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Post by Maureen,

9712565661 Don't Call ME

Post by ROBYNNE,

971-256-5661 Obtained several unwanted calls Day-to-day from W W W and it Only says BLOCKED and is a acreage line. I would like them to stop

Post by Victoria,

9712565661 I 've been receiving calls out of this Amount for your past week. They may telephone four times in just one hour and leave no voice send. I vie called back once with no response. I m Simply going for Discount them. AT amp T makes you pay for block Individuals. Maybe your calls may stop soon.

Post by Breezy,

971-256-5661 Everyone should file a Criticism with your own attorney general. . . . Afterward go to BBB and the FTC and file Grievances. Your more Gripes about this Amount they may look for them and yell them down. They can Additionally be fined for phone harassment at your same time.

Post by Jessica,

9712565661 Quit calling me. . . . .

Post by Sam Cook,

971-256-5661 W W W how did they get the number

Post by Eric,

9712565661 Calls to Business Sales Cell phone started out of GA now Ore. phone W times a daytime. Scam and Thief Artists. Can steal anything and everything if you present them a opportunity.


971-256-5661 called no message phone number cannot become called back

Post by Brad,

9712565661 I Additionally 've received calls out of this Amount for my cell Telephone. Talking or Assessment does nothing Nevertheless I 've a android phone and I installed Call Blocker from the play Shop thus even though I still get them they go correct into that Application thus no bothers om ringing whatsoever times of that day.

Post by Virginia perez,

971-256-5661 Quit calling

Post by kb,

9712565661 Now i text Edward them Quit I m sure I ll Begin becoming SPAM texts from all around overly. Cheers.

Post by Ray,

971-256-5661 They're calling me two three times a day Please stop calling

Post by Melissa,

9712565661 FILE A Gripe Along with Your FCC. . . that is harassment. . HTTP Internet. FCC. gov guides unwanted telephone Advertising calls File a Criticism here HTTP Internet. FCC. gov complaints

Post by suzette,

971-256-5661 I completely concur with you personally. .

Post by Me too,

9712565661 I vie been becoming calls out of this Amount 8 times within one daytime 2 x Day-to-day. . . months and months. Any thoughts the way to Discontinue the.

Post by jody,

971-256-5661 no. do not need. . . .

Post by veronica greco,

9712565661 they 've been calling me for months 5 or 6 times a daytime my i d says its health services has registered on don't phone list has not done any good

Post by jcm11d,

971-256-5661 I 've gotten W calls out of this number over the last 3 times. That is silly.

Post by whoever it is is a jerk,

9712565661 W W W is that number that calls me all daytime every day I don't get reception for create calls where I 'm and I Delivered a text to your it went through thus I am guessing it's a cell phone. . . bright Telephone whatever I never got a text back saying it was delivered to your property line. . . . . . . anyhow they never text back and I can t block your calls because I can t create any calls without great reception for call cu st service for block that name Amount out of annoying the hell out of me Every Day. . . . . I am going to try and text Quit for them want me Fortune. . . . . . if I could send a fleet kick in your through the phone for your Individual i totally would. . . . . . . Every Day At all HOURS. . . . . .

Post by Jon,

971-256-5661 After about W calls within past 2 weeks I called an Lawyer. . can post results. . . if any.

Post by Guest,

9712565661 the number keeps calling my phone

Post by Gnome,

971-256-5661 Got 5 calls today from this Amount. Decided Upwards twice and got an record. Called that Amount twice for see if I could talk to someone. First 1 Switch tone second call got a message from Verizon saying your Amount was not available. Out of what I can tell along with the calls I got and your fact that my second telephone Arrived Upward along with a message telling me that the Amount is unavailable these people are calling through that internet and are using randomly created numbers. I would say if you can block this Amount then block it and any number that maybe similar for this.

Post by Lynn Albachten,

9712565661 Please Discontinue calling the church

Post by Carlos González,

971-256-5661 How do u get them for Quit calling . . Feeling annoyed already

Post by Lisa Andujar,

9712565661 keep getting unwanted calls from this number

Post by Nicky,

971-256-5661 I the calls st oped

Post by Emily,

9712565661 Unwanted calls constantly

Post by tinamarie,

971-256-5661 They telephone me everyday four times a daytime Pl Discontinue calling my Amount. . . THANKS

Post by Construction Company,

9712565661 Among the Workers has been becoming calls from this number non Quit around your past 3 weeks. Left a recorded message of possibly being eligible for State money. When I called your Amount back from the acreage line for have the calls Cease got a recording stating this number isn't taking calls.

Post by Brad,

971-256-5661 I also have gotten calls out of the number for my cell phone. Talking or Assessment does nothing Nonetheless I 've a android Telephone and I installed Phone Blocker in the play Shop so even though I still get them they go appropriate into that Application thus no bothers om ringing in the least times of the daytime.

Post by Cin,

9712565661 I get these calls at least twice a day and they are pissing me away. . How do i get rid of them. .

Post by em,

971-256-5661 Cease calling.

Post by kathy,

9712565661 please stop phone here

Post by Earl Larry Liming,

971-256-5661 Receiving 6 for 7 calls per day out of W W W. If I call back there's no answer.

Post by Anonon,

9712565661 I got 2 calls in minutes of each other yesterday came up as Health's on my caller ID. I also got 2 from an Arizona Amount. I just proceeded and got the phone number less than a week ago and it s unlisted pretty certain AT amp T is farming Outside my Amount all ready. Nice. .

Post by Dana Mathews,

971-256-5661 called and hung up

Post by pissed off at this [***],

9712565661 I have gotten a telephone out of the number W times within that same 1 minute time Interval. . . no message. I answered that last time and they Put Upward as shortly as I answered. I Delivered a text to Quit it and they send spam texts amp calls now. 1 time they left a voice mail and it was just Fixed for 5 seconds. Someone Actually needs for look for Outside who that hell keeps delivering these. It's Actually pissing me off.

Post by Anthony,

971-256-5661 Its a spam telephone.

Post by Scott,

9712565661 Quit your annoying solicitations . I keep getting them out of OR

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 NWT stop calling

Post by Guest,

9712565661 they call me from 1 4 times a day Very annoying

Post by kathy,

971-256-5661 please stop call here

Post by Steve,

9712565661 They called me from this Amount and I went and met them down at your river four Popular blonde Babes I advocate answering.

Post by Michelle,

971-256-5661 Yep I reported that GA phone number Subsequently started getting call from an OR number reported it and now 'm becoming calls from MN. All stating that States Support Group. ANNOYING . .

Post by Torie,

9712565661 These Individuals telephone at least W times a day and when I call back I get a recording that this Amount isn't a working Amount.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 annoying

Post by Guest,

9712565661 operator

Post by gemini,

971-256-5661 Steady calling ID s from Georgia but when I did a search on the Amount it said it was in Portland Oregon. If I answer they hang Upwards. When I call they hang Upwards. I work Times and sleep days and it's constantly waking me Upward . . . three times today. I vie HAD it. . . Last resort . . . blocking that number.

Post by Jaime,

9712565661 I 've gotten 4 calls out of this Amount Now.

Post by Diana,

971-256-5661 I vie been getting calls for weeks body it s Only telemarketing scams

Post by LeighAnne,

9712565661 I have acquired several phone calls out of the number over your past few weeks all different hours of that daytime I vie let it go for voice mail no voice send. I vie answered it no just one can there be and when I telephone it back it says the number dozen t exist. I d say don t answer don t call back and don t text because I m betting its among those numbers that Fees huge fees per minute of text.

Post by Ms. B.,

971-256-5661 Calls keep coming into my work place

Post by scuzzy,

9712565661 Scampers spammers offering medicare disability and Societal security . PHISHING. Do not answer them. First matter they will desire is your own social security number. . . . Scorpio them.

Post by Chris Reed,

971-256-5661 I get 3 5 calls on my cell Telephone from the Amount. They never leave a message. I 've a Tr ac Telephone 'm retired and this is costing me cash and I could t Quit it.

Post by D,

9712565661 Thanks for that Information. I just got off that phone and Enrolled a Criticism. Plus I did it on your dentally. gov and FTC. gov Sites. Expect it works.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 Merely called me Now. . . Did t response thus I Installed Upwards on them L

Post by REALLY MAD !!!,

9712565661 My Girl gets calls Freon this number W W W each daytime. They don't leave a message. That is harassment and it will be reported. I idea telemarketers calling private homes unlisted phone numbers and phone numbers on a National NO Phone list is against that law .

Post by Mark,

971-256-5661 Processing Criticism along with FTC amp FCC.

Post by Gregory Dooley,

9712565661 I get 3 calls a daytime out of W W W

Post by Joe,

971-256-5661 I got this overly today for your first time. I kept becoming calls last week out of similar numbers saying that I could become eligible for insurance cash.

Post by t bees,

9712565661 please suggest they calling W W times a daytime. . this bull crap needs to Discontinue and they calling from multiple numbers

Post by DK,

971-256-5661 Had been getting calls for Session a week until I downloaded that app Xterm Phone Blocker . It is 5. W but value every penny. I placed T's W W in your blacklist . Assessed hang up no express mail and I don t even Notice the Telephone when it Bands. When I appearance at my Telephone I Found that I gotten a telephone and the Amount shows up. Works on people who have my Amount that I no More want to talk to. Great Luck.

Post by Vickie Todd,

9712565661 Please block this out of my phone. They phone at least 6 times a daytime.

Post by audrey,

971-256-5661 X this number has called me today not confident why and how they obtain my Amount i finally replied and its a few record state within my claim has started and if I'm Used or not due to Gains wt. irritating. . . i called the Amount back and no just one is Accessible for take my telephone goodbye.

Post by bob,

9712565661 this W W W has called me five times Now telling me I could get cash for impairment BS I desire your calls for stop

Post by boss,

971-256-5661 That is a public message board for discussing spam and scam Telephone calls. No one out of here is calling you. Scampers Do See here. They use bot Software to Crop phone numbers. Posting your Telephone number here was not shrewd. I 've asked your board Supervisor to remove it for you personally but she dozen t work W 7. Your Amount might become Upwards for a while. You'll get more calls from scampers.

Post by krash,

9712565661 Called a few times today and yesterday. I answered because I was getting annoyed and Needed to tell them to stop calling me. It was an automated message. . . something about a States group. The telephone ended on its own after I did t answer your automated voices question. it Inquired something about me being injured or something and not able to work . I blocked that Amount through the Verizon Wireless Site. But these Folks 've To Discontinue CALLING PRIVATE Amounts. . It s beyond annoying. And Verizon needs to let you personally block more than 5 numbers at a time. That is Additionally annoying.

Post by Kaitlin,

971-256-5661 The number is calling my cell Telephone each two hours Now.

Post by Sarah,

9712565661 I get calls out of the Amount as nicely as that GA number your previous poster Recorded.

Post by sarahS,

971-256-5661 I have been becoming calls out of the for over a week now I reply and they hang Upward I phone back and your line is dead hushed . . . Simply wish they would Discontinue and get a life rather then scamming others out of theirs . . . .

Post by A Harrell,

9712565661 For the last few weeks I have been becoming calls out of this and they don t leave a message. I really desire them for Quit.

Post by Tired of these call,

971-256-5661 I have gotten seven calls Now from this Amount and I overly am on that DC list.

Post by uwj,

9712565661 calls a couple of times a day for company switchboard. They hang Upward when we reply your telephone.

Post by jeremy,

971-256-5661 err Generally out of what i can tell these Firms Merely go down that list i uncertainty anyone Offered away your phone number. numerically speaking my brother dad and fiance are all Actually close to my W digit Amount and we all get called in purchase thus it s best to Simply blame that morons calling ya.

Post by Chasity,

9712565661 I used for get calls from south Carolina California brand new jersey Tennessee Ct Kansas Mo and now out of this Oregon number. . they call 3 times a daytime. Nobody reply es when i pick up the Telephone. and when i phone them back it does not ring at all. so i Merely hang Upward.

Post by Dan,

971-256-5661 W W W calls me at least W times a day. I m Additionally on the do not call list. Don t see what good your telephone list does . Quite ANNOYING .

Post by Doc,

9712565661 Called me three times Now. Cannot be called back. 've done many searches in many Sites to track it down. Located out W is not Truly a valid prefix within Portland. Judgment That number is a fake. Someone has Composed a script for spoof phone haphazard numbers nationwide.

Post by Becky Doty,

971-256-5661 I 've Merely gotten a land line again since being without one for 8 years and the number keeps calling me. I get between 5 8 calls a daytime and just a computer Discussions no live Individual. The message is about a State which you become Capable for get cash for and has numbers to push for certain States but not for a live Individual.

Post by Jim,

9712565661 This can be a scam report to BBB

Post by Chris,

971-256-5661 They phone me 4 times a day. I may look for Outside who this really is. They are a marked person

Post by Minor,

9712565661 The Number HAS CALLED Your Kid S Telephone 8 TIMES Within Your LAST TWO Days. I Need IT Discontinued.

Post by Bedra,

971-256-5661 They keep calling me and it s a recording asking if I make enough cash at my job. They telephone enjoy once an hour. . . . . . . .

Post by annoyed,

9712565661 no express send left phone Amount says not within service when you telephone it back

Post by Joe chen,

971-256-5661 5 hours 6 calls

Post by Bea,

9712565661 Gotten calls from this Amount 3 4 per daytime Around each 2 3 days . I attempted for text stop and got a response saying it was a property line. Its a recorded message about cash and incapacity. There are several questions on the complaint type at the FCC site so I m just waiting for phone for come again so I could listen to total message so I could report them. Also double checking account your national do not phone registry making sure my cell is listed. . . that form at FCC Requires that question as nicely.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 spam

Post by Melissa,

9712565661 report it to the FCC dead air is a telemarketer Internet. FCC. gov complaints

Post by Harold Price,

971-256-5661 Telephone W W W Quit calling my Telephone. . . . . .

Post by Caitlin,

9712565661 If you receive any calls you personally don t desire you should report them. It takes 5 minutes and if your calls are a live Man you may have a verification code of your own report that you could provide them for get them for Discontinue calling. If it s a not alive atmosphere or Registered all you can would it hope they Cease. I was becoming calls in the W W W number at least twice a day for two weeks now and I Merely reported it. Hopefully it stops. HTTP Internet. FCC. gov complaints

Post by anila babaei,

971-256-5661 the number calling me W times a day and I cant t stop calling. its quite annoying. .

Post by Cynthia L Hathaway,

9712565661 I have been receiving these calls for Around a month. I am becoming Ill of it. I also tried to call it back and all I got was a Face tone. Its Actually frustrating.

Post by stanley souther4land,

971-256-5661 Quit telephone me

Post by John Gao,

9712565661 I got calls from the number 8 times a daytime I tried to talk to someone by replying that telephone to see I could remove my number from their calling list but there s no Actual Individual but recording. Please help

Post by Bartholemw Matthew,

971-256-5661 I received three calls from this Amount within Oregon an I Simply received a telephone Now not overly long ago after I wrote this message. I state Hi but who ever is on the other end of your line don t Answer for my voice. I understand their up to something and I try to Chat for them to look for Outside what they desire. . . . I get no Result and they hang up on me. I live alone no family Pals where I m at and I desire a few answers along with number. It s don t believe that Amount is company Associated because they don t offer any company chances enjoy other Amounts would who call. I m not frightened I need to locate Outside who it is and their calling Folks randomly. I got that feeling that wanted to record my express. Thus when they call my Amount I don t say anything and they don t neither then hang up. I feel enjoy your desire for get somebody upset.

Post by Guest,

9712565661 This Amount keeps calling and Afterward they hang Upward when you personally answer.

Post by Rachel,

971-256-5661 These Individuals telephone me Day-to-day several times. I usually Discount it but answered the other day and it was the insurance thing. I Installed Upwards. They still keep calling. I attempted for text Quit overly and got your same answer. After Viewing this I think I ll get that Amount blocked. I don t understand exactly why I did t believe of it before.

Post by Guest,

9712565661 unknown telemarketing

Post by K.,

971-256-5661 4 calls within 1 daytime. 2 within your same hour. Twice I answered and they just hung Upwards. Not Trendy. . .

Post by kris,

9712565661 Constantly calling me throughout that day.

Post by Alisa,

971-256-5661 The call comes Thur as Health Services . It's constant even along with telephone block on.

Post by anon,

9712565661 W W W Did not answer. Phone comes in the state of Oregon. I live on the east shore. Added the for my Avoid list after searching it up and reading other places Around your number.

Post by jeremy,

971-256-5661 err mostly out of what i could tell these Firms just go down that list i uncertainty anyone Offered away your Telephone Amount. numerically speaking my brother Father and fiance are all Actually close to my W digit Amount and we all get called in purchase thus it s very best to Only attribute the morons calling ya.

Post by Rebecca,

9712565661 Calling my cell phone always. May block.

Post by Sasha,

971-256-5661 The Amount was calling me for months now at least 4 times a day. Very annoying. . . . .


9712565661 5 CALLS Within Just one Daytime From The Number. IT LEAVES NO Express Mail. I KEEP IGNORING That Call. I Will DEFINITELY Have To DOWNLOAD AN Program THAT BLOCKS Amounts. . . That is Mad. SM

Post by KJ,

971-256-5661 Calling me everyday now three times a day. . . . . can I stop them out of calling. They always hang Upward. I attempted calling back and got a record that no just one was available for take my call and disconnected.

Post by Marie,

9712565661 Previous five days. . . . W calls. . they got on my last nerve today when they called three times in a Line. Like many I was at work taking care of a W y o person. Don t demand this. . . I never Decided Upward any of the calls. What can become done.

Post by SK,

971-256-5661 I 've started for get calls from the same Amounts they 've called me six times in that past two weeks.

Post by Sanjana,

9712565661 It s annoying. . . W W W pals Discontinue calling me. . .

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 Calls always early amp late hrs. hangs up

Post by Robin,

9712565661 If you personally cant leave a message don t phone me

Post by Beck55,

971-256-5661 I keep receiving calls from W W W several times daily Start Around 8 W each morning until 9 W p. m. at nighttime. I Think that is a debit scam phone in the posts online. No other data comes Thur on caller ID.

Post by Guest,

9712565661 don t phone me

Post by April Bright,

971-256-5661 I need them for Cease calling me Instantaneously.

Post by Jenn,

9712565661 I got a telephone out of the Amount at twice Now when I was at work thus I could t pick Upwards. I called back assuming it was my brother within Portland Oregon and he is known to Shift his Telephone Amount a lot but I got an automated express saying the Individual I was Attempting to reach was not Accessible and for strive again later. Glad I looked this Upward will not become replying anymore calls out of the Amount and I m gonna become blocking them.

Post by Omey,

971-256-5661 Requires question Afterward ignores Result Requires if I m still on line. . .

Post by Thien,

9712565661 Got call from this number Nearly each day for the last 3 weeks

Post by MAGNETO,

971-256-5661 got a phone from the Amount. missed the telephone as the Telephone was within my purse and it had Ceased ringing by the time I got it into my hand. . . Attempted calling back and all I got was a recording No one is available for take your call at that Time. Goodbye and Subsequently it hangs Upwards. That number can phone you but you can t telephone them back. shakes head within Shock

Post by April,

9712565661 I gotten a phone telephone from that Amount and i went to telephone it and all it said was welcome for Verizon wireless your own phone cant become Finished as dialed please check your own number and attempt again and I went to text to see who it was and it told me it was a acreage line So annoying to get those calls

Post by Diana,

971-256-5661 W keeps calling me and wont stop. what s it even out of. and should I be worried.

Post by Frank Moore,

9712565661 These people telephone my Telephone Frequently they're a telemarketer offering legal advise on injury s workmen com and any one you personally would love to sue anything I may do for stop these calls.

Post by Kelly,

971-256-5661 Ya I vie been becoming calls from this number about 3 times a day. I never reply it but decided to reply today. I was wanting for see if I could get to a rep for please become removed out of the list. I did t get anyplace with that so I attempted calling them back. . . Welcome to Verizon Wireless your own phone cannot become Finished as dialed. . . . This really is foolish. I hopefully blocked your Amount. We can see.

Post by Guest,

9712565661 calls me 4 5 times Day-to-day blocked now.

Post by Deb,

971-256-5661 I receive 2 3 calls daily from the number. This started about a week ago. I never response them just disconnect them.

Post by ann,

9712565661 Cease calling me within Ok.

Post by Karen,

971-256-5661 It's a record that Requires if I 'm unemployed or disabled and says that I could be eligible for income. Afterward your record says Hi are you still there. and hangs up.

Post by Jill,

9712565661 I 've sent messages to this Amount telling them for Quit calling. They have ignored the messages and I want for report them to whoever can get them to Cease.

Post by DiMaria,

971-256-5661 I am suing my hospital due to unending calls from this Amount. If you are not conscious your own hospital or other health care Company has Offered your own info to these Individuals. In my case they had no permission for do thus. Invasion OF Privacy and MORE dint char believe.

Post by Sam,

9712565661 Merely acquired my Th phone of your daytime from the Amount. . . . . Dint answer Amounts I dint recognize. That is crazy.

Post by Marc C.,

971-256-5661 These keep calling me about 5 times a day. I reported them for that BBB and even they could t would anything Around it. I desire for bash that Individual head for the reason that keeps doing this .

Post by Lynn Elder,

9712565661 I have gotten calls from this Amount numerous times I never answer it and they do not leave a voice send.

Post by Jessica,

971-256-5661 They 've called me 4 times within two times.

Post by salvador soto,

9712565661 I believe your callers are scampers where you can t even phone them back

Post by Melissa,

971-256-5661 Discontinue calling. . . . . . . . You annoying . I should t 've for go through a program to get them for Discontinue calling. They shouldn't have my cell Amount.

Post by Roozie,

9712565661 I acquired a call from your Georgia Amount too but before I received the phone out of Portland. I 'm on your national don't phone list as nicely. How frustrating.

Post by Karen,

971-256-5661 File a Gripe here HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Grievance Gripe check. asphyxia could complain Around calls which are Registered Somewhat than a Actual Man whether you are on the do not telephone registry or not.

Post by Bobby,

9712565661 They phone me at least once a day Regular. Generally when I m within school and Typically again After. no Notion who it is i pick Upward and state Hi and at 9 seconds they hang up. its becoming on my nerves.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 They called me 5 times without saying anything harassing me

Post by regina dang,

9712565661 telemarketer

Post by tondon,

971-256-5661 Simply looked Upwards many more Information on this number. . . could not become a Portland . This Additionally is used in mobile phones in India. Mobile Location Details of Number Location Area Gujarat Operator Define Define Essay Ltd The Amount works on GM Sign Comprises Dam an amp DUI Dada amp Na gar Havel

Post by lisa,

9712565661 they call me always. It's a record that says you personally might be eligible for cash.

Post by in ca,

971-256-5661 the phone number keeps calling a few times a day there are no reactions if 1 Solutions please Discontinue that annoyance .

Post by George Hauner,

9712565661 As I have Inquired in my SIMS message get my private number away your f. . . . calling list.

Post by Lee,

971-256-5661 5 calls today 1 call yesterday. Really Starting for bug me.

Post by kathleen,

9712565661 yes this number calls my cell every day and or nighttime Typically 2 for 4 or more times a day. I want it to stop

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 They telephone me everyday 5 plus times obviously I m not your simply one. They worked my nerves if only we could smack Folks through the phone

Post by Linda Dugas,

9712565661 someone called me on this Amount and I have no idea who it is either

Post by SEAN,

971-256-5661 WT. . . . . who did I give my number out for to receive BS calls like these. . . . DID I need health insurance. . . Fuck that. . . . . . someone should create a Site for report Amounts enjoy these and prosecute these . . . .

Post by Ana Rivera,

9712565661 I vie obtained the phone Recently on my Telephone it says the telephone is from Mexico. . . help . .

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 they phone and say nothing around and over

Post by Johnny,

9712565661 I acquired six calls in three days out of the number on my cell so I eventually replied it for tell them for Quit calling me since they never left a express send and they Merely hung up. I tried calling back and I got an automated message out of Verizon saying they could t create your call

Post by Very Annoyed,

971-256-5661 I 've been receiving calls out of this number for a while. Your calls come in stating two different Locations. One comes in as a phone out of Oregon and the other comes in looking enjoy an international phone stating that it's coming in the United States. No messages are ever left. I have attempted calling both and on each 1 I get that same message. You phone cannot be completed as dialed. The entire this is very fishy and unusual.

Post by Guest,

9712565661 BS

Post by Calvin,

971-256-5661 It consistently calls me and it got my phone taken away during my final exams

Post by Emanuel,

9712565661 Received a phone out of the Amount.

Post by Mary,

971-256-5661 Its a Registered message from State assistance group and it asked me a question i said yes Afterward it said for response a telephone from a representative and that Arrived Thur as a Atlanta Amount. Told them to remove me.

Post by Scott,

9712565661 When you personally look for out the way to block please make a post

Post by suzette,

971-256-5661 I completely concur with you. .

Post by anothen,

9712565661 this number called about Five times

Post by Kat,

971-256-5661 I have two missed calls from this number. Since Recently. When I attempted for phone back it was Simply a occupied Transmission.

Post by Jazmin,

9712565661 I vie got W calls since 1 W how do I stop them out of calling.

Post by John B,

971-256-5661 Called me W times last Wed. W times on Fri. Quite annoying Set them on block list.

Post by sickoftelemarkters,

9712565661 calling me way overly Considerably. sick of them. Quit calling.

Post by jeremy,

971-256-5661 err Generally from what i can tell these companies just go down the list i uncertainty anyone Offered away your own Telephone Amount. numerically speaking my brother dad and fiance are all Actually close to my W Number Amount and we all get called within purchase so it s very best to Merely blame that morons calling ya.

Post by Reine,

9712565661 W W W Recorded message saying they were with States aid and saying matters like are you personally an underpaid employee you could possibly be entitled . This really is a scan. Discontinue CALLING ME You JERKS.

Post by Windy,

971-256-5661 Want they would stop

Post by Annoyed,

9712565661 This Business out of Portland Oregon has called my Residence two times in a Line. Tuesday at PM and tonight at PM. I 'm weary of getting calls out of them.

Post by Chrissy,

971-256-5661 Numerous calls between Recently and today for insurance States sis etc. . . Scam.

Post by monty,

9712565661 They telephone me and hang up. . . If I could find a physical address for where this can be coming out of I would pay them a See. . .

Post by Megan,

971-256-5661 I Only missed a telephone as nicely. I m sure that is a scam. Someone getting info sold for them from the thousands of Sites we use. Most websites sell any data you personally present them. That s my just explanation for all the sales crap Fake calls I get. My husband constantly tells me for Strike 2 when you response an it removes you personally from the call list. I m not confident it works along with everything but could be worth a shot.

Post by Me too,

9712565661 I vie been becoming calls out of the Amount 8 times within 1 daytime 2 x Day-to-day. . . months and months. Any ideas the best way to Discontinue the.

Post by Roozie,

971-256-5661 I acquired a call from the Atlanta Amount overly but before I obtained this telephone from Portland. I 'm on the national do not telephone list as nicely. How frustrating.

Post by Maggie,

9712565661 Calls 2 4 times a day. So annoying Discontinue.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 Dint desire it telephone in my own Telephone anymore

Post by kitten0727,

9712565661 I m on my tenth call. My phone Vehicle rejects your telephone but Lamps up each time so I know I m getting them. Also got that Georgia telephone last week but Perhaps only 2 or 3 times. The needs for stop. It woke me up twice Recently.

Post by chris,

971-256-5661 I have gotten W calls from the number I response they just hang up

Post by clayton porter,

9712565661 calling Day-to-day

Post by Corey,

971-256-5661 I vie gotten called by the number multiple times the week. That first time I answered and they hung up thus I W the number and it said that they Warren t Competent for take my telephone.

Post by mike,

9712565661 I get calls out of the no up to 6 times everyday that's Rather Ill ling

Post by Mario,

971-256-5661 I acquired a call from this unknown Amount I did response but there was no response.

Post by Bixter,

9712565661 calls at least once Day-to-day if I response no reply. cannot be called back. Owner ID says Well-being Services occasionally leaves automated message and all that records is will phone you personally back

Post by alain,

971-256-5661 i d Ont no this number

Post by Matt,

9712565661 I vie been becoming Strike by this number numerous times each daytime. Same story. No Result. No voice send. Could t text back. Could t take my call.

Post by Patty,

971-256-5661 Got 3 calls Now and 1 last week. This did t Begin UNTIL I added my Telephone for Don't Telephone Registry. Wonder if there s a Link.

Post by destiny,

9712565661 i Only got a telephone from this mastery caller the morning and a couple months ago dint even know who the Opening is but ill be thus happy when it Cease call in me and when i called your Amount back it says no People Accessible to take Ur phone at this time goodbye . it pisses me off. . .

Post by gemini,

971-256-5661 I tried to block that call maintaining for come out of Ga instantaneously got your phone identifying from Oregon. . . . . Answered same phone ended. It s getting worse not better.

Post by annoyed customer,

9712565661 called me 4 times Now. . . i did not response. . . Owner id says Portland or. . . i 'm sure it's BS

Post by iris,

971-256-5661 the number ha cal me several time in the previous week. It calls and there's no message. On INS occasion I Choose Upward and no just one was at the other end

Post by Debbie,

9712565661 They phone me 2 and 3 times a daytime. I have an android Telephone and downloaded Mr. Amount for block calls. . . . Great. . I Only get somewhat sign on my phone that a number was blocked. . . dozen t even ring. . . I place it for hang up on them.

Post by wes,

971-256-5661 W calls out of this Amount within that past days they say nothing when I response leave no express mail and don t response when I telephone back. Need it to Discontinue CZ it Gets me Upward at night thinking its work.

Post by Michelle Mitchell,

9712565661 Your Claims Help Group is calling me multiple times from multiple phone numbers across the Region. It is an automated message of which I cannot advise I 'm on that no phone list. That is Really annoying as I get 5 for W calls daily

Post by Lynne,

971-256-5661 I have gotten many calls each day for that last few weeks out of this . No message is on my voice send. If I Pick for reply there is never no just one on the other Finish of the phone. I can take more action if this persists unless it concerns me. I am on that No call list .

Post by diane,

9712565661 they phone me no just one says nothing either. i just hangs that number demand to be remove or a few just one need to look into this.

Post by Ed,

971-256-5661 I received a telephone out of the number. Did not Choose Upwards. No express mail. I called that Amount back received a recording We are unable for take your phone. Mark the down as Spam Telemarketer

Post by suzette,

9712565661 Someone out of the Amount has called my Telephone repeatedly Now. . . about once on the hour. No 1 is there when I answer and when i call it back there's a voice message stating no 1 is Accessible to take the phone. Can I get this to Quit spamming my Telephone. . . .

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 Keep calling

Post by Guest,

9712565661 I get 4 calls a daytime out of them Beginning on June W W. They telephone and when i response they instantaneously hang up. . . . . . . . . . It s thus annoying. . . .

Post by George,

971-256-5661 I kept receiving calls from the number thus I decided to response. I replied Springtime Hill Cops Section they Put Upwards. I did not hear from them after that.

Post by Scott,

9712565661 When you look for out the best way to block please create a post

Post by Dominic,

971-256-5661 They have called me several times around last week. every time i answer they hang up and when i dint reply they leave messages without saying anything Only text stop and will see what that does.

Post by K. Wood,

9712565661 5 times a daytime.

Post by spralna,

971-256-5661 the Amount called me 3 times within a Line within the morning. left no message

Post by Halley,

9712565661 The number will not Quit calling me. I 'm on several do not telephone lists and do not even publish my cell phone number. I 'm going for can what I could for make the Cease.

Post by carrie b,

971-256-5661 W W The Amount calls my House at least 6 times a day. When we Select Upward there surely is dead air in another end. When we call it back it says the person is not able to take your phone and disconnects.

Post by kb,

9712565661 I text Edward them Cease I m confident I ll Begin becoming SPAM texts out of all over overly. Cheers.

Post by Tress,

971-256-5661 the Amount W has called my Residence Regular for that previous few times. It calls a least X a day. When I state hello it hangs Upward. Not confident what they desire or who they're. Reporting them to my phone company

Post by Irritated,

9712565661 They keep calling my W Year previous Children cell phone even though she has told them she is underage and to stop calling. They call in the least hours of your daytime into that night.

Post by le,

971-256-5661 i go to the . . . . . fine

Post by ChrisV,

9712565661 These Folks telephone me every daytime all daytime long. It s a Google express mailbox. You'll never get me personally. Leave a message or Cease calling. Need. I hate Ignorant Individuals. Always the same number overly. When you personally call back Sorry we re unable for take your own call at the time. Please telephone back later. What. . You personally phone me 5 times a day but when I telephone you nothing. Bull . Enjoy I said I despise Dumb Folks. This is a perfect example of that.

Post by Anonymus,

971-256-5661 These Individuals have called me 4 and 5 times a daytime for weeks. They telephone out of 'm for PM. Obviously if I ha vent Decided up your Telephone by now. . . I m not going too.

Post by Melissa,

9712565661 report it to that FCC not alive atmosphere is a telemarketer Web. FCC. gov complaints

Post by Justin,

971-256-5661 Sorry People only Individual I understand is my brother and his Telephone Amount is W xxx xx xx.

Post by karen s frim tn,

9712565661 I just gotten two calls back to back out of the Amount. They did t leave a message and when I called it back a recording said it was not within service

Post by Margaret,

971-256-5661 Thus tired of receiving calls out of the Amount W W W if I response it that line is dead if I let it ring through they don t leave a express send This really is a brand new Amount and already I am being Required to Alter it due to idiots.

Post by Marie Valenzuela,

9712565661 I Began receiving Day-to-day calls from this Amount on 7 W. Most of that time that call disconnects as shortly as I pick up. Recently I got a robotize This really is Alice calling to let you personally understand that you are eligible for Gains. . . I hung up. Now they called again.

Post by Pam,

971-256-5661 I keep becoming calls from W W W and it happens Regular several times a daytime. No message and they dint state anything if I reply they hang Upward. I want it for stop. . .

Post by TEEC,

9712565661 W W OR Usa keeps calling me. I m talking all daytime I get calls no one Addresses hang Upward when I answer and if I telephone back it is not able to take calls. Help. How do I Discontinue the.

Post by FCC,

971-256-5661 Don t fuss with these websites they Create no results. File your Criticisms directly along with the FCC at HTTP Web. FCC. gov complaints.

Post by L. Sutton,

9712565661 this Amount W W W calls several times Day-to-day. I do not reply number s I don't Comprehend. They leave no express send.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 A

Post by Guest,

9712565661 Calls repeatedly several times an hour. It s a recording that asks questions Subsequently hangs Upwards and calls back. I was never able for get for an quot Choose Outside quot point

Post by Dennis L. Lemon,

971-256-5661 I have received W calls from this Amount within your last 3 times. No just one Solutions when I reply that phone Merely four beeps then disconnect. I am getting other calls but not near as many.

Post by Dawn Baron,

9712565661 The Amount constantly calls me. When I response . . . Nothing is said. . . When I phone back the telephone is answered and NOTHING IS SAID.

Post by RG,

971-256-5661 Stop CALLING ME

Post by janet owens-wait,

9712565661 This Amount has been calling me for over a week now. They phone multiple times a daytime. No 1 will there be if you personally answer er that Telephone. If you telephone the Amount back no 1 can there be to take your own phone and then You're disconnected. Do you personally ensure it is Discontinue.

Post by Steve,

971-256-5661 I 've started for receive calls in the same numbers in that past two for three weeks. That calls from W W W Quit after a couple of times. They seemed for call each 3 for 4 hours. Afterward I started to get your calls from W W W.

Post by Trish,

9712565661 I have gotten a Complete of W calls out of this OR number. . . . can t telephone it back and my cell Telephone is brand new just my Children have that Amount. . . . Very annoying because I notion the crud would stop if I Moved up your phone your Amount that carrier etc. GREER

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 I got a phone out of them and they hung Upward on me

Post by Jean,

9712565661 I get calls Day-to-day from this number and I have caller ID. It's Recorded as Well-being SERVICE W . . . . I never response and it is annoying for say your least because I 'm on that Do not Call list.

Post by erikasky,

971-256-5661 They have been calling daily. Sometimes twice a day. But I saved the number Underneath the name of DON T Response and Designated a silent ring tone I purchased.

Post by Annoyed,

9712565661 I vie gotten 8 calls from the Amount today. I Getaway t answered it once because I understand it s not legit. And the Th call Only Arrived. Actually irritating.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 Call and no message an not telephone back to look for Outside who and they always call

Post by Angela,

9712565661 Been getting calls from this Amount as well. I cannot block Amounts so I Recorded your number as Blow off The Phone . Today I got a call out of a Girl stating her manager got my resume off Profession builder and Desired to Meeting me by phone at 1 PM. She said your Firm was Uremia. She stated he would call me at 1 PM and I should reply because he is a occupied man. Nicely at exactly 1 PM. . . . I get a phone from Discount This Phone . . . . I did not answer your call because Blow off This Call is quiet and doesn't ring. . .

Post by Bernie,

971-256-5661 I 've been becoming calls for months at least 2 3 times a daytime from the Amount. They always would hang Upwards but not Now. They did have a recording Around not being Applied Occupation injuries private injuries and how you can get W W. Could t telephone them back. I just get on my caller ID Portland OR.

Post by William Conner,

9712565661 Please Quit calling my Amount its really annoying

Post by hr,
Post by Georgia,

9712565661 I 've been called repeatedly for around a week. I let it go for voice mail but no just one left a message. I finally answered it and no 1 spoke Subsequently was called again a bit later and got a Registered message for legal Guidance. Wan t given that Choice to have my Amount removed out of their list.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 computer

Post by kathy,

9712565661 please Discontinue phone here

Post by tonya kinkead,

971-256-5661 I don't have any Notion who this can be and I Actually wish you would stop calling me four and five times a day

Post by Acosta,

9712565661 Quit calling my house please. This a family home and your own continuous calling is bothering my parents. . . . THANK You personally.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 Bank Services

Post by GAry,

9712565661 I got a telephone out of the number and there was nobody on another Finish. Wish it would stop.

Post by Michelle,

971-256-5661 Yep I reported the GA Telephone Amount Subsequently Began getting phone from an OR Amount reported it and now 'm getting calls from MN. All stating your Claims Support Group. ANNOYING . .

Post by roy,

9712565661 Unwanted calls from

Post by Adam Starr,

971-256-5661 They telephone at least W times a day

Post by Dave,

9712565661 W W W calls at least 6 times daily along with no message. Bad.

Post by AandA,

971-256-5661 Repeatedly calls your business line

Post by Tessa in Arkansas,

9712565661 This Amount was calling me several times a day for your past week. They never leave a message.

Post by WTF,

971-256-5661 AGAIN I Constantly GET CALLS Out of The Number HELP There is NOT MESSAGE AND IT Gets ME Up AS I Am OLDER AND Striving To NAP

Post by Kerry,

9712565661 Becoming your calls from 1 W W W so I actually replied and attempted for play along. It is a bot and can Really listen for your requirements and respond Consequently. I said that it was a bot and that Software laughed and said it was a real person. It also responded to a Number of other matters I said was type of amusing but I could do without.

Post by sandy belshaw,

971-256-5661 I need the to Cease. can there be anything that can be done. I attempted to phone back and I get the message. your own telephone cannot become replied.

Post by Edward Litton,

9712565661 I need these people for Cease calling me. This really is all the time and i will not answer and waste my minutes to Speak for somebody in Oregon which i have no family and friend that live there. I don t 've a Business name but the Telephone number is W W W. PLEASE Cease. .

Post by Jamey,

971-256-5661 The Amount calls me constantly as well. They Only called me two times correct within a row. I never reply and they never leave a message. I m on a don't call list and 've been for several years now. How could it be when I m on the do not telephone list this Amount is still Capable to phone me.

Post by Kristin,

9712565661 This is a telephone service that wants you for file legal claims if You're injured or unemployed and need to find work. They won t Place you through to an operator to become taken of your list. It s Only an automated answering system.

Post by Delacy Rogers,

971-256-5661 I 'm becoming several telephone a daytime from the number. I get a long record saying I could possibly become eligible for cash. I have tried to phone this number but 've been unable get an answer in fact it dozen t even ring.

Post by Lisa,

9712565661 Your caller id on the Amount Arrived up as Health service. When I answered it was a Rob voice saying that Owner was Caribbean Cruise Line. What a scam.

Post by Chanel,

971-256-5661 I Simply started for receive the call enjoy a couple of days. I don t answer any calls that I don t understand. Praying that they will get your memo soon

Post by Guest,

9712565661 stalker

Post by sharon moses,

971-256-5661 don t know who this is but don t need anymore calls from them

Post by Sasha,

9712565661 The number has been calling me for months now at least 4 times a daytime. Super annoying. . . . .

Post by Oregon area code,

971-256-5661 that Place Rules within Oregon are W or W Just an FYI

Post by lisa,

9712565661 they phone me always. It is a record that says you might be eligible for money.

Post by 213-268-8993,

971-256-5661 I don t want t

Post by kris,

9712565661 5 times in 2 times. invasive calls. I want it for stop

Post by young,

971-256-5661 Poor Business. . W calls 4 times daily. Crazy. They Take my air time money from my prepaid Telephone. Terrible. . . I Actually need Cease it

Post by cathy,

9712565661 calls my cell 2 times a daytime . . . pissing me off

Post by Clarksville,

971-256-5661 Same here. Calling my wife s phone. We ll block it. Anyone know what is Upward.

Post by Guest,

9712565661 Telemarketing phone Nearly ever hour. I need the number blocked

Post by tondon,

971-256-5661 Simply looked Upwards some more info on this Amount. . . might not become a Portland . The also is used in mobile phones in India. Cellular telephone Location Details of Number Location Region Gujarat Agent Define Define Essay Ltd The Amount works on GM signal includes Dam an amp DUI Dada amp Na gar Havel

Post by Diane,

9712565661 I 'm receiving numerous calls each day out of this number. I never answer and they never leave a message. Can we Cease these calls.

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 recording

Post by D,

9712565661 Cheers for that Information. I Only got away the Telephone and registered a Gripe. Plus I did it on your dentally. gov and FTC. gov websites. Hope it works.

Post by Lori,

971-256-5661 I'm becoming 3 5 calls a day from the Amount and when I phone it back its Simply disconnects

Post by Laura,

9712565661 Its been Practically 3 weeks since I vie been getting calls out of this Amount I never pick Upward if i dint know that number but Its so annoying becoming at least 4 calls a day as early as 7 am so when late as 1 'm WT. Its obviously spam but Actually this should be illegal.

Post by extremely annoyed,

971-256-5661 this number W W W calls my Dwelling everyday 6 or 7 times. . . can i Quit this out of going on.

Post by Carrie F,

9712565661 This Amount calls me Approximately three times a daytime Everyday. They leave no messages no just one responds when I answer and it is really beginning to piss me off.

Post by boss,

971-256-5661 That is a People message board for discussing spam and scam phone calls. No one out of here is calling you. Scampers Do See here. They use Robot Applications for Pick Telephone Amounts. Publishing your own Telephone number here was not wise. I 've Inquired the board Manager to remove it for you personally but she dozen t work W 7. Your number could be Upwards for a while. You may get more calls out of scampers.

Post by Oregon area code,

9712565661 that Region Requirements within Oregon are W or W Simply an FYI

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 assholes selling BS

Post by Jeremy,

9712565661 They request me about disability insurance and ask if I am interested and I state no but they still strive and bug me Around more info. Its very annoying. They telephone twice a day. I text ed Cease but they state its a acreage line. Please help me understand the way to stop these annoying Individuals. . .

Post by Guest,

971-256-5661 Annoying. . . .

Post by NO Name,

9712565661 I keep getting calls out of this number and they wont stop calling. Do I make it Discontinue. I m going to phone that Authorities if it happens again

Post by Charles M,

971-256-5661 This number has been harassing me along with fake robot calls out of W W W claim help group from 7 to W times per day for nearly two weeks and your number cannot become blocked. I m on that national don't call list as well as having gone to your Debbie Site for UN list my Amount. That Man who has control of doing the belongs in jail. Charles

Post by sandybelshaw,

9712565661 they phone and I response the Telephone and nobody state s anything. I let your response machine kick within and nothing. this can be happening Day-to-day 1 to 3 or 4 times.

Post by Carolyn,

971-256-5661 Gotten 6 calls out of this Amount Now. They did not leave a express mail. I called that Amount back and your line was active.

Did you get an unwanted call from 971-256-5661? Is 9712565661 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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2143284552 Complains by Guest,

there sending fake checks

3215688457 Complains by Guest,

The Amount kept calling my Telephone several weeks I had told them to Discontinue my phone number is on Dentally list. Really annoying and frustrated.

6789142146 Complains by Guest,

active telephone back After love your own daytime.

8182001109 Complains by anonymous,

Legit Lovers per section W of the FD CPA HTTP Www. FTC. gov BC Edward Cafes consumer credit Cree. PD must tell you personally at initial contact or send you paperwork within 5 days of initial contact the following 1. amount of debt 2. name of that Present Collector which might differ from your First creditor who might 've sold your debt 3. a statement that that debt will be assumed for become valid unless you personally Contest in writing within W days 4. a statement that when you personally do Question within writing in W times your collector must send you personally written Evidence of your debt 5. a statement that when you request that collector in writing in W times the collector must send you that name and address of your Initial Lender if it s different from the Present Lender. If you personally don t get your 5 disclosures orally or in Composing you don't have to ask for them that FD CPA requires collectors to provide them treat the collector like you personally would any SCUMMIER. If they say the FD CPA does not apply to them because they own your debt that debt owner exemption only Uses to the First owner. Any Road Bash who buys that debt for that goal of collecting debt is treated as a debt collector i. e. ownership is immaterial for debt Customers and they must obey that FD CPA as defined in the FTC Staff Opinion letter here HTTP Web. FTC. gov OS Laws FDIC letters buckle. HTML Has the Law of Limits to your state HTTP Www. Good debt collection. com SOL by State. HTML Ended in your debt. If expired don t pay. Lovers Usually have for become Certified by your state to practise Accumulate debt within your state and you can look for out by calling your state Lawyer Generals Office. Ask if your permit is Demanded and does this collector 've 1. If not licensed don t pay and file a Criticism. Read useful debt Group FAQs from your FTC here HTTP Internet. FTC. gov BC Ed Cafes Client credit Cree. sham Be aware that scampers are using bought hacked phished loan Program Info for extort Funds for Fake debts from victims and Casualties families and Buddies. The FBI warns about payday loan extortion scams here HTTP Internet. FBI. gov news press rel press releases pleonasm The BBB has issued several alerts on this scam Simply Google BBB. org alert phony debt collector Report to that Web Offense Grievance Centre HTTP Www. ICC. gov Grievance default. asp your National Communications Commission HTTP support. FCC. gov complaints. HTML your Federal Trade Commission HTTP Internet. . gov and your own state AG as Suitable.

8592300480 Complains by Guest,


6026381490 Complains by Guest,


7864842220 Complains by Guest,

asking me Around blood thinners

3035325952 Complains by Guest,

Robot caller Marketing Dwelling security service

8044914081 Complains by Ann,

They keep calling my cell Telephone and asking for my Man who was deceased for around W months. When I tell them he isn't here they hang Upward. It is not always this number. I don t understand how they Related him to my cell Telephone I have called to see what I can get done Around it but the phones they use are outgoing calls only that's why You're getting active signal when you call back.

8001258990 Complains by Guest,

the number you have called is temporarily disconnected or is no longer in service. if you believe you have reached this number in error please check the number and try again. No further information is available. Goodbye.

8003151348 Complains by Guest,

Somebody from Google Attempting to sell me Advertisements on the Web.

8042715506 Complains by annoyed by sexist company,

I have been telling them for 4 YEARS for Quit calling me. I did provide them Information because I was interested but they said they will not come Outside for an estimate without mu Man being there so I had my Man answer and they will come Outside without me being there. So I 've Inquired them around 3 dozen times to Cease calling me and they won t.

8022211115 Complains by Mike,

Acquired same message Min Past Live within Kansas City KS but have a St. Louis cell phone Amount. I would occur to 've many Reports there but I decided for Google the number first and found this. Searching back I acquired another message from the same number on Dec W W Entrance Regional alert. Please phone W W W.

8002660433 Complains by Guest,

I have received numerous calls from this number. No one ever speaks and they hang up within seconds if I answer. If Ii do not answer, they do not leave a message. Very annoying.

8002445915 Complains by FEB,

Vicky York. Message from unknown name unknown Amount says call Vicky York W. 've acquired the phone all hours and have called it and Inquired them not for phone.

8003460017 Complains by jon from alaska,

This unknown calling service has left numerous express mails asking for my San. Bahama along with no Person operator for Discuss to just an automated phone Facility. If it was legit wouldn't there become a Person Driver for talk for. I call BS ob the whole thing. Within their voice send they offer no motive exactly why they are calling Merely the 1 W number for me to telephone back.

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