicely written well expressed summary thank you personally. I like your analogy to a stranger at your door .

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971-217-9518 all night 3 4 times a daytime all they say is good bye

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9712179518 I Merely got a call out of the Amount and unlike all of your above your Indian Pakistani Highlighted guy told me I had been Granted a W allow. I could just understand him but just said sorry not interested and hung up. Typically I don t answer calls from s I don t understand but I was expecting a phone from an from state Owner so happened for answer this one. . . ha ha

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971-217-9518 I m from Montreal Quebec. He called 4 times this week. its really becoming on my nerves. Telling me that my computer have a Difficulty not even introducing himself i fast recognize how could he possibly understand that. so than i Installed Upward on him. and he called again . and leaving a few messages. . . Simply trust he ll Quit. Frustrating.

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9712179518 Same Indian Man along with that your computer crap Striving for get your personal Information. Scampers. . . . . .

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971-217-9518 I m surprised they haven t asked where they can get some uranium.

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9712179518 Owner said that my computer had a virus and I needed for turn on my computer thus that he could fix your Trouble. I hung Upwards and Close my computer off.

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971-217-9518 Receive call Now out of someone Humor Indian Highlight saying hat they receive a lot of Malfunction message out of my personal computer at Residence. When I Inquired to phone him back hen hang away your Telephone. . What your hell is that. . .

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9712179518 Simply happened for people too. Bob extreme Pakistani accent and Ronnie same from Microsoft Windows computer specialized team. . . . Needed your computer info and gave us a Fake string of Amounts and Words kept Striving for convince people to turn on that computers. LOLA. . We played along for about W minutes and laughed and imitated their accents believe it or not it took them W minutes to hang Upward on people. . Idiots.

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971-217-9518 No one there

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9712179518 I got a call out of the number Now. The caller sounded enjoy Girl having an African or an island Highlight. She asked if someone at your Home owned a computer along with a Microsoft Operating system. Duh. I said yes then she Inquired if she was speaking your owner of that computer. I said no and hung Upward.

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971-217-9518 all night 3 4 times a daytime all they state is good bye

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9712179518 Very much your same matter. Got that call W W W. My Father s a computer specialist and I grew Upward being warned about these things I played along and when I d gotten as far Upwards the String of command I could go informed the Indian guy on your phone about how mystified I was that Windows had called Around your computers when every single computer within the household is a Mac running on Linux. He got Extreme insisting that they were monitoring your system and that it was Really Important because there were viruses destroying your computers and such. . . I called him Outside on his game told him not to telephone me that I d written down that number as was going to Tell that right Experts and such he Afterward began to sexually harass me ask me to appearance down my pants and tell me what I tool there Inquired me the Colour of my panties and whether I was a virgin or not and such. . . . Disgusting pig. He Inquired if he could call me back because he purportedly liked me very much I told him he could and which he d become talking to your police instead. He Subsequently threatened for tell them that I was talking to him about your hymen and virgins and sex and such thus I cheerily told him that I would Afterward press Costs of sexual harassment on him. He attempted to tell me that I could t because I Haydn t had sex along with him whereupon I read aloud for him the Guidelines Understanding sexual harassment for my country which consider what he did sexual harassment he Afterward instantly Put Upward. While I doubt I could press any Costs across countries for a single phone telephone it hopefully frightened him into never calling back again.

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971-217-9518 three phone calls from this number in two days even though i vie asked each time for be Chosen away their list. third time i said that i had Inquired for not become called by their number and he got really angry and told me which he wan t a telemarketer. i said yes you are and i don t want to telephone here again. all three times a man with the Indian accent. the last time he said he was calling from Kansas and it wan t a telemarketing telephone because he wan t selling anything and he was calling out of Microsoft. i simply response telemarketing calls for tell them not to phone again or else they Merely keep calling and calling. i won t become answering this Amount again but Thus annoying when they are calling multiple times a day.

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9712179518 Got a on your phone maintaining he was out of Microsoft Windows and there were some problems on my computer I knew it was a scam but was curious he Inquired me for go to my computer and to Discover the CTR Vital. There were no manner I was going to can anything for them I Began asking him questions Around what OS he had to Place me on hold and his answer was Microsoft Windows. . . then I 've asked him what Variation and he replied English. If you have any doubt about anything just request questions lots of questions. . . Usually they hangup pretty quick.

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971-217-9518 Several times they called us with this phone Amount. Did not hear anything accept your telephone yesterday. A Girl with a terrible English Highlight talked Around a Trouble with windows. Did not comprehend her and Inquired her who she think she is calling now. She didn't answer my question. Asked it again but no answer. I Put Upwards. In what manner are they Attempting to get cash. .

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9712179518 An Indian called said their were many Problems on my computer. . . . . . . . I am on your do not phone list. . . . Your phone was out of Top Google pages W W W. . . Was a scam . . . . Called back to that and an American answered and which was hitting redial . Afterward tried to Call direct your same American replied . What your F k . . . . .

Post by D Graves,

971-217-9518 Got a telephone out of this Amount yesterday caller ID Top Google pages out of someone who claimed we had Malawi and he wanted for help people. Fairly a bit of confusion that telephone had an extremely thick Indian Pakistani Highlight. He repeated that my Windows operating system was problematic and which he would direct me to a few Region of my computer and show me that Malawi. But I don t 've a Windows machine I m a Mac. Thus I told him that and hung Upwards.

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9712179518 Simply got a telephone from the Amount at 9 PM. . . . . If anyone knows what Business the belongs to they need to be reported. . .

Post by Gene the machine,

971-217-9518 I go this telephone overly east Indian chick. . . I asked what Shade her panties were and she Installed Upwards. . . . A shit skin Man calls within 1 minute and accuses me. . . . thus I said. silly you got Wong number and Installed up on him. . . lollop

Post by J Pete,

9712179518 8 W Apparently these people are becoming previous your no phone list and definitely were not Proper.

Post by Ty Webb,

971-217-9518 Missed telephone and no VIM. Viewed them up and see these places. Added for my call blocker accept amp hangup . That's the end of those calls.

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9712179518 Called saying I had poor files on my computer and that cloud Research had a virus. I stopped them because I knew it was a scam. . told her I reported number for Authorities and to Cease calling. Had for tell her 3 times. . . . she Installed Upwards.

Post by Vill,

971-217-9518 Same matter. Pakistani Man called me telling me he worked with windows Managing system Sid i had viruses that could not become detected and Inquired me to sit at my Computer ND he would show me. . . I told him that I worked on computers for a dwelling and stay in continuous Security of my system. He kept on and kept on saying so you personally re saying t you personally don't care if your own computer crashes. It seems enjoy a Plan for either get Pol for Purchase some crap anti virus Applications or a ploy for get Stupid Individuals personal Information from their Pc s.

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9712179518 I did t answer the time but I 've had calls out of this outfit before saying there is a virus in that Microsoft software. They refuse working for Microsoft but state they are Technology support for your software. These Individuals are Actually slick thus don t be fooled. Back when I got your first telephone I had Simply purchased a fresh computer. Your first time they called me that Amount Arrived back to a legit Canadian Business. I contacted them and told them Perhaps one of their employees are using Business Telephones for create scam calls. I am wondering if anyone else has purchased a new computer in the previous few months. When they called me they knew I had Windows 7 and it had Merely come Outside. On the other hand I 've acquired several calls from different numbers with your same scam several times around your past year. That s Around how long I vie had my current computer.

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971-217-9518 Same here I m in the Netherlands

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9712179518 This is That THIRD TIME I 'm Becoming This Telephone In One WEEK. Sort OF FRUSTRATING. No answer when you answer. Goes to message when you call back.

Post by jinks,

971-217-9518 I 've acquired that same phone but they said they were calling from Microsoft. East Indian or Pakistani Feature. wont Duplicate here what i told her for do fill within your blanks yourself. . . . . . . . Owner id Only had that number W W W. . . . . .

Post by Jose,

9712179518 Called again t his morning gt thick Mid Eastern Indian Feature. Had previously called and my wife Put up. Claims there are hackers in my own Computer and they need for inquire. Claims for become Windows Maintenance. I told them huh funny I have an i Mac. . and he Put up.

Post by Marty-Jean Bender,

971-217-9518 Recorded on my phone as from Goggle Pages Top Indian accent. Said malicious messages were being sent with my computer amp for turn it on and he d help me Quit it. Led me for find your CTR Crucial and Subsequently the Microsoft Essential told him I had a Mac and he said okay okay Afterward that line went dead.

Post by Don'tneedhelp,

9712179518 Woman along with Indian Feature. Calling out of Microsoft about malicious software. Ya correct like Microsoft cares if we get a virus. . . . it can Likely lead for buying a fresh computer that s great for Microsoft. So that lady continued for request me if I was the account holder reading of my husbands name and our Telephone number. . . I repeated there's no 1 by that name here. That is not the first time I receive a phone of the mode. So I told that lady I don't understand what You're selling but I am not interested. She said I 'm selling collar polish collar enamel. . . . and hung up.

Post by k z,

971-217-9518 9 W pm HST. . . . same number and they Offered me a 1 W W W and 1 W W number. I have been having trouble along with my pouter but I don t trust phone calls so that as everyone said. . . History Sound. . . . . same Opinions from all those that have reported.

Post by Joan,

9712179518 I 've never replied the phone but get People from the Amount repeatedly.

Post by A. Nonie Mouse,

971-217-9518 Tell them you personally don t use Microsoft windows you use the windows that were Actually installed in your high Increase House in which you live and they don t open for cleaning. But if he can come over personally to clean them from your outside on your Th floor you re interested. 've enjoyment. Simply don t give Outside any personal data or financial information and don t concur for ANYTHING.

Post by Christy,

9712179518 I Merely had same jerks telephone me out of W W W I said some stuff to him I can t repeat here Afterward Installed up on him a few minutes later he called out of W W W which turns Outside is a mobile number out of Grand Prairie Texas and he told me he was going to sue me for your language I used within your Initial phone Lola

Post by GD,

971-217-9518 Gotten that same telephone and told your guy I was a Microsoft exec and that I had Following Applications installed through my whole Residences intelligent system and that I knew where he was calling from and that I 've his True address and which he had precious small time before someone would be knocking on his door.

Post by Tech Guy,

9712179518 Indian Highlight Man called asking about Windows computers in household. Desired me for turn 1 on thus that they could check it. Told them I did t have a Windows computer and to never call back again. They Began to get belligerent.

Post by vero,

971-217-9518 I Additionally get your phone the morning. He said that my computer was giving Malfunction message to that campaigner. . . thus he pretend to be a tech out of Microsoft for help me. . . eventually I Installed up. Be conscious of them .

Post by anna,

9712179518 Merely gotten a call from Amount W W W. . . a guy having an Indian Feature. . . took several seconds for him for respond to my Hi. . . . asked him what the was in reference to and he said my computer. . . I hung Upward. . . did a Change call just got a record. . . . Firm name that shows up is GOOGLE PAGES TOP. . . . how does just one Quit these sort of calls. . . I 've done that number to Cease calls but get annoying calls. . . most calls I don't response if I do not Understand but at times hoping through their system I can Discontinue that calls and a few do work. . . .

Post by pete berg,

971-217-9518 Indian Pakistani Feature told me that there was a problem with my computer. I asked him what he is doing in my own computer he told me that i had a virus on it and he Desired to fix it i told him for f off and i was going to rep rot the to your RCMP and have them lay charges

Post by HARRY,

9712179518 Caller told me that my router was giving out a virus. Said that they had tried several times for contact me viewing the Urgent and HIGH Hazard Difficulty. He wanted me to turn on my computer and he would repair that problem. I Inquired what your Business name he worked for he said Tech HELP Options. He always asked me to turn on my computer. Also said there would t be a charge to mend that Issue.

Post by lidia,

971-217-9518 i just got a phone at its 9 pm it was a Girl along with a SRO lank an or Indian Feature she Inquired me your same question as everyone else has mentioned. She asked if i was the owner and if i was in front of my computer. I said yes she said turn it on and i was like Ok. . she then said mam you dint sound overly Certain. . how rude. . . i Put up the line. what a looser does she believe that i am Mindless and can allow her accessibility for Crack my Computer.

Post by Dan2,

9712179518 That is really likely a serious scam. I was called twice out of the number with your Top Google Pages id. I Used your first part of your Directions to the point where they asked me for run Www. support. me with a six digit code they Offered. This appears quite definitely enjoy a Reviewer Software I use with a relative to get computer help allowing them to take control of my computer. If you follow that Guidelines given for you by phone in your computer You'll effectively be turning control of your computer and its contents over for someone else and You'll likely Experience serious Monetary Results. Look Upward this link for details HTTP groups. Google. com forum . out of groups . topic cm AC forum subgroup's

Post by Don,

971-217-9518 I Only got that same call but did t response your phone. Appears enjoy this idiot is still at it.

Post by Helen,

9712179518 Business called along with a message for press 1 for Medicare links. Pressed 1 for speak to someone an d was disconnected. Reported to the Don't Phone Registry. Everyone should indication up for this registry and REPORT each Business that does this they can be fined thousands of dollars for calling people on your registry. It is that only manner for Discontinue these recalls.

Post by HAHA NJ,

971-217-9518 I got your telephone Now at my office. It was kinda humorous. I kept him on the phone for W Min's. Subsequently when he would t give me a number to phone back he tried for curse me out. I told him he wan t doing a great Occupation scamming Individuals. Your only manner they would have gotten that office Amount was through my interactions with Microsoft Individuals about repairs a few weeks Past. Not confident if there surely is any Actual connection here but I simply gave the my office number Outside but perhaps someone within your Really tech office overseas is giving Amounts to these scampers for try to Key Folks that may 've Lately gotten computer repair. anyway. It was funny. I May}n' phone them back a few time for a jest.

Post by old Bob in Calgary,

9712179518 Got a phone at 5 W Am the morning from the number. Thank goodness we Simply got back out of from town this afternoon. I vie had similar calls within your past out of this Amount but never that earlier.

Post by Tess,

971-217-9518 Someone Offers these phone numbers. They should become held responsible. When I answered no one there as I was asking wt Google would need and Subsequently a great bye . I keep air horn handy and other tools that call my BLOCKED Telephone. Com throw could t block anything but firearm Ads. No govt. agency can seem for locate these fools. Verizon Marketing Telephone s along with Magic Jack to these idiots. Wait that was a universe I lived in a long time Past along with privacy. Take on.

Post by J.,

9712179518 We got a telephone out of the Amount at 2 W a. m. Central of your nighttime last night. My Partner said that caller was so unintelligible he had no Thought what the guy was saying we Talk English and French . All he could make out was Friend Friend . My Partner Inquired who was calling and he Installed up. Originated in the U. S. We live within Canada. The goes beyond Fundamental don't phone harassment. Unreal. Luckily your two small children and visiting grandmother slept through it.

Post by Amused,

971-217-9518 4 a. m. and they telephone while i 'm driving down the highway Dwelling so I went along for many amusement. Had a W Second dialogue Around what the computer which is miles away and away was doing. Very sad they can be allowed to keep using that same phone from Oregon for years to strive and scam people.

Post by Guest,

9712179518 Scam Striving for Take your data. They are not a Promotion Business. They're identity thieves. If they request you personally for verify your own name Do NT Do IT. They may record it and use it. They may try to attach for your bank Records or track your own computer information.

Post by Dwall,

971-217-9518 Mid Western Highlight Told me my computer was infected along with a virus and was causing all these computers to crash. . . I laughed and he asked why I was laughing so I told him I worked for Microsoft and he was full of sh. 7. . . He told me to F away. If you've computer illiterate family or Buddies alert them to the scam thus they don t fall for it and get taken. If people don t autumn for your scam It stops happening.

Post by Lewis Family,

9712179518 Got a call out of the Amount he could t pronounce your name Accurately as he had a thick East Indian Highlight. We have a computer in for service so notion it May}n' be them calling back but Afterward he said your Windows internet computer was infected. He said he was from Global IT in Florida but that number comes Upwards as going for someone in Oregon. We said we would take care of it. He said we could t as it was a very strong Trojan virus. I Virtually said your 1 You're waiting to download when I fall for your own BS. but Only Installed up instead.

Post by Alexandra,

971-217-9518 I acquired a telephone out of a man Owner along with a Pakistani Feature. He previously mentioned that he was out of CH Options House care Computer Options He previously mentioned that my computer was giving Grievances for them amp that I had a virus on my computer and when I didn't clean this virus out and the complaints continued I could become arrested for harassment. My reply was. . . . . I m sorry Friend but you personally must 've the incorrect Amount or a virus within your computer. I dint own a computer thus you are mistaken. This man s response was What . . . . . He was totally Found away guard amp Stupid founded Then he Put Upwards LOLA.

Post by Nick,

9712179518 Only got a call from the Amount saying they had to Hold my Credit debit card which is something I dint 've thus I hung Upward

Post by effin fed up,

971-217-9518 Simply got this telephone at freaking W at night these are low life scum trying to scam people eff er.

Post by rippapotomus,

9712179518 Many turd called like he knows me. Is Kyle there. . . . i say Perhaps they state you personally don t understand. i state who is the. he says Bob fake name i say Ok . end of call

Post by Terri,

971-217-9518 Got that same telephone Now. I was freaked Outside. My SOL was here I had him Manage it. He grew suspicious took his name Allen yeah with thick Indian Pakistani Highlight along with a factious Amount where he could become achieved. We then Installed Upward. It s a really scare universe out there. You must screen each a d each call and Do not I Duplicate Do not offer anyone your own private info. Ever.

Post by Quebec Canada,

9712179518 Called me for problem with Windows on my computer. . . . IDIOT. . . . i have no computer. I have only an iPhone.

Post by Mr. T,

971-217-9518 These SOB s called me again a few minutes Past. From what I read on this forum it s a Man along with a Indian Pakistani Feature claiming to be along with Microsoft Tech support stating that there's a prob em with your own computer . Once again I reported the call to CR TC expecting everyone does the same. HTTP Www. linnet encl. cg. ca index Eng

Post by Rob,

9712179518 Heavy Indian Central Western Feature claimed they were Windows Specialized support I told him that Microsoft or anyone representing Windows Technical Support never calls you personally unless you have called them and they are working on an issue for you. He Subsequently says they're offering Windows Technical Maintenance. Leading scam someone needs to go after them and Close them down.

Post by Kelly,

971-217-9518 Merely acquired your same telephone asserting dilemmas along with Managing system. They asked us to log on. Calculated it was a scam and apparently it was. Tell that kids for not reply these Sorts of calls. . .

Post by Maggie,

9712179518 Simply got a call from the Amount Asserted to become from Microsoft . Foreign speaking could t understand some of it but enough for know it was a scam . . Striving for get accessibility for your computers. . .

Post by Keith,

971-217-9518 Same kind of matter other have reported telephone acquired this Night from a man with what I felt was a significant African accent claiming there was a Issue along with my computer. Yes appropriate. I told him for remove me from his list.

Post by Didn't Fall for It,

9712179518 Same as that others. Obviously a scam. Can windows get your number. Our Favored response for these scampers and any unsolicited phone is to have your son reply that Telephone and Joke them by saying Bizarre things until they hang Upwards. today he agreed and asked them for help but made up this type of humorous problem the biggest risk was that we d all bust the intestine from laughing. Strive it it's fun. Merely make Upwards anything that comes to head. He did it with a amusing accent which was Additionally pleasure. Create sure of course never for give them any real info.

Post by mag,

971-217-9518 Obtained the telephone today at W 'm guy along with Indian accent and lots of telephone centre Sound within background calling out of a few company about my Windows computer . Told him I don t own a Windows computer please take me away list and then Installed Upwards.

Post by Annoyed,

9712179518 Middle Asian woman with thick Feature. I politely asked her to would me a Party favor. . . I Inquired her to bend over and stick her head Upwards her a . She called me a . I told her to have a nice day. . . I may now.

Post by Guest,

971-217-9518 W W W Top Google Places amp Beaver ton is what that Owner ID says. They scam simply Windows users amp need you for Place a code in that may identify Malawi amp viruses. Then when they look for them they can get a tech to walk you though a few Development thus they can take over your Computer and quot fix quot your Difficulty. I asked who they were and what they are selling and they side stepped the direct question every time. When I told them I was Mac Established they hung up. Do not use their quot app quot Place in any Rules etc. etc.

Post by Joe A2,

9712179518 A Beaver ton Oregon caller. Windows Support scam. Report to FCC or Police. FCC U. S. 1 W W FCC U. S. non express 1 W W W

Post by Hal Baird,

971-217-9518 This can be my week for spam calls. I m getting 3 4 every day from several Telephone numbers including this one. I received this telephone August W at W W a. m. Owner ID read Top Google pages . I did not response and no express message was left.

Post by betty kruse,

9712179518 scam re computer virus

Post by Joe Texas,

971-217-9518 Indian Pakistan heavy Feature. He said his name was David Smith. Claimed he was from a U. S Govt. Branch and my number was randomly Chosen for get a Authorities grant up to K. Was Continuing to present me Guidelines to State money out of a western union. He Desired for Confirm data which he supposedly already had. He Installed Upward after I started asking him questions for Confirm who he is.

Post by JC,

9712179518 Gotten a telephone out of the Amount saying that my computer had a virus amp to log on thus they could mend it. I hung Upwards. Could barely understand him.

Post by Aunt Nutmeg,

971-217-9518 This was my second phone today out of these Folks. My Owner ID says call is from Beaver Lot OR . First phone was from W W W same guy different Amount. This second phone came within Only seconds after I hung Upward on the first call while laughing at them . Both times they Maintained for become from Microsoft but 've substantial accents Indian . They don t understand anything about your own computer but they do want you for give them accessibility thus they could install Malawi. Don't become concerned that they understand about something incorrect with your computer but would hang Upward on them. It s all a scam. Warn Buddies who arena t computer savvy enough for laugh and hang Upwards on these predators.

Post by whitetrash,

9712179518 got Dwelling from work opened a Alcohol and acquired the phone on my fiance s Telephone answered and said Hi twice waited and heard a pause Used by a beep Subsequently an automated express said Goodbye

Post by Guest,

971-217-9518 Said my computer had a virus amp they were from Microsoft

Post by fed up,

9712179518 Same Individuals that phoned from W W W. Jerks scampers liars Tips Clearly using Burn phones to call along with. Don t leave a message if you personally don t answer. I d enjoy to understand how they got your number since we re manner around on your east coast.

Post by DRE,

971-217-9518 Obtained the telephone at 6 W am that alone did not make me Bad receptive. When I did a telephone back it gave that Choice to opt from future calls Seemingly it's for can with computer viruses. Either manner not happy and would adore to call then super early on a weekend morning and see what they think.

Post by Virginia Mom,

9712179518 Received telephone from this number 9 'm today 9 7 W EST. Top Google Pages caller ID said. Not home so did t answer. No message left. If had been House would not 've answered.

Post by Wendy,

971-217-9518 Got a phone out of . Your guy with that Indian Feature told me he worked for Microsoft and my computer was delivering out error messages to Individuals overseas. Told me to go for my computer and turn it on so he could walk me through a mend. I hung Upward.

Post by mt,

9712179518 got a few of these myself at W W W. Sarah was that caller also out of India Pakistan. she would not hang up and I Needed her Information as to who she represented. also Offered same as all you personally folks above. I am so happy that I looked Upward Top Google pages to see Simply who they were. Cheers thus Considerably for the info. fell with this a couple years ago under another name and it cost me for them to Mount . Unfortunately I was overly green for recognize the problem I had gotten into. They removed my Protection and I got Fairly the virus around your past 2 months because their product expired without notification and they had shut Outside mine which I knew was great until your end of Nov W.

Post by chris,

971-217-9518 Got that same telephone saying they were from windows maintenance and my computer was sending Issues for their server CZ my computer was infected. . . . . they Needed me to kind within my computer the letters E V E N T V W R and i said Ok I did it but i Actually didn't. . . . figure what they Installed Upward when they notion i did it. . Be Careful This is A SCAM to try and get your information out of your computer. . . . .

Post by stews,

9712179518 Merely got your phone. Guy along with a Actually believe Indian Feature replied that phone who said he was calling out of California said he s calling out of windows support in Wishes for my computer being infected. i told him i simply use an iPad. . . . Subsequently he said they handle mac computers as nicely yeah appropriate . I knew it was a scam but since it was daytime off work i was interested within Viewing where this went. eventually he transfer ed me to his Manager who insisted that they were not a windows company in fact they were an apple company who sometimes Addresses windows operating systems. i kept asking him for proof that they were a Reliable Business and he would return by asking me what sort of evidence i need. anyways i figure he got tired of my questions because he hung up on me. Lola ah nicely it was enjoyment while it lasted.

Post by Concord GTA,

971-217-9518 Acquired calls from the number a couple of times this year. Scam for sure.

Post by Black Mage,

9712179518 Same accent amp call Facility History noise. As shortly as he said he was calling from Microsoft I told him I knew he was lying and that my computer was tracing that call and would forward the information to the FBI. He Installed Upwards immediately.

Post by June Carol,

971-217-9518 I gotten a call out of an India Oregon 1 W W W maintaining I had a computer Issue and he knew my name Last year I got Taken within and they managed to wipe Outside my challenging drive never again if you telephone the number it's not in service BEWARE people

Post by Curious Houston Mom,

9712179518 GM your own Narrative was Substantially more amusing than mine. Hilarious. I loved that lost verb component. I mean if you are able to t conquer them at their Match might well join them. Funny that they get so annoyed at people that they hang Upward on us. I say we win when that happens. Perhaps that s that simply manner for them for understand that calling people is nonessential if we re better at their scam than they are. I m for anything if it can create them Quit calling as I see hanging up on them dozen t look for work either.

Post by Man,

971-217-9518 Hi Got your same phone today 4 W W. It s still going on and now it reach Que Beck.

Post by Cookie,

9712179518 that is awesome. . Lola

Post by cpa,

971-217-9518 Only got telephone from the same Amount not only did sound like a fraudulent phone but that moron could barely Talk English. Maybe we should turn our attention to fighting the type of war on terrorism. . .

Post by Joao,

9712179518 I just got a phone out of the Amount asking for my deceased mother. They Installed Upwards as shortly as I told them.

Post by OhBoy,

971-217-9518 That an excellent on Ken. Occasionally when I am bored I can wait until someone comes on and reply Local Authorities name Fraud amp Telemarketing Division how could I help you personally You can t believe some of the stammers and answers.

Post by hotdog647,

9712179518 Needed to help me with windows computer Issues. I hung Upward.

Post by theyrebackagain,

971-217-9518 Yep called my House within KY at W 'm. Did not answer left no message. Owner id revealed unknown name.

Post by Doloris Edwards,

9712179518 Yes I would love for report the Telephone 1 W W W which when you personally telephone the Amount back says it s not within service. I vie received 3 calls amp that last one was the morning at 6 Am which woke Upward my entire family. . . I vie told them to Free my number that I m not interested in their scam. . . . What could I can for get them to stop disrupting my house with these Mindless calls. As I 'm getting really annoyed amp somewhat furious. Please help. Thanks D. Edwards

Post by WaikikiJ,

971-217-9518 Got a telephone asserting for become Jordan out of windows. Promised I did t Chat English. Hung Upwards.

Post by Faye Cowen,

9712179518 Received a telephone from someone using an Indian Pakistani Feature saying they Signified Windows. They told me to go to my computer and they could display me your Difficulties they were talking about. I did and saw many Error and Warning messages. Subsequently they Place on their Manager and he told me for go to the Net and log within to Internet. Amy. com. I Subsequently asked what this net site was he said that was thus he could log into my computer and fix the problem. I told him that I could t would that. He asked me exactly why. I told him that I did t Begin the telephone he did Hence I could t do that. He said well Okay and then Installed Upwards.

Post by kaimuki,

971-217-9518 they are still at it when i told that caller from 1 W W W that i did t use windows Applications he hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

9712179518 Called to say my Table is being hacked

Post by njperla,

971-217-9518 Obtained phone out of Jon maintaining to be out of Microsoft Windows Service Facility. Told me my computer was infected. I Inquired him for his Telephone Amount and when he Offered me a six digit number rather than 7 I told him his number was inaccurate. He hung Upward. On my caller id was W W W.

Post by Maddie,

9712179518 I tell them the exact same thing. I m sorry I don t own a computer. They appear somewhat puzzled but Typically hang up correct away.

Post by Dave,

971-217-9518 Yes these idiots are still trying the scam. Only got that call from Microsoft Technical Department yeah right. Sadly many people will get scared when they throw Outside your own computer is full of viruses crap and autumn for their scam.

Post by Addison,

9712179518 Same thing here Indian Feature very difficult to understand guy who called himself Eric Brooks . He attempted for convince me that I Wanted for turn my computer on because it was sending Malfunction messages for his Business s computers and he Desired access to my computer to repair that Trouble. Your telephone Truly come out of W W W your same Firm though. Told him I refused for turn that computer on and he informed me your problem had to become Adjusted and which he would continue to phone back until I allowed him to correct your Problem I Subsequently Installed Upward. These Folks demand for get Actual Occupations and earn their own money rather than stealing others challenging earned money. .

Post by Really fed up,

971-217-9518 I have had these Folks cal me from a number of different Amounts. I 've two phone Amounts Recorded under my name and they will telephone both. When I did reply once it was a man with an extremely thick Highlight that told me I had a Trouble along with my computer running windows I said I dint have a computer he said that one running windows. I said I dint 've a computer he again said that just one with windows I said I dint believe you comprehend I dint 've a computer he Subsequently Put up. Another time I replied and I said Hi no response then hello again and got a response of hello Subsequently he said nothing I said hello again and he said oh you personally sound really pretty I hung up he called back I didn't reply. I am Actually tired of the person Folks calling my house I need it for Discontinue.

Post by DM in AZ,

9712179518 CID says I got a call from W W W unavailable W 'm MST W W W But I wan t handy for phone to find out any more. . .

Post by Pat T.,

971-217-9518 Since my replying machine is constantly on I let it Display my calls. I have been getting Routine arbitrary calls from the Amount but no messages. I Simply delete your missed calls. The only identifier is the call originates from Beeton OR.

Post by EMM,

9712179518 Called twice and told him not for phone back. Same Pakistani Indian Man.

Post by Mike in SWFL,

971-217-9518 Got a telephone out of them while I was at work Recently. After reading Upward on them I Submitted a Criticism at FCC. gov describing what I found here.

Post by Sandra-Leigh,

9712179518 Edwin having an Asian Indian Highlight calling from Windows Technical Department because apparently my computer was reporting an error code on their Computers. I Inquired if they were Microsoft or a Community of Microsoft or a Microsoft Specialist he said they were an separate Business. Put up when I asked what that relationship was being their company and Microsoft your Maker of Windows. I don t have an Microsoft Windows systems running at Dwelling at all.

Post by Geri,

971-217-9518 Manner for go Ken. . I Simply got a telephone from that number too but was on the other line thus I did t take it. But if they telephone back I m Prepared for them.

Post by Pam Razz,

9712179518 This guy called my cell Telephone Bizarre Highlight lots of Fixed. He said I signed Upward for a W. W Certification at Walmart or Dwelling Depot and that 9. W will become deducted out of my account. I asked him his name and he hung Upwards. He Suggested with me and Inquired me why I did not want for take advantage of an excellent offer. I told him to lose my Amount and take it off his list. He called back today and it was the same Man. I told him I recognized his voice and that I contacted my bank and he wanted to understand exactly why I did that. I told him for quit calling and he said Close Upward shut up Close Upwards Close Upward. I hung Upwards. I may block his telephone now out of my Telephone.

Post by Don,

971-217-9518 Gotten a call from this number W W W along with Owner ID Displaying Beaver Load Oregon. Assumed it was a salivation thus did not answer. Called Amount back and they have an automatic Elect out press 1 for delete you personally from the organizations calls.

Post by Sal,

9712179518 Again a real pain I will file a official report viewing this

Post by Vickerb,

971-217-9518 I Only got the phone from them as nicely. . . the thick accent told me my computer was sending error messages to that server and he Desired to run something on my computer. . . having an IT man for a Man and also an IT sister within law I KNEW it was a scam thus I wanted to play along with him a bit. . . he told me to go within front of my computer and let me know when I was there. . . . so I said I was. . . he said he needed me for Press the Banner Crucial with four windows and your R at the same time and tell him what was on that Display. . . . I told him I would let my husband appearance at that computer for Problems and bugs when he got Dwelling. . . . he said well Mother this really is an easy process and I can Go you Thur it. . . I said yes but I dint know who you are and he said I am along with Google. I said nicely Subsequently my server is not connected Thur you. I can have my Man Assess matters Outside thank you personally.

Post by Mauritz/Sweden,

9712179518 Was called by a male with Indian accent Recently maintaining he was out of Microsoft. 've been called before several times out of this Amount but no just one was in another Finish. The time there was someone in another Finish and he said that there was something wrong along with my computer. Merely answered Get lost. I understand you are trying for steal out of me Microsoft never phone es it s customers. Get lost. . Afterward Put Upward wonder if they will telephone again.

Post by Deryk,

971-217-9518 Got a call out of this Amount at 'm this morning . . . saw it was from outside of Canada we've do not call lists and opted not to response it.

Post by Payback,

9712179518 The Mindless building must be set Upwards for would tech support scam or multiple scams and your scampers must become mules that show Upward in Large cities to Split Individuals away or they grew up in those cities and turned into scampers.

Post by Sabrina,

971-217-9518 W W W Online Laptop Support. com . . . Ya appropriate. Second time I vie gotten the telephone in a week. I m in Toronto Canada. Fantastic this scam is running again. I Simply trust most Folks 've Viewed your multitude of videos on YouTube showing how these calls go and what their Actual Finish Target is.

Post by Guest,

9712179518 Quit calls

Post by dusti12,

971-217-9518 Got a phone from a Man with same Highlight saying he was along with Windows maintenance and said I Desired to have my computer scanned along with their windows Computers for see my security code has been corrupted due to a few Disease out of unsecured websites on the internet. I told him I have for think Around it and call him back. I Needed for Assess them Outside before ii hook up for Anyone s servers. He hung up. Before that I asked if there was something i was going to pay for. Yes W if my computer was infected first having for Assess my security code for corruption then pay for a lifetime security code. He said it is within the motherboard and would last a lifetime even if i Update and go out of PX for 7 to 8 and so on. What a load of crap. F in low life's can t use their intellect for get a real job but come up along with manners for steal out of Individuals. Reminds me of those loan mod a holes i exposed a while back. May their lives become a residing f ING HELL. F off.

Post by Gloria,

9712179518 Same thing. . . it s 9 PM and this guy out of Google Pages W W W and tells me I 've a problem along with my Windows computer. I hung Upwards. Thus with all these reports of this Amount exactly why could t something become done to Cease the.

Post by Luc,

971-217-9518 Caller told me that she was out of Windows support and that there was a Issue with my computer which I was unaware of. She Inquired me if i was the owner of your computer as she Desired to request me questions Around my online account. Since i m from Quebec Canada i don t gotten many calls which aren't within French. Thus i knew there was something incorrect. Thus i Inquired who she was. She told me she was from Windows support. I Additionally told her to remove my Amount from their list and i Hung Upward.

Post by Dado,

9712179518 Got Telephone phone Simply change my number a month ago that my credit card is suss pended along with Choice to activate it or not. . . . I hang up. . . there was no Man to talk for. . . Simply automated. . . watch Outside Pol. . . . be attention full

Post by Fed up with scams,

971-217-9518 So. . . Got a telephone from the Amount. Go ogled it. Got all these Gripes. Adding mine This Man was Adam from Microsoft technical support calling me for tell me that my computer has been delivering out Saving signals to their servers. When I got irritated and Inquired what variety of scam this was he gets mad and begins asking me who that hell I believe I 'm for asking him that. I Installed Upward.

Post by Carla,

9712179518 I Only acquired same telephone as described by others here. I went along with his Recommendations and when we got to that Applications step he asked me what it said and I read aloud and slowly to him It says that guy on that phone is a Entire who is overly Dumb to get a real Occupation . . . after a pause he started to ask me what did you personally . . . . but he Installed Upwards before finishing that sentence. What's Actually funny is how aggressive and informed he tried for sound in an effort to intimidate me into going along along with his expertise LOSERS.

Post by CID,

971-217-9518 This low life called today . We never response these calls don t recognize your number

Post by dumb scammers,

9712179518 I 've gotten a telephone from the Amount two days within a Line telling me they are from Microsoft and I am Displaying a Trouble with my computer. He can barely Chat English and is challenging to understand. What I dint like today is he is calling me by my name rather than being Universal about it.

Post by Guest,

971-217-9518 Scam

Post by rsentes,

9712179518 Obtained a call out of W W W did t reply. The number was attributed to your scam company Rapidly fix. net that States they have been hired by Windows for their security. They 've East Indian emphases and if you confirm your email address with them they have been Understood to gain accessibility to your own computer files and Shift Accounts. They are exceptionally Chronic even when you tell them you are calling the Cops and reporting them. I have reported the number to Scam publication and that Fraud Group within Canada.

Post by vero,

971-217-9518 N AI Aussie EU cert Apple Ce Martin. . . UN Presume Tech P} Microsoft quid vet Support er Automobile nitre OED envoy dies messages d error lemur campaigner. . . Tote UN unique Focus . Creche .

Post by Jack,

9712179518 Gotten a phone from the number at 4 W 'm. Did not response. Ruined an excellent nights sleep.

Post by Dan,

971-217-9518 I got that similar call telling me that my computer has Issue and he is from Microsoft who gets Routine Malfunction message out of my computer. He was asking me for tun on that computer and he can help me for repair Difficulty through Telephone. I told him I have no Trouble within my computer and You're not from Microsoft.

Post by Guest,

9712179518 No just one there

Post by pljinme,

971-217-9518 Got a telephone from W W W yesterday about PM. Owner had a heavy Central east Highlight and mentioned he worked either for or along with windows Microsoft. He went on to ask if I was your Principal user of your computer. I Inquired which 1 your desktop the laptop or that iPad that is different OS . Previously mentioned my computer was Getting Outside a virus while I was online and asked me for go online at that time. I Inquired for his Staff ID Amount he did t answer but Fairly ongoing for ramble about that importance of allowing him for help me fix my computer. When I told him that I don t permit remote access for anyone I have not contacted personally and especially to someone whom I could Barry comprehend when speaking. . . he Put Upwards. . . Owner ID showed the Amount as Top Google Pages. Don t autumn for this particular. This really is an extremely substantial scam if the sites Remarks Establish anything. It is just an Test to permit them for Mount Essential loggers and Malawi on your own system for them to increase accessibility later and steal your own personal sensitive data which could Head for Id Larceny and Monetary destroy.

Post by Guest,

9712179518 Cease calling

Post by chippy,

971-217-9518 Demand to repair your windows infected computer Yep correct told them for F O and was calling your FBI they said go ahead idiots . They must believe Canadians are Dumb

Post by Nalani,

9712179518 I 've been seeing the number on my caller ID for some time now. Haven t answered but I have answered similar calls for those listed here out of other numbers. If they keep calling it must mean that people are Dropping for it. We should all response your Telephone with National bureau of investigations. Authentication accessibility code please. Watch how Rapidly they Discontinue calling.

Post by Guest,

971-217-9518 Asked if we'd a computer Seemingly they want you personally for go to some Website and download something. Likely Malawi. Called at peculiar hours until we replied within discouragement. Woke us up in middle of nighttime 1 time and no one was there.

Post by Barsco,

9712179518 Hello Got your Exact same phone Now 1 W W. It s a year After than your own call and it s STILL going on. What a Waste that people prey on others enjoy this. My son got the call and Recognized it was phony and Installed up.

Post by D Graves,

971-217-9518 Got a call out of this number Recently caller ID Top Google pages from someone who Promised we had Malawi and he Needed to help people. Rather a bit of confusion your phone had an extremely thick Indian Pakistani Highlight. He repeated that my Windows operating system was problematic and which he would direct me for many Place of my computer and show me that Malawi. But I don t have a Windows machine I m using a Mac. Thus I told him that and Put Upward.

Post by Cathlamet Washington,

9712179518 W W W Owner ID says Beaver Load Oregon but there's no W area code for Oregon. My computer isn't infected along with a virus and no I won t reply any questions or present accessibility to my computer. I work hard for my money and I am not Around for offer it to your scummier.

Post by Jeff,

971-217-9518 I tool the number on my caller ID They left no message on my machine Your name on my ID said they're GOOGLE PAGES TOP

Post by anonymous,

9712179518 Shawn Smith called saying I 've a Difficulty with my Laptop. Being aware of this scam I asked that name of his Firm and was told Pc Care. When I Inquired if I search your Better Company Business for his Firm what would I locate he said Www. help Workplace. com. I was shocked that he continued for entertain a chat. I asked and why are you personally calling again when he repeated that I 've a Issue with my Computer. I called him out on his scam and told him to get a real Occupation. The text that accompanied the Ph was Google pages Top.

Post by jenny,

971-217-9518 John Problem W minutes ago. 4 W EST. Owner along with heavy Indian Pakistani Highlight said I was shaving a Trouble along with my computer. It was infected and this was really pressing. I asked where they got my Amount and they said my computer was reported through Microsoft Support. I asked again where he got my number and if he could direct me to your Windows Support Site for more info. He started giving me a Www. win solutions site and I cut him off. He kept insisting that they had information a virus was coming out of computer and the was pressing. I said don t telephone her again and Put up. Matter is I have Enrolled on the don't call Website repeatedly. That does not appear for be working. Caller ID said Top Google pages with your number 1 W W W

Post by Prof. D. Peter Dungan,

9712179518 Appear the call center is within India. Assess out this article. . . HTTP notes. com news multinational crackdown on computer con artists If you personally believe your own Pc is infected malicious Applications. . . you are able to get a FREE virus scan in the following sites. . . McGee Stinger HTTP Web. McGee. com people downloads free tools stinger. asp or Norton Electricity Eraser HTTP security. semantic. com Bret nape. asp or Microsoft Security Needs HTTP windows. Microsoft. com en People windows merchandises security Requirements

Post by Guest,

971-217-9518 No one there

Post by W. C.,

9712179518 Boy. . . Am I glad I ignored this 1. Thanks People.

Post by Tim P,

971-217-9518 Someone at the number called once when I was Outside and shouted something within a foreign language. They called again but when I replied no just one would state anything.

Post by Guest,

9712179518 spam about Quantity Walmart present card

Post by Yogi Brown,

971-217-9518 Like others phone out of Indian Pakistan. Beaver Load. Or. Heavy pressure would not Cease talking said my computer needs first said Pounds Subsequently Adjusted to W. W. Told him know he would not Quit talking said I am leaving and Installed Upwards on him.

Post by cindy,

9712179518 receive a call July Th W your Owner did not answer attempted calling back. . message number isn't number

Post by Danny,

971-217-9518 funny matter i got a call from Individual with a substantial est Indian Feature telling me my windows Laptop was infected and they were becoming errors. When I told him I did not 've a Microsoft Merchandise running within my home he was stuttering and did not 've a follow Upward. . . I Subsequently asked where he got my data and he stuck for his Problems Narrative I Inquired what name he had for me he Just could not response. Pathetic. . . .

Post by Guest,

9712179518 Said computer had a virus.

Post by Doc,

971-217-9518 The easiest way to Cope with these scum is to Just tell them after they tell you they are from Microsoft that you are confused because you don t 've a computer not even a laptop or cell Telephone. They may usually hang Upwards at that point.

Post by dad,

9712179518 got a call out of the number came up as Top Google pages must be a scam .

Post by WhatsAmattaU,

971-217-9518 Same matter.

Post by Aha,

9712179518 Got a telephone from out of Region heavy Highlight. Said my Microsoft computer was sending Outside Fake files. Told him I don t own a Microsoft computer he Inquired me if I had a MAC . I Installed up

Post by aol.com,

971-217-9518 Received telephone did not reply may keep watch on incoming calls to see if they call again.

Post by Neil,

9712179518 Only gotten a phone out of the Amount male was on that phone started within on that spiel above sounded Indian when told i was not putting anything on my computer immediately Installed Upward number Arrived Upwards from Oregon

Post by Josh Jablonowicz,

971-217-9518 Calls me around and around. . . Last time I Direct him for consider that I was going through your Recognition process step by measure. When he asked if I tool that Site along with that link he Desired me to click I said All I see is a black page along with the words People National Government HAS Close DOWN This PAGE. He Installed Upwards.

Post by Fabiola Aponte,

9712179518 Same phone telephone from Google pages Amount W W W Needed me to press that Run button. He s been calling for a while last week it was a boy. Indian Feature he anted to fix my Computer. I Put Upward every time. my caller ID shows a different name each time they call.

Post by Robin,

971-217-9518 Only got a telephone today out of Alex . Said my Computer has a virus and windows service Section needed to 've Rural access to mend it. I informed Alex that A we dint have a Pc but do have a laptop and B NEVER use it except for the occasional email and games Perhaps Facebook once in a while. And that our Principal computer device that we use are the apple products. For which Alex informed me this is how we got that virus by Supporting Upwards the iPad iPhone and mac on the laptop. And when I dint provide them windows remote access to repair the damages and remove the virus that everyone on my yahoo hot mail and gm ail Reports can get that virus. Excuse me. I do not have any of these Records and secondly do not back Upward any of my apple products on that Notebook EVER. We've a Mac for goodness Reason. Appeared like the more I protested and rebutted that more furious Alex became making him harder to comprehend Thur his accent. Thus I told him a fib. Said I would have my coworker at that RCMP Fraud squad take a appearance at my Notebook and Inquired if I could have a call back Amount in case they had any questions. Alex told me for go f ck a goat and hung Upward. Lola presuming that is your last phone I get Lola Nice try scampers Fine strive.

Post by KK,

9712179518 Merely received a call from a man along with a significant Indian Pakistani Highlight. Said he was out of Windows and they tool that I was receiving a lot of Malfunction messages on my computer. Could I please go Stay within front of my computer and he would help me repair my Issue. I Inquired how he had gotten my name and Telephone Amount. He replied from Microsoft Support. I Subsequently asked him for a name and Telephone Amount I could contact in order for Confirm who he said he was and he Put Upwards on me. The Caller ID said Top Google pages and your telephone number was W W W. I called back and your message says it s a Advertising company and if you no longer want for stay on their calling list press 1. USN t there a Authorities agency that you can call Around the type of fraud.

Post by Prof. D. Peter Dungan,

971-217-9518 Look the call center is in India. check Outside the Post. . . HTTP notes. com news multinational crackdown on computer con artists If you personally consider your own Computer is infected malicious software. . . you can get a FREE virus scan in the following sites. . . McGee Stinger HTTP Internet. McGee. com people downloads free tools stinger. asp or Norton Power Eraser HTTP security. semantic. com Bret nape. asp or Microsoft Security Basics HTTP windows. Microsoft. com en People windows merchandises security Requirements

Post by Utah resident,

9712179518 . . . I replied on your third ring. . . no just one talked but after I said Hi there was a recorded good bye . . .

Post by hornsfan,

971-217-9518 Called 8 W W W W not confident what I vie started by signing Upward for free Products online.

Post by steve,

9712179518 same matter Arab Feature. said he was calling from Microsoft error Section. . . i have an apple. . . . . that is a scam

Post by Ta,

971-217-9518 Acquired a call out of this number Now but could not answer it. Caller ID said Beaver Load OR. I 've received calls out of this number previously along with no message. The time a message was left a female automaton express said Goodbye . I called back with caller ID blocked and your answering mac hing at the other Finish said they don't Take calls out of blocked Amounts. Rough. heehaw

Post by Alex.,

9712179518 I Merely got a call from the number. Didn't understand it so didn't response. It s Additionally midnight. What is incorrect with them. Cheers for the heads Upward. Added your Amount to Avoid list.

Post by Nancy Poust,

971-217-9518 Caller said he worked for Windows and there was a Issue w my computer. . I Installed up on him. . .

Post by deepsouth,

9712179518 called at dinner time on a Friday niter insisting they could help me along with my computer Trouble Really pressing. . . Indian Highlight woman. hung Upward on her when will they goal these people and Set them from business. when i get the time i may report your Amount for that FCC

Post by stejskal32,

971-217-9518 Owner claimed to be out of windows Section of technical in a thick Indian Feature. I Inquired him if he Comprehended what he was doing was prohibited and he again claimed to be calling Around my computer and that he was from Windows. I told him if he actually worked for windows he would Talk better English and for go attempt to scam someone else. Next call can become a lot more fun thanks for your Tricks. . .

Post by David Mitchell,

9712179518 Similar call. Came in as GOOGLE PAGES TOP for company name. Phone Centre Sound within the History. Asked for me by name was I within front of computer Inquired what your Display said. Dubious I replied with a few meaningless words on the Display. He replied that it was erroneous and Merely Can It. If he d tried for Drive something on my computer he failed in your Test. I Inquired what he meant and he Inquired if I knew what Just Do It meant. Very Peculiar. Wanted me to chant Only Do It repeatedly for five seconds. I Inquired him what I could Purchase out of him and he said Merely Can It. I Offered Upwards and terminated that phone. However my son got a similar phone and they Desired him for go for your Start Menu and type Order and Run. He did t do it. I believe they're following Upwards on a virus that puts a notice on the screen and if you click the see they can log in and get private information. I think your phone is to get Folks to click your discover. Simply DON T can it. Look for out how to block that Telephone Amount. Call W and they ll probably tell you personally how. Onward.

Post by Towers,

971-217-9518 Call not Chosen. No message left. Attempt to telephone back with no ring response. Clearly a Soil Case.

Post by vic,

9712179518 My wife got your call at 1 pm today. Man with East Indian Feature Needed her to Assess the windows Software. She said that she was not interested and Recommended which he telephone back when I got Dwelling. He got a bit aggressive and demanded to know who owned your computer. Must be a lousy manner for attempt to create a dwelling.

Post by Savannah R,

971-217-9518 Merely got a call 5 W 4 PM out of Google pages Top W W W Man w thick India accent. I Installed Upward as he attempted to talk. What I don t get these Folks are intelligent enough to run scams but not to own Firms. Which tells me a Firm rich in technology SHOULD become able to body out this Things Cease it amp eventually prevent it. Hi

Post by Rosie,

9712179518 I d tell them that I am aware my computer is giving prohibited files the Cops came and arrested it Now.

Post by Dave,

971-217-9518 Just got a call too. Lead him on for a little after he claimed for know my computer id and Needed me to Assess for Malfunction. Inquired him to Demonstrate his credentials and got excuses. I hung up and they called back 3 times. quite Chronic small man. Scam Scam Scam.

Post by missbecky,

9712179518 Just got that same telephone. . . just this Pakistan s name was Charlie. . . Yea correct. They think we have been freaking Dumb. Scampers. Gr RR

Post by OL,

971-217-9518 Simply acquired a phone out of these scampers. I blocked them eternally.

Post by DawnM,

9712179518 I get these calls almost Day-to-day. Generally it says Unknown but it's the SAME Highlight. The time it showed along with this Amount. I have told them several times for stop but they don t. I really don t know the way to get the to stop.

Post by jimbo slice,

971-217-9518 Indian chick called me Simply now. I actually had for request her four times where she worked and I had no idea what she was saying and she Only kept rambling on about a virus my computer had. She insisted that I go turn on my Compensation and she would walk me through that Guidelines on how you can fix it. Eventually I Inquired her again and she said Tech Options . . . and Subsequently mumbled and kept rambling again. After one more attempt I finally made out Windows. Before I could tell that troll that I have a mac my phone died. It's obviously complete BS.

Post by Kevin,

9712179518 Received same phone out of W. . . he said along with a think Indian accent I got your own Amount out of your neighbor and heard you've computer problem . I asked which Friend. He said 1 of that 2 how many neighbors would you've. I said about 4 how can I help you. He said you can t help me and Installed Upward.

Post by Andre Beaudry,

971-217-9518 Women call me for tell me that my computer add a Trouble Andy Desired me to Purchase a computer Difficulty solver.

Post by james,

9712179518 telephone that F. B. I. or that FCC. every People comment or Grievance is the same as mine.

Post by linda,

971-217-9518 got a call did not answer as I don't understand the Region code. Wish there was a way to Quit these calls.

Post by Guam,

9712179518 I got a call Only now from W with Indian Feature. I told him if I 've a Issue along with my computer I know who to call. I hang Upward and Google the phone no.

Post by Erin,

971-217-9518 I got a telephone out of this Amount no reply when I Decided Upwards. When I called it back a recording said it was out of service.

Post by Ed,

9712179518 These Men are Natural fraud. I had that same experience with that Wait at that Starting. That's characteristic of a Rob calling computer there surely is some Wait before their person hears people. But these guys are brazen. I recognized the ploy instantaneously because I read Around these scams. So silly me I said I m calling that Cops . This guy Arrived right back at me and said who you personally gonna phone. Then I said Stay on that line I 'm calling your Authorities and he said I m Keeping on that line I Recognized there's nobody that I can phone. Nobody in the government cares at any level and there's nothing they may do. Thus I said You re a crook a Legal. He said I m nit a crook I believe we could 've talked for Rather a very long time but I ran out Alternatives for crook thus I Installed Upward and also disconnected my Web for an hour or so. I would that often these times. With your slightest hint of something happening on my computer that I did t Trigger I have your Switch plugged in Thur a nearby light switch and I Just reach over and turn it off. I dint believe he had any accessibility for my computer but it made me feel good to become certain of that.

Post by Dave,

971-217-9518 I got a telephone Now at 3 PM PST Telephone number W out of someone with an Indian Pakistani Feature Inquired if I was Dave I said yes he told me that he worked with Windows Managing System. I said you understand what. this can be a BS call. Microsoft does not make called enjoy this. He said You son of a i 'm Striving for phone you for help you personally along with your computer. He continuing to State to be with windows Managing system I said never call my Dwelling again. and Put Upward.

Post by Elle,

9712179518 I said hello three times believing I Only could t become heard and got no reply. I used among my favorite Methods Only plunk that phone down without hanging Upwards and leave. That number could not be blocked. I kept Striving but it was not Accessible .

Post by No Dummy,

971-217-9518 Received phone phone out of the number. Person had a Middle Japanese Feature. He told me I had a virus on my computer and I told him I have a virus Software installed. Told him also I idea he was a SCAM and not for telephone me back EVER again.

Post by Gghhoosstt,

9712179518 Got same phone phone pressing need for a virus on my computer. Maintaining for work for windows. We untainted who it was. Told people he worked for a Business that supports Windows. We Inquired for telephone windows ourselves and they Installed Upwards.

Post by not gullable,

971-217-9518 Hello I m from Windows and would like to Speak Around your own computer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . hmm pretty Poor. . windows is an Managing system. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . told him that I got a telephone from them from a different Region code and Telephone Amount and the answer is that same as the last time. . . . . . . . . . . . . NO. . . and Put up

Did you get an unwanted call from 971-217-9518? Is 9712179518 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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4804547724 Complains by Guest,

just request for head of House. . annoying

8649524032 Complains by Guest,

Continuous hang Upwards calls

7874215008 Complains by Guest,


2162066896 Complains by Guest,

rang one time and hung up

2404864113 Complains by Guest,

yes she is very annoying with searching for a D G AND A K G

4063154176 Complains by Jim,

Credit repair ? Spam !!

7155742508 Complains by Guest,


2064559970 Complains by Guest,

My house was Recorded in march W and went off your market within Sept. W. To this daytime this Broker named Rick with John L. Scott can contact me repeatedly Upward for 3 or 4 times a month even though my Amount and house was removed off MILS for almost a year. I have asked him kindly and then rudely to leave me alone. I don t understand what to can to get the obnoxious and determined for a sale Broker to stop contacting me. My number can t be changed it s Connected along with my self employment. I have blocked his number but he still gets through and leaves a message.

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7182100259 Complains by Guest,

barters for cheaper

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9123514385 Complains by Guest,

Don t need calls out of them

7023304653 Complains by Guest,

Called the morning maintaining they Wanted accounting and tax work but did t provide any Sources as to how they got my Amount or what specific sort of work they Desired done. Little Leary for state the least as all my clients are Typically referrals tried calling back Assessed Amount VIP seems Poor.

8003594872 Complains by Bonnie,

This number calls my work Amount after hours. Generally Approximately 5 PM. No message. I dint who the number belongs to.

8003610155 Complains by Dweeb,

I don t response unidentified calls. But that is BC bringing down a Group Sort because I m 7 times late on my Statement. Canada s chartered banks. No Buddy of ours. Never provide Outside your private data on the Telephone.

9512499194 Complains by Guest,

Dirt bag

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