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Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Gresham, OR. Multnomah. United states
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Post by Guest,

9712201118 I don t know who that Individual was they called and said I was chosen for a arbitrary survey.

Post by Annoyed,

971-220-1118 Only got a telephone at your Medical Pot Dispensary I Control. I wonder if they want for discuss Millimeters and its Great Gains. Can t get more political than that.

Post by jade,

9712201118 i don t need unwanted phone calls along with no just one their and no message

Post by sjn,

971-220-1118 Did t answer. . . got an Clear express mail.

Post by Tom Devine,

9712201118 The and Maybe other numbers out of Gresham OR Put calls for my cell phone several times a week. If I reply there is no 1 there. Normally they hang Upward after a few rings. I 've obtained similar calls from other Places Missouri etc. I Envision they are expecting I ll call back to find Outside who they're. Fat opportunity. So now i Just don t reply calls from any Amount I don t recognize. I m already on your Don't Telephone registry but it Hans t helped along with these calls. Since I 've a very low monthly call Allocation I Actually resent this.

Post by SteveO,

971-220-1118 That rocks I m moving.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Spam

Post by Scott,

971-220-1118 called and left Vim stating that I could Win A Cruise for 2 whole days. decisions decisions. . . .

Post by Susan,

9712201118 Obtained a telephone no express. . . Merely Fixed as if your recorded message was Around to start and Afterward it Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Survey group

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Spam

Post by Jonny,

971-220-1118 Spammer phone. . . Amount now BLOCKED.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Spam

Post by mary,

971-220-1118 got a telephone out of the Amount and Afterward a text about a Walmart card and for text W. left a Site of HTTP shop. com. becoming their calls several times a week and I m on that dentally. I vie reported them to the govt website but what good does that would.

Post by Me,

9712201118 Cease calling.

Post by Shill ALert,

971-220-1118 And what happened when you got back did the alarm Time Awaken you Upward. Websites enjoy the must confident be making it tough to Strategy your Casualties out of cash on that Telephone LOLA. On your manner back to that boiler room Assess your pants they re on fire.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Political survey

Post by LOnewolf,

971-220-1118 Is that FCC or anyone monitoring all these on line Criticisms Around these unscrupulous telemarketers. The problem Looks for be growing worse and good Residents have reached the mercy of these Neanderthal thugs and thieves who harass and Usually present good businesses a poor name. I want to response and tell them off but panic the reprisals as outlined in some of these places. I have read your laws on Don't Phone Listing but there are more loopholes than a kitchen Filter and to get any agency to take you personally serious Appears useless. Time for hold that Authorities law enforcement Companies Responsible. That Authorities desires for infringe and control each other feature of the lives how Around protecting peaceful Folks out of this sort of harassment out of despicable characters and your scams they perpetrate. First question for the next politician running for office When are you going to effect many enforcement of unwanted telemarketing calls and scams which Price people cash time and calmness inside their Houses.

Post by S. Carter,

9712201118 It Appears enjoy I am getting this Amount and others even more since I Set my Amount on your don't telephone list Around a month ago. Not Great. . .

Post by J,

971-220-1118 I just received six back for back calls from this number I never answered

Post by SF in Austin,

9712201118 I got a call from this number Now. As I did t Comprehend that Amount I did t answer it. I have my phone on that don't telephone list overly. Can these folks never leave us alone.

Post by Sways,

971-220-1118 It s Accurate if you Only Avoid that telephone it helps. I will Begin becoming that calls reject them then do not start getting them again until it is a new spoofed phone Amount. Exactly why Individuals feel your need for response unknown numbers anyway is beyond me.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Political review

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 They Installed up

Post by The professional,

9712201118 I work for a law office that specializes within debt resolution. I vie been doing the for almost W years and while it looks like a few of you've an Notion of the way to Manage these dilemmas most of you are just speculating at this point. Let me see I can help. First if it s a scam Subsequently you won t become able to do anything about it. Whine all you personally want it s not going for do any good. The only real case you might have is either filing a match against the company that called OR proving that someone Offered or Offered your own info for that company without your own permission. Unless you personally vie got nothing better for would and you re willing for waste a LOT of cash it can become Practically hopeless to would either one of those things. Now if it s a debt collector obviously not the Amount but within case you personally re becoming other calls too Subsequently it s a Fully Distinct case. They have for Stop calling you personally once you personally make your request for would so However Only because you ask them to quit calling dozen t mean they may. That absolute best thing for you personally to can is get an address for that collector and send them your request by certified send. Keep in mind the simply works for debt collectors not Initial creditors. I keep seeing FCC on here which I ll become honest I m not sure what that Attributes to. I know the FTC regulates calls from Lovers and takes Gripes viewing potential scampers but I don t understand who your FCC is.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 I let the software block it.

Post by pissedoff,

9712201118 whine to your Service Pacific Tel. com W Bonn Atmosphere Centre Selection W Green brae CA W email W protected flooding them with Criticisms because your DC list is useless. along with government budget cutbacks do you personally really think there s Everyone there who follows up on that Grievances.

Post by J,

971-220-1118 Furious that these are coming to my cellphone. All these years of the alleged Do not Phone Registry and matters just get worse. Phone action at my business and at House are both about W Percentage junk.

Post by Phil G,

9712201118 Blocked telephone on my cell phone.

Post by TNBoy,

971-220-1118 Called ID showed PO America I 'm tired of these calls. Had another the other daytime that read Tennessee State which was a roofing Business telling me I had hail damage WHAT.

Post by j,

9712201118 unknown

Post by john n,

971-220-1118 Only acquired a telephone out of W W W. Did not leave a message.

Post by Jean,

9712201118 I gotten a call out of the same Amount Merely like that rest. I went on line for dentally. gov and Recorded all my phone Amounts to become placed on the do not phone list . Subsequently wait a daytime and go back into that same net site and you can list report a claim viewing the Amount. Make certain you keep the date and time you personally acquired the telephone because they may ask for that info. They take it out of there. . . . . . attempted it and it works. I don t receive a phone out of that number again. . . .

Post by Jesse,

971-220-1118 Let us understand what that FCC says. I thought that political Studies were exempt from the law. But if they could call this a scam. . . . Boohoo

Post by MrLogic,

9712201118 I called the Amount back amp the express message mentioned political Thoughts . . . . .

Post by Kansas,

971-220-1118 Political Registered Message. Inquired 3 political questions rate the questions from 1 for 5 along with 1 lousy through 5 great. 1. how are that democrats handling the debt Disaster. 2. how are your republicans handling the debt Disaster. 3. how is that president Managing that debt crisis. Afterward when the questions are answered You're Inquired to press a number for be Related to a Holiday representative for schedule your free cruise for 2 for that Bahamas. What a farce.

Post by ChicagoKen,

9712201118 This phone out of P O America. Additionally got telephone from them with Telephone number W W W. I don t answer.

Post by cra,

971-220-1118 I did not see your post before I replied. I must not 've gotten a call when my cell was on vibrate. Not Attempting for steal you personally Thought. I think it's not all that unusual.

Post by Called too,

9712201118 This really is a scam for a few tour cruise outfit. I was getting calls for someone offering a free 3 daytime Cruise and when I raised hell with them I Began get these political Study calls offering your same free cruise . If they telephone you personally on a DC list number they could become fined W but if they phone as a political organization they get around despise Don't Phone list.

Post by Rose,

971-220-1118 Certainly don t reply. I 've a difficult time stretching money these days but Owner ID is a must. And yes you reply once and they vie got you.

Post by yef,

9712201118 I was Choosing a Rest the day for try and recover from a migraine when the Amount woke me Upward. No message was left. If it s truly Significant that caller would leave a message. I can be reporting them to the FCC not that it ever seems to can any good .

Post by Deborah Kultala,

971-220-1118 unwanted calls from the Amount I did not response. I 've Recorded my number on that Do not Telephone List. . .

Post by Rookaloo,

9712201118 The number allegedly belongs to a Gresham OR customer of PAC West Telecommute Inc. of San Francisco. Their email address for notifications of abuse is email W protected Send your Criticisms for this email address. perhaps if they get enough of them they may take appropriate Activity.

Post by Dennis,

971-220-1118 Simply got a phone from this number. Did not response no message. Advise to go for Web. dentally. gov. That is a web Website for Quit solicitors. Takes about W times for kick within but lasts for a year. Afterward you've for sign Upward again. It works. Try it no cost involved.

Post by Janet,

9712201118 No message was left.

Post by dlb,

971-220-1118 I got a phone from the Amount that I did not response. Acquired calls out of several other bogus numbers Recently. Out of now on i will not become replying calls out of any Amounts I don t recognize. All scampers. I filed a complaint with the FTC using their online type. . . fast and simple. My cell is on the do not phone list and I keep it private but I believe my number was sold. Your simply Firm I ever Offered my cell for is that now defunct Hit Net Layout out of Utah. Google them. To report unwanted calls HTTP Internet. . gov Consumer's. HTML

Post by Frustrated,

9712201118 Consistently something. Thank u all on your Remarks. I may use better judgment in the future when giving out my number. For i may follow fit and refrain out of replying calls out of numbers I don't Comprehend.

Post by Slimdiva,

971-220-1118 Please stop these Individuals from calling my Amount. I have no Thought how they got it. They telephone Around twice a week. I do not 've time for this and don t desire them calling me. If I need for go on a cruise I will call that cruise line.

Post by robin,

9712201118 Discontinue calling me everyday. . .

Post by cinda lester,

971-220-1118 repeated calls many times a day on my CELL Telephone and Dwelling number both of which are on your do not call list.

Post by S in san diego,

9712201118 I did t reply because Amount was not recognized. Yet these people have been calling my Telephone each week and I want it for Discontinue. May definitely check Outside your Criticisms. dentally. gov website Thanks for your Information on that.

Post by patti from GA,

971-220-1118 Do I get them to stop calling me.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Did not leave a message.

Post by Martian,

971-220-1118 Follow these rules of advice when becoming these calls also E-mails from those whom you personally do not understand. If you get a phone from Amounts enjoy the don t answer. Don t call back. Only answer calls out of those whom you personally understand. Get an email out of FEDEX USPS Government or Advantages with an attachment. Simply delete your whole thing. If you don t understand that Individual or place you get a link out of don t go there. . . . . If your Buddy or relative sends an E-mail telling you they're in a foreign State and demand money Someone has probably hacked their E-mail give them a call to become sure. Assess along with Websites like the when you are not positive who sent it. Its cheaper and keeps you away of a lot more scam me lists.

Post by Rose,

9712201118 Completely don t reply. I have a hard time stretching money these times but caller ID is a must. And yes you personally reply once and they vie got you.

Post by g_rome,

971-220-1118 S C A M M E R S everywhere. somebody please cut Outside their tongues. . . .

Post by M K,

9712201118 I keep becoming calls from this and various Amount constantly a Registered message. And if I press any Crucial it Merely hangs Upwards.

Post by jill,

971-220-1118 same Crayola as everyone these losers need to get a life and leave us alone.

Post by Sarah,

9712201118 I got a phone today out of this Amount at about 9 'm. I did t reply and they did t leave a message. I suppose that is another among those political Reviews because I vie been receiving Telephone calls for your last 3 months out of Amounts I don t understand within California and elsewhere and I answered once and it said political survey. I ignore these calls now and enjoy some one else that posted said it s a great Notion for save your Amount in your own phone under a name that can Tell you you don t want to response it. I 've a pare paid Telephone and don t value Products calling me and wasting my minutes when I response thus I Generally Blow off all calls if that number USN t saved within my Telephone and if they don t leave a message Afterward it wan t quite Significant. Expecting your calls can Cease eventually.

Post by giginyc,

971-220-1118 Merely another for add for my Connections Underneath Don't Reply . never had this prob til i Changed Telephone Companies out of Cellular telephone for at amp t even on don't phone registry

Post by Snake,

9712201118 This is another spam number created out of 1 W W W. This really is the number that comes Upwards on Owner id but that MSG left is in the W number that is a you personally owe cash fake telephone. . . . . Do not Call EITHER Number BACK.

Post by Jack MeeHoff,

971-220-1118 Blowhard scam outfit offering a free cruise. Within reality all you get is a hand Occupation.

Post by peeved,

9712201118 political survey added to rejected list my phone wont fuss me again when they call

Post by Spam hater,

971-220-1118 acquired phone did not reply no message

Post by Jennie,

9712201118 No message left attempted for call Amount back and don't get a reply.

Post by HL,

971-220-1118 Telephone rang dead silence.

Post by MrsG,

9712201118 Merely just one more Amount to add to Discount ring tone silence . If you personally don t Understand a number don t answer it's my motto. Sadly the DC registry has Important loopholes which permit many calls which none of people want.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Survey spam

Post by jerry,

9712201118 i 'm on your do not telephone list

Post by vanessa6297,

971-220-1118 The phone was from a survey Business. That Quick I heard the voice was automated I Installed up.

Post by Maria,

9712201118 I called back your Amount which I Typically can. The answering recording indicates they're a political survey organization. It continues to give you personally the option to Elect out of their calling list by pressing No. 1. . . so I did. After pressing Option No. 1 that record indicated that my number was taken from their calling list and I would not receive any more calls out of them. I hope the might be of help for all.

Post by Anonymous,

971-220-1118 All scampers W W W amp W W W called enjoy X within just one daytime Quit it.

Post by JJ,

9712201118 Get telephone from Political Survey of America offering a milt day cruise free if I participated. . . . . scampers. . . . . . W W Thank god for Phone screening. . .

Post by Sharon T,

971-220-1118 I replied the call. Dead Stop until I mentioned Either say something or I can hang Upwards. A Man asked for me by name. I told him it was me. He Subsequently Ace ceded to tell me my not empty name first last and middle initial and he wan t sure if I use my Mid Original or not but that he needed to know if I were in fact myself. I told him that I had already replied that question and he Wanted for tell me what he wanted. He mentioned he was calling from a debt collector which do not qualify for DC lists and that he Wanted to further Check who I was before proceeding with that call. Again I said You are speaking with . . . and Offered my name. Then I said Now either tell me what you are calling about or I will hang Upward. He Afterward mentioned You are able to hang Upwards if you desire but we will Merely. . . At that word Merely I Installed Upward. I have Excellent credit. . . paid away all of my previous debt over two years Past before buying a fresh Dwelling as Needed by your bank in purchase to Safe the loan and my most current credit report less than W days Past showed no outstanding debts. They are full of crap and could call all they want. Added that Amount to my contact list and Designated it your quiet ring tone. Let s see how that works. I understand it s a Occupation and they are expected to be Extreme but really. You personally don t get really far being rude. . . at least not along with me that's.

Post by Pattee,

9712201118 Received a call from this number twice. Every time I response no 1 says anything.

Post by Joe,

971-220-1118 The number calls both my cell phone and my wife's cell phone we've both learned to not answer

Post by Called too,

9712201118 This is a scam for some tour cruise outfit. I was getting calls for someone offering a free 3 daytime Cruise and when I increased hell with them I Began get these political Study calls offering the same free cruise . If they call you on a DC list Amount they can become fined W but if they telephone as a political organization they get around hate Do not Telephone list.

Post by Austin Texas,

971-220-1118 2 calls this week and never leaves a message. Time to block

Post by Sylvia,

9712201118 Acquired a telephone from them and did t answer. On the DC registry it states Your National Do not Phone Registry does not Control calls by political organizations charities or Phone surveyors. So if they Manage Underneath your guise of politics or survey they arena t breaking the law. Unfortunate for us . . .

Post by William Simmons,

971-220-1118 Keep getting calls from the Amount and no 1 Solutions Simply not alive atmosphere. Discontinue the Amount from calling me.

Post by 98563241,

9712201118 If you vie Set your number on the DC list as soon as you offer it out to someone else you are back on.

Post by Adam,

971-220-1118 I power saw i got a telephone from the Amount did t response it but after looking it Upwards I m happy i did. I adore the fact that my android cell phone has a telephone block Attribute Constructed into it Suppose this one may be added for the list.

Post by jack,

9712201118 Unwanted call. answered and no just one on line.

Post by Waterdog,

971-220-1118 I have put these People on offer no call which seems to be a bit useless. . . . I don t reply or return any number I don t Comprehend. I live within Fla. half that year amp NY the other half. . . I get a few many of these Sorts of calls in Fla amp quite quite few within NY

Post by T,

9712201118 Got a telephone as nicely. . . Only dead atmosphere when I replied. I didn't wait for long and Subsequently Put up.

Post by daleinaz,

971-220-1118 Called twice within two minutes PM MST we did not reply either time they did not leave a message. We are coming Upward on an election anticipate to Begin becoming these calls frequently out of now til November.

Post by Terry,

9712201118 How many ways can we've for tell your not to phone our Telephones before they get the message.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Get lost.

Post by doctor.head,

9712201118 I slumber in your morning and various other times. This W W W number calls my acreage line and doesn't respond to answering nor leaves a message. I Additionally get unwanted calls on my cell phone telling me it s my last opportunity for get a low credit card attention rate. That's Larceny of my paid for air time. After several Gripes for your Do not Telephone list I am still becoming calls. I block them and they use a Distinct number. I think Dalian is correct about that side stepping by VIP. What can become done Around it.

Post by LM,

971-220-1118 W W W and W W W Pacific tel on both calls no message left did not response. One day it is one number then your next day they phone along with the other Amount and Afterward go back. Calls come within at 'm until PM and all times in between. I do not reply and Subsequently block them. If you only have W numbers you can block Afterward when you get close your Allowance weeks down your line dump your early Amounts and start all over again. I tried calling the Amounts and of course you personally cannot telephone them.

Post by Pat K,

9712201118 Did not answer. Left no message

Post by C,

971-220-1118 says it's a political survey and will give you personally a free cruise for 2 if you respond. Put up.

Post by smart consumer,

9712201118 scam telephone offering free cruise but you personally must pay a Pier fee and a small gratuity 've called at Residence and on my cell Telephone they Merely take a block of numbers and telephone until they get a pigeon great Fortune if you expect this crew to Value the Do not Phone list . Become Bright and shield your Id.

Post by Sarah,

971-220-1118 It's an excellent Notion gotta give you personally that P can have to try it sometime when I can Truly get a Actual person on that line ha ha

Post by Lynne,

9712201118 called 3 times replied Telephone and no 1 at other Finish.

Post by Linda,

971-220-1118 Got a telephone out of this Amount and it said Pacific tel. I did t response and it did t leave a message.

Post by Educate yourself on Caller Id Spoofing,

9712201118 Because these scampers operate outside the Us think Paris Western Europe Africa where there are lax for no laws against this type of operation your state and National Do not Telephone Registries are for the component entirely ineffective and don't have any jurisdiction so I m not confident how the FCC or Authorities can even go after these scampers.

Post by RS,

971-220-1118 Received the telephone something Around a survey and for replying your few questions could get a free Vacation.

Post by Sarah,

9712201118 It's an excellent idea gotta present you that P may have to try it sometime when I could actually get a Actual Man on that line ha ha

Post by just me,

971-220-1118 Yes you have to report these calls every single time. If every single Man who places here would file a Grievance they could Likely be stopped. I vie seen several Lawyer General cases Currently where they 've sued telemarketers and Close them down cause enough Folks filed Gripes.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 I Simply gotten a phone from W W W. I did not answer and they left no message. I am on the DC list but this is your Rd phone I 've got enjoy this within 2 times.

Post by insanityx03,

971-220-1118 This Amount not just calls my Residence phone but they're calling my cell overly. . . Operating me Insane. . . .

Post by TRe,

9712201118 Thriller calls from this number. Calls are ignored. No messages are left.

Post by Lori,

971-220-1118 Only had a call out of the Amount. I also ensure it is a policy to NEVER answer calls out of unknown numbers. And I registered along with your Do not Call registry this month. I don t get how unwanted calls Control to get through. I can just continue to IGNORE

Post by Billie,

9712201118 Just got a phone out of this Amount. Don t response calls from numbers I don't recognize. No message left. I should answer it many day and tell them to call my favorite Amount. . . . whores. .

Post by joanne,

971-220-1118 Got the call 3 times in 1 week. . . eventually replied and took the survey. . . Needed your same thing with that W. W. . . . . told them I dint use credit cards. . they Inquired for a debit Amount Afterward. . . told them I don t use those either. . they then asked for your Amount off of a check. . told them I don t 've a checkbook and I pay everything along with cash. . . . they Subsequently Put Upwards on me . . . . Perhaps now they can Leave calling as I Getaway t had a telephone whatsoever the previous week.


9712201118 W W W W W W W These spoofed Amounts are all in the same outfit. If you block just one you have to block them all. I m sure within the days for come they may Only keep calling from Distinct Amounts.

Post by bob,

971-220-1118 could t anyone Cease this .

Post by Steve from Tucson,

9712201118 See that reports on calls from W W W which also revealed on my caller ID as being from Gresham OR so Likely that same outfit. Regrettably Com throw only lets me block W Amounts at a time and that becomes meaningless when they keep transforming their number.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Spa

Post by Arlen,

9712201118 The was an unknown unanswered caller on my cell . When I called back from another number there was nothing not even a connection or ring.

Post by Sarah,

971-220-1118 It is a great idea gotta present you personally that P can 've for strive it sometime when I can Truly get a real person on that line ha ha

Post by Gerald,

9712201118 I vie gotten several calls out of this number. No Large deal I Display all my calls. they eventually go away. . . .

Post by ede,

971-220-1118 I Additionally GOT A Phone NO Response Only A few Noise SCAMMING CRIMINALS Probably Out of CAMEROON OR NIGERIA. .

Post by Joe,

9712201118 Political Survey and you personally ll win a Vacation for taking the time.

Post by Joe Buckskin,

971-220-1118 Okay change to first message Federal Commerce Commission not Federal Conversation sorry about that.

Post by bride630,

9712201118 phone is automated that says you are selected for take a brief survey on Countries debt and Subsequently you get a free day cruise Only for participating. I'm so sick of the. Its a new Amount I have just had 8 weeks and Simply keep becoming these calls. I 'm Enrolled on the don't phone list what great does it would.

Post by Robert,

971-220-1118 I called your number . . W to block them out of viewing my Amount . . . its Political survey of America.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 They Installed up

Post by suckers,

971-220-1118 man you personally Men dint understand a chance when it Bands in your pocket. i haze never been on a cruise. I'm Providing now. i enjoy boats.

Post by mtngal,

9712201118 it Merely called my cell Telephone. don t understand anyone out of Oregon. did t answer and thankfully no voice send was left.

Post by cra,

971-220-1118 I did not see your post before I replied. I must not have gotten a phone when my cell was on Shake. Not trying for Take you personally idea. I guess it is not all that unusual.

Post by maverick,

9712201118 Thank you for your Amount and address. I 'm also going to send them a notice or two Around the Amount I 'm on that do not telephone list and this is getting out of . amp hand.

Post by Waterdog,

971-220-1118 I have Set these People on offer no call which Appears to be a bit useless. . . . I don t answer or return any Amount I don t Comprehend. I live in Fla. half the year amp NY another half. . . I get many many of these types of calls in Fla amp really quite few in NY

Post by Joebee,

9712201118 Download the disconnected wave tone file and add it to your replying machine. This should Strabo callers when their telephone hears your Telephone disconnected tone it can hang Upward and Go on to the next Amount. See link below for infighter Internet. intractable. com id Stop Telemarketers from Calling You . ALL STEPS

Post by HellMan,

971-220-1118 Thank you for that info. . . I vie waited Soho long for a working number for them. I m hitting them with my Vehicle dial er correct now. Enjoy Fer s.

Post by KM,

9712201118 Blocking dozen t help. I vie received several calls a daytime on my cell from Oregon which I never response each number is Distinct. It s a procedure to block each and each number and it dozen t Discontinue your them anyway as they constantly Alter the number. I no More trust your Don't Call listing because I never got any spam calls on my cell until I Recorded it with DC. Now i get spam calls Day-to-day. PITA.

Post by ede,

971-220-1118 I Additionally GOT A Phone NO Response Only Many Sound SCAMMING CRIMINALS Likely Out of CAMEROON OR NIGERIA. .

Post by Fei,

9712201118 Missed a phone for W W W. No message left. It's a good Notion to Discount that number you are not recognizable along with.

Post by Timothy Trott,

971-220-1118 repeated calls no message

Post by Amber in Denver,

9712201118 I called back using a block. They 've BEEN WARNED now and I m going to would it within Composing Around harassing us. We re sorry your own telephone cannot become Finished as dialed or was disconnected. Please Assess that number. I affirm I may NEVER provide a Actual Telephone number an True address where I live I vie used a PO Box or MB for over W Times now EVER AGAIN. EVEN if it s Only the Dr. office b c I located even the insurance Business Offered Outside our number when I told them it s private and they stated they never supply private data Outside. Yes 'm I Dumb. I don t even provide out our Principal E-mail address NEVER a work Telephone Or cell phone. Everyone gives Outside private Information AND it s not even being requested by law Administration or any state agencies. . I don t trust anyone anymore.

Post by Jack MeeHoff,

971-220-1118 Basketball jerk er scam outfit trying to offer a free cruise.

Post by FED _UP,

9712201118 Becoming calls i dint desire so stop

Post by Dave,

971-220-1118 You personally do comprehend the site is not Associated with your callers don t you personally. . That's not going to help you

Post by Guest,

9712201118 no MSG

Post by Jim,

971-220-1118 Telemarketers notion Getting my Amount on that no call list would Cease these calls. These are as bad as the political calls we could t look for stop. The government at work for people right. . . . .

Post by 98563241,

9712201118 If you vie put your Amount on that DC list as soon as you personally provide it out for someone else you are back on.

Post by jw,

971-220-1118 Just got a telephone out of the number along along with many others from that Region code. I 've Began a spam list and mechanically put these Amounts in it and Afterward turn telephone blocker on. This prevents me from accidentally replying these Sorts of phone calls. Personally I think there should be someway of Change Getting these people when they do phone your own cell number. If it is not legit Afterward they should pay not us.

Post by Jude,

9712201118 got a phone on my cell and I am on a do not call list overly. . . . . . . . . .

Post by chip,

971-220-1118 Owner id said pacific tel Yes correct they hung Upwards and did t leave a message. dang spam callers.

Post by Charles Andree,

9712201118 Acquired a telephone from the Amount on my cell. Replied no just one talked. Waste of my paid time.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Spam survey group

Post by Dal,

9712201118 Getting more telemarketing calls from this number. Harassing.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Debt

Post by annoyed,

9712201118 spammer with no express no message and someone is becoming paid to do what. . . . . . . . .

Post by Sue,

971-220-1118 My number is on that Do not Call Registry but I keep getting calls my cell from the Amount and others. They never leave a message and there s no name displayed on your Owner ID. I have reported them. I never answer them but it s annoying.

Post by Cindy,

9712201118 Got this phone today on cell did not answer never do when call comes out of those not within my Associates. Left no message. I could just block 6 phones Amounts at a time I 've filled that Upward never had so many calls I 've had to block. I am on that Do not Phone registry but I understand non profit charity and such can still phone. If the keeps up I 'm going to 've to get a whole brand new phone number. But at least I don t 've to answer if they leave no message presume it is someone Seeking your own cash. .

Post by Taminator,

971-220-1118 Also just got a call from this Amount. . . . dead atmosphere after replying. I don't have any pick but for reply numbers I don t understand since that Amount they called is my company self storage U Haul number that is on that DC list. I 've formerly reported other numbers for your FCC and they did Reply that they Get that info and investigate when your Amount of Grievances is substantial enough. If you personally want these types of calls for stop you have to do your own part and report for the FCC.

Post by Al Ortiz,

9712201118 I vie been becoming calls out of the Amount for the last 4 weeks. I can t request them for Discontinue because it's a machine.

Post by lee T,

971-220-1118 Ill of these calls. . . thus Considerably for Do not Telephone. . .

Post by elias,

9712201118 Your Caller ID said PACIFIC TEL . I did your quick press response then hang up matter Generally because I did t feel enjoy listening to it ring for 5 minutes. I don t understand if they can suppose that someone here answered the telephone or not. I Only expect they don t phone back.

Post by ABL,

971-220-1118 Never response. . . and Never press a number for be put on Dint Phone back or any other reason they ask you personally for press a number. The only affirms your own phone number is a viable just one. to people who 've VIM it you've blocker or call reject please Set your Amount on that list for really Quit these scampers from calling.

Post by Bernice,

9712201118 Called my cell. Same as your others. No message left. I don t answer any Amount I don t Understand. And only a few Folks 've my Amount. Suppose it's a telemarketer or at the time of year a political Rob phone.

Post by drmerlot,

971-220-1118 I did not Reply when called and deleted it.

Post by marsha king,

9712201118 the sucks. . . . dint trust anyone

Post by Youras,

971-220-1118 They Merely called me. I never reply for any phone calls out of states where I have nobody. Made a Criticism to DC. I trust they will kick their stupid .

Post by Disgusted,

9712201118 These degenerate low life's keep calling my cell Amount. It s a record asking you for participate in a W second political servery in Change for a free Caribbean cruise. Scam. Don t take their survey and report them to your FCC.

Post by just me,

971-220-1118 Yes you might have to report these calls each single time. If each single person who posts here would file a Gripe they could probably be Discontinued. I vie seen several Attorney General cases Recently where they have sued telemarketers and shut them down cause enough people Submitted complaints.

Post by JONNY,

9712201118 Gotten telephone out of same ID. Have been on DENTALLY Continue each 6 Mn's. Illinois

Post by Bill,

971-220-1118 Got a telephone from them on 3 W 8 W PM Owner ID said PACIFIC TEL Lt W gt . They did not leave a message.

Post by JONNY,

9712201118 Acquired phone out of same ID. 've been on DENTALLY renew every 6 Mn's. Illinois

Post by maverick,

971-220-1118 Thank you personally for that Amount and address. I am also going for send them a page or two about that Amount I am on your don't call list and this really is becoming out of . amp hand.

Post by Ceridwen,

9712201118 Just received a telephone from the Amount. Your answering machine picked up No message left but a long high pitched squeal. . . . . No name on caller ID. I live Way from Oregon and have an unlisted Amount.


971-220-1118 IT S THOSE Damn IMMIGRANTS From INDIA. The Country IS Not empty TAKE DOWN That STATUE OF Autonomy AND Place Upwards A NO VACANCY STATUE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by John Kryl,

9712201118 I vie been receiving calls on a daily basis out of a telemarketer using this Amount and a W number. That is really annoying.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Spam. . . .

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Political stuff

Post by Rookaloo,

971-220-1118 This number reportedly belongs to some Gresham OR customer of PAC West Telecommute Inc. of San Francisco. Their email address for Announcements of abuse is email W protected Send your own complaints to this E-mail address. Maybe if they get enough of them they may take Suitable action.

Post by Did Not Ring,

9712201118 I receive an email when I miss a call. If that caller leaves a message I get a transcript of your message within an email that is enormously convenient how I Dwelt without this Characteristic I do not Recall . It was puzzling to me for see a missed phone E-mail roll within without my phone Really ringing. Owner did not leave a message. Carrier is Verizon your receptionist Characteristic is Google .

Post by Len,

971-220-1118 rec d phone out of the number and no one answered on other Finish. just dead air so I Put up

Post by ladybug,

9712201118 Had another phone Now from Pacific tel this can be the Th just one the month all along with different Place Requirements. I 've caller ID and do not answer. Quite exhausted of these Folks and wish someone would do something about them. Do they Control the different Region Requirements with your same name enjoy W W W W W W and now your W W W. Does it do any great for report them for the National Do not Call List. . . . .

Post by Sue,

971-220-1118 Garbage number. Cheers for posting your info too.

Post by rayjayct,

9712201118 Good presuming overall but what if you personally don t response and your telephone gets picked Upward by a Dwelling answering machine which Perhaps could be turned off or a cell Telephone voice mail which is harder for control. I Guess it would still be a Strike for scampers who have plans to your phone and or Resources. Any thoughts on the best way to dodge them under these situation. Thanks for your post.

Post by Andrea,

971-220-1118 Merely got a call out of this number no voice Simply a little bit of static on your line. I hung Upward.

Post by JCT,

9712201118 I just got a call out of W and Afterward I got a phone out of W on 3 W W don t understand anyone out of Gresham OR. Did not reply no message left.

Post by Sue,

971-220-1118 Waste Amount. Cheers for Publishing your Information too.

Post by Chachi,

9712201118 I answered and that person said the was from the political something or other. . . I Put Upwards.

Post by Megan,

971-220-1118 Just got a telephone from the number. . . . no message P

Post by Charles,

9712201118 Got a telephone from your above Amount. I did t response and they did t leave a MSG. I don't want to receive calls out of this number.

Post by Jane,

971-220-1118 Did not reply they did t leave a message

Post by Bill,

9712201118 My bad create that . . . W. Forgot for put my glasses on.

Post by Rob,

971-220-1118 Gotten a telephone don t know anyone within Org on did not leave a message.

Post by Texasmad,

9712201118 Got a call

Post by Helen in Georgia,

971-220-1118 Only gotten a missed call out of this Amount and no voice mail. I make it a rule to not reply any number I don t Understand Specially long distance.

Post by Revere,

9712201118 I got a call out of a telemarketer another day not the one and that number showed up on CID thus I returned that call over and around and around and over and around. . . . . . for about an hour. Occasionally I would get a occupied Sign sometimes it would ring a Amount of times and they would disconnect once I got a message telling me the Actions you personally Required could not become fulfilled a this time. They haven't called me back since.

Post by [email protected] /* */,

971-220-1118 got call on my cell Telephone at 1 W pm Saturday 3 W W. did not reply as I know no one from that Region code Oregon . Found out it was out of Gresham Oregon do not know if your company or what. Tool on a listing of others called by that Amount it could 've been Pacific tel. I have Additionally acquired unsolicited text messages not from the Amount tho . that I do not open as I am charged . W for each text obtained and each opened regardless i f I reply. I 'm furious that telemarketers etc or any type of organization could Only text me at can if they're on a protected list. Notably when I 've to pay for them.

Post by Bob,

9712201118 Just enjoy other places incoming telephone out of unknown Amount. Did t reply and no message was left. I m enjoy others above generally don't answer calls out of Amounts not saved within cell phone Listing. If it was anything Significant they can leave a message Subsequently I can Upgrade my Telephone Service once I understand who it is. For Chronic calls with Amounts I know don t belong for anyone that I know I make an Telephone directory entry called SPAM and record your number. Afterward Owner ID shows that entry name and I know I could ignore it.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 They Merely call me to much

Post by Imrj,

9712201118 If you have that time and vigor you are able to file a claim in small claims courts and purportedly if you Triumph get up for W per State against the various telemarketers calling in your cell.

Post by Ed,

971-220-1118 Just got a call from the Amount. I 'm ignoring them and not answering calls. Additionally got call from Connecticut with same MO. Reported them for HTTP complaints. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism Assess. asp. Screen If enough people report these Scampers Perhaps they may get nailed. Rules permit for political calls thus they fake for be just one and Afterward bait and switch as it were.

Post by Joebee,

9712201118 Download that disconnected wave tone file and add it for your replying machine. The should Strabo callers when their telephone hears the Telephone disconnected tone it may hang Upwards and move on to your next number. See link below for infighter Web. intractable. com id Stop Telemarketers out of Calling You . ALL STEPS

Post by Bob,

971-220-1118 Called my cell Around 2 W CST. Caller ID W W W Gresham OR. No express send left

Post by Riley,

9712201118 I keep becoming a telephone from the Amount but I don t Select Upward. I turn my ringer off thus I don t have for Notice my Telephone ring. If I don t understand the number I blacklist them Subsequently they get a recording saying my number has been disconnected.

Post by Pete,

971-220-1118 Tired of receiving calls out of the Amount. I do not answer it and now i m going for block them from calling since the DC USN t working I have to pay for this particular. . . . SUCKS. . .

Post by cf,

9712201118 Trash Call

Post by cra,

971-220-1118 I add the nuisance callers for my contact list. I Began out with contact z. I could add 4 different Amounts to z. home work cell and fax. I place that ring with this contact for no ring. Once I used Upwards all my slots for z I created a contact Z and repeated that same Process. I am now working on Zzz will get the small tone of a missed call but at least You're not bothered by the rings and never answer. You only 've for clear out your own missed called out of time for time. Not the perfect Option but better than nothing. I suppose if I ever get a Buddy called Z I may add him within as A.

Post by kay,

9712201118 I 've 2 unwanted phone calls and I 'm on that no telephone list.

Post by Steve B.,

971-220-1118 I vie obtained this call never replied it several times around that previous month. I m Simply reporting this to attempt and help look for the source. . .

Post by Michelle,

9712201118 Answer phone Decided up a silent phone out of the number yesterday. Pacific Tel

Post by nobody,

971-220-1118 machine took it. They said nothing.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Spam

Post by jane,

971-220-1118 did not answer. no message left.

Post by jt,

9712201118 This really is an automated message from john of political Ideas survey. . They State that by participating within a W second survey that you can become rewarded along with a cruise. . Sounds like a scam if you personally request me. . Anyway your prompts at your Finish are press 1 to take the survey and press 9 to Decrease and to 've your own Amount permanently removed from your phone list . . Clearly I Strike 9. . I ll let oi People know if they phone again

Post by John,

971-220-1118 It was a 3 question generic political survey with the Guarantee of a free cruise. I took the survey and was Afterward Related to a travel Representative that gave me a long talk about how wonderful Touring is and that all I had to do to get my free cruise voucher was for pay your Interface tax and fees totally roughly W per person around the Telephone. I declined.

Post by Andrew,

9712201118 When I received a telephone Now out of this number I wondered if I should Shift my Telephone Amount. I vie Registered Grievances Around many of that numbers that 've been calling my cell Telephone that's listed on your Don't Phone List and occasionally that FCC can get back to me with data on bringing fit against them. Sadly I don t 've the time for would that that is what that a holes enjoy. If everyone files complaints at the FCC Afterward they could bring suits against these Individuals and Place them out of company for good no more moving to your brand new number because they are out of funds and in Prison.

Post by d,

971-220-1118 Gotten a telephone on cell. Reported a Criticism on Don't call list.

Post by Lovinlife,

9712201118 They're making that Models Seemingly. Happy for this service for know who it was. BTW Mark adore the Result. . .

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Political survey

Post by Lynne,

9712201118 Got a phone from this Amount on my Dwelling Telephone last nighttime and on my cell phone Around W minutes Past. Owner ID said Pacific tel . What a Lot of losers. Did t response either time and they did t leave a message. I have both of my phones on that DC list a lot of good that does. . .

Post by Chris,

971-220-1118 Got a phone out of this number. I did t pick Upwards. They left no message.

Post by Ronny,

9712201118 I obtained call on 3 W W. I did t answer. No message left. I will add the Amount to the Verizon block list.

Post by Sue,

971-220-1118 They Ceased calling after I replied Law Office Cease Calling twice.

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Don't reply. It s spam.

Post by Daleinaz,

971-220-1118 Staph get a clue from Helen Within Atlanta above . NEVER response these unidentified calls NEVER press 1 to become removed in the list never call them back etc. Doing any of these things Simply confirms for them that a live Individual Solutions this phone and you Merely bought yourself lots more similar calls. You personally don t answer to spam Email addresses can you. This really is exactly your same matter. and for these callers yes if you personally do answer it it does mean which you desire them for keep calling. Quit doing that. Place Upward your own replying machine or express mail for response on the third ring. Unless you personally BOTH Understand the caller AND want for Discuss to them Simply let your machine pick it Upwards. W of your time they won't leave a message. If it s really Significant once my credit card Firm called Around many questionable Fees for example they May leave a message. Telephone them back at your convenience. But don t strike a fuse around this. It s Merely a phone phone. Blow off it.

Post by Johnny,

9712201118 Merely got just one did t reply it

Post by meg,

971-220-1118 Gotten phone. Need it blocked.

Post by D,

9712201118 Do not Call The Number.

Post by Carlj,

971-220-1118 I get these type of calls a couple times a week. Never reply. Answer calls out of contacts just. They come out of Regions W W W and Now W.

Post by Kris,

9712201118 Political survey

Post by Nic,

971-220-1118 Telephone came I did not answer They did not leave message Waste of my time and int erupts my day.

Post by Sways,

9712201118 It s Accurate if you personally simply Avoid that call it helps. I may start becoming that calls reject them then don't Begin getting them again until it is a new spoofed phone number. Exactly why people feel that need to response unknown numbers anyway is beyond me.

Post by Shill ALert,

971-220-1118 And what happened when you got back did that alarm Time Awaken you up. Sites like this must sure be making it tough for Secret your victims out of money on your phone LOLA. On your manner back for that boiler room check your Trousers they re on fire.

Post by Robin,

9712201118 No response. You personally think the owner of this number is trying to find Outside if anyone is home. I could Envision someone along with a clipboard checking account off those phone numbers along with names linked who have someone for response the Telephone who've an answering machine or who don t response. But for what motive.

Post by daisy,

971-220-1118 got Telephone call from same Amount W. they phone and Merely respiration on the other end. . . . i cussed them and Installed Upwards. . . they haven t called back However. . . . . Additionally got another political call from W. . . . do not reply there Telephone telephone. . . Individuals don t recognize English when you tell them not to call. . . . can t get no one live when i telephone. . . . thus tell me do i block that Amount again. daisy

Post by Sharon T,

9712201118 OOPS. The above post was for a Distinct phone W W W not W W W which also called me Now.

Post by mikermartri,

971-220-1118 This can be not affiliated with your Don't Phone List. . . This really is a marketing Business acting as if for become exempt within making these calls by pretending for become a political survey. Report them here. HTTP complaints. dentally. gov

Post by Harry,

9712201118 Obtained a phone from this number at 4 W P. M. Answered it and there was nothing there. This can be among many unwanted or unidentified calls that I receive any more. What the heck is going on. Do not phone dozen t appear for work and everyone is either a non profit organization or a political view Study.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Annoying political survey automated and annoying.

Post by Anon,

9712201118 I was erroneous. You are able to file at DECRY. Please would it.

Post by maverick,

971-220-1118 Thank you personally for that Amount and address. I 'm also going for send them a letter or two about that number I am on that do not telephone list and this is becoming from . amp hand.

Post by Jesse,

9712201118 Why don't we understand what your FCC says. I idea that political surveys were exempt in the law. But if they can telephone this a scam. . . . Boohoo

Post by PJ,

971-220-1118 Rec d a phone out of the Amount just now. Did t recognize Amount did t response. No message left.

Post by MrLogic,

9712201118 I called your number back amp the express message mentioned political opinions . . . . .

Post by Steve,

971-220-1118 Yup. . . I m getting them also. On my Residence property line Telephone and cell Telephone. I Usually don t Select up Amounts I don t Understand and they hang up on the answering machine. Several calls a week.

Post by McBill,

9712201118 Same thing we re on that No Phone but they telephone I don t recognize how they don t risk the Great.

Post by Nicole,

971-220-1118 Just called them back from a acreage line and they said its a Political Survey and you can press 1 for become permanently removed from the list. I do not know if that will Truly occur but it s value a attempt.

Post by AL,

9712201118 called did not leave message

Post by SteveO,

971-220-1118 1. Get Google Express. Use Google Express on your voice send Amount. When the Amount shows Upward as a telephone in your Google Voice account block IT. The next time they phone they will get the Amount disconnected announcement

Post by RJ,

9712201118 Unknown caller. Want it would Quit. . .

Post by Anon,

971-220-1118 I was incorrect. You are able to file at DECRY. Please would it.

Post by HellMan,

9712201118 Thank you for the Information. . . I vie waited Soho long for a working Amount for them. I m hitting them along with my Automobile Call er appropriate now. Enjoy Fer s.

Post by Amanda,

971-220-1118 Hang Upward from W W W

Post by Youras,

9712201118 They Merely called me. I never answer for any phone calls out of states where I have nobody. Got a Gripe to DC. I expect they may kick their Mindless .

Post by Clark,

971-220-1118 Greg Become willing for leave a MSG if you can t get me live OR DON T Annoyance CALLING At all. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Jaya G,

9712201118 I acquired a phone out of the number earlier Now. I said Hi along with no Result. Just significant respiration on the other side. I hung Upwards and they called correct. back. Again not saying anything.

Post by ~~SPIDER~~,

971-220-1118 Merely 1 more Amount of over W Amounts I 've now from these Base feeders . It s nothing but a SCAM trying to get you personally for give them your credit card number. First it was Rachel from credit card services and now they get Approximately the don't call list by saying it s a political serve then saying you Triumph a free Vacation for the Bahamas. Nothing in the world is free. It s a SCAM . Nothing more. I report each and each phone now for that state no telephone list and that federal do not call list. I have even reported them to your local police. Still these bottom feeders keep trying. And as of Now I called at amp t and complained for them also. And told them each time I get a call from these A holes I m going for call and make a Grievance. I have had to Alter my Telephone number thinking the calls would stop. . . Suppose what they haven t i get at least one call a daytime now.

Post by Kate,

9712201118 Simply got a telephone and a dead atmosphere 1 second express mail. Every freaking day it s a fresh number Underneath my Spam contact. I along with Mr. would get that Image I don t want for talk to him. . .

Post by Daleinaz,

971-220-1118 Daisy 1 Don t kind within all caps. It s annoying and tough to read. 2 Along with Voice over Net Protocol VIP Telephone service it is possible simple even to create any name and number you personally need for Search on the calling line ID CL ID show.

Post by caprice smith,

9712201118 they hung up after I answered

Post by JennyAnniDots,

971-220-1118 Since February 1 W we have been Strike along with unwanted calls averaging W a day including this 1. 2 weeks ago we registered on the Do not Telephone site and FCC Website. As of the post W W W we have Registered W Gripes in that last 2 weeks with both Companies. I don t know if that is the reply but for date we've dropped for W calls a daytime to 1 for 2 each other daytime. Let s Group Collectively and Begin complaining for your 2 agencies and Perhaps just maybe these VULTURES will have their feathers plucked and tared

Post by rayjayct,

9712201118 Great believing overall but what if you personally don t answer and that call gets picked Upwards by a Dwelling replying machine which Perhaps can become turned off or a cell phone express mail which is harder to control. I Guess it would still become a hit for scampers who've plans for your own phone and or assets. Any thoughts on how to dodge them Underneath these circumstances. Cheers for the post.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Political survey. But if you participate you personally get a free cruise.

Post by MS,

9712201118 I gotten a telephone out of the number. Since it was long space amp I did not recognize the number I did not response it. No message was left on my express mail. Cheers for all who answered your phone sow e know it is for offer a free cruise. I Imagine all you get is the voucher amp you personally re on your own for becoming for that port of telephone. That s how these scams Normally work.

Post by Did Not Ring,

971-220-1118 I get an E-mail when I Skip a call. If the caller leaves a message I receive a transcript of the message in an email this can be enormously suitable how I Resided without the Attribute I do not remember . It was puzzling for me to see a missed phone E-mail roll in without my phone actually ringing. Owner did not leave a message. Carrier is Verizon the receptionist Characteristic is Google .

Post by fitz,

9712201118 Just answered the telephone last four digits were enjoy another on my list.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 Scam asked for political opinion in exchange for a cruise

Post by Guest,

9712201118 Political survey disguising a scam for obtain my credit card numbers. Surprise A face I don t 've a credit card. Ill of these drones calling calling and calling. Your return numbers are Rob generated and are never your same. I have Given each of that numbers a spam ID and I 've silenced your ring tone. What a waste of air time on MY CELL Phone. Seriously beginning for think it is my cell Provider who gives Outside my Amount so they can Invoice me for incoming air time used.

Post by Bill,

971-220-1118 My bad create that . . . W. Forgot to put my glasses on.

Post by jaa,

9712201118 Offering free not including Interface tax cruise for 2 for that Bahamas within return for Doing a W second survey conducted on Account of a political group. Offered me the Alternative of pressing 9 for decline your survey and 've my removed out of their list. Against all better judgment I pressed 9 and got a message saying my had been removed. This can be a cell Telephone my next stop is for make sure my standing on the DC registry is still up to date.

Post by Gerry,

971-220-1118 Do not know this person at the number

Post by May H,

9712201118 ID is Pacific tel Had several calls within previous 2 months. They Don't leave message. Just one time I replied they offered a cruise within your Bahamas. I Simply Installed Upwards. Need them for stop. We have been on your DC list.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 EDGAR About Your own POLITICAL Reviews.

Post by charles,

9712201118 On do not telephone list for phone Amounts but continue for receive calls from your Northwest and Midwest out of various Amounts. Callers leave no message. Do not answer calls from unknown numbers that appear for become from from state. Only once a message left Around lowering my attention speed on what I don't know as don't have any outstanding balance etc. . . . Suspect a few are Recalls .

Post by Confused,

971-220-1118 Peculiar matter. . . . . . . . I gotten a telephone out of the number on my cell Telephone a few hours ago and did not response because I did t recognize your Amount. I m at work and when I got back for my Workplace just i tool that same missed phone on my office phone. That s exactly why I did a investigation online for the Amount. I don't have any Thought why they would 've both of my numbers. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Jordan,

9712201118 Acquired call on my cell replied not alive silence for W seconds until I Installed Upwards.

Post by Dave,

971-220-1118 You personally can realize this Website is not affiliated along with the callers don t you personally. . That is not going for help you

Post by Poe,

9712201118 W pages of reports in Simply a few times. . . . USN t it coincidental that Friday is when they Began calling. . as IF they know reports will not become received till at least Monday. . They Merely called my Facsimile and no fax Arrived out.

Post by cancaped,

971-220-1118 I received 3 calls from W W W on Saturday March W W. There was no message left when I did t reply. There was no just one there when I did reply. I won t response again.

Post by Eric,

9712201118 Merely got a telephone from this Amount. Nobody on your line. Simply dead air Subsequently disconnect.

Post by Sways,

971-220-1118 It s Authentic if you Only reject your telephone it helps. I can Begin becoming your calls reject them Subsequently don't start getting them again until it's a new spoofed phone number. Exactly why Folks feel your demand for response unknown Amounts anyway is beyond me.

Post by 549385,

9712201118 I acquired a telephone out of the Amount. It's listed as coming from Gresham OR. Since I 've Owner ID I don't reply unknown Amounts. If they need me terrible enough or if it's a life and death Condition they may leave a message. I have placed this number in my Don't Answer file.

Post by Sarah,

971-220-1118 It is an excellent idea gotta provide you that P will have for attempt it sometime when I could actually get a Actual Man on that line ha ha

Post by just me,

9712201118 I vie gotten several calls Do I block them.

Post by Imrj,

971-220-1118 If you might have the time and energy you can file a claim in small claims courts and supposedly if you personally Triumph get Upwards for W per State against your various telemarketers calling in your cell.

Post by Doug,

9712201118 I have been becoming many of these calls out of many different Telephone numbers. They're telemarketers that pay NO attention to your do not telephone list. which I am on . A Buddy said that they get your cell phone Amounts out of Grisliest Advertising. It may become Authentic as I did post an Advertising with my Amount inside it. Best advice is do not response a telephone that is out of an unfamiliar number.

Post by Richard Roloson,

971-220-1118 I have had multiple calls from several Oregon Established numbers. I don't response them after the first time I called back learning it was a survey . I have placed 3 Distinct Oregon Amounts on my block list for my cell phone and simply 've so many available for use. That is becoming harassment.

Post by Anthony,

9712201118 I just got a phone too and I did reply but it was Simply dead Stop and it fast disconnected by itself.

Post by Jewellya,

971-220-1118 Your volume of Rob calls all from Oregon has spiked since i signed your Request to shut down SOAP. methinks it s a stunt to keep Individuals from signing petitions.

Post by XXXOOO,

9712201118 Got telephone from the Amount. I blocked the call. Next matter I understand another Amount W W W I blocked this just one overly. I want for see how many numbers they come Upwards with and I ll block them all. I don t have time with this nonsense.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1118 They just call me to much

Post by Yoon,

9712201118 I Merely tool this Amount on my missed telephone. I m glad I go ogled it before I call em back.

Post by cali_kid,

971-220-1118 Simply got a phone. . . no vim left. . .

Post by SteveO,

9712201118 That rocks I m transferring.

Post by Don,

971-220-1118 Exactly why Cellular telephone CELL Phones NOT PROTECTED Out of POLITICAL CALLS BUT Home Telephones ARE. That law need for become altered. . . especially since cellular telephone Telephones are your primary or just Telephone for many now. HTTP . org index. PP

Post by Lizzy,

9712201118 I was becoming calls from W W W and now also becoming calls from W W W. Searched that number and a few Individuals are saying for go to HTTP Internet. . org sardonic. aspirant 've your Amount removed. We ll see if that works.

Post by jjl,

971-220-1118 Pacific tel. yes I have gotten a LOT of these calls Recently allegedly political but a free cruise blah blah blah if you Only answer their survey. Such BS. Whoever is supposed to be enforcing your Do not Call list is obviously not on to all these scams. I am thus sick of it and now on my cell as nicely. .

Post by TS,

9712201118 Owner did t leave message. Owner ID says PO America Gresham OR.

Post by city of algonac,

971-220-1118 This really is a Police Section. Don't Telephone HERE ANYMORE. . .

Post by not whom the call's for,

9712201118 this really is harassment and it's illegal i am on the Authorities don't call list and they don't State to be government agents whatsoever

Post by Brendan,

971-220-1118 Got a ring from the W W 'm PDT on 3 W W with no just one on another line. . . I Offered them W seconds for answer and Subsequently Installed Upwards. 4 pages of reports on this Amount in Merely 4 hours. Someone is Upwards to no great.

Post by bob,

9712201118 again. . . this a holes keeps on calling.

Did you get an unwanted call from 971-220-1118? Is 9712201118 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

8552231039 Complains by Guest,

keep calling

8102320555 Complains by Dan Miller,

Scam telling me I won a security system. This is that third time they vie called me at least.

8556936765 Complains by Guest,

It's New York Health attention benefits. They call you to enlighten you Around the missing Records within your application.

9316263314 Complains by Lucille,

I've been getting repeat phone calls from this number on my cell phone for about two weeks.  I don't answer because I don't recognize the number and very few people outside of close friends and family know my cell.  I was thinking of calling back but decided against it.

3212443081 Complains by Guest,

BS Caller telemarketer

8184920762 Complains by Guest,

don t answer

8282335449 Complains by matt,

they called left no message

3212505178 Complains by lk,

Got just one that said whoa Eugene. . . . Not my name.

8002437552 Complains by Betty,

Scams he called me saying that So-and-so left me as a reference don't pick up the phone

8002223344 Complains by Diane,

This really is a political call from Label Greasing

8002381936 Complains by unknown,

I 'm getting calls all the time from this FT no 1 is on that line amp Subsequently music plays. It's really annoying.

8002373108 Complains by Bob Goldwater,

I was Merely contacted by Jonathan Japan who told me that his Advertisement agency inadvertently printed W W hospital brochures with my toll free Amount on it. He Inquired me if I could transfer that number for him out of the goodness of my heart. He was Very smooth and Finished it sounds enjoy he has used this Message hundreds of times. I m certain a lot of Individuals autumn for this Trick but I Go ogled his number 1 W W W and found the net page. Thank God for the Net.

8002408151 Complains by Jules,

Got that same call Now. I Afterward located that Amount of Fifth Third Bank from my Vehicle loan Reports and called them for Check. It was a valid Amount. It s their Libraries Section.

8002186371 Complains by Linde,

wanted for understand who your Owner is

8002356247 Complains by Davi,

I Merely got a notice within that send about a 1 W W prize. I understand that is a scam but what I don t comprehend is exactly why that postal Experts permit something like to continue. There must a SH. . Weight of fraud passing Thur your post office.

8002086374 Complains by jn,

scam. they're phantom debt collectors.

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