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Post by PattyM,

9713730141 Simply got a call from this Amount. Did not pick up

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Spam

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Loan modification

Post by Shannon,

971-373-0141 I vie gotten several calls from the number about lowering my attention speed. I 'm on that Don't Phone registry and I m getting the anyhow. It is definitely not anyone I would company along with as legitimate Companies identify themselves and don t hang up on me. Don't supply anyone from the number any of your personal information it appears to be a phishing scam for Get your own Fiscal data.

Post by sam,

9713730141 Called and Inquired for Daphne. . . . . . . said they were a debt collector. . . . . . . i told them there was no Dorothy residing here. . . . . . . i am confident they may keep calling. . . . . . . they 've nothing better to would.

Post by tomus,

971-373-0141 Only called here ST time. Caller id said Demigoddesses Bushy GOP are Telephone scamming now. Nevertheless I Picture them your 3 tones that computer just took me away that list Go here if R a Neb and have no Thought what I m talking about gt gt HTTP Web. disregarding. com not within service. HTML

Post by sj,

9713730141 Merely got the telephone. i said hello and they Installed up.

Post by annoyed in boston,

971-373-0141 If you listen to that entire recording it says Press 2 for Quit notification. I pressed 2 was led to your same Agent anyways told her to Place me on their don't phone list she instead Inquired if I was certain I did t desire to lower my rate and upon being Company that all I Desired was to be Chosen off their telephone list she Installed Upwards on me. I despise these people.

Post by Jim M,

9713730141 Called this morning recording started along with your credit card no Issue at which time I hung Upward and added that Amount particularly for call screening to block simply 've W Amounts I could block

Post by butrflymom,

971-373-0141 Just got a phone from the number said they Needed to talk to me Around my credit card went on for state that everything was Ok with but they Desired to talk to me Around reducing my attention speed. This is where I Put Upwards it was Registered message.

Post by watchout,

9713730141 Got a telephone from these criminals twice in one daytime. The first time I did t reply because I did t Understand your Amount. After on that day they called again along with a express message stating they were calling within Value to my credit card. They previously mentioned everything was okay but time was running out for me to take advantage of lowering my attention rate. That recording mentioned for press just one if i Needed for speak to a live person. I pressed just one. Oh i forgot to state while I m doing all the I 'm Operating on your Road. Anyway a males voice Arrived on your line having an Feature and proposed me I had a high interest rate which was currently at W Percentage and I could lower it to 6 percent. He Inquired me what my expiration date was on among my Charge card. I said should t you've that info already. He advised he was Simply verifying. I suggested him I could not Confirm that data currently due for me Operating on the Road and I would phone him back. His voice became really high Message and in a Run to get my data. He suggested that he had to Speak for me for at least 1 Minimum. before he could Finish your telephone. He proposed me all of my credit cards would become lowered within less than W min. I discussed to him once again I could not continue your call due to me driving. He Required that i Move over to that side of that road so i could continue the scam of a Telephone phone. I defined for him my Security was more Significant than lowering my attention speed and I would telephone him when i had a free Second and I ended your phone. These Individuals may go for any Span for obtain working class Folks s private information.

Post by annoy fighter,

971-373-0141 that Amount hung Upward when I answered

Post by canarsie,

9713730141 You might desire to invest what s left of your own internet Resources after Fees within either a spelling or typing course. By that way I 'm one of the W and don t consider myself for have a pitiful existence. I taught. Unfortunately it would look that whoever Educated you personally wan t as Blessed or Experienced as I was and continue for be.

Post by yo mamma,

971-373-0141 I just got a Telephone phone from DUMMY Lessons. no Notion who they're.

Post by MMD,

9713730141 MD EVERYBODY MUST READ MD s POST. Thank you for Publishing Useful Information. Folks demand for become more Qualified when it comes to scampers via Telephone Web mail etc. . . Again thank you personally for Publishing. MD

Post by GLAD,

971-373-0141 Gotten a phone out of DUMMY Courses the morning. Did t answer as I was on another phone. For all of you which are upset because you are on your DC list and that FCC does nothing for Quit it just appearance at that facts. Scampers don't care what your Conditions of the FCC are. Would you think someone who is trying for Take from you is going for follow your law on DC. Along with the ability to Adjust your Owner ID info within that age of VIP it s an nearly impossible Process for look for where they are calling out of or who they're. Police and that FCC aren't going for spend your Demanded to Quit them. Address these calls Only like E-mail spam. Incoming calls of unknown questionable origin should be not answered or Simply waste their time any way that tickles you personally fancy.

Post by netgeek1,

9713730141 Only got your call myself. Same as most Individuals above. He Inquired for my credit card Information and I said you personally called me thus you should have it. He then Place me on hold and I hung Upward.

Post by Big Red,

971-373-0141 I got a telephone from W W W on my DC Enrolled cell Telephone just before noon Now. I was not Capable to reply that telephone at your time but they left no message. I did not see that missed call until evening. I would be most interested in lowering your interest rate on my credit card. First I would 've to get one. I wonder if they would help me get 1 thus they could lower your interest rate. But alas calling back just gets the recorded message to press 1 if I want to be removed out of their telephone list. I figure I ll 've to look for many other manner of getting a credit card.

Post by Fed Up With It All,

9713730141 Next time among you guys needs to go crazy and Simply shoot Simple Folks at haphazard why your hell don t you personally go shoot those who actually DESERVE to get shot. Yep we knock off a few of these scampers and you won t 've to become concerned about your DC list BS lies anymore. Makes me furious to think of all the aged and Dummies who have been scammed and robbed by these jerks. Might you all sunburn within hell. AFTER getting Photo by that guy with that AK.

Post by Jim,

971-373-0141 these Individuals are a pain within that a _ _. . . . .

Post by EgoToGo,

9713730141 W W Caller ID simply says Portland OR. NO message call it back and not alive air no recording. . . etc. Annoying.

Post by Freddy Harris,

971-373-0141 Called and said Desired for lower cc rate to lower than 6. W press 1 to talk for rep press 2 to be removed in the list pressed 2 and Individual replied phone Afterward Put Upward.

Post by Debbie,

9713730141 Missed phone on my caller ID DUMMY COURSES

Post by Rocco,

971-373-0141 Portland OR within that caller ID. Owner ID has become useless.

Post by I hate telemarketers!,

9713730141 We need to Promote more Individuals to place Criticisms as that is that only way that these Businesses can ever get prosecuted. The more complaints that are registered on a number your better the Odds that it can become investigated. Below is what that Display said after I Submitted my Grievance with your FTC s Don't Phone Registry Thank you for filing your own Grievance with that National Don't Telephone Registry. Don't call Gripes will become entered into a secure online database available to civil and criminal law Administration agencies. While your FTC doesn't resolution individual Client problems your own Gripe can help that agency investigate your company and could Direct to law Administration Activity.

Post by Bento Bako,

971-373-0141 Only got a call out of Dummy Courses listened to the Registered message Around lowering my interest rates I don't have any credit cards pressed 2 for discontinue Notice got many Shelby that hardly spoke English. Bless him he has a Occupation. Told him that his Business was in Infraction of your Don't Telephone Registry and he says Ok Sorry and hangs up. Gotta love these Folks.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 They called and told me if I wanted to lower my credit card attention rate and I don t 've ah credit card. . . .

Post by Today,

971-373-0141 Unwanted calls from W W I did not response. They left no message. The has happened repeatedly.

Post by dee,

9713730141 Phone to cell. . . . since I dint response any telephone which is not in my own Telephone contact list. . . they Installed up. . . did not leave a message

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Credit card company

Post by TK421,

9713730141 Revealed up as Oregon Call . Got Registered message from Patricia at Credit Card Services suggesting I could lower my attention speed as low as 6. 9 and it was my Closing detect. Of path it did t mention what card they were calling out of and which is always a Reddish Banner for me. Recording asked me to press 1 to speak to a rep and I Only Put Upward.

Post by Carla C.,

971-373-0141 I keep becoming unwanted messages including this just one about lowering my credit card interest speed from the phone number W W W. I pressed 1 and got a real Individual who spoke very broken English. I mentioned I wanted these calls to end and my name for be removed out of their files. I was hung Upwards on while I was still speaking. I 've Enrolled my number with that Don t Call Site and yet these invasions continue to occur.

Post by Cheryl,

9713730141 they wanted to lower my credit card rates for but I dint t even have a credit card. I am not a dummy like their name on caller id shows up as dummy Lessons. l don t offer out nothing on that Telephone my brother did and was robbed enjoy insane.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Automated voice for lower credit card interest rates.

Post by get a clue,

9713730141 Nope that theory is dead erroneous. When you personally call scampers back and press a few Amount for become Chosen away that list your ea ct Reverse happens. You are affirming your own number and Subsequently they can sell to other scampers and it gets on more and more Fool lists and you get even more junk calls. Exactly why would you think these crooks may stop calling because you press a few Amount. JEEZ.

Post by Donn,

971-373-0141 Do not present out any info around the phone Around your private information. This really is a SCAM. Don t even talk to them or tell them for take your own name away their list. It dozen t work and is a waste of time. Simply don t deal with them in any respect.

Post by Ticked Nick,

9713730141 Today I gotten that same phone and same info in regards for credit card and lower rates for which I hung Upward many 1 by that name Heather on the call How Depressed that when You're on your Do not Call List these idiots get around it. Anyhow I let that Telephone ring for the Best time before replying it to get this info. Pretty remain ant. To me Merely a Lot of Waste. I do Display my calls. So much Scam sin this daytime and age.

Post by RDW,

971-373-0141 poor people s taxes pay for the mess left behind.

Post by Bobfontana,

9713730141 Simply got that same phone call. I did t reply. Who are these jerks.

Post by HoosierGuy,

971-373-0141 Here are some more Posts. Your last 1 is most interesting. Given enough Grievances that FTC takes notice HTTP Web. Masonic. Man. com id W NS bu sin . . . card recalls HTTP Www. Monk news. com Storyline 0 W W W. your times tribune. com news business new . . . 3 Web. Iowa. com W W W W Bela . . . Use credit. Www. Earp. org money scams fraud Information W . . . promise's. Web. FTC. gov IPA W W recalls. sham

Post by canarsie,

9713730141 You May}n' want for invest what s left of your net assets after taxes within either a spelling or Writing course. By that manner I am one of the W and don t consider myself for have a pitiful existence. I Instructed. Unfortunately it would appear that whoever Educated you personally wan t as lucky or Qualified as I was and continue to become.

Post by Richard brown,

971-373-0141 Got a phone. Listen to that message. Voice was talking all you personally could hear was you are a jerk

Post by Montana Mom,

9713730141 I just got your Registered message on my cell phone and hung Upward when they said there's nothing incorrect . My cell is on that don't call list.

Post by David,

971-373-0141 They phone me at Dwelling and on my cell Telephone each time along with a Distinct Amount. But its that same old scam all they want is your own cc Amount thus they could scam you out of cash. I registered a Gripe with your FCC Now.

Post by Nancy D.,

9713730141 I m glad that I did t response the telephone.

Post by sick of this crap, get a job,

971-373-0141 Stop THESE CALLS Out of DUMMY Courses AND POLITICAL CALLS. . . Quit Stop STOP

Post by donna,

9713730141 I got a phone from this Amount Now caller ID Dummy Classes answered it don t understand why I never answer these Kinds of calls heard a recording for this Firm to lower my interest rates on a credit card that I don t even 've. Afterward they Offered me your Alternative of Reading more press 1 and opting out of future calls press 2 thus of course I pressed 2 believing that it was a telemarketer many Female replied and asked how I was I said Great along with Outlook then she Inquired if I pressed 1 I said no and she could t hang up Rapidly enough.

Post by sick of this crap, get a job,

971-373-0141 get a Occupation a hole

Post by Bill in PA,

9713730141 I Generally play along enthusiastically until they request for any information that May}n' within fact jeopardize me financially. Subsequently I state Hold on just a sec a few just one is knocking on my door. I ll be right back. Subsequently I Set down that phone without hanging Upwards.

Post by Mike,

971-373-0141 same as everyone else. Dummy Lessons. Did not response. Filed that FCC Gripe kind never see anything being done there so we ll see.

Post by Tom from MI,

9713730141 Been receiving calls out of this number. When Decided up by replying machine a very long String of beeps sound. I tried reverse calling number and got a man voice message saying that Amount was not assigned

Post by chyb,

971-373-0141 got that phone telephone W minutes Past Saturday W W Dec. 3 W that Man Approved if I had a specific Sum on my two credit cards. I Inquired him what credit cards did was he referring for since this information was not given to me However. He Inquired me to look for your two credit cards. When I Inquired him for present me that last 4 digits of each CC he got furious and said those that I had. I Inquired again for your last for numbers of each CC and told him that it was he who called me Around lowering my speed. Since he had not disclosed which CC he was talking about AND verified along with me the last 4 Numbers of the CC I was not Competent for go more with this dialogue Around lowering my rates. He got upset to your point that he was yelling at me and saying he did not ask for any security info but i must supply him your numbers of my CC. At the point I ended the telephone. I m out of a German speaking country within Europe and English is my Th language among others. However I comprehend certainly enough when something is wrong with such an Discussion.

Post by Chet Schooley,

9713730141 Obtained a call out of the Amount. I 'm on the Do not Phone list. Why would I become receiving the on my Cell Phone.

Post by Kristine,

971-373-0141 both my home and cell are on don't telephone lists. I still get the calls all your time. have asked to be taken off did t work.

Post by D Myers,

9713730141 Obtained call out of this number on my cell. Did not reply SCAM I m presuming.

Post by whats it matter,

971-373-0141 Gotten a Telephone phone a few days ago from this number. My phone has been on that Do not Phone list for years. I m within that custom of Making unknown calls enjoy the go for voice mail and wait to see they leave a message. I ll Subsequently phone them back out of a different phone to see if it s a real business telephone e. g. credit card Business etc. that I should take. Of path this really is not among them. Hi thank you for calling Mac. . . . you have obtained a Advertising telephone from your Commercial Entity Orange or it s. Associates. . . if you personally want for be Chosen away your phone list press 1. . . blah blah blah . Since I m on that Don't Phone list I don t trust the entity enough for enter my Amount on their list. I d probably Simply support that they got through for me.

Post by willie,

9713730141 Gotten a phone the 'm Monday. No response. Owner ID was double symbols. Do not response or remain on line . Appears greatly like scam.

Post by ticked off,

971-373-0141 Got the telephone today at Am. I was not here. No message. Listed Dummy Course . Am on Don't call list.

Post by JSTAR,

9713730141 Caller ID showed as DUMMY Lessons out of number W W I replied this can be a company line and they hung Upwards.

Post by TBR,

971-373-0141 I attempted a Change look Upward and this USN t even a valid Telephone Amount.

Post by Annoyed in Kansas City,

9713730141 They Only called me as nicely. I did t Choose Upwards your Telephone because the number was unfamiliar. Won t be Finding Upward that telephone if they call again. .

Post by CAH,

971-373-0141 Does no great to report the unwanted calls for your FCC. I 've done that and all you will receive out of FCC is that the FCC cannot do anything about that calls unless that telephone is a threatening telephone. Seemingly Striving for Take ones ID isn't threading in their own Reason. I also sent an E-mail and asked my Congressman Congresswoman in my case why did Congress and your FCC waste thus Substantially time and cash to Create a Don't call registry law when they don't enforce apply it. I did not get a response out of her. The next time she visits my area I Plan to request her the same question and she doesn't response to letters and email

Post by Do Not Call Useless Morons,

9713730141 I vie reported these scampers to FTC Don't Call useless bastards 4 5 times along with no results. I just Directed} a Criticism for my Congressman asking why these would nothings can nothing. Please would that same. Cheers.

Post by ann3821,

971-373-0141 Billy must work with this company .

Post by Chuck,

9713730141 Called again on December W W W W 'm ET amp said company name was Card Holder Services but Caller ID said name was Dummy Classes .

Post by Rusty,

971-373-0141 Did t Comprehend that number out of Portland OR thus did t response that phone. When replying machine clicked on they Put Upwards.

Post by StopCallingMyPhone,

9713730141 They're nothing but scampers. It dozen t issue if you re on the Do not Phone List. They don t attention. Don t even annoyance for phone back that Amount you personally see on your own Caller ID. It s fake.

Post by Ahama,

971-373-0141 Acquired a phone from the number. I don't response calls out of Amounts I don t know.

Post by BUG,

9713730141 sounds like a scummier is trying to Triumph of the year and is ahead in the polls

Post by koama,

971-373-0141 I answered. Registered Message for lower interest rates. press 1 to Speak. pressed 1. that Man who answered did t sound enjoy a frig gin foreigner. he sounded enjoy a frig gin retard. I mocked his moronic voice said Hi and he Put Upward. Future calls can be forwarded for Obama W Strategy at 1 W W W. I m sure they could handle this problem.

Post by Frustrated,

9713730141 That W W W people are jerks. Go here and file a complaint HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Criticism complaint check. asp

Post by Reina,

971-373-0141 they keep calling my cell. I don t desire telemarketer s calling my cell

Post by Marion,

9713730141 I got a telephone today saying something Around my credit card account. I hung Upwards. The was on my cell phone that is on your do not telephone list.

Post by peedoff,

971-373-0141 Only got this phone overly didn't response. . . no message. people who can this should be taken outside and beaten

Post by nancy wiebe,

9713730141 These people demand to be Discontinued somehow. Effing phishers.

Post by RDW,

971-373-0141 poor Individuals s taxes pay for the mess left behind.

Post by LadyBug,

9713730141 Got the same telephone did not answer but they would keep clangor's over as Portland OR on Television Display Dummy Lessons on Handset

Post by FedUp,

971-373-0141 Called here I did t answer they left no message. Have gotten these fake lower your own interest in your credit card Statement calls out of other numbers before. FAKE and SCAM. Don't supply them any of your own credit info.

Post by RDW,

9713730141 poor Folks s Fees pay for your Chaos left behind.

Post by Chris,

971-373-0141 Who knows how you can really f ck with these Individuals. Screw them calling at any hour of the daytime or night and hanging Upwards if I attempt to complain. I desire that Residence Telephone of the CEO behind the scam company so I could telephone his house all your time and post it widely on that internet. If anyone has this Information please post.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Something about lowering my attention speed on my card. . . i dint even have a card

Post by Bothered,

971-373-0141 Called a National amp state listed do not phone cell did t reply and blocked.

Post by Buck & Donna,

9713730141 Merely got phone out of the Amount. Did t recognize name Dummy Courses or number W W W so did t response. No message left on my answering service.

Post by Mandy Vernon,

971-373-0141 don t telephone this number again

Post by Texas,

9713730141 Simply got a telephone from this Amount on my cell Telephone. Did not response and won't answer when and if they telephone back. Unless they're on my Telephone publication phone gets ignored.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Spam

Post by Liz,

9713730141 I Merely gotten your same phone but did not answer it. I 've never acquired a telephone enjoy that but I could tell you that yesterday I had an Problem along with one of my cc s and told them I Desired for lower my payment for a few months and they refused. . Thus I cannot help but state these two incidents are related. . Probably my cc company Offered my number out to this Business. . . . . IF so that makes me crazy. . . I Simply did not believe they could do this but I figure Telephone numbers are not private anymore and maybe they did not tell the company anything about me personally just that I Wanted help along with my credit card Funds. . . . .

Post by lmscagain,

971-373-0141 Appears like that is a fairly brand new just one eh. They Installed Upwards on my answering machine as nicely. Obviously the do not call list is not really Successful along with from State callers. I d enjoy for understand how they get an within state number to phone from if they are located outside that us. hmm. guess this really is another Amount I get to block.

Post by boston holly,

9713730141 It s incredulous for me that many of You're arguing with each other about politics when this site is meant to report harassing calls. Take it private if you have a beef with each other. This is not the Right forum for whining at each other or Around each other. the if you were unclear is a Website for reporting unwanted intrusion out of annoying phone callers. Good God Folks get a life.

Post by Vincent,

971-373-0141 Card Services is the Business behind this telephone. I vie been on their list for a long time and I vie told them many times to take me off. I vie also logged this with that FTC s Don't Phone Registry. Nothing has helped within terms of Ending these unwanted calls.

Post by flowerchild,

9713730141 Only got your same Telephone call. Who knows I did t answer.

Post by Deb A,

971-373-0141 My Partner is receiving a Chain of these calls saying he needs to telephone back Quickly to protect credit. Scampers.

Post by Ronn,

9713730141 Obtained the telephone several times . . . when asked to be taken off their list they hang up. Nuisance.

Post by Carol Burns,

971-373-0141 Your telephone out of the number DUMMY Courses is an automated message Around lowering your credit card rates. I Installed Upward. I m on your do not telephone list and don t like getting unsolicited calls.

Post by deanc,

9713730141 CID shows as DUMMY Lessons. Nobody on another Finish. I 'm on that Do not Telephone lists as nicely. Based on that amount of reports for this particular Amount CID I added them for my zap list. I have a express modem connected for a classic laptop running an excellent app called Telephone Dish Free Google it for details. Now when that Amount calls my Telephone Bands once Afterward the app compares that CID and or Amount and Solutions for me. I have it play a recording of your phone Sit code Afterward your message That Amount you have dialed is no longer in service. . . . I 've several WAVE MP files that I use for various messages. One of my other Favourite messages is a recording of an answering Facsimile machine. Most Sites will remove your own Amount if they consistently get a fax machine and if they attempt to send a Facsimile it won t subject since it's not a fax machine that is replying. Each time they phone back all they hear is MY message and they have no option for Discuss to a live person. I now only head for that phone if it rings more than once. If only 1 ring I understand that many scummier telemarketer just got zapped . Since my Computer picks Upward after the ST ring it does not affect my answering machine because it picks Upward on that Th ring. Furthermore simply good CID numbers get for leave people a message. I too enter a Criticism on the Do not Telephone Website for EACH scummier phone I get.

Post by tnsquire,

971-373-0141 Just got the call on my cell phone. I did not response. It s your third time Distinct Amounts that I have gotten called on my cell phone within the last month. All numbers referred for lowering interest rates type calls.

Post by Katie,

9713730141 We obtained a call out of W W W. As this really is a solicitation phone and we have been on the Don't phone list I desire to understand how we got the phone. As the organization is breaking the law what is our recourse.

Post by Mary,

971-373-0141 Unknown Owner sales.

Post by houston tx,

9713730141 Only got a phone from them when I called back it was Rapidly busy

Post by J Garrett,

971-373-0141 I 'm on that Don't Call List However these Buttocks hats continually call me. They called twice in your last W hours. It s many sort of credit card consolidation scam.

Post by david,

9713730141 they called me and it Holders Upwards long distance minutes not fair

Post by Also Irritated,

971-373-0141 I had the same experience. That recording said her name was Patricia but your live voice was an unidentified male. I told him not to call since I am on that DC list and hung Upward on him. I make my Criticisms to HTTP Grievances. dentally. gov Gripe Grievance Assess. asp .

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Telemarketer grim useless wasting my time and my patience. Get out of my space. They must become Ceased. Locusts of your airwaves.

Post by Debbie,

971-373-0141 Merely got a phone out of these jerks . My phone I pay for no they have no correct to telephone me . . My Daughter is sleeping. . . . . . . . jerks that phone Pitt me away . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Not answer

Post by Char,

971-373-0141 A woman Owner Signified herself from Pursuit Bank advising people of a lower being offered on your credit card. When she could not get private data from people she said Press 1 to Use for your lower . I called Pursuit and they don't have any lower offer and do not make phone calls offering the. That Congressman said if a change is offered they send a notification for that card holder.

Post by Karin - Cocoa Bch, FL,

9713730141 We too have attempted for MONTHS to Cease these calls. We too are on your Do not Telephone registry . . . exactly why can these calls continue.

Post by Nashville, TN,

971-373-0141 Just obtained a call out of the number. A recording previously mentioned we have been calling Around your credit card. There's no Difficulty along with your card . Subsequently I Installed up.

Post by Daddy,

9713730141 LOLA. .

Post by joanie,

971-373-0141 pressed 1 for complain I am on my state no telephone list and accidentally. was put on hold so i started for push haphazard numbers expecting to continue my Observation. Related to a Girl who said thank you for calling Chase Card Services . I may be reporting the for my states Lawyer general because along with discourses Displaying on the CID they are using fraudulent Methods and ignoring no telephone laws. Suggest you all would same

Post by WDG,

9713730141 BTW the Registered message was heard on my second amp third dials. I got the fast active signal on my first callback Merely as a Amount of the above Cards did.

Post by broken6string,

971-373-0141 Caller ID shows Dummy Lessons. Called the back got a record which was really distorted but Offered Recommendations for press 1 for become Set on their don't call list. I m already on your national state do not phone list. So exactly why is it they telephone. Happy Holidays. Stay nicely all.

Post by Brandy,

9713730141 You re kidding appropriate.

Post by chyb,

971-373-0141 got the phone telephone W minutes Past Saturday W W Dec. 3 W the Man Approved if I had a specific Sum on my two credit cards. I asked him what credit cards did was he referring for since the data was not given to me yet. He Inquired me to appearance for the two credit cards. When I Inquired him to provide me that last 4 digits of each CC he got furious and said those that I had. I Inquired again for that last for Amounts of each CC and told him that it was he who called me about lowering my speed. Since he had not disclosed which CC he was talking about AND verified with me the last 4 Numbers of the CC I was not Capable for go more with the discussion about lowering my rates. He got upset to that point that he was yelling at me and saying that he did not request for any security data but i must provide him the Amounts of my CC. At this point I ended that call. I m from a German speaking country within Europe and English is my Th language among others. Yet I understand definitely enough when something is wrong along with this kind of interaction.

Post by siriguana,

9713730141 i got a phone from them also I believe They use other numbers. Does anyone else understand . sir iguana

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 U don t know

Post by WTF,

9713730141 Only got the call at that office. Picked up to see who was calling. Talked to your Representative . After asking how they got my number the Individual says I don t know it Only seemed on my computer Display . Asked how it got there and she Installed up.

Post by Sherry,

971-373-0141 THANK You personally. . I Only received a call from the number on my cellular phone. Did not response and will report. This can be that ND telephone today ST 1 I answered due to cell in Bag and Bluetooth on so I blindly answered. Greer. . . Same thing lower attention rates no Alternative to become removed but it was my LAST Chance to lower them. .

Post by Seth Blair,

9713730141 Could t something be done to Cease these calls for cell Telephones.

Post by stolenpickles,

971-373-0141 Got a phone out of these guys. I just answered and did t Du anything. They Merely Put Upward. Added them for your blacklist in my own phone.

Post by Annette Williams,

9713730141 Several Criticisms about the number. Caller ID says Portland OR

Post by Susan Vander Pol,

971-373-0141 No. W W W We have been on do not telephone list. They have called and I 've now blocked their number.

Post by Merry Christmas,

9713730141 Got your telephone and did t Comprehend that Amount so I did t reply they never left a message

Post by Also Irritated,

971-373-0141 I had the same expertise. That recording said her name was Heather but that live voice was an unidentified man. I told him not for telephone since I am on that DC list and Put Upwards on him. I make my complaints for HTTP Grievances. dentally. gov Gripe Grievance Assess. asp .

Post by OHmomma,

9713730141 Got the same phone out of W W W CID said DUMMY Classes Decided up to reply and they hang up. I Hate THESE Individuals. GET A LIFE I 'm ON A Don't Telephone REGISTRY. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Post by NYC,

971-373-0141 Calls repeatedly no just one talks. GOOF.

Post by bart,

9713730141 The FCC does not attention. Most of these Amounts on that Owner id are fake with fake Information. These scum bags understand they can get away along with it. They put in fake numbers and fake info. They generally scam that previous. Its time for Compose you personally senator and congressman.

Post by TickedInStGeoge,

971-373-0141 Got a telephone out of that Amount on my cellphone. They Put up as soon as I replied.

Post by ~~SPIDER~~,

9713730141 It s nothing but a scam all they Actually need is your own credit card number. Your Do not Telephone list dozen t help. I have W Amounts now from your same group of Base feeders. You ask for become taken off their list and they can only call from a Distinct number. IT S A SCAM people. Most likely your numbers were becoming calls from are spoofed calls.

Post by Nanette LaFrance,

971-373-0141 Another phishing Telephone telephone. . . don t these people 've better things to do. Lower finance Percentage on credit cards. Would t it be Amazing if they channeled their deceit into doing something great for the world.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Gay man searching for anal. I obliged.

Post by TS,

971-373-0141 called me amp Put Upward after they heard my reply machine come on. Owner ID said unknown caller. Caller ID on line has no Information on the fake Telephone number. If they have for Cover who they're when they telephone someone like this they re a scam outfit to Start with.

Post by Brian,

9713730141 Just got that telephone did t answer. Called my cell phone.

Post by Red Penny-S.C.,

971-373-0141 Recd four calls this Am within five minutes. Did t response as I never response unavailable name calls. Want I could get my hands on that Sobs for Only a few minutes.

Post by Nicole,

9713730141 I got a telephone from this Firm that caller ID shows dummy Classes W W W. I wasn't home for get the telephone and no message left. I hope this USN t a scam I believe I may call that news station and 've them get the Base of this.

Post by 971-373-0141,

971-373-0141 We are on a do not phone list. I want credit card Folks etc. would get your hint.

Post by Over It,

9713730141 Tired to be on that Don't Telephone List and getting all these unsolicited calls. Maybe it should be called Don't Telephone Unless You are Unsolicited List Around it. . .

Post by Paula,

971-373-0141 I 'm Recorded on that Don't Phone List. How are these Individuals Competent for locate my Dwelling phone number and cell Telephone Amount. Will there be anyway for get them for Quit.

Post by Ronn,

9713730141 Owner ID read Dummy Classes. . . . . but it was Only another Rob telephone out of Rachel with Credit Card Services. . . i Installed Upward.

Post by Vandalia,

971-373-0141 Received a telephone and didn't answer. Don t understand anyone in Oregon thus I know it s scampers.

Post by Michael,

9713730141 Fake Business who calls and tries to Strategy you into delivering them money. They Blow off that Do not Phone list.

Post by camytram,

971-373-0141 I Display all my calls. If I don t understand who they're. I don t answer.

Post by Glenn Ribble,

9713730141 They hang Upwards as shortly as you personally reply. It is an Test for Link your name and Amount. Sounds like they re Striving for amass a large database either for sell or use for Crack Folks s accounts.

Post by Skip,

971-373-0141 W W W 9 W 'm W W DISCOURSES called. Credit card interest decrease megs. May report for no phone. gov.

Post by Pat,

9713730141 Phone is automated stating which you could get a lower speed in your charge cards. It Additionally states that if you press 2 that calls can discontinue so I pressed 2 for get a Individual along with a substantial foreign accent. I told him that I had pressed 2 to Stop that calls and he hung Upward.

Post by ann3821,

971-373-0141 Billy must work because of this company .

Post by taxman,

9713730141 Lad did they phone your incorrect number.

Post by sj,

971-373-0141 Only got your phone. i said hello and they Put Upwards.

Post by Sweety,

9713730141 I got the same Telephone call. I did t answer

Post by annonomous,

971-373-0141 Simply got a phone from W W W. did not Understand your Amount. did not reply. fed Upwards with Telephone fraud calls. turned them over for F. B. I. i turn around all phone calls for the the feds. it s their Occupation to Cease this and to protect the general People.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Ore ck sales

Post by Kathleen,

971-373-0141 Got a phone out of Patricia saying she could reduce my credit card rate. I Simply Installed Upward. I am Sick of these creeps calling out of all over harassing me. I get at least 1 call a daytime. We've a non Released Amount so they obviously just dial numbers. Power saw something on the news about this the other daytime. Sadly being on a don't phone list has no effect and the Experts are having trouble catching these people. Just keep hanging up.

Post by stella,

9713730141 Desired for lower my credit card rates. Pushed 2 to become removed. They connected me to a few Man who was laughing. I told him I was on don't phone list and was reporting him. He said he was trying for lower my credit card rates. I kept saying I was on the don't phone list.

Post by RitasView,

971-373-0141 I have Submitted a Gripe to the Don't Call Registry. If guilty of maltreatment your FCC can fine them W W. W per unauthorized phone from W W W

Post by VPS,

9713730141 Obtained two calls out of them this morning on my Mobile both were hang ups

Post by LD,

971-373-0141 they phone my house at least once a daytime. they NEVER leave messages. I have called back and never had a live Individual on another end

Post by avc,

9713730141 prohibited do not telephone violation

Post by ANGRY,

971-373-0141 These keep calling my two numbers and I Often travel for Portland OR. If anyone ascertain what their corporate address is please let me understand because I am going to kill many of their employees and eventually Set a Cease to the . I ll be Traveling for Portland within W and I 've Pals out there that can Supply me along with your Things I ll need. I am NOT joking. If that Federal Authorities and that Officers in Oregon won t take care of the Afterward I ll take attention of it MYSELF.

Post by Steele,

9713730141 Got a call picked it up and it Put up on me after 3 seconds.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Account serviced

Post by Elaine,

9713730141 Once again same number and no just one was there. As I mentioned before I m on your Do not Phone Registry.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Account service. No company ask for info

Post by fingers,

9713730141 I obtained a telephone from W W W. A record came on and said to press 1 if you wanted for reduce your interest on your own credit card. I pressed 1 and a male Arrived on line. He said would you personally desire for reduce your interest rate. I said no I Only want you to Quit calling. He said f you personally and Installed up. A very Fine Staff.

Post by Mustang,

971-373-0141 Rec d phone out of the Amount Now. Decided it Upward. NO Response. Scam is appropriate. Name on Owner ID listed as DUMMY Lessons

Post by diane,

9713730141 Only got a telephone out of this Amount telling me i was late on a payment. it was a recording just Installed up. they're wasting my cell Telephone minutes

Post by get a clue,

971-373-0141 Nope that theory is not alive wrong. When you phone scampers back and press a few Amount for be Chosen away that list your ea ct opposite happens. You are supporting your number and Subsequently they could sell for other scampers and it gets on more and more sucker lists and you get even more Trash calls. Exactly why can you think these crooks may Quit calling because you press many number. JEEZ.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Spam

Post by krysia,

971-373-0141 I Only called the number. I was answered by a woman that told me that I had acquired and auto mated call from Mac . Did t ask her what it was I Simply asked her for remove my number. She nicely cooperated. I Subsequently informed her when this wan t respected I would Carry on for contact that FCC with dates and times of their calls. They did not leave me a message when they did call. Appears lately I m receiving alto of these calls. Your manner I m becoming acceptable results is not when I answer these Unknown Telephone Amounts but I would when I call them back after your fact. One other FYI. Last year I found out there surely is a Amount for that do not call list sorry I do not have it Helpful it could become found online Additionally keep Monitor of these calls and go to that FCC website. You can file Gripes against harassment. Good luck

Post by Vim,

9713730141 Here is a callback Amount the Congressman left me within case i Needed to telephone back. Everyone must SPAM these idiots. . W W W ext. W

Post by Dex,

971-373-0141 W W W Keeps calling Around credit card lowering int rest rates this can be a Individual trying for Find someone off guard. Expect that FBI or CIA homeland security Find this Man.

Post by Crutch,

9713730141 Acquired the call from W W W. Owner ID says Dummy Lessons but message says Account Services Now. Keep receiving these every few months. Your Registered message states for press just one to lower your own attention rates and press two to remove your number. The Alternative for remove your own Amount does not work. Would adore to take them for court since they refuse for remove my number after repeated attempts.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Account Qualification.

Post by Julie,

9713730141 they called my cell. . . . did t response no message left.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Credit card

Post by flatlander,

9713730141 my Owner id read . Caller Place code is Portland OR. I let the Telephone ring and go into your answering machine. Looks the caller cared NOT for leave a message. I have re set my the number of my phone rings to your max. I look for it intriguing for read other earlier posts shown below. I Assume there is small your Typical Joe can do for report these calls. That Cops are not overly interested. I report these calls for at least 3 Sites that Gather the telephone Info. Overly terrible these callers can not get a better more rewarding line of work. I Guess there surely is a specific society Section that gets off making these calls. It's a Depressed Comments for say your least. Moreover Brand new Year s is a few days away. . . . . . . . . . . . . Enjoy . . . . . .

Post by Ben,

971-373-0141 Only another entry on my reject call list.

Post by kane frentzel,

9713730141 the Firm keeps calling even though I told them to take me off of their list.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Spam

Post by CAH,

9713730141 Does no good for report the unwanted calls for your FCC. I have done that and all you may get from FCC is the FCC cannot would anything Around that calls unless your call is a threatening call. Apparently trying to steal ones ID isn't threading in their own Thinking. I Additionally Delivered an E-mail and Inquired my Congressman Congresswoman within my case exactly why did Congress and that FCC waste thus Substantially time and money for Create a Don't phone registry law when they do not apply enforce it. I did not get a reply from her. That next time she visits my Region I Want for request her your same question and why she does not answer to letters and email

Post by jerryguinn,

971-373-0141 Obtained numerous calls from this number. They will not accept your own telephone unless you personally unblock caller ID. Did thus and got for your message which mentioned that I should press 1 at any time to 've my Amount removed from their list. Did so Approximately. 2 months Past but am still receiving calls. Likely should not 've done that they now understand that they 've a valid phone Amount.

Post by That Guy With The Fez,

9713730141 Only got a call from this number along along with 3 others from different numbers quite Really early this morning. They were all recorded messages out of Card Services about my credit card account being suspended. I don t even have a credit card.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Credit card debit fixers

Post by Investigator,

9713730141 Only obtained a telephone out of the Amount when I answered they hung up

Post by Larry  Conatser,

971-373-0141 I had 1 W W W telephone me. They Needed to lower Price of a path and credit cards. I am not Choosing a path and don't have any credit cards. This really is exactly why I do small business over the Net. There is so Substantially unethical behavior on the Web. It's like walking into a nest of rattlesnakes and having someone tell you They won't bite. I 'm really disappointed at your Net and your deficiency of Ethos on your internet. This Phone Amount appears to be your same number that I deal ed along with ten years ago. Where's Liability. Where's there any ethical conduct. I get calls for those who want to insure a Automobile. I don't have any car. They desire to help me along with a Pupil loan. I don t have just one and don't want one. Trust. . I trust no one that has this kind of low code of Ethos.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Credit card

Post by whats it matter,

971-373-0141 rang phone 3 times amp Put up without Making message can NEVER Choose Upwards a call from a nameless puke face

Post by hillbilleter,

9713730141 Regardless of your income regardless of your side you re on Course warfare is as Actual here and now as it was correct before that French Innovation or before any of that revolutions. If you have read history you will shake within your own Shoes Nevertheless many Resources you would or don't own Yet Substantially Fees you can or don't pay whether you own or Book 've credit or don t whether you personally resent another Course making Opinions or not. Poking at that other Economical class and yes there seem for be just two now is what escalates into full on civil warfare. Rich or poor things are about to Shift again. BTW I got a call from W W W this morning that is exactly why I got on the Web site. They did not leave a message on my machine. I Additionally got a call last nighttime from W W W Caller ID previously mentioned Simply Telephone and they did not leave a message either.

Post by HoosierGuy,

971-373-0141 I did a little research. Take a appearance at these articles out of W. HTTP Web. Masonic. Guy. com id W NS bu sin . . . card recalls HTTP Internet. fox news. com Storyline 0 W W W. HTML Demand To Actually PRESSURE That FTC For Can THEIR Occupation Within A Timely Style. If they understand who is doing it and claim that they're in Infraction of Guidelines within 2 Nations why Hans t anything been done However for Cease them. .

Post by HaHa,

9713730141 Got a call from this number on W W and pressed 2 for become removed from your list. Instead I was transferred to some Man who claimed to be able for lower my interest speed go figure . I spoke along with a fake European accent Inquired his name and acted like I could t understand what he was saying or talking about he had an accent as nicely and I wondered if I was talking with someone within India . I got him to Replicate himself several times yelling louder each time for several minutes before he eventually said You personally don t have a Charge or MasterCard. I said No. He said Oh. Okay. Merry Christmas. Then he Installed up. I body if he s going for waste my time I can waste his. Wish I d recorded that call. . .

Post by FedUp,

971-373-0141 UNKNOWN Owner W W W 2 seconds

Post by Greg,

9713730141 Called my cell phone. Heather from credit services. Pressed 2 to discontinue further notices and it still went to some human. They said Hi and i told them for remove my number. They hung Upward instantly.

Post by Frances Carroll,

971-373-0141 Got a phone out of the Amount the 'm. Did not answer.

Post by wanda carr,

9713730141 this number calls my home and it shows Upward as as DUMMY Courses on my caller i. d. . And when i reply it's a Sound similar to a fax. other times no 1 says anything. Becoming to become really annoying.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Registered quot lower my credit card attention speed quot offer

Post by sam,

9713730141 Same old thing. . . . . . calling for someone I vie never heard of.

Post by Gayle,

971-373-0141 My call was a recording Hi that is Louise at Account Services at which point I hung Upwards.

Post by lone,

9713730141 I got a telephone from this Now overly. It Additionally seemed as Dummy Courses and they Installed up before my answering machine Completed its message.

Post by Al,

971-373-0141 Received a phone from the number and I did t response it.

Post by bubba,

9713730141 on the DC list. They phone 4 7 times a daytime. 've Inquired dozens of times to stop calling. Idiots.

Post by Ron Lewis,

971-373-0141 Acquired call the morning December W W and after i said Hi it had Installed up on me. Owner ID show Dummy Classes W W W.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Credit card telemarketing crap

Post by AngelHeart53,

971-373-0141 I have called the number back several times since they called over an hour ago. Each time I click just one for be removed from their calling list perhaps if we flood their number along with phone backs they may get your flipping Trace. So phone W W W and keep doing thus perhaps if they could t use your Amounts for a few time after their phone maybe they won t be Capable to scam others on their list that daytime. These are Fundamentally Nuisance calls and your Authorities should become called and notified which you are being stalked by this Business that manages to get around your DC and every other Work that is got to stop them out of calling. Maybe if enough traces are placed on phones which are Approved by your Cops maybe they can be caught and stopped.

Post by Clever Hans,

9713730141 Got a phone Merely now W W 'm MST I supposedly 've blocked unidentified calls but the one got through no Owner name but shows your Amount

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 No answer

Post by dd4LR,

9713730141 SCAM. They called my W year old Mom who uses NO credit cards. When I Strike 1 and said thus Installed Upward. DUMMY Lessons really.

Post by Fed Up,

971-373-0141 These scampers are spoofing the Caller ID info that we see. I Very doubt that they re actually calling out of Oregon. They could very nicely become Offshore and are phishing for credit card data from people stupid enough to fall for their scam. Never give any of your personal information for these people. Report each and each scam phone you receive for Web. dentally. gov.

Post by Federal Violators,

9713730141 Truth in Caller ID Work} of W Please let that FCC know about ID spoofs by calling 1 W Call FCC or filing a Gripe at FCC. gov Criticisms.

Post by KW,

971-373-0141 Here I go becoming Rob called once again. . . Now my Owner ID said DUMMY Lessons but I got that same old Hello this can be Rachel at Card Services calling in reference for your Present credit card account. There are no Difficulties currently with your own account. It is pressing you contact people concerning your own Qualification for lowering your own interest rate for as low as 6. 9 . Your own eligibility Ends Soon thus please consider this your final discover. Please press your Amount 1 on your own phone now to speak along with a live Owner and lower your own interest rate. Your own Qualifications expires shortly so please consider the your Closing notice. Please press the number 1 on your own phone now for Talk along with a live operator now for lower your attention rates. I pressed 1 and many guy along with a Mid Asian Feature Arrived on your line Afterward blew a referee whistle into your phone and he Installed up. I intend to do the each time they call out of now on. I expect these vermin go deaf.

Post by ecb,

9713730141 Phone message Desired for lower my credit card rates. I pressed 1 to Discuss to someone. Connected to someone who with the American Feature but sounded like a Th Level Instruction. Background Sound sounded enjoy a Standard bull pen.

Post by Bearsden,

971-373-0141 Installed Upwards when I answered

Post by Mary,

9713730141 Caller ID states Du my Courses but recorded messages is Patricia from Credit Card Services same voice and message as many other calls received. . . . . . . . . . . believe that is a scam when you personally would speak along with them and request direct questions they generally hang up

Post by lone,

971-373-0141 I got a call out of the today overly. It Additionally seemed as Dummy Classes and they Installed Upward before my replying machine Completed its message.

Post by John Kuberos,

9713730141 Prerecorded message about my credit card account being Upward to date but need to instantly call another number for lower my interest rates. .

Post by camytram,

971-373-0141 got a call out of this Amount W W W at W W a. m. Dec. 3. my Owner I. D. said Portland Or. Did t response. went to my answering machine. No Message.

Post by Jim,

9713730141 Got a phone a few minutes Past. Record said for press 1 for Speak to some rep. Sounded like she was in India I told them not for call again she Put Upwards I made a report for the Don't Telephone registry.

Post by Oklahoma momma,

971-373-0141 Got your same call but was not Dwelling 2 reply. Started searching online and found this site. I also 'm on that do not telephone list.

Post by AER,

9713730141 THEY SAID THEY Wanted For LOWER MY Interest Rate To 6. W BUT THEY Desired ALL Baby OF Info They are SCAM Folks Do NT Fall FOR IT

Post by Annette,

971-373-0141 Several complaints Around the number. Owner ID says Portland OR

Post by Michael Fruhling,

9713730141 Same as some others. Returned your telephone and got a Quickly busy signal.

Post by dj1diva,

971-373-0141 not sure if this can be that holder of your marketing Company harassing that us along with calls checking out email pare ZAPOTEC info Zapotec data technologies 1 Pvt. Ltd. Address A W Very Shopping Facility Hajj Cross Road Sandoval w Mumbai W W. Tel W W Facsimile W W fax them until the phone Cease. . . .

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Louise out of account services calling Around my current credit card account.

Post by angry.,

971-373-0141 the don't call list is a joke. since i 'm on it 've re Enrolled again to try to stop these unwanted calls I have gotten 4 just this morning.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Call out of arbitrary quot account services quot but no reference for an True bank. Sounds enjoy a scam.

Post by dino,

971-373-0141 Soho. . . . you must become among them or actually would demand a Dummies Course . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by ghu,

9713730141 Frig gin idiot callers that don t response. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Something Around lowering my credit card interest rate

Post by Lynne S.,

9713730141 Only got a telephone from the Amount. . . caller ID just said and they Installed Upward when that machine Decided Upward.

Post by Melissa,

971-373-0141 Merely got my umpteenth hindered call from these Folks. . It s the first time I vie Found the name dummy Classes . It was a record Around lowering my attention rates. happy I looked your Amount Upwards and located I m not that just one becoming these calls.

Post by Indiana,

9713730141 Same as the others. Decided up that call and they Installed within a few seconds.

Post by Trixy,

971-373-0141 I happened to become working out of Dwelling today amp that Arrived Upward did t Choose Upwards no message left. I am on that Do not Call list but that dozen t work in all Instances for certain.

Post by Guest,

9713730141 Spam

Post by jill,

971-373-0141 They called me overly I also did not reply as I did not Understand the number

Post by RDW,

9713730141 Bad Folks s Fees pay for the Chaos left behind.

Post by croozer,

971-373-0141 Caller ID came up DUMMY Lessons. Yeah I d be the dummy if I answered this. After all it s Simply a few days before your holidays and I have nothing else for do but Run for that Telephone when a telemarketer calls. I let it go for voice send and they Only hung Upward.

Post by NebraskaGal,

9713730141 I obtained a telephone from W W W on December W W at 9 W a. m. Put up after that Telephone rang six times and answering machine kicked in. If they do not say who they are leave a message or comes from an Region code or Telephone Amount I do not Understand I ignore it. It is either fraud a brand new scam going Approximately or phishing. I can hardly keep a roof over my head Currently and I do not need anyone ripping me off and along with all that fresh technologies can we become sure if we Merely simply reply this that they cannot get any info without people divulging it. It came across my Caller ID as .

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Spam

Post by ddhear68,

9713730141 Same here that same Amount. . . got that Amount which was not Enrolled or listed on my cell Telephone address. . called my number and NEVER left a message. . its Unusual. . I never reply any telephone that is NOT on my list. . I body IF its Significant. . they leave a message but that Number did NOT in the least. . Only phone and hung Upward. . . Nope within my book its NOT making any feeling. . . Unusual. . I state its FRAUD . Watch out. Shield your own Id. Don't response out of THAT Number W W W.

Post by Mary,

971-373-0141 Obtained a call out of these scampers. Acquired an identical phone Around a month ago Additionally same mode of operation. Was offered to lower my attention rate on credit cards and told to press 1. After listening for their line of BS I pressed 1 and they disconnected me. I Needed to tell them for not telephone anymore and also that I do not 've any credit cards thus why are you personally calling me. I 'm not calling them back but am entirely prepared to Chaos along with their heads when they would call me back. . They go by that name of Dummy Classes. . I will give them a path if they enjoy. .

Post by mv,

9713730141 unwanted phone from this number telemarketer even though my Amount is in the do not call registry

Post by WDG,

971-373-0141 BTW your Registered message was heard on my second amp third dials. I got your fast occupied Transmission on my first callback Merely as a number of that above Prints did.

Post by Goldie,

9713730141 I Only obtained a phone from the Amount. I did not response as I never answer calls from Amounts I don't understand. If they're Reliable they will leave a message and I can call back. No message left of course. I can report them for that Don't Phone List. Thanks W Notes. Very best to everyone within your Holiday Season.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Telemarketer

Post by purefemale,

9713730141 Just obtained a phone out of this number. . W W W on my Residence phone it shows up as Portland OR. As soon as I answered and said Hi they hung up. Typically I don't answer calls out of numbers that I don't understand but I 'm Ill of these calls. . They are constantly calling and will not stop.

Post by DEBRA,


Post by tita,

9713730141 Called ID said Dummy Classes. I pressed option 2 which was supposed to Finish calls from them. Guy Decided up and when I said I was on the do not phone list he Installed up pronto.

Post by dok,

971-373-0141 obtained several calls out of 1 W W W and since I'm a handicapped vet raising my 1 amp riled grand kids saving each Nickel counts i was Dumb enough to give them the last W s of my Charge and after we hung Upwards felt dumb and called my bank for close your acct. I Merely cut Upward my Credit amp 'm waiting the 7 W company days for a new acct card. If there was a manner for get a hold of these thieves I d become the first for pull that trigger.

Post by Cheryl,

9713730141 they Desired for lower my credit card rates for but I dint t even have a credit card. I 'm not a dummy enjoy their name on Owner id shows Upward as dummy Lessons. l don t supply Outside nothing on your Telephone my brother did and was robbed enjoy mad.

Post by WFO,

971-373-0141 Waste Phone on cell phone

Post by KEN,

9713730141 2 phone within just one day

Post by georgelynn,

971-373-0141 Telephone call in the above Amount. When I Inquired to be removed in the list she hung up. This had for do along with lowering credit card debt.

Post by Kathleen,

9713730141 I keep becoming calls out of this number viewing reducing my credit card debt. I want this to Cease immediately. I am on the Would No Call Registry so I don t understand exactly why they keep calling me.

Post by Guest,

971-373-0141 Something about lowering my credit card interest rate

Post by Sherry,

9713730141 THANK You personally. . I just gotten a telephone from the Amount on my Mobile Telephone. Did not response and will report. This really is that ND phone today ST one I answered due for cell within purse and Wireless on thus I blindly replied. Greer. . . Same matter lower attention rates no Choice for become removed but it was my LAST Opportunity for lower them. .

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9392071605 Complains by Sydney,

Don't have any Thought who it's.

8032173810 Complains by dobie,

They appear to specialize in medical collections. Possibly this group HTTP Www. ecosystems. com W. W. W Lance wood Road Columbia SC BBB BBB Approved Company since W W AMOCO Systems Inc. Find a Location Telephone W W Fax W W PO Box W Columbia SC W Send E-mail for 'm COL Systems Inc. Web. ecosystems. comical Systems Inc. BBB Certified Company Seal BBB Accredited B Score On a scale of A to F See more at HTTP Internet. BBB. org Columbia company reviews . . . h. Crisp. SPF

2072451411 Complains by Guest,

This Amount is a political phone. Call it back and it may remove your own Telephone Amount. . . . .

8104491678 Complains by Guest,


4803050717 Complains by Guest,

Rude Woman trying for Amass on debt out of W years ago

2135377011 Complains by cody,

Called said they were from Yellow Pages, and wanted to make sure we have the correct number. I was at work. They said they needed my first and last name. Then they asked me for my title. I told them leasing agent, they said "they didnt have that in their system so they would put down manager." Then they asked me for my date of birth for security purposes, i said i would not give that info, so they said "well for our forms can i put May 23?" I said no, and asked them for a phone to call their supervisor, she gave me the number 1-877-917-6122. DO NOT GIVE OUT INFO TO THESE PEOPLE!

5167260044 Complains by Guest,

On telephone back you get a Registered solicitation.

8132420690 Complains by Puzzled,

I got a call from this number.  They left a message.  I have no idea who it is or why they would be calling my phone.  The gentleman speaks with a spanish accent and says he is calling from jail and that he got my number from a friend and that I HAVE TO CALL.  When I do a reverse search the following information comes up:  "(856) 361-3041 is a land line based in Camden, NJ".  I do not know anyone in New Jersey.

9316031653 Complains by Guest,

Merely keeps calling had to Place on BLOCK

9167318062 Complains by Guest,

Did t leave a message. Probably out of Co it. They cleaned the carpet once may never go with them ever again.

5056888562 Complains by Guest,

Stop calling

6157815007 Complains by Guest,

Unsolicited Telephone phone. Refused to Supply Added info and after repeated efforts would not remove me out of list.

2677366875 Complains by Guest,


3012501918 Complains by Val,

The Amount calls but never leaves a message thus I never answer

2566400068 Complains by Guest,

no text. . .

3156574060 Complains by Guest,

Was told to telephone the number for Family W. W. For be Directed} to Walmart after the call. I did not phone your number.

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