9727695172 / 972-769-5172

Telephone information: Gte-sw DBA Verizon Sw Inc.-tx. Plano, TX. Collin. United states
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Post by Jesse Rocamontes,

9727695172 Yep got phone from the Amount Individual asked that i not hang Upwards till i heard what he had for state. Offered me that whole enchantment about how money is for your police officers for use for fingerprinting Kids to families of Cops officers who were injured within that line of Job and thus on and thus on. Owner then Inquired if i would Give cash. i Calculated it was a scam and told him i would not. it seems these scummier s phone Around every 5 to 6 months. TX FOP

Post by Voice man,

972-769-5172 I just got a telephone from the Amount. I see that it s most likely a scam so 'm reporting it.

Post by Guest,

9727695172 I believe this can be spam revived several call and no messages

Post by Guest,

972-769-5172 Dint no them

Post by Guest,

9727695172 Pushy Needed donations

Post by dan,

972-769-5172 when they call me I angry Lee request them if they got my phone Amount in the Admission Merely got. this Normally shuts them up but if they persist I ask them if they Actually think I m going to supply them any cash after becoming a ticket in the policeman that hid behind a bushes. I did Assess on the and less than 2 cents Truly goes for the People. I m just at the point now that I never answer my phone Making it go for express send and check it latter. Jerks. . . . .

Post by Guest,

9727695172 MARY GULCHES AN MARYLOU GULCHES DENIS LAV GULCHES EAST H INSTEAD SWIMMING Team CON ARTISTS Joined In Reports DIANA GULCHES amp DENIS LAV CLUTCHED HTTP bag. Joined in. com Club Diana gulches 0 B W. trek Club pimp HTTP Internet. linked within. com Club enslave gulches W A W

Post by xxx,

972-769-5172 scumbags

Post by Guest,

9727695172 No message

Post by Guest,

972-769-5172 Needed Contribution immediately.

Post by Mikey,

9727695172 That is a scam. . Fraternal order of Cops has nothing for do along with lo phone city Authorities or State Police . . They're teller marketers that scam Individuals and do not present a damn about the don't phone list. . Block and report the phone. . Least they will have to Alter to some different Amount that next time they telephone and ask for you by your own name. .

Post by Guest,

972-769-5172 Called no MSG Former Olympic Swimmer from Bulgaria Denis Gulches Denis lav Gulches Denis Clutched AND Diana Gulches Diana Clutches Diana Kampuchea Diana M Clutches are a Romance Scam Couple Daughter Mary Clutched. . FACE For FACE and Web Con Artist Actions. Recently skipped the Usa for live oat 6 Brooms area Palms Green London N'S NIL United Realm. The couple. . . e is Separated legally within Parnell. . . s County FL public records as of W . Diana wedded a Pal Grassier Stock in W for obtain a green card. . CASH LOAN amounts Presents Required In Man w Disaster W W. W to leave mob W W. W for Mommy s Leg surgery 5 W. W for sister s crisis 7 W. W for an Omega Olympic Sea master World Ocean watch 5 W. W for his Automobile IPAD 2 x Prada Shades Armani Shades Bose Dwelling Cinema system Adidas Clothes Panasonic Level screen Tv and a car

Post by xxx,

9727695172 scumbags

Post by ron,

972-769-5172 I Simply called and had my number removed. They said it takes W days. I may let you all understand how it goes. I 've been becoming these calls and I just went here a year and a half Past.

Post by Metal,

9727695172 Semi automated phone along with someone that listens to you and plays you back various voice recordings based on your answers. Tries difficult for get you personally for concur for supply cash around the Telephone that is of course a Bad Notion. Your reason given to solicit cash was for help your Fraternal Order of Police . At your Finish of that call another record Supplied various details about who they claim to be Specifically Corporations for Character. I notice that there Seemingly exists a button String that can become pressed during those calls for automatically remove yourself out of their calling list see HTTP Www. pf cl. org Fundraiser's. HTML alas I m not privy to your sequence itself. PS That Phone Kind choices at your Base are unsatisfying. While your type is Basically non Revenue it s painfully Clear that Corporations for Character the Thing doing that cold calling is quite definitely for Revenue and taking a large cut of whatever cash they could convince Individuals for part with.

Post by Sandy Hoh,

972-769-5172 I did not response this Texas telephone but 've had calls from people within the past which were calling for FOP in other states. I educate them my Man was a police Official and I was told not to would business with Lovers around the phone. we supply directly. they instantly Installed Upwards.

Post by Mikey,

9727695172 This can be a scam. . Fraternal order of Cops has nothing to can with lo phone city Authorities or State Cops . . They are teller marketers that scam people and do not offer a damn about that do not telephone list. . Block and report that call. . Least they can 've to change to a different Amount the next time they call and ask for you by your own name. .

Post by Billy Bob,

972-769-5172 Only another number to add for the small W call blocking list. Bastards.

Post by rox,

9727695172 I do not do charity phone solicitations in any respect. Years Past I DID 1 and from that telephone I Subsequently got dozens and dozens of calls as I suppose my Amount was sold for others. That motive I know this was that every telephone started along with well you personally helped people in your past and I knew that I had not. This is a charity thus of course they do not count as Much as that don't call list. Was glad to hear that only 2 cents was Truly given for officers as I remembered the charity being one of those fundraiser type calls. So Folks Choose your own own Charity's and given liberally to them and Do not Donate To ANYONE WHO CALLS You personally ON Your Telephone. . . . . . I TOLD the guy Merely now that I have my own Charity's and only provide for him and he went on and on thus I said goodbye thank you personally and politely hung up. He is now blocked second number of theirs that I am blocking.


972-769-5172 They're A Bunch OF HOLES. I Have BLOCKED TWO Amounts Thus Way AND CALLED One To 've MY Telephone Amount REMOVED. 1 W W W AND 1 W W W Want For Find Your Actual Supply of The CALLS AND PAY THEM A Visit. ANY HELP Along with Your Specific Location.

Post by DWBaulch,

9727695172 Owner requested I not hang Upwards but for Only listen. Talk finished and I said I would consider it Only send the info. Owner said for just make certain that I would offer if they sent your information. I reminded him if you can t send and expect I may can what I previously mentioned I would would then not for send. Subsequently I said I was hanging Upward and did thus. Now along with another things here I doubt I will become sending ANYTHING for these Folks. I did check for the Actual website for the Actual group but I still doubt I can would anything other than throw it away.

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4402313279 Complains by Kimberly,

Did not leave any message.

5623261338 Complains by Guest,

Spam for many payday loan Site via text message

8133640388 Complains by jane,

yup. . . Merely got that same message. . . Yet your name I was given to add for my Y. mess was tactility. . . idiots. . . .

4848216033 Complains by Guest,

He keeps asking me for sex all the time

2819680362 Complains by Guest,

Credit card fraud

5012155836 Complains by Guest,

They Simply telephone and hang up

5012860267 Complains by Guest,

Left no message and when you personally telephone it Simply rings and Bands and rings and goes nowhere more than likely a scummier

6017462046 Complains by Kelly,

Just got a call and they hung up. I was about to call back but I guess I picked up as soon as the phone rang since some automated voice started talking. The name shown on the caller ID screen was "Promotions WCA" another fake company.

8002165763 Complains by Guest,

Were ya lime

8003238160 Complains by jr in atlanta,

they Simply called me the day and left your same message . . . the number came Upward as W W W and that message was that is Jessica along with that loan Facility viewing your credit Program for Automobile Funding and it mentioned the same number for phone back. i did not. . . but i m for certain reporting them for the dentally list. it dozen t would any great but it does make me feel better .

8002008202 Complains by Joe Normal,

Josh Newman, alleged Chicago "attorney".   Never says on whose behalf he's collecting, you receive calls from ALL area codes in Canada, from Vancouver to New Brunswick, all apparently 'dummy numbers'...for a Collection Agency in Mississauga, Ontario.Loudmouth on recording can't pronounce the word  "contractual"....Josh,....if you READ this (or one of your minions does) YOU NEED TO SAY ON WHOSE BEHALF YOU'RE TRYING TO COLLECT.  I assure you that if you DO that, you'll likely get more return calls.PS.  Josh, my Yankee buddy, we don't HAVE "Attorneys" here....we have Lawyers...we have Barristers, we have Solicitors....but ain't got no "attorneys".   This "lawyer" and/or his 'firm' are NOT licensed as "lawyers" OR "Paralegals" in the Province of Ontario, according to the Law Society of Upper Canada.

8002444846 Complains by Christina,

Someone named Erica Spencer called and left a message along with my Partner. She said that she could not tell him any information about what the telephone was concerning and left a phone number by having an extension number for me for telephone back. Your number left was W W W ext. W. When I called back the phone rang and Subsequently there was a siren sounding noise that repeated. I attempted a few times and Subsequently a recording said Thank you personally for calling Hollander Law Office LC . Then someone replied the call and Place me on hold until that telephone was cut off. Then I go ogled the number and was led to notes.

8003143640 Complains by GILEBRT BEYROUTI,

They State to become out of Art which is BS Merely another solicitor

8003261144 Complains by Stefan,

Gotten multiple telephone es from this Amount viewing a new debit card having been mailed to me. I called back once and talked for someone. Asked them for remove my Amount as I was not your Man in question. Apparently that Hans t made it through that system Though.

8003055117 Complains by Tom,

Same number called me and Inquired me if i was expecting a payment out of insurance company or a law suit. Suspected fraud

8002853980 Complains by AP,

Absolute scamp even called Plate network for Confirm those idiot did Check and Subsequently i paid but after 2 month i found Outside it was scam

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