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Telephone information: Broadwing Communications. Morristown, NJ. Morris. United states
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124 complaints
Post by Annoyed,

9737962481 I answer and call back and no reply. I state Hello Hi Hi and no 1 answers

Post by Ashley,

973-796-2481 Call me about W times a day when I pick Upward no just one Solutions Subsequently they hang up. . . . . It s early and late they telephone I m getting annoyed

Post by roxanne,

9737962481 i keep becoming these calls out of the number n when i answer no one is there i don't need these int eruptions within my life at this moment . please Cease calling

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 It s credit one bank. If you personally miss a payment by 1 day they ll harass your heck from you.

Post by mike,

9737962481 the Amount has called 5 times so far Now and has several times each day for that previous several days and won t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 keeps calling my office . . . for no reason

Post by thomas kemp jr,

9737962481 these calls come in for my Dwelling Telephone after 8 pm weeknights and even on Sunday

Post by Annoyed,

973-796-2481 I response and phone back and no response. I state Hi Hi Hi and no just one answers

Post by KrazyKat,

9737962481 I overly 've a Credit Just one credit card. I 've gotten calls at work on my cell phone BEFORE the due date. They tell me This is a courtesy telephone. Would you enjoy to make your payment. I lashed back at them and said But my payment USN t even due yet. Then they Carry on for tell me once again this is a courtesy phone and that they can Take my payment now. It told them NO. that I would make my payment when it is due and not a day earlier. They argue nicely along with me until I eventually hang up. Heaven prohibit you are a Daytime LATE. They call nonstop. They spend more compared to the W minimal due Simply in Telephone calls.

Post by gilbert penney,

973-796-2481 Keeps calling me pals they Ceased calling me thank. You

Post by Deanna Danner,

9737962481 They keep calling my cellphone but don t leaves message they demand for Discontinue calling

Post by Ronald L. Thomas,

973-796-2481 This number calls on my cellphone and when I response they don t state anything and Subsequently they hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 Given my Statement is previous due W. Yet they call me W times a daytime. . . I vie never Experienced a Replicate being so remain ant and annoying

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 Speak Around harassment.

Post by Lori Cline,

9737962481 I have received this telephone W times within two days. I try to reply it and it hangs up. No messages are left either. I blocked this call finally.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 Only Began calling Now. Called twice already. No message. On don't call list. Shouldn't become calling. Have not given out the Amount for anyone with authorization for share. Harassment

Post by KrazyKat,

9737962481 I too have a Credit Just one credit card. I 've gotten calls at work on my cell Telephone BEFORE the due date. They tell me That is a courtesy call. Would you enjoy to create your own payment. I lashed back at them and said But my payment USN t even due yet. Afterward they Continue to tell me once again that this is a courtesy phone and that they could Take my payment now. It told them NO. that I would make my payment when it's due and not a daytime earlier. They argue nicely along with me until I eventually hang Upwards. Heaven forbid you are a Day LATE. They phone nonstop. They spend more than the W minimum due Only in Telephone calls.

Post by Shelby,

973-796-2481 Credit One Bank

Post by Ian,

9737962481 Obtained 9 calls to my company in that past three days from this Amount each time there is no reply or any sound on the other line. I have a Credit 1 account but it s your own account not Linked along with this Amount and it s in good standing. Not certain what's Upward along with these calls.

Post by Ron,

973-796-2481 I am becoming lit Upward by the Amount all of that surprising. Sm. . .

Post by Kevin,

9737962481 If your late along with your payment Credit One they can phone you every hour til they get there payment. Simply Discount dint response and mail it. I think there contracted for Credit 1.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 Credit card Group. Constant calls blocked Amount.

Post by Jo Ann,

9737962481 It's a telephone from Credit One Bank Credit Card. Soon as you personally response the somewhat local at least for me Amount they transfer you to a Phone Facility within India. This really is a card I pay on. It's not shut or in Group. Though they harass always. Calls all times of daytime nighttime weekend. I 've gotten five calls Now alone and it USN t even PM yet. They clearly don't comprehend your laws they 've for follow for making these calls. I vie told them numerous times for stop calling that what they're doing is harassment illegal Particularly disguising themselves as a local Amount just to transport you personally from that Nation. You might have that correct for request for be transferred back to an American Business. If they refuse as far as I m aware it's against the law for them not for. Generally if you answer and remind them how many laws or Laws they are breaking they Discontinue calling until next month and your own close for your Regular payment or W seconds late. Demanding full payment when all you personally owe is the minimum on your card.


973-796-2481 FOR Your Previous SIX WEEKS I 've BEEN Becoming CALLS FORE W W W. WHEN Answered THEY DISCONNECT. I Am NOT A Well Person AND They're INT ERUPTING MY Afternoon Sleep AFTER Choosing PAIN MELDS. CALLS Began Each HOUR AND ARE NOW Every FORTY MI NS. From 'm For PM. I Have Registered Along with That Government Net Site FOR UNWANTED CALLS BUT Thus Far It has NOT BEEN ACTIVATED. Driving ME Insane. WHAT Can I Would. MANY Cheers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N.

Post by Angie Hager,

9737962481 They telephone times a daytime and nobody Solutions when you Choose Upwards.

Post by Anthony,

973-796-2481 Yep Credit One they phone each W minutes throughout your daytime from a series of numbers they must 've W of them even if you personally re not late with a payment. I vie even read places that said that Individuals were Priced a fee for paying Earlier. There dozen t look for become much that can become done. Law Administration dozen t appear for 've your resources to Cease them thus I figure your very best you can can is to read the show and Blow off them entirely.

Post by cp,

9737962481 Please Cease calling. Your wasting my time and yours as well.

Post by Mike,

973-796-2481 Credit just one keeps calling. . . They don t leave any messages.

Post by Mr. JB,

9737962481 I started becoming calls out of them about a week Past. I did t know your number thus I would never reply. They never once left a voice mail. I had around a hundred calls out of them within a week s time. I m dead serious. They re calling me like 2 3 times in an hour. I work for an National agency and the numbers are blocked so customers can t telephone people directly. Since my Amount is blocked at work I called out of my desk phone. When your phone was answered on another Finish it never mention a company name. It Merely said please hold in the CST an that I was your third called please hold. Thus I added that number for my black list on my cell Telephone.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 Really rude and disrespectful

Post by Lorilei,

9737962481 Female on that line talking to someone else when I Decided Upwards the call. I Merely Put Upwards on whoever it was.

Post by John,

973-796-2481 Many calls no messages left.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 Calls always sometimes 1 Second after that last telephone. They don t leave a message for tell me who they're so I don t even annoyance calling back.

Post by Northern Bay Area, California,

973-796-2481 Also we blocked their number so hopefully unless they use a Spoof card kind place up they can t call back. Some of your incoming calls we get even along with a non W kind number you can t call back. It says not within service or something along that line. Different Companies use that same Amounts over and over it seems. Yes cheers for all for Choosing that time to share their Information on this Problem.

Post by Shelby,

9737962481 Calling at Am on a Sunday morning. Fully prohibited.

Post by Vera,

973-796-2481 They want private Information. Irritate till you phone back. Subsequently may offer for look for your own account by your SS number. Quite questionable.

Post by Roberto Sanchez,

9737962481 Quit calling

Post by JJ Vincent,

973-796-2481 Please Don't phone anymore

Post by Loretta Lou Cobbs,

9737962481 Foreign speaking telephone Centre.

Post by Katie,

973-796-2481 I have been becoming them from earlier morning I Place my phone on a sleep time so nobody can bother me between 9 PM 8 Am . At last they left a message saying he was returning my call and if I would telephone back. I never called. If your own name is not on my caller ID I don t response. Time to block.

Post by john michigan,

9737962481 That is Credit One Bank. Late by 1 daytime on credit card payment and they 've called W times yesterday. Scum buckets

Post by Paula,

973-796-2481 You are so appropriate. It s all they can do not for hold back friendliness when you re cash s rolling within but when you personally get in trouble through no fault of your own own they Address you personally like a rabid dog.

Post by pissed off!!!!!,

9737962481 This Amount as well as others keep calling for someone when I tell them they have that wrong Amount and I vie had my phone for 2 years they say Okay r u certain. . . . . . oh my flipping gosh. . . YES'S I'm Sure. . . . They r Merely plain mean and rude and love for harass. I know why the Mindless Kathy Female who they call for Offered them a fake number. Dumb buggers. A couple times I told them I m going for phone the Cops and they actually Installed Upwards on me. I vie blocked multiple numbers and Drunken sick of it. I let unknown Amounts go for my mailbox and that's a hassle when I m waiting on Significant calls. I trust karma comes Approximately and kicks their . . .

Post by CK,

973-796-2481 Has called twice already today amp they do not state anything when I reply they just hang Upwards. They are calling my UNPUBLISHED which is on the Do not Phone LIST. ID is Brand new Jersey

Post by jwd,

9737962481 3 calls between W pm and 6 am Bogus

Post by Icon Legacy,

973-796-2481 I receive calls out of this number several times daily. No just one is ever on the other end of your line. This really is a place of company.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 Non Discontinue sales calls

Post by Alicia Ramos,

973-796-2481 they telephone me like ten times a daytime I don t owe them or anyone else any money.

Post by muwzik,

9737962481 Well this really is not the same Amount not even that same Place code. as another number that States to be Credit One. They're calling my House phone and my cell. I don't Recall giving them my cell number. I have blocked your calls but they keep showing Upward anyway. Cheers to all of you for alerting the rest of us as to who this really is.

Post by Snooper,

973-796-2481 morons telephone ALL Daytime AND ALL Nighttime long. They never leave a message. MORONS.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 Lola

Post by MADD MAN,

973-796-2481 Igor This Mike Telephone AT 8 W Am Today AND Around 5 MORE TIMES Now That CREEPS Demand To Discontinue. . . . . . . . . THEY HANG Upward WHEN i Answer Your Phone. i Have Caller ID Thus i Can SEE WHO'S CALLING That Telephone COMES From MORRIS TOWN NJ.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 I vie blocked them because they phone every 5 minutes. .

Post by Kim,

973-796-2481 The f er keeps calling never leaves a message I enjoy for find Outside where the f er works so I can call him and annoy his all daytime . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

9737962481 won't Quit calling.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 Phone that Amount on your card and talk to your Manager I was 2 times late along with a payment got that payment and still got nonstop calls. I informed your supervisor if I receive 1 phone before it is W times late I 'm calling the state Lawyer General office I Ended the card immediately

Post by Paul Gaines,

9737962481 We've obtained numerous calls out of W W W for several weeks. We are on a don't phone list. How can we Discontinue this.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 credit one. harassing after card Ended W times a day

Post by Annoyed,

9737962481 I reply and telephone back and no reply. I say Hello Hello Hi and no one answers

Post by Ron,

973-796-2481 I am becoming lit Upward by this Amount all of the abrupt. Sm. . .

Post by Guest,

9737962481 Calls me W times a daytime along with no message.

Post by Ron,

973-796-2481 I have acquired W calls out of W. They do not leave a message and they do not reply when you Choose Upward your Telephone.

Post by Heather Stevenson,

9737962481 They keep calling me at least W times a day I ask them what it s regarding and they say they can t provide me that information unless i verify I am who they're asking for thus I tell them I m not telling them anything until they tell me what it s about thus Afterward they hang Upward and telephone back like W min After. I finally added your number for my Associates and put it on Blow off phone mode and it shows me when they phone but automatically goes for voice mail.

Post by USnTHEM,

973-796-2481 Then exactly why do they hang upon replying.

Post by Kat,

9737962481 It s BS we Americans have to Press 1 for English Specially when your caller s native language is certainly NOT English. I know other Nations don t 've their People Drive 1 to listen in their own language when Setting a call. It s a great America we live within.

Post by louise,

973-796-2481 sick of receiving calls from the

Post by Stop calling me,

9737962481 I Additionally have a credit card from Credit 1 but I don t need these Individuals telephone inf me W times a day either. And yes they don t leave a message they Simply telephone back W minutes After.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 called my work Amount 3 times today. . . no reply on the other Finish no voice send nothing.

Post by Margaret,

9737962481 I 've gotten calls from them all daytime and they don t leave a message want it to Quit.

Post by Patricia Riley,

973-796-2481 I 'm not confident who this really is and I could t understand them when they do reply.

Post by Kat,

9737962481 It s BS we Americans 've to push 1 for English Particularly when your caller s Local language is certainly NOT English. I know other Nations don t 've their Residents push 1 to listen within their own language when Setting a call. It s a great America we live within.

Post by Shanista,

973-796-2481 Also that area code is out of Fresh Jersey I live on the West Shore. They Begin calling at 6 W a. m. And don t Discontinue until 9 W p. m.

Post by Paula,

9737962481 You are so appropriate. It s all they can do not to hold back friendliness when you personally re cash s rolling within but when you personally get within problem through no fault of your own own they Address you enjoy a rabid dog.

Post by Chris,

973-796-2481 I obtained 5 calls out of this number Recently and 3 calls from it today. None of those times did they leave a message. For that record I don't 've a Credit One account of any type and I 'm not behind on any of my bills thus doubt that these calls are being got for any valid reason.

Post by Deb,

9737962481 Calling and not leaving a message.

Post by Charles davis,

973-796-2481 Keep calling and calling

Post by Julia Sackis,

9737962481 This Amount was calling me for over two weeks at about 6 times a daytime. It calls both my cell and my work. It needs for Quit.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 lots of calls doesn't leave name

Post by Ashley,

9737962481 Telephone me Around W times a daytime when I Choose Upwards no just one Solutions Afterward they hang Upwards. . . . . It s earlier and late they call I m becoming annoyed

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 They call always and they are calling a National Authorities Number. They never leave a message. Harassment it's.

Post by Edward,

9737962481 Yes

Post by North Carolina,

973-796-2481 This Amount has called me 3 times within the previous week. They telephone each hour. . . I do not understand who they are until I read all these reviews. They called yesterday out of a W area code still did t pick Upwards the phone all daytime for them either . That is insane that they call like this. Something needs for become done. If they are a Actual company Striving to be professional they should only call once leave a message and wait a few days for that Man to respond Subsequently call back. Gee. . .

Post by frank,

9737962481 They been calling and I called back because my wife got the phone near the same time thus I thought it was someone we knew. When I called your first matter the Man Inquired me for was my credit card number. Told them for Quit calling but they keep calling

Post by red,

973-796-2481 Depending on your Telephone you have you can block the I 've your S's and was Competent for Place it on my blocked calls list. No more calls out of that

Post by Guest,

9737962481 Credit card collection

Post by Sam,

973-796-2481 Was becoming calls each hour early within that morning called back to a foreign girls speaking saying it was credit one bank. I asked why I keep becoming calls I don t 've the bank and they Inquired for my Amount to remove from the list and after I Offered it she asked if I knew Pam walker not actual name and the name they Inquired was my mother. How would they know that. I said no.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 Harassment

Post by mel,

973-796-2481 I Measured W calls in one day. . . . Thews Folks dint Discontinue.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 these Individuals call 7 times a week out of 8 5 I m sick of them

Post by penny p,

973-796-2481 Calls all the time no reply from jersey scam artists. Whoever it's Goff

Post by Tee'd off,

9737962481 I Rev d 7 calls out of this Amount Now. No just one answers when I pick Upward. Jerks.

Post by Jo Ann,

973-796-2481 Thanks for your suggestion. I 'm going to try the tomorrow. These Individuals are Questionable. They phone me on average eight times a day and leave up to W seconds of not alive air for a express send. ANNOYING.

Post by D. Greenday,

9737962481 This Amount calls my phone always. All day and nighttime. Doesn't leave a message.

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 keeps calling my office . . . for no reason

Post by Jessica,

9737962481 Called that Amount back and talked with someone who did not Talk understandable English. I Inquired who they were searching for Talk along with and they could t provide me a name They Merely Inquired if I had a Credit One card I responded no and told them not for phone me anymore. Let s see if that works. . . I don t uncertainty that I ll hear from them again. UGH. .

Post by Northern Bay Area, California,

973-796-2481 The tel. no. called today. Desired me to pay my Credit Just one bill. I d just paid W. That woman said she needed W more. I said I d pay it online thanked her and hung Upward while she was responding with a no. Nothing at Credit Just one saying they need another W. W. Beware of these Individuals for confident.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 Calls always 3 to 4 times per hour and hangs Upwards. No message.

Post by USnTHEM,

973-796-2481 Subsequently why would they hang upon answering.

Post by Mary Blocker,

9737962481 Becoming phone out of various numbers I don t recognizes so I won t answer but they don t leave any megs. Would love them for Discontinue.

Post by Rebecca,

973-796-2481 Obtained a telephone out of them this morning. Instantly called back and told them I did t 've an account with them. . .

Post by Guest,

9737962481 This May}n' become a computerize calling center system. I reply they hang up. If I don t say anything it hangs Upwards. Th

Post by not credit one SCAM,

973-796-2481 They state they're credit 1 it s not. . Don't provide them any Information.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 These Individuals call everyday out of various numbers all of which I end Upward blocking and will keep blocking. If they call me sort a thousand numbers they may get blocked 1 W times. . . I have no uncertainty these are your same scampers who were calling my other phone for a year pretending for be the Irs. They re just mad that I never autumn for any of their shenanigans. Guys Don't create Payments of any type to them. They are W FAKE. . . They keep harassing you personally after you personally pay because they re con artists Attempting for get your own cash. These same fraudulent people fake to become computer techs who desire access to your own computer thus they could infect it with Malawi and Traveler ware to get for your bank account s . Don t Purchase it from them it s all Real B. S. They need your own money. . . Might they rot within Prison. . .

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 They never leave a message

Post by Sharon,

9737962481 This Amount keeps calling your office so that as shortly as you personally speak they hang up.

Post by paul lefebvre,

973-796-2481 I get 3 for 4 calls out of daytime per daytime any time day and nighttime and weekends

Post by Susanne,

9737962481 Phone blocker is your own best bet.

Post by Mr. JB,

973-796-2481 I started getting calls from them about a week ago. I did t know the Amount thus I would never reply. They never once left a voice send. I had over a hundred calls out of them in a week s time. I m not alive serious. They re calling me enjoy 2 3 times in an hour. I work for an federal agency and your numbers are blocked so customers can t phone people directly. Since my Amount is blocked at work I called out of my desk Telephone. When that Telephone was replied on another Finish it never mention a company name. It just said please hold from the CST an that I was your third called please hold. So I added your Amount for my black list on my cell phone.

Post by Mr. JB,

9737962481 I started getting calls from them about a week Past. I did t know that Amount thus I would never reply. They never once left a express send. I had around a hundred calls out of them in a week s time. I m not alive serious. They re calling me like 2 3 times within an hour. I work for an National Bureau and our Amounts are blocked thus customers could t telephone people directly. Since my number is blocked at work I called from my Table phone. When your Telephone was replied on the other Finish it never mention a company name. It just said please hold in the CST an that I was the third called please hold. Thus I added the Amount for my black list on my cell Telephone.

Post by Susanne,

973-796-2481 Phone blocker is your own absolute best Gamble.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 spam

Post by Lynette Kramer,

973-796-2481 I get a telephone several times a daytime out of this number and when I response no just one Solutions back

Post by Shanista,

9737962481 I 've been getting calls out of this Amount out of your blue for a month now. They call every W minutes don t leave a message etc. I haven t applied for credit my bills are paid and none of my statements shows this number.

Post by Sev,

973-796-2481 After becoming two calls out of these idiots no list Simply says Morris town NJ on my Verizon cell replied with Hello Hello Hello no response so I Put Upwards and called them back thinking that it was someone we knew trying to get a hold of us I Inquired the Female on another end who she was and in many foreign Highlight I thought she said Credo Bank Credit One Bank I Presume is what she s Striving for say Afterward it was disconnected. Five minutes After they rang my wife s Cell and did that same matter Partner says they called her three times Ok this is getting Peculiar they called my cell again while I was writing this Website and once again they did t say anything when I replied the Telephone.

Post by Susanne,

9737962481 They phone me ALL That TIME. . . . . What can we would. . . . . . . .

Post by Annoyed,

973-796-2481 I reply and call back and no answer. I say Hello Hi Hi and no 1 answers

Post by Shane,

9737962481 My Partner told me to look the number up BC they called her a few times was surprised for find not just this train of thought but others online viewing the number. I told my Partner to block this Amount and told her about your credit just one claims and right Afterward she remembered that our credit just one Statement was overdue. So it Looks this Firm has that ability for locate credit 1 customers which are past due on Funds and are Striving for scam. We never talked to anyone thus not sure how much info they have Around the account. Just go for that official credit one Web site for resolve the problem. Many People here say they don t have a credit 1 card or account but scampers have ways and I m sure your credit just one scam isn't their simply strategy. We've a Verizon number. Your telephone ID Place was Morris town NJ

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 towel head

Post by Patrick Maiden,

9737962481 They keep calling and asking for Larry flamingo Looking for understand if Larry is still interested in renting your Residence. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

973-796-2481 Calls all hours of your night and daytime without leaving any information on who they're

Post by gragra0430,

9737962481 oh my god they used for only call me 2 times a day but now they call me up to W times a day yes i count and its Actually annoying they consistently request can i speak for my name and i state no and for Cease calling but it Only makes them call more. please help me Cease the madness.

Post by KrazyKat,

973-796-2481 It indeed is Credit 1. I missed a payment. Your phone out of India. She told me I was W Entire Times late. I described that I was from town because of my really Ailing brother within law to help my sister. She asked if I could borrow W from Pals or family for pay them. I sternly told her No I could t. Guy they must Actually become hurting for W. They spend more within Telephone calls and callers in relation to the W. W I owe them. I told her I would pay when I got paid but they STILL telephone.

Post by Guest,

9737962481 This caller is nuts calling over and over 3 to 4 calls per hour.

Post by Jo Ann,

973-796-2481 Cheers for your suggestion. I am going to strive this tomorrow. These Folks are ruthless. They telephone me on average eight times a daytime and leave Upward to W seconds of dead air for a express send. ANNOYING.

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8292617591 Complains by MarkF,

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3862774918 Complains by Guest,

I got a text 3 times with this Amount an not confident y they did. called credit card Firm an they had no hint.

8033353769 Complains by Jim,

Same Concert FCC needs for reach Outside and touch these jokers. Very unprofessional. I too was hung Upwards on by a woman when I inquired who the Individual was and where they were calling from. I instantaneously called back this time a guy . I told him for take me off his list and Quit along with the unprofessional calls. I don t attention if you might have an Feature for God s Reason. . . Simply become courteous and professional.

9252558779 Complains by Guest,

Calls all daytime and when I am asked to become removed from your list they hang Upwards on me.

9254463250 Complains by Guest,


2512282043 Complains by Guest,

A Creep

5624353666 Complains by Guest,

Caller ID Did NOT Pad ch with voice send. Called at Unusual time of night what company calls at night. Blocking phone number.

7134379606 Complains by Guest,

takes away protection

8002591787 Complains by Guest,

waste of time. telemarketer

8002264455 Complains by Stephen,

Calls for my wife dozen t state there name leave a message or state the intention for your phone. Really Rude and refers your call as a legal subject. . .

8002631830 Complains by Guest,


8001381686 Complains by Me,

This Amount calls repeatedly. They NEVER leave a message. It s Very annoying. Does anyone understand who the number belongs to.

8002041128 Complains by JW,

Ok I Finally GOT THEM For Discontinue CALLING. THEY Never have CALLED BACK In A WEEK I WAS Becoming THEM 3 TIMES A Day. I CALLED Your Amount BACK AND GOT A LIVE Man ON That Phone AND TOLD THEM For TAKE MY Number Away The LIST Subsequently WHEN SHE Verified SHE WOULD I In An extremely LOUD SCREAMING Express TOLD HER The CALLS WERE HARASSMENT AND THAT I HAD TWO Little Kids AND THAT CALLS AT 8 W AT Nighttime WERE Silly. AGAIN I USED An extremely LOUD Voice AND TOLD HER THAT MY NAME BETTER Become Away That LIST FOR Real The TIME. The CALLS Quit. . . Locust telling that Man who calls to take you away wont work telephone them back and Improve hell and it can Discontinue them.

8002607721 Complains by Laura,

W W W Scummier Telemarketer. Promised to be Jay with Power Advocates of California calling about a statewide Application that will reduce your Regular Power Invoice by as much W through that use of solar vigor. There surely is no such company or organization as Electricity Advocates of California. I get scam calls about solar all the time but they don t usually leave messages. The Don't Phone List is useless.

8002649761 Complains by La Mar,

did not response they did not leave message

8002263285 Complains by Rosey,

A Girl called my House phone number and asked me for offer a message to some neighbor who lives on that same street as I do. I took your message which was to call Diane Richardson at your Amount above. Your number she called from is out of a nearby town Apple Illinois so I notion I would help her out. But when she Offered me an W number for telephone I thought I would Assess it out. Obviously she is a debt collector. Needless to say I will not be passing on her message. USN t that illegal.

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9737962493ViewTel: 973-796-2493**** *********** ****** Morristown, NJ
9737962497ViewTel: 973-796-2497**** *********** ****** Morristown, NJ
9737962501ViewTel: 973-796-2501**** *********** ****** Morristown, NJ
9737962505ViewTel: 973-796-2505**** *********** ****** Morristown, NJ
9737962509ViewTel: 973-796-2509**** *********** ****** Morristown, NJ
9737962513ViewTel: 973-796-2513**** *********** ****** Morristown, NJ
9737962517ViewTel: 973-796-2517**** *********** ****** Morristown, NJ
9737962521ViewTel: 973-796-2521**** *********** ****** Morristown, NJ

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