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Telephone information: AT&T Local. Whippany, NJ. Morris. United states
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9736023514 Invoice collector

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973-602-3514 August W W obtained a phone today using this number but they left no message. Thanks for all your own comments I believe I 've Set 2 and 2 Collectively. Earlier the month I gotten a phone call out of an W Place code telling me that my Child had used me as a reference and wanted Upgraded info on her. If she used me as a reference they would have already had that info . These Individuals are a fraud asking false info using family and Buddies to objective. Assess Outside CG Services Collections also. . SCAMS

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9736023514 Pupil loan

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973-602-3514 Please Quit allowing Kyoto to play the victim cheers.

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973-602-3514 Bill collector asking for payments from family member

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9736023514 It may become a Statement collector but I am unsure. They left a voice send saying I was Recorded as a reference for a Pal of mine and Inquired me for phone back. They did t leave a Business or Owner name.

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973-602-3514 Very sure bill collector. They said I was Recorded as a reference for a family member and wanted for discuss a business question but wanted me for Confirm his date of Start first. I told he I was not going to offer Outside private information. She said she already had it and she had his permission to discuss the quot business subject quot along with me. She wanted to leave a message for him to call because she said his number was not great. I Installed Upward on her.

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3863201741 Complains by Allen_NC,

>> the company was still logged into my computer <<Since the scammers accessed the computer, they probably did one or more of the following:• Disabled the anti-virus software• Added nasty malware to the computer• Copied the Contact List (so they can spam/email your soon-to-be ex-friends)• Copied any financial data or passwords they could find• Compromised your ID• "Zombied" the computer, so it would respond to THEIR commands sent via internet• Deleted some important files• Asked for money to repair the damage they causedWhat can you do immediately after such an attack?1.  Pull the cables on the computer, or otherwise disable it, so it cannot access the internet.2.  Change ALL  passwords stored on the computer.3.  Run FULL malware scans on the computer, in "SAFE" mode!4.  Change the passwords again, particularly if the malware scans showed anything.5.  Inform your bank and credit card companies.6.  Sign up for credit monitoring, and check the status frequently7.  You may have to bring the computer to a local repair shop, and tell them the story.8.  Tell friends what happened, so they can be aware of strange emails from you.9.  Connect to the internet only AFTER all the above have been done.10.  Change the passwords on all online accounts.  Even better - access a "safe", uninfected  computer, and change your online account passwords RIGHT NOW.NOTE:If your computer set a "Restore Point" while it was infected, any "System Restore" you make will re-infect your computer.  Suggest you delete any potentially infected restore points and avoid setting such restore points until after your computer has been thoroughly cleaned!You fell for one scam, and might be susceptible to others mentioned on this site:http://phonehelp.2truth.com/facts.htmlRead that info to educate and help protect yourself!Honest computer companies do NOT cold-call people, or cause popups from websites to tell them their computers need fixing!Some scammers even have websites, and falsely advertise they are associated with popular software packages or computer companies; so do NOT believe a "we will fix your computer remotely" site, and allow them access to your computer!Read the info at these links.http://news.softpedia.com/news/Cold-Call-Tech ... on-150170.shtmlhttp://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0346-tech-support-scamsLesson:If your computer needs fixing, bring it to a local repair shopRemember to return here, to 800notes.com, after you look at any of the information at the above sites, either to post more information, or to let us know you avoided the scam or fixed the computer correctly.

5755516907 Complains by Guest,

Owner called at 2 am and said they were my brother and needed for Speak.

8082218147 Complains by char,

your entry in our drawing won

4352009171 Complains by Guest,

Claim that their Google but 've never had Marketing along with them. Spam phone for sure.

8034038406 Complains by Lizzy,

I Know Correct HE WONT Quit CALLING ME

7184067846 Complains by ughhh,

They 've been calling me for days. W W W calls right after them. Rings once for both and Afterward hangs Upward. 4 5 times a day.

7134320386 Complains by Guest,

I Merely won W free present card out of Walmart

6012150738 Complains by Kary Jo,

I've rec'd 2 calls back to back from this number and they don't not leave a message and I do not recognize this number.

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8002939691 Complains by aggrevated,

Call blocker might become your own very best Wager. There s o manner of stopping your calls from being initiated. Also don t Choose upon Amounts you personally don t recognize.

8002522021 Complains by Dara Parsi,

They keep calling but they don t state anything.

8002953175 Complains by grandma55,

These Individuals are Managing my Pupil loans that Sum for less than W. W. Your dialogue was going great until I could not come Upward along with a payment today. If I had the money as I 'm unemployed I would supply it for them Merely for shut them up. They kept telling me they Comprehended correct after they kept asking for cash. LOLA My other Steak along with them is they did not identify themselves on that message left. Do not enjoy that. I enjoy to understand who I am returning the phone to. I located out who they were by using the site. Thank you personally for that. I can owe that cash but want your government would provide you personally a way for handle your own private loans when you are not Used. If I were a bank or a car company I bet I would get help. . Lola They even had that gall to request if I would get within my car and go put cash on my loadable Credit to pay them. Yes within your own dreams.

8002142865 Complains by Tara,

I would like for understand Whom Fit the . Exactly why don t tell who is. .

8002150100 Complains by me,


8002968603 Complains by Tina,

We've been becoming Telephone calls out of an unknown caller on our Owner ID. They leave us voice mails to phone the W W W number back Around the Press com account. Well I understand the Media com Amount shows up when they're Striving for phone you personally. Also at 1 time they Really talked to my son and they told him he owed something enjoy W for his Statement which he knew was paid in full 2 weeks earlier. The pisses me off when they keep calling enjoy the. Though when you personally Speak to Media com they have no record of making any calls for you and they keep track of every talk or call got for them.

8002847112 Complains by loretta sizemore,

i acquired a eater saying i was Accepted for a W. loan my Flag W please let me how you can get the money i was Accepted for. cheers Loretta size more. you can reach me at Telephone W W

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