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Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Gresham, OR. Multnomah. United states
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Post by Kamilla Maii,

9712201003 I keep getting calls from W W W. They never leave a message Nonetheless since I live within Hawaii they telephone in any respect hours of work I m a school Instructor and my phone goes away when I m within class. and slumber. Do I block these Individuals from my cell Telephone. . K. Ma ii E-mail W protected

Post by jerry thomas,

971-220-1003 Receiving calls out of this number unsolicited. What's Essential for block these kind Amounts.

Post by Jess,

9712201003 It s probably cable eyesight. Pay your Statement and Baum. No more calls.

Post by composites,

971-220-1003 I gotten several calls out of a express saying this is Sean out of Dwelling Protection. I consider it's automated because they don't Answer when I tell them i 'm on do not telephone list.

Post by K,

9712201003 They got my number where. A hang Upward phone.

Post by Dave,

971-220-1003 Anyone Upwards for a pizza now. . . . . . I 'm within San tee Ca W. . . God Bless America. . .

Post by Rich,

9712201003 continue to telephone after asked them to take me away their list 4 5 times a night until PM

Post by Nancy,

971-220-1003 Hello Eve cheers alto for your info. I already have a lawyer ready for sue. HE isn't a happy camper he just got a call Now.

Post by Sissy,

9712201003 Receive calls out of the Amount each daytime. No message is ever left. Tonight they actually called at 9 W p. m. I clicked your on button and Afterward that away button. Out of reading what others 've gone through when they Truly response I am glad I have never answered the number.

Post by Robb,

971-220-1003 Thanks with this hint. I ll attempt that the next time these a holes call

Post by RochelleL,

9712201003 I have Verizon and they're calling me relentlessly.

Post by Z28susan,

971-220-1003 I got calls from this Amount Additionally. After seeing this post I replied and told him I wan t interested and don't call again. Let s hope he listens.

Post by Laurie,

9712201003 it Merely called. i did t reply.

Post by MourningDove,

971-220-1003 I 've been getting calls from W W W that last 3 days several times a day. Don t know your so I don t answer it. They are calling my House .

Post by lindase,

9712201003 I am

Post by going crazy,

971-220-1003 At and T cell Telephone. . . . . 7 times today. . . never answer

Post by M,

9712201003 These annoying twits have been bothering me too. And I receive that calls on a cell phone along with a prepay AT amp T account that Costs for every gotten phone. I ll never Purchase any product or service from people who are thus discourteous.

Post by Ray,

971-220-1003 That same A hole called me.

Post by Deb,

9712201003 Getting non Quit Phone calls out of the telemarketer. They're selling home security systems and when we state for pals take people off your call list they hang Upwards. We have been receiving Upward to 2 telephone calls a daytime on your residential Phone.

Post by d4,

971-220-1003 I called your back and pressed 1 hope this helps.

Post by Katie,

9712201003 This number is Seemingly a telemarketer named Sean who is allegedly calling from House and Family Protection . It s Clearly another scam. Don t answer and DON T Supply ANY Private Information. Never answer if you are able to t ID that caller. Keep safe and nicely all of you personally.

Post by annoyed,

971-220-1003 been calling me for a month. had for turn cell ringer away so kids could Sleep and Frequently missed their calls. finally called them back Now and message said press 1 at anytime to be removed from their list permit W hrs to take change . we ll see it works. also re registered on fed no call list. we ll see if THAT works.

Post by Times Tough in Oregon?,

9712201003 They 've to become. . . . who could stoop so low.

Post by tired of it,

971-220-1003 5 calls out of the Amount in 2 times . . Registered message is very vague and Simply says its an attempt from a Advertising Firm no Business name

Post by lea,

9712201003 Rec d 3 calls from this .

Post by Ma,

971-220-1003 I believe your don't telephone is a JOKE. Our gov t trying to make people believe it's a response.

Post by They keep calling,

9712201003 Number blocked but I still see it on caller ID Nearly every day

Post by Barb,

971-220-1003 I 'm bombarded each day from the number. I don t Choose your Telephone Upward for see who it is calling. I would value it if they would Discontinue calling my Residence.

Post by frank,

9712201003 don t phone again remove me out of phone list now . . . . . .

Post by antphl,

971-220-1003 i got 2 calls Now from this number that spammers constantly Alter their Amounts.

Post by D,

9712201003 Recd numerous calls. I do not answer. I'm on the DC list but Rev calls all daytime everyday. That few times I have replied . . there was an extremely rude female on your line.

Post by Ranelle Groth,

971-220-1003 The number calls me weekly and the week Day-to-day Around a home protection system that I have won. I want my Amount away their list

Post by Florida annoyed,

9712201003 I get a phone call from this Amount several times so when shortly as i answer they hang Upwards. I returned the phone and was told to press 1 to be taken away your phone list. I have no Notion who is calling me and they call as late as 9 W PM I have had 5 Telephone calls in your last week.

Post by Rebeca,

971-220-1003 annoyed

Post by glfgrl,

9712201003 this caller called me and I ignored that phone. I blocked it Thur Verizon.

Post by Tammy,

971-220-1003 Continuously calling me at Unusual hours of your daytime no message and when I reply it disconnects. That is idiotic.

Post by Chris,

9712201003 They have called at 2 W PM 4 W PM and 6 W PM. I never reply since i don t recognize that number. Expecting them for call at 8 W PM.

Post by lstol,

971-220-1003 I am and Only got my first call out of them.

Post by Matt,

9712201003 Got three calls within the Course of 3 hours. Filed a Criticism with the FCC at HTTP support. FCC. gov Grievances. HTML

Post by Rebecca,

971-220-1003 Called my cell Telephone. Annoying. I did t reply.

Post by John Horky,

9712201003 I think it's just a telemarketer. I m on the national no telephone list so what gives.

Post by Anni,

971-220-1003 I too get calls several times a day . . . . I never response and they let it ring til Simply brief of the replying machine Finding up

Post by wendell lochbiler,

9712201003 unwanted calls every day

Post by Ed P.,

971-220-1003 Did t recognize number. . . Arrived Upward a few times a daytime. . replied call by mistake and a telemarketer said Granting to my records I qualified for a fresh Dwelling security system . . . even though he called my business cell and not my home Amount. I hung Upwards but they keep calling back twice a daytime at odd times. Telemarketer wan t rude just annoying unsolicited calls for my company cell.

Post by KSI,

9712201003 've rec d two calls from this Amount today annoying

Post by JPB,

971-220-1003 Telemarketer. Could t even tell me who they were trying for telephone. Offered the guy a difficult time until he Installed Upward. Hopefully I killed enough time for save someone else a call.

Post by beverly day,

9712201003 I have repeal told them not for phone me and they continue I notion I had registered my cell Telephone on the don't phone list but Seemingly that does not work. I keep telling them and telling them. They call earlier they phone late I 'm Ill of them.

Post by Anni,

971-220-1003 check your Telephone Company to see if there's a Supply for blocking calls. Com project does Supply the.

Post by Derp,

9712201003 Got a phone 5 W W 9 W am PST If you have a Prison broken iPhone I Very advocate your blacklist app. Whenever I get a telephone like this I add it to the list and I never hear from it again. Easy peas. Of course they need you to Select up. You don t hear anything because by answering your telephone you personally vie already answered the only question they 've Is this a live Telephone Amount. . You've now been added to some database of Live Amounts that may become Offered for scampers and telemarketers Approximately the universe.

Post by Laurel DiPrima,

971-220-1003 Remove out of phone list please

Post by Mel,

9712201003 Have Cellular telephone. Thank God for that Android because I blocked this after two times of calls. Trouble resolved.

Post by VickiG,

971-220-1003 Along with your annoying phone calls from W W W which I NEVER Select Upwards for. I Additionally got one labeled Help from a W W W number which corresponds for your Comment about it being an Oregon Amount. . . my in Guidelines live in that Region code around that greater Portland OR are.

Post by Anonymous,

9712201003 If you might have a cell contact your Company or Google hushed ring tone. if you might have an iPhone they offer an Program that's your skill to let you personally place up not only a default quiet ring tone but for 've a default silent text alert. Essentially if you personally simply need need to receive interaction along with those in your Associates list you can set Upwards the hushed treatment for that rest. Those who don t 've that ability could at least Determine the silent treatment to nuisance calls texts. Absolute best . W investment I ever got.

Post by Nicole,

971-220-1003 These Individuals 've called a few times a day and even left a vim along with a hangup. I called back today and attempted pressing 1. Hopefully they leave me alone.

Post by Ironside99,

9712201003 Have been calling Caller Id shows HELP they dint leave any message and when I answered your phone you are able to hear Sound in your History and no just one Solutions thus I hang up

Post by cm,

971-220-1003 my Man is receiving the telephone. he has straight Speak. when we called back it wouldn't ring or anything. what is the number

Post by ah,

9712201003 I am on the Sprint network and 've been getting calls like this for Around three weeks now.

Post by fcs,

971-220-1003 Discontinue calling

Post by Banannie,

9712201003 Yes really annoying they should Cease calling

Post by betsha,

971-220-1003 calls and calls 2 3 times a day each day the week I Generally don t response but Only so annoying I replied and I typed in 1 for Quit receiving calls but get them. If I phone back now there s no answer. ANNOYING.

Post by Dee,

9712201003 We are all complaining Around this but does anyone have a Alternative. . . I 'm so sick of the.

Post by GJ,

971-220-1003 Someone needs to create the stop. Multiple calls multiple times a daytime for multiple months. They could keep Attempting but I am not ever answering.

Post by Eric,

9712201003 Allegedly am on a no phone list but 've obtained calls from the number calls out of other Amounts. It s consistently a Man identifying himself as She an.

Post by Mark,

971-220-1003 dint call

Post by Irritated in California,

9712201003 ND call today. Telephone was blacked with Mr. Amount and Processing my second complaint with DC.

Post by pissedoff,

971-220-1003 i vie been becoming these calls overly it's ridiculous. I have picked Upward and there surely is nothing. F ING At amp T shouldn't let the crap through.

Post by Walt,

9712201003 I vie been receiving Around 2 calls a day out of the Amount that last 2 weeks.

Post by I Have Assigned Ringtones Too,

971-220-1003 You demand to phone your cell provider and Set these numbers on your blocked caller list. After you do that you personally won t 've for deal along with these Special numbers again. The just Key is which you 've to keep adding brand new numbers as newer phone spammers telephone. This is what has worked for me. Great luck everyone Matt

Post by Betty,

9712201003 Do not Reply the number. There surely is no 1 on another Finish. The call is generated by an automated calling system that dials arbitrary numbers in hunt of cell Telephone Amounts. If you personally reply it verifies that your Amount is a VIABLE cell phone number and enters your Amount into a cell Telephone directory for commercial Applications. Now property line Telephone Amounts are People record but cell phone directories are not thus there are many people Outside there Striving to build cell Sites for sale. Who buys this type of Listing. Take a look at this company HTTP Www. service things. com products Telephone iPhone plus Take a appearance at what they are bragging Around. All of their merchandises are closely related and all intended to Supply Companies with a way to not just Check who You're but in Substance help Firms Construct their Sources with your own private Information without you even knowing Around it. Essentially when you personally Complete Outside an online sort with your own phone number Firms that use Net services such as those bought from the Business above could get an appended report that pretty Considerably offers them any other info Around you personally the company chooses enjoy address buying Practices age demographics etc. Your one feeble link is cell phone info and that s what marketers Actually want thus that they could start spamming you personally with text messages and ads. With a cell number Sites at their disposal it makes Firms that sell these types of Net services more valuable at your expense of your own privacy. At the Time cell Telephone directories are incomplete. Cell Telephone info is enjoy gold so don t supply it away and help Assemble cell Sites by replying numbers you don t recognize. Hope the helps you all. If you personally don t recognize Telephone numbers coming within Recall please Don t response.

Post by not a telemarketer fan,

971-220-1003 I keep becoming calls out of this number daily. I Simply got a call out of the Amount and it's PM. Really annoying. They never leave a message.

Post by Scott Richardson,

9712201003 Quit the phone calls.

Post by mike,

971-220-1003 you are able to block your phone with Dash. it s Underneath my preferences gt block voice in your own account. worked for me.

Post by Katy Perry,

9712201003 I vie had 4 calls Now out of the Amount. . . and I m not even a People citizen. I already have a security system so if which is all it's. . . I ll reply and tell them and hopefully they won t telephone back.

Post by Carol,

971-220-1003 The number dials me 5 W times a day and never leaves a message

Post by KKay,

9712201003 I get calls from the number. . out of W W W both number have same caller ID as USAF. . I live within Alaska on a Military base. . I have no need for an dismay system. . They phone multiple times a day. . I 've also called back and pressed 1 and it's not worked for me. .

Post by Mohamed,

971-220-1003 I 've been receiving these unwanted Telephone calls and it s been irritating me. They don t even answer back when you reply your Telephone call. They Simply hang Upward. Telephone Businesses demand for create particular call blockers. I think might already have it.

Post by Glau,

9712201003 I am exhausted for receive calls from the Amount. When I phone back a voice mail says that they are having challenging to recognize my number . . .

Post by josh,

971-220-1003 On the sprint network. I get Approximately 5 calls a daytime out of the number. It s quite annoying. Wish they would Quit.

Post by ds,

9712201003 Numerous calls out of the Amount over that previous week as late as 9 W pm that is late for unknown calls IMHO I never response calls out of Amounts I don t Understand as 've Simply obtained overly many recalls. Very annoying. . . BTW I have Verizon.

Post by curly,

971-220-1003 they wont Cease.

Post by Drving me crazy!,

9712201003 I don t know exactly why the hell a lot of Folks is calling me out of this freaking Amount all that time. And that is annoying Quit calling. . Leave Me that alone.

Post by Eric W.,

971-220-1003 4 times a day. This is insane. The train of thought is However more proof that reporting these Amounts Simply dozen t do a damned bit of good.

Post by Sweeie1,

9712201003 Called seconds Past. Blocked it.

Post by new yorker,

971-220-1003 yes but a couple of weeks After. . . . . . they Begin all over again. . . these people should become placed locked up for what they're doing. . . .

Post by Adam,

9712201003 I called the FTC and Submitted a Gripe along with them as well now. That s a Criticism with Dentally. gov FCC and FTC now.

Post by Sally,

971-220-1003 I 've Dash and I 'm also getting these stupid calls 2 3 times a day

Post by Kelly,

9712201003 I have Foster amp 'm happy that I Viewed this Upward. They never leave a message thus it s good to understand that they re Only Pol to not reply for. I located Outside they re located in OR as nicely but that s it. Thus thanks.

Post by John,

971-220-1003 Calling me 3 for 4 times a day for your last 5 days. Did t reply.

Post by heather,

9712201003 same matter. . . i was in bed they called after PM last night. . . .

Post by fedup2,

971-220-1003 After having the phone me X today I finally replied your Telephone. Sean Inquired me how I was doing amp I responded you personally vie reached your Oregon Lawyer generals office how could possibly I direct your phone. He gasped amp said he would have my number taken off your call list instantly.

Post by Judy,

9712201003 Simply a ditto for all those Opinions before me. What could we can.

Post by Susanne,

971-220-1003 What eventually worked for me was Only entering their Amounts within your block telephone list on my Telephone. When they call now I never Notice it ring and they get a occupied Transmission and it hangs Upward on them.

Post by bernard bove,

9712201003 unsolicited unwanted

Post by silvia,

971-220-1003 This can be a home protective services Business . They keep calling me even though I 've told them numerous times to take me away their list and to leave me alone. They're rude and hang up on me when I tell them for Quit calling.

Post by Guest,

9712201003 Installed UL

Post by Guest,

971-220-1003 Got 5 calls in just one day with no express mail or anything. . . . when I see a number that begins with a 9 or dozen t look familiar I don t reply and figure if its lii git they can leave a VIM. These People don t and when I try to block your it says its in use . . . . . why could t I block the Help. . . I despise spam calls and I get alto of them

Post by lagreel,

9712201003 What's Choose Forwards. Do we all have that on your cell s or is it a down loadable. I just downloaded Telephone Control purportedly they forward the calls for that National Don't Call Registry. . . ID it s Only thus damned annoying.

Post by Floridian,

971-220-1003 Call everyday more than just one time a daytime. Called back and press 1 for don't phone but telephone and more Regularly. On national DC register but get the Promotion call.

Post by Ronald Shelby,

9712201003 overly many telephone unwanted

Post by diane,

971-220-1003 I have Dash and have gotten 3 or 4 calls from this Amount no 1 there very annoying

Post by Jackie,

9712201003 my favorite is after 2 calls a daytime I Select up the call and Hit that phone on Table. I stops them. For the daytime.

Post by Kat,

971-220-1003 I am with AT amp T and the Amount came through on my cell Now. I Merely sent it to VIM.

Post by ann,

9712201003 this number keeps calling me who is it

Post by Wanda,

971-220-1003 Pestered by calls on my don't call cell phone

Post by MWH,

9712201003 Received phone out of this . Just need for report it and Quit that calls.

Post by Lynne,

971-220-1003 They have called me 3 5 times Regular. Last night I answered and it was a Security Business along with a guy name Jason. Before he could give me his sales spiel I Inquired him to please remove me out of their calling list. Of course I understand they could t Maybe removed it overnight but I still got 5 calls today. I doubt that he even noted a removal.

Post by Jim Rockford,

9712201003 They called and left no message. After reading some of your Remarks here I blocked that number.

Post by Zaboo,

971-220-1003 I have many Telephone phone not the Telephone but others too. it called Virtually the same time. Mindless must attempt to do hack.

Post by missed calls,

9712201003 Keep becoming multiple calls day and nighttime. It shows Upward as DIRECT Access. It s a call from Gresham OR. I don t know anyone from there. They have called as late as PM.

Post by Joel A. Rubba,

971-220-1003 Please Quit calling


9712201003 I vie never answered and they vie been calling 3 5 times Day-to-day for more than 5 months now. Not answering doesn't work. I vie Additionally Registered several Grievances with that do not telephone list.

Post by Birdhouse,

971-220-1003 called my cell Recently W W 1 W 4 W amp 6 W how annoying. at 6 W blocked

Post by Lula,

9712201003 Me overly becoming both numbers called multiple times.

Post by Tired of phone calls,

971-220-1003 HERE IS WHAT WE ALL Demand For Can EVEN THOUGH I Don't LIVE Within OREGON I 've CALLED That Attorney GENERAL OF OREGON With Your Telephone Amount AND SAID That this Business IS HARASSING ME. Maybe someone for the reason that state may 've a cease and desist placed against the business.

Post by Marian,

9712201003 I wish I knew. Your do not phone list is a joke. You can file all the Criticisms you personally desire with them and they do completely nothing. Want someone would pursue a Course Actions match.

Post by anonymous,

971-220-1003 Your Dentally Registry works on voluntary compliance enjoy speed limit signs on Roads. Fair telemarketers honour your Registry abusive telemarketers and scampers do not. The Gov cannot Quit criminals from calling you personally anymore than your own locked Opportunities and windows will Discontinue a determined Thief. Not that fault of your Gov it s Only the way things are don t you recognize.

Post by elyse,

9712201003 I 've Netflix and don t believe this really is the problem. Netflix dozen t even have my Telephone Amount on record.

Post by Marian,

971-220-1003 I m receiving them and 've AT amp T . When I response there surely is click that sounds like a Graphic is being taken. The number of Telephone calls is bothersome.

Post by Deb,

9712201003 Got 2 Telephone calls from this Amount Now already. Did t Comprehend so did t answer. . . no message. I added them to my contact list and blocked them thus it may go straight to express send and I don t 've for become bothered. . .

Post by lagreel,

971-220-1003 What's Choose Forward. Can we all have that on our cell s or could it be a down loadable. I Simply downloaded Phone Control allegedly they forwards your calls to that National Don't Phone Registry. . . ID it s Merely so damned annoying.

Post by Amy,

9712201003 I am along with VIZ as well and have been becoming calls out of all those Amounts. . . I Only don t answer but it certain is annoying I agree. I Normally just Google your numbers to look for out what telemarketers it is. Don t understand how you can get it to Cease.

Post by radmila savic,

971-220-1003 unwanted calls out of the Amount every single daytime. . two times a day

Post by unwanted call,

9712201003 I am so Ill of becoming these Dumb calls no 1 ever Solutions. . . . .

Post by Karen,

971-220-1003 Merely Began becoming calls out of the Amount today here it is 5 W and got 5 calls from them. Caller ID comes Upward as USAF. As soon as I Choose up they hang Upwards. . .

Post by Kara Mitchell,

9712201003 They keep calling although I 've told them for Discontinue.

Post by wanda,

971-220-1003 they phone me at least 3 times per month. they tell me that they need for give me W. W of Residence security Gear. i keep telling them i am not interested. they don't listen. it's consistently that same mans express on another end. very pushy overly. i Simply state no and hang Upward.

Post by jeff,

9712201003 I 've a suggestion to anyone receiving such a phone go forward and take that phone suggest caller You're interested let them send someone out or otherwise waste their time within contacting you personally within person. . when if they display up let them know what you believe Around their Procedure of getting potential customers or making a long-lasting Buddy.

Post by Christine,

971-220-1003 I 've been becoming calls for several days more than once a daytime. I eventually replied 1 Simply for see what was said. It was a man offering home security I Installed up on him. These calls come to my acreage line Telephone. I do not have AT amp T for my Dwelling or cell and don't 've your same Company for my Residence and cell Telephone. Last call that Arrived in I replied and instantaneously Put Upward. I overly Usually do not response unknown numbers.

Post by Fred,

9712201003 These dint give Upward. . . . . . . they demand for be Set within jail

Post by nannecakes,

971-220-1003 this has been calling my phone. . won t response. . don t know you personally or care. . such a waste of my time. . .

Post by tash,

9712201003 they Simply called my House at PM i have for Children under 3. . the BS

Post by Hannah,

971-220-1003 This can be that first time this Particular number has called me but others similar continually telephone. I d enjoy it to Stop. . .

Post by Angus & also Annoyed,

9712201003 My Owner ID also indicated HELP . No message was left.

Post by Linda,

971-220-1003 AT amp T calling several times within a day pushing 1 just confirms a live line they then back away for a few weeks Subsequently Begin again 've reported them to do not phone and other Companies to no avail

Post by Liz,

9712201003 I am with Us Mobile have gotten W calls from the Amount in 2 times. . . . . . . . . Stop

Post by Dave,

971-220-1003 I Place these fools on my blocked telephone list cell Telephone no phone list . It still Songs that missed calls. There were 7 in two times a couple weeks ago. It stopped. Now they called again. Take a Sign.

Post by Steven Abbott,

9712201003 I m becoming 2 to 3 calls a daytime from this Amount. Really annoying.

Post by Nicole,

971-220-1003 I 've gotten two calls out of the number today. I don t or can I ever response Amounts that I don't Comprehend. They do not want to leave a message so it dozen t question to me if they keep calling. Wasting their time and none of mine.

Post by M.G.,

9712201003 Receive telephone Merely don t answer

Post by bricard,

971-220-1003 They have been calling me non stop for 6 months . despite clicking on the do not telephone me list they Change Region code senders at least W different area Rules . They are crooks and should be stopped . I 'm going to take this to that highest authorities . The fight is on for me and for all of people who have been Theme to this agony .

Post by gloria,

9712201003 I am going for attempt that Telemarketer Technique Proposed by Vortex can let you personally understand if it helps.

Post by Jackie,

971-220-1003 Keeps calling my cell Telephone. They do not leave a message.

Post by Barb,

9712201003 They 've called my wireless phone servile times a daytime for the past few times.

Post by Val,

971-220-1003 I have acquired calls out of this number twice no 1 answers.

Post by ihadenuff,

9712201003 I vie obtained 7 calls from these jerks since yesterday. This can be absurd. I m heading for Oregon to kick many .

Post by Ro,

971-220-1003 I Only got one. I m along with Run but just for two weeks

Post by whistler,

9712201003 It should be Essential.

Post by ms mi,

971-220-1003 gotten a phone on my cell Telephone that is for my use just. I do not give your number Outside because I have to control that size of my phone bill. my number is Enrolled don't telephone. I Don't Wish To Be CONTACTED BY ANYONE I Never have INVITED For Telephone ME.

Post by Mee!,

9712201003 Never gotten these calls until I signed a contract with U. S. Mobile. Hmm mm. . . . .

Post by jenny,

971-220-1003 so Way they have called me four times today this can be becoming quite annoying

Post by al,

9712201003 stop calling

Post by Wilson,

971-220-1003 It s the same previous Dwelling security SCAM Only a different spoofed number and caller ID HELP . They Don't Sell Anything. The criminals are Simply Striving for get you personally for provide them cash or get enough private information for Take it. Do not Offer Them Any Information. If you personally response the phone Afterward they understand they 've a live number and won't Quit calling.

Post by joe reina,

9712201003 These are telemarketer calls. They are rude and ugly and will not Quit.

Post by mabel haas,

971-220-1003 They continue to harass me even though I have Inquired many times for remove my Amount. It's NOT being done when Inquired.

Post by Ren,

9712201003 Go for HTTP support. FCC. gov complaints. HTML. Sid De amp id De File an online complaint against them. If everyone would take a few seconds for whine Perhaps it would help. Being on that do not call list does nothing . . .

Post by c from douglas,wyoming,

971-220-1003 Only got a phone out of the number did not reply. they did not leave a message

Post by anonymous,

9712201003 Don t know exactly why your own Service could t but you can attempt Setting a no ring ring tone for that number that s not blocking that call but at least you personally won t become hassled. You personally might 've to subscribe for telephone blocking for block calls see Particular Call Blocking Reporting W here HTTP Internet. Nanak. com circumvention's. HTML

Post by michelle,

971-220-1003 they keep calling me and when i response they say nothing and then hang Upwards. . . its rather annoying and is wasting my minutes.

Post by Pete,

9712201003 Came within at W W am EST . . . HELP . . . reported them for that National Do not Phone Registry . . . that system is from control.

Post by Larry Swartz,

971-220-1003 don t want to can anything along with these people. . How do I shut them Upward.

Post by Rick,

9712201003 unwanted

Post by tired of it,

971-220-1003 Going for Call this Amount from company Facsimile machine. Keeps redialing until fax is Directed}. Trust they like ring inside their ear.

Post by jesse,

9712201003 It s telemarketing for House security systems. They got my number out of Com project cable because I called last week for have a system Place in. I m super pissed that they sold my phone Amount.

Post by Mr G,

971-220-1003 I got 1 on AT amp T

Post by lgg34,

9712201003 I 'm Additionally an AT amp T customer and rec d a telephone from the no MSG left.

Post by Kathy Chiolino,

971-220-1003 Telemarketers calling my cell is annoying. And I am on the Do not Telephone list. . What can I would about it. .

Post by Tommy,

9712201003 That simply way for create the Cease is to throw away your phone. That do not telephone list is useless another useless waste of tax money.

Post by Pixie,

971-220-1003 They called so that as soon as I replied it hung up.

Post by Mistyd,

9712201003 I have Us Cellular and I Merely gotten a telephone from the number W W W I turned ringer away and Afterward once it stops I Strike send text message I vie learned that once a text message of Stop calling my number is put in your system keeps Attempting for reply it up for W minutes and Subsequently I don t get any more calls out of that Amount. I believe it angers someone when they have for clear the line. Truthfully I don t attention who I wrath if they're calling my phone with their absurdity.

Post by 971-220-1003,

971-220-1003 I have obtained several phone calls from this number for quite a few times within a row. I never reply thus I 'm not certain who it is but I can try and get that Amount blocked.

Post by Crank calls,

9712201003 I m on Mobile. Just got a phone. Not certain if that is first phone I vie acquired or not. Did t answer. Going to pay focus on see if that call is repeated. This type of holes.

Post by Courtney,

971-220-1003 I 'm on Art and get these calls Practically Day-to-day.

Post by Angel Marshall,

9712201003 Repeated calls my number is on your dentally. gov registry and they still call.

Post by It's Me,

971-220-1003 I am been receiving calls out of W W W for at least the last week. They're calling 4 for 5 times a day Attempting to state that I have won so many thousands of dollars for Residence security and many times Simply saying they're trying for sell it. I 've worked along with a fraud Discovery Firm and I 'm certain that this is fraudulent. I am advising everyone who gets these calls not to talk for them in any respect. A few times it shows on your Owner id as USAF and some times it can show Direct Access.

Post by Nikki,

9712201003 I have wireless service along with T mobile and I keep becoming calls out of W W W. Really annoying. I don t answer your calls

Post by Ali,

971-220-1003 Amount calls me 3 4 times a day and want it to stop. No one is on the other end.

Post by Janet,

9712201003 I demand for get an air horn and when they telephone reply and Boost em. That May}n' work at Ending them out of calling me. And I have Cellular telephone so they don t discriminate.

Post by hadenough,

971-220-1003 i Additionally 've Verizon and they call on my cell constantly.

Post by Karen Judge,

9712201003 Calling House phone and cell phone daily

Post by calm,

971-220-1003 I vie been becoming called from W W W for a few days now. they don t leave messages and hang Upward when i response. . .

Post by Annoyed,

9712201003 Yesterday and Now I am becoming calls each W minutes. I have that ringer place to NO RING FOR THOSE NOT Within my Connections so I just get the missed call history. It makes it a bit less annoying.

Post by Caliman,

971-220-1003 Called Amount back after hang Upward and Promotion phone and just press just one after that message.

Post by Buffalo Bob,

9712201003 Owner Hi that is Shawn from House and Family Protective Services. How are you personally Now. Me Aw Christ.

Post by Bj,

971-220-1003 Have Verizon and same thing happening

Post by Sprint,

9712201003 Race Service here i used their blocking service ha vent gotten a phone since

Post by Guest,

971-220-1003 Residence security spam . . . .

Post by luis,

9712201003 i 've Verizon and that same thing

Post by Fred,

971-220-1003 People I vie had along with the number calling me. Eventually today I had a breakthrough. That Business is run out of Sacramento and that direct Amount into the call center where that Professionals Stay is W W W W W. You will get an actual Man and you are able to break off a piece of your mind and need they take you personally away their telephone lists. Worked for me good Fortune. .

Post by aqua,

9712201003 I Simply attempted that FCC Amount and just got a funny ring. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Kathryne,

971-220-1003 If the number calls me 1 more time I am going for hang myself.

Post by Pheus,

9712201003 I get called out of this on LAN line everyday for last couple of weeks . Spoke for that person calling today Striving for sell House security systems . Terrible connection and they hung Upward become for I could locate anything out about a most likely inferior Merchandise . Called back Amount gives you a recording and Choice to Elect from being solicited again by pressing 1

Post by Debbie,

971-220-1003 I 'm becoming 3 to 4 calls a daytime and no one is on that line when I response. I 'm using a Traction.

Post by Mike,

9712201003 They vie been calling several times a day for weeks. Never leave a message.

Post by Richard Shanks,

971-220-1003 The number keeps calling me around and around they have called me at least ten times. I actually called them back to get unsubscribed on their calling list but it was not helpful within Ending these calls. I 'm also Enrolled on your national do not call list. They hang Upwards or leave a Registered message with their phone back number. I 've now blocked them through my cell Telephone Supplier. I don't know who they are or what they need. I don't attention what they need I desire them for quit bothering me. They are a Bad Insect.

Post by Anonymous,

9712201003 They Began calling me 2 months ago I finally found a manner for Set a Quit for it. Telephone them at W W W W W etc. It Bands at the Workplace where they schedule your appointments for the security company to come for your house. Phone them and tell them your tired to be harassed and tell them for remove you from their calling list. Great Luck. .

Post by Charlie in Connecticut,

971-220-1003 Owner I. D. indicates L Help originates out of Oregon. This Man is within Complete Infraction of the Don't Phone the and has made a real Bug of himself. Let it be Understood that I don t need a security system I don t need insurance I don t desire Advice advice investment Ideas or any of that help . . . Only need this Man for leave all of us alone. Does he not understand that we would NEVER buy from a Man who uses such Ways. I expect he is bankrupted by his Phone Invoice.

Post by Q,

9712201003 Allegedly an dismay company searching for a model Residence for use. Asked for speak to Manager but they did t Place me through and all they could say was I recognize.

Post by E. V. Murphy,

971-220-1003 I don't want calls from this number

Post by Linda,

9712201003 I received 2 phone calls out of this number thus far. I don t reply that phone. No messages are ever left thus I understand its a telemarketer or scummier. I 've gotten several other calls from unknown Amounts as nicely. These jerks are persistent they wont Quit calling. Time USN t a factor either they phone all hours of your day and nighttime. . . . .

Post by nachomama39,

971-220-1003 They haven t Discontinued calling me. I 've Inquired them 4 times verbally and called back that from the missed call 6 times for get my removed. If they are on auto Sellers which they are it is against Federal Trade Commission law to continue calls after they have been a verbal cease and desist notice. I m filing a Grievance now with the FTC. Hope it works for any of you personally that try too.

Post by Guest,

9712201003 Annoying spam

Post by B,

971-220-1003 take Amount would a Change look up look for Provider Information and tease the crap out of them. I 'm doing it for all unwanted calls now.

Post by Amber,

9712201003 I m on Verizon and got a telephone out of this number. Did t answer and they left no message. I usually get online and block your number if it looks like a telemarketer. If it happens to be Verizon calling about a late payment it won t let you personally block the Amount.

Post by Don,

971-220-1003 Consistently report these annoying callers for Do not Call. I m Recorded on Don't Call but Regularly get unwanted callers but I constantly report them. Dozen t appear for do any great but I report them anyway.

Post by steve,

9712201003 The Amount Simply went on my call Avoid list.

Post by Doug,

971-220-1003 The company is persistent and should be Ceased.

Post by RickH,

9712201003 Gotten unwanted solicitation out of this Amount. Maintained they were giving manner W within security equipment.

Post by AComrie,

971-220-1003 calls several times a day when I response they don t say anything.

Post by EastCoast,

9712201003 Got a phone at W P. m. EDT last nighttime from this Amount guess they don t 've enough respect for people for consider time zone differences. . I called back the morning at 5 A. m. EDT within the vain expect that I would someone Upward. Got a record that said I had been called by a telemarketer and for press 1 if I did not wish to receive calls from the telemarketer in that future. . .

Post by Ma,

971-220-1003 I believe your don't telephone is a JOKE. Your gov t trying to create people believe it's an answer.

Post by Heather,

9712201003 It s a recording not a Actual Individual in your Starting. I was becoming calls out of them from another Amount at first now a fresh Amount. If you state yes you have a system they hang up on you but keep calling. If you personally state no the recording keeps asking questions. I kept saying Talk to some representative and the record kept Striving for convince me to Speak to it. The last time I said it that recording LAUGHED at me and Afterward hung up on me. . . . I now 've 2 numbers out of them blocked on my Telephone.

Post by Mazzie,

971-220-1003 Repeatedly telephone leave no messages and when you personally response that phone nobody on another end. Seemingly your do not phone list established by your Authorities does t mean anything.

Post by vcandrews,

9712201003 Repetitive annoying calls from the number daily. Quit.

Post by anamay,

971-220-1003 Any more calls since Subsequently.

Post by mila,

9712201003 because it could become a bank Amount. . i did t Select Upward once because Amount wan t recognizable to me. . and thy telephone me for request for approval for Deal. . somebody was using my card. . thus i did t Select up and someone took two times W from my account. .

Post by Angus & also Annoyed,

971-220-1003 My caller ID also indicated HELP . No message was left.

Post by VickiG,

9712201003 Never idea about an escort service. Gosh. I must Actually be becoming previous. Safe to state if you personally never answer probably they can t look for out much else. Also it's to be a haphazard Call er that Hans t been Upward dated along with your Don't Phone lists and use a random Call er as my phone number is Non list Non Publish.

Post by I Have Assigned Ringtones Too,

971-220-1003 I use a regular ring for all Associates and I vie recorded a one second of Stop ring tone for all other calls. Sure I might Skip a few Significant calls but I could check voice mail or ID for see if your number is worth calling back. Its a prepaid Artwork each telemarketing phone Prices me cash.

Post by Rick,

9712201003 For what it s value here s what has worked for me Until about 2 months Past I was becoming as many as 4 of these scam spam calls per daytime. This despite having a phone blocking Unit on my line that sends Outside that three Stay tones indicating that this isn't a working Amount. But here s the problem. Before I could block a telephone I first had to let it go to the replying machine Afterward go online for see it was a Amount that should become blocked. Even though all future calls out of that Amount were blocked that first phone which was Decided up by that answering machine or express mail caused my number to become flagged as great inside their database. Thus calls from other numbers ongoing relentlessly. One of the matters I Found is that they Regularly send out your same Owner ID Name after changing Amounts. So I started blocking them by name instead of Amount. The helped alto but they d Regularly get through by changing both their name and their number which caused the replying machine to get involved again and again my Amount was flagged as good and a entire fresh rash of nuisance calls would start coming within again. So I turned away the answering machine. Now any new Amount or name Simply rings until I find Outside who it's. I Subsequently block it by name. The result seems for be the first phone that USN t answered gets flagged as something akin for unknown strive After . But when they attempt later they get your Sit tones. Since it s blocked by name they still get the Stay tones even if they re try by using a different calling Amount which happens frequently. The Base line is this Nuisance calls have Lost steadily from 3 4 a daytime for 1 or two a week. Based on those results I Imagine that my Amount is being flagged as poor . I don t expect this strategy to Remove nuisance calls completely but the huge decrease is definitely a step within your correct Course. In purchase because of this to work you need a System that could send Outside that Sit tones or your own own recording of them for blocked Amounts. It Additionally helps if you are able to block by name as nicely as Amount Significantly reducing the number of Articles. I use a device called Indiscreet . Sadly the Product is no More Accessible but May}n' Search on e bay from time to time. Nonetheless there are several software Applications that can perform all this and Considerably more such as blocking whole Region Rules or Region code and exchange or any component of a Amount or name. That disadvantage is which you demand a ND computer along with your right type of modem and it needs for become running all daytime long within purchase for Check the phone line and intercept calls. You ll have to determine for yourself if it s value it for you. If it were me I d appearance for a cheap used system along with a single hard drive at least just one Hardware port and a minimal of installed software. I d connect it to your Telephone line but disable its ability to connect to the Net. Exactly why no Net. It eliminates that demand for firewalls and other operating system and Malawi protection Software that demand constant Changing. Anything needing installation on the ND system could be downloaded by my Primary system and transferred to the ND system via a Usb Stay. Minimal installed software reduces overhead frees system resources increases Result time and shortens Start Upward time. Good Fortune.

Post by Mason,

971-220-1003 They have been calling regularly mid daytime but Making no message

Post by pvscrapper,

9712201003 We know the DC list is a joke. We understand that pressing a Amount to become removed out of a list is counterproductive. We understand that as soon as you personally get a live Man and Begin asking questions they hang Upward. Verizon just allows you personally for block 5 numbers for free for W times and let s face it those d bags Simply change Amounts as Quickly as they're reported. It s a bit of a pain and it is not Useful for everyone but here is 1 Alternative Each Telephone I vie got two Samsung's and I attempted it on a Pal s LG will allow you to block phone Amounts that are not on your own contacts list. If your cell is your company Telephone nicely this may not work for you. But if you desire to Cease BS calls in your private cell this might become helpful. Go to your own Tools and Settings menu probably 9 Now go for Phone Options likely 6 Scroll down to Security should become 8 It should ask you personally for enter a lock code. Attempt your last four digits of your cell . That s that Standard. Once which is accepted go for Limitations mine is 2 Enter your own lock code again. If you Destination t changed it it's your last four digits of your cell. Choose Calls Pick Incoming calls You've that choice to permit all calls allow Connections simply or block all calls. I Select Associates Simply. Choose it and enjoy that silence of the scumbag telemarketers who can t get through to you personally. Your Downsides You've for unblock it each time you desire for just add a Amount to your Connections list. You can t just Face a Amount and then choose an Choice to add. You've to go back through the same menu Choices to unblock everything just thus you are able to add someone. Sickish but not the worst thing ever. Normally you have to re block everything too. If you personally Count on fresh customers to telephone your own cell you are going to lose some business if your customers could t get through. The scumbags could still text you personally but I have Discovered a Fall away in the Amount of You have won. and Free Present Card and Demand Cash Now. . texts. If you personally arena t careful you are able to reset your Telephone to factory settings thus do the simply when you can see it nicely and follow your Guidelines Clearly. If you want Telephone Particular directions see the Guide on your phone. If we can t defeat these human and robotic vermin we could at least block their worthless behinds for free.

Post by MRT,

971-220-1003 They have been calling for two weeks my wife finally replied. Express said it was Sean out of House and Family Security ask how she was she said Ok Individual on other Finish Put Upward.

Post by Deborah,

9712201003 Keep becoming calls from this phone number unsolicited sales calls

Post by Kat,

971-220-1003 Ha. Humorous. I want I d thought for can that. Really adroit.

Post by Nicholas,

9712201003 I keep becoming the annoying call 3 4 times each day out of this number

Post by LIsa in OH,

971-220-1003 W W W on caller ID Hung Upward on my machine When I called back the Telephone did not even ring. No uncertainty a few Waste telemarketer That Don't Call list is a joke I have been on it forever and I get garbage calls all your time.

Post by Tom,

9712201003 Calls to both my cell phone and my Google Voice with that exact same time Postages so they must become war dialing my area code. The number is owned by Pacific Telecommute Group who is run by David Hamilton. They are a scam telephone Firm that rents numbers to telemarketers for create cash away of the Owner ID name appearance Upward fees the receiving tel co has to pay for appearance up the Owner ID name Information. See this Site Around them HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com Please use your links within there to make a report for that Oregon Public Tools Commission and also that Oregon Lawyer General s office.

Post by Julie,

971-220-1003 I keep becoming calls from the number Began last week. They call numerous times a day and if you Choose Upwards you personally Notice music and that call disconnects after about W W seconds. If I don t response it goes through to voice mail and the message is that same music and the telephone disconnects. Idiotic.

Post by Christie,

9712201003 I have gotten a telephone once a day. I also 've AT amp T service

Post by EEC,

971-220-1003 I have Verizon and Getaway t gotten several calls. And acquired 1 last night at PM EST. Shush. Really annoying.

Post by Jenni,

9712201003 I have gotten numerous Telephones calls out of this Amount. I eventually achieved a boiling point and answered that Telephone by saying State Police. It's now been 4 days without a call. Perhaps Simply maybe they got your hint.

Post by JR-mich,

971-220-1003 I am on AT amp T network as well and get 4 5 calls a daytime. When someone says they are telemarketers and keep calling even when told you are not interested and calling it Typically is someone Striving for Take Information. Block Owner don t response.

Post by William Currie,

9712201003 Don't telephone my telephone W W W

Post by LGIG,

971-220-1003 I Get a phone call every other daytime from Brand new CO Approximately 9 W. I don t understand who they are and neither would I care but I wish they d Discontinue calling me. Phone Number is 1 W W W.

Post by suzy,

9712201003 every day and sometimes several times a day Sean from Residence and Family Protection calls. Ill of this. I 've requested removal through that automated system.

Post by Julie Rehmer,

971-220-1003 Your Individual from the Amount is calling me 3 5 times a daytime. Would love For Have THEM BLOCKED.

Post by Nancy,

9712201003 Hi Eve thanks alto for your Information. I already 've a Attorney Prepared for sue. HE isn't a happy camper he Only got a phone today.

Post by lloyd,

971-220-1003 gotten calls 2 days in a Line. hang Upwards before i can response or can as shortly as I do.

Post by Get EVEN,

9712201003 VIZ cell. I called back and pressed 1 and your phone calls Quit. If they don t just report them to your FCC Site and they will get Close down. HTTP support. FCC. gov Criticisms. HTML

Post by Anonymous,

971-220-1003 They started calling me 2 months Past I eventually located a manner for Place a stop to it. Call them at W W W W W etc. It Bands at your Workplace where they schedule that Sessions for that security company for come to your own house. Call them and tell them your own exhausted to be harassed and tell them for remove you out of their calling list. Great Fortune. .

Post by Kelley,

9712201003 VIZ as nicely becoming calls

Post by Guest,

971-220-1003 Spam

Post by Colleen Dernbach,

9712201003 There's never anyone on when i pickup.

Post by Barbara S,

971-220-1003 Calls hangs Upward. annoying

Post by Jerry Lipsch,

9712201003 Got a telephone out of this Recently. Who is it.

Post by raj,

971-220-1003 Gotten a phone for my cell phone from W W W though I am on the NO Phone List. I did not Choose Upward your telephone. Your Owner did not leave any message either. Likely a telemarketer. can there be any way for stop such nuisance calls. THC

Post by Ben,

9712201003 I 've been getting a lot of call from this number.

Post by CHUCKIE,

971-220-1003 I Obtained 2 CALLS OM MY AT amp T CELL Today. DID NOT ANSWER

Post by Michigan,

9712201003 called multiple times over previous couple days

Post by GS,

971-220-1003 Called 3 times on the same daytime left no message.

Post by eye roller,

9712201003 these calls are so annoying a Mindless machine Solutions and says crap that i don t even care about

Post by lee,

971-220-1003 called 6 W pm 4 W W told not to call again. Called my crisis cell phone.

Post by Kristie,

9712201003 bogus caller

Post by ralph,

971-220-1003 calls multiple times per day. Registered Grievance along with Customer shield in agency. . . . . . another example of our govt at work. . . or not.

Post by Jake,

9712201003 They phone me on VIZ cell 3 calls per day. I answer they hang Upward. .

Post by Kat,

971-220-1003 I m on that Do not Telephone list. Cease calling me several times a daytime. . . . . . . .

Post by Kenny,

9712201003 They won t Quit calling. I am Processing legal Activity.

Post by TGKB,

971-220-1003 I vie been getting calls out of this Amount three or four times a daytime for that last few weeks. I did telephone back and gotten an option for have my Amount removed from the calling list. Nevertheless it was not removed and I m still getting these annoying calls.

Post by new yorker,

9712201003 yes but a couple of weeks After. . . . . . they Begin all over again. . . these people should become placed locked Upward for what they are doing. . . .

Post by Rita,

971-220-1003 I m along with Run and this Amount is calling my phone too. . Everyday No message left but I m not answering. This drives me mad.

Post by Kevin,

9712201003 Persistent calling. After hours overly.

Post by LUCY,

971-220-1003 unwanted Telephone calls

Post by Michelle,

9712201003 Received a phone phone at PM ET with no MSG. Called again today at Am ET and identified himself as Dwelling Protection Services. Proposed I did t need additional solicitations.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1003 SPAM Important. . . .

Post by STEVE,

9712201003 CONTINUE For 3 4 CALLS A Day I REFUSE To Answer.

Post by Peg,

971-220-1003 Very annoying. Get these calls all your time

Post by VickiG,

9712201003 That's wonderful Guidance. I 'm adding it for my must have list of Amounts by your Telephone. Will be using it Often I suspect.

Post by lagreel,

971-220-1003 What is Select Forward. Do we all have that on the cell s or is it a down loadable. I Merely downloaded Call Control purportedly they forward your calls for that National Don't Phone Registry. . . ID it s Only thus damned annoying.

Post by Esdaguy,

9712201003 Receives numerous calls from this number with what sounds enjoy voice synthesized message.

Post by jen,

971-220-1003 i got the number calling me too. . l 've Verizon. W W W. . . they didn't leave a message. . i ain't calling them back either.

Post by Dahar Master Kor,

9712201003 've called several times within the past week. Decided up the first time did t see that Amount got an extremely choppy message. Asked them for Duplicate who it was they said No. I proceeded for curse them out at which point he shouted back This really is On your FAMILY AND Your HOUSE S Security at which point I said Are you personally threatening me. At which point they Installed Upward. 've since called back a few times. 've been becoming a Amount of scam insurance and dismay system calls since having to join the AFT for work which is enormously unsatisfactory.

Post by heather,

971-220-1003 same matter. . . i was within bed they called after PM last nighttime. . . .

Post by Ray,

9712201003 That same A hole called me.

Post by anonymous,

971-220-1003 Don t know why your Company could t but you can strive assigning a no ring ring tone for your number that s not blocking your call but at least you won t be hassled. You personally could possibly have for subscribe for call blocking for block calls see Selective Telephone Blocking Reporting W here HTTP Www. Nanak. com circumvention's. HTML

Post by PhoneQueen,

9712201003 Amen to your Traction

Post by Dee Dee,

971-220-1003 I vie been getting several calls a daytime. 1 I received not 3 minutes ago which prompted me to look up the page and look for out who it is and what they want. I did reply just one day for see who it was and told your person I was not interested and Needed my number removed out of whatever list its on and he simply hung up on me without even listening. The calls have now become more Consistent. When I call the number back I get a record that prompts me for press a Amount for become removed. I 've called and pressed that Amount so many times but nothing is Ending these Individuals from calling. That is harassment and needs for be Discontinued. .

Post by Terri,

9712201003 5 calls Merely today. 2 3 calls a day the last few times.

Post by Rebecca,

971-220-1003 Called my cell Telephone. Annoying. I did t answer.

Post by Jeanne Couture,

9712201003 unwanted solicitation calls

Post by passengas,

971-220-1003 Don t reply it They won t leave a message. It s an unidentified Promotion Business. Telephone your number back No just one may answer your incoming phone. Simply an automated message instructing you personally how you can remove your own Amount. Choose Alternative 1 to be removed from your telephone list.

Post by anonymous,

9712201003 Your Dentally Registry works on voluntary compliance enjoy speed Control signs on Roads. Fair telemarketers honor the Registry abusive telemarketers and scampers do not.

Post by t,

971-220-1003 these scum lords called left no message what rude pieces of trash

Post by VickiG,

9712201003 I get the same number Generally. . . several times a day. . . all week long including Breaks. I am Additionally AT amp T and think this can be probably telemarketer and or political survey type telephone. I don t reply numbers I don t understand or are for Poultry sh t for list their names.

Post by Laura,

971-220-1003 They call Day-to-day. More than once. Only got my third phone today within an hour and a half. Who are these Folks.

Post by tpr607,

9712201003 really . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by cy,

971-220-1003 thus sick of getting these calls. seven times Now. five Recently. I dint answer but it's thus annoying. I am along with Cox and on a land line thus they arena t Only hitting cell numbers

Post by Roe Neu,

9712201003 They have been calling and hanging Upwards as I response your Telephone or just letting your phone ring a couple of times and Subsequently hang Upward. It happened four times today and that days not over.

Post by Hobolochitto,

971-220-1003 Obtained my first phone out of this Amount Now at W. W. My number is listed on the Do not Call Registry and the Time I have been Recorded W days I can submit a Gripe. I 've a daily record of Unsolicited Calls from everyone who has called since I Enrolled my Telephone. I completely Mean to file a Grievance that Time I reach W times on that Do not Call Registry against each number. I 've Additionally blocked their number thus will not have for answer their calls in that future. Nevertheless when they do telephone they Make a Put on my Unsolicited Phone listing and will be Topic for Gripe s .

Post by Twice today,

9712201003 Lucky me eh.

Post by Wyote,

971-220-1003 It's happening on Verizon Telephones also

Post by DL,

9712201003 Visitors still calls me on Residence insurance. Interpreters him over and over again that I have a Packet house in Europe and here in America is a stack of Forums. Despite the call 3 4 times a daytime.

Post by Robert / San Diego,

971-220-1003 I started receiving these calls April Th W. I also 've Verizon. Since your first telephone I Inquired them for stop but kept getting calls. A few telemarketing suck purity BS. The Man named Jason Appears for be the one calling me since I have talked to him twice and both times Inquired him not for telephone. Also called the number back and attempted pushing 1 for remove my Amount out of their list that did not work. Now I called your FCC complaint department that representative told me there was nothing they could would because my cell phone was not on that National Don't Telephone list. So I Enrolled my Now. I Really got through to your Individual in the FCC Very swift after hitting a few s Their is 1 W W W. Phone them if you've already placed your own on that DC list and are still receiving calls. If you've not go for that Web site and do that first. HTTP Www. dentally. gov The more Folks we get for report this W W W your sooner they might get Close down.

Post by VickiG,

9712201003 Never notion about an Move service. Gosh. I must Actually be getting old. Safe to say if you never answer Likely they could t find Outside much else. Also it has to be a haphazard Switch er that Hans t been Upward dated with the Do not Telephone lists and use a random Call er as my Telephone Amount is Non list Non Publish.

Post by Sand,

971-220-1003 Get several calls a day out of this Amount. Sometimes at work and occasionally within your Night at Dwelling. Really annoying.

Post by Kevin,

9712201003 I Merely reported them. Everyone here should can the same instantly. HTTP support. FCC. gov Gripes. HTML. Sid P} amp id DE

Post by AL,

971-220-1003 W W W calling my cell repeatedly and I am on that do not telephone list.

Post by jacara01,

9712201003 Only filed a claim against W W W. They 've called me W times in 2 times. I 'm sick of them.

Post by Cindy,

971-220-1003 I 'm and it s happening more and more Recently.

Post by Lavalu,

9712201003 Since there Appears to manner to Quit these intruders I Just Tag them on my Telephones list as Scampers Solicitors amp when they phone I Just don't reply. I vie been Blessed they never look to phone more than a few times. Think they Go on. Difficulty can there be are thus many of them amp more seem for popping Upward each day. I too am on that National DC list.

Post by Tired of Getting These Calls,

971-220-1003 Kindly Discontinue calling

Did you get an unwanted call from 971-220-1003? Is 9712201003 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

8552231039 Complains by Guest,

keep calling

8102320555 Complains by Dan Miller,

Scam telling me I won a security system. This is that third time they vie called me at least.

8556936765 Complains by Guest,

It's New York Health attention benefits. They call you to enlighten you Around the missing Records within your application.

9316263314 Complains by Lucille,

I've been getting repeat phone calls from this number on my cell phone for about two weeks.  I don't answer because I don't recognize the number and very few people outside of close friends and family know my cell.  I was thinking of calling back but decided against it.

3212443081 Complains by Guest,

BS Caller telemarketer

8184920762 Complains by Guest,

don t answer

8282335449 Complains by matt,

they called left no message

3212505178 Complains by lk,

Got just one that said whoa Eugene. . . . Not my name.

8001216223 Complains by Dianne,

Hi I Simply acquired an Automobile dialed phone from the above number advising me to go for you're. com. My computer warned me that it was a phishing site. I m concerned that the caller needs you personally to log within and Subsequently it can invade your computer or bright Telephone. Can you have any data on this. I may go to Art customer service and Ask Additionally. Thank you.

8002452577 Complains by camille,

Established on earlier posts I called the Amount back I had for press 1 Subsequently 3 Subsequently enter my Telephone number for have it removed. The record repeated that Amount and mentioned that although federal law entitles them for W days for removal they would create every Energy for remove it in a couple of days. . . . hope that happens.

8002386279 Complains by Meow,

Meow meow.

8002461564 Complains by NA,

Calls 3 4 times a day. When I reply I get someone who Addresses European. I finally interrupted her to say I desire my Amount removed from their list also asked what Firm it was after repeating my question 5 times they finally answered Heartbeat Company thus Essentially a long space telephone Firm. I Inquired for speak to some Supervisor got transfer Edward but waited on hold for over an hour without talking to anyone. I called back and attempted again but even when pressing 1 for English I got someone who talked European and talked only small English and could not recognize that I Needed my Amount removed so that as I continued for pressure to Talk to someone in English they Installed Upwards.

8002201942 Complains by Holly,

NCO Monetary. Simply an automated express telling someone to phone them back. They don't specify who they're looking for. This is your second phone and message left out of them in W minutes. The other Amount they called from is W W W.

8002326065 Complains by Kahu Moka,

Alaska Airlines corporate office

8002468464 Complains by cls,

telephone received from this Amount on my property line answering machine. . . caller id revealed that Amount and at amp t fix center. . . . Owner s name was bill and his message was that my tel Amount was Ok now no problems. . since i don t 've at amp t that is ab it Bad. . . called him back only for get a menu of Amounts for phone i was asked for enter my tel which i did just for be told by a robot that it was not an at amp t . . . . . tried calling back but would t ring. . . your third time i called i was able to get a Individual for Answer but her explanation for exactly why i acquired the telephone in that first place was not exactly explanatory and that my tel was not an at amp t . . . the Place i live within doesn't have At amp t. . . . . . . Ti's ab it unnerving. . . . . .

8002464154 Complains by sis,

calls 3 4 times a day never leaves message

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