9732737840 / 973-273-7840

Telephone information: Verizon New Jersey. Newark, NJ. Essex. United states
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Post by A hall,

9732737840 Have obtained two calls and did not answer. On your DC list.

Post by Savvy,

973-273-7840 This can be Perhaps Related to the very Real Government SCAM that's going Approximately that Complete Country appropriate now. The following Post was published in that BERKSHIRE EAGLE Magazine on November 7 W PITTS Field The Internal Income Service has Released an alert about a Innovative nationwide telephone scam that's targeting taxpayers including recent immigrants. Sufferers are told they owe money to your Irs and it must become paid rapidly through a pare loaded debit card or Cable transport a hint this is a scam. If the Sufferer refuses for work they're Afterward threatened with arrest deportation or Suspensor of a company or driver s permit. In many cases your caller becomes hostile and insulting. This scam has hit taxpayers in nearly every state in your Nation said Government Acting Commissioner Danny Wifely within a statement. We need for Teach taxpayers so they could help shield themselves. Rest Guaranteed we do not and will not request for credit card Amounts over the phone Or request a pare paid debit card or Line transport. If someone unexpectedly calls maintaining for become from your Government and threatens Cops arrest deportation or permit revocations if you don t pay immediately which is a hint that it Actually USN t the Irs calling. Wifely noted that the first valid Irs contact along with taxpayers on a tax Dilemma is likely for happen via mail. Other characteristics of this scam Contain Scampers use fake names and Government Marker numbers. They generally use common names and surnames to identify themselves. GET and Compose DOWN THEIR NAMES and Banner Numbers for submit for Police and federal authorities if possible. Scampers might become Competent to Repeat the last four digits of a Casualty s Societal Security number. Scummier spoof the Government toll free number on caller ID for ensure it is Search that it s that Government calling. Scampers sometimes send Fake Government Email addresses for many Casualties to support their Fake calls. Sufferers hear History Sound of other calls being conducted to Copy a phone Website. After threatening victims along with jail time or driver s license revocation scampers hang Upwards and others shortly phone back pretending for be from the local Cops or that Department of Engine Vehicles and your Owner ID spoofed supports their claim. WHAT To Do Consumers who get a phone phone out of someone claiming for become from your Irs should telephone W W W. If you personally know you don t owe Fees or have no motive for think that you owe any Fees telephone and report your incident for your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Management at W W W. Those targeted by this scam should also contact the National Trade Commission and use their FTC Gripe Associate at FTC. gov. Please add Government Phone Scam to that Opinions of your own Gripe.

Post by Jim,

9732737840 This thread is all over that place for identifying who it actually is. If your Owner ID Client Services is significance Client Services Inc. They are another belly crawling third party debt collector out of Mo. HTTP Gripe Line. org Gripe Tuba Customer services W

Post by Jungle Jak Flash,

973-273-7840 Get an Acme Thunderer whistle enjoy athletic Trainers use. If Ito s a person calling their ears can recover in Around a week. If not Oh Nicely. Being on don't phone list is worthless. . .

Post by Black Orpheus,

9732737840 Enjoy Angus says block that fools. Simply pres W and follow primps on how you can block their number simple as 1 2 3.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 Here a Replicate Substance of a useful Remark I also saw elsewhere I m getting calls from W W xx last 2 digits varies . Subsequently I Calculated out the best way to stop the phone calls phone W W W supply your caller s Telephone Amount to Check it s on their list and the receiving phone Amount to remove it in the Owner s list.

Post by jason,

9732737840 Bacall by criminals. . blocked and done.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 They continue for phone even though we have been on the do not call list and have reported them in that past.

Post by Mary,

9732737840 Called today. When response machine Decided Upwards they hung Upwards no message. Blocked their

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 scam

Post by Bill,

9732737840 Merely called out of NJ wanted for put a hint in my yard get a free dismay system. Got to become a scam to get into your own house for Split you personally off.

Post by Bosco,

973-273-7840 You personally all Clearly have caller ID. That Remedy is simple. If everyone would simply stop replying any call they don't Comprehend then the type of scamming would go away.

Post by Rifleman,

9732737840 W W W 1 W PM W W W Client SERVICES I let answering machine take the telephone and when it Completed message they Merely Put up. Established on Web search phone came out of Newark Brand new Jersey and Sites state they re Striving to sell you a security system or Place a hint in your yard etc. Nothing but a d scummier. New number Allowing for my log. They will become reported to State Attorney General. I m on that DC listings but that s a useless exercise. Scampers pay no focus on DC. I d still enjoy to Stay a Twice barrel shotgun Upward their butts and blow their brains out.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 Steady phone no just one there

Post by gibbs,

9732737840 On their monthly Pattern. Called my DC land property did not response yawn

Post by Azalea Poche,

973-273-7840 I don't understand who this is. I am exhausted of having these calls.

Post by Guest,

9732737840 I m on the National quot Do not Call quot List

Post by Patti Tschirhart,

973-273-7840 The Attorney or should I state scummier calls me Frequently and its annoying

Post by Bama,

9732737840 Obtained telephone W W W. Owner ID says Customer Service . They leave no message.

Post by Jim,

973-273-7840 The thread is all over that place for identifying who it Truly is. If that Owner ID Client Services is significance Client Services Inc. They're another belly crawling third Celebration debt collector out of Mo. HTTP Grievance Cable. org Grievance Tuba Customer services W

Post by Guest,

9732737840 I am on don't telephone list and still get these calls

Post by Azure Crimsonrose,

973-273-7840 I got a call this morning at W W from the number. It was a Rob telephone about free security and signing Upwards. I just hang Upwards when they phone.

Post by Sarah,

9732737840 Called at Midnight they were Attempting to sell me something but I was for tiered to care. Thought it was my boyfriend at work. Wish they would Quit doing this.

Post by SO TIRED of THIS,

973-273-7840 After four blessedly silent times along with NO Calls they vie started Upward again. Like others Caller ID said Customer SERVICES as in We are TELEMARKETERS calling in service for the Customer who PAID people for Bug You personally. BACALL. No message. Looked at number fast and wan t certain if it was your Health Insurance which called several times within September. has a W 6 Place code and I hung Upward on them believing it was spam. Thus let This 1 go for ans. machine so NOW these CROOKS knows they 've a live number and I m confident your phone speed can Grow. Damn IT. Cannot Win.

Post by Guest,

9732737840 Registered sales crap

Post by Rock,

973-273-7840 Did not answer. They did not leave Amount.

Post by Guest,

9732737840 Don't call list keeps calling

Post by LeeR,

973-273-7840 I Simply got a call on my cell out of the number. I m at work so I blocked my work number and called it back. Here s what I got Hello and thank you for calling. If you personally d enjoy for be placed on a Do not Call list for your Amount that called you personally please press 1 now . Says it three times then says Thank you personally for calling and hangs up. FT. . .

Post by Suzanne Baccus,

9732737840 I received a phone out of this number saying they were your Windows support and they vie been getting warning messages out of my computer. Told me every time I open face publication my files were being corrupted and they would walk me through on how to right it. I had a bowel Experience the call Only wan t quite right so declined. Thus glad I did.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 electric discount

Post by DEN,

9732737840 I Think This really is ANOTHER Telephone USING Different NAME Customer SERVICES To Split Away Elderly BY INSTALLING Quite Poor SECURITY SYSTEM. I CALLED THEM BACK To Set MY ON THEIR Do not Phone LIST BUT IT Us ALLY DOE SN T WORK. Within ALL Cases OF Hiring ANY SECURITY SYSTEM Call Your own STATE S Art. Style. OFFICE AND Request BEFORE. They are OF HELP. ARK. Art. Generation. THANK You IS Fantastic For WORK With before or after awful Cope. AR. A G OFFICE HELP MY Mother GET Out of Poor 1 SIDED CONTRACT AND SHE WAS TREATED AS Queen BY THEIR OFFICE. You PAY Fees USE THEM. Cheers To your TIME. DEN

Post by The Curmudgeon,

973-273-7840 Douche canoes calling again Around security services. They are scam artists People. Block their calls they have no valid business or motive to call other than lining their own pockets.

Post by Sherril,

9732737840 Rob call Around placing a hint alarm system etc. An True person Arrived on line Tyler along with GE House Security . When asked if they were General Electronic he said yes. When Inquired why GE was calling Folks on that no telephone list he said there were different no telephone lists and it was confusing. When told I 've been on your national no telephone list for over W years he hung up.

Post by jhs-1047,

973-273-7840 Another I 've blocked from my phone.

Post by Kevin,

9732737840 These Folks keep heavens ping me

Post by James,

973-273-7840 I get calls from this Amount all that time. Client services I am on state and fed DC lists.

Post by Land line 608,

9732737840 Telephone came from Customer services. Multiple calls around previous months. I vie never picked Upwards. No message ever left.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 Buckler selling security alarm systems.

Post by Guest,

9732737840 Constantly calling

Post by Jim,

973-273-7840 Replying for myself here. . . . When I can response the Telephone and I know it s a spammer scummier I pick up the Telephone and hang it appropriate back Upward without talking. Bust that phone down Folks. . . . LOLA

Post by Cathy,

9732737840 Got a call while Outside but if I had been at Dwelling I would not 've answered.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 I 'm on that don't phone list and they keep calling.

Post by Donny,

9732737840 spammers must become reported

Post by Rotten to the core,

973-273-7840 Just got that phone out of W W W. It was not already on my telephone block list but is sure is now. The Owner ID States it is from Client Services. The telephone blocker that I bought away EBay is the best investment I ever got. I Simply add your last number that called after I Assess it on here . When they call back it Only Bands once on an old wall phone in that kitchen and I can hardly Notice it. It never even gets into that regular phone handsets. I don t and never 've done business with anyone that cold calls me. The same is that door to door sales people. I never have and Will not ever would company with an unsolicited offering. I also use that call blocker for Quit a woman stalker that bothers me constantly. People are get Container Odd.

Post by Guest,

9732737840 I m on the don't phone list and still get these calls.

Post by Sally Packard,

973-273-7840 This Amount has called multiple times in your past week or thus. They start out with something about your FBI for Get attention. We have children and illness within the house and it is so unwelcome. We are on your do not phone list.

Post by jnelson,

9732737840 these Pol demand to be Ceased. . . I pay my own phone bill not these Fan Muffins. . someone needs to do something. . .

Post by Annoyed,

973-273-7840 The Amount won't Discontinue calling. I hate unwanted calls. We tried blocking we had your Amount unlisted we reported it and now i think I ll Shift my Telephone Amount.

Post by Marcia Kaizer,

9732737840 Exhausted of getting spam calls when on that do not telephone list. Hanging Upwards does not Prevent them.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 This number called me and woke me Upwards at 'm. Please Don't Telephone me.

Post by Mr. Herb,

9732737840 There surely is 1 thing that s free. . . . . . Bait. . And it s always got a hook inside it.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 W SPAM SCAM. State they are GIVING AWAY free Dwelling Security Systems. OF Course its a LIE. . . .

Post by LeeR,

9732737840 Searching at that preceding notes that is a very brand new Amount and has just started showing Upwards in the last week. Given enough time we ll all know who these a holes are.


973-273-7840 NO Reason I SHOULD Become CALLED. Desire IT STOPPED

Post by gibbs,

9732737840 called my DC property line did not answer

Post by MCharles,

973-273-7840 Replicate Functionality by low life scumbags trying for scare you personally into becoming free security services. That Actual Cost. Id Thieving and ripoff of your own money. Don t would business along with these jerks. If You're on your Don't Call list report them at HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Criticism Gripe check. asp. panel 2

Post by Guest,

9732737840 Robot security system sales.

Post by Senior citizen,

973-273-7840 I Merely acquired a Bacall from this number. A few dumb SS woman said the FBI says I will be a victim of a robbery and that I demand to Mount their security system. This really is a different Amount than the one they Normally telephone out of. I hereby Place a curse on this Girl and her co Employees that they all die an abrupt painful death.

Post by Guest,

9732737840 Replicate calls amp no Result on line

Post by Angus Freeloader,

973-273-7840 I. Blocked your Fools. They phone me several's times. They Client Services and request to press just one and leave Amount for them not for phone.

Post by Guest,

9732737840 I m on don't telephone list

Post by Pritzipaws,

973-273-7840 Got telephone from this no. As advertised Customer services. Never answered.

Post by Mr. Herb,

9732737840 There surely is just one thing that s free. . . . . . Lure. . And it s consistently got a hook inside it.

Post by Charlie,

973-273-7840 Eventually tired of call and blocked it.

Post by Mr. Herb,

9732737840 There surely is 1 matter that s free. . . . . . Bait. . And it s always got a hook inside.

Post by fivekatz,

973-273-7840 Wonderful brand new morons for annoy me. Left no message. Caller ID shows Customer Services

Post by MCharles,

9732737840 Judging in the new reports here it is one of those classic free security scams along with a brand new number. You can Select for Select up a telephone out of a Amount or name you personally don t Understand or not. Be wary if You're told to press a specific Amount for get on the Owner s do not call list. You will become on their chump list and may get more Interest out of telemarketers than you Anticipated.

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 calls no just one on the line.

Post by another land-liner on DNC list,

9732737840 Telephone comes up on Owner id as Customer Services. On DC list. Validity questionable. .

Post by Mac in Utah,

973-273-7840 Acquired a phone out of the Amount a couple days. Did t Choose Upward since I don t understand your number. Lists on ID as Newark NJ.

Post by fet,

9732737840 Thank you personally so Substantially with this Web site and Owner Information. I did not reply your telephone and Certainly not now. No message was left.

Post by Mamaw,

973-273-7840 First time the Amount has called people. Of course did t reply especially when tool it said NJ Power Information. Don t live in NJ. And never answer Telephone Amounts don t know. No message was left.

Post by Guest,

9732737840 they telephone Frequently and no just one there when you answer. not good .

Post by Guest,

973-273-7840 adding the fresh 1 not to reply.

Post by Savvy,

9732737840 This can be possibly Related for the very Real Irs SCAM that is going Approximately the Whole State correct now. The following Post was Released in that BERKSHIRE EAGLE Magazine on November 7 W PITTS Area Your Interior Income Service has Released an alert about a Advanced nationwide telephone scam which is targeting taxpayers including new immigrants. Victims are told they owe cash to the Government and it must be paid quickly through a pare loaded debit card or Cable transfer a clue this is a scam. If your Sufferer refuses to cooperate they're then threatened along with arrest deportation or suspension of a company or driver s permit. Within many Instances the caller becomes hostile and insulting. This scam has hit taxpayers in almost each state in your State said Government Acting Commissioner Danny Wifely in a statement. We want to Train taxpayers so they can help protect themselves. Remainder assured we don't and will not ask for credit card numbers around that phone Or request a pare paid debit card or wire transport. If someone unexpectedly calls claiming to become in the Government and threatens police arrest deportation or license revocations if you don t pay immediately that's a sign that it Actually USN t your Government calling. Wifely noted that the first valid Government contact along with taxpayers on a tax Dilemma is likely to occur via mail. Other Features of the scam Contain Scampers use fake names and Irs Banner numbers. They generally use common names and surnames for identify themselves. GET and Write DOWN THEIR NAMES and Marker Numbers for submit to Cops and federal Experts if possible. Scampers may be Capable for recite the last four digits of a victim s Societal Security Amount. Scummier spoof your Irs toll free number on Owner ID for ensure it is Search that it s your Government calling. Scampers sometimes send bogus Irs emails for a few victims for support their Fake calls. Sufferers Notice background noise of other calls being conducted to Copy a phone site. After threatening victims along with jail time or motorist s permit revocation scampers hang up and others soon phone back pretending for be from the local Cops or the Section of Motor Automobiles and the caller ID spoofed supports their claim. WHAT To Would People who receive a Telephone telephone from someone maintaining for be from the Irs should call W W W. If you personally know you don t owe taxes or have no reason to think you owe any taxes phone and report that incident for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at W W W. Those targeted by this scam should Additionally contact your National Commerce Commission and use their FTC Gripe Assistant at FTC. gov. Please add Irs Telephone Scam to the Opinions of your own complaint.

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2078321460 Complains by Guest,

Reputation est

4014641059 Complains by ralba,

calls and hangs Upwards when Telephone is answered. has called 3 times over 3 days

7019209612 Complains by Guest,

Marketing insurance

7708856851 Complains by Guest,

I get several calls a day from this number when I pick up no answer but they stay on a few minutes. When I don't who ever it is won't leave a message. If it keeps up I will take it to the police or get number blocked.

8173804284 Complains by Diane,

I replied a phone and no just one was there except your line was open. . . I 'm on that National Don't Telephone list.

6365245308 Complains by Guest,

Automobile warranty

8046641478 Complains by S,

How is this company Choosing that cash. My husband s debit card was Priced multiple times by this Business and 3 others that 've that same recording when you personally call and we never Certified anything ever and don t store online. I have my bank investigating and thankfully got my cash back via my bank.

4158154215 Complains by Guest,

Don't Response. . .

8052856230 Complains by Guest,

Replied to some Grisliest add along with that seeming aim of courting me.

8184839107 Complains by Guest,

Your Man identified himself as Specialist Kevin Peterson by having an East Indian Highlight. Said he was from the Tax Offense Study Unit of Irs. He mentioned he gotten a legal affidavit against your name for outstanding tax liabilities and can Carry on along with legal action against us. Told for phone him back at W W W. Mentioned he has been Attempting for reach us for months and months without effect and we must not ignore this Telephone telephone. Obvious Phone fraud.

5059197048 Complains by Guest,

Spam. . . block if multiple calls.

8186501152 Complains by Guest,

They called Monday 4 PM and Tuesday 6 PM. I did t response because it s a California area code and I m 3 Miles away. Did not leave message. I suspect it's to would along with vehicle for sale ad I 've on grisliest even though Advertisement clearly states quot no help Needed or Desired quot Marketing vehicle.

5185067815 Complains by D S Paull,

It is not Bank of America. I filed a complaint with BOA and it is a Fraud.Contact BoA and report the calls.

8765598393 Complains by Guest,

Reported that I won millions out of a publisher sweepstakes. Owner had very Bad English and was difficult for understand.

5186215965 Complains by Guest,

never leave a message

9094898830 Complains by Guest,

Got a telephone from W W W at 9 PM. No message left. Got another call from same Amount 7 minutes After. Answered amp no just one replied. Merely background Sound. Installed Upwards amp dialed that Amount back. Just rang amp rang. No reply or express send. When call log Assessed that number dialed Arrived up as W W W. Something is fishy here.

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