9726560522 / 972-656-0522

Telephone information: Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LL. Dallas, TX. Dallas. United states
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79 complaints
Post by kim estrello,

9726560522 Do not call me

Post by K,

972-656-0522 Medical Business. Called Around the service my son acquired with at that er with the Doctor when he was seen your end of July. . Service there Taken so I had no Trouble sharing it

Post by Guest,

9726560522 maintaining to become doing a survey on Account of a hospital never been to.

Post by Bic Mitchum,

972-656-0522 Called at W 'm. No just one on another end of that line. Likely a scam or one of those calls that they threaten you for pay them or they're giving that Police to get you personally. Those calls are quite enjoyable.

Post by Rita,

9726560522 They called to do a survey about a recent visit to the ER.

Post by Wireless User,

972-656-0522 Missed a telephone out of the Amount. No express mail was left by them.

Post by Mama,

9726560522 Acquired a call PM where I was but your area code number for my Telephone would have been PM. Put Upwards correct after I called. We did create an ER See back on Christmas but Actually exactly why call now months afterwards.

Post by charla,

972-656-0522 Called here 2 times and did not Talk on the VIM. No one here has been to that ER but ID says medical Edge DB. How do people block Amounts as I have a few I would adore for block.

Post by Georgia,

9726560522 Received call from the number on a Saturday afternoon replied but no 1 was there. I Installed up.

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 No voice mail left

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Just called me about an er See I had last month I Getaway t been for your hospital within a year. . . fuck outta here

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 Said they were doing a survey for west sound physicians. O never went there.

Post by JF,

9726560522 Called today at PM on Saturday. Did t leave a message. It revealed Texas on that caller ID.

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 She clam she was doing a follow up along with labourer hospital out of when I took my son 2 months ago get from here

Post by Guest,

9726560522 this Amount did not leave message

Post by R2D2,

972-656-0522 Acquired a called Now 1 W W at 3 W PM from Medical Border DB W W W and of course no VIM was left.

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Leave me alone

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 Did t leave a message called back and its a ER survey. . .

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Appears for be component of that hang up scam.

Post by anonymous,

972-656-0522 Called left no message.

Post by charla,

9726560522 Called here 2 times and did not Chat on your VIM. No just one here has been to the ER but ID says medical Border DB. How do people block numbers as I 've a few I would love to block.

Post by LasVegas,

972-656-0522 Called twice today. Did not leave message. Caller ID Medical Edge DB W W W.

Post by Missij,

9726560522 Called about PM PST. Ignored the call because I did t Understand your Amount and Calculated if it was important a message would be left. No message was left.

Post by Corp,

972-656-0522 cheers for all your Records Simply got a telephone out of this Amount and did t answer and they left no message. Think they are keeping you personally on line while Striving to download your own data.

Post by Tammie Jeffers,

9726560522 Called could t Notice anything and they Put up

Post by Ana,

972-656-0522 Girl with a thick Indian Highlight called but told her that Celebration wasn't Accessible and hung Upwards. Called at 9 pm

Post by MIKE,


Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 Maintained to become doing an Analysis of a Doctor s assistant whom I was Guessed for 've seen during an ER visit. No 1 identified themselves to me by that name your woman said she was evaluating or by that title Philadelphia. The caller was apologetic and Put up but it was Unusual nonetheless.

Post by Dave B,

9726560522 Called and did not leave a message.

Post by some dude,

972-656-0522 obtained a phone out of the Amount. rang once left no message.

Post by evie,

9726560522 Inquired if i could hear him

Post by Irked,

972-656-0522 Called but did t leave a message.

Post by Tina,

9726560522 I got this same phone telephone but they were asking of exactly why my 4 yr old was in that ER and they Additionally desire to can a survey. I told them I could t talk Around my kids with anyone else without court orders. Or unless I 'm talking for them face to face. She also has an extremely powerful Indian Feature and my Telephone ID Owner was showing me Texas but it s an international Amount. Two 1 within the Starting.

Post by CW,

972-656-0522 Called Now at 2 W PM left no message

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Medical survey after an crisis room visit really benign

Post by EAM,

972-656-0522 telephone for my Partner. a low voice along with a hard Highlight. Needed to Talk either for my Partner or whoever had legal Protector boat over him. The Owner did not want to leave a message or explain the motive. My husband was not available and certainly dozen t 've a legal guardian . The was a fishing expedition.

Post by Treesong,

9726560522 I got a express mail Today 4 9 W at 8 PM PDT. Really Unusual unintelligible message. Male voice maybe a Scandinavian accent I called back and it said it was something medics survey Around an ER See.

Post by KH,

972-656-0522 I Merely got a phone out of the Amount through Vibe. I did not Choose up.

Post by Guest,

9726560522 does not leave a message and I don t know who they are.

Post by yax,

972-656-0522 Got a missed call. They called me twice on my cell Telephone. No express send. My Girl had a stint in the ER a few weeks Past. It Looks enjoy they get your own Information once you might have paid for that See because I Simply paid for your bill online the morning and now they're calling. It Appears like more than a coincidence.

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Another sing song heavily accented foreigner calling Around a hospital See. Called at W PM EDT. Manner overly late for become calling.

Post by Matthew,

972-656-0522 The Amount called me had it go to VIM and no message was left

Post by C,

9726560522 Missed telephone no message. Did 've ER visit in last month or so.

Post by MD,

972-656-0522 I got a telephone from the Amount and they did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Would not leave a message. . .

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 Discontinue calling me. . . .

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Not sure if telemarketer or Invoice collector. Stop calling

Post by Ddii,

972-656-0522 Medical edge db. Scam. Why thus many scams Recently. No message. Don t answer if I don t understand.

Post by Guest,

9726560522 called did not Understand number thus did not answer. no MSG left

Post by Scott,

972-656-0522 Called me did t leave a message



Post by c,

972-656-0522 got a phone from this number and a strong Indian Highlighted girls. survey for a recent See for e r. asking for my husband only talk for me if I had Electricity of attorney for signify him. I told her I did and she Inquired 5 question about attention on a current e r See. Not sure why a hospital would use someone from state for a survey

Post by Guest,

9726560522 hunting online for an explanation of who the caller was I found it to become a Dallas Business Generally the object of Client Grievances and fraud claims. Because I 've a very long period Sickness and a fantastic deal of send online and telephone contacts with Companies I 'm careful about responding for unsolicited Associates Notably when no reference or other message is left as here gt .

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 States to become doing a survey on a new See for your crisis room

Post by Anita,

9726560522 Called and left no message. I blocked your number.

Post by Tina,

972-656-0522 I got this same phone call but they were asking of why my 4 Year previous was within your ER and they also want to would a survey. I told them I could t Discuss Around my kids along with anyone else without court orders. Or unless I am talking to them face for face. She Additionally has a very strong Indian Feature and my Telephone ID Owner was showing me Texas but it s an international number. Two 1 within your Starting.

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Calls to fill a survey Around a current ER visit Simply to Look info.

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 They have called 3 times Today don t leave message

Post by Guest,

9726560522 missed telephone no express mail

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 No message left. .

Post by Ed,

9726560522 notice confident who it's.

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 Did not leave message

Post by Brenda,

9726560522 Feb. 4 W Acquired call from a powerful Indian sounding woman asking for Man in Home I said had wrong Amount she Put Upward . Never said where she was calling out of.

Post by Freebenn,

972-656-0522 Called 3 times within a W minute Span. No message. I don t reply unknown calls Thus. . . . . . .

Post by RLR,

9726560522 Had a missed call out of W W W at W W a. m. today 5 8 W. I don't answer my cell Telephone at work and no message was left. It must not have been important since no message was left. I will not return that telephone because I do not Comprehend that Amount it's an Region code in your DOW Region I do not live within DOW area.

Post by Kris,

972-656-0522 I 've acquired calls from this within that previous and its always a scam. . . Delivered them for VIM today and No message of course.

Post by Kim k,

9726560522 Received a telephone out of this number at around W W pm Seeking for can a survey on a current ER visit. No just one in my own family has had a new ER visit.

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 Constantly a hang Upward.

Post by DM,

9726560522 Called t W W am did not leave a Message. But I never answer if I don t know the Amount I Elway s do reverse searches.

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 They telephone each other morning at Am. Never leave a message and I don t 've business along with them.

Post by Guest,

9726560522 Always a hang up.

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 Needed Input signal on trip for an emergency room that we never got. Very suspect.

Post by Kulaka,

9726560522 Got a telephone out of them today June Th Inquired for me. When she was told I wan t there she said my terrible and Installed the phone Upwards. She also had an Indian Highlight.

Post by Guest,

972-656-0522 Don t telephone back

Post by Ms j,

9726560522 Called left no message

Post by vicki l,

972-656-0522 called no message. no response when callback. Have had a current Er See none of their Bloody business

Post by Guest,

9726560522 why did you have for phone at 7 W in that Night instead of the morning

Post by Raymundo,

972-656-0522 Thick Indian accent man called asking Around my Partner s See to that ER. Don't response any questions. They bought your own personal information out of fishers and attempt to increase more info. Your own identity is most likely stolen so become confident for check your own credit score.

Post by Wayne,

9726560522 Called but hung up as shortly as I picked up

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5622439319 Complains by Guest,

sex Advertising out of this Telephone Amount become aware

7186509008 Complains by Guest,

This Amount is supposed for become a Citibank White stone Part connection. However it comes within on Owner ID as Empire Blue Cross Blue Guard.

7864414086 Complains by Guest,

it was a Registered. message

8102080467 Complains by Guest,

Fake profile

8172590054 Complains by Anne,

Prize Redemption

4845344087 Complains by Guest,

Left message to either talk to customer service or 've phone number added for don't call list

4847353970 Complains by Guest,

melted face.

5406452478 Complains by Guest,

8002163055 Complains by JR,

I Merely acquired your same telephone as Craig. I understand that my account is Present and not previous due and I could not look for this W on their Website. Furthermore that my Owner ID shows Unavailable .

8001770300 Complains by Brook,

This really is a SCAM running from India or SA. . . Its a group of FAKE Set Agencies. . . Dint pay anything for these jokers

8002151961 Complains by Shel,

Parents along with whom I haven't Dwelt along with for fifteen years called me viewing a 1 W number I purportedly set Upwards on their account. They told me when they called BELL SOUTH that s your information Bell South gave them. Bell South told them for telephone the W W W number for Charging questions and they would not tell my parents anything but they told them they would remove your Costs. They also told my parents that anyone could sign Upwards for that services as long as they have your own name and Telephone Amount.

8002266308 Complains by Wayne Clymer,

They said I Used for a loan that I did t.

8002179437 Complains by Chris,

Simply received an invoice in the send from the company. Complete scam. The Bill has a a classic company name listed as your Charging name. Do not PAY.

8002203333 Complains by FedUp,

Exactly why would you provide any info. . . . I seriously expect you do not experience identity Thieving or any other Issues. These people aren't legit.

8002204347 Complains by Tired of Comcast Calls,

A real person reading a script Hello that is Com cast calling with an Significant message regarding your own services. Your network has identified which you Gear might not become working at it s best and could possibly Need a little adjustment. We would love to schedule a free appointment for a Specialist to repair this issue. There is nothing erroneous along with my services. I don t have any Com cast Gear either. There's nothing for them to slightly correct or that I want them messing with.

8002229600 Complains by buzz,

W got a telephone along with the Owner i. d. saying they are the Distance high psychic network. hung Upwards correct away. hate replying to these calls.

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