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Telephone information: Lcw Wireless License. Salem, OR. Marion. United states
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Post by Chris,

9712406454 The number called my work. . . . . . same old Narrative. . . . Fake scam u name it.

Post by SL,

971-240-6454 This really is so Authentic Vanessa the person always calls me and won't tell me who your debt collector Actually is. When I call him back Stan he or another Individual Solutions the Phone by saying Hi . They do not say a company name when answering that phone. They Talk in busted English. And you are so right when you personally said there surely is thus Substantially Sound in that background.

Post by Sick and Tired,

9712406454 I 'm thus Ill and exhausted of these Folks that I actually broke a cell Telephone. I got pissed and threw it. LOLA This really is not that first time these people have called me either. And this time it's a different Amount. It comes in spurts. They can call and telephone for Around a week and when I ignore your telephone and don t telephone back it Normally stops for a while. But it seems as if they're back to bugging me again. I want them to call me back tonight because now that I know it's your same people that were calling me before I 'm going for let Free and supply them all sorts of hell. It ll teach those little Around not screwing Approximately with Americans. D

Post by Pat,

971-240-6454 I have gotten multiple calls today out of the number and W W W and this person Official Paul Keller who has a very powerful Feature claims to work for Hector and Affiliates Law Organization within Pennsylvania and are representing Cash Net Us. He claims that I had a debt for a loan Chosen Outside in December W. I asked for evidence and they never Arrived through with the request but did jeopardize legal Activity if I did not Answer. I called your number back and got a magic jack phone line which is used Offshore for money scams. I instantly reported these numbers to Verizon and your Experts. They 've access for private data and people demand for become aware of identity theft and follow Thur with reporting for credit Companies.

Post by Preachers Wife,

9712406454 We obtained a call out of W W W. Your caller John Adams left a message and said if we don t telephone them by Sunday my Man would lose his job and his bank Reports and everything in life. At I did t know what for believe but Afterward I tried calling that Amount back and got some record that said my Telephone Service is directing that phone as a local call and I need for either contact them or telephone another number wait for that Call tone and Subsequently Face the number. After that I hung up and did a reverse appearance Upwards and it said it s a cell phone located in Oregon so Afterward I Go ogled your name of the Law Company he used and located all the. It s Actually Unhappy what Individuals may do for get cash. They need for Only go locate a job and create an honest living. It can come back on them. Calmness and Blessings.

Post by The Saint,

971-240-6454 For at least the last four years Maybe longer a group was calling former payday loan applicants advising them that they have defrauded a bank and are now being sued for non payment of a loan. That callers will claim to become calling on Part of an attorney s office name varies that Department. of Law and Investigation AC'S or other similar combinations below United Legal Processing Advertising Crime Monitoring Services Fiscal Crime Division. S. National Bank Lawyer General s Office Normally in California American Legal Services Affidavit Consolidation Services AC'S You will become threatened with Charge a costly trial and Perhaps worse. Within no Condition manner or kind could you personally be arrested for non payment on a Customer debt. Don't believe these threats as they are without Worth and cannot be carried out within the fashion they allege. Who are they. In that previous when pressed by law Administration for an address the callers have Supplied the following information David Morgan and Contacts Morgan amp Contacts Morgan Associate's W W W Northwest Th Street Winter garden Florida W Address is likely invalid Your collector s MO matches a once legit Libraries agency called Ellis Crosby amp Contacts. Here are a few links on them HTTP Web. Buddhas. com collector pages . Imhotep Www. Buddhas. com collector pages . godfather have been formerly fined over 1. 3 million for various violations. They 've been known for use phone banks within India for create their calls which more or less coincides with the difficult for recognize accent many of us detect when we have been contacted. That last time this group went by any official name was back within W Ellis Crosby amp Contacts Douglas amp Morgan Associate's South side Blvd Package Jacksonville Florida Telephone W W W W W W Address is likely Broken There are NUMEROUS Customer alerts Outside against the group of individuals Florida HTTP Jacksonville. com Tu online Narratives W met. telekinesis HTTP Www. Buyer affairs. com news's W W . molecularity HTTP Www. . gov press . . . Island HTTP Internet. . com news rho . . . W 1. HTML's Virginia HTTP Www. Fargo. gov . Missouri On July Th W a Public Awareness Bulletin was Delivered out by Mo Data Evaluation Center. . . obtained reports from individuals within Iowa and Illinois reference questionable telephone calls they acquired. In both Cases the callers are reporting that a express mail is gotten from a guy with a Middle Eastern Highlight identifying himself as an officer working with that Fiscal Crimes Unit. Your message indicates the motive for that telephone concerns a loan got by the receiver or someone in your receiver s family. Your voice send requests that a return call become got and a telephone Amount is Supplied. When a return call is got your Owner is Inquired to provide personal identifying information such as their date of Delivery and Societal security Amount. Reports indicate the calls are Regular and Consistent and that they even endanger Charge or legal Actions if info or money isn't provided. It appears the individuals making these calls could have access for many records connecting People and their relatives. Missouri does not 've a Monetary Crimes Unit and all indications are this is a fictitious agency. If you get a similar Telephone phone please become suggested that it's a scam and please contact your local law enforcement agency or that Mo Info Analysis Center at W W W. Bottom line Don't supply your callers with any additional data. Tell them you have reported them to law enforcement and hang Upward. If you haven t already go forward and report that calls to local law enforcement your state s Attorney General and beyond. Appearance Upwards the local Secret Service Department s information within your Region and get within contact by having an agent there. If you personally ever applied for a cash advance online your own info is Outside there. Potential sources for your breach of your privacy are That scampers obtained your information from Racetrack a reporting agency used by many cash advance lenders to ascertain their Hazard lending to you personally. The service is Capable to tell cash Progress lenders if you might have existing loans along with other Firms for example. Many state laws prohibit borrowers from having more than two cash Improvements out at your same time. The scampers created their own fake payday loan application Website. Individuals looking for a cash Progress went to that site and applied Consequently freely providing that scampers along with their information for malicious use at a After time. That scampers were Capable to get into your database s of cash advance lenders probable Objectives being Sonic Payday and Cash net Us. How to shield yourself Tell your Manager. You are likely becoming calls at home and or at work so make sure your Company is conscious the calls are component of a scam and to not take them seriously. Advise the callers that they are no More allowed for phone you personally at work. If they continue to phone document the date and time of the calls you personally received. Save voice mails left if in any respect potential. Alter your Amount s . For many this could possibly not become an Choice for others a just one time number change could become done free of charge. Become advised any Sources you personally Recorded on your own payday loan application may be contacted. Let those Folks understand that this is a scam and they can disregard. Use Google Express. Google Express is a fantastic replacement voice mail system for Only Around any phone Amount you personally use. Messages can become transcribed and voice mail Records can be saved as MP files. Expert Suggestion call that scampers with a Google Voice Amount before turning away your previous Telephone numbers. Create sure when you personally phone you identify yourself thus they could Begin Upwards their Program. At any point after they 've your data pulled up Merely hang up. They will then start religiously calling your own Google Express Amount. At the point You're free for Alter your Routine Telephone Amount s and enjoy not having these Individuals ever call you again. And jest at the fact these people are Essentially talking to some Stone wall several times a day That scampers change their numbers Usually. Law enforcement used for believe it was because the callers ran out of minutes on their prepaid wireless accounts or they were shuttered due for fraud but now they comprehend it s simply to Avoid detection by savvy Buyers online. With that proliferation of VIP it s even easier for that crooks for remain a couple of measures forward of law Administration. Below is Simply a sampling of your W numbers that 've been used within new recollection. 1 W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Thus can they Actually would anything to you personally. It s not a simple yes or no answer. Logic dictates that if they Actually Needed for take you personally for a Experience and drain your bank Reports they already would 've. Thus why Destination t they. Authorization. Why would you personally think You're being called thus Substantially. Perhaps it is because they like the sound of your voice. No they 've to have your authorization to take any sort of payment from you personally period. That callers know their audience and that audience is Generally a Number of Folks that have Used for payday loans within your previous. Most of those Individuals they phone could t afford an Lawyer if they Desired 1 and are thus used to receiving Libraries calls that thus long as they sound enjoy a Actual collector they can likely be perceived as 1. Furthermore they don t even Actually desire for talk to your own attorney that Merely sounds official and chilling enough. A Actual Lawyer would take the callers to Activity and Compose them away as two bit con artists. That callers need you personally in Composing for Approve payment against that fictitious debt they claim you owe. Go ahead ask them for proof you personally owe that debt more commonly Understood as Proof of debt. See what they say. A Telephone authorization carries very little weight so if they have something Closed by you on file you are done for and that callers understand that. That Agreement is the only thing these callers are doing by that novel and for great reason. If they just went all willy Nelly and got an ACHE debit from your checking account without your written approval you could in turn report your transaction as Fake to your Fiscal institution. In Around 7 W company days you would get the funds returned to your account. Then that scampers would be Upward against a bank and their team of lawyers and Researchers. Bottom line If you haven t paid the callers a Penny don t. If you planned on paying them for Close them Upwards just don t. Recall You're not being contacted by a legally Registered ethically owned and Ran collector. Read Upwards on your FD CPA HTTP Www. FTC. gov BC Edward Cafes Buyer credit Cree. PD and know your own rights. HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W 3

Post by La,

9712406454 they call me everyday and I Considered it was real. But since I 've read the messages. I 'm mad because I have Offered them my info but I have not made a payment yet

Post by Guest,

971-240-6454 For gin Folks trying for get bank info


9712406454 This number is Connected with a well-known fraudulent bill collector that makes prohibited threats for Accumulate on payday loans. They lie in their express mails for get naive Individuals for telephone them back and pay. Don t Stress they won t become issuing any warrants and nothing is going for occur to your social security number. It s not against the law for owe cash. Simply prohibited Methods for collect on a debt.

Post by Donna,

971-240-6454 He Inquired for Donna no last name. Said his name was Chad and he was from Hector amp Affiliates law Company. Said I was default on a cash loan out of Cash Progress. I told him I never 've Chosen Outside a cash loan and the wan t right. He insisted I needed to pay the. I told him as soon as he learned for speak English we would discuss the. amp he Installed up. That Telephone he called from was W W W. I have tried to phone the Amount back and Merely goes for his voice send and said your mailbox is not empty and can t Take messages. be Careful don t fall for this.

Post by kp,

9712406454 Calls from Hector and Affiliates W W W are a SCAM Do not reply or return phone out of them or anyone else maintaining you personally owe debts without first receiving written Notice from a Approved Bank or collector.

Post by Guest,

971-240-6454 Maintaining I owe cash to a payday loan company. Threats of going to Prison by the end of that day. Strong Central Asian Highlight.


9712406454 JOHN ADAMS WILLIAM TURNER AND PAUL Began SCARING AND HARASSING Viewing Many Name LOAN. THEY Desire THEIR Cash OR I Will GO To Jail AND Be SUED. THEY Won't Supply Out ANY Info. I EVEN HAD A Pal Call AND THEY Offered Outside NO Information About THEM THEY Installed Upward. WHEN THEY Response THEY Answer Like They're Answering THEIR HOUSE Telephone.

Post by CT,

971-240-6454 These people are Whole MORONS. . . . thus John Adams calls my work and leaves a message Around how they are Processing a litigation against me and I have a debt and if I desire for see what its Around I should phone him back. . . . so I did. The Man who answered tried to be polite and apologize for his fellow Staff. . . . Holy COW are they playing awful collector great collector . . . I informed him to NEVER call my office again and I Desired any Evidence of ANY debt to send me In Composing for my home and he said well I work for a law office Yep correct not many law firms I know have that History Sound of a Show. . thus I told him nicely IF you work at a law office then you personally know BY LAW I have the appropriate for request for evidence of ANY debt and you might have to Honor. He then said he needed to get an Lawyer on your line and I told him for BITE ME. . . These people are Base feeders and trying to Accumulate and frighten Folks into getting CC or Bank info. . . and that will be a error you will pay for dearly because they could charge how Considerably whenever they need and you cannot block since you personally wont know when or how Considerably they are hitting you personally for. Not to mention Subsequently you have to go through your inconvenience of closing Reports and Changing everything. Do not LISTEN for their threats. . . they're Clear and Illegal.

Post by pissed off,

9712406454 these people phone all daytime everyday leave no messages but are non stop

Post by leann,

971-240-6454 I Merely keep asking them for a American speaking Man and it create them real Crazy they 1 time told me I had to be in Orange County CA by 9 'm your day they called that was at 3 PM they are Ignorant i even played along and they wont Take any sort of payment they are dumb

Post by KP,

9712406454 Yep Man calling himself Chad Cooper W W W with busted English Had me worried for a couple hours. . . did t add Upward Same line Cash Progress America. Threats of lawsuit Complete Scam Time to disconnect that land line. . .

Post by SL,

971-240-6454 This can be thus true Vanessa this Man constantly calls me and won't tell me who your debt collector Actually is. When I call him back Stan he or another Individual Solutions the Phone by saying Hi . They don't state a company name when answering that phone. They Chat within busted English. And You're so correct when you personally said there surely is thus Substantially noise in that background.

Post by Joan,

9712406454 Gotten a call at 7 W A. M. . did not answer figured it was a scam. They could leave a message if they desire me to contact them.

Post by Sherri,

971-240-6454 My Amount was different it was W W W. I had been noticing it on my caller ID but eventually today was Accessible to reply. The man Indian really busted English maintaining his name was Scott Williams. When I first replied he slurred a name I said he had the wrong Amount Understanding it sounded nothing like my name. He Inquired for my name which I told him no you personally called me. He said I took Outside a payday loan Dec W and owe over W or I m going to court and going to jail. I was Truly at that school waiting on my kid so I put this on speaker for a few other Mom s to laugh at. This Man within his busted English is swearing at me we are going back amp forth telling me to look in that mirror and see Ignorant. Finally puts on Manager. This Manager David pretty much says Hello amp I Begin telling him whats going on and the Indian gets back on that Telephone. He said he was with Hector amp Contacts Law Firm. When I request what state he says America Brand new Jersey. I told him I was contacting my private Lawyer and pressing Prices for harassment at which point he Subsequently Put Upward. Reverse hunt of your above shows private cell Amount and obviously have contacted a few law firms by the name given and they're conscious of this scam but its not them Attempting to Gather anything.

Post by Guest,

9712406454 For gin Folks Striving to get bank info

Post by Guest,

971-240-6454 This Amount is Correlated along with a well known Fake Invoice collector that makes prohibited threats for Gather on payday loans. They lie inside their voice mails to get naive Folks to phone them back and pay. Don t worry they won t be issuing any warrants and nothing is going to happen to your own social security Amount. It s not against the law to owe cash. Only prohibited Methods to Gather on a debt.

Post by Patti,

9712406454 I 'm sitting here at my computer laughing at that same discussion I Simply had with these guys. They also said they were from Hector amp Affiliates and I could t recognize a word they said. I Inquired the first Man to transport me for someone that talked English. He transferred me for another with a lessor accent. What a scam. It made me nervous because they had my email account and called on my Verizon cell Telephone. I want I knew how to Cease these guys. That number they called me out of was W W W. I told them the was _ _ _ _ and he said something about seeing me in court and Installed Upwards.

Post by Emma,

971-240-6454 I just got a phone from the Ignorant John Adams he called my house by error then I call back for tell him n he Offered the phone to the other Peculiar guy. They re all Indians. So difficult to understand them. Ugh I m Soho Insane. And Afterward he Began saying the Trouble was me. I was are u deaf. . . . Ugh. . . Thank u for letting us understand this is a stupid scam . . .

Post by WOW,

9712406454 Yep the idiot Only called me i told him for away. . he said you wanna me. . . i Installed up on him. . . he called back from a Distinct Amount and i was enjoy hello he was enjoy hello Jessica i wanna you personally that is your Fan. . . wow

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8552550403 Complains by Guest,

Was talking to family call came in Around 8 W p. m. Did not response. Your Phone Amount W W W.

3344054827 Complains by Guest,

enviable AL vicennial

8767781567 Complains by Publishers clearing house,

Said I won 10 million dollars, I told them to send it by email money transfer. They didn't know email money transfer was.

7188520012 Complains by Guest,

I am out of Canada overly and caller said they got the name out of a Solution at that recent boat display in Ottawa which we'd been at. Same as the other callers situation they wanted a credit card number for your tickets. Told them I did t concur along with frauds and the caller was really cool first saying exactly why and when I said your same matter again he said Ok and Installed Upwards.

7743309599 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling none stop and no answer when i state hello

2159695412 Complains by Customer,

Turns out it was from JC Penney optical.  I would have picked up if they had bothered to identify themselves.

6623903384 Complains by Guest,

Don t understand the person

7189899347 Complains by Guest,

spam caller

8044821539 Complains by Milwife,

W W W no reply Richmond Virginia Not confident who this really is. . . but telemarketers are on an Vehicle Call er most of your times. . and there's space sound that Happens when nobody Solutions or is present when they come online and its a Fall phone. Any calls before Am or after PM your time zones are prohibited for telemarketers and Group callers. . . . rules. . . thus if you personally re getting calls earlier . . . . you are able to report them and if they re a business. . . you are able to provide them a fine

8888148493 Complains by Guest,

Same as other Opinions acquired postcard to pick up Bundle no company name on your postcard card made me look number Upward. No name here for that trash along with the I m not calling.

9407034667 Complains by Guest,

Obscene calls from 3 Am for 7 'm. That guy is a real jerk.

9513071309 Complains by Guest,

Caller references prize entry from 12-18 months & possibly of winning one of top three prizes. Caller identifies herself as Jean Taylor & leaves Toll Free Call Back Number of 877-424-3920 which registers to Michael P Holobawski, with complete address in whitepages which leads me to believe his identity is being used in a scam?

8045570630 Complains by Antonio,

The Individual is calling themselves Lisa Koran. They have free registered puppies but you've for pay her W ti have that puppy Sent.

8063290455 Complains by CJ,

Gotten another call out of the Amount the morning 7 'm they 've been calling me for over a month now and not once 've they left a MSG I m not familiar with the Amount and by looking on here I m not the simply one they re calling thus I m going for assume it s not private and that it is SPAM. Sent to my Don't Upset Characteristic as of now.

8063560495 Complains by Guest,

rude person

8003615783 Complains by hotchick,

they phone me W times a daytime. it s BC or HSBC's all i no

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