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Telephone information: Verizon New Jersey. Little Falls, NJ. Passaic. United states
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Post by Mike Hunt,

9737853000 Certified Audit shows Upward on that caller ID

Post by Marvin Johnson,

973-785-3000 I vie Additionally been called Day-to-day by the outfit around your path of that last couple weeks and no I m not answering it for locate Outside if it s related for the Phone Publications recently Cast in the ditch Upward and down your road. It s their trash not mine or apparently half your roads either thus there it they can remain until hopefully someone cites them for littering.

Post by Amy,

9737853000 Owner ID showed ODIN

Post by hang up hater,

973-785-3000 hang Upwards.

Post by MH,

9737853000 I have opted from phone publication delivery and my cell which they called is unlisted I don t 've a property line. I still got a call out of this number Now but given that I was on another telephone I did t response. I hope the dozen t mean that they now know that Amount is valid and may continue Attempting to reach me. . .

Post by FBooth,

973-785-3000 Established on the preceding places it appears like it's a Business that solicits for many Distinct groups. I Additionally replied and no just one was there. I just got an E-mail attributed to Andy Rooney who said the and I tried it who knows. . Can you ever get those annoying phone calls with no 1 on the other end. This really is a telemarketing technique where a machine makes phone calls and records that time of day when Individual answers that Telephone. This technique is used for determine that very best time of daytime for a real sales person to call back and get someone at Residence. What you can would after answering if you personally detect there's no just one there is to instantaneously start hitting your button on your Telephone 6 or 7 times as fast as possible This confuses your machine that dialed your call and it kicks your Amount out of their system. Gosh what a shame not for 've your name in their own system any More . . .

Post by PKC,

9737853000 Merely got a call from them. Owner ID said Certified Taxation read your own notes about your phone Publications etc. Maybe they're Striving to run a Distinct scam now.

Post by CL,

973-785-3000 gets calls from this Amount Day-to-day . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by sam,

9737853000 their send server responds along with a W invalid address for the email W protected email

Post by Dave,

973-785-3000 I got two calls this week from a W I let that replying machine pick up. Your first was a woman saying she sorry she missed people and that second on this W said something Around going shopping sounds Very Odd Particularly if they are out of N. N. and I am in TX. Your only thing I can believe of is that N. J. just got this new area code and its Merely one digit off of mine.

Post by FEDUP,

9737853000 A. The National Do not Telephone Registry will not keep you from getting phone calls from these numbers. B. There are several Distinct Sorts of calls that are exempt from the National Don't Phone Registry. If that is a company calling to verify if you got a phone publication delivered to your doorstep they're Likely exempt because they are not telemarketers. C. I do know that they can Assess for create certain your Folks that are Used to Supply phone books are checked Upward on to make certain your Telephone Novels are delivered and not Merely dumped somewhere. I would wish they would identify themselves correctly. Overly many Businesses are still using an automatic dialing system. That s exactly why thus many of these Telephone calls there is no message because it s pare Registered and too many times when that phone is placed the recording is at that wrong Period so it s like nobody will there be. You personally Individuals demand to get a life. Not every single Telephone telephone is suspect but it's true there's overly Considerably fraud going on. You can than this lousy economy created by your biggest Thief of that century Currently residing in your White House.

Post by Flyswatter,

973-785-3000 Neither Celebration cares.

Post by cc,

9737853000 Registered message asking if I had acquired Telephone publication in Fresno Region. I live within Okla. Only a bit outta their area code.


973-785-3000 You're becoming your calls because you personally opted out. I opted out and consistently get your calls to make sure I did t get 1 . Normally it's a person calling and they say that I opted Outside and they need to make sure. Most of the time a day or two after I get a note on my door saying I did t get a phone publication as requested. Lola

Post by Guest,

9737853000 Number called every hour on the hour for 6 hours from that day Regular for 3 times before I blocked it

Post by 63Marine,

973-785-3000 Don t waste your own time along with your National Do not Call List. Telemarketers don t follow your Directions and your government won t can anything Around telemarketer calls. BTW A lot of telemarketer calls come from Away Coastline telemarketer business . Your only protection you've is to have your phone Business put the Enter 1 to Whole that telephone in your phone line. Even phone blocking won t work since that telemarketers use multiple numbers in their own system. Essentially you are Attached.

Post by Lilli,

9737853000 I need the Amount for Cease calling me

Post by sharko,

973-785-3000 Phone books. Okay. But Merely from interest can you remember your last time you personally actually opened a Published phone Index. Me either.

Post by ba,

9737853000 W W W tel marketer

Post by Me,

973-785-3000 Called and left no message.

Post by SoCalep,

9737853000 RC d call 1 W 7 PM did t recognize so did t pick Upward. They left no message. Read many of these posts. Some are Useful e. g. CEO amp Marketing Director names amp contact info see places on page 1 of this Subject . I ll send Email addresses for both advising I 've had no company along with them amp 'm Recorded on dentally. gov and for cease and desist any further calls and of path not to use my E-mail address in lieu. Compiling thoughts from these posts just it sounds for me as though that company is enlisted for Confirm a sending out of a client of theirs was obtained. It sounds that most of those I vie read here are for Telephone Publications. Whether or not which is their Real intent or if it s a guise I don't have any idea. I 've been very fortunate along with receiving basically no Advertising calls since a few months after posting my numbers on dentally. gov. That is perhaps your ND or Rd within years. Your motive I said I have no business with their Business can become address on the FCC dentally. gov Website but what I understand is if I have done company with a company then they could telephone if not amp I m on that Do not Telephone list they are not allowed to phone me. Well despite having phone service it s not with any of that phone companies who sent me directories Thus I have done business along with neither the VAC nor their client IF it s even a Telephone company because again they never left a message .

Post by John C. Snodgrass,

973-785-3000 W W Nation Usa Place New Jersey Newark Red Passageway

Post by Laura,

9737853000 I obtained a telephone at 1 W Am out of the number. I had forgotten about it until I Assessed voice mail. That sch rind was very similar to what I vie read here a Phone book yellow pages. In the area it s called DEC and that s the name that message used. I attempted for phone that number back the morning and obtained a message if you understand your own Bash s extension please Switch it now followed by for that Owner press W . Of course an automated voice same as your message a youthful Girl said You personally vie attained that Owner. I am away foam my Workplace. Thank you personally for calling CLICK. Sometimes I could t help but believe if these Folks used their powers for great and not evil they could possibly Really Complete something in their own life. But to telephone at 1 W within your Central of your nighttime. . .

Post by California Girl,

973-785-3000 they called my land line Telephone. Caller ID show them as VAC . Left no message.

Post by TiredOf SpamCalls,

9737853000 They called this day did t leave a message. That Telephone number is for Www. certified Taxation. com which says VAC is a non-profit Account organization that Supplies Target Evidence of Flow claims for paid and free print Advertising across the United States.

Post by Daniel Oconnell,

973-785-3000 Been receiving calls out of them late at night. This can be a scam Amount.

Post by Flyswatter,

9737853000 Neither party cares.

Post by BC Resident,

973-785-3000 See HTTP Www. certified Review. com They say that they call for verify delivery of Journals in Us. Well I m in Canada not your Us but I did Continue my Request to some Cd magazine Ma CLEANS. CA So W spam W legitimate.

Post by me,

9737853000 so annoying. keeps calling my cell phone for Confirm an address and your fresh Telephone book. i keep telling them this can be a cell phone but 've W calls on my in-depth statement from them in that past 3 weeks. this really is annoying and expensive when you've a pay as you personally go cell phone

Post by cwrdbmka,

973-785-3000 called Around 6 pm pile time left no message.

Post by Mark Ballew,

9737853000 Gotten a telephone from the Amount. . did not reply. . . did not leave MSG. Called it back and said it was an automated phone for look for about about delivery service of newspaper or phone novel in your Region. I have opted from your Telephone novel delivery. Our paper is local and not solicited by phone. We have been on that don't telephone list.

Post by Bud,

973-785-3000 Regrettably there is no manner for that caller for know in Progress that it would necessarily be an unwanted telephone. Unless the Amount was calling you Advertising infinity and you personally had never answered the phone. We acquired a telephone from the number Around three days ago and did not reply. We have nothing which needs to be audited now that we've a bit more data thanks to the page next time they telephone we may probably answer the phone and Discuss for them.

Post by Mr.A,

9737853000 Called and said they were Viewing if we've got a local Magazine that's free. I said yes we have got it before but haven't got within in a few time. Then asked Is your address still . they knew it. I said yea. Thanked me and Put Upwards.

Post by Called,

973-785-3000 I'm so Ill of these Folks calling our business land line. I dint have time

Post by PKC,

9737853000 CID revealed Certified Taxation. Think it's a variation of your Government scam but since I did not Choose it Upward. . . .

Post by Annoyed,

973-785-3000 I keep on becoming the call. I live in Il. I was asked If I received the yellow pages by a very rude Girl. I said I did not desire it and Installed Upward.

Post by Donna Howald,

9737853000 I 've gotten a telephone every hour on my company line for two days. The replying machine picks Upward and they don t leave a message. I have called for request I become removed out of their call list and no 1 answers your phone.

Post by JN,

973-785-3000 I acquired a phone out of this Amount at 7 W essential time and a Registered message Inquired Around my local yellow pages and if I had obtained them. Mindless me I pressed your number that corresponded with no. . . I wonder now if someone will phone back and attempt becoming my address.

Post by Jerry,

9737853000 No just one is ever there but they telephone 4 or 5 times a day.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Calls W times a day.

Post by OldEnough2KnowBetter,

9737853000 Did t recognize your number let it go to Voice Send. No message left. Normal telemarketer MO.

Post by Mamm,

973-785-3000 I don t comprehend how that hell these Folks have my cellphone Amount. I 've Artwork as my service Company but I m not Recorded within the damned book. What s this universe coming overly. Gurkha

Post by Anonymous,

9737853000 HTTP Internet. certified Exam. com

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Substantial spam reported it

Post by esie mae in florida,

9737853000 I just got a call out of them and it was a machine verifying that I did or did not get that fresh Embargo Yellowish Pages. It Inquired me for press 1 for yes and 2 for no then Installed Upwards after I did so.

Post by Dulce,

973-785-3000 The Owner named VAC. W W W Ignorant phone phone I already reported to AT amp T i thus Ill and drained of this callers MY Amount IS P R I V A T E I pay for Private phone blocking and where's that privacy. . .

Post by Some guy,

9737853000 Who uses Telephone Novels.

Post by Ed,

973-785-3000 Information from my Owner ID. I did not answer.

Post by Al,

9737853000 Second time the Amount has called Now at 5 PM no message on reply machine replied the last week something about your Verizon Yellowish publication. did I receive it told them no.

Post by Moxie,

973-785-3000 Installed Upward when I replied.

Post by 973-785-3000,

9737853000 W Aug W W W hrs Telephone from W W W Owner ID Cleft mess sage. Viewing a Rise on unknown callers. Must believe do not phone lists have Ended.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Never leaves a message. Definitely spam or scam. You can attempt blocking it but caller has your ability for Modify their Telephone number. Absolute best not for answer.

Post by Dawn,

9737853000 I keep getting Telephone calls from this place but they never leave a message. They 've left as many as 8 expressionless messages within one daytime.

Post by panda,

973-785-3000 did t get for your Telephone to response but that message was totally inaudible something about Blades and he the and that. Highlight too strong for comprehend. Way Odd and will block this Amount from my Supplier. Beware not a great Experience Around this.

Post by fed up,

9737853000 Caller ID says VAC. Owner heard Sentry s warning and hung Upwards without leaving a message. Terrible sign. . . . usually indicating useless sales call low life scummier or worse. . . . Many of these calls are from your lowest of your low your foulest of the nasty. . . dirt bag scum sucking Base feeders who deserve a nice long stint in prison. Thankfully Sentry 'll now block this number forever. Good riddance useless swine.

Post by gb,

973-785-3000 I think they phone for create certain the Man they're paying for Provide that Telephone Novels are actually Providing them

Post by Donna Howald,

9737853000 this Amount called last night after PM no message was left.

Post by sgt,

973-785-3000 Said nothing when I replied that Telephone. Held on to your line. Put Upward when reply machine Arrived on. 7 W pm I called back for request them not to phone my house again.

Post by RR,

9737853000 Called within Denver Today 5 W p. m. Telephone rang. No replying machine message left.

Post by Bob,

973-785-3000 Please can.

Post by Bellevadeer,

9737853000 I have reported for our atty. Style office and gotten a Pleasant notice back saying that they don t 've the resources for investigate these Sorts of offenses. Very best Gamble is for pass the Things Approximately Societal Marketing for warn others. Maybe some great could become done between your Pet and food images.


973-785-3000 Likely not Really. I 've gotten my name taken away your Telephone novel delivery and they call me every time to create sure I did t get one and verify I still don t need them. Also they can sometimes phone to create certain you get them if they're delivering because they Fundamentally hire some Faculty Child load his Automobile with phone books and present him delivery addresses. They call for Confirm which he actually did his job and not just dumb that books and Accumulate a Assess.

Post by Seth McCrimman,

9737853000 Owner asked if I received a Telephone publication and proceeded for request really private political and orientation questions. I Installed Upward. Call blocked now

Post by JanieMD,

973-785-3000 Called at 6 PM Today. We also have an unlisted phone Amount and are on that don't phone list. Do they get your Amounts. Did not reply phone and they left no message.

Post by Cora,

9737853000 They vie called me twice now Now and Recently and both times it was your same. I pick up but they don t reply. It s just silence.

Post by Dale,

973-785-3000 Gotten 6 calls out of this Amount along with no messages. Found your CEO s name and called back into main number. Pressed 9 for Service and entered W to get his extension number. Ext W. I left him a message asking for a telephone back. I wonder if he can phone. How Around everyone call and enter ext W and leave Mark Speckling a express send. Fill Upwards that email box. Subsequently go to the link and get more info on the company and Complete up other send boxes. Simply a thought as it appears out of everything appearing online about the number they are nothing more than a public nuisance. HTTP Www. Take. org index. CF. fuse Activity Circa . . . low River Blvd. Mark Speckling CEO W Willow brook Blvd. Suite W John NJ W Phone W W W Facsimile W W W Email email W protected

Post by X,

9737853000 What does it matter if your deliverer or that deliverer recycles that Novels. I begrudgingly recycle all unsolicited material littered at my address.

Post by Karen Hume,

973-785-3000 3 hang Upwards calls from this Amount. I believe I 've reported them before

Post by Michigan,

9737853000 Don t understand where you live but where I live they drive by and sling the Telephone Publications out the window within a Cheap plastic Case. By that time we find them within that ditch they're unusable but Afterward I could t remember that last time I used a phone novel anyway. Got a call Now ID said Certified Taxation and we did get a phone book some time back that we had to throw away. But I let it go to express send no MSG. and now it s blocked so they could t hassle me anymore. Phones now days that block numbers are wonderful tools. .

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Called Now was an automated phone message something about the Yellowish pages. I blocked the call for future potential calls

Post by Guest,

9737853000 spam

Post by spencer,

973-785-3000 they called me at 5 W PM i didn't response and they didn't leave a message.

Post by SS,

9737853000 When I get a call from an W Region code not recognizable with or unknown Owner I Merely Choose up and listen and within abet W seconds it Rob telephone hangs Upwards. I suppose machine is voice activated.

Post by Paul Wagner,

973-785-3000 Numerous annoying calls. Leaves no message. Do not know that phone number

Post by stockms,

9737853000 It's on my caller ID WHO Are they. . . . . . .

Post by Stevens,

973-785-3000 Ha ha.

Post by Sean,

9737853000 Got a telephone and missed it. Caller ID says certified Exam. They left no message. Don t know what it s about

Post by Michael,

973-785-3000 They 've called my Google Speak number which has rarely been used Anyplace four times within that last week and Put up when I sent it to express mail. If they are legit Subsequently they should 've left a message and let me determine for phone them back or not. Hanging Upwards each time dozen t Similar a legit Issue in my novel.

Post by Reco,

9737853000 Telephone publication company . . . attempting for increase personal Information. However another scummier.

Post by Liesel,

973-785-3000 I Only got a phone from them. Not certain why they d be calling me since I live in Canada.

Post by 973-785-3000,

9737853000 My phone number is not listed in that phone publication. I 'm on that can no telephone list. Though I continue to get calls each day out of odd Amounts. This is becoming old.

Post by Flyswatter,

973-785-3000 Neither Celebration cares.

Post by Westell100,

9737853000 The Amount calls our office but we screen them Outside as a nuisance call but they could leave a voice mail message which they don t care to can. Whatever they are Marketing we Stadium t Purchasing thus they're Only a pest and not a very intelligent one because they're Merely wasting their cash calling Companies that can never buy anything out of them.

Post by Debbie,

973-785-3000 Missed a call from the Amount. Caller did not leave a message. Rec d this telephone a daytime or two after Yellowish pages arrived on my porch which matches what others 've reported.

Post by Al,

9737853000 Did not response. No Message. CID certified Exam. Blocked

Post by LAMET,

973-785-3000 Yep verify they Giving. I can support that a few are Only delivering around and over again to that same addresses. I hate it because I get 3 5 copies of that same phone book delivered to my home within a matter of weeks Thus yes They're Delivering but obviously not for EVERYONE that should become getting them when they keep hitting your same neighborhoods around and over again

Post by BarbTX,

9737853000 Called me 4 3 W 4 4 W and 4 5 W. Left no message. Some Folks say it's out of Certified Taxation of Circulations Little Falls Carrier New Jersey Verizon Brand new Jersey Inc.


973-785-3000 KEEP Becoming UNWANTED CALLS. I 'm ON That Don't Telephone LIST.

Post by Tracy,

9737853000 no message. they vie called before.


973-785-3000 You are becoming the calls because you personally opted Outside. I opted Outside and constantly get the calls to make certain I did t get 1 . Typically it is a Individual calling and they state that I opted out and they desire for create sure. Most of that time a daytime or two after I get a notice on my door saying I did t get a phone novel as Required. Lola

Post by jane,

9737853000 Presumably You're speaking of your DC registry. FYI that DC registry was NEVER intended for Quit criminal telemarketers cheers in part to conservative republicans enjoy yourself. Conservative republicans would have no Rules whatsoever if they could get away along with it. 1 could assume that you are Additionally an furious low info voter as well.

Post by LK,

973-785-3000 got a telephone from the number along with caller ID certified Review Decided Upward phone and no answer. thus I Put Upwards.

Post by jrc,

9737853000 caller did not leave message and when i called back was a recording.

Post by Chris D.,

973-785-3000 i got a telephone and i didn't answer out of them that answer left was like someone Sent about 8 buttons on your phone

Post by susan,

9737853000 keep call in. no messages left. quite annoying

Post by X,

973-785-3000 What does it subject if that deliverer or that deliverer recycles that books. I begrudgingly recycle all unsolicited substance littered at my address.

Post by swirling vortex of doom,

9737853000 no message

Post by BR 549,

973-785-3000 Certified Audit my A F K These son of birches All a Collection of off jacks

Post by Bud,

9737853000 Calling to see your phone Novels have arrived is not Promotion. That phone Businesses pay a lot of cash for have those Publications printed and Subsequently more money to 've them delivered. As some posts above 've said this can be about the simply manner they 've for discover whether or not your Individuals hired to Provide that phone Novels 've done so. Why are many Folks so critical of EVERYTHING.

Post by get a real job,

973-785-3000 This call was actually a Registered survey for create sure which our company got your Telephone books which were recently delivered. These Businesses Normally would the to ensure that the temp Employees that they hire are actually Providing the phone books that they are turning within on their pay sheets for that Firm instead of Offering a bunch of Yellowish Pages to your suitable dumpster and Afterward getting paid and disappearing. Even though we scarcely use your Telephone novel anymore sometimes it comes within handy doorstop bug flatten er Actually substantial Frisbee etc. . If you collect them over time you are able to use Providing or Duct Duck. Recording and Assemble a free Workplace.

Post by Roy in FL,

9737853000 Called me Now asking if I had acquired delivered copies of at amp t Yellowish pages Telephone books. They noted that I had opted from delivery which I had done last year at HTTP Web. . com I replied that I did get your phone Publications and was Inquired to read info from your novel Includes for Confirm the. Caller Afterward Inquired if I would like them for Select up the improperly delivered Telephone Publications. I replied no Simply try and correct it next year . Thus I would consider this call legitimate.

Post by Bob,

973-785-3000 Please can.

Post by BLT,

9737853000 Recently my Owner ID revealed 2 calls from these Individuals within 1 hour of each other. After the first telephone I blocked their number. When they called back your second time my machine kicked them away the line. I Firmly Think that these Individuals are fishing for something more than what they're telling you personally. How do we understand for certain that they're who they state they are. Simply because they say thus dozen t ensure it is thus. Example Your Indian speaking Individuals calling to tell you personally that your own computer is within demand of service and that they're out of either Microsoft or IO LO. Yep right. I don t consider callers Now even if their tongues come notarized. It s not our jobs for monitor their Workers. . Beware. . . . .

Post by Sarah Martinez,

973-785-3000 Please block all calls from the Amount. Put me on the Do not Telephone LIST.

Post by CT Chicky,

9737853000 Called the 2 Man Scientific office yesterday no 1 on the line VAC on caller ID

Post by Lisa,

973-785-3000 HTTP Web. certified Taxation. com Contact Us ta bid W Default. sixths is the Reason.

Post by AN,

9737853000 Called at PM PAC time I did t fuss to reply.

Post by WayneC,

973-785-3000 It s Fairly easy for Link that dots Don Scam me. Only a couple weeks ago your phone book distributors littered our Place with the things throwing them in your road within front of the Properties or in the drive manner because they cannot legally Put them within that send carton since they did t use the postal service and it Only takes too Considerably time to drive Upward to your house. After a number of people complained for that litter patrol two times later that Telephone Publications were lying on your door measure instead of that road. Plus if you took the time for See this URL HTTP Internet. certified Exam. com Contact People ta bid W Standard. asp you would see the Telephone Amount that called you. You re probably right along with your last sentence but you should t Consistently suppose what you think for become the truth. It took me under a Second using an Net search to look for that above URL. I concur that you should t Check anything with anyone you personally Stadium t familiar along with.

Post by JUDY,

9737853000 GOT A Telephone Now Out of The Amount W W Owner ID SAID IT WAS From CERTIFIED Review YA Appropriate. ALL OF You have REPORTED THAT It's A MAGAZINE CO.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Phony P not even my area

Post by cassarooni,

9737853000 well said.

Post by hate spam,

973-785-3000 called at W W pm on a work nighttime. No message. I need for get a phone blocker

Post by Guest,

9737853000 I see they have started on me. Nicely I 've a scam call blocker thus You're out of luck.

Post by mark,

973-785-3000 Obtained a phone about Yellowish pages. I told them I wan t interested. Weird thing is your caller ID displayed Certified Audi but they said they were calling Around that Yellowish pages.


9737853000 've AN Typical OF 5 CALLS ADA From The NUMBER

Post by A J,

973-785-3000 By your manner I m within Dallas. I have no Thought how my cell phone Amount ended Upward within their hands.

Post by mrs j,

9737853000 I 'm on your no call list Don't telephone. . . . get it. . . . . . . . .

Post by JW,

973-785-3000 I am getting repeated calls to my mobile which was on the Do not Phone registry since W. I Additionally posted a Criticism there.

Post by C4U,

9737853000 Maybe we should start calling them. . . . . . certified Exam dot com aka VAC

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 yellow pages marketing

Post by CHRIS,

9737853000 I received a call from this Amount Approximately PM yesterday nighttime. Your Girl on that line Inquired me if I had received the new Yellowish pages and I said no and Afterward she said is your own address the and said an address and that she was Attempting to support the address. I Put up after that. Great thing she did t 've the right address LOLA

Post by cathy,

973-785-3000 received Registered telephone out of this Amount W W W on June W W at Around W W 'm CT. your voice said he was calling for Check your Firm data at which time i said hello. for become confident it was a record then Installed Upward.

Post by somoya,

9737853000 When I get my payroll Assess out of yellow pages It sure appears enjoy the sender is ABC west coast . We have been part of that Telephone Business. And for enough cash your Telephone numbers are Sold. Stupid a H. .

Post by Reject,

973-785-3000 Got call on Saturday nighttime. No doubt for block them.


9737853000 Like W of that worlds oxygen come from the oceans. A type of Alger that produces more oxygen when it's youthful. A virus kills off most of it every year and it Increases back producing more oxygen. If it wan t for that virus and your algae we would all become dead. Like 3 4 of that oxygen comes from the sunlight hitting your waters and Oxygen becoming separated from HO. Multiple percent from your grasslands Approximately your World. Perhaps 8 or thus from trees total.

Post by anonymous,

973-785-3000 Goes to show everyone that the Don't Telephone list is a Collection of Malachi. Certified Auditors and other W callers get through on a routine basis. I disconnected the answering mac hing out of my acreage line either Blow off that telephone or Only Choose Upward amp hang Upward on that unwanted solicitations like this. Canceled that Don't Call service and Truly receive less Telephone solicitation calls.

Post by cranberry sauce,

9737853000 I did not response this phone but they have called me twice thus Much. they're still at it.

Post by Bud,

973-785-3000 Calling for see your Telephone Publications have arrived is not Advertisements. Your phone companies pay a lot of money to 've those books Published and Afterward more money to have them delivered. As many posts above 've said this is Around the simply manner they 've to discover whether or not that people Used to Offer your phone Novels 've done thus. Exactly why are some Folks thus critical of EVERYTHING.

Post by Lin,

9737853000 These sick perverts have called me several times over that last few times. I never answer. If this really is indeed an organization trying to locate Outside if I m becoming a particular Phone novel they should Assess their Select out list. I registered several years ago after tripping and Dropping over your phone Novels they dumped on my front veranda. I m a disabled Man and I called their number for 've them Select Upward their Waste. They attempted for State that they could leave their Waste on my property I live on a private road and on private property with all your right and legal signage properly displayed. They were trespassing when they drove on the road and walked on my property to dump their Waste on my porch. Your first jerk I talked for attempted for bull his way out of your situation. His Approach was when I did t want that phone Publications I should have one of my neighbors Choose Upwards your Novels and get rid of them. When I talked with a Manager I Offered her a choice she could get that Novels removed or I would telephone that Cops for report their trespassing and their harassment of a disabled Man. She had that delivery company return and Select Upwards your telephone books. It s not my Duty or my neighbors to Clear Upwards and get rid of their Waste.

Post by Dawn,

973-785-3000 Whatever the place is they keep calling and Subsequently not leaving a message. They 've called as many as 8 times in one daytime before. I know nobody within NJ.

Post by Pose711,

9737853000 You were auto dialed Only enjoy the remainder of us. These criminals use computers that Call every number along with a Unique Place code or prefix. Unlisted Telephones can be dialed. Your Amount just Arrived Upward. Please buy a blocking System and stop these criminals.

Post by Dave,

973-785-3000 scummier called did t response it blocked the Amount out of future calling.

Post by Guest,

9737853000 spammer ignore

Post by FEDUP,

973-785-3000 They could call your cell Telephone. What stone 've you been hiding Underneath. It s been legal for telemarketers to telephone cell phones for Fairly some time now. You personally demand for Select out for your own cell Telephone just like you personally would for your acreage line. If you personally believe all Marketing on Television and that internet is legit you demand for Wake up Upward. There surely is so Considerably crap falsely advertised on Television and there are scams galore on your Net. The National Do not Phone Registry is used for Choose Outside for cell Telephone unsolicited advertising. You've to become wary here though. If you have ever done any business along with your company or a Part of their s Afterward it's legit for them for contact you personally. They are Afterward exempt in the Don't Phone Registry. There are a lot of matters which are Sadly.

Post by Guest,

9737853000 . . .

Post by received same call,

973-785-3000 that create feeling. . . . caller ID revealed vac on that display. when I did t reply your machine picked up and they disconnected without Making a message.

Post by wasup,

9737853000 mum they called my cell not my Residence Amount did not pick Upward as I did not recognize

Post by dodgejedi,

973-785-3000 each time i 've a fresh Yellowish pages or white pages delivered they phone i Only Blow off it.

Post by Pissed,

9737853000 If I Desired annoying pare recorded calls like that I would have asked for them.

Post by Jan,

973-785-3000 I did reply this 1. Yes they are calling to see you acquired your own Yellowish Pages. I was about ready to tell him that I did get it but had told them within that previous that I did t desire it. He already knew that I had acquired it and should t 've. He apologized and said they will strive not to Supply it again. They already knew my address. It s not a scam they are Merely Striving for determine if your own wishes were Used on whether you personally were for get that yellow pages or not. You all Closed up to get or not get it in the past and which is Likely how they got your Telephone Amount.

Post by Guest,

9737853000 No message telemarketer

Post by CEC2 calls 10/28 and 10/129,

973-785-3000 Hung Upward when replied did not leave message on machine on second call. On Don't Call List both Federal amp State Extensive.

Post by Chubby,

9737853000 Needed for understand if I Desired my name listed in DEC. I Installed up appropriate away when I Understood it was an automated phone phone.

Post by Scott,

973-785-3000 This was a telephone supporting that I gotten my AT amp T yellow pages. Computer phone only

Post by Vanessa,

9737853000 Bahama. . . . . cheers for making me laugh today

Post by Pissed,

973-785-3000 Calling to verify my reception of a People DEC Telephone novel. Lousy enough they send you personally the useless novel now they 've to annoy you personally along with pare recorded messages Around becoming your Bloody thing. And on my cell phone no less.

Post by sharko,

9737853000 If it s an unfamiliar number which this was I don t response. A simple Method that saves a lot of screwing around.

Post by Neet-Neet,

973-785-3000 Owner left no MSG on the answering machine.

Post by Bud,

9737853000 Sadly there is no manner for that Owner to know within Progress that it would Always be an unwanted phone. Unless your number has been calling you ad infinity and you personally had never answered the Telephone. We obtained a telephone out of this number Around three times Past and did not answer. We've nothing which needs to be audited now that we've a bit more data thanks to this page next time they call we can Likely response your phone and talk to them.

Post by C4U,

973-785-3000 Typically when they phone which was AT LEAST once a daytime for the past 2 weeks it is a Registered message did you get phone book blah blah blah. This time I picked up the phone and said nothing. Instead of recorded message I heard someone Select up your phone Subsequently hang Upward. Cease IT Quit IT Stop IT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by FEDUP,

9737853000 A. The National Don't Call Registry won't keep you personally from getting Telephone calls from these Amounts. B. There are several Distinct types of calls that are exempt from the National Do not Call Registry. If this is a Firm calling to verify if you got a Telephone novel delivered to your own doorstep they're Likely exempt because they are not telemarketers. C. I do understand that they can check for make confident the Folks which are Used for Offer phone Publications are checked Upward on for make certain the phone books are delivered and not just dumped Someplace. I would want they would identify themselves properly. Too many Firms are still using an automatic dialing system. That s why thus many of these phone calls there surely is no message because it s pare Registered and overly many times when your call is placed the record is at your incorrect Period thus it s enjoy nobody is there. You personally people demand for get a life. Not every single Telephone call is suspect but it's Accurate there is overly Considerably fraud going on. You can than the lousy economy created by your biggest Thief of your century Currently residing within your White House.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 called 7 W no message

Post by get a real job,

9737853000 This phone was actually a Registered survey to create certain which our company got that phone books which were Lately delivered. These companies Typically would this for ensure the temp workers that they hire are Really delivering your phone Novels that they are turning within on their pay sheets to the Business instead of Giving a Group of Yellow Pages to a convenient dumpster and Afterward becoming paid and disappearing. Even though we infrequently use the phone novel anymore sometimes it comes within Practical doorstop tease flatten er Actually significant Frisbee etc. . If you personally Gather them around time you can use Providing or Duct Goose. Recording and Construct a free desk.

Post by I hate junk calls,

973-785-3000 I dint think its a valid Evidence out of AT amp T because i obtained the phone on my Race Cell phone.

Post by Dale,

9737853000 That link above cut away and if not working properly. . . Here s what I located through that link. Certified Exam of Circulations Internet. certified audit. com W Willow Creek Blvd. Room W David NJ W Mark Speckling CEO W Willow Creek Blvd. Collection W Wayne NJ W Telephone W W W Fax W W W E-mail email W protected Evelyn V. Soft Marketing Director W Willow Stream Blvd. Collection W Wayne NJ W Telephone W W W Facsimile W W W E-mail email W protected

Post by Rob,

973-785-3000 Called several times. I did t response. Certified Exam calling for Check reception of AT amp T yellow pages. I did t want the damn Telephone publication and I don t need many company calling me to make confident I got it.

Post by Anne,

9737853000 Got a call did not reply it Telephone I. D. said it was Certified Audit.

Post by Joy,

973-785-3000 Which is true. I got that same phone and got that At amp T Telephone books a few days before. They were pitched in our yard which was Wonderful.

Post by B&C,

9737853000 Upon replying company line female Inquired if we gotten your AT amp T yellow pages phone book and if it was within good condition. Replied yes to both. She ended with thank you and 've a great daytime .

Post by Zip,

973-785-3000 ID was certified audit which dozen t just supply you personally Actual information about why they are calling. The tel scampers run many Apparent scams and Afterward Additionally run all Types of scams in which they fake for have a few legit motive for calling charity political calls surveys etc . We've received thousands of scam calls and 've call blocking and if anyone wonders exactly why Folks are annoyed with all of the unwanted calls Subsequently they must not 've made the phone list for being always harassed. Charity calls political calls and survey calls are legal BUT it dozen t mean that they should be. If we pay for phone service then the Telephone should become a SERVICE Fairly than providing Legal intrusion into our lives. Sadly you personally should now suppose that just about ANY unknown Amount that calls you personally is some type of scam.

Post by Griff,

9737853000 This Firm does audits for phone novel and Paper delivery and for Elect out of Telephone book delivery. They state that they will telephone and Go on for that next Individual if you re not Accessible but they tend to call each night unless you personally response.

Post by Abbie,

973-785-3000 The number has been calling 2 3 times a day the last few times so I eventually go ogled for see who your heck it's. We don t even 've a land line and completely zero need for a phone publication. I ll continue for Fall your calls. Anyone know where you can report a for an annoying Sum of calls. I mean its not harassment and its not at Strange hours of the nighttime but it s sure as annoying.

Post by Guest,

9737853000 Spam challenging to block uses different numbers.

Post by Maddie,

973-785-3000 Called but we Warren t home. Listened to the message but there was nothing there.

Post by Jenn,

9737853000 Got a telephone from this number 6 W pm. No message was left on my answering machine. That name on the Owner ID was Certified Audit

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Block the Owner. It appears for be a scam.

Post by Steve,

9737853000 It left some message Attempting to Check if I received my fresh AT amp T pages if yes press 1 of no. . . etc. That ID mentioned VAC which most probably Attributes for the acronym Customer Assist Center. . . The acronym reminds me of my call center management days. If you desire to create people hate you personally tell em you personally worked at your VAC. At least new hire may can that with every wave of fresh Workers. That poor soul suffers that Jubilee Ross syndrome wondering why everyone Abruptly hates him.

Post by Jr in AR,

973-785-3000 They called and did not leave a message. Owner ID says CERTIFIED Exam .

Post by Charlie,

9737853000 If they're Actually checking on the distribution of the AT amp T Yellowish pages it seems realistic. If there were many way their ID could identify their Link along with your Vision they would get manner more cooperation in the receiving end. Recently had a telephone like these from the distributor of the white pages and would have been happy to answer their questions about your Telephone book distribution.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 I did t response.

Post by Steve,

9737853000 I don t response unknown callers.

Post by 973-785-3000 recipient,

973-785-3000 We obtained a call from this number today along with the Owner ID Text reading VAC I walked for the Computer as the phone rang for enter that Amount here at Notes. com and locate Outside who was calling and. If they d vie waited a bit longer I d vie known and answered their telephone to let them understand that yes we did recently have phone books left within your Garage. Quite than local Used Vendors dumping that lot into your Closest garbage bin and billing your Telephone Business Eventually us customers for services not Taken. But. they Put up without leaving a message. I m a network ID security professional and Love what this Site is Around. I m concerned that as we package our cell and land lines to your single Merchant their Sources get blurry as to appropriate contact lines and so cell customers are becoming calls asking about your delivery of the Telephone novel meant for the House. . . If you personally get an Suitable phone from this Business number and have a moment Perhaps you might have a opportunity to satisfy a new Man today and let them understand you did n t get your Telephone Publications delivered. If your life is too occupied at the moment don t Choose the phone Upwards I m certain they understand and have called your next number on the list. If you get an inappropriate phone from your Supplier s auditor maybe it s time for choose a more conscientious Merchant. But LET The Supplier Understand Why THEY DON T DESERVE Your own PATRONAGE. . .

Post by Laura Christopher,

9737853000 They telephone 3 to 5 times a daytime. NEVER leave a message and I don t bother answering that Telephone if I don t Comprehend the Amount.

Post by bj,

973-785-3000 thanks

Post by HTrueO,

9737853000 My cell Telephone must 've been added to many call list because I vie been getting a Collection of solicitation calls. The just one was a Registered express asking if I had received that new P Yellow Pages with a picture of Minute Maid Park Houston TX on that cover. It Inquired me to choose 1 for Yes or 2 for No. I Installed up.

Post by John,

973-785-3000 Merely another scam bag what s a Telephone novel I haven t thrown one away in years when can it ever end. And don t say report it to your Don t hassle to call service they re more Outside dated compared to the Telephone book

Post by pebe,

9737853000 I gotten a phone at 6 W PM today December W W from W W W. Replying machine Decided up and they hung up.

Post by Bob,

973-785-3000 Caller ID said CERTIFIED Audit She wanted for verify we got the yellow page novel. No Notion. Don t care if we did or not. We have no use for that Yellowish pages. Never got a return on the Promotion dollars and I already 've a door Discontinue.


9737853000 DON T Know THEM AND DON T Need To Know THEM

Post by John Doe 1,

973-785-3000 They appear for become spammers.

Post by Sharlot Keen,

9737853000 When you personally answer that Telephone they hang up

Post by received same call,

973-785-3000 that create sense. . . . Owner ID revealed vac on the display. when I did t reply that machine picked up and they disconnected without leaving a message.

Post by Spam Hater,

9737853000 Just started becoming calls out of this number again of path no message left it had been several months since the last one maybe your Amount got passed Approximately or reassigned . The time I blocked the number and now it Simply gets disconnected. Cheers for all of you Trouble Fixed.

Post by Michael Tucker,

973-785-3000 I 've obtained a number of calls out of this Amount. My Telephone collects numbers and it shows that this telephone is out of Evergreen Sales. Every time they telephone and I reply your Telephone they hang Upward on me. They won't leave any type of message on my Telephone when I 'm not Approximately for answer the phone.

Post by SoCalep,

9737853000 I Only read the on their homepage HTTP Web. certified Exam. com Certified Audit of Circulations Inc. VAC was established in W for provide an Purpose verification of circulation States for your good thing about media Liability and Visibility of Advertisements investments. VAC s not for Revenue Newsgroup provides a premier Program which mandates no vested interest in that outcome of your Taxation findings. That company is governed by a Board of Directors Signifying national advertisers Marketing Companies and Editors. VAC s organizational Arrangement demands the highest Flow auditing normal. VAC is a Initial IF ABC Approved national auditor of paid and free print Press. VAC is your Land s largest provider of marketplace research and delivery verification's for that Yellow Pages Sector. If you take a appearance at your link on their page for their Board of Directors you personally ll see an intriguing list from many Distinct companies. Advertisers publishers stores and insurance. . . It sounds like they Merely attempt to ensure these books are delivered. Auditing for people who throw Telephone books on your measures. Simply a think. I m just a layperson. Anyway that contact people page on their site gives titles and contact Information should you personally want for 've it.

Post by cassarooni,

973-785-3000 well said.

Post by Data Wrangler,

9737853000 They're calling to renew free commerce publication subscriptions. And yes they are annoying. Tell them for discontinue that subscriptions and they ll have no motive to telephone back.

Post by MC,

973-785-3000 Caller ID said Certified Taxation. Didn't answer.

Post by Tom,

9737853000 The third phone to my cellphone in that last week along with no messages left I eventually Decided Upward. I told him you have to Quit calling me I am on the no phone list and that sniveling express on another Finish said that s not a Issue.

Post by liz ritterbusch,

973-785-3000 please tell these Folks for Quit calling me. I dint recognize the Amount and thus I dint answer that calls.

Post by Monte,

9737853000 They phone to make confident you personally gotten your fresh phone book. They hire Folks as contract labor for Provide them to your own House and desire to make certain you personally gotten it and it did not make it s way into your local dumpster. It s a way to keep honest people honest.

Post by Ron,

973-785-3000 I got a phone from them 3 W W no message another scummier

Post by Vashti,

9737853000 I concur along with all that Cards who believe these calls aren't legit. Exactly why don t they respect that DC list. Are they exempt. Why would that be. I get continual calls out of this number. They never leave a message it is Simply Simple aggravating.

Post by larry,

973-785-3000 Only acquired 4 calls within a Line from this number. Went for my machine No message left

Post by Harold,

9737853000 I got a phone from Certified Audit at W W W at 8 W pm on W W W. I 've a telephone blocker out of Radio Shack for Around W. W. You personally install it where your phone line enters the home enter a code you could remember and it will require the code become entered along with all calls so long as you have your blocker turned on. Become certain for Mount your blocker where it can Find the call before it reaches any phone within the home. Your phone may never ring through to your Telephone if your code USN t Joined promptly. You personally provide this code for only those you personally want to receive calls out of. I get a lot of calls without name listings but says Unavailable. Well to me if they're unavailable they should t become calling. I Simply Blow off those calls. If it is out of someone you personally don t understand it Likely a telemarketer or someone Lawyer wanting cash. Your Don't Telephone LIST is a Large joke. enjoy everything else your government has a hand in. They don t bother for would any investigations They Only Simply Stay and wait for a paycheck. That Owner left NO message because they did t have my Key code thus I did t get their call.

Post by Moxie,

973-785-3000 I got a telephone out of the Amount Now and they hung up when I answered.

Post by 973-785-3000,

9737853000 Unsolicited call

Post by sis,

973-785-3000 Called your house at 6 PM central time and waited for your machine to Choose Upwards Subsequently they sat in silence for a minute before hanging Upward. Irritating since we've been receiving so many of those credit card scam calls and we 're on a no telephone list. . . it Actually works well

Post by Judy,

9737853000 My caller I d shows the Firm as Certified Review thus what would that 've to do along with Publications. Be thorough talking to these people.

Post by Fransen,

973-785-3000 Got a phone out of them Now. . . Only told them I don t know a soul within Brand new Jersey so I am hanging Upward on you personally. no idea who they are.

Post by The Truth,

9737853000 That Truth is that as a Land we have been being harassed repeatedly by these criminals and nothing may Quit them save a short See to one of these offices with a few modern day weaponry. A bit CNN Protection will bring the Outside within that open. Depressed for think that haphazard jerk offs with Firearms determine to kill Simple Individuals when these scamming are Merely prime targets for their rage.

Post by Eric,

973-785-3000 I gotten several Rob dialed Telephone calls that previous few days haven't talked to your live Man yet. Your FCC is going for adore me the week I Registered W scummier calls and Merely added this 1 for the list.

Post by sm,

9737853000 I Additionally got that same call about the yellow pages. . I'm within TX.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Numerous hangups from the Amount within your last week. I am on the do not phone list.

Post by Hank,

9737853000 Got a call from them Caller ID says VAC automate machine s asked if I obtained a phone publication and replied no that was a couple of times ago and then got another phone from a man asked for me if I obtained a phone book and answered no. I wish never replied. Can t never trust anyone these days.

Post by Anonymous,

973-785-3000 Call and thank your Telephone company for giving them your unlisted phone number and address. For everyone reading don t hassle purchasing an unlisted Magic Jack phone line for W. W long distance calling for a year. I was Capable to appearance Upward that number I was given on your Web. I also Began receiving telemarketing calls and the service dozen t work correctly ever. That Link cuts out on almost every telephone the voice send never worked and incoming calls from my local Place could not become Finished. Oh and get the. . . a phone service that doesn't provide customer service by phone. Only by Web. Likely because their Telephone lines don t work either. Your product and service isn't ready for that People. It should definitely still be in research and development. It s Junk. . .

Post by BoB,

9737853000 No one talked. I Star W for see . It was 4 W pm. PDT.

Post by sgt,

973-785-3000 We have and 've had your complete W area code blocked for over 1 year. Their calls could not make our phones ring. Please go to Amazon and Assess Outside your Panasonic telephones that block W telephone calls and Additionally Assess Outside the D git just one call blocker that can block overall Region Rules. These Products work nicely and are Affordable they may save your own sanity.

Post by bj,

9737853000 thanks

Post by Tx Gal,

973-785-3000 Did a bit more research on that internet after reading the Sites above. This is the CEO s Residence info. Why not phone him there since his company is calling harassing us at home and hanging Upward. residential address removed

Post by Delray,

9737853000 Called last night. After seeing there were W pages of Grievances I did t waste Considerably time reading up if this was a scam. Thank you personally Phone Blocker. Here s a brand new Amount to your tummy.

Post by S,

973-785-3000 did t leave a message. I wonder how they got my number.

Post by GO AWAY,

9737853000 NOBODY wants your phone Novels. Your only matter we desire less than your own Telephone books are your own Phone CALLS. GO AWAY. You personally suck. You're evil. Overly terrible we can t reach through the Telephone and throttle your useless neck.

Post by Duke,

973-785-3000 They called last week. I did t answer. Now I replied. No just one on your line. Future calls from these Snow holes are blocked.

Post by JETAMES,


Post by Ron,

973-785-3000 I tried your switchboard. com works. VAC from the Man s home

Post by Guest,

9737853000 I have received a number of calls from this at my business and there surely is no one on your Telephone. At least 6 calls within the last 2 days

Post by GO AWAY,

973-785-3000 NOBODY needs your Telephone books. The just thing we want less than your own Telephone Publications are your Phone CALLS. GO AWAY. You suck. You are evil. Too terrible we could t reach through that phone and throttle your own useless neck.

Post by J,

9737853000 Called did not leave message. CID said Certified Review. We don't response unknown unsolicited or unrecognized s. We Display ALL calls.

Post by Reggie,

973-785-3000 no one there when I answered

Post by jeff,

9737853000 did t reply no message. blocked them

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Spam

Post by Richard,

9737853000 I did t answer. Did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Called at 8 W p. m on 8 8 and again at W W a. m. Now. No message left. I appreciate others comments.


9737853000 NO MESSAGE Hung UP

Post by joy,

973-785-3000 st opp calling here

Post by Enough of the phone talk,

9737853000 Suppose the Business was within company a while they Needed for know if I obtained a phone Index by a no name Road Bash Business and if I Needed extra copies. My Amount is non published

Post by LP1Guy,

973-785-3000 Got a phone on my Residence registered with Don't Telephone and at my office at exactly that same time. I answered that telephone to your office and it was a Registered message Seeking to know if we'd gotten your Real AT amp T Yellowish Pages which was recently delivered and if we had enough copies. Owner ID is VAC which would appear for confirm the above post that it s registered for Certified Exam of Circulations

Post by Bill Garrison,

9737853000 I found Outside it s a Business that sells magazines. . . . Simply an FYI

Post by Dottie,

973-785-3000 Got a call for W W W at 8 W and all they did was offer me a weather report that dozen t fit that weather we are having correct now. VAC

Post by Michael Tucker,

9737853000 That message on my Telephone caller ID says VAC. They never leave a message. They never Quit.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Threatening. e

Post by Gracie,

9737853000 W W W call. Telephone said VAC. Girl Inquired if we got that latest yellow pages. Would I press 1 if yes. I responded Yes we received that latest yellow pages but we do not press buttons. Subsequently I Installed Upward. When I looked at that phone it said something like . . . Costs. . . I hope Com project won't add a charge to my Telephone Statement.

Post by Vanessa,

973-785-3000 Bahama. . . . . thanks for making me joke today

Post by Bud,

9737853000 A few Businesses 've access for even unlisted phone Amounts if they're as you personally say in that company of distributing Telephone Publications. We've had your phone number here at our brand new location for almost a year and we've not obtained an AT amp T Telephone novel since Perhaps one at your beginning when our phone was installed. There is another Business which Sets out a phone novel Around four times a year and we get those Often.

Post by Bud,

973-785-3000 Many Firms have access for even unlisted Telephone Amounts if they're as you state within your business of distributing phone Novels. We have had the phone Amount here at your new Place for almost a year and we have not gotten an AT amp T phone book since possibly 1 at the Starting when your phone was installed. There surely is another Business which Sets out a phone book Around four times a year and we get those Frequently.

Post by Jim E,

9737853000 calling to Confirm I acquired the Telephone book. Since I throw Telephone Publications instantly into your recycle bin I told them No I don t have that Telephone book. let them waste cash dropping another copy I can throw it away too. Who uses paper Telephone Publications anymore.

Post by somoya,

973-785-3000 When I get my payroll check from yellow pages It sure appears enjoy your sender is ABC west coast . We are component of your Telephone Firm. And for enough money that Telephone Amounts are Offered. Dumb a H. .

Post by B Nick,

9737853000 We keep getting calls from these Individuals. The number is under From Region and when your phone is answered no one can there be or they hang Upwards. I did t reply it this time and it went for that answering service it was on there a long time but no message. Others who vie gotten Telephone calls from the Amount say it's out of Yellowish Book and they want for know if you personally vie obtained your own free phone publication. They need for Check a name and address. When you personally ask what name they have they can t answer that question. What they re wanting for would is to Add a name for your Telephone number. sigh It is many kind of scam.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Called again. Caller ID shows Certified Review. .

Post by Pose711,

9737853000 You personally were auto dialed Only like the rest of people. These criminals use computers that Face each Amount with a Unique Place code or prefix. Unlisted phones may be dialed. Your number Simply came Upward. Please purchase a blocking Product and Cease these criminals.

Post by Ron,

973-785-3000 I attempted the switchboard. com works. VAC from your guy s home

Post by Receptionist,

9737853000 Registered message asking if I had gotten your Latest P Telephone publication for that county. It described what was on that cover. Weird that they called an office number but I figure it makes feeling. I vie signed that AT amp T delivery Man s Evidence Page before at a different Occupation . Thus I could recognize them having a company that checks to make confident the people are Actually Providing that Novels instead of just forging signatures and dumping that Novels Someplace. However I can concur that this still sounds a little scam y. I did not press either 1 for acquired or 2 for did not get as I was overly busy researching their Amount here. That recording plays twice Subsequently it is Used by Distinct voice record saying This concludes our survey . We get so many scam calls at the office that I m hesitant to press any Amounts or offer any data for from Place Amounts.

Post by jennifer,

973-785-3000 they called my business phone number did not leave message

Post by Guest,

9737853000 robot phone asking if I received a Yellowish pages

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Attempted for phone them back. Answering machine. Not Making a message.

Post by Boo,

9737853000 HTTP Internet. certified audit. com Contact People ta invite W Standard. aspics welcome your option for earn your own business. For Get a quote phone W. W. W Ext. W Or email marketing at E-mail W protected

Post by Boo,

973-785-3000 HTTP Www. certified Exam. com

Post by Guest,

9737853000 Called today at 3 W pm When I answered Owner Installed Upwards. Owner continue for call and hang Upwards. This is not a legit Business.

Post by nhf,

973-785-3000 No message left.

Post by Annoyed,

9737853000 I gotten the same Phone phone on my land line phone. Nevertheless it wan t for Telephone Websites. Owner ID showed your call incoming telephone as Certified Auditor . I did t take the call. Only hit Audio Button amp Mute amp they Lay} on the line for a Second saying nothing amp Afterward Installed up.

Post by JfromNC,

973-785-3000 Only obtained a phone from the number. Tried your address Proof thing along with me as well. Told them no thank you personally and Put up.

Post by elsbells,

9737853000 If they call your own cell phone you personally May}n' be Competent for block the Amount through your own cell service Company. I could block them for W days. At that point I need for Restore it for another W days. But by then they 've generally Leave dialing me. Good luck.

Post by Fred,

973-785-3000 Called for request if I had obtained my Replicate of that brand new DEC Yellowish pages.

Post by Dale2,

9737853000 Obtained 6 calls out of the number with no messages. Located the CEO s name and called back into Principal number. Pressed 9 for Index and entered W to get his extension Amount. Ext W. I left him a message asking for a call back. I wonder if he will phone. How about everyone telephone and enter ext W and leave Mark Speckling a voice send. Complete up that E-mail carton. Subsequently go to the link and get more info on that Business and Complete Upwards other send boxes. Simply a thought as it appears from everything appearing online about this number they're nothing more than a People nuisance. HTTP Web. Click. org index. CF. fuse Activity Circa . . . low River Blvd. Mark Speckling CEO W Willow brook Blvd. Suite W Wayne NJ W Phone W W W Fax W W W Email E-mail W protected ID W W Caller Comes Upwards as Unknown Name

Post by KfromSD,

973-785-3000 Called a couple of times no message.

Post by Napa Valley Wine & Cigar,

9737853000 We vie obtained 5 phone calls out of this Firm Now. They won't Stop calling.

Post by Tami,

973-785-3000 They 've called me every other daytime for two weeks. This really is Violent. Who are these idiots.

Post by Mark,

9737853000 Now this Amount called me for your first time. I did not reply. The CID said Certified Taxation.

Post by Magoo,

973-785-3000 I got a call. Owner in Fresh Jersey. I m within South Carolina. Surely dozen t sound legit.

Post by Guest,

9737853000 Really disrupting for the occupied office. Your Telephone rings I pick Upward Fully quiet. . . . they hang Upwards after a few seconds. I phone back and your line if active.

Post by irate,

973-785-3000 Telephone rang 5 times and then disconnected. No message

Post by Michigan,

9737853000 Don t know where you personally live but where I live they drive by and Throw that phone books out that window within a Thin plastic bag. By your time we look for them within that ditch they're unusable but then I could t remember that last time I used a Telephone publication anyway. Got a phone Now ID said Certified Audit and we did get a Telephone publication a while back that we'd to throw away. But I let it go to voice mail no MSG. and now it s blocked thus they could t hassle me anymore. Telephones now days that block Amounts are wonderful tools. .

Post by PKC,

973-785-3000 They phone every day. I am on that No Telephone Publication Delivered Here list. However they still phone and leave a card saying you personally opted not to get a Telephone book. No Shiite. I can t wait till Telephone Novels go away. What a waste of paper.

Post by frh,

9737853000 caller keeps calling Afterward hangs Upward without Making a message.

Post by Weak Sister,

973-785-3000 In your business of scamming. This really is what's called a Poor Sister Scam . They 've nothing for provide or sell they Merely need I. D. and or address verification's thus they can sell that info for other scam artists along with Larger scams going on. Don t autumn for their crap don t supply them anything your name nothing in the least. They are looking for a poor sister to blindly supply them what they desire. Don t even believe Around the Do not Telephone List that is another useless Thought which has never stepped these or even prosecuted a case within its history. That Do not Phone Software is Whole .

Post by Stevens,

9737853000 Ha ha.

Post by I hate junk calls,

973-785-3000 got a call and they left a recorded message asking if i acquired that Yellowish novel from AT amp T. they repeated that message twice Subsequently they said this will Determine that survey.

Post by Annoyed,

9737853000 Thanks for that listing data posted above. I called the Amount back pressed extension W and a reasonable Individual replied that phone and said she would remove my Amount from the list and apologized for the computer glitch. I hope that she does.

Post by BigL,

973-785-3000 Go ogled Telephone number Added Thebes Upward VAC detail Latest Nescafe Autumn W Board Assembly Recap Brand new Chairwoman Directors All VAC Members to Adopt Brand new Report Format within September Bigger VAC Publications to Transition to Regular Audience View Reported Reference Ended All VAC Papers Contained within AMA Overview Welcome to Certified Exam of Circulations We 're a not for profit membership organization that Supplies objective Proof of Flow claims for paid and free print Press across the United States. Our members are daily and weekly community newspapers advertisers and Promotion Companies throughout your U. S. Each group is Signified on the VAC board of directors which sets standards for the organization. We have been committed to providing the products and services your members demand for be Effective players in that Marketing Sector. Our staff is Available dependable and dedicated to special customer service. Our audits Supply your reputable information Desired for create informed decisions. Your organization Claims to bring integrity quality and value for your media industry. Place Titicaca data now in AMA s Advertising Intellect Entomology in to access VAC Info in AMA s state of the artwork database. Make the out of that Press Wisdom Centre by reviewing these helpful tutorials and resources. Don t currently have access to the Press Wisdom Centre. Contact VAC.

Post by watch it scam,

9737853000 Owner called our Amount that is unlisted and Really new the address. Did not give any other information. Believe the Firm is fraud. They should not 've had accessibility to data within NC. Area code is from NJ.

Post by Griff,

973-785-3000 That is Certified Exam of Circulations a Business that calls people about your delivery of Telephone books and newspapers. If you phone that Amount you ll get an automated system. I vie obtained calls from them each nighttime the week and each time there's no answer or anything Simply Stop and a click as the other end disconnects. It s getting annoying since each call chews up minutes. If you need for leave a message within someone s mailbox at Choc their phone mailboxes all are W W W etc. I vie had no luck within getting these calls to Quit.

Post by Guest,

9737853000 called on Sunday evening at 8 pm Left no message. Thankfully I missed the call. Calling from a name Business that is out of company sounds funny to me.

Post by A3R,

973-785-3000 Called 5 W EST I let it ring.

Post by Scam,

9737853000 Looking for active phone Amounts and identities for future calls. Telemarketing scams are the fresh E-mail spams. Never verify or supply personal information over that phone. Never ever

Post by Joe,

973-785-3000 Please call me again now that I located out who you are. I need for spend as Substantially time as possible talking for your requirements. I can feed you personally a lot of junk and my goal is to Price you as Substantially money as potential. I enjoy it when Folks spend cash on me.

Post by Ronnie,

9737853000 Calls several times never leaves a message

Post by OL,

973-785-3000 They called me on 7 9 W but did not leave message. I blocked them.

Post by Roger,

9737853000 Got a phone Now from this Amount. Answered the call and they said they wanted for create certain I was getting your Valley News. . . I said no and I don t want to get it and Installed up. All future calls will become sent for disconnect.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Glad I have a telephone blocker

Post by Lee,

9737853000 It was a Registered phone wanting to ask a Group of questions Around if I d acquired my Telephone publication. I kept randomly answering push 1 push 2 etc Merely for see how long I could Direct it on. Got bored hung Upwards and blocked the ring out of here on out. These Individuals are boils on the backside of Telephone calls.

Post by Guest,

973-785-3000 Spam or survey

Post by JETAMES,

9737853000 THEY CALLED AGAIN Now. The TIME I Replied. An extremely Courteous Girl Inquired IF I DID NOT Get Your Yellowish PAGES. THAT S Right Inquired IF I DID NOT Receive Yellowish PAGES. TWO YEARS Ago I Requested THAT Art Discontinue Delivering ME Yellow PAGES. Now i 'm Requesting THAT Art Quit CALLING ME.

Post by Annoyed,

973-785-3000 Thanks for the listing info posted above. I called that Amount back pressed extension W and a reasonable Man answered the phone and said she would remove my Amount in the list and apologized for that computer glitch. I trust that she does.

Post by DG,

9737853000 Vehicle blocked by Number just one. Get Oho. .

Post by Enough of the phone talk,

973-785-3000 post pending moderator approval

Post by Hunk,

9737853000 More like scumbags who don t attention who they irritate. That guy said it right within another post nobody desires the phone Novels and nobody needs the calls. Merely scumbags.

Post by battlestar2008,

973-785-3000 Damn these frigging calls keep coming. Recd telephone 6 PM but they left no MSG.

Post by Sam,

9737853000 called my wireless number. I did not answer. Left no message.

Post by HTrueO,

973-785-3000 They demand for add Option 3 I don t know and I don t care. I get phone Novels on my porch out of time to time. I don t think I vie even removed them in the plastic bag. Appropriate into recycling it goes or it just stays on my veranda.

Post by tiredofit,

9737853000 calls leaves no message.

Post by Mizz_J,

973-785-3000 Bizarre this Amount has called my CELL Telephone twice in one daytime. Your Trouble is. . . . my cell phone is paid for and registered with my employer but they are calling to make certain I got my Dwelling phone publication. How would they understand that this is MY cell number. I don t consider it s coincidence. See I recently placed an online purchase at Walmart. com listing my Residence address but my cell as my Residence Telephone suddenly I m bombarded with Trash emails AND these calls instantaneously after my order. Hmm. . . . . fishy.

Post by Griff,

9737853000 The Business randomly calls Folks to check and see if they have or have not if available within your own Place acquired a phone novel. I vie been randomly selected every phone novel season for that last few years. It might become because I don t desire a dead tree doorstop that s obsolete the minute I get it. Regardless they call at times when I cannot response I cannot hear my home Telephone ring when I 'm at work. They re harmless and annoying but that s Around it. No scams or humorous company here just Discount them for a week or so and they ll Quit calling you enjoy a jilted lover.

Post by zelly,

973-785-3000 Obtained phone from DEC yellow pages. Needed for understand if I had acquired my telephone Listing after filling Outside your form online opting from receiving any and all Telephone books. Why yes I had gotten a publication and yes I was sure that I did t want your novel. Your Telephone publication was Cast out of a transferring vehicle toward that front porch of my home. The book was damaged thus even if I wanted to receive said publication it wan t use Capable because of its condition. The was your third call I gotten asking if I had made a request for not receive that directory. Yes please come and pick up your trash.

Post by Bob,

9737853000 Please can.

Post by jrj,

973-785-3000 its a telephone novel delivery place

Post by Flyswatter,

9737853000 Neither Celebration cares.

Post by william cifuentes,

973-785-3000 that s what I notion. . .

Post by George,

9737853000 scam calls. no message left.

Post by Stevens,

973-785-3000 Ha ha.

Did you get an unwanted call from 973-785-3000? Is 9737853000 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Q Auto

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Has called me before

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sending message that is not Trendy along with me

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cardholder services

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1 W W W on W 2 W W W 2 W W. Did not leave message.

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Idiots. . . I don t 've payday loans

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Ana shits or SUSE pen state Libraries on of that Amounts a scam company

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I received call around 6:00 pm with suspicious caller ID, "Serious Material". I do not have voicemail, so I do not know anything more.

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don t know what Firm this really is

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spammer. . . uses numbers for telemarketing

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no Result when Telephone is answered

8002700988 Complains by Anne,

I had acquired a Telephone call from this number rang twice no express mail either. Now i understand it is from Finite I won t answer their phone on my cell phone

8002221167 Complains by Guest,

don't let the number phone or text my phone

8002255929 Complains by David,

Got several calls out of the Amount on a Saturday within Hawaii. Your caller did not leave any message.

8002743932 Complains by H.D,

DAT dismay Systems. It contacts a listing for a Business u work for. I. E Loss Prevention

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