9802539038 / 980-253-9038

Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA. Charlotte, NC. Mecklenburg. United states
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Post by tennisguy,

9802539038 I get a phone from this Amount each day. I called back and get a somewhat incoherent voice asking me Ignorant things. Can I Quit this caller.

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 frown Lt a ref quot HTTP . com quot gt Lt a gt

Post by Guest,

9802539038 I called AT amp T and talked to some rep. who Guaranteed me he would take attention of the Difficulty. We ll see. . . . . I vie been getting 5 W messages a day. I don t call back.

Post by Brendan,

980-253-9038 The message I obtained out of the number told me that I d won a free cruise from a few drawing I d never Joined and that I should State my prize as shortly as potential. Your message begins within that Central of your Female talking. I vie acquired these messages 5 or 6 times within that past week or thus.

Post by Guest,

9802539038 yes it's that Amount of your voice send but that message desire er me to provide money to someone that had there Automobile impounded many where and wanted a call back or they would phone me back after PM WHAT. . .

Post by Skip,

980-253-9038 I know You're used for holding down your 1 or whatever to accessibility your voice send but this can be your AT amp T voice mail Number. Type of confusing when it shows up now and again. But don t attribute the messenger. Simply go for your express send as typical on your own phone.

Post by jon britt,

9802539038 1 W W W this on my AT amp T Telephone is your you Vehicle Switch when you personally accessibility your own voice mail

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 Survey

Post by Guest,

9802539038 Block the telephone forever.

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 Xix URL HTTP . com URL link HTTP . com link HTTP . com

Post by Guest,

9802539038 It's not a Spammer it is a Voice send number to some AT amp T phone

Post by Ben,

980-253-9038 Your own AT amp T express send service.

Post by Guest,

9802539038 rude Invoice Group agency dint reply symbols Address s

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 I Simply got one

Post by Anonymous,

9802539038 I 've an AT amp T Telephone and I got a phone out of the Amount too. It left a express send but all it was was many unusual music that kind of sounded enjoy Show music. So Strange.

Post by Anonymous,

980-253-9038 I don t have an AT amp T Telephone. I Only got a voice mail from this number that just said apparently that voice mail started recording in the middle of it . . . financial stimulation Bundle. To take edge of this program press 1. If this is a telemarketer enjoy your message indicates my cell is registered on your Do not Phone list.

Post by Guest,

9802539038 Not spam. AT amp T express mail number

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 Don't KNOW

Post by Guest,

9802539038 This number is unknown for me Though I get calls several times a day

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 It's not a Spammer it is a Express send number to your AT amp T phone

Post by Guest,

9802539038 Decipher heads trying to Take Info

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 Oaf's URL HTTP . com URL link HTTP . com link HTTP . com

Post by Guest,

9802539038 This is at amp t s voice mail Amount. . . . not spam.

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 spam

Post by Guest,

9802539038 Its a text app from the play Shop . . . . . that anyone could get and use so when to this date my ex has it n its for easy for get numbers

Post by pharmdoc51,

980-253-9038 I get approximately 2 calls per daytime from this number. I vie never had AT amp T so I don t think that s that Issue. I have that Telephone place to reject your telephone but they are Competent for leave a message anyway. When I check your messages I hear Folks mumbling in that History for maybe 5 seconds and Afterward they hang up.

Post by Guest,

9802539038 stop calling me

Post by carol,

980-253-9038 Discontinue calling my cell phone I don t know how you got my but Cease. It s consistently gurgled and a few times a day. I don t demand anymore useless Telephone calls out of AT amp T I don t even have their service. It s becoming harassing

Post by Guest,

9802539038 Says it is my express send not paying Interest I Place in my Code and noticed was not my voice mail. That is cloning or receiving data out of your phones. Become careful guys your own express send should W of your time your own own Amount.

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 That call came out of Kristie Nicole Browning Carpenter a Understood hooker within Charlotte.

Post by Lee,

9802539038 It s that voice mail number you personally phone for get your messages for a couple of different Telephone companies I suppose. . I have traction and it s Looks for be the number for Artwork also

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 express mail message expressionless hang Upward. 've gotten calls from the phone three times in the last two weeks

Post by Sally,

9802539038 Man obtained voice send Needed 2 Properties cleaned within a local community I Clear Properties BTW. I called that back A T amp T voice send said for Place in I was calling said no such Understood. I hate scam artists get a real life.

Post by Jefferies,

980-253-9038 Unwanted calls and unknown number


9802539038 Continued calls from this Amount and it s Clearly out of AT amp T. Attempted for return your call and consistently Inquired for my Code. Next phone is for AT amp T and request the powers there to knock it off.

Post by jon britt,

980-253-9038 1 W W W this on my AT amp T phone is your you Vehicle dial when you accessibility your own express mail

Post by W. Ryan Eddy,

9802539038 Also 've acquired over W calls out of the number. No ID Enrolled along with this Amount. Please Cease.

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 Vim number for at amp t not spam

Post by Mike,

9802539038 This call came on W W W and when you telephone it back it Tracks you personally to W W W leaves a message from many unknown Individual. They phone all your time and I am so drained of it.

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 sexually explicit

Post by Guest,

9802539038 Could you Compose Around Physics thus I could pass Scone class.

Post by tim,

980-253-9038 hello

Post by Martha,

9802539038 My Daughter has gotten calls out of this number calling her a over and around. At your end the person says I understand where you live and calls her name. she is simply W. would adore to know where these calls are coming from

Post by Guest,

980-253-9038 I rec d 8 calls back for back out of this number the morning W

Post by Guest,

9802539038 I don t know this person

Post by Me,

980-253-9038 My mother got a call out of the number earlier Now but did not answer it. Whoever it was left a express send and when we went it play it Festival music played continuously for minutes. No talking or mumbling Only music. She does not have an AT amp T Telephone so whoever is saying it s your AT amp T voice mail is incorrect.

Post by Guest,

9802539038 I don t I don t understand the Man but they keep calling.

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8000339014 Complains by Guest,

Asked for bank of America told me about a search that included my name and cell Telephone Amount. Become care not empty may be a scam.

8002105621 Complains by InterceptorID,

Called and left a horrible message with even nastier express intonation. Www. interceptor ID. com

8002774431 Complains by Betty,

Called several times over the past three or four months asking for a Mary Jones.  I have no idea who this person is or why they are calling my phone for her.  Caller very rude.  Caller ID:  757-271-8789

8002506649 Complains by Denise H,

Called with computer automated voice, I answered it to see who it was.  Gentlemen on the phone said he was from CAB Asset Management.  He wanted to "confirm my address".  I asked if he had already sent me a letter.  He stated no we needed to confirm your address.  I stated, it was illegal for him to call me without sending me a letter first.  I then said do not call me anymore.  He was saying, no...that is not true..as I was hanging up on him....This is a local number here in West Michigan so that is why I decided to answer it.

8002612570 Complains by Olive,

Any idea who could telephone out of the phone number.

8002619038 Complains by Chelsea,

they swiped my account first along with 1. W charge Afterward another for W. W charge. . I got a brand new account brand new everything and they somehow managed to do it again. . . . revealed up as G TRAINING

8002660010 Complains by unkown sucks,

Spanish speaking tape recording

8002515859 Complains by Derek,

I did not answer it.

8455899273 Complains by Guest,

Searching for ex husband

9490007676 Complains by Guest,


9202092936 Complains by Guest,

i don t your caller

5753905484 Complains by Guest,

Did not reply call PLEASE Stop CALLING. . . . . .

7856694669 Complains by Guest,

Telephone multiple times throughout the daytime. When the phone is answered no 1 Addresses but people can become heard within back earth.

8046848091 Complains by FRED,

Scam Rob telephone about making Enormous cash for doing nothing right

7134142121 Complains by Guest,

LTD Fiscal Services. A Set Business.

7135818050 Complains by Guest,

Penitentiary call

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