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Telephone information: Mci Worldcom Communications. Plano, TX. Collin. United states
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Post by Guest,

9723721105 PLEASE block

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Harassment . . .

Post by stephanie,

9723721105 My boyfriend was getting these calls on his cell phone that previous couple of times. His ex Partner is in greenfly county on a failure to Look. I thought it could possibly have been her until reading these post.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Same thing everyone else is saying . . . I m reporting it as nicely. .

Post by Lorene Kerby,

9723721105 I have gotten calls out of this Amount multiple times a daytime for that last 3 weeks. How do we block this from your cell Telephones.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 VIM said it was a correctional facility

Post by Jesse96,

9723721105 Same number called me and it said Greenfly County jail from a Crystal. I have Police within my family not inmates. I got two calls today from an unregistered number and replied your second 1 but Put up when Understood it was part of that same scam.

Post by lfrazier,

972-372-1105 I gotten a telephone out of dis number it was bf in Pulaski county jail I acquired a W sec phone phone by pressing 5 I loaded W dollars and gotten 2 W minute calls

Post by Linda,

9723721105 Its a telephone from a Prison or prison these Areas use this service its no 1 Set its State wide its a prepaid service for someone within Prison or prison for phone you.

Post by marie,

972-372-1105 Worldwide tel link Costs like W dollars for a W Second collect call out of Penitentiary if it s a state Penitentiary. . . if it s a county jail they charge like W dollars for W minutes.

Post by jr,

9723721105 we would understand Folks in Penitentiary its not them comes up max security . Had my phone number for W years. Perhaps its new numbers many of you've and Convict Attempting for phone family that shifted their number thus they won t 've for feel guilty not allowing telephone go through LOLA Shame Set inmates for WORK .

Post by Jennifer,

972-372-1105 The Mindless number has called me twice Now. I was racking my brain for think of who i knew might maintain jail. Mine said Darling Lot county SC. I could not create out your name if they even said 1 i Put Upward.

Post by upstate2sc,

9723721105 This Number CALLED ME LAST Night AT 9 The This MORNING AT 8 Am. PLEASE Cease I DON T Know ANYONE From SC Notably NO Just one In JAIL

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 It s a collect call from a state county Prison. An inmate most likely someone you personally know is Striving for call you that dozen t 've funds for would so themselves.

Post by Bothered,

9723721105 I obtained 4 phone calls from this Amount Now but did not reply. I dialed W and the number from my Residence Telephone and was unable for get a dial tone.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 can t identify

Post by Karen,

9723721105 This number has called my cell phone several times around your last two days. The User said that is a Amass call from and Afterward it cuts off.

Post by J C SMITH,

972-372-1105 That Don't Phone Program Appears For Be A JOKE. I VIE HAD IT FOR Around A YEAR AND NOTHING HAS Shifted. The CALLS COME ALL Daytime From Overly MANY POLITICIANS I Consider AND Have TRACED Some.

Post by Bothered,

9723721105 I got calls the last couple days

Post by *concerned,

972-372-1105 Did you personally get a call out of the Amount and the name was Anthony Tony . . Did it say a last name. .

Post by alicia,

9723721105 what's your name of your prison

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 somebody was calling me out of a maximum security prison. . . . I don't have any Notion who they are and could not understand their name. . . . . Want this number for Quit calling Meir

Post by CAD GIRL,

9723721105 Stop CALLING MY NUMBER

Post by mrsmoore,

972-372-1105 do you personally know him and why does he Only type within haphazard Amounts i mean that's crazy Particularly when Folks have there own loved ones in Parisian and by him calling Individuals like that that gets people all worked up over your loved 1 cause its not enjoy we can pick up your phone and phone the loved 1 back to create confident that they're Ok. . . HE NEEDS To STOP

Post by Guest,

9723721105 Banjo

Post by Olivarez55,

972-372-1105 He called Now at 9 but hang up

Post by Jessica,

9723721105 Marie. . the calls Stadium t that expensive. . W dollars gets me twenty five calls. . out of a prison

Post by Princess,

972-372-1105 Acquired a call from W W W and later from W W W. They left a VIM on your W phone Around receiving a free W second phone and placing Upwards an account. It sounded like I just received a Percentage of your pare Registered message. I did t answer either phone since I did t 've them in my Associates and blocked them both.

Post by valerie,

9723721105 I m not answering it . . . if one of my Pals is within a Texas Penitentiary he could save. up some Cash and phone from a payphone. . if they don t have a payphone Ailing Find up with them when they get out. . .

Post by pinky,

972-372-1105 i don't know who is calling from this number. they keep calling my cell not my Residence number. i would like for this particular for stop.

Post by citizen,

9723721105 This comes out of Greenfly county Jain l Greenfly SC check a Jordan Bishop and Antony Smith house there

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Said they had a Gather call out of jail. This telephone was left on answering machine and was not answered.

Post by Guest,

9723721105 Called me at PM at night. . Scam call

Post by Laurence,

972-372-1105 I am getting calls from the number 3 or 4 times a daytime Looking me to except a collect phone. This really is my cell Telephone and I 'm on the do not call list. This just started today thus Monday I may go for my phone Business and see I can get the blocked. Would anyone know who this can be and how I can get this Discontinued don t understand any 1 in your Greenfly state pencil. Don t understand how they got my cell .

Post by alice,

9723721105 please stop these calls coming to my Amount because I don't anyone in Texas.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 won t stop calling

Post by Susan,

9723721105 I 'm getting a collect call from the same number its seems to become a pay Telephone within a TX Penitentiary and I am in SC and I don t understand anyone who is within Prison or ever been in jail.

Post by Aaminah,

972-372-1105 Grater Toyota state prison

Post by RR,

9723721105 I have been getting calls out of the number for enjoy the last 2 weeks and I have no idea whats going on. It says it s a Amass telephone from an prisoner but I ant comprehend your name. Is the a prank or scam or Merely a few arbitrary Face er. Usually my phone Truly disconnects itself but still your calls continue about 3 times a day. What s the Cope along with the.

Post by shelly,

972-372-1105 now the fluted is calling me.

Post by alicia,

9723721105 what's that name of the prison

Post by Pete,

972-372-1105 I got a call from this number overly. The first call was on W W W at 8 PM. Then another phone your next day at 8 PM. That first call was a hang up on their Finish. The second phone was a recorded message saying you've a Amass call from. . . then it hangs Upward. I dint understand who the turd brain is but I wish they d Cease calling me.

Post by Laurie,

9723721105 Searching at 5 pages of Folks getting phone calls out of this number tells me there surely is a glitch in your correctional Association. I have gotten calls from this number and Additionally another W number that I just checked and same matter from a Penitentiary. So Way I haven t answered any of them as I don t answer numbers I don t know who they are from. And yes they're calling my cell Telephone repeatedly occasionally 4 times a daytime for that previous week.

Post by Jude,

972-372-1105 This can be a scam Owner states this really is a Amass Channel out of . In Greenfly SC prison will you personally accept charges. I am a Charleston county police officer and I will attempt to get to that Base of the scam. I don't know anyone within prison and Simply enjoy another Publishing this appears for be a scam.

Post by Guest,

9723721105 Phone said they were from POLK COUNTY Prison in Florida. They said they had a Gather telephone for me but I Wanted to pay a Payment to put the call through.

Post by Tmoney,

972-372-1105 Person I got a phone Now Purchase the Amount. It s different Individuals. Because I understand my ex Only went for DJ enjoy two times Past. So she s obviously calling me from your Greenfly detention Centre. I live within south Carolina. They use the number thus you can t telephone back.

Post by emalie harrison,

9723721105 Quit calling my Amount. Dint understand you personally. Dint desire for know you. The Harrison's

Post by steve,

972-372-1105 unknown caller

Post by nora,

9723721105 i got the same call from the number it's someone within Parisian i didn't Take the call either

Post by Kwoody,

972-372-1105 I acquired a telephone alts night out of this Amount. I don't understand anyone out of Greenfly and could t recognize that name. I am glad i go ogled it this afternoon to see all this info. I 'm happy Around sites enjoy this to help figure matters like this out.

Post by Khali,

9723721105 I obtained a telephone from the Amount twice Now and could not comprehend your name of your Individual and then it stated that i had to add cash to your Man. . . It stressed me Additionally due for my own reasons. i need it for stop phone in my house

Post by Dad,

972-372-1105 I 'm getting these calls. I know someone in there but they are not calling me.

Post by Guest,

9723721105 The number called me I answered it and the Individual did t say their name Only to press a number. But I had to be Related to customer service to Set cash on before I could Chat to the person. .

Post by nora,

972-372-1105 i got that same phone out of this Amount it's someone within Parisian i didn't accept your telephone either

Post by J C SMITH,

9723721105 The Do not Phone Application Looks To Be A JOKE. I VIE HAD IT FOR Over A YEAR AND NOTHING HAS Shifted. That CALLS COME ALL Daytime Out of Overly MANY POLITICIANS I Believe AND Have TRACED Some.

Post by Doesn't matter what my name is!,

972-372-1105 This called me yesterday and X today. I dint ENE answer it anymore. Only left a message the first daytime. I didn't Notice it very great but it was talking about adding money to a Gather phone or something along those lines. Now they dint even leave a message. That Amount shows Upwards as Plano Texas.

Post by misvirgo,

9723721105 I keep getting this phone Amount W W W. Someone out of the Amount keeps calling my cell Telephone. I don t understand anyone at this Amount. Do i get this person for Quit calling.

Post by rita,

972-372-1105 This number comes Upwards when someone you personally understand or someone who knows your number calls you from Prison or prison. It is not 1 Man calling. This Amount comes Upwards when ANYONE calls out of Prison or prison. It is a Amass phone and you would need to set Upwards a prepaid account on your own cell Telephone or accept that Gather Prices. My sons Father calls out of a SC Penitentiary from the number.

Post by Debbie,

9723721105 got a call while within church service. . . . . . . did not response it. now reading the other post I will not answer the phone. My phone stays off alto because I use it for MY advantage not others to fuss me. Gee you are able to have no privacy anymore

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Call said I received a collect telephone out of an prisoner in Oakland Co. jail. I Put Upward. I ll be reporting too.

Post by Annoyed,

9723721105 I get calls from this number all day every day and have been for many months now. I got it blocked by my wireless provider but it's just free for W times. Any Tips.

Post by aaminah,

972-372-1105 Its grater Toyota and wen the number calls reply it till your Images come Upward asking u to press Amounts press 4 and u place it Upward from there

Post by Guest,

9723721105 Something needs for be done about these Individuals calling at a late nighttime its Actually annoying is Only Dumb spam BS Telephone call

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 The number is used for inmates for call home Business is Link Network TL

Post by Tiff,

9723721105 I m receiving two for three calls a daytime I would like for know who the person is what s his name and what he need from me and how did he get my Amount because I don t recognize the number in any respect.

Post by RC,

972-372-1105 I came Residence to a phone from the number at 6 W am . . That mad thing is I'm a guard at an SC Penitentiary and it freaks me out because I am praying none of that inmates have obtained my Amount within anyway. . is this Merely a few type of scam or Real inmates

Post by Upstate, SC,

9723721105 Me too same number

Post by marie,

972-372-1105 Global tel link Costs like W dollars for a W minute Gather call out of Penitentiary if it s a state prison. . . if it s a county Prison they charge like W dollars for W minutes.

Post by Aaminah,

9723721105 Grater Toyota state prison

Post by Hos,

972-372-1105 I have been becoming nuisance calls out of this number. That Region code is for your Texas TX area. Who is calling me. I don t understand anyone in TX.

Post by Guest,

9723721105 Penitentiary Owner. . . . . .

Post by Jude,

972-372-1105 That is a scam Owner states this really is a collect telephone from . Within Greenfly SC prison can you personally Take Prices. I am a Charleston county Cops Specialist and I can attempt to get to the bottom of this scam. I don't understand anyone in Penitentiary and Simply enjoy the other Publishing this appears for be a scam.

Post by Guest,

9723721105 I vie gotten 5 Telephone calls out of this phone number today. I Getaway t replied any of them but they leave a Registered express mail every time. That first part of your express send is cut off but Subsequently it says that same as what others 've said quot . . . Take that call for a free W second conversation. quot I m calling Verizon for have this number blocked thus I don t receive any more calls.

Post by unknown,

972-372-1105 Telephone in my own cell ID who cant understand name of who it's


9723721105 That is SPAM Don't Reply they left voice mail with phone to telephone back W W Before you Reply for their calls even if it from family or friends you research what you personally re getting yourself into. Their track record for customer maltreatment is terrible. Google International Tel Link complaints at that dread Narratives. Prime example is Getting W. W on your own credit card for supposedly 5 to 7 five minute Amass calls out of an inmate and get only just one Five minute call on your twenty five dollars for become charged away. Oh and once your Prisoner makes a Accumulate call for your requirements it won t let you accept that phone it tells you personally to set Upwards a credit card account first and if you personally don t Take the call or arena t there to Collection evident ally it rolls around to a computerized remember system harassing you personally to death to setup an account. They phone your own prepaid cell phone Amount prepared to get screwed in losing time. And computerized calls within the State are prohibited to Start along with. Caller ID Normally expressionless or simply your Owner Global Tel Link Caller Type Commercial Caller Worldwide Tel Link

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Its not a scam its what everyone said someone within Prison calling collect. And your prisoner must 've your name on a list so its someone you know.

Post by T,

9723721105 stressed but ignored.

Post by mopar man,

972-372-1105 its your Accumulate phone center for county jail and Penitentiary. . . . . someone in jail is Attempting to call you as an ex guard. i know inmates who phone a Amount haphazard. . and play away like there a Pal of your family I'm your Friends absolute best pal please help me get within Contact with him Merely to get you personally for Line them money for there account with your cell phone. response that phone listen for your name it's no charge for you personally at this point. . if you dint know your name listen to the prom ts on the message it has a way for block. . . etc press 3 to block the telephone. .

Post by Guest,

9723721105 called after W W hrs. . . . . I did not response. . . . . they did not left express mail

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Discontinue calling.

Post by Guest,

9723721105 I vie received several calls from the Amount but I knew not for reply due to the scams they're doing now cheers to your Tv News . I did your reverse Telephone Amount and found Outside it was Actually a scam. We've for become conscious of phone numbers we don t understand please don t answer any Telephone call where you personally don t understand that caller it Likely will cost you personally a lot of money. T. Young

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Never answered. Don t know anyone along with the number. Did Change Amount check and located Outside it is SPAM. DON T Answer This Number.

Post by candi,

9723721105 Just got a telephone from this Amount. It said you have a Amass call from the state pen center. Looked up Amount and its from Texas.

Post by Scott,

972-372-1105 I m a police officer within Ohio and investigated unwanted phone calls from W W W. The number belongs to International Tel Link which is a collect phone service that's contracted along with prisons so that inmates can make pare paid calls. If the number is always calling you and you want it to Cease telephone International Tel Link at 1 W W W. Choose the quick that will allow you to Discuss to a live person and advise them you want your own Amount blocked thus you no More get calls out of them. They may take down your own number and put a block on it thus which you may no More get calls that go through them. My complainant was Additionally receiving unwanted calls from W W W and W W W which is Additionally Related with Global Tel link. the Region code W is out of Texas and they have a call center within Dallas that inmate calls get routed through. Your convict could become calling from another state but it gets routed through their Texas phone Centre thus those W numbers show up on Owner ID. When you have them block your own Amount these W calls should Cease also. Expect the helps.

Post by Theresa A Bostic,

9723721105 I get the phone once or twice a week and state they are a Accumulate phone and then hangs up on you personally.

Post by SC ExCon,

972-372-1105 After reading Scott Ms post it makes feeling. . . type of. I Simply got out of the SC Department of corrections last year and your manner it worked at least while I was within was the inmate had to mail a paper request sort to those he she wanted for Accumulate phone. Simply after that kind was mailed back to SC DC by Individual the convict Needed to call thus approving their number would your con be allowed for Face that number. I just had a couple Accepted s while i was locked Upwards. . . Mom Dad Partner etc. At least while I was locked Upwards inmates Warren t allowed for Only telephone arbitrary numbers. Your phone would simply let you dial Your Accepted numbers. On top of that I vie got an from state cell Telephone so how did they even believe to telephone a Amount from 9 states away. I concur along with everyone s paranoia. . . It s most likely inmates running a scam. They demand to look for an honest hustle enjoy doing tattoos or selling cigarettes. . . LOLA

Post by Linda,

9723721105 Its a phone from a Prison or prison these places use the service its no 1 Set its Country wide its a prepaid service for someone in Prison or prison to call you.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Its Capital 1 Fiscal. I notion it was a prison phone overly.

Post by ill get u,

9723721105 i got a phone phone too Dumb number it appears to become a scam. . . . become aw ere folks. . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by John Adair,

972-372-1105 Obtained a telephone out of the number. Some type of Registered message which I could not comprehend.

Post by mrsmoore,

9723721105 how do you understand him and why does he Simply kind in random Amounts i mean that is mad Specially when Individuals have there own loved ones within Parisian and by him calling people enjoy that that gets people all worked Upwards around your loved 1 cause its not like we could Choose Upwards that Telephone and call our loved 1 back to make certain that they are Okay. . . HE NEEDS To STOP

Post by nora,

972-372-1105 i got the same phone from this Amount it's someone within Parisian i didn't accept the phone either

Post by jennifer,

9723721105 it's a Accumulate telephone out of a prison

Post by dj,

972-372-1105 I obtained a phone out of this number and three other similar numbers today. No 1 know is locked Upwards and if they were I surely would t desire them calling my cell in any respect hours of that daytime. I called your number Scott posted within an earlier message here and had them block my number. . . here s hoping it works.

Post by Irritated,

9723721105 I called my wireless provider and thankfully they will not allow Amass calls. I called my Company correct after I gotten the telephone from W W W. They Guaranteed me there would not become any charges got to your Telephone.

Post by Aggravated,

972-372-1105 I vie been getting your same calls as well it started yesterday. They vie been calling all evening Now. Asking me to send cash or open an account with a credit card for accept a Accumulate phone or something enjoy that to your Greens burg Prison. I tried calling back along with a blocked Amount but the telephone would t Entire as dialed. It s Actually annoying.

Post by tiredofthecalls,

9723721105 W what's this Amount.

Post by kayla,

972-372-1105 what number is this

Post by UNKNOWN,

9723721105 I 've had 4 calls today from the number. . W W W. I never have replied any of them. This is on a cell number. . where they becoming that Amounts at.

Post by Sandra Huff,

972-372-1105 I Simply started receiving calls on my cell from the number but i never reply 1 time i did and they were Looking me to except a Gather call and i Discount it i just understand one Individual in prison in SC correct now and i do not desire him calling me he knows i 'm happily married but Only will not offer up so someone please tell me what for do about this i would value it quite definitely.

Post by V,

9723721105 I Only got the call from your SC Prison. I answered it only because I got Individuals in Houston thus I did t believe twice. i did not accept your Costs and just hung up.

Post by David Hickey,

972-372-1105 Automated Result for a Gather telephone I Put up immediately. This really is the third phone but the first time I replied it but Put up when I Comprehended it was a collect telephone.

Post by Cook,

9723721105 I got Line calls from the Amount W W amp W W on Lay}. 9 W W. Found out it's coming from a Vegetables berg prison S. C. or TX. I understand no just one within prison. My nephew is a along with state prosecutors office may report it to them Additionally.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 a few prison

Post by Eric,

9723721105 This can be an incoming phone out of a prison. Many prisons use International Tel link for Link inmates for that outside world. The Business is terrible and as others 've said they charge usurious rates. If you desire for regularly Link along with someone in Penitentiary have them make certain with a counselor that this is that very best Alternative which your Prison Lets. If there surely is no better Choice I Recommend you consider getting a burner phone with that same Region code as your prison not the Place code that appears on your phone you personally should Google your town that the Prison is physically within . I 'm an Lawyer and can the along with inmates that demand to maintain continuous contact. The may allow you personally for get your price advertised at the Starting of the telephone. Burners are Accessible anywhere they sell phones. I use a W AT amp T Telephone out of Best Purchase.

Post by Shorty,

972-372-1105 I Merely gotten a call out of this same Amount and couldn't understand what his name was. I don't have any hint how they got my number and would like for them to Cease calling.

Post by sheila h,

9723721105 Cant we just report the mess for your prisons maybe your Governor.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Called really late at night thought which was quite odd

Post by Judy,

9723721105 I Merely obtained a phone the same number W W W from my cell Telephone. I didn't answer it since it was not a familiar Amount. As I go ogled that number looks enjoy I am not your simply one. How do they get the numbers. Do they Merely Begin calling any numbers.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 Called me at W W pm and said that it was an convict at the Oakland County Prison. They said a name but I did t Get it. . Then they said that I could accept the telephone for a free W second talk. Afterward they told me for call a 1 W number to add funds. . . I have never gotten a phone call enjoy the. . . I Installed up your phone and did a reverse look up and it says that it is a business acreage line Telephone within Plano Texas. . .

Post by Guest,

9723721105 Said it was a Amass telephone out of Salt Lake County Prison but that I had to make a payment before the call could come through. . . I believe this to become a scam as a manner for Take money.

Post by Alicia,

972-372-1105 It s David Modified within Plano TX.

Post by Star,

9723721105 I m getting Thai calls overly. I researched Thai Amount thoroughly and Yes it is a scam. At I notion it was my boy got locked Upward but turned Outside they Containers tr yin ta get u ta Place cash on a card etc. Its an old scam. Be warned.

Post by Guest,

972-372-1105 same as everyone else.

Post by Linda,

9723721105 Its a phone out of a jail or Penitentiary these Areas use this service its no one Put its Country Extensive its a prepaid service for someone in Prison or prison to call you personally.

Post by LC,

972-372-1105 I GET THEM ALL That TIME. The LAST One I GOT WAS ON W W AT 7 PM

Post by Jesse96,

9723721105 Same number called me and it said Greenfly County Prison from a Crystal. I have Police in my family not inmates. I got two calls Now from an unregistered Amount and answered that second 1 but Put Upward when Understood it was part of your same scam.

Post by AM,

972-372-1105 I keep becoming calls out of this number as nicely. I want for know the way to locate out who is doing it and the way to make it Quit.

Post by alicia,

9723721105 what is your name of the prison

Post by sushil c mittal,

972-372-1105 unwanted Accumulate phone had me really stressed if loved one Desired help. W

Post by Lisa Garcia,

9723721105 They called me twice yesterday I did not answer your Amount did t appear recognizable thus I did a Change look up. And located Outside that I am not that simply just one becoming called from this Amount.

Post by aaminah,

972-372-1105 Its grater Toyota and wen the number calls reply it till the Images come Upward asking u for press numbers press 4 and u set it Upward from there

Post by Guest,

9723721105 Said it was a Accumulate phone out of Sodium Lake County Prison but that I had for create a payment before that telephone could come through. . . I consider this for become a scam as a way for steal money.

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Edmond Sr out of N. o

7343445959 Complains by Guest,

Called X within a week. No message. Origin says Monroe Mi.

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Called 4 9 times a Day trying to find a quot School quot for me

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just don t need the Man for phone anymore

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This number is no longer in service. Please check the number and try again. message HT

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Offering Dwelling improvement

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It s Section of unemployment

8003362749 Complains by papa,

Only got another phone from the same number. Still did t response still did t get a message.

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They did not leave a message and they Essentially suck at life.

8002505834 Complains by Marti,

Same matter Simply happened for me this evening. I vie reported it to my bank and notified my credit report Business as they had my bank account and my social security . . . . . . . .

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I despise this person

8002119415 Complains by Guest,

block telephone and text.

8002201181 Complains by A Friend,

This can be World Fiscal Network National Bank. It is a credit card Firm.


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8002239100 Complains by H. Marshall,

I get repeated calls from this number every day. When I answer there surely is no one there.

8002374205 Complains by John,

Your number W W W belongs for B amp D Wholesalers we have been not making these calls we 're a Sufferer of a practice called spoofing. Please call Verizon and let them understand what you are experiencing.

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9723721113ViewTel: 972-372-1113**** *********** ****** Plano, TX
9723721117ViewTel: 972-372-1117**** *********** ****** Plano, TX
9723721121ViewTel: 972-372-1121**** *********** ****** Plano, TX
9723721125ViewTel: 972-372-1125**** *********** ****** Plano, TX
9723721129ViewTel: 972-372-1129**** *********** ****** Plano, TX
9723721133ViewTel: 972-372-1133**** *********** ****** Plano, TX
9723721137ViewTel: 972-372-1137**** *********** ****** Plano, TX
9723721141ViewTel: 972-372-1141**** *********** ****** Plano, TX
9723721145ViewTel: 972-372-1145**** *********** ****** Plano, TX

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