9712201574 / 971-220-1574

Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Gresham, OR. Multnomah. United states
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9712201574 MK XML

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971-220-1574 comments

Post by a,

9712201574 Dumb Amount has called me W times since Am and its simply 9 W am and every time i response they hang Upwards they need to get a life already and leave people alone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Post by john,

9712201574 Rob call about your own tax debt. another spam scam call

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971-220-1574 Lt foo gt Tavern Lt foo gt

Post by JT,

9712201574 Only got a phone saying you could possibly owe within back Fees and R bank accounts could possibly maintain Danger. . . F . these Folks. . . nothing but scam telemarketing. . . If you press 9 for become removed it gives you personally your active tone. . . Lola

Post by Kim Dickinson,

971-220-1574 Numerous calls

Post by Karen,

9712201574 They said they're calling in Wishes to your Government and back Fees. . . . .

Post by R. Tyler,

971-220-1574 Called W W Texas CT that call ended when that Rob lady was done blabbering. I Don't EVEN Have A CREDIT CARD Considerably LESS ANY BACK TAX DEBT . . . . . . . These con artists should be criminalized for their debauchery amp WASTING MY Personal TIME. How do THEY Sleep AT Night Along with THAT Bad KOOK CONSCIENCE. .

Post by Laurie,

9712201574 Continual calls from number hangs up upon answer

Post by Sam,

971-220-1574 Just got a call out of this number and that show said Tax Help SS Decided Upward and Put up instantaneously and then Viewed on here to see what it was. These Folks need for be strung Upward by their thumbs.

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9712201574 Lt . Executive Cmdr quot Dir quot gt

Post by Dave,

971-220-1574 Merely got a phone no vim. . . .

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9712201574 Lt . Executive Cmdr quot cat etc passed quot gt

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971-220-1574 HTTP exalts. example. com

Post by Destinee,

9712201574 Egg. How do these Individuals get my number. . . Apparently I owe hundreds within Government back Fees without my knowledge of course.

Post by gearrunr,

971-220-1574 Only got the call. I adore the Website.

Post by peter,

9712201574 this Put who ever they are 've been calling my cell phone which i m 1 W confident my cell phone is not a Released Amount since a its within a Pals name and b its a pare paid service. not just do i get calls to cell phone but also unlisted number which is on your do not telephone list which the cell phone Amount is as nicely. I never been for OR never or Resided there

Post by jim,

971-220-1574 Missed phone.

Post by Ben Dover,

9712201574 Tax Renegotiation Centre ROB phone about back Fees and how they could help you Individual you personally out of and cash and joke all the way for your bank Last week they used a W Region Code seems like Pacific Communications s are still within use for Rob calling.

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971-220-1574 HTTP RIF. NeWSes. org RIF. text

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Post by V,

971-220-1574 Missed phone Road telemarketing phone today.

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9712201574 HTTP RIF. NeWSes. org RIF. text

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971-220-1574 Lt . Executive Cmdr quot cat etc passed quot gt

Post by herpyderpyman,

9712201574 phone it back and press 9 for be removed from your list. i did and we ll see if that works. highly doubtful

Post by a-ok,

971-220-1574 Called me Now Installed Upwards. I called back People records Show you may owe the Government millions within back Fees etc etc . Yep sure. . . Millions.

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9712201574 MK . X. MK

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971-220-1574 Lt . Contain file quot Nassau's. HTML quot gt

Post by pavementracer,

9712201574 called and left no message. Thus annoying.

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9712201574 HTTP Spackle. example. com

Post by Pamela Harney,

971-220-1574 Called company phone. Could not talk to anyone.

Post by Alfalfa,

9712201574 Text back Cease sending spam to this Amount or I can file a Criticism with the FCC .

Post by amy,

971-220-1574 same as most of your others claims we owe back taxes. . . . really. . .

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9712201574 sleep 3 amp

Post by Adam S.,

971-220-1574 No vim

Post by poser,

9712201574 Vince too funny LOLA

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971-220-1574 comments

Post by David S.,

9712201574 Scam artists Attempting for scare Individuals Around owing back taxes for the Irs. There should be a Group other than telemarketer because of this type of slime.

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971-220-1574 MK . X. MK

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9712201574 Lt . include file quot Nassau's. HTML quot gt

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9712201574 Lt . exec Cmdr quot Dir quot gt

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9712201574 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tamp retest. text

Post by Tina,

971-220-1574 Got a phone from this unknown number

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971-220-1574 sleep 3 amp

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9712201574 MK XML

Post by plain jane,

971-220-1574 My is an unlisted disposable wireless phone within a state distant out of Oregon Rob calling searching for any Fool to Select up. . . never gave this number Outside for anyone. . . I only use it when traveling. . . . If they were legitimate in collecting anything of merit. . . they d 've an address for send a demand page to. . . follow Upward by Telephone. The number belongs for con artists.

Post by D,

9712201574 got telephone W PM Texas did not answer.

Post by bored,

971-220-1574 I Only got the phone as I m sitting at my Table at your Government. Pretty sure my bosses would let me know if I had Tremendous Outstanding tax bills

Post by Dee,

9712201574 unwanted Telephone phone don t response if I don t know number

Post by Alfalfa,

971-220-1574 Text back Quit delivering spam for this number or I will file a complaint along with that FCC .

Post by a,

9712201574 something Around taxes i hang up

Post by Bob K,

971-220-1574 Irs Fees scam

Post by JT,

9712201574 Besides Can 1 owe back taxes to the state OREGON if just one never Resided there. So if you personally get a telephone and live in that Midwest east coast or any other state than OR. disregard the. . .

Post by Eli,

971-220-1574 Crap number. . I expect this number gets erased and prosecuted

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9712201574 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tamp retest. text

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9712201574 I gotten a phone out of the number Now. Missed telephone did not leave a express send. Within searching at other Websites this Amount has been flagged as a telemarketer.

Post by Uncle Sam,

971-220-1574 Said I may or might not owe back state and national Fees. If I knew for a fact that I did not I could press 9 and remove myself from the list if not I was Competent to Chat having an accredited counselor who Bargains in such things free of charge.

Post by poser,

9712201574 Vince too humorous LOLA

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Post by john,

9712201574 i got calls from the Amount always Virtually 1 or 2 times a daytime. it's thus annoying and i simply got my phone 3 months ago. i think it's your phone Business is giving Outside your numbers. maybe if all should phone your Telephone Company telling them for Discontinue giving Outside the Amount.

Post by tired,

971-220-1574 don t understand number and don t owe any taxes please Quit calling

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9712201574 Lt foo gt bar Lt foo gt

Post by JT,

971-220-1574 Just got a call saying you personally might owe in back Fees and R bank accounts could maintain Risk. . . F . these Folks. . . nothing but scam telemarketing. . . If you press 9 for become removed it Offers you personally the active tone. . . Lola

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Recent comment

8552231039 Complains by Guest,

keep calling

8102320555 Complains by Dan Miller,

Scam telling me I won a security system. This is that third time they vie called me at least.

8556936765 Complains by Guest,

It's New York Health attention benefits. They call you to enlighten you Around the missing Records within your application.

9316263314 Complains by Lucille,

I've been getting repeat phone calls from this number on my cell phone for about two weeks.  I don't answer because I don't recognize the number and very few people outside of close friends and family know my cell.  I was thinking of calling back but decided against it.

3212443081 Complains by Guest,

BS Caller telemarketer

8184920762 Complains by Guest,

don t answer

8282335449 Complains by matt,

they called left no message

3212505178 Complains by lk,

Got just one that said whoa Eugene. . . . Not my name.

8002499362 Complains by Sleighbell,

Same keeps happening for me three times Now and I m on a no telephone list.

8002770117 Complains by Lucca7,

All you personally Folks need to do is file a Criticism on that Better business Office site i vie done it before and they have Fixed my Difficulties.

8002472911 Complains by go Seahawks !!!,

Called before could not phone back. Subsequently called Recently again hung Upward when I answered.

8002512840 Complains by moon,

What that F do these people believe. .

8002353155 Complains by Ron,

Online pharmacy. Did your own physician offer you a free prescription. Most likely the caller got your number the way. I 've had this going on for two years different numbers same overseas callers. If you don t say hi or Hi it won t Link. I vie Inquired many times to please be taken off that telephone list. . . nothing. Simply keep blocking and educate others don t take your free prescription from your doctor. . . it s not value it. . .

8002178099 Complains by guest,

it is representative of hospital in Wishes for medical bills

8002403602 Complains by 804-422-0329,

John Owens called and left a message on Part of the State of Ohio. Left no company name nor express mail as Required.

8002679084 Complains by Grrrylla,

I agree and Additionally Detected that someone else in all my Site hunting is having Issues along with Private charges for 9. W within association along with this Amount. It May n't become a phantom is within that system hmm Millimeters.

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