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Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Gresham, OR. Multnomah. United states
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Post by KC,

9712201771 I get a phone from the number Simply says Gresham OR on my Owner ID at least once a week. My Partner has been Occupation Shopping within Oregon for your previous year or thus and your first time I tool this on Caller ID I replied it. They asked for him but would not leave a message Merely said they d telephone back. Well I won t reply it anymore because I vie checked it against the forum and I see they are annoying other Individuals as well.

Post by Sharon,

971-220-1771 Your same credit card call and they want for lower my rates etc. I don t Take a balance and because I get this same phone thus often I feel it's harassment.

Post by [***],

9712201771 I Only obtained the call from Phone with caller ID block off I called back and was prompted for press 1 for become removed out of future calls. Attempt to telephone these f numbers back W first if block wont work comprehend they already 've your own call back and listen to any message or Chat for Everyone who answers and ask for be removed. F these amp holes Electricity for the people. . . Lt gt gt gt gt gt Reply .

Post by Brosius,

971-220-1771 Phone from W W W. No 1 on line. Dialed the Amount. Eric answered. I asked why he called me. Eric said Oh no your calling long space and instantly Installed up.

Post by minimimi,

9712201771 Another just one get lost.

Post by Don,

971-220-1771 Contact the Supplier PAC West email W protected file a complaint

Post by Joseph P. Murphy,

9712201771 Unwanted Phone call

Post by Ricky,

971-220-1771 This no. revealed Upwards on my caller ID when I was not at House. They left no message. I 'm on that no phone list. I need them to Leave calling me.

Post by Susan,

9712201771 Got this telephone at midday time here in Jersey today. Owner ID read Telephone and Subsequently your Amount. Since I m Actually into the Vacation spirit here I answered. Normally I don't answer from state or Amounts I don't Comprehend. It was a record saying this really is your own final courtesy phone etc etc we could lower your own interest speed on ALL your own credit cards etc etc you must 've at least 3 thousand dollars in credit card debt etc etc. Afterward it said for please press 1 for speak along with a Friendly representative. I had for jest. Friendly huh. I hung up. In my own view scams scams scams. These Individuals should be locked Upwards for life in jail along with only bread and water for eat and beverage. I Very doubt along with today s economy and your current recession that anyone is Purchasing this BS and pressing 1 and giving Outside their CC Information. .

Post by Linda in Jersey,

971-220-1771 It's not that they Shift phone numbers. . . they have many phone Amounts and that is computer created which is exactly why you personally get dead air when you personally first Choose up that phone for say hello.

Post by thebasicb,

9712201771 I called number Phone on Owner ID and got record If you personally do not need any further calls press 1 . I have done this at least W times with other telemarketer and other callers and every time my number was removed. Legit companies may Honor. Companies that don't allow this Alternative are questionable and I Only BLOCK their numbers. Most newer Telephones allow you to BLOCK a minimum of W Amounts. When my BLOCK LIST reaches it s capacity I Delete your oldest numbers. Trust you personally look for the helpful.

Post by colonel,

971-220-1771 I Typically don't Choose up your phone if i don t Comprehend that name or Amount but when i would pick it up I speak quite gently and when they ask me a question I blow into my whistle appropriate against your express Place as loud as I could for as long as i can. It has for hurt their ears.

Post by HHa,

9712201771 That is a phone I Additionally get Often your Registered message says this is your own Closing courtesy telephone blah blah blah your own credit card blah blah blah before we close your file. It would Search our congressmen apparently are not interested for Place an end for this. Appalling that a fantastic State such as ours can wage war with slightly piloted drones in Afghanistan but cannot or doesn't desire to Cease their People out of being molested.

Post by teoacct,

971-220-1771 Got a recording Around my credit card and a last opportunity to lock within lower rates someone needs to track down the jerk and charge them along with harassment.

Post by Tad,

9712201771 I Only received a call from this Amount even though my Amount is on Don't Call list. I did t answer that call and no message left. 8 W pm 2 1 W

Post by Jan,

971-220-1771 Got a phone out of the Amount Gresham OR did t response and they did t leave a message. 2 hours After got a telephone out of W W W. Did t answer and they did t leave a message. Reported for FCC.

Post by Elbows,

9712201771 It s Rachael out of Cardholder Services Seeking to see they could get you to offer them your own credit card Amounts thus they can Stand up Fake charges or use them for Identification Larceny. I told your User I needed to find my statement kept her on hold for a great seven minutes Afterward played Ce Lo Green s F You into that Telephone. Most fun I vie had all daytime.

Post by Will,

971-220-1771 I obtained a phone out of the Amount but did not answer no message left. . I Subsequently called the number and got a record along with the Choice for Prefer out of future calls. . . I trust.

Post by Rob,

9712201771 That is quite cool. We have been getting phone calls out of this Gresham Oregon a W number. When we answer they hang up. It is a few type of automated Traveler Rob Business. I called Verizon the Company and located out that all I demand do is for Strike W. That gets me to your phone screening. I add for the reason that Amount and they can never phone me again. Good info.

Post by Chris,

971-220-1771 Telephone and number just no message hang up

Post by Abidingart,

9712201771 Receive Routine calls from 1 W W W. All your Amounts for personal amp business are on the Oregon Attorney General s No Phone List. The posted address of this person is helpful. For fill out an online Criticism for the INCL an address is Needed. I m not confident how that poster obtained that information but which is your address I plan for use for fill out your Criticism kind. I 've pressed 1 as your message directs to become Chosen of that 1 W W W as directed when calling that Amount back but 've continuing to get calls out of them. For me Go ogling your phone seemed your ST Plausible measure. Filling out a complaint at the INCL website is the next step.

Post by Loudon,

971-220-1771 They bombard me along with calls to lower my credit card rate and Afterward hand Upward when I try to talk to an User.

Post by Bill,

9712201771 I have Registered complaints but they keep calling. Only like everything else in Washington they created a agency for protects people Afterward ALL they can is shield their jobs. We re Only becoming rid of the home phone. If enough people do this maybe your Telephone companies can get more cooperative. My Cell Telephone lets me block Amounts. I could enter a Place code and block any calls coming out of there plus all W numbers.

Post by Lori,

971-220-1771 I am on your don not call list and my Telephone rings all day long along with this kind of BS. I 'm getting calls out of the Amount so Much I haven't answered. I am certain congress just passed that DC list to fake to Appearance enjoy they're doing something Useful since they can t appear to offer a amp 6 amp amp . Around Routine Folks.

Post by CT,

9712201771 Somebody needs to Damage these people.

Post by Eddie The Hat,

971-220-1771 Scummier Attempting for scam. Residence development company.

Post by Wm Rubenstein,

9712201771 lower your own attention speed credit card scam Rob call

Post by Puriel,

971-220-1771 Credit card lower speed. . I don't have any credit cards. . Rude jerk. . . When I told him to take my Amount away your list. He replays that sucks and hangs up on me. Caller ID Simply read Telephone . All these Businesses have found ways Approximately that Owner ID.

Post by kathy,

9712201771 I 've a message out of my local Telephone Firm stating that my Dwelling Amount does not Take solicitation calls. Whoever is calling from the Amount bypasses the message and calls any way. Of path they hang up after I reply.

Post by rox,

971-220-1771 Express send said that they would help me along with my credit card debt 've none but it would 've to become an amount greater than 3 W. W. Sorry blocking you personally so goodbye.

Post by last nerve,

9712201771 Recording from credit card member services. Last telephone NOT. re lower interest rates

Post by Bruised  Peach aka Peachman,

971-220-1771 Phishing scam maintaining to be my credit card issuer saying they have called me many times offering lower rates and this can be my LAST WARNING. LOLA. . . they must really feel Individuals are idiots. As soon as I ask who they represent they hang Upwards second time they have called or third and I Think they Case someone and take them for big Dollars need for protect seniors as they're targeting your Places high Thickness senior People a particularly evil crime at the the Christmas Season. Time to 've many enjoyment along with these clowns phone em up and rock em Plug til they Holler.

Post by Vistaca,

9712201771 I 've a friend that works at that phone Firm and she has told me that when you personally phone any W Amount the Individual receiving your telephone on another Finish is Competent for see your Telephone number on their Owner ID. It dozen t issue if your own Amount is blocked or not. They re paying for that W Amount and that Comprises being Competent to see who is calling them.

Post by quasar,

971-220-1771 Owner ID shows Hunter Greene as that Owner. No message left on the replying machine.

Post by Kathy,

9712201771 Your id Simply said phone on it that recording message Maintained they had Directed} people notices etc lies so I pushed that 1 to talk to a Individual being who Promised they where Credit card Services. I blew my whistle in her ears. Trust you Appreciated it CC Services its all your own gonna get out of me. I don t 've any cards BTW paid them away years ago. Idiot scampers.

Post by Tracy D.,

971-220-1771 Show read Gresham OR for the number W W W. An automated message indicated this was my final Alter for lower my attention speed. I pressed 1 for Discuss to some Man. Mark Decided Upwards that line. I Inquired for Chat to a Manager. He Afterward Installed Upwards the Telephone.

Post by Cindy,

9712201771 I also reported that telephone for that Do not Call Registry. I vie been Enrolled there for at least W W Times and of that garbage phone calls I get they look for use this Amount on their caller id more compared to others. I Merely want there was a manner they could t fake the caller id number that's Directed} Outside. HTTP complaints. dentally. gov Criticism Grievance check. asp Is where you personally should post your own Gripe and ensure you re on your registry as well. It does help but there are so many more scams Outside there now than ever before it s Actually Ill. c

Post by Cactus01,

971-220-1771 Phone Firm digital lines Have a record of the caller but don t want for get included with call blocking because they make to Considerably money supplying the service to scampers. If FBI or Key Service was to get subpoenas that info would be Accessible within two or three minutes twenty minutes at the most. You've to ember this is all done by computer and calls are billed and accounted for. Recall E-mail is Maintained messaging is retained Assessment virtually everything is retained unless it is Given for Treatment like library records and medical records on discarded computers. In case a lawyer was for get included he might make millions but they are probably a Canad an Business and Canada will take no Activity because this brings within overly Considerably cash and this is a Setback a mole Business.

Post by Best Bud,

9712201771 Everyone If Striving to find out who it's attempt to find a pay Telephone while you personally re shopping and phone from there. As long it a W it will not Price you anything and cannot become trace back to you or your House Telephone. As long as you dint can it by calling them Regular.

Post by Frederika,

971-220-1771 None phone went not alive after perhaps W seconds. Nevertheless not the first time calls received out of this number.

Post by MadAsHe!!,

9712201771 lower interest speed it says at W W p. m. Thus I press 3 and talked to Kenny. I Inquired him which credit cards as I have a lot. Gave me a spiel and I kept him on for a some time. At the Finish I told him I m not interested. He did call me Ms and my last name . Scary. Third lower attention speed telephone today. I don t 've any credit cards with a balance on them. It s their dime and my time.

Post by barry,

971-220-1771 I agree along with Bob keep them on the line. Price them many cash. I received a call amp they Installed up. Then I proceeded for block your Amount by using W a Verizon service .

Post by Sick of this garbage.,

9712201771 These calls used to come within Frequently before the No Call List and Afterward they Quit for a very long time. They Began up again for me when Century link bought Outside West. I vie attempted everything from nicely asking them to Quit to offering for come for Mesa Illinois and meet with Chelsea Ambrosia. Today I Directed} a page for my Congressman with copies for your Federal Commerce Commission and Century link. The calls come out of numbers all over that country Florida for Oregon etc. Century link offered for Supply a service which Solutions that Telephone and informs Owner you personally don t accept calls from solicitors for a Payment. I already pay a Cost for the no telephone list. Its called National taxes. I vie had Almost hundreds of these calls. I 've Pals out of all over that State so I don t want for not reply long space calls. This phony BA turd drives me nuts. A unique Put within hell is surely Allowed for him for rot within.

Post by Truds,

971-220-1771 These people 've called me numerous times. Now Saturday at W W am PST. When I press 1 a person answers your phone with I understand you personally need to cut your own credit debt I say no have no debt I just need you personally to stop calling me. I vie Inquired about 6 times for be removed from their calling list. Most of your time they just hang Upward but one creative Man said okay let s get that called Upward on your Display and I actually idea he was helping me. In a hour got another phone. One time I called the Amount and your Man that replied that Telephone made a loud long burp. I was disgusted to say your least. I Only go ogled Gresham and found Outside it s a sister Business of Bank of America. I do not and never can 've an account along with them. I m going for do what JAMES suggested and get a telephone blocking Telephone. I don t get Insane I get disgusted.

Post by darby,

9712201771 Just got a phone from W W W Owner id said Telephone no MSG left on replying machine when I did not Select up. Have been becoming a lot of these types of calls lately my Amount is on the do not telephone list.

Post by Mikey,

971-220-1771 Robert these are scampers . . Just block and report that number . . There are W pages on this number and you believe they can Discontinue calling You personally . .

Post by James B Larson,

9712201771 We have gotten many many calls out of this same number 1 W W W They falsely state they are card member services which happens for be Nearly that same as Pursuit or AT amp T credit cards service. I am sick of receiving these calls. A few of them before your 8 o clock hour within that morning. I am on the NO Telephone list. These Folks should be sued for all they are worth.

Post by JTH11706,

971-220-1771 've gotten this call several times. The time I listened for that message about lowering credit card interest rates and pressed 1 to speak to your Individual. That person who replied said Give me your card Amount. Actually. . . . . I Inquired how you can get on his don't phone list and he hung Upward. Sounds like they're Attempting for scam credit card Amounts. Be Thorough. I m reporting for that FCC but as it looks like others 've been doing that same for a little while I don t expect Considerably.

Post by Mikey,

9712201771 Scott these are scampers . . Merely block and report that Amount . . There are W pages on this number and you personally believe they can Cease calling You personally . .

Post by Carol,

971-220-1771 I 've received the telephone numerous times. Owner ID says Gresham Oregon. I dialed back. . . no reply and no message. When I reply it. . . . they hang Upwards. I won t reply it again.

Post by Linnea,

9712201771 This can be a scam. Recorded message saying they could lower credit card rates. They keep calling out of different numbers.

Post by bud7dha8,

971-220-1771 W calls month spiritual Lover harasses Individuals with spoofs calling on his brand new little i Telephone. . . doesn't work. . in cahoots with local crooked Authorities. . . welcome to BIBLE BELT TEXT. . . IF Your own NOT Enjoy THEM GET Outside Caller Company CHANGES Every Phone EXAMPLE Cost FREE. UNKNOWN Phone ETC From Area ETC Institute Collection MARA Send Children Want XMAS Blank. WIRELESS NEWT RECEIVABLE EVEN USES LOCAL Firms WE Know W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W SPOOF BUTTON ON Brand new IPHONE. . . Permits You personally For Call SOMEONE AND ENTER ANOTHER Number OF WHERE You are CALLING FROM

Post by Mad in Dallas,

9712201771 I got a phone out of this number and that caller ID said Phone . Actually that telephone Firm would place Upward a Amount with that caller ID as Telephone .

Post by James,

971-220-1771 Awesome

Post by Pam,

9712201771 If you have a cordless phone they Generally 've a blocking Choice. My phone has one and I Simply go through a couple of steps using your buttons and following your prompts. It blocks Upward to W Amounts. Once it fills up I let a couple of weeks go by Remove your old numbers and Begin around blocking that brand new Amounts. I Additionally never answer calls whose numbers I don t Understand. The Don't Telephone registry is a joke.

Post by Blaise,

971-220-1771 I waited on your line after the Initial message for lower my credit card rates and Subsequently pushed 1 for speak for your considerate customer service representative. I asked him what was his Firm did not get a real response but was told he represented my credit card. I Inquired Oh really which 1. He responded quickly along with Credit . . . I do not 've a Charge Credit Card. These people phone my number several times a day and 've been calling my house for months. I want I could tell them for F amp off in your biggest manner. I notion we were Assumed for be protected from phone scams. Could t the Telephone Business disconnect those b bastards line.

Post by Lynda,

9712201771 I Only received 2 calls out of W W W didn't response and let it go for voice mail.

Post by WDG,

971-220-1771 Received this telephone on that Night of December W. Your recorded message left was We have you Directed} several courtesy notices to your Home. The may be that last time for take edge within lowering your credit card attention rates for as small as 6 on all your credit card Reports. That only Need is you must owe at least 3 W between all your own credit card accounts and have one in great standing. Press 1 now for Chat to a favorable customer services agent. I agree that this sounds enjoy an Id Thieving scam. I vie Registered a DECRY Criticism at HTTP Internet. dentally. gov Grievance Gripe Assess. asp and will block this number if they phone from it again. Most of these I vie seen never come from your same number twice so blocking it's Generally ineffective.

Post by Neo Nurse,

9712201771 Caller ID identified it as Gresham OR. No response when I replied that telephone they Installed up after Around W seconds. I am on the National Don't Telephone list thus if anyone finds Outside who they're they could be fined. Lots of Fortune identifying them Nevertheless.

Post by kasey,

971-220-1771 Myself as nicely as my mother received a call out of the number on W W and W W around noon on W W and at 5 W yesterday W W your Owner ID says Telephone. I tried calling that Amount from interest to see what would happen and I get your regular message stating the Amount USN t within service. . .

Post by Mike,

9712201771 Same caller for months on Finish. DC does work but there are work Approximately and spoofing isn't hard to do. Reporting does small for Cease these covetous pricks. If they never had any successes they would not be doing it. Trouble can there be isn't enough cash given by Republican Costs to go after these and other fraudulent eBay Sellers and many other types of fraud. Overly awful people are not Upward for that Process of slamming heads of these folks.

Post by Ravyn,

971-220-1771 I have Com cast which Permits me to block and forwards Upwards to W Amounts. So I 've forwarded this Amount along along with several others for the FTC phone number. I hope they enjoy making those calls now.

Post by Spokanner,

9712201771 This Amount has shown Upward on my Caller ID several times in the last three weeks. They don t leave a message.

Post by Marcia,

971-220-1771 I have been harassed by phone calls morning noon amp night thus I replied that next 1 out of W W W. It's for credit card debt consolidation amp lower interest rates thus they say. I have told them before we have no debt. . . . Please help stop the Mayhem I have been on your Don't Phone List for years.

Post by Pat,

9712201771 I talked to an Person who Needed my credit card Amount. I told him for tell me which card. He Put Upwards on me. Total scam.

Post by samiam,

971-220-1771 Simply phone block. It s that simple. They create those now.

Post by marc oberkirsch,

9712201771 don t want them for call any more. I 'm on that no phone list

Post by Shannon,

971-220-1771 Granting for an investigative Order within our local Magazine. The Firm is Ambrosia Net Design of Mesa Illinois run by Frank Ambrosia. Bombard them with phone calls telling them to Cease calling you. Their Telephone number is W W Response .

Post by April,

9712201771 I acquired it at your same time Today.

Post by john,

971-220-1771 same old unknown Owner. how come this really is still going on.

Post by chad,

9712201771 yes said Telephone on mine also

Post by SF,

971-220-1771 Got a call out of this W W W Amount today Caller ID said Phone Press 1 to lower your credit rates. . . . Waited till end for see if there was an opt out pick but none came thus pressed 1. Live Owner Arrived on and hung Upward on me as I asked for become removed in the phone list.

Post by Tad,

9712201771 Obtained a call from this number but did t reply. My nub er is listed on Do not Phone list. 8 W pm W W W

Post by levin,

971-220-1771 I Additionally 've reported for do not phone registry and have pressed 1 for Discuss to representative of cardholder services and told him he was breaking the law.

Post by sonny1213,

9712201771 We get calls all the time from W W W shows cell Telephone on the Com throw id.

Post by Shannon,

971-220-1771 According to an investigative Ray within your local Magazine. The Firm is Ambrosia Web Design of Mesa Illinois run by Chris Ambrosia. Bombard them along with phone calls telling them to Cease calling you personally. Their Telephone number is W W Answer .

Post by P. Foster,

9712201771 Received that same call. It lists the name as phone. Of path no message. I do not answer unless I recognize your Amount. Of course I overly 'm on don't phone registry.

Post by Bronco Billy,

971-220-1771 As most others Caller ID said Telephone . Wonder if these imbeciles demand that as a Memory as for what Unit they are using. Anyway for repeat offenders solicitors a few BLASTS from an Atmosphere HORN can probably Complete more than any number of calls to your FTC BBB DC List etc. It could not consistently work but at least you personally understand your source of frustration is getting a few payback. And instead of hanging Upwards and being irritated or having them hang up on you personally you personally take control of your situation and throw these scampers many of their own medicine for choke on. I go from my way to create confident I just would this to Duplicate callers and people who won t take LEAVE ME ALONE as an answer. Not confident it s always effective but at least you know you wrested control of the situation from those SOB s and fought back.

Post by blade,

9712201771 I got a telephone and the Installed up. left no message. I see several Folks did Talk along with these idiots. I think Equinox does provide out our info. nothing but blocking that Amount stops these calls and that's Simply for a few days. they 've plenty of other Amounts for use.

Post by shaka,

971-220-1771 I vie been getting your same telephone out of the number several times a daytime for that previous year or so. If I don t pick Upwards that phone their stupid recorded message ends Upward on my replying machine. I vie Registered a Gripe through FTC website several times but nothing has shifted. As along with many other Folks I vie tried to press 1 and speak to your agent but once they figure out I m not interested in their own sales pitch they would immediately hang Upwards while I m still talking. That Experts really need for can something about this Firm and people who work as their agent the ones that hang Upwards on you personally should be ashamed Around their Occupation.

Post by JB,

9712201771 each time they telephone I attempt to request who they're calling for but they hang Upward on me Middle sentence. Thus drained of them calling my house Regular.

Post by Gina,

971-220-1771 HTTP Www. continental message. com telephone center . . . er vices Gresham is your way to obtain these calls in my own opinion.

Post by Gene C. Baskin,

9712201771 Remove my telephone Amount out of your call list.

Post by paul911,

971-220-1771 Perhaps if you report them as terrorist that law can take discover .

Post by David Myers,

9712201771 Forgot to add the caller called a Telephone number that's Enrolled with the Don't Call list and your status of that registration is Upwards for date.

Post by Arlene Geist,

971-220-1771 These Folks keep calling me even though I request for be Place on their Do not Call list. When I get someone on your phone and ask the name of their company they Only hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

9712201771 Spam

Post by Eileen,

971-220-1771 Got a phone from W W W and when I pressed 1 for speak along with a courteous customer service Man I asked for be taken off the calling list only to be Installed up on. Attempted calling back Only to get a message that the call could not go through. Do you stop the. I can plan to file a Grievance along with your Better Company Agency and your Lawyer General s office.

Post by C Yonker,

9712201771 We've had calls from this number Around reducing your credit. We 're not interested and have Strike your immediate key of 1 as there is not a message to 've our name Chosen off their phone list. The Individual on your Telephone instantaneously hangs Upward when we have politely Inquired to become taken off that list. These calls are an unwanted distraction. We don't appreciate the inconvenience of these calls and your rudeness of that Man on that line to discount your request to not become called again. We get these same calls at your other Dwelling number also. Your Owner states that this is the Closing detect and However calls continue for be got for us. Please help us get off this list. Thank you Yonkers

Post by tim,

971-220-1771 same here continual even after Seeking to become removed. . sounds Poor sounds scam my what could become done to Quit the its annoying as hell

Post by RustyB,

9712201771 These Men are phishers scampers talking Around how your own credit card file is about for be closed. They are Only Striving to extract your credit card Amount from you. I 've spoken for one of their Associates several times and Inquired to become removed out of their list pointing Outside that I am registered on your National Do not Phone list. This Regularly results within them hanging Upward on me or Simply patronizing me. They still telephone me each 2 3 times and have been doing so for almost a year. It's a Whole Thriller to me exactly why that FBI Hans t shut them down.

Post by Roger,

971-220-1771 Got the phone and decided that I d try to follow Thur and get many Id. press 1 to speak for an Driver . . . When your female came on I expressed attention and asked for some Id name and company. CLICK. Want we could Cease these cursed calls. We 're on the DC list. The original message was quite threatening and indicated that they were going for close down the credit cards due for inactivity. The Owner ID indicated Phone.

Post by Do Not Call Me,

9712201771 This Phone Amount belongs to Pacific Talcum Communications Group. They insist that they don't Trigger prohibited telemarketing calls however they're included within handling the calling lists for their Road Celebration Companies who create that telemarketing calls. Send your own Grievances and removal requests to F Antone Accord email W protected E-mail W protected Office W W Cell W W W

Post by Chuck Lew,

971-220-1771 Keep calling but never left any message.

Post by Shelley McKee,

9712201771 I have been receiving calls from the Amount for months. I keep reporting your Amount as well as calling back the number to be Chosen off the list it doesn't work. HELP.

Post by Angel2,

971-220-1771 For James You're Absolutely Correct. IT S That Simply Thing THAT WORKS. I Getaway t found the phones as Inexpensive as W W paid Someplace around W but it's been value every Dollar and more. Your just Problem is that the Telephones have a number block Volume of W Amounts. So occasionally I 've to go in and delete a few to load brand new numbers. It is STILL That Very best Response Approximately. . . On your facts 1 6 again you are appropriate on target. W Amounts. The shows you Merely how poor this telemarketer calling has gotten. For those add your fake debt Lovers and it is enough to create you drink. . Get a Uni den or Panasonic Telephone system it s that simply matter that keeps your own sanity. Only other thing you have for 've is the caller ID from the local phone service which you have again worth each Dollar. .

Post by Guest,

9712201771 Registered message saying this will be my last phone but it never is. I hung Upward. Talking about lowering credit card rates.

Post by Lou Ann M,

971-220-1771 Keep getting the call and no messages are left. I don t response if I don t know who they are.

Post by BEVIS,

9712201771 I Merely obtained the call from Phone with caller ID block off I called back and was prompted for press 1 to be removed out of future calls. Try to telephone these f numbers back W first if block wont work realize they already 've your own telephone back and listen for any message or Chat to anybody who Solutions and request to become removed. F these amp holes power to the Folks. . . Lt gt gt gt gt gt

Post by Kathy,

971-220-1771 We are always receiving calls from the number.

Post by nelda,

9712201771 I m on that no telephone list i get telephone out of the Firm i Drive your number to remove my Amount no great if you get a live Man when you personally tell them to Cease calling they hang up but still keep on calling i have filled multiple Grievances still no good

Post by krankyKat,

971-220-1771 We have been inundated along with calls from this number as well as calls from your W prefix. . . I let the phone ring and it Sheets for my answer machine to which they hang Upwards. We've Closed Upwards for your DC list several times amp these yahoos still get through. 2 weeks Past our phone rang at A. m. . . . . hubby was not a Happy Camper amp let the caller know it. . . . As long as there are Telephone numbers there will be Telephone scummier. . . . and don t get me started on your inter net E-mail issues. Hohhot amp Bungle jells.

Post by Mike Taylor,

9712201771 Same as everyone. Blah blah blah. . press 1. . . guy answers do you desire for lower you personally credit card speed I state what company is this he hangs up

Post by Guest,

971-220-1771 We vie been on the do not call list actually for years. Filing a Type W online Gripe with the FCC. It s that only matter I vie found that helps. Also I vie started tracing unwanted calls by dialing W

Post by sgtredbluered,

9712201771 They rang left no MSG. I think that is the Gresham Ore. caller I noted here within your last several weeks. Distinct trailing four Amounts but the W W is that tell. . . . W W W acquired a couple of weeks ago on December W. Was cardholder services fishing for company. Not one of the cards.

Post by z1queenie,

971-220-1771 I got your same matter. . . Gresham OR and Subsequently your Amount. No message. Did not telephone it back.

Post by Bryan,

9712201771 Similar for Andy above but along with these differences 1. Your telephone begins along with them maintaining for have Delivered me several notices about my account to my Home. 2. I went forward and took your telephone and Inquired them which card are they calling Around. Any card which you owe W on so I said well until your call I did t think I owed that Considerably on any card. Thus identify which card you've sent me several notices Around. . And it s clear they're Merely cold calling. That dozen t mean it s a scummier but it does mean they began that telephone dishonestly. I remind them I am on a Don't Telephone list thus they cannot identify an account I have with them then please Value your list.

Post by April,

971-220-1771 I obtained it at that same time tonight.

Post by Maryellen,

9712201771 Card Holder Services talked with Sybil and she was offering many Dumb scam Around consolidating cards Inquired for Direction and she Put up called back and no response going for BBB

Post by CQ_DX,

971-220-1771 Here are manners for conquer these low life's or lower that Frustration. . . 1. Place your own Residence phone for Additionally ring through for your cell phone. Locate an Program. enjoy News Away which works on a Black Berry. With this tool you are able to block unlimited numbers. If you have express mail and they leave messages Shift your News Away Alternative out of BLOCK for Select Upward HANG Up which will response and instantaneously hangup before a message could be left. The Choice works as once they use your answering machine voice send they understand your number is active. News Away lets you block an entire place of Amounts such as ALL W numbers ALL W s etc. Then you are able to go back and Permit Unique W Amounts Particular W numbers to ring through. This tool is a delight to use. Cost me just a couple of dollars and well value it. 2. Set Upwards your own cell phone with a Listing of these numbers. Set these for never ring flash Shake etc. My Telephone Sets a Skull amp Crossbones on the show for Function as a Graphic Note. 3. If you have Verizon Firs and I think Limited place your own Residence service to these numbers to another number. I love alternating which one of these pests may receive all of another calls from your others. They end up bothering each other. 4. If you might have Verizon Firs you are able to place your own Television for display the incoming Telephone number you personally never 've for get up for see if it s a Bug. 5. NEVER reply a number you personally don't Understand as doing this alerts the calling robot to some Amount that is active. It's Afterward transferred or Saved such that a Individual could phone back. By calling at Distinct times of your day your at Residence pattern can be established again thus a Individual at another end could call back. 6. If your phone is important out of a friend family message etc. they can leave a message. If not that first time they may discover and do this later. 7. Set your own Telephone service for NEVER accept an unidentified Telephone phone. Again Train your friends amp family for Contain W in front of your number. They can perform this in their own phone s Listing. Doing this automatically blocks anyone who dozen t need you personally to see their Telephone number on Caller ID. The downside of that is there are way too many services offering businesses scampers etc. to SPOOF their number. They offer Subscribers and even small use by your phone by your week by your month etc. options. Think of it as a pare loaded SPOOFING calling card. Good Luck and maybe you can irritate them.

Post by Dennie,

9712201771 I get your same calls and 've ignored them Upwards to now. I do not have a Facsimile machine to turn on or an air horn but I understand I have a whistle around here somewhere and it sounds like fun. or Perhaps I could put them on hold for a Alter. There might become a few other enjoyment things out there overly. Hmm. Thanks for this particular Website.

Post by regina,

971-220-1771 I keep getting calls out of W W I Typically don t response it but this time I did and no 1 said anything. I am on the Don't Telephone LIST. What great is that if you personally keep becoming these kind of calls. .

Post by Jack,

9712201771 Within that People it is prohibited to use a Registered voice Bacall except for politicians. File a Grievance Notably if you vie been Enrolled on your Dentally registry longer than W times and these can Discontinue. Caller ID says Gresham OR. I don t answer and they don t leave a message. Report them as soon as potential. E

Post by Vicsim,

971-220-1771 Don t reply phone we do not Understand but we acquired a telephone out of this number Additionally.

Post by john ledesma,

9712201771 no name or doesn't say a thing

Post by jd,

971-220-1771 i get calls out of them and Drive 1 no one answers

Post by Rena,

9712201771 I obtained a telephone from this Amount Gresham Ore. It s a record saying that you could lower all your own credit card attention rates you press 1 and You're transferred to a friendly customer service representative it s all Around phishing your own acct Amounts they start asking for your own balances if you personally start asking questions favorable goes downhill Actually fast I was Installed Upward on. Don t provide ANY info if you did t initiate the phone. I had this same matter happen 1 year or more ago I was Place on hold and and they never came back. Gloomy there are so many thieves out there.

Post by Ron,

971-220-1771 no just one there when I answer let it Move for VIM and no message

Post by Anonymous,

9712201771 File a complaint with your FCC and your FTC here HTTP Grievances. dentally. gov Grievance Grievance Assess. asp. panel 2

Post by süleyman soğukoğlu,

971-220-1771 telly he mankind Katmai n

Post by E,

9712201771 I Only keep them on that phone as long as potential. I ll answer a few question Afterward Abruptly inject something vulgar. Subsequently I ll request them to repeat themselves around and around. I ll provide them conflicting information. 1 Inquired me what bank my credit card was along with. I said Credit . No what bank. Charge. WHAT BANK. . . Charge. . . . DON T You Recognize I M Only WASTING Your own TIME AND MY Goal IS Just For Fury You personally. . . It s sport.

Post by mr. aggravato,

971-220-1771 I 've in your previous Submitted many Grievances with your FCC for your apparently endless number of violators to the Do not Phone Registry . Although this has Established for become effective and has prevented especially identified violators out of calling again there will consistently become more idiots who Select to can thus. I 've since applied all of my valid incoming telephone telephone Amounts along with special Exceptional Designated ring tones and I do not reply any incoming telephone that activates that normal ring tone. With that particular ring tones that desired calls could be easily identified from a distance and even before searching at your Owner id. One needs not become interrupted from daily Tasks by having to Run for answer an undesired and intrusive Telephone call. I suggest facilitating the Plausible Alternative . It is very simple takes simply a few minutes and it can solve nearly all of the Issues by instantly identifying that Invasive. Sadly as with all technologies that uniquely and specially assigned identifying ring tones don t activate W of that time because nothing is fully exact in uncommon Cases desired calls could possibly activate your conventional ring tone but since I took the course of Actions many months Past I have Found that it performs as designed Around W W of your time. I understand that we 're all Angry by your inconsiderate idiots who Drive their products and services or attempt for Get cash or your private info when it is the want and your right to become left alone. We pay for your use of your Telephones and these other ignorant a holes have no correct to take advantage of them. I 've chosen to live by that philosophy Blow off the ignorant . It is up for all of people for personally take actions to ensure our own rights are protected because others are focused entirely on themselves and their desires for personal gain. If no one Selected to reply yes we've a choice these intrusively ignorant Telephone calls all of that efforts of those undesirables would be in vain. Please take a few minutes to present the Id System a attempt if you do not feel that it helps Afterward you are able to constantly reconfigure your Telephone numbers back for their First Requirements. I genuinely hope that this solution helps. It has Established for work for me.

Post by Eric Simms,

9712201771 This Amount continues to call along with record Subsequently Choice 1 for Chat for agent Afterward I request to remove my Amount from phone list. They hang Upwards every time. I have gotten this phone out of same number more than W times within last two months.

Post by Lillac59,

971-220-1771 Whistles dint work since it computer dialed and nobody there till they pick up

Post by April,

9712201771 I acquired it at your same time tonight.

Post by Ozzy,

971-220-1771 Only gotten a call from W W W and it Simply said phone . I actually go ogled that number as your Telephone was ringing and saw this thread. Left no voice mail surprise surprise .

Post by CraigP,

9712201771 The call woke me from a needed Sleep. I pressed 1 and got a Man Hi. This really is Frederick. And how are you personally Now. . Some time during my courteous I was asleep before that Rob call response he Put up. I Simply now called your number and pressed 1 for be removed out of their telephone list but it won t subject they ll change numbers and Begin all over again. Just one month Past I got your exact same Closing courtesy phone out of W W W a lot of good that did. My private view the National Do not Call registry Only Supplies you personally along with a means to sue a harassing Owner that can be identified. It could t do anything about these Rob calls and rude reps. I read JAMES Option it won t slay your dragons but it s better compared to the useless Criticism filing.

Post by terrie,

971-220-1771 Just got a telephone from this number. W area code is within Michigan. Didn't answer that phone. They left no message.

Post by Bob Johnson,

9712201771 That is where he lives HTTP Internet. billow. com House details W S Reeve . . . 0 spied

Post by Lulu,

971-220-1771 Thank you personally for printing that site to call for get your phone Amount on your Don't Telephone List. These calls 've been most annoying for months now as they call about every 3 times. Now we know what for would for other annoying or harassing phone calls. You personally made our day.

Post by Jan,

9712201771 Caller id Phone . Did t response no message.

Post by ann,

971-220-1771 i am on do not call list and file complaints Regular against this Amount it has not helped

Post by Lee,

9712201771 keep becoming calls out of the number. no message left. we don t take calls from unknown numbers. ID Simply says from Region .

Post by sickofthesecalls,

971-220-1771 Simply gotten a phone from unknown and I 've my Amount Recorded on the do not telephone registry

Post by Grady Pickler,

9712201771 Always calling and when I responded to get my name removed from their calling list they would not identify themselves and Afterward hung Upward.

Post by Raleigh,

971-220-1771 Simply got a telephone at Am today. Did not answer. No message left. Display read Gresham OR . Will now block number using Time Warner Cable s Particular telephone blocking Characteristic.

Post by Kurt,

9712201771 These fools just called me. Do not Telephone list. Filing Criticisms. Done it. Useless. I 'm believing of doing what I heard a police Official say many years Past Around dealing along with crank calls. . . get a Cops whistle keep it by that Telephone and when one of them calls blast the whistle. Purportedly it feels enjoy an Snow Choose going into their ear.

Post by Donna,

971-220-1771 Recd a telephone a few minutes Past with your same credit card final detect. . I just replied because I was expecting an Significant telephone and did t need to Skip it.

Post by Bruce  Peach,

9712201771 Phishing scam claiming to be my credit card issuer saying they 've called me many times offering lower rates and this can be my LAST WARNING. LOLA. . . they must Actually feel Individuals are idiots. As shortly as I ask who they symbolize they hang Upwards second time they 've called or third and I Think they Case someone and take them for Large Dollars need for protect seniors as they're targeting that Places high density senior citizens a particularly evil offense at this that Christmas Season. Time for 've a few fun along with these clowns phone em Upwards and rock em socket til they Shout.

Post by Jimbmorris,

971-220-1771 Showed up as Phone . Them again and they altered their Amount again. This time I don t believe that Registered message was from Rachael . It was some Woman telling me this really is the Final courtesy telephone before they close Outside your own open credit card account . And Ada Ada Ada along with some other threats. Close out the account. I wish. They re phishing and spoofing again. And they re blocked. Again.

Post by Sue,

9712201771 Hung Upward on me when I asked for speak to representative and Inquired to become put on that don't call list.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1771 A Registered express stated the was your last warning I would get about my credit card no Particular card was mentioned

Post by karen w,

9712201771 Called about combining credit cards and lowering rates. Simply Alternative I's to talk for friendly. Customer service Congressman. Asked again for remove my Amount and got. Put Upwards on.

Post by Skydiver,

971-220-1771 These Folks call your number at least once to twice a week W W W from Gresham OR. It starts along with a Registered message asking if you personally owe more than K in credit card debt. They Supply your Alternative of pressing 2 if you want to be removed from their calling list which dozen t work as I vie attempted it several times. If you press 1 you personally get a live person Nonetheless as soon you ask for be removed or tell them you are on the do not call list they hang up. So each and every time they phone I file a Criticism with that National Do not Phone Registry HTTP complaints. dentally. gov complaint complaint check. asp. Screen 2

Post by ski,

9712201771 did t leave message

Post by Tina,

971-220-1771 Obtained telephone for land line. Date W W W. No message left. Owner ID Phone . Owner ID W. Owner Location Gresham OR.

Post by Erica,

9712201771 Registered message that sounds enjoy it s among your credit card companies threatening some kind of Activity against you. . . then it turns Outside it s for a debt consolidation lower interest rates telemarketing scam. I vie Sent 1 to become removed from their telephone list an still they keep calling. Whenever I get through to a Actual Man they hang Upward on me. I vie reported them at least 5 times on that Would No Telephone List web Website. Sick of these jokers.

Post by Angel2,

971-220-1771 To James You're Certainly Correct. IT S Your Simply Thing THAT WORKS. I Destination t found your Telephones as Affordable as W W paid Someplace Approximately W but it has been worth every penny and more. That simply Problem is that the Telephones 've a Amount block Volume of W Amounts. So sometimes I 've for go within and Remove a few for load fresh Amounts. It's STILL The Absolute best Response Approximately. . . In your facts 1 6 again You're appropriate on target. W Amounts. This shows you personally Simply how awful the telemarketer calling has gotten. To those add that fake debt Lovers and it is enough to create you personally drink. . Get a Uni Lair or Panasonic phone system it s your simply matter that keeps your sanity. Just other thing you've to 've is that Owner ID from your local phone service you have again value each Dollar. .

Post by Pat  Dunn Dunn,

9712201771 I have obtained thus many calls from the number and 've pressed 3 each and each time requesting For be removed out of their calling list Yet nothing works. I Simply gotten another telephone. What could I do legally for Quit the. Thank you personally. Patricia Dunn

Post by SemperFi66,

971-220-1771 Same shit Distinct daytime. Same that keep morphing their Telephone number but the message is always your same scam. These nefarious peter puffers could suck a golf Baseball through a garden Line. . .

Post by Veronica M,

9712201771 I just got a call from the Telephone Amount Now. They 've been Attempting to reach me over the past two months and they keep saying that this is my final phone. I wonder how they got my Telephone number.

Post by frank,

971-220-1771 Only get telephone from unwanted telephone. Let it go to voice send. No message left. ID said Telephone . I vie been on your no call Recorded for around W days now. This is your first time for this particular Amount but have had a rash of other unwanted telephone Only recently.

Post by mikey,

9712201771 these jerk offs when asked what their number was said it was W Women with dicks

Post by Kim,

971-220-1771 I really do not value calls at 8 W p. m. as I m Getting my kids to bed. Should t unwanted calls at least Finish by 8 W pm. . They claim they will save cash if I Combine debt. Hmm don t have any debt. Told them a hundred times. Whoever that is please leave me alone.

Post by Sally,

9712201771 they called again out of W W W I replied pressed 1 Individual came on that line Inquired me if I wanted to lower my credit card rates I asked if she was with my credit card Firm and she hung up I don t even get to play with her. Does anyone understand of a program to UN spoof phone Amounts. I d really adore to get ah previous of one. My schedule is free and I would be so joyful for go play a See to the f within people.

Post by Cindy,

971-220-1771 They're incessant. The time when the Representative replied and Inquired if I d enjoy for start saving on my credit cards I replied Certainly NOT. I told him for remove my Amount out of their calling list and informed him that after hanging Upward I would Company a telephone hint with my Telephone Business. So IRRITATING. Owner ID was that phone Amount only and Gresham OR.

Post by Lillac59,

9712201771 Whistles dint work since it computer dialed and nobody there till they Choose up

Post by same here,

971-220-1771 yup same here. I did t think of it until you mentioned it but I too got that Dummy Courses telephone a while back hard for forget that name. Anyway Yes its among those annoying lower your own interest speed calls.

Post by rb,

9712201771 That is a call I get Usually that message says this really is your own Closing courtesy phone blah blah blah lower your own credit card interest speed blah blah blah before we close your file. Press 1 to talk to your service representative. Every time I press 1 and request your Congressman how many of these final calls I m going to get before they really Leave calling and ask them to get my number away their list they hang Upwards on me.

Post by Carol,

971-220-1771 I do not answer calls I do not Understand. I 've gotten similar lower your speed calls in that past thus I ignore them. It is annoying but I always come here to Assess what it's. Thanks on your service.

Post by Bruce-In-MA,

9712201771 Many kind of Credit Card Services We've tried to reach you personally. . . . this really is you personally last opportunity. . . and Bela Bela Bacall coming out of some per record and Afterward I hung Upward. That is not your first time have doing this for years.

Post by dede,

971-220-1771 Simply now got a call out of same Amount with Hunter Green as an id. I Assess these Amounts anytime I don t understand or identify the name or know. Thanks on your Opinions.

Post by Georgia,

9712201771 I Only got a call from this Amount and your Owner ID shows Upwards as Phone

Post by Ravyn,

971-220-1771 I have Com throw which Permits me to block and forwards Upwards for W numbers. Thus I 've forwarded the number along along with several others to your FTC Telephone number. I hope they appreciate making those calls now.

Post by Rich,

9712201771 Got a telephone from them today. Asked for an address they refused Inquired for a Manager again the jerk on your Telephone refused. Informed him they were within Misdemeanor of National law and I was reporting them. He Afterward got Actually rude. Gripe filed. W W W

Post by W. Butler,

971-220-1771 That Number one phone blocker is a God send.

Post by geochic77,

9712201771 Arrived up Phone on caller ID. I have had this Business telephone both my House and cell phone repeatedly. I 've requested on several Events to have my name removed from their telephone list.

Post by McFraud,

971-220-1771 This can be a total fraud. A spoofed number and illegal Rob Telephone. Don't Discuss for them. Remain away. It s a reduce your attention speed fraud.

Post by cj,

9712201771 Nicely of course we all get these calls and until that govt puts a Cease to it they will continue. No phone list . ha ha what a joke . . . .

Post by Jim Foreman,

971-220-1771 Obtained express message out of the Telephone number W W W but no message left.

Post by Marla,

9712201771 The number was calling 1 2 times a day. Occasionally there's no one there other times it says it's an important message seeing account services

Post by peejay313,

971-220-1771 Have been receiving calls out of this Amount for Around that last month. I never response. . .

Post by Eric,

9712201771 Scam out of card member services

Post by Dont Take it Personally,

971-220-1771 For reduce your volume of these calls simply begin your replying machine message along with the Sit tone recorded a second before your own express message. Should the telemarketers computer be last ant Afterward block the caller that causes the calling Software to get a occupied Sign. These Activities can cause many telemarketers for automatically deli st you from their database. The should take care of the many Do not Call List violators as well as those exempt in the provisions of this law. Your worst thing you can can is for participate telemarketers by any Procedure that validates your Amount as active and receptive to their calls. Such as Pressing a number to get away their list waiting for Chat along with among their Associates or asking them for remove your own number out of their list. Many telemarketers use master lists thus the same call Centre might be calling you on Account of several Distinct clients.

Post by Richard,

9712201771 Another recorded message left on my express send once again offering for lower my interest rate. I constantly report these calls to your Don't Telephone Registry but it seems for would certainly no great.

Post by Ridiculous,

971-220-1771 The Amount is a total scam. They come away stating their company is Credit Card Member Services and could lower attention rates on credit card to below 9 . IT S A SCAM. Let it Move to voice mail. If someone could track these folks down and Chance prosecute many Individuals could probably become saved out of a lifetime of Possible turmoil.

Post by GS,

9712201771 We let it ring. With Caller ID we let it ring if we don t know the Owner and we re also on the Do not Phone Registry. Usually we receive the kind of call out of either an Oregon or Wash. State area code. The caller was identified as Telephone on your Owner ID.

Post by Tracey Messana,

971-220-1771 The number W W W has repeatedly called after being Required to Quit calling. When asked to become Chosen off their telephone list they hang Upwards along with no response. It is now feeling like harassment I would love it to Cease.

Post by Carol Jez,

9712201771 last chance for lower credit card rates

Post by Jen,

971-220-1771 Said I could reduce my attention rates. When I Inquired them what card they were calling about he could not tell me and Put up. What the hell are these Businesses training their Folks to would. And who would Really agree for something like the.

Post by andy,

9712201771 Dint reply calls we don t understand but it s a new one on that list.

Post by Brent,

971-220-1771 The caller ID Only said Phone so when I replied the Woman asked me if I Needed to lower my credit card interest. Since I vie gotten so many of these calls and knew your scam I told her sure. She Desired my credit card information thus I told her I would 've for run upstairs and grab my wallet left her holding for like 5 minutes Arrived back to the Telephone and told here I was still looking for my wallet. Another 5 minutes Approved and I told her once again I could t find my Budget can she still hold or should I phone her back. She told me she could hold. I Afterward Began watching a program on Tv and never went back for the phone. Half an hour After I Simply simply Installed Upward. If you get that chance you personally should serious f amp k along with these Individuals. If they re going to waste your time might well waste theirs too.

Post by necher20059,

9712201771 Just received a telephone from W W W left no mess left

Post by jim,

971-220-1771 gotten call from this number Owner Id said Telephone I did not answer. no message

Post by mestang,

9712201771 More info gt gt gt that caller ID said GRESHAM OREGON

Post by Chas.,

971-220-1771 I received a Telephone phone out of W W W replied and got a recording from a female voice stating she was calling for Card Services with a warning that they were foreclosing my accounts and for press 1 for Chat with a representative. I pressed one 1 and got a man who Offered me a name that I did t understand. When I said justify me Friend he hung Upwards. I m not confident what's going on but 'm concerned and at loss as for the way to handle that conditions.

Post by JeffD,

9712201771 Good luck along with that. You personally ll never locate them.

Post by DebraC,

971-220-1771 Received a Road call out of them the time Ryan offering to lower my credit card rate same old matter been going on for months. They Switch out of phone center to telephone Centre so it's never the same number. I Registered a Grievance with that FCC and received a notice back stating that we could sue them and get W per Infraction. . . . . . . . . . so May}n' become time. You can telephone that FCC Customer Facility toll free at 1 W W W or go for FCC. gov and file a Grievance. Become confident you've records of times Times phone Amounts W for get it CZ your forms can request for that Information. I 'm going to file again from this call. Great Fortune everyone. . . Keep great records. . . Go for FCC. gov to file a written Gripe but 've Schedules numbers and times Prepared for your forms.

Post by April,

9712201771 I obtained it at your same time Today.

Post by Kat,

971-220-1771 That number W W W belongs for Pacific Talcum Communications Group General Card Services Scamming Telemarketers since W W W Significant Info FYI HTTP scam informer. com scam report pacific talcum communications pacific talcum communications group universal card C. HTML

Post by SCUser,

9712201771 Well they called on W W and here they're again guess I 'm on their Thursday list . Same pitch Another person described a call from the Amount as your message says this can be your own Closing courtesy call blah blah blah lower your credit card attention rate blah blah blah before we close your own file. Press 1 to talk to your service representative. Every time I press 1 and request your Congressman how many of these final calls I m going to get before they Actually quit calling and request them for get my Amount off their list they hang Upwards on me. Today The Registered phone I gotten was Similar. After pressing 1 to get a live agent someone answered but did not identify himself. Within answer for my first question was what's your own Business name he Installed Upward. Formerly gotten the same phone out of W W W thus it's Likely that same scam. Your just Trouble along with purchasing a Telephone that's blocking Potential is you are small in that Volume of Amounts you can block. On my phone Panasonic KC TACT I have a Control of W. That added for that W I could block with my Phone service Company I still cannot block them all. At the time I have used all but 1 Position of my blocking Potential. Thirty is better than none but I would like to 've greater Capacity. I 've forty numbers in my own telemarketer phone log and another twenty that others have reported similar Issues. Clearly with my thirty Control I can t get them all. Owner ID was Phone

Post by Denise,

971-220-1771 just rec d a telephone when I said hello that party Put Upwards on me I m on your NO Telephone LIST

Post by B.Lillis,

9712201771 Regular calls out of telemarketing Agency rude hangup when I remind them I am on that Don't Telephone List

Post by matt,

971-220-1771 same telephone lower your attention rates to 6 when i said a Desired them to Discontinue calling they Installed Upwards. W W W i want someone would can something Around the.

Post by Patjo,

9712201771 Me overly. Only Telephone.

Post by Guest-User,

971-220-1771 I Simply got your same thing. Hmm Telephone you think. how else would they call. LOLA

Post by Jack98110,

9712201771 They said something Around cancelling my credit card if I did t respond. Not sure just what the scam is. Said press 1 for more info. I did top look for Outside who was running your scam but it did t Link.

Post by Annoyed,

971-220-1771 Only gotten. Revealed Upwards as Telephone . . . no kidding. P

Post by scientist,

9712201771 called me but did not leave message. appeared as Telephone within that ID

Post by SCUser,

971-220-1771 Well they called on W W and W W W W and here they're again. Same pitch the message says this can be your final courtesy phone blah blah blah lower your credit card interest rate blah blah blah before we close your file. Press 1 to Discuss to your service representative. They just don t get it that I 'm not interested. Wish your DC list Truly worked guess I Additionally consider within Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Caller ID was Telephone

Post by Eric Goodin,

9712201771 Calling my house Telephone leaves no message.

Post by Jorge,

971-220-1771 CID says Telephone . Well no Sherlock. I must declare Owner ID is worth each penny. I never response any questionable numbers and if it says out of Region or unavailable they they are from Fortune too.

Post by kittie,

9712201771 good one.

Post by Fightingbacktostoptrash,

971-220-1771 I get these calls and I was reporting them for your Do not Phone would nothing Business . They won t can nothing because that is no Misdemeanor and they won t advise you. Go to FCC. gov Grievances net Website and file a Grievance. You demand to be exact on your own data you personally submit and your more comprehensive and Unique your own answers are your more Useful for Monitor these humans. I keep a spreadsheet on the Telephone number date time and specifics talked with someone Inquired to be Place on their don't telephone list they Put up etc. When you personally get about 4 of these file a Grievance. Read what the FCC does and that is a Misdemeanor of their rules if your caller dozen t have their company name on the Owner ID they spoof their Amount. Try not for phone back their number. Write down what that Owner ID display and If they are Striving for Get personal Information for fraudulent use Compose down the dialogue. Would a reverse search with Talked. com or Google and read that numerous Articles and they will Confirm your own suspicion. Low life callers use a Chain of numbers and blocking 1 or two isn't enough for can your job. After your Gripe for FCC keep documenting their calls. Should the FCC telephone you you can provide them that additional info. This really is the simply way to can it and that FCC is the Bureau you demand to flood with Info. They Additionally cover cell Telephone and fax violations.

Post by cj,

9712201771 Blow your whistle at a Registered message you said. . . . Are you stupid. . . .

Post by Cape Cod Girl,

971-220-1771 Though another call out of this Amount went to answering machine they hung up Yoda Yoda Yoda. .

Post by Guest,

9712201771 Telemarketer for Set on a list

Post by Lillac59,

971-220-1771 Whistles dint work since it computer dialed and nobody there till they Select up

Post by Spokanner,

9712201771 Number showed on my Caller ID. No message left thus screw them.

Post by chris r,

971-220-1771 Always getting calls out of credit card services . . . this was Only your latest Telephone number that they used. And I 'm on your Don't Telephone registry

Post by Information Please,

9712201771 I don t know if the Firm is related for your just one that FTC is going after but it is value a shot reporting them anyway FTC Fees Telemarketers along with Prohibited Violated your Don't Call Registry Disguised Owner ID The Federal Trade Commission is taking Actions against a telemarketing operation that purportedly got illegal recalls called phone numbers on your National Don't Phone Registry and Bad Owner ID data in Misdemeanor of that FTC s Telemarketing Sales Rule. Your FTC s Grievance seeks to create the defendants pay civil penalties and Discontinue the prohibited calls. Your action is component of the Commission s On-going efforts to Decipher down on prohibited pare Registered recalls which within this case generated tens of thousands of Grievances out of People. Granting to that FTC s Grievance Roy M. Cox Jr. and several Businesses he Settings made recalls for clients selling credit card interest rate decrease Software extended automobile warranties and House security systems. Cox resides in California but runs his supposedly illegal Business through multiple foreign corporations purportedly within countries such as Panama Hungary Argentina and that Republic of Seychelles. That complaint alleges the defendants neglected to Transfer their name or that names of their clients on Owner ID Features as required by law. Instead they supposedly sought for hide their Id by using generic inaccurate names such as CARD SERVICES CREDIT SERVICES or PRIVATE OFFICE. Your FTC also alleged that Cox and his Firms knew or consciously avoided knowing that they called Telephone Amounts on your National Don't Call Registry and that they made pare Registered Promotion calls for consumers who had not provided their written consent. An FTC rule prohibits pare recorded commercial telemarketing calls for People unless that telemarketer has obtained their written permission. Cox s co defendants are Castle Rock Capital Management Inc. Castle Stone Capital Direction S. A. Capital Alternatives Group S. A. Transports Argentina S. A. People Service and Advertising Strategy Group. Your Department of Justice Submitted your Gripe on behalf of your Commission in the U. S. District Court for your Fundamental District of California on December W W. The Commission vote to refer that Criticism to the DJ for filing was 5 0. Note That Commission refers a Criticism for that DJ for filing when it has reason to believe that the law has been or is being violated and it appears to that Commission that a Planning is in your People interest. Your Gripe is not a finding or ruling that the defendants 've Really violated that law. Your case may become decided by the court. The Federal Commerce Commission works for Customers to prevent fraudulent Fake and unjust company Methods and for Supply information for help Position stop and prevent them. To file a Gripe in English or Spanish visit the FTC s online Grievance Associate or telephone 1 W FTC HELP 1 W W W . The FTC enters complaints into Buyer Sentinel a Protected online database Accessible for more than 2 W civil and Legal law enforcement Companies in that U. S. and abroad. The FTC s Site provides free data on a variety of Client Themes. Enjoy that FTC on Facebook and follow people on Facebook. Press CONTACT Candid Dormancy of People Affair's W W STAFF CONTACT James Davis FTC s Midwest Area W W FTC File Nos. W W HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W roux. sham

Post by Shane,

971-220-1771 1 phone right after another . . have repeatedly Strike 3 for block along with no luck still calling. Pressed 1 to talk to a snobby person for tell them for remove me . . . they called me back 5 minutes later . I pressed just one for Discuss to a Representative to get Information on their scam . . . They hung Upwards when I asked for a supervisor . . your first call Put Upwards when I Inquired for a business license . Vehicle Sellers should become outlawed.

Post by Woo,

9712201771 Said they could not discover my number since I had blocked it when I called but I i left it on voice send they would remove it out of their do not call list.

Post by z1queenie,

971-220-1771 I got the same thing. . . Gresham OR and Afterward your Amount. No message. Did not phone it back.

Post by H,

9712201771 Acquired a phone out of this number W W W. Gresham OR on caller ID. It was a Rob telephone telling me to Press 1 to look for Outside the best way to lower credit card attention rates. When I pressed one a guy answered and said Card member services. Did you press 1 for find out how to lower rates. I said I pressed 1 for find Outside what card member services is. I was Subsequently disconnected. I 've long Past placed my House Amount on that Do not Phone Registry. Why does this call get through.

Post by Just me,

971-220-1771 I got repeated calls out of this Amount when I replied they told me I had debt to take attention and were Very rude about it. I blocked your Amount from both the home and cell phones.

Post by annoyed also,

9712201771 Only had the same call. ID says simply Phone and that Amount W W W. I repeated hello several times with no Result from your other end.

Post by Laura,

971-220-1771 Got telephone from W W W with phone on caller id at 8 PM on wed night. Let it go for vim no message. Go body. I called from cell Telephone using W amp i heard a message that i demand to phone back without using any blocking services. I called out of house Telephone since they have my amp heard message of . . . you might have obtained a Promotion call from a Commercial entity or it s representatives. . . . it says something about being removed but I am Fearful for press 1 based on other posts.

Post by Martha,

9712201771 Merely got a call from the Amount. Owner ID showed Telephone. Did not reply. No message left.

Post by kittie,

971-220-1771 great one.

Post by M.L.C,

9712201771 I got a call from your same Amount when you call it back no reply. Wished your do not call list had these Amounts stuck Upward there a. . .

Post by Ginny,

971-220-1771 Replied your phone said hello 3 times nobody there. Called your Amount back and it rang but nobody replied. Entire silence.

Post by Brian,

9712201771 Don t ever can what they ask to get off of their list. It Merely proves that they achieved a good Amount and they will call even more.

Post by Mike,

971-220-1771 The calls are out of Card member Services that is a scam for get people for give them their CC Amounts and Afterward they get your own other personal info and immediately Take your Identification. They have been reported to both Fed and State Degree Law enforcement and they don t appear for present a rip about them.

Post by Scot DeFevere,

9712201771 Scam. I get calls with no message they hangup when I Collection Subsequently I phone back amp they wan cash loans . . .

Post by Guest,

971-220-1771 Credit card scam

Post by Mark Fredericks,

9712201771 numerous calls rude CS Congressman who hangs Upwards if you personally attempt to have your own Amount removed.

Post by Bob Johnson,

971-220-1771 That is where he lives HTTP Www. billow. com Residence details W S Reeve . . . 0 spied

Post by SKYMAN,

9712201771 oh is a scam if you request them questions like there location they hang Upwards.

Post by Nickie,

971-220-1771 I gotten a call from this number but did not reply. They left a message saying it was my last opportunity for consolidate all my credit cards to your low interest rate of 6 . They did not offer a Firm name. Deleted MSG.

Post by W P Stuart,

9712201771 Please have your Telephone number removed from the computer non answering system.

Post by Craig,

971-220-1771 Got a call on W W W at W PM. No message. Owner ID just Recorded Gresham OR .

Post by LR,

9712201771 Received telephone 2 hours Past. Owner said last chance for shield your own credit card from higher rates. Caller does not offer a name or Firm. Have received approximately 3 preceding calls over that last 2 3 months. I consistently hang up. Please Quit calling.

Post by Disgruntled,

971-220-1771 I 've Inquired to 've my number moved 3 times. They keep calling.

Post by beth thompson,

9712201771 offering to lower credit card attention speed. I m on the do not telephone list.

Post by Todd,

971-220-1771 They 've called me each day for your last few weeks. When I wait to Speak to some representative I tell them I am on that Don't Phone list and they immediately hang Upward. I am believing of asking for among their cards Only thus I can look for Outside who they really are and pursue legal Activity. This can be absurd.

Post by Earl R Wilde,

9712201771 Unwanted calls.

Post by Charles,

971-220-1771 It's a Infraction of that law for any business for telephone a non customer along with no previous company relationship. Additionally it is also illegal to impersonate another organization. IE a Bank. However since that government and regulatory authorities refuse to Cease the Legal out of achieving his intentions of Identification Larceny and tel Selling others. What would we can.

Post by Susan,

9712201771 I blocked this Amount W W W on the Telephone. We also do not response any calls out of numbers that don t identify themselves.

Post by Information Please,

971-220-1771 I don t understand if the Firm is Linked for your 1 your FTC is going after but it is worth a Photo reporting them anyway FTC Costs Telemarketers with Illegal Violated that Do not Telephone Registry Disguised Caller ID That National Commerce Commission is Choosing action against a telemarketing Business that allegedly got illegal recalls called phone numbers on your National Do not Call Registry and Criminal Caller ID information within violation of your FTC s Telemarketing Sales Rule. Your FTC s Criticism seeks for make that defendants pay civil penalties and stop the illegal calls. Your action is component of that Commission s Continuing efforts to Decipher down on prohibited pare Registered recalls which in this case created tens of thousands of Criticisms out of consumers. According for the FTC s Criticism Roy M. Cox Jr. and several companies he controls made recalls for Customers Marketing credit card attention rate reduction programs extended Car warranties and home security systems. Cox resides in California but Works his purportedly prohibited Business through multiple foreign corporations purportedly in States such as Panama Hungary Argentina and your Republic of Seychelles. Your Gripe alleges the defendants neglected for Broadcast their name or that names of their Customers on caller ID Features as required by law. Instead they supposedly sought to hide their Identification by using General inaccurate names such as CARD SERVICES CREDIT SERVICES or PRIVATE OFFICE. The FTC Additionally alleged that Cox and his companies knew or consciously avoided knowing that they called Telephone Amounts on that National Do not Phone Registry and that they made pare recorded Advertising calls to People who had not provided their written Agreement. An FTC rule prohibits pare Registered commercial telemarketing calls for Customers unless that telemarketer has obtained their written permission. Cox s co defendants are Castle Stone Capital Management Inc. Castle Rock Capital Management S. A. Capital Solutions Group S. A. Transports Argentina S. A. Public Service and Advertising Strategy Group. That Section of Justice Submitted the Gripe on Account of your Commission in your U. S. District Court for the Essential District of California on December W W. That Commission vote to Recommend that Criticism to your DJ for filing was 5 0. Note The Commission Attributes a Grievance to the DJ for Processing when it's reason to consider the law has been or is being violated and it appears for the Commission that a Planning is in your public attention. That Grievance is not a finding or ruling the defendants 've Really violated your law. That case may be decided by that court. The Federal Commerce Commission works for Buyers for prevent fraudulent Fake and unjust business practices and to Supply information to help Area Discontinue and prevent them. To file a Grievance in English or Spanish visit your FTC s online Criticism Associate or call 1 W FTC HELP 1 W W W . Your FTC enters Criticisms into Client Sentinel a secure online database available to more than 2 W civil and criminal law enforcement agencies within the U. S. and abroad. Your FTC s Web site provides free information on a assortment of Buyer topics. Like that FTC on Facebook and follow people on Twitter. Media CONTACT Honest Dormancy of People Affair's W W STAFF CONTACT James Davis FTC s Midwest Region W W FTC File Nos. W W HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W roux. sham

Post by DON,

9712201771 CONTACT PAC WEST Phone CO. E-mail W protected To FILE A Gripe Your CALLS Can KEEP COMING FOR Sure.

Post by rich,

971-220-1771 I 've been becoming calls from the number for your previous couple of weeks. Nothing works when prompted for remove out of their list. I get other calls like this as nicely from other companies. NOTHING has worked to remove me from these Businesses list. When you tell them for remove you they hang up prior to you personally finishing. Thus now I F ck with these callers. When prompted for I press 1 to Chat to a representative. When asked for get your credit card number I tell them for hang on and that I ll go get it. I place the Telephone down and don t come back to it. About W W seconds into the phone I tell them I m still looking for it and for hang on . They stay on that line for another minute or so before hanging Upwards. I get a joke out of it and feel that within a few way I becoming even. I believe if everyone did something enjoy this it would at least tie Upwards their system and Anger that Businesses representatives. . . . .

Post by beth,

9712201771 Your Merely change the Text from telemarketing to customer service or Curtis telephone thus they arena t breaking any laws. For me if I don t request a Firm for call me along with info then they are breaking my correct for Seclusion. I just have cell phones and provide your numbers to only who I desire to phone me. So someone Offered or Offered my Amount away. Thus I shouldn't get these kind of calls. Block your own number and supply them a few calls for the enjoyment of it.

Post by Do-not-call-list-a-crock,

971-220-1771 I Simply got another phone out of these idiots Card Services I consistently press one and hassle them back. sometimes play along for waste their time enjoy they are wasting ours. I reported for your Don't telephone list for around a year numbers they call from. They're of no help. block them if you are able to but they Simply get more Amounts. Want we could find a way to harass them back. Looks like the Telephone co. should help block these numbers along with Grievances but they don t We've for get Jointly and get a law past that don t allow numbers be Offered for out of State solicitors all calls coming threw Considerably become identifiable by Providers something anything these harassment calls are way out of hand.

Post by Jenni,

9712201771 I vie Began breaking their ear drums after about W calls. When they telephone I press 1 to Talk to a representative when they Select up I Cry Quit calling me and hang up. The calls 've slowed down significantly but haven t stopped However.

Post by DCW,

971-220-1771 Phone obtained out of the number show Simply read Phone . Did t response no message left.

Post by batperson,

9712201771 Reporting these idiots to your FCC is a waste of time. Your very best way for get back is to string them along with Fake info for as long as you are able to. That manner you might have cut their scam time. Since most of these calls are automated it might motivate them for remove your Amount since there's nothing more annoying for them than having their scam time wasted by going through the procedure. Its time we Sufferers of these telemarketing calls unite and fight back.

Post by süleyman soğukoğlu,

971-220-1771 telly he men Katmai n

Post by GusDad,

9712201771 what your hell

Post by camytram,

971-220-1771 By that manner the call I got out of them was on W W W. Was gone for that daytime. Simply Detected it today. Just goes to display you how Considerably I pay focus on them.

Post by Allen,

9712201771 I get those. Each time I fill out the don't phone complaint. Because they pressure you personally for a credit card Amount I Additionally fill out your form at FTC HTTP Internet. . gov and file along with my state s Art General. You've for answer the questions Simply correct on that FTC type to get for your form that may let you provide them that Telephone Amount of that offending Owner. Many day. . . Maybe when the feds want for would something more important because of its Residents than arresting Individuals for Weed they may can something we actually care about.

Post by Terry,

971-220-1771 I get a phone Around once a week from this Amount. It is from a company that desires for reduce my credit card attention speed along with one of their lower interest credit cards. I don t reply it anymore. That do not phone list does not appear to work with these people

Post by Guest,

9712201771 This California a credit card Cope promising for lower your attention .

Post by JeffD,

971-220-1771 Great Fortune with that. You ll never find them.

Post by Bob Johnson,

9712201771 This is where he lives HTTP Web. billow. com Residence details W S Reeve . . . 0 spied

Post by Ramona Sprague,

971-220-1771 I keep receiving calls from the above Amount Around Closing opportunity for lower your credit card interest I want this to Cease. I 'm Competent of fin sing ways of my own for handle my Costs. I don t want these jerks calling me ever again.


9712201771 Why Could T Government Arrest THESE Individuals. CONGRESS COULD Cease IT AFTER THEIR Vacation VACATION

Post by Kim,

971-220-1771 The same as everyone else. This was my last call before they shut my account. My last opportunity to lower interest rates on my credit cards. I don t even 've a credit card believe it or not. . I Inquired them to tell me my name and they Put Upward on me. Total scam artist.

Post by Mikey,

9712201771 This is your same previous credit card scam along with yet another new spoofed number. . Block that Amount from your own phones and report it. . Most of all don't response this Amount or any Amount which you don't understand. . Computers are making your calls for your telemarketers both in the State and out. .

Post by Ann,

971-220-1771 Registered message about last opportunity to consolidate and reduce credit card rates. Hung up part way through message. No Owner ID info other than Telephone number itself. Called back no ring no reply no message. . . Merely timed Outside and that phone Firm off your hook tone started.

Post by Vicki,

9712201771 They call every daytime and each daytime I request for become removed but they're rude people and hang up that Telephone. I do not understand Around any of you others but I am on that no telephone list. I figure it is time for report them. I don't understand why they have for be rude. Cal Top says Gresham Or

Post by Bothered Bob,

971-220-1771 Once again what that hell great is your National Do not Telephone Registry if I keep becoming calls from solicitors who don't fuss for remain on that line when I answer after 2 or 3 rings.

Post by randy,

9712201771 called several times. i never replied Or called back. for a while left a message Around lowering credit card interest. last couple times no message.

Post by Fed Up,

971-220-1771 The phone number shows up repeatedly on my missed calls. No message left. Unknown what happens if replied not willing to become bothered.

Post by Hillbilly,

9712201771 I consistently get someone on your line and Subsequently start spewing the most vile matters I can believe of as Rapidly as I could until they hang Upward.

Post by B,

971-220-1771 I have Inquired them to honor the national do not call list and they continue for telephone most Lately hanging up on me when I Inquired how they got my number

Post by Karen Meyer,

9712201771 I receive these calls Often from this number and when I press 1 for Chat for someone and request that they remove my Amount from their telephone list they immediately hang up.

Post by Dan,

971-220-1771 rec. 2 calls for day 1 said lower c c speed that i answered amp theirs nothing wrong along with my Work}. amp that's what your message said . my Owner ID said Telephone as the name on both calls on my caller id. wouldn't of replied the first phone but didn't have my glasses on chit LOLA

Post by Rubber Neck,

9712201771 Correction I am in NO way disrespecting that Monks Chants Wonderful sounds. but Substantially Considerably slower and quite long within duration W minutes plus . We actually use that music to Stop teenagers on weekend Times

Post by CA PI,

971-220-1771 Received a phone from the number along with Telephone in the name section. No Message.

Post by JMS,

9712201771 I answered your phone. A recording says this is the last detect you get or they ll close your credit card account etc. . . I knew it was another outfit Striving for get credit card Amounts. Sure enough as soon as I responded to the Pleasant Female s question with well if you re calling me don t you have that info and asked if she Needed my credit card Amount she knew I knew what she was up to and hung up quickly. Would adore to choke your sweet life out of these slim es.

Post by Coolrider,

971-220-1771 Only called and didn't leave a message. No doubt telemarketer that didn't Actually need to be called back

Post by Husker,

9712201771 Unwanted Telephone among many gotten from Card Member Services

Post by Tina,

971-220-1771 I just gotten a phone out of the number your Caller ID mentioned Telephone . When I replied the line Installed Upward. When I called back it was a recorded message stating for press 1 to not get calls enjoy the within your future. I pressed 1 it said wait W hours and it would be removed. Sheets eyes I wonder how I got on this list.

Post by Jim B,

9712201771 Credit card scampers. I pressed 1 and told them You personally know you personally People are going to go to Prison for this correct. and they Put Upward. It s only a matter of time before they re caught and prosecuted and when they're I expect that everyone that works there does prison time. They know what they re doing and they deserve what they get.

Post by Samantha,

971-220-1771 These people are crooks so it can can no great to state anything whatsoever for them. That Waste is that the Telephone Firms are on their side. You are able to t do anything except tell Folks NEVER EVER offer ANY info to ANYONE who cold calls you.

Post by Mike,

9712201771 Simply Installed up.

Post by Linda in Jersey,

971-220-1771 It's not that they change Telephone Amounts. . . they 've many phone numbers and this is computer created which is why you personally get not alive atmosphere when you personally first Choose up that Telephone to say hello.


9712201771 got the call and listened to message about lowering interest rat rs press 1 for speak to a few one and asked them for take me away list I am not interested . . . . Put Upwards on me instantly. . . . so if you get this phone hang Upward on them immediately

Post by CraigP,

971-220-1771 That call woke me from a Desired Sleep. I pressed 1 and got a Man Hello. This is Ernest. And how are you personally Now. . Many time during my courteous I was asleep before the Rob phone response he Put up. I Only now called the number and pressed 1 to become removed from their call list but it won t question they ll Alter Amounts and start all around again. Just one month Past I got your exact same Closing courtesy telephone out of W W W a lot of good that did. My private opinion your National Don't Phone registry just provides you along with a means for sue a harassing caller that could become identified. It can t do anything about these Rob calls and rude reps.

Post by wow,

9712201771 these Individuals won't leave people alone. I 'm tired of it. It's a debt consolidation Business that's told people that last twenty times they called this is your last see. Afterward quit calling.

Post by Duffy,

971-220-1771 Caller Installed up when I answered

Post by Vistaca,

9712201771 I have a Pal that works at that phone Business and she has told me that when you personally telephone any W Amount the Individual receiving your telephone on the other end is Capable for see your phone Amount on their Owner ID. It dozen t matter if your own number is blocked or not. They re paying for the W number and that Comprises being Competent for see who is calling them.

Post by Auntie,

971-220-1771 I obtained a call Now about my credit. I pressed 0 for tell a real Individual I m on your national no phone list and what they can is illegal but there was no reply.

Post by David Novakovich,

9712201771 Folks calling me impersonation collage recruiters or employers

Post by Doxie,

971-220-1771 Volga huller met n wiener Honda.

Post by Sally,

9712201771 they called again from W W W I replied pressed 1 person came on the line asked me if I wanted to lower my credit card rates I Inquired if she was along with my credit card Business and she hung up I don t even get for play with her. Does anyone know of a Application for UN spoof Telephone Amounts. I d Actually love for get ah old of one. My schedule is free and I would be so joyful to go play a visit for that f in Folks.

Post by Pinky,

971-220-1771 Answered breathlessly what took you so long to phone me. telephone me all the time all the time call me would you personally hear me. can you personally. can you. do you personally. .

Post by C.K.,

9712201771 I obtained a phone from the number W W W Now and my caller id also said Telephone. Express mail picked Upward so when normal no message.

Post by Hebhibho,

971-220-1771 All Methods we could take to prevent this are either expensive or time Eating and all ineffective. We demand to send emails to the law makers for Upgrade that Present legislation. Create spoofing and computer generated calls prohibited. Also these Companies should be Demanded for provide call back Amounts for Managers along with valid names and addresses. Offshore Companies should not become allowed for contact citizens without prior acceptance.

Post by Web User,

9712201771 That s because they were Simply phishing for become certain you personally were a real Individual. Anytime they get a Result of any sort you are on their sucker list for future scams. I never Answer. A notice on Unwanted Calls. The universe is changing. Sadly Your Don't Phone list just works with Valid Telemarketers but Sadly does not Employ to Surveys Charities and of path Criminals don t follow any laws. These Criminals have various types of ploys. A few Cover behind Surveys and Charities and of path that two Large People are Phony Debt Collectors and Low Interest offers. Your only manner to avert these calls is Don't EVER Answer because if you personally do respond you will not just continue for become harassed by your same Owner but your number may be sold for other Harassers now that they know you are a live Human Being along with a Actual phone number. Also that Criminals Shysters only use a number for a short Span and then Alter it for avert being caught. Another Gloomy notice is that even if you personally would Reply to your valid Survey or Charity You'll become placed on a Sucker List and your own Amount will become passed To amp Fro for all for manipulate you including the criminals. I also never Answer to any political calls anymore because I don t want to provide any politician the knowledge of my Problems just so He She could LIE To ME within that future by telling me What I desire to hear because Fair Politicians already understand your Needs and Problems of That Individuals he She is representing. Again the universe has shifted and Performing to any of these callers simply Areas us at Threat for Who knows what. At the time in history I haven't discovered a manner for Avoid ALL HARASSMENT and thus Much your just manner to prevent On-going harassment is Owner ID and or a phone that can Block callers who will not Discontinue. Some of these phones also have a Programming Feature that may BLOCK Calls which do not 've a number enjoy From Place or Private Caller and is nicely worth the Investment. We could no longer Trust ANYONE Who we don t understand that's calling people.

Post by mamu in Arlington Texas,

971-220-1771 kept becoming these calls on my Dwelling phone and now they're calling both of my cellular telephone Telephones. But on any cordless Panasonic phone you can block that number Which Actually works. press menu button press button for select scroll down til you personally see your 1 W W W number. press edit three times to show entire 1 plus number press save. and Search down to telephone block Subsequently press choose that screen will request you personally block Amount. . . scroll for yes sand press choose Subsequently that Telephone can come back and show on the Display a check mark along with call blocker sign with that total 1 Amount and time and date saved for telephone blocker. Hope the helps.

Post by So Pissed,

9712201771 Got a phone from W W W also and it says Phone Also 've an replying machine No message Left also am the Don't Call LIST and concur that it's a waste of time for be on that list believe they take that Amounts on the list and start calling you. . For ALL Your IDIOTS Out THERE WHO Call Can You Know WHAT Replying Products ARE FOR. . . They're For LEAVE A MESSAGE ON For LET Folks Know WHAT You personally Need. . . IDIOTS AND THERE ARE W S OF THEM I 've TWO Phones NOW Along with Call BLOCKING One IS Full Along with W AND WORKING ON FILLING Upwards That SECOND. . THANK GOD FOR Phone BLOCKING. . . I Only wish you personally IDIOTS would get that message. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

971-220-1771 Spam

Post by Joey,

9712201771 Me too that person or machine calling did t say a word.

Post by Tim,

971-220-1771 They call from Distinct numbers but always the same credit card pitch Around lowering rates. I vie lost faith in complaining to your FTC. Within my opinion your FTC should Simply Assess notes to get Grievance information Around these types of calls Viewing as that FTC dozen t 've a web Website for that public for check within Wishes to suspicious Amounts and all. Whatever.

Post by Distrustful,

9712201771 Received a telephone telling me the was your last opportunity I would have to lower interest rates on credit cards providing my debt was over W W. I played along and he Required just my credit card Amount and Termination date. He said he would call the credit card Businesses and Subsequently create the connection along with the bank and Subsequently a senior accountant would Afterward tell me what I could anticipate with lower rates. . . as low as 6 . I Inquired him where he was located and he said St. Luce County Florida and company called card services. Sitting in front of my computer. . . I Viewed it Upwards. No such matter. He Subsequently said for look up your Better Company Institution which I did and placed his name into the investigation. At that point this type of Firm not located. He was flabbergasted. I Inquired to speak to his supervisor and then I was Put Upwards on. Another scam.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1771 Decided Upward and nothing. Nobody on the line no telemarketer or recording. Nothing. This can be annoying. Quite disruptive .

Post by GET UM!,

9712201771 HTTP Web. kph. com Storyline W Lawyer reveals the way to sue telemarketers

Post by clem sav,

971-220-1771 Phone rang and I answered but no response. . . Simply not alive. . .

Did you get an unwanted call from 971-220-1771? Is 9712201771 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8552231039 Complains by Guest,

keep calling

8102320555 Complains by Dan Miller,

Scam telling me I won a security system. This is that third time they vie called me at least.

8556936765 Complains by Guest,

It's New York Health attention benefits. They call you to enlighten you Around the missing Records within your application.

9316263314 Complains by Lucille,

I've been getting repeat phone calls from this number on my cell phone for about two weeks.  I don't answer because I don't recognize the number and very few people outside of close friends and family know my cell.  I was thinking of calling back but decided against it.

3212443081 Complains by Guest,

BS Caller telemarketer

8184920762 Complains by Guest,

don t answer

8282335449 Complains by matt,

they called left no message

3212505178 Complains by lk,

Got just one that said whoa Eugene. . . . Not my name.

8002730086 Complains by Lucia  Retherford Harlan,

Who might it be.

8002147812 Complains by Guest,


8002685933 Complains by Juan D,

These dudes Priced W. W and Subsequently W. W . Had to phone your bank for get my cash back and send me a brand new card. . . . . . .

8002169639 Complains by Guest,

They're calling me for that incorrect Man amp won t Quit.

8002711417 Complains by Jayson,

Installed Upwards as shortly as I heard the boiler room voices behind your person who called me stating he was from W Destinations. I suppose he was Around to tell me I won a vacation or something.

8002793733 Complains by [email protected] /* */,

They phone my house anyplace from 3 7 times Every daytime. My Man accidentally answered your Telephone one time they're Attempting for Gather for Nestle my Man is NOWHERE on your account the woman on your Telephone disclosed each single bit of info for my Partner on your phone. Thoughts you personally I Ended my Nestle account after crap phone service and Afterward being treated very poorly over the phone. They're trying for Amass their Termination fee.

8002757176 Complains by Patricia in N.J,

I have had the 1 W W W ext given within MSG W I 've been harnessed by the group amp their Folks they have even called my Kids cell Telephone for harassers her about me amp We don't have any clue how they got her Amount then Additionally contacted that Man who lives across that street out of me searching for me and giving private info Around collecting a debt out of me amp I don t really even know these Individuals at all . . . . I 've been Set into a few debt out of last year when I got Set off from work Subsequently locating out after being ran for hospital. That I had a mass within my lower back after Evaluation found Outside it was a rare cancer carom along with not a lot of time left your operation s were done within Aug amp I Virtually died well anyway I 'm still recovering now amp working hard to get better amp then these bimbo s phone amp state I will be locked up for stealing even tho I have nothing but an sis Assess that just makes my rent food Choose so there is no left around until I am better amp back to work for get what ever debt they are hounding amp scarring me to be arrested for. This is maltreatment to me calling amp threats Afterward Additionally calling my Girl amp Individuals that live across out of me telling them I m going to jail for stealing. . . . . . HELP don t understand what to can about the calls amp threats. . .

8002439210 Complains by customer 1,

Trash fax offering little business Money no business name or valid contact data. Contact number W W W Treatment number W W W and Fake Web site Amount Solitude. com.

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