9712201967 / 971-220-1967

Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Gresham, OR. Multnomah. United states
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Post by The Man,

9712201967 Just received a call out of this Amount as nicely. Did not response and they did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Calls all that time and leaves no message.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 House Chosen for

Post by Bubba,

971-220-1967 Wow I won a free cruise today. CID read PAC TEL within all caps. Nicholas said his ID NW and which he SW calling out of Hollywood FL. Kudos to me you for your Excellent Investigator work.

Post by raj rao,

9712201967 unwanted call

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 I don t know the number

Post by Also Received Call,

9712201967 I Simply acquired a phone out of the . . . I replied was Merely not alive air. I overly 'm on the Don't Phone list . . . this really is idiotic. I 've for response since I 'm job searching and don't want to miss Outside on any option.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Blocked

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Spammer. . . Wt.

Post by Fedup,

971-220-1967 For add for my Publishing got a telephone on W Jan W from Gresham Or along with a W W W. Ya believe that the phone Firms are abetting scampers and marketeers. . . . That s why there are thus many undefinable Prices on our bills. We re probably paying for this particular harassment and Attack of the Solitude.

Post by John,

9712201967 My recommendation get Coma for your home Telephone and Subsequently Set this Amount on your blacklist. You ll never get a call from them again.

Post by Robin Creager,

971-220-1967 Keep getting calls in the number above it Prices me cash b c it s on my cell phone

Post by Regina Davis,

9712201967 Rec a telephone and my Telephone said Information roaming charges Used so of course I did not answer its an Offshore caller

Post by Demopublican,

971-220-1967 Wager you personally voted for democrats or republicans . . . and NOW you re asking for HELP. . . LOLA. Good luck with that.

Post by Gary,

9712201967 The DC just causes that Fair telemarketers to stop calling you. Criminals may continue for call you personally because they don t attention about the law. They are criminals after all. The DC is your way of Knowing that any Brand new marketing calls you personally now receive are from those who arena t Fair. You DEFINITELY Do not Want To Can Company With THEM for they will Split You personally Off. Customer beware. See the DC does work after all Only not in your manner we d like. But hey that s life.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Sales recording

Post by bug,

9712201967 same as above. these callers peddle in fraud.

Post by Cactus Colo,

971-220-1967 I have copied the Information out of an Andy Rooney s Tricks for Telemarketer es Line. I have used it on several of those Rob numbers and it's been working. I usually can it on the second phone thus I can check that Amount on Google on Websites like this 1 to see who it is. He also says if there surely is a person Fairly than a robot Merely state hold on please and Place the Telephone down. The ties up their line and time a lot longer than if you Only hang Upwards instantly. 2 Do you ever get those annoying Telephone calls along with no one on the other end. This is a telemarketing Process where a machine makes phone calls and records the time of day when a Man Solutions that phone. This Strategy is used to ascertain the best time of daytime for a Actual sales person for call back and get someone at House. What you can would after replying if you notice there's no one there is to instantaneously start hitting your own button on that Telephone 6 or 7 times as fast as possible. This confuses that machine that dialed your phone and it kicks your own number from their system. Since doing the my phone calls 've decreased drastically.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Spam

Post by Payback,

971-220-1967 They're being used enjoy tools by a group of criminals that deserve for get Close down eternally.

Post by red,

9712201967 Why are these companies and numerous others allowed for continue calling People when we have been on the Do not Phone LIST. Very annoying. I do not answer if there's no id as to name or if I do not Understand your name of your Owner. Generally they do not leave a message that is all your more reason not for telephone them back.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Constant cal never says anything

Post by JD,

9712201967 The Phone Amount belongs for Pacific Talcum Communications Group. They are a People Electricity who s business involves facilitating illegal telemarketing calls in Misdemeanor of W C. F. R. W. 3 b of the National Telemarketing Sales Rule. For more information about the Individuals behind the unsolicited call go here HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com If you personally need for Discontinue these unsolicited telemarketing calls PLEASE send a complaint for Oregon State regulators about these prohibited calls out of Pacific Talcum s phone Amounts Oregon People Tools Commission Online Criticisms HTTP Applications. Puck. state. or. us Customer complaint. asp Oregon Lawyer General s Office Online Gripes HTTP Internet. DJ. state. or. us consumer Gripe. shuttlecocking Governor s Office Online Gripes HTTP governor. Oregon. gov Gov contact. HTML

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Go f yourselves spammers. Perish a terrible death

Post by Jess,

9712201967 All the motive that don't telephone list USN t working is because this can be a scam. Patel might become a legitimate company but your phone USN t actually coming from them. People committing fraud don t Usually follow Authorities Rules.

Post by gdoly,

971-220-1967 Being bothered by the number many many times even though on don't call registry. gov.

Post by virtualguy,

9712201967 You morons keep saying I m on your national Do not Phone list. You think these jerks present a sh t Around that don't telephone list. Stop your own ricking whining and locate an Lawyer who may sue their . If they phone you more than once you might have been harassed. If you log your date and time of your telephone you can sue these for thousands of dollars. Then you are able to buy your elite cruise.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Cruise scam

Post by Guest,

9712201967 ADD For Your REST

Post by Rick,

971-220-1967 Neither does complaining to your AG s office. Since these Soil bags Stadium t calling out of legitimate Amounts they could t be Monitored down or stopped.

Post by JC,

9712201967 Only gotten a call out of the number did not response. Name said PAC TEL

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Royal Caribbean cruise. .

Post by Joe,

9712201967 These scumbags Merely called me about W Min's Past and set my Telephone to forward the Amount to the local Police from now on. As consistently I did t reply calls that I did t recognize your numbers. Do not Phone List is a Large JOKE they could t do sh t to Quit that scumbags. My Panasonic phone that's the phone blocking Characteristic worked X better compared to ENCL.

Post by yello,

971-220-1967 got that first telephone from the Merely now. was on that line already did t click over thou cause i did t Comprehend. . . did t want to call back till i Assessed here first. this is this type of Excellent hunt tool. all family s are registered on that no telephone list too. . . matters that make you go God Bless America and Happy W. .

Post by Rebelde,

9712201967 I got a telephone from the Amount Additionally. I registered on the Do not Telephone Registry it did not work I phone My cell Telephone Firm and they said that could block these calls for 5 extra on my cell Statement. I just want they could 've told me that before I Stop At amp T.

Post by Teri,

971-220-1967 They call even though I 'm on your do not phone list.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Scam

Post by Victoria,

971-220-1967 Just missed a call by the number on my cell. Your funny thing is that less than W minutes Past I Additionally gotten another missed call on my cell out of a Unusual Amount and after looking that number Upwards it was Additionally a telescope. I want these losers would either supply Upwards or phone when I could 've my Telephone when I don t have to 've it on hushed thus I can harass them like they would people.

Post by hornsfan,

9712201967 Called 6 W W W W no message left on working recorder. Sounds enjoy it would vie been pleasure to response this one.

Post by nochump,

971-220-1967 they left a message saying we won a free cruise for two on Royal Caribbean.

Post by Fernando Herrera,

9712201967 Constant unwanted calls. You personally vie won a cruise.

Post by STFAN,

971-220-1967 I eventually got them for respond after times of annoying hang Upward calls. They began becoming belligerent and swearing at me when I threatened to bring down their harassment service. Call the Authorities Lawyer general and then that FTC

Post by gic,

9712201967 Merely gotten another phone out of the number on Don't Phone List also. I am ignoring calls but irritated.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Spam. .

Post by CLA,

9712201967 Steady phone out of the Region CODE NO NAME

Post by rodnil,

971-220-1967 1 4 W P High strung female record Clearly excited that I won a cruise. Don't Phone has eliminated W of that phone harassment of the past. IF you follow their Directions to be removed from their list you've now Affirmed the Telephone Amount is live and they could possibly sell it to other Telephone solicitors. If they're a scam Seeking your own credit card Amount exactly why would anyone believe that they're being considerate within removing you personally out of their list. Only Blow off the call for your own Security.

Post by Anna,

9712201967 Caller hung Upward when express send replied. No message left.

Post by pam,

971-220-1967 Simply received a call from W W W easy for Recall and Subsequently forget hate these calls.

Post by fedup,

9712201967 got a telephone from PAC TEL W W W did not reply since I did t Comprehend number. 've been on DC list for a few time and renewed in the previous year.

Post by Will,

971-220-1967 Who are these people . I m on no telephone also and they continue for call

Post by Gary,

9712201967 That DC simply causes the Honest telemarketers for Cease calling you. Criminals will continue for phone you personally because they don t care about the law. They're criminals after all. The DC is your manner of Understanding that any Brand new Promotion calls you now get are out of individuals who arena t Fair. You DEFINITELY Don't Desire To Can Company With THEM for they may Grab You personally Away. Consumer beware. See your DC does work after all just not within your way we d enjoy. But Hi that s life.

Post by Ivor,

971-220-1967 I m on the DC. Fair telemarketers honour the DC list. So any telemarketer who calls me now is Likely a Criminal. Thus I understand not to Choose up that Telephone when they ANY telemarketer calls because they re now all CROOKS. Confident there are those who Break that DC. There are those who rob banks overly. But that dozen t mean that the government wasted their time making bank robbery illegal. Confident I wish that Marines would hunt down these crooks who telephone my Telephone out of foreign. But that s not likely for happen. That very best one can perform is understand the DC Offers you personally a heads Upwards that a telemarketer who calls you after you are on that DC is probably a Criminal and not a valid businessman. CROOKS don t care what the law says. They only attention about ROBBING you personally. If they re really bothering you personally get your free Telephone Dish Software Mount it in your computer and use your computer for HANG Upwards on these callers. Google Telephone Tray Free for download the Software. It s free to download and free to use.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 vacation salesmen

Post by Judy,

971-220-1967 I acquired a call myself. Thank you personally. I will not deal along with them.

Post by Mike Merewether,

9712201967 I get Consistent calls starting Outside that same way Congratulations you've Simply won . . . . I 'm becoming Quite tired of the and have been on the don't telephone list

Post by Labbie,

971-220-1967 No message left don t reply unknown calls.

Post by Lydia,

9712201967 The number has called several times. When I look Upwards PAC TEL on your internet it states they do not exist. They won t leave a express mail. Very intrusive.

Post by Barry,

971-220-1967 I ll Wager your Owner was a Legal. Criminals are seldom courteous.

Post by James Ellison,

9712201967 Non Quit Calling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Post by AMG,

971-220-1967 My husband Simply got a phone out of this number and although he replied they did not Talk. I would be not unwilling to bet that since that is listed as a residence acreage line at white pages. com it's not a telemarketer and your DC list is Thus inconsequential. Credit card fraud is rampant in that Gresham Region and I would t be surprised if this is a scam for get credit card info from Folks. If you gave your own credit card for this person Assess your records and report it if there's anything suspicious so that the police could look into it.

Post by Mari,

9712201967 Only got a call today and I m also on that don't telephone registry. 've gotten several calls from telemarketers recently. I push your 1 for Speak to some live operator and then turn on many loud horrid music and Merely lay the phone down. I hang Upward your Telephone when I hear that Switch tone. I ll Additionally report them but dozen t seem to stop them.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 It was a sales. Person

Post by El AGAIN.,

9712201967 Boy are we getting weary of Recording within hang Upwards Gripes but here s However ANOTHER 1. Out of a PAC TEL . I know NOBODY from Oregon we re on your DC amp Unlisted but these fools still tease people. This was on 5 W W 1 W PM CT. So fed Upwards.

Post by wolf,

971-220-1967 Friend B. It dozen t would any great for explain. They don't have any clue how that DC works and no want for go for the site and discover. Thank you personally on your post.

Post by chris,

9712201967 They did t leave a message

Post by Rick,

971-220-1967 Neither does complaining to that AG s office. Since these dirt bags arena t calling from valid Amounts they can t be Monitored down or Discontinued.

Post by Anon,

9712201967 I feel sorry for you personally. You personally believe what that government and your telemarketer tell you personally. I ll Gamble you also voted for Obama. It s all based on gullibility. You are Likely an extremely nice person. . . it's too bad that life within your Us will eventually take your kindness out of your own nature. Don t let them get for you.

Post by crazo,

971-220-1967 Owner i. d. says Cattlemen replied they Installed up

Post by ddkatz,

9712201967 I got a telephone out of this number and did t response it. No message left. I then put it as unwanted on my cellular Telephone and silence it.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Solicit

Post by Annoyed,

9712201967 Yep add me to that list. Owner ID says Patel and some oddball number that I don t Understand. I don t reply it if I don t know who it's. These types of calls never leave a message.

Post by Steve907,

971-220-1967 They phone people repeatedly even though we re registered on Internet. dentally. gov

Post by matilda,

9712201967 I Only got a phone from this Amount no message tool out of this Site that they were telemarketers and instantaneously proceeded your Amount to my reject Owner folder. They ll probably still call but my Telephone won t ring thus I don t attention. I 've Fairly a long list of rejected numbers now. That s your just way for deal along with these losers.

Post by Geez Louise,

971-220-1967 Only obtained phone out of the Amount did not response. Also on DC list but thank goodness for Owner id. They can talk to the answering service forever because I never plan to reply.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Free cruise spam. May add you for spam list if you personally accept.

Post by FOX,

971-220-1967 I got a call out of this number. No message was left. I called it back and a machine came on and said Drive 1 if you personally dint need for receive phone out of this agency. .

Post by wolf,

9712201967 Sir B. It dozen t can any good to describe. They don't have any clue how that DC works and no desire for go for that site and discover. Thank you personally to your post.

Post by Lee,

971-220-1967 What I cannot understand is that we keep getting these calls and they do not leave a message. We have all our Telephones on the no call list. These calls are really annoying. If we want to go on a cruise or vacation we could call them and they Do not Have For Phone Us. I suppose they haven't heard that saying before.

Post by Jacki,

9712201967 I Simply got a phone out of this number W W W. I Additionally am on that Don't Phone LIST. Even if you attempt to remove them they Merely use a Distinct Amount.

Post by Ivor,

971-220-1967 I m on your DC. Fair telemarketers honor the DC list. So any telemarketer who calls me now is Likely a Thief. Thus I know not to pick up your Telephone when they ANY telemarketer calls because they re now all CROOKS. Confident there are individuals who Break your DC. There are people that rob banks too. But that dozen t mean that the government wasted their time making bank robbery prohibited. Certain I wish that Marines would hunt down these crooks who phone my phone from abroad. But that s not likely to occur. That very best one can perform is understand that the DC Offers you a heads Upward that a telemarketer who calls you personally after You're on that DC is Likely a Crook and not a legitimate businessman. CROOKS don t care what your law says. They simply attention about ROBBING you. If they re Actually bothering you get that free Phone Dish Application install it in your computer and use your computer for HANG Upwards on these callers. Google Telephone Tray Free for download your program. It s free for download and free to use.

Post by Demopublican,

9712201967 Gamble you personally voted for democrats or republicans . . . and NOW you re asking for HELP. . . LOLA. Great luck with that.

Post by f-off,

971-220-1967 me overly. . . . .

Post by RCCS,

9712201967 tell them you all Prepared have a policy and it dozen t involve being entombed on a sinking ship

Post by Jolly Zock,

971-220-1967 Simply recd a telephone from the number. . . IT S A SCAM. . . No message was left. I am on the Federal Don't Call List. Please read your Post HTTP Internet. Monk news. com politics W W W la . . . Evaluation latest news

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Hangup phone.

Post by Buzz,

971-220-1967 Can you personally believe they read this list. File a Grievance Each time you get a phone out of these slug telemarketers with your own state Lawyer general s office. Every TIME. . .

Post by Toni,

9712201967 This really is a telemarketing Business trying for sell a cruise for Royal Caribbean. Tired of the kind of phone. We 're on that national would no call list .

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 Ugh

Post by Jim,

9712201967 Let Move within for express send. Found Finish of message which said to take advantage of this offer press 1 press 9 to be removed out of calling list or something for that affect . Express was of an overly chipper middle aged Girl.

Post by Bubba,

971-220-1967 Wow I won a free cruise Now. CID read PAC TEL in all caps. Nicholas said his ID NW and that he SW calling out of Hollywood FL. Kudos to me you personally for that Excellent Investigator work.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Cruise Success solicitation

Post by Cheryl Bledsaw,

971-220-1967 We have been a non Revenue and get calls from the number Constantly. Your time or two I have spoken with someone and Inquired to become removed in the call list I vie been Installed Upward on. The scam has something to do with Royal Caribbean and winning a cruise for my family and myself blah blah blah. . . .

Post by David,

9712201967 I have Merely realized how you can significantly reduce that national debt. If your government would Strongly investigation out and Wonderful these callers. I vie been on the National Don't Telephone List since that Starting and Excellent then say W W W per incident. Your debt could be reduced or Removed in a brief time. Established on your calls I get in a week at least 2 per day they could get W W W from your calls to me alone. Multiply this by thousands Maybe millions that receive these calls. Good by national debt and an added benefit It would t take long for these calls to Cease. I m going for your national don't telephone registry and register this another phone.

Post by Mae,

971-220-1967 Rec d Telephone phone out of this Amount let it go to voice mail since I did t Understand that number no voice message. I m on your national DC list.

Post by sue,

9712201967 I got a call out of Th's Amount. They did t leave a message.

Post by Paul,

971-220-1967 Hi guys I got a phone from this number a month ago they told me I had won a cruise. Of course I did t believe them until I got the tickets within the mail. Nicely we Only returned from a wonderful all Costs paid Caribbean cruise. . . It was Fantastic. . . Anyone believe the. . . Ha ha ha. . . I never Select up calls along with numbers Owner IDs I don t recognize.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Just Decided Upwards telephone from this Amount. Perky female saying quot congrats you vie Merely won a royal Caribbean cruise quot . I hung Upwards. . . My notion appeared enjoy same just one that said if you did a W sec. survey you would win a cruise. . . Been becoming these Patel they don t leave a message. May attempt to keep Monitor. Want them for Stop.

Post by BDW,

971-220-1967 Receiving calls from W but they hang Upward. There's never a response on your line. 've attempted to telephone them back but phone doesn't go Thur. ZERO SOUNDS. . . no Face tone or error recording Merely NOTHING. . .

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Royal Caribbean cruise. .

Post by Lizzie,

971-220-1967 3 W W Washington Oregon Calls from W W W W W W amp W W Two display Gresham OR and one shows Pectorals disconnects your Second VIM kicks in no message left. Get these several times a week Subsequently they slack away for a few times. Have started Upward again this last week.

Post by wolf,

9712201967 Sir B. It dozen t do any good to explain. They have no hint how your DC works and no desire to go for your Website and learn. Thank you personally to your post.

Post by Guest,

971-220-1967 I don t understand this number

Post by pam,

9712201967 I Additionally Merely got a phone from the number

Post by o'captain,

971-220-1967 well we could have succumbed for killing of Enron or ebbs of universe com or Korzybski of Tycho or FUD of Lehman bros or cane of Keep st earns or than of Merrill lynch or Mozilla of State wide or cor zine of MFA capital. . . . all quite evil captains of lousy Efforts. What is your difference between these scoundrels and your cruise shipper scampers who recently crashed that ship supposedly captained by scatting.

Post by Meatwad,

9712201967 Merely got 1 Now too. Nevertheless I have Coma thus I could blacklist them forever at least until they use a Distinct phone number. Enjoy everyone else I 'm on that DECRY as well for whatever great that does.

Post by Stephanie L.,

971-220-1967 Unwanted spam

Post by Grams,

9712201967 Left MSG we won a cruise. I really dislike getting the type of call. Guess the DC list is useless.

Post by ijdk,

971-220-1967 Acquired a Telephone phone from them. Luckily express send was full and I was on the line thus they could not leave a message. Ya know since I have registered with that Don't Call registry I actually get a LOT more calls than I ever did before. And I refuse to supply my Telephone Amount for stores and to Physicians pretty Considerably all businesses. Everything can become done within writing.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Spam

Post by srbell,

971-220-1967 How is it which you could become on don't phone lists listen to your messages and request to become removed from their lists and However we still get calls. What happened to that fines for these Folks that repeatedly phone.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Spam. . .

Post by Buzz,

971-220-1967 Would you believe they read this list. File a complaint Each time you personally get a call out of these slug telemarketers with your state attorney general s office. Each TIME. . .

Post by Guest,

9712201967 I don t know this number

Post by Barry,

971-220-1967 I ll Gamble that Owner was a criminal. Criminals are seldom polite.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Text spam.

Post by Rick,

971-220-1967 Neither does complaining for your AG s office. Since these Dust bags arena t calling from valid numbers they could t be tracked down or stopped.

Post by Guest,

9712201967 Did not leave a message. Called them back. Did not identify them self's. did state press 1 for be removed. I did wry will see.

Post by dunnydame,

971-220-1967 Only gotten a phone from W W W no name shown on caller ID . Same cruise winning message as the phone obtained Jan Th from W W W Gresham O Revealed on called ID . And yes we re on DECRY. And yes I too was heartily fed up with those message out of Rachel ET AL out of Credit Card Services. Has anyone been able to hint where your calls are Truly coming out of. It is an Oregon number but some organization has to be behind the calls.

Post by Payback,

9712201967 They are being used like tools by a group of criminals that deserve for get shut down forever.

Post by Hope,

971-220-1967 I Merely don t enjoy Folks calling me and then hang Upward. This is what happens when this Amount calls my cell phone

Post by Fedup,

9712201967 To add for my Publishing got a call on W Jan W from Gresham Or with a W W W. Ya believe the phone Firms are abetting scampers and marketeers. . . . That s why there are so many undefinable Prices on your bills. We re Likely paying with this harassment and Attack of your privacy.

Post by d.Waterman,

971-220-1967 Repeated calls I 'm on the don't phone list do not desire this caller calling this number anymore I can press any Prices needed.

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Recent comment

8552231039 Complains by Guest,

keep calling

8102320555 Complains by Dan Miller,

Scam telling me I won a security system. This is that third time they vie called me at least.

8556936765 Complains by Guest,

It's New York Health attention benefits. They call you to enlighten you Around the missing Records within your application.

9316263314 Complains by Lucille,

I've been getting repeat phone calls from this number on my cell phone for about two weeks.  I don't answer because I don't recognize the number and very few people outside of close friends and family know my cell.  I was thinking of calling back but decided against it.

3212443081 Complains by Guest,

BS Caller telemarketer

8184920762 Complains by Guest,

don t answer

8282335449 Complains by matt,

they called left no message

3212505178 Complains by lk,

Got just one that said whoa Eugene. . . . Not my name.

8002236134 Complains by Lana,

They called me three times today from both numbers. How do these ppl get ahold of our phone numbers? Ridiculous

8002231711 Complains by Guest,

You re blocked

8002667094 Complains by Archangel,

Looks to be an outbound just number calling that Amount fails appears enjoy it used for belong to some foreclosure Realtor in Co but their Present contact page shows a Distinct W now

8002459886 Complains by Guest,

The number isn't Related to your names above any longer.

8002200260 Complains by Confusion to Anger,

I d adore for get a rep on your Telephone with this Business. I d enjoy for straiten out whatever situation they 've on me Yet when I call back no name when I enter that Telephone number of that account enjoy they request phone automation cannot identify your Amount they called me at and says its transferring me after a long moment of Stop the Telephone hangs up on me. All this after a Man named Mrs Hacked informed me she had an Significant information seeing my account and for reference a Amount then stated it's very Significant that I return the telephone and Offered me this infuriating phone Amount. It must not be that Significant if their automated system cannot identify that Telephone number they used to leave a Telephone message for me.

8002723531 Complains by 901-328-9974:,

John Conner, the scammer called me today.  He has been leaving me voicemails for 3 months claiming he is a police officer and I should send him money or all he could do was wish me good luck.  Told me that my kids were in danger and my home would be destroyed and I would have a big mess to clean up.  I consider this a terroristic threat from a Pakistani accent guy that I don't owe any money.  I called the police.  IF they call you don't give them any money or believe their lies.  They will freak you out but keep your cool and call the law. DON'T SEND JOHN CONNER THE SCAMMMER One, dime.  Even if you owe money, be sure you payback the right company. I hate these guys and will help law enforcement put them behind bars where they belong.

8002548853 Complains by Frank,

Has called multiple times. Credit Set scumbags. NCO Financial. Credit Collection scumbags. W W W

8002639510 Complains by Robert white,

What s the name of that Business.

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