9729962082 / 972-996-2082

Telephone information: Southwestern Bell. Dallas, TX. Dallas. United states
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Post by Guest,

9729962082 Inquired if My Business is still taking credit cards. Spam.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 Inquired if I accepted cc s

Post by Guest,

9729962082 spam spam spam

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 Gets you personally for response then connects a recording

Post by Dorothy,

9729962082 I had a message on my Telephone all I got was significant breathing

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 f this dude for wasting my time. SCAM Batch.

Post by bubba,

9729962082 Looking for Shreveport. . la. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 calls and Inquired for owner Afterward hangs Upward. spam spam spam.

Post by Guest,

9729962082 credit card sales call

Post by JK - cincinnati,

972-996-2082 repeated calls even after I tell them I m not interested inside their credit card processing. Called 4 times Now guy Only laughed at me when I complained and Inquired to become Chosen off the list

Post by Nay,

9729962082 I vie acquired 3 calls out of W W W from Texas TX. They are selling credit card processing service. I vie asked to be removed with each call. . . .

Post by The Boss,

972-996-2082 Mr Number Program Put Upward on the number 5 times within W minutes August ST W

Post by Guest,

9729962082 Continuing calling and not interested within their sales

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 calls and hangs up. called Amount and obtained answering machine

Post by Guest,

9729962082 just got the telephone as nicely. . . quot Can I Talk For Your OWNER. . quot Before I could finish my sentence she sighs loudly and hangs up on me.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 Gotten a call out of the number and they yelled quot Fertile Mettle quot into your phone and Installed up.

Post by Maddie,

9729962082 They called 3 times Merely today in a 5 hour Interval they ask for your owner by her first name refusing for give theirs nor will they leave a message and they state that it was a personal matter. We are a wedding chapel and I Inquired if this was in Wishes to some wedding and she said yes which I m not assuming it is a lie. It Arrived up as unknown on the caller ID.

Post by Jimmy,

972-996-2082 These Individuals telephone all your time and Normally leave no message. Today they left Registered music.

Post by Admin,

9729962082 SCAM call themselves Payment systems. Keep asking for the owner and refuse to leave a message. Keep becoming a Karen calling.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 W W W Cease calling people

Post by KJHJ,


Post by Fed Up,

972-996-2082 I get calls out of the number several times a day everyday. They could t take no for an answer and hanging Upward on them does no good. When they called for the third time today I had a surprise waiting for them. I pulled Upward Pleasant Brownish Ian t Nobody Got Time for That Vehicle tune Remix on YouTube and had it waiting for them. When I answered that phone I turned Upward your volume and held the Telephone Upwards for it. Think they ll get your Trace.

Post by Anonymous,

9729962082 9 W W W W 'm Called twice within 3 minutes asking for the owner. Needed for set Upward appointments for a few credit process thing. Wanted to Set them on hold but they would not Quit talking. Her name was Lashings. Caller ID said Houston Texas . W W Am Funny enough. While Writing this she called again asking for your owner by name. If they phone again I may strive finding Outside that business name.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 spam

Post by Ann,

9729962082 Here s what I idea of doing. Keeping a list of phone s and Firms and when they call keep that time you personally waste on them. Subsequently Charging them at your end of your month for it. They can throw it away but sooner or later it will have to go for among your Fantastic Group agencies that have no common feeling at all. Just a thought.

Post by Pedro,

972-996-2082 Hello I m for the owner. I m not Marketing anything I 'm just placing Upwards Meetings for credit card processing . Caller ID revealed user Standard

Post by Dpuchebag,

9729962082 Thus you received a telephone out of this guy. He is out of Dallas Texas. Go to your computer and download ANY kind of video or song. Telephone this number W W W and play the video around and around again until you use up their whole answering message. Sunburn Outside his phone.

Post by DaRik,

972-996-2082 Called Now and left no message. . . I bet they hate their jobs.

Post by Annoyed,

9729962082 Called no message. I hate these scum.

Post by AS,

972-996-2082 Complete Scam Business. Look them Upwards online. They go by Payment Systems but also Run Underneath other Cover Firms like Rent Finance Group Global Rental and more. Do not USE THEM for CC Processing. . . Their company version locks you personally into a milt year contract and not Supply what they Guarantee. Your Brand new York Label office filled and won a milt million dollar resolution along with them but they are still within business scamming Folks. There are several class Activity law Matches against them and you are able to look for a Lot of info on them if you scan the web. . .

Post by someone---,

9729962082 Asking for a Special Individual. Out of company or Individual called Orlando re Business account. Company account. Did t leave Amount He has the number It appears they called 4 times within January overly. . . SCAM There are no merchant accounts setup with your Amount they are calling.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 Keeps calling the Salon and asking for the owner. When I ask if I can take a message they hang Upward. Called back and they won t reply.

Post by Ian,

9729962082 Called and asked if we sell credit cards. I said no and Installed Upwards. Owner did not provide a name or state what business they Signified.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 spam

Post by Guest,

9729962082 Kept asking for the owner. I said no. Request me if I was owner I said no. Then I told him to stop calling this Amount and If i was owner of his Firm I would fire him because he is a lousy sale man Subsequently Installed Upwards on him.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 They Inquired for that owner I mentioned we were on the don't call list and Inquired how they got our number. They hung up.

Post by TomCAt,

9729962082 I would believe this really is your same credit processing Business type Carlton Texas that calls each thus Frequently. Sometimes twice within just one week. . . but has been going on for a very long time now. They used for call and say something was outdated in my credit processing account and I Must phone them. . . Bahama. Now they re asking for that owner and already know my name. Sometimes I have been rude but today I talked respectfully a while. . . they idea they had a live one. . . LOLA. That Supervisor was called within and was excitedly hoping to create an appointment to come out and Discuss along with me. The Grievances about this company could become located on that Web and it would appear a Individual would have to become a fool for deal with them. I told her I was happy along with my Business service Firm. . . thanked her for calling and hung up. Now after freshly reading horrible reports Around this Firm I wish I had become rude as Heck. What Scumbags. . . Read about Payment Systems Corp here at HTTP Internet. Client affairs. com business payment systems corp. HTML Wow it may shock you personally and bring Residence the point that we as company owners have that responsibility to would strong research before committing for any contractual obligation. . . It's amusing that the Authorities could beat folks for Marketing Organic Treatments or Gibson Guitars for using Indian Rosewood but a scam like this could be legal and continue to wrack Upwards Sufferers.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 Credit credit crap

Post by eric,

9729962082 Just saw the link. Seemingly they are Choosing telemarketers HTTP Dallas. Gustavus's. com Virginia personas employs employs Billings W

Post by Annoyed,

972-996-2082 Male Owner asking if we take credit cards and when I would t reply his question he Inquired for your owner by name. He was offering Business services. I told him we Stadium t interested and he said he will call back After and Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

9729962082 asked for owner and would not answer my questions regarding service offered. Put Upwards.

Post by Lila Laugh-a-lot,

972-996-2082 There needs for be a law to stop these scoundrels. I get calls daily occasionally several times out of these creeps consistently asking for the owner . They are Attempting for Strategy us into bung or switching for their credit card processing services. So I tell them OH that owner DIED or OH we only Take nickels and dimes for payment and hang up. Or we don t charge for the services they are all free thus we don't demand credit card service etc. Afterward their numbers go for the call ID trash heap. I did hear recently that either that Us Lawyer General or many government agency is looking into going after these Pests on a grand Level but it could take a while of course.

Post by Guest,

9729962082 Constantly calling asking for owner Constantly rude Should become an do not telephone list.

Post by sheri,

972-996-2082 many telemarketer asking if we Take credit or debit cards. . uh if I said yes I would 've for listen for your Stupid sales Message so no is that word

Post by Guest,

9729962082 credit card processing

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 Spam .

Post by Guest,

9729962082 credit card solicitations

Post by wb,

972-996-2082 HTTP Web. yelp. com biz head shots photography Dallas the link might become your guy which is Really making these calls for above named Firm that phone number is that same you personally body it out I called that Amount back and got express send

Post by Guest,

9729962082 Obtained a telephone out of the number Seeking to speck for your owner of a Firm.

Post by Galaxy truck center,

972-996-2082 Everyone be thorough from the number W W W. They consistently ask for owner of business Subsequently are very rude when you say not available. This can be exactly why owners pay managers and Professionals. Remain away out of the scam

Post by Guest,

9729962082 supermom.

Post by DKB,

972-996-2082 two calls within two days from Vendor processing . Inquired for your owner i told them for the ND time that owner will not Discuss for any one it s not his Occupation he owns your company i m your person you would have to Discuss to about any processing of credit cards . they hang Upward . your absolute best part is this can be a race store we get paid from your patron s we don t 've walk in customers .

Post by Guest,

9729962082 Business name is Time amp System. They are a telemarketer. Requested for speak with the owner. Informed caller that we were not interested and not for telephone back. Were Consistent and said they would telephone back for Talk with the owner. This can be another scam telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

972-996-2082 Spam

Post by wb,

9729962082 HTTP Web. yelp. com biz head Photographs photography Dallas the link could become the guy that is Truly making these calls for above named Firm your Telephone number is that same you personally body it out I called the Amount back and got voice mail

Post by Ann,

972-996-2082 Here s what I thought of doing. Keeping a list of phone s and Businesses and when they call keep your time you personally waste on them. Afterward Charging them at your Finish of your month for it. They can throw it away but sooner or later it can 've to go for among that Amazing collection agencies that don't have any common sense in the least. Just a thought.

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2058632757 Complains by Guest,

I don t understand them

5085772121 Complains by Guest,

leave me alone Ms. togs

8033261391 Complains by aj,

All of your above is Authentic as I had a very similar expertise.

7702396606 Complains by Guest,

called and Installed up. . what's the benefit for these scampers.

8323795399 Complains by Missy,

I use an app called Phone CONTROL for my Android Telephone. Works enjoy a charm. If they happen for get through by using a different Amount or Region code I let it go to voice send and then I could open that app and add that current telephone to that black list. I phones 've similar Programs but this one is that absolute best I vie used.

4084641841 Complains by Guest,

no blocked calls permitted

6612368635 Complains by Guest,

I'm drained of that drama

6179475287 Complains by C,

called and did not leave a message

8002160117 Complains by Um...,

7 years of receiving Legal telemarketer calls. . . and YES you are blocked eternally.

8002767993 Complains by TCH,

Called left no message

8002410560 Complains by Tracie,

We got your same matter. Twice. Called back the morning after they called and no answer. Looks fishy.

8001641487 Complains by Guest,

sorry not excepting calls or messages

8002738255 Complains by Melissa,

This is Crisis Call Facility. 1 W W Speak . W hour suicide prevention and Disaster intervention Popular line National Hope Line Network member sexual Attack support services kid Folk abuse and neglect reporting senior services youth education and outreach Children of Suicide loss support group sexual Attack Children support group. Your Crisis Phone Centre provides intervention prevention and Instruction services to your community and those individuals in crisis by helping them identify Options and offering support.

8002777241 Complains by Guest,

dint answer

8002523159 Complains by angryGramma,

They called and there was no just one there and as I was hanging Upward I heard someone ask for my Partner mispronouncing his whole name thus I knew it wan t anyone who knew him. I Put up after they did. Then I did a W for trace and a W to get The Amount IS NO More Within SERVICE. This sounded like a real phone Business record. Thus Spoofing Scummier Yes I agree.

8002222259 Complains by Guest,

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