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2025365860Called my cell and said he was from a 3rd party Student Loan company that works with Federal Student loan ... wants to help me consolidate my student loansJie72016-10-24 17:05:01
2024991630called and said they were google and someone has been trying to hack my account. asked for me to get on a website to share my screen.scammers82016-10-25 22:50:38
2022391394Have had four calls from this number saying they are the IRS and I am a suspect. If I don't return the call I will have to pay the legal consequences.Guest42016-11-02 16:55:09
2026210148I received a call from this number telling me it was the Internal Revenue Service. They told me I had unpaid taxes and that I should call the number back and speak with their representative. I already knew it was a scam but decided to call them back anyway just to play them, when i called them back all I had was an open line. Its a "SCAM"Diego42017-01-20 03:32:53
2028791400They got me... I don't answer unknown calls so they a message saying they are from my area's court system and needed to verify my address and a good time for an officer to drop off some paperwork as I am being sued apparently. When I researched the number it came up as the courts nearby so I thought it was legit. Also thinking why would they call and verify vs just showing up like they usually do or so I've heard. I called the number they left on my VoiceMail and that's when I spoke with Stephen William's. This crook conned me into thinking I was going to be sued if I don't setup payment arrangements immediately. If I didn't they will submit the paperwork to the courts and pursue legal actions. The company they claim I owe I actually do owe them so I thought it was legit. Even the total amount was correct so I setup a payment arrangement like a dumbass. 3 payments later I happen to look at the e-mail they sent me and realized they mistyped the company's name I owe. After further investigation, the phone number which came up with nothing at all for RMA Associates Group or RMA Recovery. I called the company I originally owe he debt to and was told they are not suing me, not thinking about suing me, the debt is not on my credit, and they sold the debt to another debt collector...TWICE! After hearing that I was furious. I really wanted to pay Stephen a visit in NY and show him how I appreciated being taken advantage of. I will be waiting on them to call me saying my last payment didn't go through as it won't. My bank is informed of this BS and will dispute the charges, reported them as fraud, and give a new card. I will not be dealing with them and will pursue legal actions against them as this is just ridiculous. FUCK YOU RMA Recovery!!! 626 N. French Rd. Suite 1. Amherst, NYTrump102017-03-16 02:39:50
2022395569Called me and said I was approved for a loan that I had applied for just happens I received the reason for denial on the mail. I told him that and he said oh no that's a mistake and he wanted me to verify my ss# and bank account information. I told him if he already had my information then he could tell me what he had and I would tell him yes or no. He got mad told me i had too i said this is a scam and hung up he proceeded to call back 18 times in a row. Left vm calling me sluts, whores, and whatever else. As I told him there isn't a loan company in america that hassles you to take their money.Guest62017-05-20 03:49:15
2028999052Father hard of hearing couldn't under stand told them to call my Daughter! called from District of Columbia (202-202--9110) gave a number to me and ID number to go to Western Union to claim $9700 Dollars and if I have and trouble claiming contact this number (202-899-9052) and they would be glad to guide us though how to claim the money! They said he had paid out lot of money on Dr. bills and he was owed this money from the Government! I believe probably scam! Person was foreigner hard to under stand!called my 96 year old father82017-08-11 16:49:20

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