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Post by LL,

9845111645 Port from windows said that they were Related for my IPA address and found some type of virus. Put Upwards on him.

Post by Guest,

984-511-1645 A rude sarcastic guy with a Mid Asian Highlight called for try and scam me into thinking something was erroneous along with my computer then asked for money.

Post by Guest,

9845111645 A few Female by having an Feature who did t tell me who she was or why she called Inquired for my mom or dad. She would t tell me anything. I told her that they were not House. My mother was Outside running errands and my Father was in Penitentiary for W years.

Post by Guest,

984-511-1645 Foreign Highlighted woman said she was out of Microsoft and that they were receiving virus alerts from my computer. I told her my computer is in perfect State and that I did t need her services and Installed up.

Post by Guest,

9845111645 Same rude guy referred to by quot Callie quot . Someone needs to put a Quit for this nature.

Post by NATALIE,

984-511-1645 They just called me as nicely become on that appearance out. They are very pushy and aggressive.

Post by Eileen Deyton,

9845111645 Someone Striving to Alter computer settings maintaining for be Microsoft

Post by Art,

984-511-1645 Agent said was calling from Windows Specialized Support and that they had Discovered action on my computer that indicated I had a virus. I Inquired how they knew the and did not get a straight response. Then a specialized specialist got on the line. I Inquired what he Desired me to do to correct the Difficulty. He Inquired me to press that Window key and R at that same time which opened Upwards your Run window within the lower left hand Place. When I told him I Needed to know what he wanted me to type before I Truly did it he Put Upward on me.

Post by Kim,

9845111645 I Additionally acquired a phone out of the Amount out of someone maintaining to become from Microsoft. Both mankind had Indian accents and Promised that my computer had a virus and they would help me get rid of it. After multiple questions from me seeing your name of their company who they were Applied by 1 man said he did t understand they hung Upward on me. My grandmother has Additionally obtained calls from the number and your very best component is that she is W years previous and dozen t even own a computer. . . So Clearly a scam.

Post by Guest,

984-511-1645 Spam

Post by Guest,

9845111645 They called to state I was downloading a polymorphic virus which was tying Upward your server and that they were calling from the Windows Support Team. They could t would t tell me that name of virus or that Actual name of the Firm they worked for or where he was calling out of. Your guy had an extremely thick Highlight and became abrupt when I insisted he replied my questions. He eventually Put Upward when I Inquired him where he got my phone Amount since I 've never given it for Windows Microsoft.

Post by Gus,

984-511-1645 History noise no express Put Upwards when I did not Select Upward that Telephone at W am PDT. You personally Choose Upward and engage then they understand You're live and will sell your own data for others. Do not answer Simply do W to get their Amount and report them. This really is a Distinct Amount from ones that called a few months ago.

Post by Sam,

9845111645 The guy called me more than once simply for fuss me. But he had that erroneous name associated along with my Telephone Amount. I reported his to your FBI FTC and police. Likely won t can any good. Long Narrative short he Asserted for become from many tech support having nothing to would with any account I 've. When I called him on that carpet he got sarcastic and excessively rude.

Post by Guest,

984-511-1645 I Merely got a phone call from W W W from someone from Windows Support to tell me my computer was full of viruses. I played along and they had me open the windows Occasion Person to see all your typical windows warnings and Problems which they Asserted were out of viruses. Subsequently they attempted to get me for go to your Site called Internet. Information sis. net. I did not open the Web site and at that point I Put up.

Post by Guest,

9845111645 Same a Opening Attempting to scam Folks along with a Rob caller. Turned in to don't telephone list gov agency but they are Simply as Attached up overly. Delivered to FBI also but they desire Larger fish. Maybe NASA will enjoy listening for all of his BS calls. They Additionally have a Dumb bitchy female that calls and needs for argue with you. . .

Post by JR,

984-511-1645 Merely got a telephone from the number and all they said was good by

Post by Gus,

9845111645 History Sound no voice and Installed Upward at W pm PDT.

Post by Bill,

984-511-1645 Computer Difficulty fix scummier with the Indian Highlight. Using the N'S expedited dialing for spoof Thur an exchange.

Post by Guest,

9845111645 Scam called but did t say anything Likely because they called before Around Windows amp I told that Owner that it was a scam

Post by NATALIE,

984-511-1645 They Simply called me as well be on that look out. They are really pushy and aggressive.

Post by natalie,

9845111645 I just got a phone out of W W W they Asserted to become along with windows. They said that my computer was currently getting a virus and they could help me mend it. They asked me for go for my computer and click CTR R and windows button to enter into RUN CL SI DC FICA CF ff C FDIC. I did not they attempted for get my to go to a Web site beginning at Web. Information SI hung up before they finished. Then they called back. I said they had that incorrect Amount. I could Notice that Man helping me giggling and laughing with someone else and even Inquired if they Needed to take your telephone instead. I m specific it was a scam.

Post by Guest,

984-511-1645 Exceptionally rude guy using an Indian Feature maintaining for be Windows Support saying that my computers had viruses that were going UN Discovered and which he was going for help me get rid of them. After telling him I had good virus protection he said that they could not Identify these Sorts of viruses that I didn't understand what was good for my computers. I went away on him because I have been messing with computers since I was within kindergarten and know Rather a bit what is great for my computers. He tried to argue but I Put up on him. The was Clearly a scam artist but he did not dingbat me.

Post by estaQ,

9845111645 Caller ID says NC . That Region code W is out of North Carolina. I did not reply they left no message. First time I vie gotten a telephone from . They Seemingly mine the Internet for people within their S's looking for a few old feeble Individual. They obviously Stadium t aware that most Senior Residents are still with it enough for Comprehend a scam coming to you personally around your phone. I want I had that nerve for play along with them a bit. I really demand to get a Activity. Warn all your feeble old Y o relatives. . .

Post by Guest,

984-511-1645 A Man along with a Central Ea tern Highlight called from W W W. He claimed he was out of India and Merely recently proceeded to CA. He said he was W years old and looking for quot Buddies quot . Said he got my Telephone number from Skype. He kept asking me if I had Skype FBI or Gm ail. He asked me if he can send me a friend request on Skype. He Additionally was asking private questions enjoy if I had kids and a Partner. Yet I consider that he is with the people that State to be quot Windows Support quot . I told him that I was not interested in being his quot Buddy quot and Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

9845111645 Woman Maintained to be out of Expiring Credit Reporting and Inquired for Societal Security number. Called Expiring and was told they never create calls you might have to phone them.

Post by Tom in NW Florida,

984-511-1645 Called and left no message. I ll add this Place code to my call blocker.

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9703514522 Complains by Guest,

that man that met Tammy on that bus. calling the Residence all night. .

2813705665 Complains by Guest,

Discontinue testing

4844890922 Complains by Guest,

Talked about credit and debt

5629122522 Complains by Guest,

Called them back and asked what was the call for also asked them to take me away their list. They're still calling.

4432925526 Complains by Guest,

Collect call

6788663590 Complains by Guest,

WHAT AN Appropriate NAME CAUSE THAT S WHAT You're AN quot OUTLAW quot SCAMMING Folks FOR Money. That is GOING ON FOR Nearly A YEAR NOW Kansas NEBRASKA AND NOW Out of Georgia Over W Different Telephone Numbers THEY Telephone From This is NUTS.

8132620041 Complains by jen,

Located another address for this Amount at HTTP Web. merchant Range. com company Nick. Nick. W W W. Recorded address as W S Harbour Island Blvd Tampa FL W and found this HTTP Internet. corporation wiki. com Florida Tampa . . . W A. asp. check it out

8002145323 Complains by tc,

File a Criticism online for the Federal Commerce Commission he is breaking that law.

8002580294 Complains by Cris,

Called Around W PM on a Friday evening. Rung twice I answered I heard that dial tone

8002004867 Complains by Guest,

Don t answer he s a pimp

8002782474 Complains by Merry,

I Merely acquired a card today. 7 6 Same phone same message.

8002744240 Complains by MarcoPolo,

I got a telephone from this number Around my progressive Automobile insurance that is due for End within three times. This really is right so no alarms went off for me and I proceeded to Switch 1 for make a payment. When I got away your Telephone this matters Strike me as odd I was Related to some live person to Gather my payment not an automated system like I was expecting. He Inquired for simply that last 4 digits of my card did not Need Termination date or code on back. He told me my payment was processed but did not present me a confirmation code. I can consider this is Progressive but I would still recommend you personally phone them directly Somewhat than pay when they phone you personally. Or pay online. I believe they already had this card on file thus they did t need the Additional info but it seemed Strange and I m glad I did t provide them my full card data. I should have Inquired for a confirmation Amount. . . there was a lot about that telephone that felt unprofessional.

8002206910 Complains by Shirl,

Empty Then hangup

8002638015 Complains by seg,


8002803800 Complains by vegazzchik65,

Okay. . . got a phone out of Jordan Gully that same Man that Delivered me a letter for a Beneficial debt that I do owe. Yes I owe it but could t pay on it right now. Anyways the Mr. Gully just left a message on my voice send that this message is for my name . If that is not my name then there will be a five second delay. Meaning I suppose if I would have said it wan t me he would have hung up. But after what was a 1 second Wait he goes something enjoy You've now Validated that you are my name CZ I did t reply. Then Earnings with his spiel. Thought this was Quite humorous when i listened to the express send. Suppose he thought it was an answering machine and I would pick up and Discuss to him. . . . Lola

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