9722443943 / 972-244-3943

Telephone information: AT&T Local. Plano, TX. Collin. United states
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Post by danella,

9722443943 Hello I am always getting calls out of this number at least twice a daytime and they never leave a message. I tried calling it back but get nothing. I would Recommend Simply blocking your number.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 they call when I answer they hang Upward and could not return call it is a active signal

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Silence after I answered.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 Florida Called twice no message I try and call back the line dozen t ring

Post by Guest,

9722443943 caller calls and asks for a said Man when you personally state that said person isn't at the Amount and never was Afterward they get terrible and there surely is no manner for reach that Individuals back. . trust and believe me this can be becoming on my dam nerves so who ever calls from this Amount better stop or i can have your local sheriff do something about it. they could and may Monitor your number to whatever address its overly. . SECOND WARNING I Can Be CALLING Within A SHERIFF REPORT About The Number To HELP MYSELF AND EVERYONE ES LE HAVING THESE Problems Along with The Amount. .

Post by Annoyed,

972-244-3943 They're trying for get you for sign Upward for Obama attention. Told them I did t need my identity Taken. They slammed down that phone.

Post by Linda,

9722443943 Calls Often and hangs Upward. quite annoying.

Post by A. B. Normal,

972-244-3943 Acquired two calls 3 W W from the number. Your first caller said he was calling from a phone center in New Port Richie FL. Your caller ID said Plano TX. Subsequently he said he was offering dental insurance through Obama Attention. Second Owner said that same but got quite belligerent and called me one of those Tea Party member s and I was destroying American Democracy. He also said if I did t get insurance I was breaking that law. Sound enjoy they're trying pressure to get data with your muse that your own are breaking your law. It is thus wonderful how Fast people use a law for commit crimes. Buyer beware this really is a scam.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 As stated by others below I get a dead Telephone line when I response this Amount. thanks for that Opinions below they re helpful to understand it s a scam. I may Discontinue Buying up that Telephone.

Post by Tom,

972-244-3943 Telephone 3 times a day

Post by Guest,

9722443943 They're asking to your healthier. Including sexual security number. . . . .

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 keeps calling my Residence. Each time they telephone no express speaks but someone is on that line then a hangup. Four times within two times.

Post by posink.com,

9722443943 Keep calling an hang up as shortly as Telephone is answered.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 Annoying Owner says he is quot American Medical and Dental. quot . Caller ID displays quot Unknown. quot . Not legitimate.

Post by Ar Be,

9722443943 Really. We all are going for die someday.

Post by Ar Be,

972-244-3943 At a charge.

Post by PB,

9722443943 I have received multiple calls from this Amount with no message multiple times within 3 times. Gripes can be filed at Web. FCC. gov complaints

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 Called at 8 W a. m. . . Did t leave message.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Owner calls and asks for a said person when you say that said person isn't at the number and never was then they get horrible and there's no way for reach that people back. . trust and believe me that is getting on my dam nerves thus who ever calls from this number better stop or i may have the local sheriff do something Around it. they can and may Monitor the Amount for whatever address its too. .

Post by Ar Be,

972-244-3943 Really. We all are going to die someday.

Post by Ar Be,

9722443943 Phone Businesses will charge for block numbers. My phone package Permits me for only block W Amounts. Worthless contemplating how many scam calls I get in a single daytime.

Post by lilbit,

972-244-3943 I got a telephone out of the Amount today Installed Upward after 3 rings. I 'm also on that Don't Phone list.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Keeps calling and hanging Upward.

Post by Mary,

972-244-3943 Phone rang 3 times and Quit. Google search says this area code and exchange is a VIP from Plano Texas. Blocked em.

Post by Ar Be,

9722443943 Telephone Businesses can charge to block numbers. My Telephone Bundle Enables me for simply block W numbers. Worthless considering how many scam calls I get in a single daytime.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 Installed up after I answered

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Received a phone out of W W. Caller delayed responding due to probably working behind an Automobile Call er. When they eventually responded they started quot This is that National Association for. . . quot I prompted them to hurry it Upwards and they said quot Never mind quot and Afterward Put Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 Calls four or five times a day. When I reply they hang Upwards. I consider this really is a scam telephone. Adding my number to some bulk list to sale for future sales calls.

Post by Mike,

9722443943 You can would a few things to Decrease the Sum of calls but you personally cannot Quit them completely brief of becoming rid of your own phone. 1. Never reply calls out of numbers you do not Kobe. Never telephone them back for see who they're. Get a phone with a Assembled in phone blocker buy a call blocking Product. Don't Select Upward and hang up either. If it is really important they ll leave a message doing 1 2 and 4 lets them understand your an active Amount and what times to telephone I can these and rarely get calls but each once in awhile they come but not as many. I have for delete a few blocked numbers and block the new People from time to time. The phone I 've lets a blocked number ring once but the newer model dozen t even ring once when blocked. I could t remember the site but if your phone has VIP available there is a service that utilizes that Operate with the constantly growing list for block Rob calls. I 'm Very certain your service is free. They are the People who won your Authorities Tournament to Finish Rob callers.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 Quiet calls before telephone ends.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Telephone repeatedly then they hang up or line goes dead after just one ring.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 It's really annoying when you get repeated calls from the same number with no one ever answering. They consistently hang Upward. When you attempt to phone back it s enjoy that number dozen t work. Cease HARASSING MY HOUSE. . .

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Phone all your time hang Advantages all your time on replying machine

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 Won t leave voice send hangs up block the Place code iii were you.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Chronic amp aggravating.

Post by Ar Be,

972-244-3943 Phone companies may charge to block numbers. My phone Bundle allows me to simply block W numbers. Worthless contemplating how many scam calls I get in a single daytime.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Called at W W am don t know of anyone within Irvine Texas Or have any business with anyone for the reason that area. I 'm on the National Don't Call Registry. I won't respond for an unidentifiable telephone. Please stop the harassment.

Post by aj,

972-244-3943 No Result when I answer or rings and stops before I can response but calls repeatedly.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 It s a scheme Directed at people along with relatives within Spanish speaking States. The guy tells me he s my nephew and guess his name Subsequently tells me he is at your HOUR airport and INS has for verify his Records hands me over to your Official who I answered within English but he was mute and would t Chat English. He Installed Upward on me meanwhile I phone my within law she tells me its not him. These people attempt to surprise you so you personally volunteer your private information in order to defraud you personally. Called my Port Arthur Cops they Set me on hold no help from them.

Post by Ksmith,

972-244-3943 I waited for several Bands and because I was expecting a telephone from this Region code I answered that automated voice said great bye.

Post by Ar Be,

9722443943 At a charge.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 annoying telephone multiple times and hang Upwards unable for reach them back consistently telephone at dinner i want them DC as I 'm Ina DC and they're within Violation

Post by to lefty,

9722443943 What can you personally mean.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 Don t state anything and when calling back its constantly active. Are no response.

Post by Alice in Texas,

9722443943 This number was calling me repeatedly. I Simply place my phone not for ring when it calls. I 'm on the DC list.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 They telephone several times you personally reply line goes not alive .

Post by Martha n tX,

9722443943 Same thing called asking about insurance. Would not identify whom they're with. and Installed Upward on me. . Another annoying scam. .

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 3 W W. That Owner indicated she was calling about your affordable care act and Inquired if I had insurance. I said yes and she immediately hung Upward.

Post by donald dorman,

9722443943 please locate a manner to block these calls i m on the national don't telephone list. hangs up as shortly as a human express says anything. even foreign language

Post by to lefty,

972-244-3943 What would you personally mean.

Post by lefty is,

9722443943 humorous. got a phone. left no message. simply a Amount on caller id.

Post by Ar Be,

972-244-3943 At a charge.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Called me earlier the morning. I live in Florida amp don t understand anyone within Plano Irvine Texas. I tried calling back amp got active Transmission for three hours. . . I provide up. I m on a quot NO Telephone quot list from advertiser s overly .

Post by Frank,

972-244-3943 got a phone Now 2 W W asked Around insurance. told them i was on the don't call list they said they were along with the National Authorities and that did not Implement. i Inquired Around exactly why their name was blocked on my caller ID they hung Upward. must become a scam.

Post by Guest,

9722443943 Calls have come in three times Recently and Now but dozen t speak and leaves no message. Scary

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 pedophile association

Post by danella,

9722443943 Hi I am always becoming calls out of the Amount at least twice a daytime and they never leave a message. I tried calling it back but get nothing. I would Recommend Only blocking your number.

Post by Guest,

972-244-3943 keeps calling and hanging up

Post by L. D. Rafey,

9722443943 Obtained a phone out of this Amount. No message left. First time because of this telephone. I 'm on Do No Telephone List.

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7872141921 Complains by Guest,

I have Directed} messages telling them for stop calling and they wont. Its something for XML radio

8012431930 Complains by vgh,


6784188707 Complains by Guest,

He has threatened me

4155180190 Complains by Guest,


2892719707 Complains by Guest,

Ministry Registered

3072996590 Complains by Guest,

the guy plays games and isn't serious quite stalker like.

6516984075 Complains by Guest,

Calls numerous times a daily. Rob call

8133372596 Complains by Jim,

I gotten your same message I saw you re Photo online. Your Hot add me along with yahoo Msgr. Adriana's so we could get for no each other better

8003100566 Complains by ?,

This number is for Ni cor Gas. If you don t response after they phone you three times they consider you personally unreachable. They don t phone unless you personally owe money on your Invoice. I suggest you Speak for them because their next step is they schedule you to 've your own Petrol turned off for non payment.

8003180612 Complains by putri nova,

Lu Philadelphia jato Sand Facebook

8042055226 Complains by Kat,

Cool called and Inquired who was in charge of marketing for our Business. After listening to his spiel I told him that we were not interested and that we were happy along with your Business that we 're currently using. This guy would not shut up. He could not believe that we were not interested within making more cash and Enhancing the company by using his services. I don t understand how many manners I had for state NO before I eventually Installed up on him. I understand that these Folks 've a Occupation for do but that is downright annoying. No means No. Thanks for this representative if we ever consider Changing Businesses we won't be using Artwork Promotion.

8002857701 Complains by Tina,

Yes Gerber Life Co

8002058422 Complains by Khan,

Got out of this unknown number

8003117700 Complains by Jenn,

We get calls from the Card Member Services at least 7 times a week. Each time we can we report it. It dozen t do a dam bit of great. . I think the DC is a Enormous joke. . a joke on us. . they demand to shut that Business down. . . They're a Absolute scam and don t can anything for lower rates they Simply need the credit card numbers thus they can rack up the Prices. Thankfully I don t have any credit cards. . . Humorous part is they're Merely randomly calling Amounts as we have an unlisted unpublished number that we've given to NO Just one. . . I wish these bottom feeders would go away.

8000000009 Complains by Sweetie,

Sweetie i got a phone telephone out of this phone number W W W on the W W W at 1. PM they was asking for someone elf. But after i got off that Telephone along with this Female I phone this number back and i could t get anyone. . . It say this number is Outside or order. But if it was Outside or order how did she phone.

8003092780 Complains by anon,

Your Actual Ch ex Systems info is here HTTP Web. Client debit. com consumer info people en index. HTML

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