9737965994 / 973-796-5994

Telephone information: Broadwing Communications. Morristown, NJ. Morris. United states
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63 complaints
Post by Durango,

9737965994 Repeat caller I don t know who they are they want leave a message when I try and pick Upwards the call they hang up on me I 'm thus so Ill of these people Yuck. . .

Post by Aggravated,

973-796-5994 I have a new office line and your first W calls in your last three times have been from this Amount. . . that Man who had the number has transferred for another number but your jerk who calls out of supposed Credit Just one says he s simply going for call this number until he reaches his target. Great Fortune along with that.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Whole Idiots. . .

Post by annoyed,

973-796-5994 That is Credit 1. . . . a Inexpensive scam credit card Firm who boots away of thousands of numbers and when you personally research they Develop back to India. They even left me threats on a express send a month Past that when I did t telephone them back they would not become responsible for what happened for me or my family by Monday W calls in four hours on a Sunday starting at 8 'm. . I tried for phone back and they answered but I could not recognize a word this foreigner said to me except his threats to me and my family. Said he would telephone everyone they could research that was connected for me if I did t instantaneously create a payment. When I offered my attorney s name and told them for take it Upward along with them they Put Upward. When they called back I kindly Inquired them to put someone on that line that talked English so maybe I could comprehend what they were talking about. . . again they Put Upwards and called back out of another unknown number two minutes later. I immediately block your numbers now.

Post by Ricky,

9737965994 . . . Credit Just one. Who the heck is Credit Just one.

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 Never leaves a message. Do not understand who these Folks are.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Telephone all times of the daytime. When I reply the phone your person on another Finish of your line hang Upwards the Telephone. Very annoying calls are back for back.

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 They're Regular. they call at least 1 time each hour very annoying

Post by Guest,

9737965994 collections

Post by geez,

973-796-5994 5 minutes after Getting that Total card within my cellular one the Amount started calling. Do I get rid of them.

Post by Annemarie,

9737965994 W calls out of the Amount in Only that past hour. . . If it is Credit 1 Afterward they're in massive problem for harassment. . . One I owe them nothing and two I have never done company with them.

Post by Durango,

973-796-5994 I 've understand idea but I Merely Place a block on my phone because they were Operating me crazy when ever I answered your call they would hag up your just thing that shows Upward on my phone was Igor I consider they are a Statement collector but who I don t know.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 credit just one collections

Post by Going to snap,

973-796-5994 They 've been calling me Abruptly about W times a day. Consistently leave a silent 6 7 second long message and Merely fill my voice send carton with empty messages. If I reply they hang Upward. Actually annoying. Already have them on a phone block bit i hate locating W express send messages a daytime which are Waste.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Non stop calls for someone and I vie Inquired several times for become Chosen away the list BC this phone number dozen t Fit to that Individual and yet they keep calling out of all types of numbers and I m sick of it

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 This number calls me each hour on your hour each single day. It fills up my express mail. It has for become automated as no 1 speaks on the voice send or is on the line if I say hello

Post by James,

9737965994 Might telephone as client of Credit Just one but reference for IQ OR BBS currently maintain Individual Business Reviews on other businesses owned by the parent Firm Igor Holdings Inc. including Igor Us Inc. in New York NY and That Receivable Management Services Corporation RAMS in Bethlehem Missouri} and these other BBB Company Reviews are Accessible at Web. BBB. HTTP Internet. BBB. org fresh York city business rev . . . York NY W HTTP Internet. BBB. org Essential business re vie . . . NY oh W HTTP Www. BBB. org Washington dc Asian Philadelphia b . . . m pa W

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 This is Igor not credit one. They are an outsourced ND party commercial debt Choices. They re not the original Lender. Don t contract along with them. They are breaking each FD CPA Guidelines in your novel.

Post by Deborah,

9737965994 Stop calling me. Each twenty minutes. . . . . . . I attempted for telephone them back and the call hangs Upward. .

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 Rob calls from W W W. Calls amp Calls W for W calls a day. Same Difficulty never leave a MSG. Quite annoying.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Calls out of the number 5 W times a day. . . they don t reply when I reply. . absurd.

Post by Chucky,

973-796-5994 IQ OR shows Upwards on the landlady s caller ID.

Post by Angie,

9737965994 It s credit 1. They telephone Regular out of a new number. . . It needs to Discontinue. . This is HARASSMENT. . .

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 How are they still becoming Thur

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Calling each W minutes. . . How can I make them Cease. . . .

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 The Amount calls all day

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Calls are getting through after being blocked

Post by Deb,

973-796-5994 I hate these skunk calls. . . . . . .

Post by Chazz,

9737965994 Come on. . . W times at work 5 times on my cell W times at House and all because they have your wrong Charles Thompson. . idiots. can your own research for God s Cause.

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 This Number calls me Constantly W to W times Day-to-day. I Reply amp NO 1 REPLAYS I Blow off IT and It goes to Voice Send THEY NEVER EVERYBODY LEAVE A MSG. It's quot INFURIATING quot . .

Post by Ani,

9737965994 The number has been calling me all day from Am 8 or 9 pm. Never leaves a message. Only 6 7 seconds of silence. Really frustrating

Post by Bonnie,

973-796-5994 So two calls in 2 minutes from these people. . . and filthy mouthed to Start. . . Credit 1 is a Violence organization judging by that earful I got before I Merely Put up on them. . .

Post by Bonnie,

9737965994 Th time. . . I Merely let the Telephone ring. . . I owe these Folks nothing since I Getaway t done business with them and knowing them now as a pest will never do company along with them.

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 Still gets Thur

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Credit one

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 j

Post by Bonnie,

9737965994 third time Only Arrived a couple of minutes Past. . . I m really drained of it. . . . and it s at work no less. I told that Man that my manager dozen t Take calls enjoy this at work and he said to would something along with my boss that I could t Compose here. . .

Post by KC,

973-796-5994 It s credit 1. They suck. I know I owe them but have had a few unexpected place backs. I vie told them the and have a payment arrangement but they still keep calling.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 They telephone all day long from several Distinct Amounts. Even when current

Post by Deb,

973-796-5994 I despise these skunk calls. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Credit one

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 Calls non Discontinue. I 've blocked GTE Amount but NY THC one Android Telephone STILL Bands. . . . IF I 've GTE number blocked why does it still ring. . Infuriating. Gets me Upwards all morning . . .

Post by jwtusjp,

9737965994 Lately Began receiving Short tons of calls but no message left. It's a Legal debt collection scam. Out of Wikipedia Igor is among your world s largest business procedure outsourcing and a Set agency. Igor Supplies third Bash collections Reports receivable management and customer service. 1 Although its headquarters are located within New York that Business Works about W phone Locations within North America Europe and Asia and they were one of the first in the business process outsourcing BOP Business for expand into the Philippines. citation needed . Igor is in private owned by Huntsman Gay International Capital and your company s Direction team. Igor Got RAMS within W that was headquartered within Bethlehem Pa. 2 Within W a CBC news Analysis located that Igor typically and sometimes knowingly repeatedly contacted people who did not owe debt. That investigation noted that within W two Canadian provinces had fined Igor for violating provincial Rules. 3 Within W Allied Interstate a Part of Igor was fined 1. W million by that National Trade Commission for harassing debtors and trying for Gather in the erroneous people.

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 non Cease calling. no MSG

Post by James,

9737965994 Igor HOLDINGS Us INC. Other Business names used ALLIED INTERSTATE LC. ALLIED INTERNATIONAL ALLIED Worldwide HOLDING The RECEIVABLES Management SERVICES CORPORATION RAMS Posted in HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Net Website for Allied interstate and Igor don't give physical locations. Igor BBB page has W complaints 1 negative review an alert Around that Canadian Authorities slapping them and they still get an A . . . . HTTP Internet. BBB. org Kitchener business reviews . . . onto on ALLIED INTERSTATE BBB page Offers them an A along with W complaints and W Bad reviews and that they have a Structure of complaints of violating National and State laws. . . . HTTP Www. BBB. org Central company re vie . . . NY oh W ALLIED INTERNATIONAL BBB page for Allied International Displaying them as an Approved business with the A rating and W Criticisms HTTP Internet. BBB. org Kitchener business reviews . . . market on Their web site shows them located within Ontario HTTP Internet. accord. com Around Biped page shows them as a De corporation HTTP Www. biped. com AK ALLIED INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CORP Us. headlined Global HOLDINGS An inventory of the head criminals HTTP Web. bloom berg. com research Shares private people. asp. Busy Joined page showing them within Illinois HTTP Internet. Related in. com company allied Worldwide holdings inc This just one shows them within Ontario HTTP Www. hoovers. com Business information cs . . . Bede. hemlocks enjoy they Additionally own Recovery Agency of America HTTP Internet. in sidearm. com categorized allied . . . legation Bureau RECEIVABLES Direction SERVICES CORPORATION Web site lists no physical address. BBB page Offers them an A with W Gripes HTTP Web. BBB. org Washington dc Western Missouri} b . . . m Philadelphia W Government Activities HTTP Www. FTC. gov news events press release . . . tel FTC Costs Other complaint's complaints here HTTP allied interstate. pissed Buyer. com HTTP Internet. ripoff report. com reports Index allied interstate All in all the Looks extremely suspect having thus many company names and so many violations of the FD CPA. Federal law FD CPA requires them for send you a notification Us Send Simply in 5 times of their first contact that Includes their name physical address that Lender s name and the Sum of that alleged debt. It also must Comprises mini Miranda telling you personally that it's an Test to Accumulate a debt and that all information can become used for those purposes. That 1 other important matter this notification must also 've in it is that you 've a appropriate for Question the debt within W days reception of the page and if you personally do so all Set action must become stopped until your debt is Tested. Read up on your rights here get Design Words to send and Additionally make a Criticism at the government site HTTP Web. Buyer finance. gov Also file a Gripe along with your State Attorney General s office. List of State AG s offices HTTP . org . additional information for filing complaints . Denver A Customer has that correct to request in Composing that a debt collector or collection agency quit further conversation with that consumer. A Composed request for discontinue interaction will not Stop that debt collector or Set Bureau from Choosing any other Actions Approved by law for collect your debt. FOR Info Around The Denver Good DEBT Collection Methods Work} SEE Internet. . GOV CA. Allied Interstate LC can be reached within Co at W E. Brushwood Avenue W Centennial CO and at telephone number W W W. Ma People might contact your office W Washington St. West Rebury Ma W between 'm and PM ET. MINNESOTA This Set Agency is licensed by the Minnesota Section of Business. Brand new YORK CITY Fresh York City Department of Consumer Matters license numbers W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W. NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Department Insurance Permit No. W W W W W W W W W W W W W. Ohio If you have a complaint about that manner we are collecting your own debt please contact that Ohio Attorney General s Office online at Web. . gov by Phone at 1 W W W between that hours of 8 A. M. for 7 P. M. Eastern Time Monday through Friday or by send at W E. Wide St. Th Floor Columbus OH W. TENNESSEE The Group Bureau is Registered by that Group Service Board of your Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Wisconsin This collection agency is Certified by the Division of Banking within that Iowa Department of Monetary Institutions Www. DWI. org.

Post by Badge714,

973-796-5994 8 W 'm Sunday is 8 W PM in India. Prime time for scamming. A computer high rate Net VIP amp a few rupee s in Owner ID equipment Prepared to roll.

Post by Anna,

9737965994 Morris town NJ. No message but has called twice.

Post by Frank MacDonald,

973-796-5994 Repeat Owner please stop

Post by Bonnie,

9737965994 Really really. . . Credit 1 has called my office line now 8 times four times in the last 4 minutes. . . this Amount. . .

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 calls all daytime long. . . Rob phone from Credit 1. very affecting and they call from Distinct Amounts I cant block all of them. that is truly harassment. their should be a law against what they can. I need my peace. .

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Woe foreign

Post by PISSED,

973-796-5994 That is CRAPPY CREDIT Just one THEIR Create Folks Believe They are CAPITAL Just one BUT 've Certainly NO Link. That Individual WHO I Understand HAS That CARD USED MY Phone WHEN SHE ACTIVATED HER CARD. NOW THAT SHE HAS Fell BEHIND ON Funds That PSYCHO Paths KEEP CALLING MY Phone. they 've CALLED Out of SEVERAL Different Amounts. i 've To BLOCK Your Number BUT Afterward THEY Only Locate ANOTHER 1 To Phone From. NEVER EVER GET ANYTHING THROUGH This Mad RIPOFF FRAUD Company.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Credit 1 harassment

Post by Bonnie,

973-796-5994 Credit Just one the specialized Items Area Code Rest W Change NIX Original Service Service Level 3 Zip Code Protection W W Initial Service Kind Land line Provider Kind Competitive Access Supplier First Protection Place Morris town NJ Switch CL LI Code Just one I owe you personally nothing since I never did company with you. . . get your Amounts directly.

Post by Tiffany,

9737965994 the number calls me no lie about every hour or 2. today is Sunday PM and they have called W times already Beginning at 'm. . . . . . its Sunday for crying out loud. .


973-796-5994 WHO IS This.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Mg they call each day. . . Getting tire of it. .

Post by Durango,

973-796-5994 I have know idea but I Merely Set a block on my Telephone because they were Operating me mad when ever I replied that phone they would hag up that only thing that shows Upwards on my Telephone was Igor I consider they're a Invoice collector but who I don t know.

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Credit One bank

Post by Guest,

973-796-5994 Credit one

Post by Guest,

9737965994 Collections

Post by Barbara Harris,

973-796-5994 This really is a computer robot calling. They place it for mechanically call at least once every hour and your robot does not response when you personally Select up. A human eventually called me back and I told them I am not the Man they are searching for it s a fresh Amount for me and not for call again that lasted about 2 months and it Began again. This is highly illegal on several counts and I Plan for prosecute.

Post by Badge714,

9737965994 8 W am Sunday is 8 W PM within India. Perfect time for scamming. A computer high rate Web VIP amp a few rupee s in caller ID equipment ready to roll.

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9252558779 Complains by Guest,

Calls all daytime and when I am asked to become removed from your list they hang Upwards on me.

9254463250 Complains by Guest,


2512282043 Complains by Guest,

A Creep

5624353666 Complains by Guest,

Caller ID Did NOT Pad ch with voice send. Called at Unusual time of night what company calls at night. Blocking phone number.

7134379606 Complains by Guest,

takes away protection

2178019152 Complains by Guest,

Some bull Around wiping all credit debt clean

4848097614 Complains by Guest,

Three calls along with hang ups within one SATURDAY morning

6787339209 Complains by Guest,


8042282804 Complains by Kyra,

Obtained a phone call from this number. That caller left no voice message.

8172051201 Complains by Jane,

The Amount Truly text messaged me. When I wrote back asking who it was that did not respond. Not cool.

8044746729 Complains by Rob,

Same NASCAR Cope as above. Every day for previous 4 times.

8181976005 Complains by Vashti,

And here they are again. I suppose they re just another Collection of losers we could t get rid of.

8047309766 Complains by Eva,

Prosperity Mover's Elm Doctor 1 Mechanically Va W W W W

8003531380 Complains by Rose,

another Bacall

8130038956 Complains by max,

unknown per viz. annoying repetitive calling.

8003463425 Complains by mmm,

Okay. . eventually got a hold of the Number. It was all automated wanting for know if we acquired your purchase.

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