9713732958 / 971-373-2958

Telephone information: Pacific Telecom Communications Group. . . United states
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76 complaints
Post by Guest,

9713732958 Have been receiving two messages 1 after another on a VIP Dwelling line. It s a Bacall. That record is cutoff except for your last few seconds where I 'm Inquired to press 1 for more Information and 9 for become put on a do not phone list. Frustrating.

Post by Sick of it,

971-373-2958 Unsolicited calls now leaving express messages. Obnoxious relentless . . . sad

Post by JAYCEE,

9713732958 They have called us W times within your last W minutes. NO JOKE I will file a complaint right now.

Post by Betsy Earle,

971-373-2958 I am on the Do not Telephone list. They should t become calling me.

Post by Sylvie,

9713732958 Cease calling

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 Did t response unknown Amount.

Post by tfj,

9713732958 Got a phone out of this Amount Now. Did t response. They left no message. Go ogled it and found the page. My number is Additionally on that Authorities Do not Call List . The post is for File that telephone. I overly can pursue pressing Costs if it continues.

Post by L,

971-373-2958 This number calls my cell Amount constantly even 3 or more times a daytime. No message. I demand them for stop calling.

Post by Naomi,

9713732958 This number is idiotic. They phone 3 4 times a day and leave an automated voice send each time. I despise telemarketers.

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 They keep calling amp never leave a message.

Post by Guest,

9713732958 spam

Post by Really???,

971-373-2958 I have acquired calls out of the Amount twice a daytime for that last 8 times I m over it.

Post by Lilliette,

9713732958 Actually I receive calls every daytime from this phone Amount and I dint Know any reason. .

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 I 'm thus grateful for Mr Amount hanging Upwards on this caller thus I don t have to be bothered anymore. really irritating.

Post by Crystal,

9713732958 received a phone but no message from your Amount W W W. I called it and got a express message saying it had been disconnected and Subsequently go ogled it and located the page for report it.

Post by Manuel castillo,

971-373-2958 Please help me for Discontinue the unwanted calls.

Post by Guest,

9713732958 Tel marketing Telephone calls out of time shares

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 Spam

Post by Debby,

9713732958 I'm on a do not call list. Get call from the several times. Will report them at online Don't Phone website

Post by mz may,

971-373-2958 press 1. . no message calling sometimes X a day

Post by Guest,

9713732958 Jerks

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 SPAM they telephone every couple of days

Post by Guest,

9713732958 I did start having these random calls until I downloaded the app.

Post by Mr. Bill,

971-373-2958 Can a Business telephone from a number that when called back says its a disconnected Amount. I 'm on the don't telephone list but I suppose that doesn't even work. Man the world is packed with scampers. . .

Post by Pinson,

9713732958 Two calls appropriate in a row out of Oregon. Annoying.

Post by ses390,

971-373-2958 what is that point of these calls. there's no just one for reply your own question there surely is Merely your message there's no offer got it's Simply 2 unnecessary Bands a day. bothersome. I have labeled your cal blocked so I understand it instantly and then hit Blow off.

Post by Guest,

9713732958 PAIN In my own Az. . . and I M Confident THEY RE Illegal. . . . . . .

Post by kaball,

971-373-2958 This Amount calls my Telephone daily and repeatedly.

Post by CAC-L,

9713732958 This Amount is calling me around and around. I am on a do not telephone list for telemarketers. Your voice mail message is fragmented press just one for more info Only starts your recorded message around again and press 9 for get off their list just begins that recorded message around Additionally. They message doesn't indicate a Business name. I m Actually drained of receiving these calls.

Post by Tre',

971-373-2958 A Registered message out of W W W was gotten on my cell Telephone on 8 W W at W W PM CST.

Post by Wood Duck,

9713732958 I just obtained my first and I expect last phone from W W W. I am also on that no phone list. I never answer calls out of unknown of an unfamiliar area code. I think if you personally create the error of replying or Considerably worse calling back that telephone can continue. I have very seldom gotten a second phone from a Amount that I did not response.

Post by j,

971-373-2958 Your Oregon links a your top are busted.

Post by ses390,

9713732958 I too obtained 4 for 6 calls per day since Middle September Thur Oct 3. In annoyance I Assessed my Art wireless Web site and was looking into blocked calls 4. W per month when there was mention of using the don't call registry. I Assessed your registry and found that I could list phone that were bothering me. I did so and crossing my fingers never have received a phone since your Road. Good luck

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 There's always many Partial record pertaining for some type of quot yard service quot . I could declare I Set my number on that Don't Call list months ago.

Post by Guest,

9713732958 Sex offender

Post by Music,

971-373-2958 Keep becoming Telephone calls from this Amount want it to Discontinue. Cheers.

Post by Shelby,

9713732958 I Avoid any calls i dint understand but go ogled this to look for out all this. I myself am on that don't call list.

Post by ISA,

971-373-2958 The number is calling my cell everyday. Please take me off your own list. I do not need to receive calls again from the Amount. Reply .

Post by Sick of it,

9713732958 I have been receiving calls from whomever this obnoxious person Firm Often NOW They are Leaving A Express MESSAGE. USN t there a law. . .

Post by freeperson,

971-373-2958 I 've received several calls out of this number even though I blocked it through my phone Business. My phone company is now investigating as to exactly why that calls are still coming through to my Telephone. When I attempted for telephone it I was told it is a disconnected Amount. When I picked up your telephone an automated express said it was Pacific Talcum Communications as Way as I could Recall. Hung Upward after that. I 've been receiving at least 3 Telephone calls from them a day and they would Create my voice send alert even though no message is left. I pray for God s Ruling on Powerful unethical businesses. Have a lousy daytime PCT.

Post by Heidi Bowser,

9713732958 The Amount is calling my cell everyday. Please take me away your list. I don't need to get calls again out of this Amount.

Post by Glendale Mary,

971-373-2958 I have been receiving a phone from the Amount once or twice a daytime. They state they will Mount a security system free of charge if I permit a little sign. Hmm I believe most people with security systems are mechanically given a hint to put Upwards to detract potential criminals. Obviously they don t mention the monthly bill. I was Inquired to press 9 if I desire to be put on your do not call list. I 'm already n this list. Pressing 9 did t stop your calls. I 'm thus Ill of the. . .

Post by TaiChiGuy,

9713732958 I got calls from this Amount too he left Clear messages. It Only wasting my time. Immediate Activity demand to become taken for this guy

Post by Sue Huffstetler,

971-373-2958 Please make them stop

Post by Guest,

9713732958 It s for Well-being insurance or dental but I did t Use for any

Post by Marsha Lewis,

971-373-2958 I 'm on the Don't Telephone List and Still gotten calls out of this number. 2 for 3 times a day. How do I create them Cease. Tried registering a Gripe with the State of OR and That did not work.

Post by These Guys are scum,

9713732958 They called Now W 9. . . Marketing dental plans. . . . . heading to Www. dentally. gov

Post by Concerned,

971-373-2958 They called from W W to 1 W for a Absolute of W times. That is foolish. And yes when you call back it says its disconnected. . . . How can that become Authentic. How can someone call out of a disconnected . .

Post by vikki,

9713732958 no sooner I posted here about another number the just one started

Post by Becky,

971-373-2958 I dint know who is calling me out of the Telephone number W W W but I desire it Discontinued. I 've been focused to your Website for make the report. Thank you

Post by Bobbie Summers,

9713732958 I Only got a phone out of W W W. They informed me that they could lower my Fees to around W W. I informed them that I did not owe any Fees. They said excuse me sorry for the telephone.

Post by Don'tCall,

971-373-2958 If you are a Verizon Client log into your account and block your number. you are able to block up to 5 numbers.

Post by Floridian,

9713732958 Z FD Calling. They 've been calling at least 2 times a day. Now Saturday 1 9 they called at W. 'm W. Am and W. Am and left a Registered message offering free security systems. Your number is from OREGON and I live in FLORIDA. I am overly registered along with Don't Phone.

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 Pare Registered message.

Post by Guest,

9713732958 Spam

Post by carrie,

971-373-2958 i need them to Quit calling me every single day for Virtually a month now they have been calling me

Post by godr,

9713732958 please Cease All calls out of the number. . Annoying people

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 advertisement

Post by Slick,

9713732958 I 've gotten 8 count em EIGHT calls out of the Amount today. I get that voice send about that burglar alarm system. I m Actually exhausted of it.

Post by Jeno,

971-373-2958 Stop calling or more action can become taken

Post by Mimi,

9713732958 Okay nicely they helped me look for my Telephone at least. . . they keep calling back for back to back and even though it s on Shake even along with calling that Considerably you re leap for look for it eventually. Okay guys you can stop calling me now already found that Telephone. But why is Oregon calling me anyway

Post by Debra Winters,

971-373-2958 Unwanted calls out of this number W W W

Post by Craig,

9713732958 I 'm receiving 4 5 calls per day out of 1 W W W. They're Making pare recorded messages as i have not been House to take your telephone. I 'm listed for dentally. gov and have reported these calls.

Post by PerryM,

971-373-2958 Got two calls today that Mr. Amount Decided Upward and hung Upwards but I still got billed for that calls.

Post by Sylvie,

9713732958 I keep receiving calls and messages out of the Amount. We need for Cease this. I tried phone ling back and it says that it is a number from service. I trust someone sure knows the best way to stop the.

Post by JUlie,

971-373-2958 I acquired a phone from W W W i did t answer it when I returned that phone it said it was disconnected. Has anyone actually replied the phone. I wonder how they got my cell number I am on the don't call list.

Post by Sikligar,

9713732958 Received two calls today W W W W. and three calls yesterday from W W W. Registered message Around offer for sell my timeshare.

Post by Guest,

971-373-2958 Absurd Amount of calls per day

Post by Mimi,

9713732958 Checked my missed calls 9 calls in a row. What even. Actually no break in between.

Post by Disgusted,

971-373-2958 I have acquired calls from W W W twice and 've reported these for that Phone Firm and would love to understand how the type of prohibited task is being allowed. When you telephone back the number your message you personally receive is that it's been disconnected. I 've had text messages out of Pupils and on investigation found these students had never text ed to my Amount before and it is simply since I 've had the Amount Abruptly they 've Comprised it within their text messages and a few of the text messages relate to my phone calls to Buddies. How that calls are hacked and time is wasted on these useless text messages is incomprehensible. Wonder what kind of Schooling they're participating within future criminals.

Post by Chris,

9713732958 Left a voice mail asserting to become part of just one Obama programs and said they can help lower interest for 2. 9 Think they shifted the scam out of security for this

Post by Bill,

971-373-2958 I rec call from W W W. I have rec calls from many numbers without leaving any message on my answering machine. All of these Telephone Amounts Getaway t any Owner id. I 've spoken to my Senator he said there Actually USN t any National Do not Call List. He discussed the Congress could t agree on terms. Ye. There's a Registry but nothing is done. I 've rec calls from a Firm claiming for become a Electricity Firm. I 've had enough of your Outside right harassment out of these callers. After all we really don t know if they re legitimate companies or scam artist . Honestly I think they re scam artists. I 've bought telephone block service from my cell phone Company and that's helped but it just holds W number so I always 've for juggle the Amounts. Please Alert your local politicians and under no certain conditions express how much the has become a Difficulty for you . Just one Owner calls me instantly back. Tell me that not harassment .

Post by jallen,

9713732958 Leave me alone. The when called back says it is disconnected. . . .

Post by j,

971-373-2958 That Oregon links a your top are broken.

Post by R A Morton,

9713732958 3 calls within 5 minutes all to my work cell phone.

Post by ses390,

971-373-2958 I too obtained 4 to 6 calls per daytime since mid Sept Thur Oct 3. Within annoyance I checked my Artwork wireless website and was searching into blocked calls 4. W per month when there was mention of using that don't phone registry. I checked the registry and found that I could list Telephone which were bothering me. I did so and crossing my fingers have not gotten a telephone since that Road. Great luck

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2072451411 Complains by Guest,

This Amount is a political phone. Call it back and it may remove your own Telephone Amount. . . . .

8104491678 Complains by Guest,


4803050717 Complains by Guest,

Rude Woman trying for Amass on debt out of W years ago

2135377011 Complains by cody,

Called said they were from Yellow Pages, and wanted to make sure we have the correct number. I was at work. They said they needed my first and last name. Then they asked me for my title. I told them leasing agent, they said "they didnt have that in their system so they would put down manager." Then they asked me for my date of birth for security purposes, i said i would not give that info, so they said "well for our forms can i put May 23?" I said no, and asked them for a phone to call their supervisor, she gave me the number 1-877-917-6122. DO NOT GIVE OUT INFO TO THESE PEOPLE!

5167260044 Complains by Guest,

On telephone back you get a Registered solicitation.

8132420690 Complains by Puzzled,

I got a call from this number.  They left a message.  I have no idea who it is or why they would be calling my phone.  The gentleman speaks with a spanish accent and says he is calling from jail and that he got my number from a friend and that I HAVE TO CALL.  When I do a reverse search the following information comes up:  "(856) 361-3041 is a land line based in Camden, NJ".  I do not know anyone in New Jersey.

8132906200 Complains by phyllis,

Don t value a phoned telephone at 6 W a. m. Notably if it is a solicitation call. You're now blocked on my phone.

2085522114 Complains by Guest,

Your Amount Revealed was W W W extra Number was shown Not confident your number is for this particular line. Phone was telling me my computer was not Performing for Windows Changes. Played along and he said he demand some info for Personally update my computer. I then told him I had an Apple and it would not respond for Windows Upgraded and he hung Upward.

8002452813 Complains by Guest,

says he s virgin needs sex

8002596907 Complains by greg,

i have also been experiencing the same thing with these people. they call all daytime but never leave a message. i called back 3 times once i got occupied Sign Subsequently i got a the Amount isn't within service then someone replied and said it was the financial services Firm and who can i need for Talk to. yes. really Unusual.

8001301196 Complains by Guest,

Simply God could help

8002411442 Complains by X,

Owner was exceedingly rude and never once said exactly why he was calling. I told him that person he was looking for left that company around a year Past and he behaved like i was lying. Still not confident what that call was for.

8002755256 Complains by Ron B,

Old couple who Skip Switch. Not thus often

8002309181 Complains by Guest,

Tease for much

8002059297 Complains by Jeannie,

Called twice today. Left no message.

8002323130 Complains by Pissed Consumer,

Fake AT amp T phishing site for identity theft Boosting Web. . com Reported to Go Dad maltreatment via HTTP support Facility. go Father. com Abuse Report Site should become gone within a few hours LOSERS.

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