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Phone list in area 984

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9849806565swichoffGuest12015-11-08 14:36:55
9840771002He said he going to kill meGuest62015-12-08 18:29:19
9847076245CHEAP!!Guest52015-12-19 15:03:48
9844146444Bill my old roommateGuest42015-12-19 11:36:05
9849906843i m in meetingGuest12015-11-08 22:39:55
9840028119I didnt answer i was in classGuest82015-12-16 14:04:15
9842480509spamGuest82015-12-15 04:26:27
9846147607I get a call from this number 3 times a day almost every day. Never leave a message.Janine62016-02-15 19:52:41
9849185030hi who r uGuest12015-11-09 02:50:55
9842219934Insurance agentGuest92015-12-16 19:51:43
9843552190Financial helpGuest42015-12-16 12:31:37
9842210886rappani very intelligent nee neikatha by amabiGuest12015-11-09 08:57:42
9847277873I've been called twice by these dumb [***]!Mark Twain82015-12-20 05:03:58
9841226540benze clubGuest12015-11-09 16:38:55
9849181178Dont answerGuest52016-02-15 18:41:49
9842218190Ultimate bet uses this companysxyr1rdr62015-12-18 23:51:42
9841772828I am in parisGuest12015-11-09 20:35:55
9842349068block numberGuest12015-11-09 21:07:55
9842550042Multiple calls, no message left. Blocked.Guest42015-11-09 22:33:42
9849521625SunTrust.J92015-12-09 14:50:00
9840860416Veteran scamGuest32016-04-10 18:39:53
9841662636Calls over & over pretends never called b4..asks the same questionsWEIRDsue62015-12-09 20:19:07
9846352516No message......Pete42016-02-16 00:06:56
9844126536Selling body by ViGuest52015-12-09 22:26:13
9842350025This party called three times on my cell phone number and never leaves a message.  Obviously a scam.BOB72015-12-19 01:22:18
9841757432They constantly call at all hours.Must be a sleezy companyGG82015-12-18 20:44:08
9841813049LoteGuest62015-12-10 02:51:27
9842550045Received 2 calls in 2 days. Missed 1st one, when I tried to answer 2nd call, caller hung up. Called number back 2nd time. Phone was answered by recording - no business name given. Said to press 1 to have name removed from call list or 2 for operator. I pressed 1...we'll see if that really works!Guest42015-11-10 08:56:34
9847897858h,hhjgGuest12015-11-10 12:08:55
9848380521Don't recognize number.Guest42015-12-14 13:53:59
9840119665dont cal l meGuest12015-11-10 23:34:55
9843550872Keeps calling, will not leave any message.Guest72015-11-10 23:51:42
9843007093I got a call from this number, is this phone number located in the us?miguel42015-12-14 06:26:40
9842218726Scammer!Guest12015-11-11 01:38:55
9842230197Unsolicited payday loanGuest12015-11-11 01:59:55
9840694159booooooGuest92015-12-09 22:07:51
9845847405Never call me Rashmi.Its an order by your hubbyGuest22015-11-11 05:59:42
9842348153i hate you!!Guest42015-11-11 06:21:42
9843350877Who this be?Arkansas Resident52016-02-16 00:57:00
9841325875Switch off and not reachedGuest12015-11-11 09:28:55
9848396711Just alot of beepingGuest72015-12-08 23:12:18
9842043265They left a message for me that it is important I return their call - no other information.Sue72015-12-14 09:09:21
9847759473school bull.Guest82015-12-14 08:15:51
9844146214I am receiving unwanted text messages calls from this number 9844146214Guest12015-11-11 14:02:42
9843666164I answerd the call from this number and it said "good by" and hung up.Guest32015-11-11 14:05:34
9845005558This call was not for mecarmen balderas82015-12-16 07:51:08
9848440707Need a loan get cash in your bank in 2 hours .Guest82015-12-09 07:21:22
9841505760Disrespectful young kid with bumps on mouth and you knowGuest42015-12-16 17:27:39
9842098444SpamGuest62015-12-15 00:04:58
9842550043Have received several calls from the number that shows on our caller id as 984-255-0043 or -0045 over the last week. A message is never left. They hang up after the answering machine picks up.Guest72015-11-12 03:21:42

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