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Telephone information: Paetec Communications. Whippany, NJ. Morris. United states
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Post by Guest,

9739293293 Discontinue call within me

Post by Eddy,

973-929-3293 Now was my first time becoming that telephone that i know of I live along with 4 other People when I answered it there was No on the line but when i called back I got what sounded enjoy a legit Nonage customer service center. Its a telemarketer at very best Blocking the number now.

Post by Renee,

9739293293 I'm unsure if this really is Nonage. Your guy gave me Information to contact Nonage but hung up really quick when i told him i wasn't interested. He kept insisting that i don't 've to go to Nonage. com for information and that he was that very best source for data . Later on in that talk he Inquired for my name as if he didn't already have it when he called.

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Striving for sell Nonage Telephone service. They telephone me Simply Around Regular. I Generally don t answer but was Actually bored Now.

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Nonage

Post by lee,

973-929-3293 Yeah. This number calls me every Rockne daytime on my cell Telephone. It s Actually starting to upset me. NO Value.

Post by summer rose,

9739293293 these people keep on calling me repeatedly and i am on the do no call register and they still keep on calling i tell those people for stop calling or else i can report them and yet they still telephone thus i am reporting them hoping that you could can something about them because if yo don t i will have for call your Police. so please you are among my last chances thank you personally.

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Statement collector

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Classic Telephone on a work cell Telephone. I could t wait for get another call to chew them a new just one.

Post by george,

973-929-3293 Lola me too dang i declare it was out of Pakistan

Post by Arvind SRIPADA,

9739293293 This Amount is basically some fraud. They called me and during that chat they asked address details and credit card details. Do not offer any information. Telephone your carrier for block this number

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Who I the calling me

Post by Guest,

9739293293 I answered and I heard enjoy Writing noises. . . Subsequently I was enjoy quot Um mm are you there. quot and that blew into that phone. I m enjoy quot Okay then. . . who is the. . and what would you need. . quot They blew even harder into the Telephone. I m enjoy quot okay. GOODBYE. quot

Post by Don,

973-929-3293 Stop THESE FRAUDS In my working with a Sponsor of others who s been targeted for Large attempts of fraud and harassment. As a shared aid for and for others that s also being targeted. Here s that useful data of that caller ID Deals for be shared that we vie experienced Recorded. Note Within the collective research and reviews. It was discovered that those participating within your network of people who s been targeted for receive this barrage of fraud calls. Are participating Members within sharing their the experiences. For which within commonality Definite similarity. NONE of the calls out of these nuisance Amounts being provided. Were being acquired until Time Warner Cable Dis services were either Lost reduced and or their solicitation attempts requests were rejected. With THAT RESEARCH Insight SHARED Here s a listing noted list of the Transactions that Fraud callers 've been Recorded as using. These numbers have been collected by the network of tracking resources from an array of members that has experienced receiving numerous calls from these People. They re being shared as to Supply in Mathematical purchase for facilitate of noting recording for annotation Your Current LIST OF Understood FRAUD WATCH Telephone Amounts IS AS FOLLOWS W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Callback Verified Some Alleged AC'S Charities Begs for name amp Credit Card number W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Note UPON RESEARCH IT S Discovered THAT ALL BUT Among THESE W Trades. ARE Verified Numbers THAT S CONTROLLED SERVICED AND ALLOCATED BY AN OUTFIT NAMED Degree 3 COMMUNICATIONS Started Out of AKRON Kansas. WHICH TIME WARNER CABLE DIS SERVICES ARE Internet Associates CO OWNERS OF Degree 3 COMMUNICATIONS. REFERENCE Verification Link 1 HTTP Www. weapons. com time Warner cable e . . . cations W Link 2 HTTP Internet. . com W W time . . . spend backbone The Documented HISTORY OF Your VAST Majority OF THESE Numbers. Care To PROCLAIM To Be DEBT Collectors VIA AN Range OF DIFFERING NAMES. W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Another FRAUD Telephone Number LISTINGS CONTINUE AS FOLLOWS W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Callback Affirmed Fraud Dominion Energy Options Outfit W W W W W W W W This Reported Time Warner Cable dis services fraud billing Amount has been blunted HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W W P W W W W W The noted Time Warner Cable dis services fraud billing number was derailed HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W P W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W The NEFARIOUS FRAUD CALLER

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Annoying

Post by Ashm0nk,

973-929-3293 No it's Nonage I checked it Outside along with that BBB Better Business Business .

Post by Guest,

9739293293 It s nonage n I m not interested

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 nonage

Post by JCPaxton,

9739293293 Simply gotten a call voice sound foreign Inquired what Nation he was Attempting to reach got Put up on. 've never Given with or called or Required anything from Vintage. After reading the other reports went forward and contacted both that FCC amp The Blocked Phone Line

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Who is this

Post by yasmine goyco,

9739293293 Nonage keeps calling for me for sign Upwards with their Firm. Hell Nae. if they harries you to hint up just Picture what ll they do if you were to become a costumer. No Thanks. Telephone calls kept coming within averaging X s daily could t take it no More and reported them for that FCC.

Post by Renee,

973-929-3293 I'm unsure if this is Nonage. That Man Offered me info to contact Nonage but hung Upward Actually swift when i told him i wasn't interested. He kept insisting that i don't have for go for Nonage. com for information and he was the very best source for info . After on within that conversation he Inquired for my name as if he didn't already have it when he called.

Post by Memoosana,

9739293293 The call every week asking who s in charge of your Telephone service. I simply Inquired to become removed from the sending list. He said he may make note of it and Installed up

Post by James,

973-929-3293 Upgrade OVERLOOKED Improvements W W W W W W W W W and W W W are Though OTHERS that 've been shared as those among the Fraud callers network. W W W Is another of Time Warner Cable dis services strategy Amounts HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W P W W W amp W W W are numbers that s noted for become used to constantly Hangup on Result. As nicely as variably seek Credit Card Charging information fraudulently pitching fraud charities sweepstakes Earnings and phone credit line services

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Nonage

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Nonage Sales

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Nonage

Post by Guest,


Post by Keita29,

9739293293 They called but never left a message

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Don t know who it was.

Post by Guest,

9739293293 These Individuals kept harassing me for daytime PM early 'm they were Attempting to sell me a nonage Strategy a house phone. Someone needs to Quit these Folks after I told them aim not interested they still kept calling still this day they telephone someone please do something I don t think this can be right

Post by Al,

973-929-3293 The phone calls all that time . never leaves a message . Got off my line can you personally. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by JCPaxton,

9739293293 Today finally got a live voice caller from the Philippines previously mentioned that my phone Amount has been selected for win and this was Vintage calling I Installed Upward and dashed an email off to your AG within my state also Submitted a Gripe along with the FCC and Assess your National Do not Call List for create confident my Amount was on it Afterward I filed a complaint with them. I hope this helps someone because there are laws that regulate Telemarketers and Spammers.

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Some 1 demand to Quit the Individuals plaza

Post by B.JOE,

9739293293 I Have Acquired ANOTHER Phone Type This Number. ITS Becoming For Be A NUISANCE Average 3 For 4 Call A NIGHT

Post by jen,

973-929-3293 I got scammed awhile back I notion this was them and said yes this can be me and I 'm on to you personally stay that heck from my bank account and I mean it and Installed up they never called back Lola turns out it was nonage Lola

Post by Larry,

9739293293 Simply Block or Don t Response calls out of W W Having done research it s discovered that initially these calls are Started via a United states auto Switch er. Afterward instantly switched for many remote likely overseas center or location where someone is awaiting for create your verbal Message. No subject how you look at it. This kind of practice is Aggressive misleadingly dishonest disrespectful blatantly deceptive Bad for the market and exactly how scams of FRAUD are Established. My personal practice is don t reply unsolicited calls you don t Understand. As well as NEVER provide them any data. To include NEVER and I mean never EVER can company with an outfit that Works enjoy the one. If your product or service is great legit and worth having. It ll become a solicitation presented in writing. Where they current you along with LOTS of data for you personally to review research and Confirm via a disinterested Bash. For include if they call You and Cover THEIR contact identity. Subsequently do you know they Displaying you Upwards front. . . DECEPTION . . . Helpful Hint When you receive that telephone Test Click for answer amp Instantaneously click for Hang that phone Upwards. Note You personally might 've to click to response amp hangup Twice. Only because the phone is being transferred ON THEIR End as I discussed . And Consequently you personally ll be dropping the phone attempt Via Hanging Upwards as your transfer is being done on their Finish.

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Nothing

Post by Samantha,

9739293293 Yep they state they are Nonage anyway they 've been told each and every time that we aren't interested have a company and they still telephone back 1 daytime it was 3 times and its consistently that same freaking lady she sounds Indian but who knows maybe they are using fake accents. . . . telling them for remove you personally dint work either.

Post by Casey,

973-929-3293 I never response call I do not Comprehend. Owner ID reads Newark NJ. Why would I be Interested or even desire for response the telephone. These are all scampers. The Telephone companies offer service to anybody even if it means they are illegitimate. I dint response these calls. I let it ring block telephone and or hook Upwards for my fax line.

Post by von appetite,

9739293293 nonage was given your own Amount by Lovers to harass you to get phone service so they know who you personally talk to all day

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 It nonage they telephone once a month Attempting to enrol me within there plan service I have said no n to Quit phone in various time n However they continue

Post by Josh,

9739293293 This number calls me each two times either 8 'm MST or 6 PM MST . Like clockwork. I use Google Express so it just get s blocked and plays that Amount not within service message However they keep calling. No Owner id on this 1 either Merely the number. Please leave me alone. Please.

Post by BoogieAima,

973-929-3293 I m Very certain a fog hog may Discontinue your calls.

Post by Michele Luzius,

9739293293 This Owner calls several times a day and I don't want them to call anymore

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Spam

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Nonage

Post by holly228,

973-929-3293 yea this Amount phone asking for your wrong name I am enjoy Th i Merely got my Amount Shift no good they can keep that I am great with who I am with

Post by Guest,

9739293293 States for be out of Nonage along with a unique offer. BLOCK

Post by Belinda,

973-929-3293 The women on your phone Inquired for my Mommy I Inquired from. She went into her line and I hung Upwards than. . . . She called back. I said don not phone the Amount EVER. Hung up. . . . . . Phone Bands again I said you are harassing us I may telephone the Cops and Put Upwards. Phone rings again I Inquired what part of Don't Telephone DID You NOT Understand. I Put up She called again I Inquired blurted amp Put up. She called again I hoped she would leave a message but she did not and has not called Though. W W W Newark NJ

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Done kind of Telephone company block please

Post by Nancy,

973-929-3293 Thank you personally all As of late last week I Simply Began Abruptly getting steady calls from this W W W Amount. You make a lot of feeling on the best way to Cope along with those creeps and now i understand why you have to hang up on them twice thanks Mr. Larry for describing it . They d called and I d Put up once but that phone immediately Began ringing again. That time I answered and a few Unusual foreign Girl express was rattling on about Hi hi hello before I Put Upwards again. It can become an ordeal dealing along with scampers and beggars using the phone as their tool of commerce. So now i see that as People we really have to Convey if we re going to nothingness those weirdos Outside. I don t understand why they called my Dwelling because personally I never had or ever Needed Nonage service. I had thought Around cable Telephone service a while back until the son enlightened us a year or so Past. Apart out of your home line and cell phones your son showed people how somewhat computer thing called Magic Port works. That thing works thus well that we re got two of them because they not just work. But we could take them wherever we go with a laptop to use it. And the service thing just requires a just one time Annual fee of less than W. W dollars for that entire overall year. Thus paying Nonage anything for the same matter over and around each month would become financially foolish and an unnecessary waste. Along along with what cable being even worse than Nonage Attempting for Message Receiving you every month even twice or three times as much as Nonage . For the same thing that a bit Magic Jack matter does for hundreds less is Nonage and cable phone is a offering only for dummies not unwilling to present their cash away to some pack of thieves. So i could see Nonage has for become hurting and I comprehend that constant pestering calls Attempting to sift for suckers to ripoff. For Contain anybody even contemplating cable Telephone is senselessly willing for present their money away and playing appropriate into their highway robbery racket. So anyways that s my cents and thanks to all that s shared Useful insight here. Because I Certainly don t need them and had no idea who your scampers even were calling from this W W W Amount or the way to deal with them. Now i would and now i also understand who they are what they re Striving and how to and I have for hangup on them twice to get them off my darn Telephone line. Parting message to Nonage amp cable Telephone scams You both Suck deceptive overpriced and disgusting Bugs when you personally re Attempting for Frequency it.

Post by Cecilia,

9739293293 I called them back and request them take me out from their list somebody filled a form Outside and that s all.

Post by JCPaxton,

973-929-3293 Got a telephone from the number Now. Did t answer it because I did t recognize your number. They did t leave a message either. If it were a legit business telephone I m sure they would vie left a message along with a number for telephone back.

Post by me,

9739293293 I vie been receiving calls each few times from the number i get a Odd message when i response the phone a computerized express says Telephone out of pause would you personally desire to Take your call. Press 1 for accept or 2 for send for express mail . Within the pause where they should have said who your call is from it's just Stop so I constantly press 2 and then I get a message saying okay i can send that phone for voice send. Oops your caller Only hung Upwards

Post by R,

973-929-3293 This can be somewhat follow Upward for Supply that correction of 1 Amount and direct notes from the list Don shared earlier. Notice W W W This can be That NEFARIOUS TIME WARNER FRAUD Caller Pests Verification Link . . HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W correction The Preceding W W W Is not For Become ON The FRAUD CALLERS LIST. Notice DIRECT Styles OF TIME WARNER PRACTICE'S W W This documented Time Warner Cable dis services fraud Charging Amount was blunted HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W W morphed W amp W Amounts W W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W P W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W W W This noted Time Warner Cable dis services fraud Charging Amount was derailed HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W P W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Notice These Time Warner Cable Dis services numbers. Were collectively Registered and documented in direct pattern history characteristic time lines and days. That were within that abrupt barrages of those other maliciously Fake VIP Spoofed and Not within service fraud calls. That s been nonsensically Established by others deceptively alleging no Organization. Also ADD Your Recently REPORTED FRAUD Owner Numbers OF W W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W W W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W IF THEY Thought WE WERE ALL GOING For Only Stay Around AND NEVER Find ON AND CONTINUE To TAKE THEIR Mess THEY WERE . . Wrong . . . Note for Don Cheers on your taking your time from your day for compile your Amounts within Statistical purchase for facilitate of noting. As nicely as sharing what you I and your others have been researching reviewing discovering and documenting. For now extensively share along with all your others that s also attempted for be tricked defrauded harassed annoyed and disrespected by this kind of pilfering network of predatory jackals. Individuals can should amp may Enjoy Better once we Comprehend and avert who the WORST is . . .

Post by Ronda,

9739293293 Did not response that call. They left no message.

Post by dev,

973-929-3293 a few 1 call and Inquired owner and hangup phone. its look enjoy some matter incorrect.

Post by porky150,

9739293293 i get this telephone several times a day and have Though to Chat for anyone. . . . . . . . . Hi. . . . . . . . CLICK. that is it about 8 9 times a day

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 They constantly phone and hang up I told them I m not curiosity about Thor Merchandise es and they keep calling

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Nothing

Post by Mike,

973-929-3293 I used W for get their number. They don t say anything. I get an identical nobody there phone Around once a week. Now i may use W for see if it's Nonage.

Post by caril,

9739293293 call never leave MSG

Post by One angry S.O.B.,

973-929-3293 I get called Around once a daytime from this number but when I reply no just one s ever on that line. When I call back using that phone they called me on it says it s a incorrect number. When I call using my Nonage line it Merely Bands. When I call using my cell Telephone I get an automated menu out of Nonage.

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Nothing

Post by dailybread,

973-929-3293 I got several calls each times since last months. First I answered it. It was a telemarketer out of Nonage. Until I Recognized that it was a scam I never response. Unfortunately I did Supply my Bank information for them previously hopefully no Activity can be taken. I have alert my bank on this. Now each time they call I Merely ignore it.

Post by Police Department,

9739293293 Getting your same calls no one there hangs Upwards and doesn't state anything. Now apparently the Firm of People that keep calling were not raised correctly. I was consistently courteous on that phone and told who I was and if I called incorrect Amount would apologize. But apparently the Business or so called Individuals are Only Ignorant.

Post by george,

973-929-3293 Lola me too dang i affirm it was from Pakistan

Post by Guest,

9739293293 They always call and hang up I told them I m not interest in Thor Merchandise es and they keep calling

Post by Guest,

973-929-3293 Nonage they telephone everyday

Post by Guest,

9739293293 Nonage

Post by Cliff,

973-929-3293 I called Nonage and asked them to remove me from their Information base. I told them that if your Amount is not them I Desired for let them know someone is running a scam with their name and if it's them Subsequently I will telephone the FCC and file a Criticism for harassment. I get called every daytime from this Amount He never said if that Amount was theirs or not but he said it would take a month to Discontinue receiving calls from them. Expect this helps

Post by mara,

9739293293 called me last night at PM. . . really

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9189219728 Complains by Guest,

Time waster has no intentions on meeting

4782271622 Complains by PR Bryant,

Received a call from this number; a lady was on the other end and asked what residence this was. When I answered, she hung up. I decided to see who it was, and called her, but got no answer. Now I see it some kind of scam. What is the procedure to stop future calls?

5153303463 Complains by Guest,

Calls and dozen t leave message. Not a number I understand. Last call was 2 PM CST 9 W W

8034038830 Complains by donna,

i was Put Upwards on Additionally when i told them i did t want them calling me again.

8325397085 Complains by Ron,

Missed a telephone out of this while Operating. Tried to call them back and got a recording that it was disconnected or no longer in service.

8553933671 Complains by Guest,

This really is Cover and messes Upwards that computer.

3122356108 Complains by Guest,

After initial Opinion disconnect.

2533365361 Complains by Guest,

Owner said we were to 've commit Edward tax fraud and Afterward when I Inquired where he was located he previously mentioned something vulgar Around my wife

8002831703 Complains by melnmeg,

We went for visit Feather Bay in Brown wood Texas. Really Fine and they're eventually Beginning to get it really developed. W House Tennis course now open. No hard sell. Only took that tour told them we Warren t interested right now. Got W Credit debit card and a W gift card program flyer Additionally flyer for 2 tickets for Orlando La's Nevada or Cab. Of course there are restrictions on that tickets. . . No Bike Though.

8002821649 Complains by Sox Fan,

Got a phone out of Teresa Bennett out of W W W x W. Inquired if I obtained their correspondence. No I did t. That s Okay it s not too late she says. She Maintained I was referred for them by Expiring that credit reporting Bureau as a customer who has a history of Appropriate payments. Inquired for the W on your back of my Visa card. I told her if I Offered that she d know what company my card was Released by and I don t even understand who she is. She told me not for Stress your Consumer Fraud Protection Act Closed into law by Ronald Reagan protected me against credit card fraud. I told her I wan t stressed about fraud I was concerned about my Solitude. She Proposed I look at their Site . org and call her back for enrol. Thus I Go ogled your company name and as I was Writing Monetary educ. . . I result popped up in fearless financial Informative services scam. . . which Added me here. Glad I used Google and did t give her any info. Disperse your word about these scampers.

8002642821 Complains by Blake,

I just obtained a phone call out of the number and I did not reply. That voice send was from Mystic Lake Casino and Resort Promotion an upcoming Show and gave me that number the their carton office.

8002840755 Complains by Chris,

Just acquired a phone from the 2 minutes Past. They were kind enough for leave a message mind you it was computer created . It was type of Bad it seemed like that first 2 seconds or so of your message was cut away and I was lost something but it trailed into . . . . calling for bring Bob and my last name to that telephone or if that is not Chelsea please press 3 . No Id as for who they were or what they thus it sounds like a scam to me who knows what pressing 3 would vie done or what would vie happened had I answered your phone when they called. It was my cell phone as nicely thus I m serious as for how that got Free.

8002527522 Complains by Bennett,

Alaska airlines Telephone notification of upgrade.

8002756267 Complains by Guest,


8002755336 Complains by tom,

called Around W times from W

8001651485 Complains by Guest,

someone called from the Amount Hispanic Individuals they told me Chiquita i miss u. . . . the

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